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tv   13 News Sunday  ABC  January 31, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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away let me do the gracious god given away to morning edition looks great out there morning jeff good morning everybody it's going to be an awesome day if you're a fan of warmer weather you're gonna love this forecasts were already starting off warmer this morning than yesterday morning so let's were actually up sixteen degrees right now and we fell from thirteen franklin and fifteen hits and an eighteen in newport news. yesterday we had a lot of twenties on the map this morning were in the upper thirties in off the grid forty right now smith filled low forties incur attack as well as virginia beach hits in the morning to you you're coming in at forty three degrees and we've got thirty four and gets filled the skies are mostly clear and it's going to remain that way as we had throughout the day is a lot of sunshine for today. again if you have any outdoor plans definitely get them done today or even for your monday but today will be a better day is everyone's heading back to work tomorrow temperatures climbing into the fifties by mid morning we're going to
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sixties by this afternoon so it will feel a lot like spring. i do have some warmer temperatures even as we continue to the work week but that will come of chances for rain will talk about that coming up in just a few minutes. jen all right thanks a shiloh breaking overnight a bizarre incident on interstate sixty four norfolk are now state police are working to figure out what happened. this was the scene on i sixty four near northampton boulevard just after two am this morning police say they started receiving multiple calls about something on the shoulder of the off ramp troopers arrived and found a woman lying on the side of the roadway her. medics took her to send turnover general hospital. there is no word yet on her condition police have not released how she was her. officials say they'll release more information as it comes in and new information this morning on a missing teen who disappeared from blacksburg police confirm that missing thirteen year old nicole level is dead
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freshman is charged with her murder. virginia state police found levels body last night in surry county north carolina. that's just over the virginia border level went missing just after midnight on wednesday in blacksburg. her father posted a facebook message saying he was worried about her safety and desperate to find her police charged eighteen year old david eisenhower a marilyn the virginia tech freshman he's accused of abducting and killing the thirteen year old the blacksburg police chief said they would not have found are so quickly without the help of the community without the help of our citizens' tips and information we would not even able to bring the co home to her family. investigators have not released the cause of death officials say a medical examiner will conduct an autopsy in roanoke virginia a little closer to home loved ones are mourning the loss of the chesapeake family. hundreds gathered in deep creek last night to
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was just a few days ago the chesapeake lease a camera and duly killed his parents siblings grandmother and then himself. neighbors say the family was a fixture in the community. she knew her was at the vigil for the family where one relative opened up about their law candles lit up the parking lot temple baptist church of chesapeake trail of lights made its way around the streets of the brentwood neighborhood with the dooley family lived is basically some people who got worn out and wanted to show their love and support for brooke as well as the family division held to remember todd lori cameron land in brooke and doris interim pastor jerry greco says that julie's always were active in the church where todd's father was a pastor for years he lived out their christian faith making a difference in the lives of others
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a testament to that they took it from here. walked to the community in other communities were in the back to them. among those at the vigil. todd's brother michael julie thank all of our friends and family community church and everyone for kindness and love during this most difficult. please prayer do not have the words to express the depth of our sorrow. we're encouraged by the outpouring of love and support of our family friends community pastor greco whose close with the family says the deaths have left many people toward the faith will help light the way to healing as we see this great tragedy that has happened we want to know all that god has not taken by surprise he doesn't slumber nor sleep and update the still strong in chesapeake. she knew her thirteen news now says the shootings we've talked to a number of the newly relatives hse what we've been able to find out is that cameron struggled with mental illness for most of his life but was never violent. he was living with his grandmother
