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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  February 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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though his traffic around the berkeley bridge to sixty four westbound had to be that ward for sixty four south or making its way down to the downtown tunnel traffic eastbound headed toward city hall and tidewater moving very well so no big issues to report around the downtown tunnel right now but i'm still watching the traffic by sixty four west out into the base those delays begin right around here about halfway down all five sixty four west the chamber's field that would track a drop from fifty five miles an hour down to fourteen. we have to park clean outs in mackinac county still watching the crash scene had been watching it all morning long on route three sixteen which is holton road between matthews and denison right now the traffic is stopped in both directions which were aware that you can let you know in the road reopened to traffic the doodle turnpike bridge in chesapeake still set to open at seven thirty this morning at the coleman bridge between yorktown in gloucester opening at eleven thirty this morning and then again at noon and coming up and about
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the four sixty four anti trafficking south norfolk and we've got breaking news involving the zinc of virus we've just got word that a student at the college of william mary contract the disease the virus while traveling in central america during winter break now according to university officials that student is expected to recover and is not experiencing symptoms no school also went on to say that after consulting with its own health and wellness team as well as the centers for disease control and prevention. it believes that there is no health risk to anyone on campus. vega is a mosquito borne virus that has been linked to severe birth defects common symptoms are fever rash joint pain and can jump to bite us again following the story and will update you as we learn more sandra parker thirteen years now. while arif and a thank you for that. well today's the day political junkies the media and the candidates have all been talking about for months the iowa caucuses right after months of campaigning to voters the candidates for president are getting their first pass at the ballot box. both sides
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yesterday their families. he would be unbelievable of the best teammate and the bass master negotiator next president the latest poll numbers show that donald trump leads the gop race despite points ahead of ted cruz on the democratic side the race is also tight between hillary clinton and bernie sanders now everyone is focusing on the people pushing hard to get them to go out and caucus kong's people even called over and over and over again are they ok with that and you get the colors the way the public the titans the willcox thing starts at seven pm central and most of all the delegates are picked we should start getting results within a couple of hours and keep in mind. caucuses are just nominating conventions for delegates. the iowa caucus is our first of several across country. after today focus shifts to new hampshire for
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that's followed by the nevada caucus and the south carolina primaries later this month earlier in the month from morning america will have more on what tonight means for lower pulling candidates after daybreak at seven a to and obey slumber like waiters will be sentenced in norfolk federal court today in october the hardwood flooring retailer pleaded guilty to one felony and four misdemeanor charges and agreed to pay thirty million dollars the charges are related to environmental crimes in which the company illegally imported hardwood flooring from eastern russia new this morning we have some information for you about the norfolk man charged with murdering his mother were getting our first look at the suspect twenty two year old shawn hunter behind bars now no bond set. police found his mother sonia hunter shot inside a home on west cliff drive saturday she got to the hospital. detectives haven't determined a motive for the shooting. new this morning police are investigating after two people had cell phones stolen
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virginia beach dispatcher say someone assaulted a person on north mall drive off of lynn haven parkway. that's right by the mall just before seven thirty last night. now the suspect took the victim's phone and we're told that just a short time later a gunman took someone else's phone. our adventure court police have not said if the two incidents are related well the hatteras ferry is schedule today through wednesday while crews fixed the roanoke and the first cut the rope got stuck saturday in the middle of the hatteras inlet a tugboat got the ferry floated yesterday today fairies will leave hatteras at five six and eight this morning will leave ah okok at four thirty six thirty and seven thirty and cdot asking people not to check the schedule before making travel plans to celebrate the start of black history month the first baptist church in williamsburg is ringing its bell the bell was recently restored it will bring every day this month as part of the let freedom ring
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getting ready to celebrate get this the two hundred and forty fifth anniversary of its founding by slaves can have much more from williamsburg williamsburg on thirteen years now at the deadly amtrak crash in philly is still under investigation a year after half the development expected today that could help investigators piece together what went wrong. i first need to try and catch up with you and you are still still you know eating your dust and turning the tables a woman driving the highway pulled
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6:07 am everything. introducing the ever us two-stone ring. one diamond for your best friend ... one for your true love. for the one woman in your life who's both. ever us. new this valentine's day at jared, kay and zales. . good morning coming up on six am and right now skies are partly cloudy it's pretty quiet around virginia beach at town center looking at live with our sky view as we take a look at the bustop whether that buses will roll up temperatures are in the lower fifties low to mid fifties right now it's a very mild. skies will remain partly cloudy and southwest winds are blowing about ten to fifteen mph as we take it through the day continue to expect partly cloudy conditions sixty five around noon and sixty eight for the afternoon recess we
