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tv   13 News 5  ABC  February 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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received nude photos of at least eight female students he also said that he spread some of these pictures without their consent actions have taken the time except that the commonwealth's attorney's office says no charges have been filed yet and the school system is not commenting as this is an ongoing police investigation in virginia beach jenny me thirteen years now a basketball court is supposed to be all fun and games but one turned into a crime scene in norfolk a drive by shooting left three people including two teens heard yesterday on legion road n partridge st. as an ordeal and police are still searching for a blue suv possibly involved in the shooting to her is live right guys that's why show you just how busy this basketball court is normally earlier today people here normal scene on a normal day here lots of people out here just having fun but the shooting didn't happen here yesterday on these
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the victims are thirteen of earlier today classmates of the sixteen year old victim told me he was in school just one day after a drive by shooting at this basketball court on which you wrote on activities resumed but even then the triple shooting is still on the minds of these neighborhood kids because they knew the sixteen year old victim on her eye thousand interviews okay and whose hearts are also two other victims a thirteen year old any twenty year old all three were taken to hospital and treated for non life threatening injuries on sunday night surrounding neighbors described hearing multiple gunshots while like maybe eight or nine gunshots before seeing everyone in the core running in all different directions that night something on the ground right in their cars. police investigated the scene on sunday evening and are
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investigation today investigators say they're now looking for a blue suv witnesses told them the car drove by the courts. the man shot the crowd that sped off tonight. those who know the sixteen year old victim are making a plea to police and those in their community they found him or not. and havin madison and i am i assured him that last final trailer for the grade i norfolk police as anyone with information is asked to call the crime line at six we'll show you more of what his classmates had to say and their plea for the violence to stop loving your feet to her thirteen years now in trouble again. a nurse is facing ten felony charges megan howell is accused of stealing medications from the pavilion and williamsburg place in williamsburg where she worked as a nurse investigators to the crime happened back in december this is the first time
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doing those. police arrested her last january for allegedly doing the same thing. temperatures way above normal today this time of the year were use to forties maybe some fifties but our high today in the seventies and evan is tracking the temperatures and a chance for showers. that's right i am tracking ako from that will drop temperatures a bit tomorrow about twenty degrees it will still be above normal little bit closer to where we should be this kind of you can see some the shower showing up on radar. this is an advance that call for everything a sliding year off towards the east. so we're looking at a few showers mainly around the richmond area north of sixty four as you head up toward stevensville shortstop hannah can montrose everything sliding here off towards the east but very mild out there. temperatures are in the seventies across tampa road route seventy one degrees and often sixty nine to produce seventy three right now up in williamsburg we timed things out by eight o'clock couple showers moving through the colonial capital forty nine degrees at eleven and skies are clear as we head towards midnight heading
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seventy three degrees right now by eight o'clock sixty degrees and oso showers rolling in around nine ten eleven o'clock clearing out after midnight and down for lisbon city right now to sixty eight degrees and tracking those showers looking like they'll come around eleven o'clock hours well. much cooler tomorrow high temperatures in the lower fifties will we back to near seventy on wednesday. more on that and we can see some showers and thunderstorms rolling through the region once again coming up in a few minutes i take seven days till five plus five years' probation that is when a judge sentenced lumberton the coordinators to this morning first environmental crimes the company was convicted of illegally trafficking would putting endangered species of rusk thirteen years now has followed this story closely breaking the news about the indictment and plea deal marcella robertson was in court today for the sentencing she has details. lumber like waiters walk to pay a thirty million dollar fine for its crimes the company has an over most of that money today
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happy with today's sentence and say this case sets a precedent was happy to put it behind us. lumber liquidate his executive jill with her walks and a federal court monday a judge sentenced the company to five years' probation and a thirteen million dollar fine for moving forward where we got lots of wood to sell and having all the customers will come back. the company was convicted of illegally trafficking lloyd prosecutors say the logging of timber out of eastern russia. her endangered species like what's left of the siberian tigers thirteen years now first broke the news of the federal indictment and the plea deal entered back in october this case is the first of its kind in two ways the first felony conviction for any kind of case or criminal activity involving the movement of illegal timber thirteen million dollar fine is also the largest fine ever. under the lacey act. this case
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won't stand for companies that profit from the illegal exploitation of protected resources and endangered species money from the massive fine will go to the least the actor award find the national fish and wildlife foundation's and other environmental groups it's important that being payments along with creditors may go back to help the harm that was caused and i think that the commuter service payments that were made will go a long way towards that now another important part of the senses that lumber like waiters will now have to come up with an environmental plan within three months at a sentencing will have more about what that means for the company coming up tonight and thirteen is now at six marcella robertson thirteen years now the north side man accused of killing his own mother was supposed to face a judge today that hearing that pushed back to march. police say twenty two year old shawn hunter killed forty three year old son hunter outside