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her her health was declining and her family planned to move further north carolina that meant cameron would have to move back into his parents all the family met with him to tell him that this week. relatives believe the news cause something in him this map leading to the killing red cross is helping a family of four after fire destroyed a home in chesapeake fire fighters drawn sparse trees where they knock down the flames about thirty minutes after they got to the home family members were not there when the fire started they came home to find their crews in front of their home turned up the walls everything the state would lose the points that skaters are looking into the cause of that fire. well water is back on the dormant old dominion university. repair crews wrapped up work a day early a water pipe broke thursday
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houses six hundred students the school thought repair work would last through the weekend so most students opted to stay with family or friends or stay in hotel rooms which the university book at no charge is silly enough for bodies buried by the users only wire have to go on liao sad and couldn't just go to bed the university also is running shuttles to the recreation center so students can take shower still ahead on daybreak time the campaign trail candidates have just twenty four hours to make their voice heard in iowa there is just one day left before iowans had to long as i can have all the details in the campaign trail coming up are a lot of
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i well welcome back ended sunday morning everybody on december with our satellite and radar because we are once again nice and dry. we do have a few more clouds trying to push through the area producing any rain will see mostly sunny skies once again today here's a look at temperatures are starting off pretty chilly but warmer than this time yesterday morning for forty three ad line on newport news are coming in at thirty nine in norfolk the rate of forty dollars the city and while styling your coming in at thirty five degrees under mainly clear skies now i want to take a look at the eye of the wine map of the temperatures because jonas and got this cold pack of beer in the thirties and forties stretching all the way down to south carolina but nashville at fifty seven right now slowed birmingham and fifty one and not still so we're going to tap into some of that warmer air as we head throughout the day today so if you're traveling today looking pretty good all
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sunshine temperatures and washington d c in the fifties and sixties across our area and then will climb into the seventies a little bit farther south columbia topping out at seventy one degrees here's a look at the marine forecast today just in case you plan on heading out on the water. no small craft advisories in effect the chesapeake bay though the waves to three feet. also for the ocean will talk about the warm up as we head into the workweek and chances for rain that's coming up in the seven day forecasts are right i should check this out new this morning a pretty amazing story from the slopes in park city utah with t mobile's loans learn to walk last month. that's right fourteen months her parents were so proud of her they thought she deserved a snowboard. this is video of her very first time using it. her parents had to make some modifications to the already very small snowboard so sloan feet weren't so far apart as you can see she turned out to be a natural look that says don't have the right shot my
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can do that so well. have you ever snowboard. oh gosh yeah i'm afraid to try and let buyers know what i tried it and was fourth in save his right little dinky thing she's for the family her and see her balance is also her parents must be a veteran snow years or at least if she's out there and lives in the park city area the report she's a natural. i was thinking that her parents they may have to have some kind of experience to that good stuff. ok will be back one woman is especially eager
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republican party of virginia is bailing on its requirement that people acknowledge they are republicans. before voting in the primary in march the state central committee is asking the board of elections to cancel the gop loyalty pledge now the party originally wanted all voters in the republican primary to sign a statement guaranteeing that they were republicans before they could cast a ballot. virginia doesn't
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party which means anyone can vote in any primary. many republicans hope the pledge would keep democrats from influencing the primary the board of elections is supposed to take up the requests this week the iowa caucuses begin in less than twenty four hours in the final poll leading up to them republican donald trump leads to cruise by five points. democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders are in a statistical tie the candidates are hitting parts of iowa all weekend trying to sway the undecided voters. abc's law zach reports from iowa. good morning the weather is expected to be mild here on caucus night and that could help a candidate with many first time voters insurgent candidates actually walk away with a win in iowa