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close to sixty nine degrees maybe the low seventies for a couple of spots every pick up the future cash you can see it is quite certainly drive for the morning ride in. no issues air temperatures coming up in the lower sixties by eleven mid sixties around noon and then the afternoon highs imagine a couple spots hitting the low seventies chesapeake virginia beach name a couple their temps are staying in the upper sixties run or fake note the wet weather out to the west. here is five o'clock still drive for your evening commute but that is it to the evening hours and overnight we will see the chances for some scattered whether best chance is coming between nine and sale eleven eleven thirty something like that and then after that things will move out in quiet down so things looking pretty good for us in general today will be very very warm is an ancient chance for showers this evening cooler tomorrow the high around fifty one and then back to seventy on wednesday. pretty good chances for showers and a few thunderstorms on wednesday especially late today as another front pushes through
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yet talked about rapid and fell to northwood so just wanted to give you a quick live look at your ride is when things are pretty nice to south norfolk and unless something unusual happens is one of those mornings where things are fine so northbound traffic just past freeman and southbound just before you get to freeman moving very well. also the jordan bridge looks very good but had our second camera now things are okay but not so great not as nice as it is around south norfolk anyway as we take a look at five sixty four westbound at naval station norfolk. this shot of the chamber's field and you can see the closer you get to the runway tunnel right there the slower you get to expect those delays there have been to the base not keep an eye on that helping shape up throughout the morning coming up just a few minutes still watching that crash mackinac county. details on that little bit and will check traffic at the midtown tunnel coming up in eight minutes all right ashleigh thank you all we are dedicating this week to one of america's favorite foods is pizza week guess this beats the highlights from some of
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i do new this morning just two weeks after a federal judge denied the boston bombers requests for new trial his lawyers have asked that his conviction and death sentence be overturned the request comes based on the claim that the car's horn i add could not get a fair trial in the same city where the bombing happened. a jury convicted him last april for his role in the twenty
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brother planted two pressure cooker bombs near the finish line of the boston marathon killing four and injuring more than two hundred and sixty people at six fifteen federal investigators are expected to release new evidence today last years amtrak crash that killed eight commuters and her two hundred others among the key mysteries why did the tree take a sharp curve near philadelphia. at least twice the speed limit. the ntsb has already said speed played a factor in the crash within days of the derailment and track installed automatic speed control at that car still no arrests after a deadly biker club brawl outside the denver coliseum for the weekend police say gunfire broke out at the colorado motorcycle expo killing one person and hurting several more sources told our sister station king usa that one of the two motorcycle club has members in law enforcement. the other clubs with a dozen major game by the fbi the department of corrections says that one of
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that fight to george and our three innocent people are dead after suspect trying to get away from police crashed into their car and the suspect is still on the run. police say they got a call about a stolen car in atlanta ended up leading officers on a high speed chase a man driving a black suburban ran a stop sign hitting another car the seventy six year old grandmother for twelve year old grandson and a six year old girl inside the car all died. the suspect ran away from scary new video to show you this morning from a single snowmobile or who got buried under an avalanche in canada that avalanche killed five people officials believe people triggered the slide but are not sure how rescuers say the one hundred and fifty snowmobile or four in many areas time a lot of people survive because of their experience and managed to dig their way out of the snell and talk about our window shopping taking it to a whole new level or cameras caught a determined c line in california roaming through store employees that low voice that at the lowest or
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walked in as they got ready to close or should we say waddle but so is there and the c line meant business too he climbed up one hundred and forty five stairs of a tunnel from a cave below to get into the storm the fort is looking for a fifth employee say they face little guy around for awhile and the news got to get right and here's what the day is sam trying to find a nice pretty chill with the reverend california the idea of this week if each week right here on daybreak are highlighting some of the best spot in hampton roads and we're giving you a chance to win some free pizza for a year and i are just watch the six oclock hour of daybreak for the keyword way laughing to enter continues now that i love this site this is great we want to hear what your favorite pizza spots are good or facebook post in comment or tweet us with love to hear from you be sure to use the hashtag
