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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  February 9, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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for the nation's first primary vote we should be watching for the race even though it's breaking news right now are saved for gathering the latest on this the very latest on a deadly crash were two trains collided. this is thirteen years now at daybreak. ashley will have a look at south norfolk in just a moment and greg is here with a check of your forecast before you walk out your door today. good morning guys temperatures not bad today but turning colder for the rest of the week ended the week and a big drop and ten storm assure you that coming up here right now visibility is pretty good around norfolk we had rain showers moved through overnight at really no major problems just damp conditions temperatures quite mild near the coast in the rain is exiting it is already cleared most of the area still some showers up around the eastern shore and we are talking about rain showers as temperatures are ranging up there from the upper thirties to mid forties so we've got some showers still winding down lower back over towards the middle peninsula but all this is pulling away and we
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away from the region out to the less colder air some snow showers on the other side of the mountains so we're going to be watching that in general today temps are starting off low forties with those thirties and one but we're going to warm it up into the upper forties this afternoon so enjoy today temperatures pretty close to normal. there's a chance we could see a couple stray showers this evening may be of mixed area off to the north say the northern neck later tonight we'll talk a little bit about that going to talk about the big push of cold air that's going to be a big talker coming up as we head to the weekend we see the temps right now here's asher with the luggage arrived. com or here on the traffic network maps craig would not have any big issues working right now hopefully we stay that way i'll keep a close eye on things for now i give you a couple of looks not too far from each other. starting on for sixty four near freeman avenue and poindexter is a live look at traffic headed north making its way in the direction of two sixty four. and here's your traffic headed south a couple of cars they're making their way
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look nice they are on for sixty four and as we take a look at traffic at the jordan braid here's a westbound lane they're making its way into portsmouth again very quiet and calm traffic conditions eastbound traffic headed toward the chesapeake nothing much about it as well if you're leaving portsmouth here in the next few minutes on the traffic network map of the only thing i'm really watching at this point is a couple of standing water report an isle of wight and surry counties but other than that we do look very good as we zoom out here if you see this warning symbol here with a berry wreath total stoppage sixty four westbound at the hr bt that has cleared we don't have to worry about that with no traffic delays coming up in the next few minutes we'll stay on sixty four and will to traffic in chesapeake at the high rise bridge breaking news rescue efforts are underway right now after two trains crashed head on in germany take a look this is new video at least four people are dead more than one hundred others have an engine that number is expected to change the police say some people are still trapped after those trains crashed on
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it is an area that we're told is difficult to access which is making it difficult for rescuers. this picture looking at right now this isn't the actual crash itself is from a german newspaper we do expect an update from authorities on this crash is coming about six o'clock our time will keep you posted on that center park or thirteen years now said with a cute five o three now the nation's first primary vote is already underway this morning according to new hampshire state law communities with fewer than one hundred voters can get permission to open their polls at midnight the towns of will notch heart and mills feel started voting at midnight and six bill already posted its results. bernie sanders won the overall for democratic voters and john three sixteen passed on from three to two for the republicans and the rest of the state starts voting at eight o'clock this morning. the primary vote works a little differently than the iowa caucus primaries let people choose a candidate individually by their ballots. so here's what to watch for today donald trump and bernie sanders had
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double digit margins for months now. if either of them loses it's going to be a huge shakeup for the race. now this means that most eyes are going to be on second place for the republicans if one candidate can break away they will have the opportunity to claim all of that not trump voters turned turnout is key more than five hundred and fifty thousand people are expected to vote which would be a record and a lot of them are independents. so they will have a big sleigh on the numbers now we just aren't seeing results around seven o'clock tonight we can also see more republican candidates drop out of the race after the vote to depending on the numbers and gma has of course team coverage of the primary this morning live from new hampshire they also got one on ones with marco rubio and john k sake. tune in to gma right after daybreak later today portsmouth city council expected to talk about next year's budget last year the city had almost twelve