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the young people usually come out to rallies but you know what they're looking to come out to participate in the caucus the july to make the young mens energetic burning theater fleet of the largest crowd yet to last me for what i will conquer this has standards within three points of hillary clinton but clinton appeared confident joined the family on the trail. i'm just thrilled that chelsea and bill can be with me. also joining her former congresswoman gabby giffords be this hard for me but anyway jon january i want to be nice to worry madam press and on the republican side the last poll has donald trump at twenty eight ted cruz at twenty three from his canadian birth are you just can't run crews laughed it off in public i will say this when donald insult you it's always interesting but he's
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candidates too decided to run a very deceitful campaign at the end of some things people see through that with marco rubio on the rise here is worth noting that forty five percent of republican caucus goers have yet to make up their mind long as at abc news the more awesome i'll start on this sunday morning typically we should be in the low thirties yesterday we had a lot of spots in the twenties and this morning we're starting off in the forties it doesn't feel that outside a little bit chilly but compared to yesterday. we'll definitely take a forty six degrees right now next more are coming in at forty four glass or forty five in salute of right now on the peninsula for joining us from st newport news near forty in canton during the low forties and across the south side more at the same thirty five however and western brands to work to forty five in cannes
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mainly in the forties with a few thirty solidify the end when thirty nine nw with thirty five right now and gets help and thirty three in core peak so once again we're starting off mainly dry and mainly clear with just a few clouds passing through not reducing any rain actually witnessed a rain free for the next several days. our next system still well off to the west but were tapping into a southerly wind as high pressure is now sitting offshore this cold front will sweep through late monday and will bring us a slight chance of a shower with a big difference will be the temperatures will drop back into the fifties as we head into tuesday not today though it's been the absolutely gorgeous especially if you like warmer weather will head through the forties this morning through the fifties by lunch time temperatures climbing into the upper fifties near sixty will top out in the mid to upper sixties by this afternoon and by this evening we're going to fall pretty quickly back into the fifties so by seven in a clock around fifty seven degrees and north that we start the day on
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mainly dry with partly cloudy it will be mild with temperatures near fifty degrees closer to the coast some forties a little bit farther and one but look at these numbers as we head into monday. it's monday afternoon high temperatures near seventy degrees and notice a few more clouds off to the north and west that's associated with that cold front will move through it again sparked a few showers but nothing i'm not a washout at all. so for today looking pretty good mid to upper sixties across the area about sixty five in hinton a little bit cooler on the eastern shore and to the low sixties and northeastern north carolina. you'll climb into the upper sixties as well here's a look at the seven day forecast sixty seven today. sixty nine on monday groundhog day is tuesday it will be a little bit cooler into the low fifties and the temperatures rise right back to head right back out ahead of our next cold front on wednesday which will bring a few scattered showers. joe
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and coming up in smoke. i won a bronze with a minute later in sports the battle of the day with a lot of meaning
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. one american sports news big celebration of the new school celebrated lady monarchs basketball librarian back those who put the program on the map while marianne stanley and donovan plus details on battle of a sports anchor brian smith has it all in your sports weekend the annual battle of the basement and hosting a free state some star power in the building as well. or perhaps in part now washington redskins defensive tackle chris baker support to speak with time running down before the half line toward the hampton native spikes and drops down a three pointer a
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the break he added sixty second spot to making an early six zero run to sean table with a nice fade away jumper that is good at seventeen is the cut into three and issued then jumping back in front when jeff short led them with twenty three points knocked down three of his own for fifty six fifty five lead the pirates and reggie johnson canning the jumper for sixty one sixty advantage when johnson get defensive. this leads to the lay up with a seven point advantage sixty seven sixty game mark twenty not one more time this one coming when she does what she was sixteen the slam good pirate over spot to eighty six seventy six their first in the mirror and i was in on wednesday the month when obama visited in the know we haven't read the news coverage of the most
