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students who are worried about the virus the right as the mother karen hobson knows firsthand how much there is to worry about during a pregnancy. the whole time your thing at all these rules don't eat certain things and then you have to worry about now. mosquitoes can cause birth defects in its very scary. hobson is talk about these eager buyers into mosquito borne virus that can severely impact a fetus a case of this fire is now has been reported in williamsburg we do on a b and our families in the near future but it's kind of concerning now that it's actually here. officials with the college of william and mary says student contracted the virus while visiting abroad during winter break. the student is now in recovery and says insert an spokesperson for the school says no other students or those who live near the college are at risk. very important to us that the campus community be aware
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with both our health and wellness team and the cdc and that there was no health issues we talked on monday didn't seem too concerned but all including hops in just hoping the virus won't spread any further issues i have to think about d wanna risk it and hope everything turns out okay and your kind of things on hold until there for sure that it's over with college officials also tell me dow right now no school sponsored trips to central america have been canceled officials of course will continue evaluating the situation in developments surrounding these eco virus christopher j co thirteen years now. those eagle virus is now a global health emergency the world health organization they've got a call today. this enables them to immediately wrap up efforts to fight the outbreak and in asia reported its first case in columbia reported more than two thousand pregnant women
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know and we don't know and frankly at this point we know a lot more. so we need to see you read the research is to take us and the us there are at least for pregnant women with physical virus w h o estimates the americas could see up to four million secret cases over the next year led to virginia tech students accused in the murder of a thirty year old girl faced a judge today eighteen year old david eisenhower is charged with first degree murder and abduction in the death of nicole lovell nineteen year old natalie keepers is accused of helping eisenhower top levels body. the thirteen year old went missing in blacksburg last week days later her body was found eighty miles away near the virginia north carolina line. police say eisenhower new level and that he used that relationship to his advantage. people are in distress at this point and that they could use your prayers. i didn't think that
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she was always the cutest little thing. police have not said how lovell was killed or released a motive for the murder but such marginal police through a gun was not used but suspects will be back in court in march happening right now friends and family are starting to show up for a memorial service for the dooley family the family of six died in a tragic murder suicide chesapeake police say twenty six year old cameron dooley shot and killed his grandmother father mother brother and sister then turned the gun on himself tonight's memorial service starts at seven at deep creek baptist church and there's expected to be a large turnout this is a live picture right here that you're looking at him because of the large turn out the fire department is offering a free shuttle from deep creek high school. now this morning. chesapeake police department posted on its facebook page. this picture of tom dooley in uniform. it says in loving
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todd julie and family doing work for the police department for more than thirty years before he retires robbing a gas station wearing a surgical mask and now the doctor cousin sheriff's office is looking for the man of the bottom and the right corner of your screen. officials say he robbed the tab exxon off canton highway early saturday morning. he flashed a gun got the money from the clark and ran toward a nearby car wash robbers in surgical masks must be the trend has been police are looking for this man who also robbed a convenience store wearing a mask early saturday the suspect flashed a gun and the seven eleven on north olmstead avenue and ran away with cash from the register anyone with information in this case can also call the crime wave and donald trump admits he's a little nervous about tonight the iowa caucuses just hours away. experts weigh in on
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away a winner and a cancer survivor and i think it is accused of lying about her illness why her supporters say they are shocked but not
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. an update to bray the news adam nor fun take a look at a live picture from the scene police or an accident possibly involving a child a dispatcher say at least one person is hurt in the crash at the intersection of twenty seven st anna whelan avenue you can see police checking out a white truck off there in the distance and according to an orphaned dispatcher the victim is possibly a child. there's no word on what caused this crash or the extent of the victim's injuries working to get more details and we'll bring you that information as it comes in there's the white truck right there looks like a pickup truck are pumping the brakes on new tolls today the virginia secretary of transportation presented a bill that would keep the state from imposing tolls without an ok from lawmakers
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to certain circumstances though. for example the general assembly would have a say in tolls on roads one lane has been added another bill just passed the house of delegates in this measure would allow local school boards to set their own calendars and remove the requirement that classes start after labor day it would also require schools that choose to start early clothes for the long holiday weekend. now the bill heads to the state senate and this is not the first time lawmakers presented this idea experts say the awesomely turn those down for fear that the early start would hurt local businesses a well known cancer survivor is accused of doing the unthinkable and lying about her illness officials say seattle based advocate tracy dart use personal stories of her own battle with cancer to raise four hundred thousand dollars for the susan g komen foundation of the past decade