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budget shortfall in their budget council made up that gap by increasing the real estate tax. we also took a million dollars from the sheriff's office budget look what happens today the city council expected to vote today on a new sports complex in western branch community leaders hope the fieldhouse will draw people from other cities and even other states people there want to drum up more business for the area especially since macy's is pulling out of chesapeake square mall traveling on the outer banks this morning we've got a heads up for you part of nc twelve are closed until after high tide there were heavy winds and rain over the weekend that caused quite a bit of damage to the area height i know coke is around seven o'clock this morning and a new policy in one school district is making waves around the nation this morning. oh yes it is is it less stress or more time to get in trouble you weigh in on a four day school week as daybreak continues. plus a day that will go down in
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missouri town. the changes
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. good morning it's five oh nine right now things are looking good for hampton roads we had somewhat weather oh right that's that's moving out roads are still damp elegy be careful and do it you know tides are still running high when to see some nuisance a tidal flooding with the high tide coming up again this morning similar to what we saw yesterday so all around the chesapeake bay we need to be mindful of that is the water is going to be up even some of the rivers kind of backing up a little bit with the higher tide as you can see though the rain showers off to the north they are starting to break up a little better on the seashore still gonna be wet up there southside looking better the last of the sprinkles kind of pulling away from fort story. we also have improving conditions for northeast north carolina now to the west today the temperatures will warm up a little bit will certainly take it back into the upper
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normal starting up a tent in the thirties and forties near the coast just rain showers this morning for the eastern shore bed overnight tonight slight chance for maybe a couple of light mixed showers up that way we could see a little bit more into early wednesday so keep an eye to that as you can see colder air set to move in i want to talk about the big picture here to add the jet stream can see there's a dip here this colder air set to push to our area in the coming days. the blast of very chilly air on the way so enjoy today as i mentioned upper forties pushing fifty degrees which is normal this time of year you can see is we check at all the region north and south temperatures generally upper forties to low fifties notice cool down though forty two for your wednesday partly sunny for most of us and then mostly sunny with a high near thirty six on thursday as in telling it gets even sillier in the weekend and i say that my next update. here's asher told the high rise. all right reynolds we take a look at
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rise bridge nothing much to contend with at this point in the morning ten minutes after five eastbound traffic in westbound crossing the bridge a little bit of traffic out there is moving very well this morning to battle the traffic network maps will stay in chesapeake and head over to the expressway one sixty eight north and south again that same story of your head between chesapeake and north carolina to making your way up to sixty four passing value at fifty five as you hit hill crest at forty nine used a very nice as you approach mount pleasant great britain eventually out to sixty four who headed that way. coming up here in a few minutes when i head over now to five sixty four probably think much of an issue here five sixty four east but you're headed west out into the base of the brake lights and i'll show you that coming up in just a few minutes before to that island is day two of love week and a break and today is all about the singapore yes a five thirty i'll take a look at
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and say off is now in custody in iraq. her husband of lucy off was killed in a delta force raid last you isis tubular captive in august of twenty thirteen in syria where she was working with refugee families. she was killed last february held last saturday marked the one year anniversary of wheeler's that five fifteen today we could be one step closer to one of the biggest decisions in the city a person's history city council will decide whether to accept a deal with the justice department and includes widespread reforms to police and the court system the deal comes more than two years after police fatally shot eighteen year old michael brown an unarmed teenager that shooting sparked riots across the nation. some fear the proposed changes could bankrupt the city a texas school district is causing a stir this morning over their new schedule they've adopted a four day school week and all open is believed to be the first school district to opt for such a change since lawmakers there give schools more leeway in setting their