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drive over the weekend officers arrested the sign that the scene and shawn hunter faces second degree murder charges. new information on the abduction and robbery case in virginia beach police say two men kidnapped the victim in the sam's club parking lot last december court records obtained by thirteen years now show the suspects but the victim in the backseat with the jacket over her head then drove to several atm is because the victim's card would work. last month police got a tip that led to the arrest of mark albert and cora hayes abroad. a woman is in the hospital right now after getting shot in an attempted robbery a forty four year old woman and two men were parked in hampton old center way friday night when a man approached them he flashed a gun and tried to rob them. the victim said no that's when police say the man fired the gun hitting the woman then he ran away
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length dreadlocks and gold t take a look at the damage from a shed fire in chesapeake firefighters knock down the blaze right around noon off indian river road the fire was so intense it melted the vinyl siding off the hole next to it because of the damage to the electrical panel at the home. crews had to turn off the power. thankfully the three adults who live there have somewhere else to stay for now. what started as a traffic stop in dare county it was three people in jail on drug charges to those people are minors sixteen and deputies say nineteen year old zachary eubanks was in that vehicle with the girls the car sped past the dare county sheriff's deputy in manti over the weekend was the deputy pulled over the driver a canine officer tipped off law enforcement to search the vehicle they found marijuana heroin and xanax inside eubanks is bond is set at thirty three thousand dollars well oiled the pledge is no more. that means
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promise to vote for gop candidate of change in the beginning stages a look at what the state still needs to do to seal the deal and there's a chance the school year could start earlier in hampton roads and effort is gaining ground enrichment class mass of flames shooting from the home of blind man trapped inside all alone find out how he got out
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what super poligrip does for me is it keeps the food out. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now. . it's official the new district map said dramatically change the makeup of the third and fourth districts in virginia will stay in place for this year's congressional elections. our partners at the virginian pilot reports the u s supreme court turned
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republican lawmakers to delay in acting the new boundaries federal judges approve the new maps after ruling unconstitutionally pack too many black voters into democrat bobby scott's district the republican party of virginia is pulling the plug on its controversial loyalty pledge in september the state gop minute so if he wanted to vote for a republican in the primary you must sign a document promising to vote for a gop candidate but virginia has an open primary and a lot of people were concerned this would turn away independents mccain is here to explain what happens next. well the problem is the state board of elections doesn't know what to do next changing the rules now will be tricky because of absentee voting people have already signed the pledge a month before virginians head to the polls the state's republican party says it's dropping the loyalty pledge
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were bad idea. republican activist gary tyler says the state central committee did the right thing this weekend unanimously voting to pull the plug. i think that was a mistaken idea of trying to make sure that only republicans that is a baby and our nominating process the state's gop as talked about a pledge for years and this past september officially signed off the rover acquired those voting in the republican primary to promise to vote for the republican nominee in the fall but many feared this would alienate independents by all means we won independence to be involved the pledge also drew national attention republican frontrunner donald trump sent a flurry of tweets calling it bad and suicidal for the republicans old dominion university political professor jesse richmond says the pledge runs contrary to the state's open primary you're going to have an open primary here to make people sign that they are a republican to hold people to their word on and knowing you should be able to well a
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board of elections told the officials are meeting with the attorney general this week to figure out what to do about those already signed the pledge republicans blame democrats for all this the democrats say republicans did this to themselves a break it all down for you can have that sixth jan thank you very much well if you are not registered to vote yet you need to get that done if you want to vote in the presidential primary under virginia law voters must register or submit a change of address by next monday. the primary is march first. mailed applications have to be postmarked by february eight that you can register online. there's a link on thirteen years now dot com and the trial to get rid of the photo id voter requirement in north carolina is over but the judge most likely won't rule until later the north carolina in double a c p challenge the requirement approved by state lawmakers much of the discussion in the trial is focused on whether voter fraud even exists in north
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argument including the photo id requirement. very warm for the way first enters well up into the seventies and when cooler tomorrow back of the summer when zane in cooler weather for the weekend but certainly ups and downs as we go to the next several days by radar right now tracking some showers that in advance of temperatures as we go through the day tomorrow we will approach from the scattered showers roll to a little later on this evening we zoom in across areas of the middle peninsula northern neck just northern parts of gloucester parts of middlesex county showers rolling through saving up for the northern neck around half a hand it back to king william king and continue to move off towards the east. look for increasing clouds and temperatures around sixty degrees by seven o'clock then eventually the twins will switch around to the north and that will usher in the cooler weather is less time in all our future cast seven o'clock was a line of showers out towards the west making that progress here off towards