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comments right here on daybreak yes i was laughing because was it last week or the week before lucy was doing all kinds of researching and trying several different gases research yes i have a little rare sirloin myself on thursday the wind doesn't think that yes i will tell you i think just the research alone has got great stuff great speeches the little blog repeats in the pic she sent this to texas i would yell yes they too grew up on and were giving away this opportunity to win pizza for a year you kidding me. mama mia had to be fantastic i had zoe emporia temperatures upper sixties push and seventy today skies will be partly sunny pretty good day to get out walk off a few of those calories if you're going to eat some pizza later today. you can see the wet weather out to the last what's going on out there there's a cold front actually an area of low pressure up
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push through when that comes through this evening we're going to see good chances for some scattered showers and i expect most activity between say eight thirty and eleven thirty or twelve you can see with the future cascading closer to a stride today during the day and even for the evening ride home you know you take the afternoon early evening we were still in good shape but by seven o'clock that what weather pushes in saying nine we started pushing through the metro certainly down the peninsula and then by eleven thirty or so most of it should be clearing the area. skies will dry out after that which is very bleak cloudy skies now tomorrow mostly cloudy early becoming partly cloudy again your day on tuesday into wednesday we start to see the next round of what weather approaching another front so i just found out on social media you know it's warm today cooler tomorrow behind the front warm again on wednesday as temperatures will surge with southwest winds ahead of this next front gets closer to it with
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place highs back up to seventy on wednesday. i think is going to be enough instability in the atmosphere for a few thunderstorms in the mixes while that will clear the coast wednesday into thursday friday and saturday colder air returns this morning it's very mild fifty three right now skies are partly cloudy in the windsor southwest fifteen mph behind a closed to sixty nine partly sunny again increasing clouds later chance for a shower late but i think most of the wet weather will hold off until the evening and then some scattered evening showers tomorrow fifty one mostly cloudy early becoming partly sunny tomorrow night forty eight very mild for early february as we look ahead you'll see that chance for storms on wednesday so i did for a few lingering showers early thursday i think any activity should be very isolated and after that the big news cooler with partly sunny skies through the week a sequel about the midtown tunnel and ashley
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around the area. anything that we need to worry about yet what the title just now starting to pick up where you can come and they can't hear out make it out here i should say on the map and not too bad but just now starting to see that slight delay as you leave portsmouth and heading to norfolk even really make it out here on the camera that traffic they're starting to slow steady stream making its way into the midtown headed to norfolk so we are starting to see a slight delay there. here is about five to ten more minutes just to get through the slowdown as you head to norfolk and you should be in good shape on a tropic network maps we had over the bay bridge tunnel been talking about i just got word there is a breakdown thirteen northbound leaving virginia beach and the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel officials say to expect minor delays in that knowledge knowing that clears again the crash is still working in parsley that all hope tim three sixteen i headed northbound between denison matthews traffic is stopped in both directions were for that area if you can
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at this point we still have delays passed a one way tunnel drop down from fifty five to eighteen so again we're getting better but we're still not out of the woods just yet. and coming up here the next few minutes will see traffic is moving a little bit better on seventeen at the jr be our check this out the seniors have some skills and theory
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new this morning motorists in miami to the law in her own hands pulling over a police officer she said was speeding and then she posted the video to youtube the reason i bowled over today and i'm asking you to come i have a conversations because i saw you since miller dry when your first jumping on to the palmetto a you are pushing ninety miles an hour. he knows like amazon and the police officer told claudia castillo that you didn't think it was speeding but he did apologize he said he pulled over because he thought she had an emergency are six twenty five the panthers and broncos are in california today getting ready for the superbowl but one of the big highlights panthers quarterback cam newton's pants and is known for is you see those take a look at those ill effects on how these visit everyone talking of those immediate just in case you're wondering if you would pick up a pair these two dozen they're made
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back only a hundred fifty bucks a devotional i like that nor to pay that much money you spend a whole view on what you want one to appear those at the way cars are already sold out lucy so somebody is by now. jessica b c lot more those around the streets watch while the sun moon is also known for his signature celebration to call the dad and now everyone is getting into it these are some of the residents of a senior citizen's home in north carolina could see their proud members of panther nation taking a cue from the star quarterback and dad as part of their chair exercise class we are off to go back to the grind guys it's monday morning but we've got temperatures in the sunny yes amy would grab your own growth umbrella though his practice tracking some afternoon showers and then in
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i a memorial service today for the well loved julie hundreds of people expected to come out to honor the law and the arrest of two promising