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hopes that this will attract more students and more state funding but there is a catch to this underperforming students still have to shop on friday so the shaver him jr social media correspondent as much more on your thoughts alisha yet for this story is causing a lot of people to weigh in on line dance as a bad idea kids need to be occupied in constructive activities preferably learning activities we have another comment from marcella saying i like the idea of having struggling students come on friday. nice to have that extra time with a small group of students so lots of different opinions weighing in on either side will continue to monitor that conversation and eleven at the free later on this morning was a big so much to debbie with this it will be crowded in downtown denver today the city holding a parade for the super bowl champions the broncos up to a million people are expected to show when the team won in nineteen ninety nine nearly four hundred thousand fans
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could be much bigger lucy time around mr manning who has taken a second super bowl ring on the day he knows a parental i am a liar. anyway i'm a little astounded at the very seeds have a king cake and were dressed in the car is awesome i love the bead is such a great time and what's funny how anyone does that is we as a saint now you know what this is a good driver on the offering tray as well as taken from the music on it as funny as you recover parties rushes like going into great detail that that's true that's that's um there's you know my cousin jim bought love it when the shot he just died let's take a look at what you can expect around here. it would be so great if i had been walking in the and just my heart goes out to be down i hear though if we are today skies turning off cloudy it is going to be a pretty good
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into the upper forties and closed fifty that's normal for this time of year. gonna talk to very quickly about our spot on forecasts were calling for breezy conditions yesterday morning and it was breezy so the spot on st i was good we actually reset that streak so high out a is the go today we're looking at temperatures in the mid forties and we are going to find the temperatures i think upper forties this is what jeff was calling for last night we are calling for the mid forties but i think oh we're actually gonna see it maybe a little bit warmer so if it comes in around forty eight years so we're in great shape if you make forty nine will see i hear that we have for you today the temperatures climbing up scads going to be partly sunny and we're going to find temperatures tonight in the mid forties so during the evening hours. anything that we see for the most part sprinkles would be rain showers or isolated i do think to the north though later tonight overnight there could be a couple of berries and mix precipitation
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the eastern shore so this is what we're looking at big picture here the cold air just out to the last and we are going to see the cold air coming in. i want to let you know the tides are still running high with a coastal flood advisory and the new forecasted a tide level for this morning's high tide which comes up a little bit before ten o'clock this morning. it's calling for a level of about four point seven eighty four point eight feet. that's actually a little bit higher than it was yesterday so it looks like the water was going to go down a little bit now it's actually going to build a little bit more so will have the updated tide levels for you but one should know minor tidal flooding possible with the high tide this morning so this is what we're looking at now is a mention later this afternoon temperatures warm enough if we do see anything any isolated showers just rain showers around here. off to the north northern neck maybe a couple of theories of light mix that's through the evening hours and overnight wouldn't shock me to see a few flurries up on the eastern shore. tomorrow we should be pretty good
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cloudy for the most part to mostly sunny in here thursday again a couple passing snow showers little farther north here's what we have for you today temperatures close to forty nine it'll be very bleak cloudy thirty two the low tonight and tomorrow back up to forty two with partly sunny skies will be watching the radar. here's the tough one as we look out over the next seven days and yes it is winter but when you consider our normal high close to forty nine degrees fifty degrees. we're looking at highs sunday of twenty nine so much much colder air coming in for the rest of the week a real arctic blast over the weekend. let's check in now with naval station norfolk years actually harang crackle with regular traffic now around the base because a lot of folks will be headed out the next few minutes and wonder now if the ride on five sixty four is doing ok you can see here were starting to get a slight color change on five sixty four west but if flights a look at our camera to show you where the delays begin so this is just past the runway tunnel you can see your