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herself in this environment but i think that will be will be more fun the cast plays but the foot of the virginia on the road at number sixteen louisville had a good game from out of brock did with thirteen points. joining him with the film also had thirteen as it moves past the cardinals sixty three forty seven beauty marks on the road according to national adopt a good start on a coat off his skill and talent kick out three good hit fifteen of the planned sale of parts with the brake second half. what's holding them up three premier on the break you mess with brandon stuck with a slam thirteen points for him another consistent night for freeman the former cal night with twenty five yard swim bike and sixty four sixty over the golden panthers back here in town for her lady monarch basketball players and coaches were honored for the program's recent one thousand when in school history. just the fourth program to do so boats can
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tisch lions celeste now played in the early nineties jet nozzle potential in aid of the great all american and donovan from eighty five title team along with head coach marianne stanley will put the program on the map with multiple titles as that very very special you know i've been wanting to come back to the last couple years but obviously must schedule didn't allow glen hanson time this area and it was so great about it i knew it was come back you know he's even nice to everybody but this one's really special and really raise the fact the lights is feeling like a sister. i just represents no celebration of all the success of the excellence that has been a part of aldermen in basketball over the years after the game itself the lady monarchs had their way with florida international three from norfolk native janice webb thirty ginny simms led the charge with twenty three points as he became just the sex lady marked the top one thousand points in two years they won over fiu eighty four forty nine in
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larry vickers in a spartan sticking on the lady pirates try to make a game of it all the steel core in lawrence with the steel behind the back and then malaya. she had eleven points but they didn't have an answer for ages believe take the phrase what a game high twenty four points to win over norfolk state seventy three sixty two with their fifth win in a row thirteen sports car brian thanks so much she now to one of the carolina panthers' biggest fans. she's ninety five year old mary ward better known as devon granny she says she fell in love with the panthers' twenty years ago especially cam newton. well that certainly wasn't well mary has a special new jersey. she plans on wearing for the big game and she has this advice for coach ron rivera came he pounded it. eat only doing it he downed a gel this year yeahh mary says she never
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. goodbye everyone thanks for joining us on thirteen years now daybreak on joe flanagan and i just got out the inside scoop. i know how warm it will be today a high temperature. are you ready to give the al them. don't tell them now or leave it up. it's good news though is that the really good man checking like warm weather and we love down to maybe this is that lets you know it's a pretty good forecast was the cat's eyes that are looking pretty good we've got as the sun starting to rise a little bit the sun officially comes out as seven days after some of cox's seven o eight here's a live look at downtown norfolk absolutely gorgeous noise love these really pretty
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when the sun starts to come up look at temperatures it is chilly this morning but not quite as cold as yesterday morning we had a lot of spots in the twenties thirty nine degrees right now in orbit where forty in newport news also elizabeth city and were coming at forty five and mouth on the eastern shore all thanks to our wins now when direction shipped it yesterday and so now we have that wind out of the south and that's a warm winter as it is a little bit breezy especially the closer to the coast nine miles right now and nine norfolk twelve miles and hinted at about six in virginia beach. it will be a bit on the breezy side today with winds ten to fifteen mph but still out of the south now satellite and radar again showing the mainly dry conditions with the exception of just a few clouds passing overhead here's a look at temperatures though and i'm going a little bit warmer than this model so joe you are saying. highs in the upper sixty seconds or i will be a lot of sunshine today will climb into the fifties by mid morning
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sixty seven degrees by this afternoon and then we'll drop back into the fifties by this evening i have some warm temperatures even heading into your work week graham trucking chances for rain will talk about that coming up our tanks asia crime alert in over a woman is dead and now her son is charged with her murder police officers found forty three year old sonya hunter outside of the home on west cliff drive yesterday. detectives say she suffered from multiple gunshot wounds police took her son sean connor into custody. his mother died hours later the hospital right now hunter is still in jail with no bond set three children who are related to the hunters were near the home with the time the children are with their parents this morning. hampton police say eighteen year old timothy johnson died while trying to rob a business on west parker boulevard friday night officer say johnson and another person plan to hold
6:27 am
