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tv   13 News 11  ABC  February 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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trapped in the news starts now. an essay was my first several business owners in virginia beach to have numerous leaks coming through the ceiling by one business had their sailing come down we're talking about tennis at a shopping center at dam neck road and general booth blvd thirteen is now a reporter in the lobo sosa is one of the tenants struggling to keep her business afloat leak after leak on a client's hair and i'll send my eyes saw and read read read and so in a rush to get the trash can over there in the big bucket every year that was the last couple years have been like for christine the owner of this salon in virginia beach she's put buckets on the floor and the kids in the ceiling plans had to walk around all this mess to try and catch the water right next door to her salon in other business had their
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have been a huge problem at the shopping center off damn that and general booth blvd christine says it's cause our business to drop off of all businesses closing from the same issues that were having she tried contacting the company that manages the property and had no luck they're based in new york i have made every attempt possible to contact them i call them again was known they don't get a return call i email them. i don't get a return email but if something isn't done soon christine says she can't do business here anymore. my business it's my liability but they shouldn't be putting themselves at risk to get their hair done. i contacted the property management company regarding the links in this building have yet to hear back from them but the city tells me they'll have to have an inspector come out here. the timing of his building is safe and then they'll move forward with
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virginia beach and the low thirty news now new to not alert employee help stop a bank robbery in hampton police tell us two suspects approached the cf bank on coliseum drive this afternoon they were wearing masks and when into the entrance way leading into the bank employee saw them and use the bank's electronic lock to keep them from coming inside would be robbers two of them ran away empty handed but police still are trying to track them down in case they strike again. also tonight a stop at the grocery store disrupted by a bomb threats in york county deputies and firefighters were on the scene of the food lion on hampton highway tonight the york because insurance office posted a message on facebook asking people to avoid the store as they checked everything out. they cleared the scene about an hour ago now has plenty of buzz about what's to come to downtown norfolk and city leaders are older years they'll get a test to hear about a potential business plan next week the city
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us a look at what they'll be talking about city council documents show some of those proposals will impact a downtown or fic which will bring more business is in more jobs. something people are excited about the downtown norfolk has seen its fair share of changes over the last few years i went to tcc years ago is very much here is pretty dead now it's a lot more going on and there could be more coming downtown according to their docket that we've obtained city council's meeting this coming tuesday night is packed with proposals from businesses hoping to get their piece of property in the middle of the activity. one of the players starbucks which has two locations in its site on grand be dependent on the business's income and provide more services and products to consumers all
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not all our partners at the virginian pilot reports that the bank of america tower on commercial place in the building next door is also in for a big renovation these potential changes and discussions have people hoping for a bright and diverse future i hope there's a variety it attacks all kinds of young people older people on professional keep on reporting in norfolk. she knew her thirty news now at the mac new car the day i told you you're stopped in traffic your only other team is now a confrontation caught on camera. portsmouth city councilman denny meets pulled over back in december near duke street and maple avenue thirteen years now i was forced to obtain the body camera video of this traffic stop. you see meets with his
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him and then meets get out and gets on his car despite the officer's order for him to stay inside. we spoke with councilman meeks by phone today he said the officer was aggressive toward him i watched all the while the game ended the way we do get irritated. ok the current me. o determine the what the o or the center of the world famous in the midst of the work on the loose when used in this video too was following the outcome of an internal affairs investigation they didn't tell us the results of that investigation the navy sailor may be tried for the same crime twice petty officer austin greeting was in military court today for an