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three a we do have those delays and we do have delays headed toward him to boulevard and the rest of the base gate so i just watch out for that now before the runway tunnel you are moving well you have any issues to report but again you will see that sold out past the railway tunnel to give yourself a couple minutes to sit through that the way on traffic network map that would only delay the time watching as we head to seventeen in chesapeake if you're going to be around coral and douglas dominion you're moving very well or north carolina passing court when you're at fifty five the traffic out there and making way north passing douglas are also at fifty five to the focus right now beyond that base traffic i'll keep you posted there and then coming over the next few minutes. what the six sixty four multi track of newport news this up look at the monitor merrick car a pink sash will starbucks is getting cozy for valentine's
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oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. in. the right lulu and lives to revitalize downtown norfolk will live with a major impact the move could have on the community and it's being called an overdose epidemic what's being done today to combat the heroin and prescription drug problem right here in the commonwealth. good morning it is tuesday morning and this is thirteen years now at daybreak and lucy bustamante time andre senior is coming up on five thirty right now it's cold outside with a scene on the road will
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been a little colder today described miller as tracking all of this gud morning trav morning guys yeah the rain is exiting temperatures pretty mild this morning right because forty five there in virginia beach we normally top out around fifty military is our cooler and pour it thirty two that's the only area close to freezing right now and it is dry out that way so the rain showers we have just that rain showers for the eastern shore were looking in the snow this morning to him pretty good shape and that's going to pull wave came through the area last evening the rain did for the roads are little damp out there on this fat tuesday but as this moves the way we're going to see improvements. today's not a bad day partly sunny will see a slight chance for a couple of showers later on the problem is it's going to get a lot cooler. later in the week so while we have the showers ending this morning temps are starting off low forties near the coast thirty zealand will be up this afternoon to about forty nine partly sunny stray
5:26 am
as we go in the coming days temperatures trending down and dropping off significantly by the weekend on the back talk a lot more about that in going to talk about the tides they are up minor tidal flooding possible with this morning's high tide she wear just a moment right now we'll check in with ashley and look at the monitor my room and crib about thirty minutes before the morning rush hour kicks off some spots most part actually still doing very well as you can see behind me you're on the map over to read around the base will talk about that in just a moment but first but over the monitor back into traffic leaving newport news. headed to supper to the shop is right before you get to the title you can see or southbound traffic they're moving very well not much working here north and headed toward twenty thirty fifth thirty nine. that's also moving very well so the newport news sided monument looks good as well as a suffix i but right now to head over to norfolk and will keep work in a very close eye on traffic headed toward naval station norfolk in the shot is just past
5:27 am
those delays headed toward a three a on five sixty four west and notice the close you get him to boulevard that traffic also slowing down to something i'll just monitor right now givers of about five to seven more minutes except a little slow down their age should be in fine shape as report to work this morning on the traffic network maps rest of the area again doing pretty well been keeping a very close eye on things. check traffic six sixty four socket to newport news at the eminem coming up next thank you ash. later today major changes could be coming to downtown or fact we've probably already see construction on the new hotel but tonight's city council will meet to hear proposals from other businesses looking to get in on the activities are lisa brown is live in downtown norfolk with new details on the revitalization plan. good morning andrea with you right now i'm on mainstream. everywhere you go downtown to see new businesses popping up left and right now this building behind me is called to commerce place about a developer just purchased an outside city hall is scheduled to vote on what
5:28 am
the docket is scheduled. adp our partners at the virginian pilot think would interest a source eighty p the national human resources company automatic data processing. if that company does come here there could be thousands of jobs at the same developer who bought two commerce place also purchased the bank of america building which have a foreman and recreation inside mary miller with the downtown norfolk council says this is a great move for the city fighting so right now most of the residential we seem intent and has been hungry in the street it certainly didn't in the last to long bush tree and beneath an area so to have residence on main street just to bring a whole new energy level to be in st it starts just truly making our downtown is completely mixed use development. again lots of changes possibly coming to this downtown area and lots of excitement as one that we will have more from