langley square shopping center employees shot both of them. johnson died there officers from the other person down the road. he's in the hospital and expected to recover. he faces several charges. also in hampton more waiting to hear if a person involved in a standoff with camden police will face any charges. it happened at home on leave the court off of highland drive officers got a call about a domestic problem yesterday afternoon when they arrived at the home they found a woman and a child outside. please say a man with a gun went back inside the home and refused to come out a swat negotiator talked to him. police were able to talk him into custody about two hours after they arrived neighbors are happy to see a peaceful and knowing that i guess they got him in the windows got her to become a family with daughters. no word yet on who the man is or
6:28 am
suffolk police say robbery and burglary suspect kevin hawkins is out of the hospital and in jail police arrested hawkins earlier this month after a swat situation at a super eight motel. police say during the standoff hawkins shot himself. he was wanted for several armed robberies and home break in. now he faces more charges for the standoff gunfire conference center in denver colorado at least one person is dead several others injured police say it all started with a fist fight at a motorcycle expo abc's run play board has the latest information. it happened just before one o'clock in the gathering of motorcyclists the chorale really details were sketchy but it appears someone fired shots and step the number of people in what police are calling a disturbance at the colorado motorcycle expo
6:29 am
of bikers the one party to the hospital officials say at least seven people were being treated at denver health medical center which at one point was placed on lockdown and an extremely heavy police presence outside of the ongoing investigation police say they were questioning one person but at this hour no one has been arrested. what triggered this outbreak of violence still under investigation. it was abc's ryan clay born again place to have a person of interest in custody but they're still working to figure out if the shooter acted alone. well heads up something that could affect your weekend plans the midtown tunnel is closed for traffic all day today those stories are next one
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continues plus good (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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. i welcome back we're going to set up with a lead pass by on the forecast is for saturday we have plentiful sunshine that was the forecasts we had sunny skies throughout the day that makes four street forecasts in a while to the spot on forecasts for today at least thirteen degrees warmer than yesterday and actually we're already starting off with temperatures almost twenty degrees warmer in spots that we forecast for norfolk
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the records are kept where almost twenty degrees warmer hansen this morning newport news as well. fourteen degrees warmer in franklin and fourteen degrees warmer as well in virginia beach speaking of virginia beach looking as gorgeous shot overlooking on the oceanfront this is from our dairy queen can and seventy in atlanta as the sun continues to rise as absolutely gorgeous out there and compared to yesterday was a bit of a chilly start to the day but we don't receive some conditions warm up pretty nicely as we had throughout the day today the satellite and radar showing the clear skies just a few high clouds pushing to the peninsula also the middle peninsula and the northern neck. neither produce any rate we're going to stage right two days of temperatures climbing into the fifties by midmorning waxy type out a little bit warmer than what this graphic is saying will top out in the mid to upper sixties on forecasting a high of sixty seven and north that we should be in the upper forties this time of the year so we're going to be almost twenty degrees warmer than normal as we head into this
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that's going to continue even into the workweek saatchi that with the seven in just a few i thought you said sixty seven and our answer graphic was it sixty four no little warm. yeah we're going a little bit warmer than the graphic that way i know i can either be even better yes that's our day off i we love what i did alright listen up occasional travel the midtown tunnel when the worker this morning construction alert and maybe it might just put a wrench in your weekend plans the midtown tunnel was closed in both directions today should really be reopened by five am tomorrow morning crews are taking out the pedestrian bridge above the entrance to the north side of the two and i believe you're looking issue are at this live picture right now elizabeth river tunnel says the removal is part of new flood protection for the midtown where crews are installing a second to the crossing a new pedestrian bridge will be in place before the project is
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states coast guard help get people off of a grounded ferry in hatteras inlet the row know got stuck this weekend. coast guard members went out and transfer passengers to a boat that took them to hatteras the coast guard said plans were underway to re float the row know have you ever been pulled over for speeding you may have wanted to do this a year of pushing ninety miles an hour. yes wait to