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similar to a preliminary hearing in civilian court grading is accused of shooting and killing his friend petty officer third class christopher cooper during a fight over a video game. grinning served six months behind bars for that after pleading guilty to involuntary manslaughter in civilian court. now the navy wants to put on trial again and if he's convicted this time he could face life in prison without parole. i'm sure the victim's family feels that he got off easy and so justice was never served think this is mark ii's going through this and i think the navy is wrong with what to do it to this young man. the presiding officer is expected to rule in a week or two if this case will go for new information tonight about the six people found dead inside a chicago home. police just announced that they believe the victims were killed and a targeted incident but they are still trying to determine a possible motive. officers
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two women and two children yesterday in the home they shared today the medical examiner's office ruled the deaths homicides saying five of them were stabbed to death. the six victims a woman died from multiple gunshot wounds. also new information tonight about the so called affluent thirteen eighteen year old ethan couch has been transferred to an adult jail in texas. the teams of attorneys used affluence as his defense and a deadly drunk driving cries he recently fled to mexico with his mother before being captured. i sharpen of fort worth says couches in a more secure environment but his case remains under the juvenile court astronaut edgar mitchell the sixth man to walk in the moon has died. mitchell's daughter said her father died after a short illness at a beach florida is passing coincides with the forty fifth anniversary of the apollo fourteen mission
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back in nineteen seventy one mitchell was eighty five a rally tonight in virginia beach urging military veterans and their families to make their voices heard this election year not defend freedom torah stockton i did the founders and were told more than four hundred people attended this event speakers included wounded vet jason reitman a navy seal gold star mother and a former army sniper. the event is hosted by concerned veterans for america events and posts advocacy group. they are encouraging vets and military families to make sure they vote in the upcoming election more than one hundred and forty sailors from uss montpelier will watch super bowl fifty with family and friends the mighty mart to return to naval station norfolk this afternoon after six months at sea to the sailors became new doubts while away. they met their babies for the first time today. the sailors we talked
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and enjoy being home. we want the person you're interviewing at home. anyway the eye on him on the go sub was deployed to the european command area in support of national security interests the crew made port stops in france bahrain and the united arab emirates average individual the word to that is about to be reunited with those long lost love. seventy years after their first date norwood thomas fall in love with joyce to rise before he parachute into normandy as part of the d day invasion they've been separated by decades and oceans only seeing each other for the very first time recently of risky choice in our lives in australia. well this weekend he will fly there where he and joyce will have a valentine's day date i really don't know what's going to be when a meter in
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i don't know appears in this park there or if there's not that we first brought you this story during the holidays errant new zealand caught wind of that and his flying norwood and his son to australia for free a go fund me campaign raised more than seven thousand dollars for other travel expenses will follow that yes we're excited about the developments coming in right now about a dire situation overseas learning new information about an earthquake that struck in taiwan bringing down tube high rise buildings. also tonight search efforts are underway off the coast of california two planes crashed mid air. no sign of survivors at this time martha gonzalez in manchester new hampshire with how all of this snow is impacting today's campaigning that story coming up. no change in my saturday forecast but i am tweaking
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cw_6wswswswsosksososososososososososososososos i made developments tonight in taiwan after a six point four magnitude quake struck we have just learned the death toll has risen to five and that includes a
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hundred others were hospitalized with injuries rescue efforts are focused right now on to collapse residential high rise buildings firefighters and soldiers are using ladders cranes and other equipment to try and save hundreds of people believed to be inside more than two hundred people were reportedly rescued but efforts continue. right now search for survivors is underway off the coast of los angeles calif two small planes collided midair this afternoon. it is on known how many people were onboard but there are no reports of survivors at this time crews on scene found two partial tail numbers. divers are in the area but the planes may be in that water up to ninety feet deep. some of the presidential candidates are talking it out in the snow in new hampshire ahead of the state's primary but some of the gop hopefuls took a break before tomorrow's debate which airs right here on abc thirteen
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from manchester new hampshire slogging through snow the u s volunteers going door to door in new hampshire today talking to voters we need to wake up people of years with the big republican debate on abc tomorrow night and the primary just four days away. this is what donald trump called crunch time in new hampshire that the gop frontrunner called all his only event here today citing the storm. jeb bush taking a jab that weeding to trump my nine year old mother meted out to campaign. so today both democratic candidates i have sat high on the trail going from the same messages from last night's fiery debate. secretary clinton does represent the establishment directors and i hope ordinary american center saturday is the only person who i think would characterize me by a woman running to be the first woman