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college town right here in the commonwealth today they will face a judge will make all the sauces. it's pizza week on daybreak and we're highlighting one of the best spots to grab what you can enter to win free pizza for an entire year. daybreak starts right now good morning to you in a six thirty i won't re senior and alyssa bustamante thank you for being with us today meteorologist greg muller is tracking another warm day for you. good morning crack. good morning guys on selling in today's the day to get out and try to get in some exercise to offset the extra calories were all adjusting for pizza to eat burnt ashes again like four pounds just the getting ready for pizza we chose for them really feeling inside but you know what we do have a great day look forward to hopefully
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the temperatures today starting off in the low to mid fifties we normally top out around forty nine or so so we're already above the normal high here it is at six thirty in the morning with the southwest fifteen mph that's going to drive our temperatures up today so while we do a few areas in the upper forties in most spots low to mid fifties right now and as we take you through the day you're going to enjoy a mix of clouds and sunshine. there's a funnel boundary off to the west that will push through tonight giving us chances for showers and then cooling is down for tomorrow today though temperatures upper sixties pushing seventy degrees. i'll be back a lot more on that the cooldown for tomorrow and another warm up for wednesday coming up. here's a look at the jr be with ashley and craig extra traffic over there at the jr beat your head in between isle of wight county and newport news. not a bad ride we do have some spots that will slow you down to the derby at anfield to be one of them know we do have a decent volume especially as are headed northbound toward
6:25 am
traffic certainly if slightly bit me i will be over there but nothing major nothing that will slow you down substantially in the trap that there had to walk i will buy county moving very well know the issues on that side also be live at the jr b and now we head over to naval station norfolk which again is improving in terms of our backup. we still have a full traffic passed a one way to let you see here headed for him to boulevard into those delays rounding the corner and making its way toward gate three a but other than that i sixty four westbound is now clear that we do have bracelets to discuss the facts are that mackinac county a few other issues for the ride and traffic picking up around the hr bt we don't talk about that in the next eight minutes. all right ashleigh thank you later today. people gather to remember six members of the dooley family who died in a case of murder suicide and chest. yet there were murdered at the hands of cameron to leave before the twenty six year old took his own life or lisa brown joins us now with how people in the community plan to honor the lives lost on dream
6:26 am
loved by so many people in deep creek from the police department to church this family touched a lot of lives in the community. chesapeake police eight twenty six year old cameron dooley shot and killed his family then himself last wednesday police found cameron's younger brother lyndon at the family home on wildwood road couple of blocks away police say cameron was armed and barricaded inside his grandmother's home police tried to negotiate with him for several hours eventually swat went into the home. in addition to cameron's body officers found his father todd mother lori sister brooke and a grandmother doris since this tragedy the family has thanked the community for its support and outpouring of love that sport will continue tonight at deep creek baptist church in chesapeake. the community is invited to remember the family at a memorial service. according to the chesapeake police department is scheduled to begin at seven p m address is two fifty mill creek parkway
6:27 am
service will be provided from deep creek high school to the church starting at five thirty it will not be handicap accessible. elise brown thirteen years now we four new this morning the navy sailor convicted of a two thousand thirteen or for murder is expected in military court this week austin greeting a schedule for an article thirty two hearing on friday that similar to preliminary hearing a civilian court convicted him of second degree murder for killing his friend and is part of a plea deal he served six months in prison. well now the military has charged him with that same crime but this time federally and now on to a crime alert in chesapeake where a shooting left two people hurt. police say it happened just after eight o'clock last night on booker street just off of great bridge boulevard officers found a man and a woman shot medics rushed both of them to sit here in norfolk general hospital working to find out much more from police about their conditions and what led up to the shooting. the building
6:28 am
working to find out how an injured woman lying on an interstate off ramp. police found the woman yesterday on the shoulder of the ramp leading from westbound i sixty four north hampton blvd mixture to the hospital she is expected to survive investigators say witnesses saw a red pickup truck driving away from her and headed in the direction of north military highway this is the scene of the incident to happen this weekend if you know anything call state police three people are hurt after a drive by shooting at a basketball court in norfolk now police are looking for that shooter. witnesses told officers that someone inside a blue suv opened fire yesterday while driving to the north view neighborhood officers found two victims nearby one of them thirteen years old the other sixteen a third victim a twenty year old man showed up at the hospital if you know the crime police are looking into what led up to a shooting that left a man dead in virginia beach that happened early yesterday morning at the mayfair
6:29 am
road offices found man had been shot in the chest down to the hospital was the clear favorites to anyone if you know anything though. call the crime line a tragic end to a days long search to virginia tech students are not charged in the death of a missing thirteen year old girl we have new details about this crime that has stunned the campus and breaking news we have learned that i'm chris bosh. when i was sidelined with blood clots in my lung, it was serious. fortunately, my doctor had a game plan. treatment with xarelto . hey guys!