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. i two more state prisoners caught right now all three escaped convicts are back behind bars thanks to a lucky tip it led to the stolen van police say they found one of the inmates and a trunk load of ammunition inside he sees a large blister with how the capture went down off the street and back in custody. the remaining two california state inmates hussein nouri and jonathan to capture in san francisco the entire state can breathe a sigh of relief and this may have been a key moment in the investigation. less than twenty four hours earlier the first fugitive bach young caught on camera. conley surrendering in santa ana after a week on the run with his friends he knows just what should he get caught safely. investigators believe
6:36 am
transportation and stole the white band the trio used to get away that same van spotted in a san francisco for the parking lot. amanda lorenz and park district police officer who quickly investigated officers approached the band has hussein now kerry fled the area on what officers discovered the other escapee jonathan to fighting in the van. now officials are working on transferring to pare back to orange county and learning more about how the state in the first place bullies believe in a year we may have been tasked with getting information somehow coaxing his jailhouse english teacher to give him more than earth image on paper that showed an image of the entire central jail complex. she played a significant role in the planning forty four year old misha far everybody is now under arrest for suspicion of contributing to the man's escape soon all
6:37 am
behind bars at the very jail they escaped the sheriff telling us they will be kept in a different manner and carried them before making it clear they will not be held together more mr abc news santa ana california this morning an intense search for two people who stole a police car and injured a police officer. detectives say the men are suspects in several burglaries and car thefts in campbell california is trying to arrest them after they rammed a stolen suv into another patrol car in campbell they say one of the men got away after stealing a police car and dragging the officer for several feet the other ran away police found the stolen patrol car abandoned in a motorcycle dealership but not the suspect the officer who was dragged is expected to be okay also new this morning a driver switch places with a police officer in miami florida. she says she saw
6:38 am
decided to pull him over look the reason i bought yogurt today and ask you to come i have a conversation is because i saw you since miller dry when your first jumping on to the palmetto a you are pushing ninety miles an hour and i just wanted to know what's the emergency wow citizen arrest a police officer said he was on his way to work he said he didn't think he was driving that fans but if he was he apologized and promised to slow down. she admonished thing police officer should set an example he agreed and went back to his car. what a crazy story all he did was apologize and he was a good thing i wish we could do that right doesn't work that way i as a live look outside without some gorgeous sky views as the sun continues to come up on this sunday morning kill devil hills looking absolutely gorgeous
6:39 am
pier a little bit breezy out there in spots forty five degrees out not bad at all yesterday we had a lot of swans on the map was a brutally cold start today with nothing really but it was called how about that forty five degrees the wind out of the southwest at five mph know what happen today the jet stream a live well off to our north and so that can allow those southerly winds to bring in much warmer air to our south will remain mild not only today but even to the day on monday satellite and radar was sleeping mainly clear we are mainly dry as i zoom out the new though. here's what i'm tracking high pressures offshore with that warm front on to our north and west our next system are developing out to the west this cold front will move through late monday into tuesday and still then we will see temperatures well above normal so as we go throughout the day today. a lot of sunshine this morning temperatures quickly climbing into the fifties and sixties by lunch time and as we head
6:40 am
by this evening we're going to quickly fall back into the fifties as it will be a little bit chilly. later on this evening and then as we head into the overnight hours will have partly cloudy skies but look at these temperatures starting off with temperatures near fifty closer to the coast. forty the little bit farther and when we're going to continue with that when out of the south and that's going to boast our temperatures right back up into the upper sixties as we head into your monday you'll notice the clouds on to the north and west that's associated with our next friday. it could bring a stray shower or two late monday night into tuesday not today though we're going to be nice and dry and we're going to a lot of sunshine a bit on the breezy side when sen to fifty mph but temperatures in the mid to upper sixties to nine forty eight degrees that is mild for this time of the year that should actually be our daytime high. the time of the year supports an option and sixty nine degrees groundhog day looking a little bit cooler as that front pushes through the area back into the low fifties back up into the upper
6:41 am