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o'clock. look for the showers to roll through western parts of hampton roads of two parts of the peninsula from newport news up towards west point countries falling as a front moves through this by eleven o'clock we'll be tracking some showers and even some pockets of some more moderate showers across eastern north carolina. everything will clear up by two more mornings will start the day with mostly cloudy skies temperatures in the upper forties will see the sunshine to peek through the clouds by the afternoons will see mostly cloudy start to the day partly sunny skies for the afternoon notice temperatures only in the upper forties lower fifties will say about fifty two degrees tomorrow more than twenty degrees colder than we were this afternoon when switch around towards the south and southwest tomorrow evening and it is by six o'clock wednesday morning back up into the fifties will see highs once again up into the low seventies on wednesday will say officially about seventy degrees at the airport but they will watch the next front approaches the same storm system that's been bringing all snow out to parts of the western half of the country in that line will move eastward as we head into
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some showers possibly a few embedded thunderstorms moved through wednesday evening wednesday night clearing out as we enter the day on thursday and cooler temperatures the end the workweek to take a live sky view outside right now this is a camera at the virginia air space center often happen. notice a few clouds up there on the peninsula mainly clear skies here on the southside a camera comes with how here in downtown la seventy one degrees excuse me what's going on the southwest and eighty mph and seven in smithfield sixty nine and her new seventy two in chesapeake sixty nine in hartford sixty two of the wallet on sixty nine in hampton sixty eight and was in the city is currently seventy one degrees and seven to the forecast for tonight mostly cloudy skies even showers forty three degrees for the milo normally wins in the fifty mph gusting up to twenty four fifty two degrees mostly cloudy skies early becoming partly sunny through the afternoon color without the northeast in the fifty mph only fifty two degrees forty seven tomorrow night sky start to clear out as we look ahead towards wednesday with scattered
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temperature of seventy degrees then isolated showers possible on thursday high of fifty and forty three the coolest day of the week coming up we head into friday's and saturday's forty nine fifty two on sunday and some more scattered showers by early next week now with a program called out early enough might be cloudy any will see a shadow. we have faith means on our skin helps but if he goes but if he sees a shadow goes back in the mean six more weeks and went to see now are not mvch although i did pick the panthers the topic the evidence crazy ideas are welcome. i remember the suspicious package situation at little creek last month well today the top leader at that base address the security breach. how he plans to stop something like that from happening again and there could be an added step to the poll approval process
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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taking the troops and their bases safe that's the objective of the annual solid curtain citadel shield exercises sick at the top third little pig migrating spoke to the commanding officer about why force protection is such an urgent issue they are no strangers to live fire drills at joint expeditionary base little creek in two thousand and twelve eight simulated having a gunman on the water and practiced how they'd respond in the event of a real attack there's no question force protection and safety security the insulation on the number one concern as installation commander top priority beginning today little creek another naval installations in the navy's mid atlantic region launched exercise solid curtain citadel shield twenty six key in the goal is
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readiness of navy security forces. unfortunately there have been real world incidences of security breaches at local bases in recent years in march twenty fourteen a truck driver got to the gate at naval station norfolk and kill the navy master at arms security guard aboard the uss my hand that same year in june a knife wielding sailor stabbed another sailor eight times outside the navy exchange at naval medical center portsmouth and in january at little creek a suspicious person left a package outside the gate independence boulevard was closed down and the facility was put on security alert colleague mohamed abdallah was charged with threatening to bomb the base commanding officer captain frank you and credits the joint efforts of military and civilian law enforcement agencies with all that couple weeks ago during a bomb threat we had over in vicinity of game five. part of an execution procedures a seamless captain hewitt this as an instant liking that plus exercises like this
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message if you see something say something. the navy does say that steps have been taken to minimize disruptions within local communities and to normal base operations but officials do warn there may be times when the exercise causes increased traffic and delay his reporting live like adding thirteen news now the sake of virus is now considered a global health emergency this comes the same day will earn a college student from william and mary contracted the virus the advisory from the college tonight new details on the abduction and
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venture back to a time when the dinosaurs roamed the earth (roar, grawl) up-close encounters with lifelike dinosaurs (roar, grawl) adventure zone dino rides bounce houses scavenger hunt crafts fun for the whole family don't miss dinosaurs! a family adventure friday-sunday hampton roads convention center
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the college of william and mary student is recovering after contracting busy cold virus while studying abroad here the message from school officials to the rest of the students here on campus sound you hear all month long as part of a black history month celebration in williamsburg the nationally known civil rights leader helped to kick off the decision time in iowa the presidential hopefuls
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the fifteen hundred rallies and thirty three million dollars spent in that state will pay all that breaking news is out of norfolk police are on the scene of an accident possibly involving a child they say at least one person is heard in the crash at the intersection of twenty seven street and whelan avenue according to a norfolk dispatcher the victim was possibly a child there is no word on what caused this crash we have a crew headed to the scene will bring you any developments as they come as a cold virus hitting even closer to home tonight the college of william and mary confirms a student contracted the mosquito borne virus while traveling over the winter break. now last week we told you about a confirmed case in virginia so far the state health department is not saying if this is that same person from that earlier case christina's reject our way to the william and mary campus today and
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