5:29 am
updated by the norfolk police brown thirteen years now we save you time was five thirty four later today a hot button issue will be addressed here in hampton roads state attorney general mark herring will join law enforcement officials to discuss joint efforts to address the heroin and prescription drug problem in state us attorney for the eastern district an appointee will also attend they are expected to announce a guilty plea in a heroin overdose case the results and the resulting back hearings as combating the drug epidemic is a top priority later today we'll get a behind the scenes look at nasa's progress on its journey to mars nasa administrator charlie bolden will deliver the annual stamp this address this afternoon the former astronaut will detail the planet nasa's langley research center hampton old is expected to discuss the agency's scientific and technological achievements and cutting edge future work later today president barack obama will submit his last annual budget plan to congress the president is calling for doubling u s investment into
5:30 am
development as a way to combat climate change. noah calls for an increasing energy funding by almost thirteen billion dollars by the year twenty twenty the proposal is part of the historic mission innovation agreement reached in november by world leaders in paris. new this morning more money could be on the way for all full time chesapeake school division employees or partners of the virginian pilot reports superintendent james roberts is calling for two point five percent pay increase in his budget proposal under the plan for twenty sixteen twenty seventeen school year the division would add twenty eight elementary school positions and replace the free buses. he was on the run wanted in connection to an amber alert and now he has woken up behind bars ahead how a father let himself in custody plus new details about his concern criminal past but first a woman accused of hitting a man with her car and leaving him for dead will face a judge today and we are watching that situation getting new information on
5:31 am
the death toll now up to date
5:32 am
for me good morning right now it is coming up on five thirty nine and i have to show you this map that i'm not happy to do this but i do feel that responsibility because we get this coastal flood advisory until one o'clock i wish that
5:33 am
there will be with minor tidal flooding a good possibility i as we go through the morning high tide cycle and up through the early afternoon so this is overlooking that easter sure all the areas along the bay in the south side even down to the outer banks we do have a coastal flood advisory so let's take a look at a couple locations will start with a look at the forecast for schools point and basically we're going to see that minor flooding this morning with the level of four point eight yesterday we were just below four point five and high tide in the morning we had some nuisance flooding. it's going to be a little higher than that maybe it's a three inches four inches above where we were yesterday as we take a look here for the afternoon and evening high tide level should continue to drop it looks even better for tomorrow at yorktown ross potential for minor tidal flooding with a level four point six and then dropping same trend over the next couple days but this morning high tide high enough
5:34 am
ideas you can see the visibility not a problem the rain showers moving away still went up on the eastern shore finale they have the tides to watch but also some rain keeping the roads a little slick up that way temperatures are above freezing so we are just looking at rain right now you can see it is a little chilly out toward the ninety five but it is dry out that when skies are starting to clear out much colder air set to move and this is what's coming for our weekend we will see temperatures trending down. highs today in your forty nine forty two tomorrow and thirty six for thursday temperatures staying in the upper thirties friday in mid thirties on saturday and then upper twenties for a high on sunday have to bleed the really really cold. i use ashes all that stuff i cradle him traffic network maps is keeping an eye on another conditions i should say because i wanna make sure nothing pops up that unusual for your ride in this morning so we're taking a look now in suffolk on six sixty four
5:35 am
the monitor merrimack the shortest path college drive. we can make out here i am between the bushes to trap and they're headed south down further into suffolk also moving very well so is his report here we have now to our photographer rick day locals on five sixty four looks like he's on the eastbound side is you can see all the delays they're making their way westbound we still have heavy traffic back to the runway tunnel as you head toward the bay state before that point it does appear that five sixty four westbound traffic is moving well but that could change make sure to stick with us also give you a live picture right across the g r be coming up next hour i think yes it is lovely here on daybreak it with millions of people searching for love online pretty difficult to set yourself apart and how you can add that extra pizzazz to your dating profile plus how you can enter to win a free trip for money." with advil, you'll ask what backache?