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. i things looking pretty good right now up in hampton that's a quick live skyview there will take a look at conditions around the western edge of partly center at the oceanfront beautiful this morning. it's very mild right now temperatures are in the lower fifties and we are going to see low to mid fifties for the next few hours before temperatures warm up i expect mid sixties around midday we can say that with our future cast is eager to see partly cloudy skies generally speaking a good looking de forested a drive for your morning ride and no problems there through lunch a great day to get out maybe enjoy an outdoor lunch or at least a walk after you grab that bite to eat maybe getting a little bit of exercise from midday through the afternoon fantastic weather i know some of the kids have a teacher workdays and chesapeake is out today so the other schools may be as well but if you've got plans of maybe
6:33 am
today what a great day to enjoy some time outside looking ahead to the evening though things may change or not there is a front that is going to move in from the last that's going to produce some showers mainly during the evening hours and during the mid to late evening and then things will settle down after midnight temperatures tomorrow will be alot cooler so highs today upper sixties to low seventies and as we look at tomorrow's high around fifty one. we will warm it up again on wednesday but there's gotta be good chances for scattered showers wednesday and maybe a few storms in the mix as well. time for the check on the roads here's ashley. all right greg we are what forty minutes into the morning r rh hour and we do have another delay to add to the list and that traffic leaving hampton and making its way to norfolk sixty four eastbound traffic heads the hr bt close right here at the hampton river bridge a mile and a half away from the tubes of your head in the south side when a deal that delays the eminem looks good as well as the g or b l a traffic network maps and up
6:34 am
been following this morning based traffic still slow pass down to fourteen there but we are improving in terms of our delay so hopefully that'll clear up momentarily fifty eastbound at the midtown tunnel portsmouth into norfolk is slow and look slow here wes brown but it's not nearly as bad i think the awe of the traffic network maps are kind of picking up those delays a bit earlier but at this point we do look good if you're headed to portsmouth sell the delay to discuss edmonton to bridge let still watching an accident in parks lisa we have something to discuss stay with us and will do all that coming up at six fifty. all right ashleigh thank you. it is officially pizza week here on daybreak ahead we'll show you won't know the best pizza spots to grab a slice here hit
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win free pizza (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. . we've got breaking news involving physical virus and if virginia college we're just getting word that a student at the college of william and mary contract the virus while traveling in central america during winter break now according to university that student is expected to recover and is not experiencing symptoms it's important to note here that the school believes there is
6:38 am
campus is a mosquito borne virus that has been linked to severe birth defects the common symptoms are fever rash joint pain and can jump to buy this week following the story will update you as we learn more here later today the world health organization will hold an emergency meeting to discuss ways to battle the dangerous virus it will consider declaring the z virus as an international public health emergency and coordinated global response declaring a global emergency would help to bring in more money to address the outbreak. good morning america picks up coverage of the story is about fifteen minutes from now and later today the new trial for the alleged gang members charged in connection to the murder of virginia police captain set to begin a judge approved moving the trial from charlottesville to roanoke back in august the judge also agreed to have an anonymous jury the first trial ended in a mistrial for suspects are charged with killing waynesboro reserve police captain kevin quick police found his body near
6:39 am
february of twenty fourteen later today to virginia tech students are set to be arraigned on charges in connection to the death of a thirteen year old girl investigators believe the cola bell disappeared for blacksburg home late tuesday her family thinks she climbed out of her bedroom window. police found her body in north carolina on saturday eighteen year old david eisenhower is now behind bars facing first degree murder and abduction charges and nineteen year old natalie keepers is charged with improper disposal of a dead body which is a felony for more on this developing story ahead on good morning america at seven o'clock only appear after daybreak this morning samsung is building newbies over its galaxy s seven smartphone a new teaser short on details what we do know is that supposed to be released on the twenty first of this month we do not know its name the galaxies and seven isn't even confirmed rumours
6:40 am