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clinton trying to overcome bernie sanders fifteen point lead in the latest poll with another poll also showing sanders closing in on clinton nationally and sanders will be on a much different stage tomorrow night making his first appearance on saturday night live alongside host larry david has played him on the show our sins all is abc news manchester new hampshire for one or for the homeowner everytime it rains it pours in his backyard. mark cagle lives in the words corner area he said everytime it rains he ends up with thousands of gallons of water in his yard while he blames the city of norfolk crews installed a new sewer line in his front yard about a month ago been sealed the old line in his backyard with concrete cagle rented a pop up but the city says this is his responsibility to hire a subcontractor costs thousands of dollars i don't have and i don't know what else to do
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they are aware of the problem and they're working on a solution. twenty four hours ago as i study as a little worried going out on a limb calling for the snow this morning that is now long gone but now it's another tricky forecast coming up for sunday morning that a minute. as you can see again clear skies out there right now on not just on radar but in terms of the sky cover as well currently thirty nine completely clear conditions northerly winds of fourteen that'll keep the temperature up right near the shoreline inland areas were deafening and get chilly air and in some spots can be downright cold tonight. for example see how we're already looking at upper twenties in some of these far inland areas even gloucester very rural areas right now are near thirty it closer to the coastline in the win coming in off the bay off the ocean heat it slightly milder including a forty right now in virginia beach. later tonight when
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another few degrees my spot forecast for tomorrow i probably should have gone more like forty four but i went forty five earlier can change it now so certainly a lot of sunshine. definitely a chilly day but won't be as windy as it was today and that'll make it feel a thing not quite as cool spot on for today said snow and or sleet and at least one of the major airports in the area we actually had hours of snow reported at both of the commercial airports here and a streak now up to ten in a row so we'll see if we can make it eleven in a row tomorrow here's the sort of overall theme sunny but chilly for tomorrow fairly cloudy sunday with light precipitation possible notice how icy precipitation and not rain while most of it would be rain i said earlier i was a little worried about that back edge creeping farther up the coast and have enough cold air to me because a little bit of something so check for updates this weekend with my sch in
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then evan during the evenings because that could get a little bit interesting as you're heading to or from some of the super bowl parties clear again overnight temperatures in the morning down in the upper twenties and one rising up through the thirties by about nine o'clock. these are just some high thin clouds nothing to cause any kind of concern tomorrow it'll just be generally sunny and chilly with high temperatures again struggling to hit the mid forties more like a lower to mid forties and then tomorrow night. fair or generally cleared start the day before we see some moisture creeping and in the form of clouds in the morning and then during the day will start to see some of that moisture getting a little bit closer to us this is a little ominous a little bit more overdone i think than what we actually might see these kinds of temperatures that would be like today there could be a little snow mixed in maybe just again have to watch that we've been talking about for awhile still looks like that is on track clear skies across the region for tonight
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to upper twenties for inland areas probably change that upper twenties mile forty five mostly sunny temps are a little bit below normal light winds out of the northeast and the seven day forecast we talked about tomorrow forty five. let's give you a little bit more specifics here in terms of the polar plunge forecast obviously mid forties there as well lot of sunshine that the water temperature also is important and that is in the mid forties which i might add is warmer than the thirty eight was the ride it was really cold sunday forty five thirty percent chance of some kind of precipitation moving over us. especially some showers though over north carolina monday similar sort of a forecast tuesday we had a couple weeks systems starting with a weekend into early next week that would have tracked for some potential to do it again the polar plunge yet but it was the graffiti and the only picture i can't way to let everyone know what we are tracking the weather all weekend long before you hang out tomorrow morning
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starts at six o'clock or i were following some breaking news right out of they're investigating a shooting this happened about police he was walking on emporia avenue when a car drove by and someone in the car shot him one other person drove the victim to the hospital his injuries are not believed to be life investigating we will bring you more information on daybreak all right bring your earplugs the adrenaline will be provided of course the monster jam returns to