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on the docket today the case a woman accused of running down a man leaving him for dead is scheduled for trial. sarah flanders is due in court at nine thirty this morning she's charged with second degree murder and felony hit and run police the flanders hit richard pence with her car near plaza middle school and left him to die that happened september twenty four team will update you
5:38 am
in this morning a father connected to an amber alert is now in custody james moses the third term himself in last night's state police sent out an alert for three year old moses haven on sunday they canceled it after the show haven moses on sunday the canceled it after they found her to perceive that the father violated a protective order when he took his daughter from a caretaker now court documents reveal that her father james moses recently served time in prison for child abuse charges. moses could face new charges in this case. new this morning hundreds of people came together to remember girl whose life was taken at just thirteen years old loved ones the candles sang hymns and costs for moments of last night from the co level officers found stabbed to death last month in north carolina to virginia tech students are charged in connection to her murder look for more on this developing case ahead of aborting america that's coming up at seven o'clock right after daybreak this
5:39 am
asking congress to approve nearly two billion dollars in emergency funding to combat disease the virus comes as the cdc issued its highest alert over the virus funds would go towards mosquito control programs and vaccine research the virus has been linked to birth defects that's causing concerns for the summer olympics in brazil the u s olympic committee says that pregnant women might consider not going to look for much more on what's being done to combat disease outbreak. ahead on good morning america that is at seven o'clock right after daybreak right now thousands aboard one of the biggest cruise ships in the world are headed back to the us shaken after a nightmare at sea on sunday royal caribbean and some of the seas sailed into a powerful storm of the carolina coast hurricane force winds in thirty foot waves forced passengers into their cabins on to the store passed four people suffered minor injuries. the crew ship left new jersey saturday instead of making it to the bahamas though the ship
5:40 am
port tomorrow and in the wake of the old pharaoh incident some lawmakers are now calling for action to be taken to prevent ships from sailing and hurricane force winds for more on this story coming up on good morning america and later today mardi gras kicks off today in new orleans section of the nation's entire season the festivities got underway last night brody is the second oldest krewe of mardi gras welcomed the crowd with its even do this and the floats of course it's super krewe of orpheus put together handcrafted clothes that actually heard the news crew with spectacular light displays and plenty of my law school over here i like how long the song is a whole new area having with others and the lions who lead glenwood to craig and allen poe what i tell you what i am the one half of the alibi. i love it
5:41 am
ever tried to rock or a white yellow and purple wearing a weight ball up the what and when we come back real quick i love seeing all the mardi gras stop talking about the increase yesterday because that's the same system we were talking about your memory as to how i was packing that load scene is going away. that was the one that produces incredible ways that were tossed around the cruise ship so important note you know the ship a still sea worthy but you know using this system like that come up and they are just very very powerful systems in that same just mean those exiting now are still looking at windsor manor. you know that we're driving the water levels are high levels are still running high even today with that system far away so when to talk about this as we take a look right now what we're going to focus on the next twelve hours temperatures back up close to forty nine and that's normal so we'll enjoy today with temperatures in the upper forties about fifty degrees the rain that we saw last evening. it's really pushing away now the roads are still
5:42 am
you've got a car tires maybe aren't the greatest. you may find some slippery areas out there so please be careful they will allow little extra travel time and off to the north again the rain continues up on the eastern shore showers really winding down around the middle peninsula in last few sprinkles up around the northern neck. i doubt this is even making it down to the ground here this which is just east of rocky mount but maybe a stray flurry or two down that way bigger picture here cold air is poisoned and set to roll into our area it's gonna get colder over the coming days and really cold in the upcoming weekend when looking at highs i mentioned sunday upper twenties maybe thirty degrees on sunday that's it so it does get a lot chilly or friends future guess cuz the rain has been rolled away so we'll say so long to that and really enjoyed these a lot of sunshine today so if you've got outdoor plans are some things maybe take care of around the house is a good time to do it today because it will be cooler as we go over the coming days as
5:43 am
of stray showers late afternoon or evening preceding mixed precipitation is going to be far to the north may be up on maryland's eastern shore late tonight early tomorrow morning is the stray flurries possible around the northern neck maybe yakima county would be shocked to see a couple flurries but any activity very very light and again most of this probably won't see anything as we look ahead to our thursday things were looking good it's gonna be sunny i do want to talk about the next storm system into early next week and just to show you this is the european myles white says the euro up there you can see the moisture rolling in. note the rain snow wind actually pulling a little farther to the north so maybe some rain late monday night into early tuesday. that's just one of the models suggesting we could have some more stormy nights next week. today we're looking at a high of forty nine the low tide and around thirty two a few stray showers possible maybe a little bit of mixing far north forty two partly sunny breezy and cold tomorrow it's gonna stay pretty breezy and