and very fast charging google fiber is expanding its phone service the service allows users to use a single phone number for all of their mobile devices and now can include a land line as well wool fibers testing that select participants around the country. twitter is officially kicking off election season users who tweet a hashtag i voted or hashtag i caucus will see we will see the movie with it. it's twitter's first movie connected to the race for forty sixty unbelievable much social media in a change election recount from has grabbed onto it uses it to get his got all the time its funding end up thinking back this is going way back to when you guys are just little kids and us the whole rock the vote that you know that was one things mtv did a long time ago and seen social media are these other influences kind of commons will see how this all plays one might say right now i get
6:41 am
very warm bath window and we can write off the tee the temperatures well above normal and if you're a little freaked out by the warm weather it's going to turn cold again tomorrow and actually below normal later in the week so enjoy the warm days while we have them scheduled to be partly sunny temperatures upper sixties to near seventy temperatures getting closer to normal but still warm tomorrow and then much cooler after that take a look at the satellite radar images for an expanded few hours partly cloudy right now a good start the day. no worries for your ride into work weather is not an issue at all these abilities excellent little breezy but not too bad either when southwest about ten to fifteen mph. you see they're somewhat weather here i can super impose the wind particles and you see the frontal boundary here this is what's going on ahead of this front we have winds coming up in the southwest behind it northwest wind so this is where the cooler air is and is marching behind that front the front pushed through our
6:42 am
the evening hours bringing with it pretty good chances for showers and then the wind shift to the north and northwest tomorrow cooling us down after that temperatures will warm again surging ahead of another front and we'll talk more about that next one here take a look of the future casting here i've got a different look at our wins but i wanted to include these because this really tells the story winds coming up from the southwest today warm conditions highs upper sixties to near seventy there's the what weather kind of scattered out to the western seas we had to the evening seven o'clock still dry across the immediate metro or start to see a chance for showers though a pro williamsburg certainly to on a light foot back over the middle peninsula northern neck. you better chances for showers even by say seven o'clock or so as we head to the evening hours eight thirty to nine the what weather comes through. i'd say by midnight we should see all that was out of the picture wins now coming in from the north and you see that blue coloration shifting run to the east in the northeast for tomorrow skies tomorrow will be very
6:43 am
cooler with those north and northeast winds so tomorrow's highs low fifties we have our next system kind of getting its act together out to the last agency again the surge with the south wins another warm up coming for for a wednesday and with the stronger south winds temps is getting back up to near seventy and with the front coming through another chance for showers and maybe a few stronger storms once it comes to the wind shifting back to the north and the cooler air settles in for the remainder of the work week and through the upcoming weekend. right now low to mid fifties we have some forties farther inland at the airport beautiful conditions right now fifty three and southwest winds of fifteen mph. take a look today's high around sixty nine again increasing clouds chance for showers late. there's a full seven day tomorrow groundhog day will we see a shadow or not will see mostly cloudy friday not a lot of sunshine early
6:44 am
storms on wednesday and then is beginning to weaken the cooler air settles. let's check in on naval station norfolk with ashley both big of an up and down morning around the base initially looked like traffic on five sixty four west was really starting to build up and then things started to improve and now to take a look at our camera you'll be able to see the traffic is actually in pretty decent shape right now so this shot is just past the big three am the runway tunnel to see the exchange there in the distance right here that's kind of the ball of the delay on five sixty four west everything else right now is clear to head to the base let's not mislead them too much as you approach him to boulevard on the traffic network map still watching those delays him to norfolk sixty four eastbound at the hr bt he dropped down to fourteen at the hampton river bridge which the mile and half away from that to some delays around the midtown tunnel a few other issues to discuss as well. i'll recap the traffic trouble spots in five minutes a day speech week on daybreak so all week long we'll be
6:45 am