will come with a chance for rain and then once that second front is there going to see highs back into the forties job. alright thanks a show well inside the desperate battle against the z virus here at home there are reports of thirty six people contracting the disease in a dozen states including virginia now there is an urgent fight to stop the epidemic at its source abc's dr richard dresser has the store door to door here receded brazil desperate to what the explosive growth of zeke. there's no vaccine to treat all we know is mosquitoes carry it to soldiers are scouring neighborhoods there's a government requirement that every half in that area visited least once a month by the soldiers to look for any place mosquito could read their meticulous he looking to see where the water drains out of the refrigerator the condensation that all would take the scroll he can
6:42 am
large often neglected tanks with mosquito larva like this soldier sanitize each tank to kill the eggs though that this clinic we see firsthand where the stakes are so high even care if we're dealing with the known information about these babies have my chris f lee abnormally small heads and brains. there are hundreds of cases he received a more than four thousand in brazil. scientists suspect they are directly connected to seek a virus infection during pregnancy but we don't have health officials are bracing for more while mothers who struggle to claim an uncertain future for their babies until they can virus is under control in brazil and the other countries in which it spreading the cdc says it's far too dangerous for pregnant women to travel to those areas they should stay at home. dr richard s or abc news received a brazil still ahead on daybreak we've all seen pictures with annoying red eyes most of us would blow it off as no big
6:43 am
i miss when they say your eyes are windows to the soul which arise could be a sign there's a greater health issue. that's what happened to an arizona mom when she noticed something in her three month old son's pictures the nurseries has their story writer is the happiest baby you never meet. like all proud parent andrea tanner and one to capture every moment of her baby's life constantly taking pictures and sometimes i'm like a panda pictures you know we gotta move on where we're just in the grocery store. let's go at three months old. andrea noticed a
6:44 am
left eye looks almost like a flashlight by a tiny flashlight she checked out of that camera phone then for christmas she got a nicer camera and the glow kept appearing in the pictures in the back cover mine andrea suspected something wasn't right. one hundred and fifty a day and you know of one hundred and forty five his eye was glowing. ryder has down syndrome and cataracts are common and really thought that would be the diagnosis she was wrong. twenty four hours after riders four month doctor's appointment the diagnosis turned into cancer. the glow in his left eye was the flash reflecting off of the tumor he removed the eye or you treat right away they chose to treat a writer a writer is now receiving chemo treatment from a specialist in new york city. this type of treatment nine nine percent success rate if it wasn't for that early glimmer in his eye this could be a very different story. andrea's advice to all parents use that flash if you see at once take more if
6:45 am
to see the doctor a picture is worth a thousand words then you can be sure riders parents will never look at a picture of the same way ever again. no first thing i'll be looking at his eyes was michele's reporting from our sister station in phoenix arizona are upset wraps of daybreak at six thirty incredible new video just into the newsroom. we didn't think it could happen but one country rock star block so hardy fell out of a window to tell you everybody's ok officials say the don kelly bland day and played friday night in knoxville tennessee you can see the band's drummer got so into the music he stumbled backward and fell out of a glass plate window and landed on the sidewalk fortunately witnesses say they just got out and continued playing rock on well coming up at seven grabbed the sunglasses outside the day can be a warm and sunny day we like that
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to last the nation's forecast plus breaking news overnight a bizarre mystery on interstate sixty four someone found her on the side of the highway the latest on that investigation and the countdown the caucus in iowa is on the candidates mak selling mattresses the traditional way isn't the best way. most are made in a large factory, and shipped hundreds of miles to a retailers warehouse, where they're marked up and up before finally selling and delivering them at the original mattress factory we take a straightforward approach.
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and created a direct line from our factory to you.
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good morning everyone thanks for joining us on thirteen news now daybreak on joe flanagan we have breaking news weather sports and more coming your way over the next hour everything you need to know the starch or sunday morning first let's jump right into your awake up weather are forecast to be a nice one out there and lot of sunshine take a look at those lies skyview over downtown milford the sun is rising temperatures are to be here all the stations got tracking a little bit of a warming trend. i use a good morning and how warm will it get to the god mornings our acts in to see temperatures climb about twenty degrees above normal and some spines already starting at twenty degrees warmer than this time yesterday morning. yesterday we had a lot of twenties on the map not the case this morning we're up twenty
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fifteen degrees warmer in
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