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lied about her three bouts with breast cancer supporters say they are shocked the first words were traces of cancer or a chic your amazing there's no she's never had cancer was second words and we were sitting down and just pour my heart also raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for her group team tracy bedroom is now dissolved and several of the team. tracy's a social media pages have been removed supporters say darts did a lot of good for the cause they're still hoping for a positive outcome the decision time in the race for the white house tonight the candidates face their first contest of the iowa caucuses. we have a look at what's at stake for
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and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now. . in the race for the white house the candidates are facing their first real test in iowa the caucuses are about to be underway for the first time in the race voters will begin choosing candidates for president. abc's brian hicks has more from the campaign trail while the crowd what a
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in iowa i believe we will unite the republican party after months of tv ads and campaign stops it's down to the wire for the frontrunners hillary clinton daughter chelsea rallying the troops before the canvass neighborhoods convincing voters to caucus. i'm so excited that it was so energized that involved many voters admit though they can still be persuaded to change their minds can be very tough choice but to see what i feel that the caucus. it's a tight race between clinton and her democratic opponent bernie sanders a lot of nontraditional voters younger people working class people if they come out of that number is open on the gop side a new quinnipiac poll out today shows donald trump widening his lead over ted cruz traveling this last minute rally today with sarah pale and this is the day we take our country back. donald trump was to pull it out tonight job when overwhelming
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difficult to stop. donald trump is that roughly twenty eight days campaigning here in iowa that's less than half the amount of time rick santorum is spent here on the ground and his poll numbers aren't even close to trump's the caucuses begin at seven pm central. brady at abc news moines iowa thirteen years now will have complete coverage of the iowa caucuses tonight to look for the latest updates on our website and ten to thirteen years now and eleven for complete analysis of the caucasus developing now eighty six people are dead after children are burned alive in a terror attack officials in nigeria say the radical islamic group boko over on fire bombed the village sadder day women and children died in the burning huts the terrorists also attacked a nearby refugee camp. this is a picture of the aftermath vocal rama is the same group that kidnapped hundreds of girls in nigeria in two thousand fourteen intelligence officials say
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allegiance. tice a former norfolk sailor who spent six months in jail for murder will face a new trial for the same crime police arrested austin greening after he shot and killed a fellow sailor christopher convert and twenty thirteen he ended up with a plea deal for six months behind bars but now the navy has charged greening with murder as well that is according to our partners of the virginian pilot double jeopardy does not apply because the new case is a federal matter. a hearing for greening is set for friday investigators are trying to identify the victim of a fatal fire on the eastern shore six fire stations responded to the home on pocahontas road near concord wat wharf road last week that is just outside it's more in northampton county investigators found one person dead and the burned mobile home but state police
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the cause of the fire also unknown. severe weather is moving across the us tonight take a look at this video it is snow in flagstaff arizona parts of arizona can see a foot of snow this week the same storm causing this issue also hit hard in california yesterday killing at least one person and as it moves east it brings the risk of severe storms and tornadoes for the southeast well that storm system will arrive in hampton roads wednesday but it should be less severe but before that we have some temperature swing so evan is tracking that a try we had high temperatures today will open to the seventies non tracking the cold front bringing a few showers to the region this evening and cooler temperatures tomorrow live radar showing the showers mainly north of the richmond area although they are starting to move towards the williamsburg area moving through parts of the peninsula and the middle peninsula know it was the eastern shore can see the movement years we've gone over the past three hours with him pushing her off towards the east southeast as
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the peninsula to james city county northern tip of your county seeing a few showers around christensen scored and then over into parts of gloucester county just north of the courthouse the shower moving through middlesex county around salute over towards and birds so we can feel a particular dish hours to roll through and a drop in temperatures into the day tomorrow. high today seventy four degrees at him after a morning low of fifty are normal high is forty nine well above normal today and too far off the record high of eighty one said back in two thousand to time things are you a future cast of the evening hours. partly cloudy skies and some economists the showers rolling through nine o'clock moving into western parts of hand wrote some more showers more modern downpours possible to parts of the middle peninsula and then by midnight everything pushes off towards the east the cooler temperatures work their way in dorothy's wins tomorrow give us cloudy skies as we start the day as we go through the afternoon will start to see the clouds break up giving way to sunshine clouds may linger long across
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fifties across the region and in winter to shift more out of the south and southwest and a warm things up between two day on wednesday by skye your camera at the virginia air and space center which was hampton university a few more clouds starting to roll and seventy one degrees and often sixty nine and two for new sixty eight elizabeth city and fifty nine degrees and no follow up on the eastern shore to the forecast for tonight calling for mostly cloudy skies leaving showers around forty three for an overnight low when speaking about the north to fifty mph northeast winds tomorrow keep it cooler will say mostly cloudy skies to start the day partly sunny by the afternoon fifty five in wakefield fifty five seven fifty one off a fifty three on in virginia beach across the eastern shore some upper forties forty nine matthews fifty two in gloucester fifty two newport news fifty seven ways for forty nine in hampton northeast winds will keep it around fifty one degrees in many a fifty five and was the city for high fifty seven her for dates fell fifty seven hinton and fifty six and a husky looking ahead towards wednesday lopez afternoon showers and