one lucky viewer will win free pizza for a year. listen up to a special key word is crossed. now that you know the key word at over thirteen years that icon click of the features tab enter that word for chance to win you can find the official contest rules are so high and i think for that month and keep the hot spot so we ask you via social media to send us the names of your favorite pizza spots around hampton roads and you definitely delivered. so we start with the place that doesn't deliver in virginia beach but many say is well worth going to grab yourself a nice piece on holland road into the shopping center in georgia is yours you own is tony's pizza in virginia beach. we've been here for possibly thirty eight years and has a really loyal customer base and now we're serving not only the children but their grandchildren which much of that that's a comfort in this first generation greek american credits his family's work ethic attention
6:46 am
survive the highs and lows of the restaurant business willow for customers. that's what makes is business really worthwhile he says it's the sauce that makes it worth the drive extremely high quality sausage that we have brought in from out of state george was so passionate about keeping the sausage a secret that we had to face the camera a certain way of competition we see george says making the pizza is basic account is fresh ingredients. we call our own sauces. cindy pops the peaks and the other hand checks on for fifteen minutes later out came a pepperoni cheese pizza made with the secret sauce that left me well and good pizza home. speechless so speechless. i am my mouth is watering at the devaney here i told is not the only hotspot that you told us
6:47 am
so high especially by coastal region meeting they also gave him accolades and twenty fifteen. but when the city can sell fantastic jungle piece of a classic bella pizzeria as well so let us know what your favorite places using the hashtag thirteen pizza week on facebook and on twitter search for the school stuff is so stuffed full of pizza know i need some for breakfast as the great dane food to write lot nicer homes though the idea that there would even think bob seger words of the sea to do that i had a great spot for nearly six decades ago the secret sauce. ok let me see it but who isn't of course i'll keep it here much
6:48 am
good monday morning coming up next here on good morning america the race for the white house iowa caucus is here. the first votes finally said to be cast in the presidential race people hear from some of the candidate's knowledge on hillary clinton bernie sanders marco rubio as they all get ready for that final push and this morning george and robin are live in iowa only on gm big day in politics are a lawyer top story in the morning rush
6:49 am
chesapeake today to remember six members of the dooley family who died in a case of murder suicide police say twenty six year old camera dooley shot and killed his parents siblings and grandmother then turned the gun on himself last week the community is invited to attend a memorial service tonight at deep creek baptist church on mill creek parkway if sb. the service is set to begin at seven o'clock we were told of free shuttle service will be provided from deep creek high school to the church starting at five thirty it will not be handicapped accessible. later today the toe and obey slumber liquid haters will be sentenced at a norfolk federal court in october the hardwood flooring retailer pleaded guilty to one felony and four misdemeanor charges and agreed to pay thirty million dollars the charges are related to environmental crimes in which the company illegally imported hardwood floor from eastern russia are actually here now with a rosewood a few things starting to get a kick off the week a little bit busy on the road so we see here in
6:50 am
the one and a half mile back up as you head to the hr bt which are alternate routes are clear just a heads up on the traffic network maps a few delays in the south side as well. five fifty four into the bases minor delays there as well as fifty eastbound at the midtown tunnel not so much into portsmouth the good news though our breakdown has cleared of chesapeake bay bridge tunnel headed north we don't have to worry about that but the thing still working an accident parsley and some bridges at the coleman and assemble turnpike bridge will post all the information on facebook and twitter great and we have a gorgeous they had a really very very nice and excited about this when temperatures back up close to sixty nine maybe seventy degrees has pupils we get the day started alright now up in hampton things looking nice as well so temperatures currently low fifties where to reach highs today close as i mentioned the sixty nine officially will see fifty one to moscow cooler that i jump on wednesday and then cooler again thursday through the weekend i will be a chance for showers and storms
6:51 am
check back with us good morning, america. and they're off. the first votes finally here in the race for president. >> it's going be big. >> we are going to make america history. >> bernie sanders says overnight, his campaign going all the way to the convention. ted cruz blasted for last-minute campaign tactics. a grueling year on the campaign trail. >> they throw all this stuff at me and i'm still standing. >> we're going to build a wall. >> donald, you won't be able to insult your way to the presidency. 1500 rallies, 11 debates. always comes down to this -- >> this is about the men and women of iowa. >> the race closer than ever. donald trump taking the lead back from ted cruz. the billionaire and his family
6:52 am
deal of all.
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