5:44 am
down again that possible storm producing some rain late monday we'll see if that comes together. i will keep you updated right now check on the roads again with ashley. all right reverend nine minutes away from the kickoff of the morning rush hour or until a few minutes ago the last time we checked traffic and give you a live look around the jr be but unfortunately our camera's are down to the jr be able to give you a live look as close as we can get as we head over to our camera now this on sixty four so it's been somewhat but it's a little too far from our seventeen however this is your inner change that takes two to seventeen and eventually you'll get over to the jr bees you can see here is kind of traffic into bins out here though but life kind of played out. you can see here once traffic started moving past that point ok there's that interchange right there as you can see traffic moving while there and southbound traffic at the western freeway split also moving very well is not anything to worry about. as you head for the jr be a quick look back at the traffic network maps we're still seeing delays right now around five sixty four for the ultimate certainly watch out for
5:45 am
rush hour will have to to sixty four was the traffic looks in virginia beach florida ashley they so much time now is five fifty two it's day two of love week here on daybreak to get hooked up before valentine's day right around the corner right now coming up this sunday millions more americans continue to turn to online dating sites in search of love and with more people online becomes much harder to set yourself apart. now i spoke with julie spire and online dating expert who's been in the game for two decades she tell me when posting your profile picture what's important is the type of picture you post you need to post their ads that reflect too and i really happy positive state and have a close up shot of you smile for having fun coming up at six thirty i'll tell you how you can make the transition from online in person as soon as possible will slip into the friend zone. plus by spires that less is often more when it comes to writing about yourself lucy got
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happy that i got married before the weigh in. in honor of love with her giving you a chance to win a romantic getaway at the williamsburg winery is how you can answer just that it is not that complex on the features tab and fill up form and submit a photo of you and your sweetheart we're going to show you some of those photos live on air and five lucky couples will be chosen after daybreak on friday. also we would say this to day routine would like to give a big shout out or pizza we contest winners carl and helen of newport news you see right there and her husband carl carl and carl get a free pizza once a week from dean o's pizza shop in newport news would like to thank all of the routine use of viewers who entered this contest away their rights. i'll get a payout if you plan on celebrating valentine's day this (vo) what's your dog food's first ingredient? corn? wheat? in purina one true instinct grain free,
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no corn, wheat or soy. support your active dog's whole body health
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i know. i owe this morning the internet is captivated once again by a huge furry animal the summer and it seems that the puppy monkey whatever that is what is the linear avid yet he's the size of a small dog house well here's a photo of the scottish spca posted on their facebook page the group has named the seven month old massive continental giant rabbit atlas yet his biggest play of the organizations are looking for donors who is knowledgeable about this
5:49 am
was about the size of of of of west e what is now that we will keep growing. oh my goodness you can go force mountain ride around the organization says he loves attention cuddling and making people laugh with his mischievous demeanor. well it's the age old fight over the remote taken to new heights this morning dad and his little curl arguing over what to watch as a lot of people smiling with the football football football you know us know football. the forty five the argument right there especially at little sister ways and agreeing with dad to go so he does a little celebration say that football
5:50 am
in kid this reality is strange check it out right now this look is god moves the seven year old john philip bug also known as alphabet babbling now and just watch this video they're getting down to justin bieber song sorry the face with video has more than fifteen million views and the beams approves weeding out kills it with a link to the video looks familiar. he's appeared on ellen twice for us to move i knew it. yes throwing the two guys and only just now while this may look like a regular glazed donuts. once you open it there's a cinnamon roll the presses news to me no dismissed a good bit more just a really nice guy of the mastermind behind this big creation is a chef the auto share these images on his instagram account according to national the chef came up with the idea work. i don't think that that's not the cinnamon roll dough that comes with a cream cheese or gourmet food
5:51 am
of right now new survey shows that the average american will spend a hundred and forty seven dollars on valentine's they were like not these until i looked over the past for one dollars and last year solely by fifty percent of the shopper survey said they planned to buy and the national retail federation says total spending on valentine's day should reach a record high of nineteen point seven billion dollars. please nobody can disclose about a half or forty seven volunteer. yes you know the individually baseball network advertising this like six foot tall stuffed they are guaranteed to be here by valentine's as of their marketing to fantasize yes that per the will of work i don't know the stories trending right now for news weather traffic right now. voting is happening right now in new
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