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. we the people we've come a long long way in a few hundred years. quick glance right there of colonial williamsburg for super bowl ad we told you this was going to happen a few days ago the ad will air during the game in new york philadelphia and washington d c now the ad shows but moments in american history but in reverse and hands with the phrase it started here you can check out the extended version at the colonial williamsburg foundation website. alright when super bowl fifty kicks off sunday will bring back
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brown in the first super bowl the green bay packers took on the kansas city chiefs still i had some solid ground the seven time pro bowler from the detroit lions in the l a rams was in the stands he says the los angeles coliseum wasn't even packed for the first super bowl run was participating for the pro ball practicing for the pro bowl and the same stadium and he says he was rooting for the packers coaches had two tickets and they said we could go so we had a day of no practice of just war and terror to the pro bowl game of the super bowl game that was great so fifty years later roger brown will watch this super bowl in his portsmouth the restaurant and he says cam newton and the panthers need to win and prove something i had some bad that
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thing around me as a best new artist of the night i got alternative programming to the super bowl right now if you need something to get your motor runnin' this weekend. may i suggest a visit to the hampton coliseum for monster jam as usual everybody trying to knock all grave digger but i want to send another card nights killed me know there is an action or it is in action. we caught up in school we do a practice today and talk to the driver she is a rookie lindsey rainey told what to expect at monster jam they can expect things that they've never seen. i mean we are the most action packed live entertainment on four wheels would come out here into the race scene and the wheel ease and you never think that the stress of the high in the air but we can forget getting to ride to rock her i like it in the truck and i started out nervous and settle down a little bit and then the adrenaline kicks in and you know it's just a mix of emotions but i love it lindsay is the only woman in
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good it's very loving to come out here it's show these girls that not only can we do this but we conceded i'm arty name the wheelie clean so i cut my hand i want to show them that that is what i can be like um can prove to the boys that i can drive just as was the can and hopefully they'll follow my footsteps one day and wanted to something that girls don't normally do. the portion of the show where you start freewheeling is her favorite part and then of course priests out of her knocking her to see each of our personalities come out they are driving when we get to come out and the ship percent by second and how she come up with the movements i don't mind the distance you're here you drive you find me something to me happens by accident has been pulled out to make that my signature mail then you just work on a show after show and then you finally get to love the chicken the wednesday or even scuba gear will be there never had one show tonight there's another one tomorrow afternoon matinee and then
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up next we talked for a hig guys, when you order now you get a free pizza after super bowl 50! that's a great idea. ever notice how people always show up when you have free pizza? free pizza? hello? we get it after the super bowl. oh... i'll come back. order now through super bowl sunday at and get a free pizza starting the monday after super bowl. use promo code superbowl50. better ingredients. better pizza. better football.
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the honors and accolades just keep piling up for high school football stars wayne davison lamont a tailor today they remain named to the parade all american team for high school football wayne davis adelaide taylor seven interceptions this year and five of them back for touchdowns which again are a player the year for virginia and is headed to ohio state he also has some offensive skills as you see here number age and same for lamont a taylor wears number five for ocean lakes in the espn top three hundred number five in the country both first team
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navy and wrestling tonight which clements with a sweet move here picking up two points as i got tony off to a quick start against navy at one hundred and eighty four pounds zach tech talent of the older man with a single leg move here is number five in the country watch what happens though he gets turned around by mike matthews number fifteen in the country maybe one hour but don't you end up winning the match nineteen to eighteen to snap a five game losing streak admirals beat adirondack through to tomorrow is new for the hoops for the cure game lady monarchs at four o'clock again charlotte hoping to get a good turnout there is a breast cancer research. i think side and
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and now, abc's "jimmy kimmel live"! >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- shaquille o'neal, from "how to be single," alison brie,
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cleto and the cletones.
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