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system that jana was talking about temperatures ahead of that up to seventy degrees will see the front slides through as we go through the day on wednesday with those afternoon showers and possible thunderstorms colder air moving in late in the week fifty degrees thursday forty three on friday partly sunny skies but we're back up to near normal for saturday and sunday highs around fifty chance of rain comes my mom i think seven an amazing story of survival out of amelia county virginia a blind man all alone escape a burning home. now the fire started yesterday roger dale says his blind father was him and realized something was wrong he was able to make his way through the burning home and into the backyard says his father made it out just minutes before the entire home was engulfed in savannah he on his face concealed in the front door
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the house cats phones and attempted to call my one life one that failed he really seen you together house immediately. the home was a total loss but no one was hard to the cause of the fire still under investigation or any in black history month in hampton roads see the special ceremony in williamsburg that brought civil rights leaders to the seven five seven and at six a possible sexting scandal under investigation at a virginia beach high school. find out how the nude photos may it spread around ocean lakes high school. it was supposed to be a fun sunday night here at these basketball courts but that quickly turned violent commitment six hear what
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the victim selling mattresses the traditional way isn't the best way. most are made in a large factory, and shipped hundreds of miles to a retailers warehouse, where they're marked up and up before finally selling and delivering them at the original mattress factory we take a straightforward approach. we have eliminated the extra steps and created a direct line
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. the sound of freedom and liberty. it rang loud and clear today in williams for first baptist church held a ringing of the bell ceremony for the start of black history month. ellie's brown was there for the celebration that brought out many local politicians and civil rights leaders in with a lecture here at church people were clapping and singing chanting excited to hear this symbol of freedom bell rings after more than fifty years of silence at first baptist church in williamsburg i can hear my answer speaking to me was ringing the bell for them and also for my beautiful sons. the church has owned the eight hundred pound steel bell since the nineteenth century founded in seventeen
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black churches in america to help celebrate dionne warwick and valerie simpson belting out songs people grabbed hands and shed tears making the world a better me a message echoed by reverend jesse jackson sr will learn to look all known must learn to live together and by the church's pastor reginald davis the cia to commit ourselves to the unfinished work of freedom justice and equality we get together for events and the separate after that i'm hoping this is the moment that we not only together holding hands today we continue to hold hands every day end make a difference
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williamsburg. elise brown thirteen years now and that's all for thirteen is now at five thirty thirteen is not six begins with breaking news police on the scene of a car accident with injuries and accidents with possible injuries and or frat a child may be involved. now this is a picture of the scene and twenty seven straight and llewellyn avenue thirteen is now reporter brian farrell is they're gathering the breaking details and janet neighbors are telling me there are two children actually who were involved in it before i show you what we can fm whroe we are an issue we can see right now that's a picture of this minivan that is one of the cars that never say was involved when to step out of the ways you can see as we zoom in past the cars are there you may be a make out is a little dark. there's a pickup truck also involves what they're saying is that truck and the minivan were involved in this is all coming from neighbors who are out here right after this happened. they're saying the two children were
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the windows on the driver side of the minivan that one lands on top of the other one two ambulances came in really take them away these two children again this is a twenty seven and well in two cars involved well is actually shut down in park place between seven twenty seventh rather and then down to twenty six three but again we're waiting for some more information from police there were a group of neighbors standing around they were not involved in jumping in to help but actually were there when all the players involved including his two children where there will continue to follow supreme or information as we get it for now we're live in norfolk. brian carroll thirty news now new photos of underage female students possibly circulating around the virginia beach high school thirteen is not obtained court documents that reveal a seventeen year old student at ocean lakes is under investigation for allegedly sending and receiving the pictures through an app are jimmy lee has details you'll see only on thirteen years now so
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like as soon as you open it up it looks just like a regular calculator but as soon as you type in your pass code unlocks those hidden photos discovered kindness and you know that for a possible sexting scandal at ocean lakes high school according to court documents nude pictures of underage female students are being circulated through a phone app that acts like a secret vault and stories photos videos and even hidden browser history if any of my friends had that happen to them i would just feel so horrible and it's not even happen to myself that would be so embarrassing the school became aware of it back in december when someone complained to a mac and science academy teacher a search warrant revealed that a seventeen year old student was hiding these photos in a so called ghost at the teacher confronted him who then wrote a statement admitting he received new
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