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tv   13 News 6  ABC  February 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the ice tomorrow late afternoon evening and then down the south of the best chance of getting some of the somewhat heavier amounts so the temperatures that's partly the reason we're setting the stage for this we've been talking about it for the past at least two days if not three or four hinting at a south for this storm for the southeast lower the temperature in the light blue is the wind chill with the winds dying off this evening we're going to be looking at wind chills that are identical to the air temperatures and that is cold dropping back down into the twenties for most of us some upper teens for the far inland areas and with that cold you get the snow coming and again no chance of any kind of a change over here in hampton roads. it will stay all winter type reset the only thing that could mess this up if you're a kid looking for getting out of school would be if there's such dry air that all of that shows up on radar but evaporates first we don't think that'll happen but i'll be back with more details coming up. i think steph now let's head outside with our storm mode coverage jimmy lee
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started treating those roads today that i spent the rest from all over seventy cities and the knot and they said they are armed and ready for what ever may come tomorrow they've loaded up their salt trucks and spiders and they had plenty of crews on standby tonight. the main focus is on pre treat me getting that brine and all the bridges and overpasses in all the primary roadways before the snow actually access the public works crews spent the morning making crying and pumping hundreds of gallons into their trucks for winter weather of the story but this all then and then we filled both tanks ties weekend with water and we just turn the pumps on it circulates the water through when the snow begins to stick that's when they'll bring out the spiders and load them up with salt and sea salt only is good to about
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the temperatures drop back the we that started adding to it. well that lowers the melting temperature down to about zero. we need to make this weekend when he gets into the teens life i will be doing a lot of driving this weekend will be like the longest stay in the us the bills freezing temps could make for a messy commute and folks like richard keeling aren't taking any chances. we got all kinds of ravioli to get caked in oil began to narrow the gap as we want to watch movies i'm not going anywhere the hm again there is that trevor re freeze over the weekend with those chilling temperatures that we are going to be getting so if you are going to be driving this weekend just keep that in mind we have all the information on how all of our cities are preparing for this on our website thirteen years now dot com for now reporting live in or think i'm jenny thirteen years now we just got word that because of the weather precludes county schools will be closed
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county schools will operate on an early release schedule and cdot is also pre treating roads in northeast north carolina crews will use a salt and water mix to keep ice from forming. they was pay special attention to nc twelve and other trouble spots on the peninsula hampton has trucks ready to pre treat the roads tomorrow morning and extra police officers are on standby for snow related issues in newport news where tow crews will start treating the roads tonight to work twelve hour shifts to make sure there are always trucks clearing any ice right now the thirty news now whether authorities continue to fine tune the forecast to quit the team certified most accurate in hampton roads for their updates jeff has another update in just a few minutes of standby for that and craig will have updates on daybreak virginia beach mayor will saw sms is acknowledging past mistakes which he calls unintentional and looking ahead to the future. so since today delivered his first state of the city address since his no contest plea to
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interest charge back in december and my putting was there the speech included all the stuff you'd expect. talk about the arena and light rail discussion of the importance of tourism and the military but mayor will stephens address also included remarks about his december conflict of interest no contest plea hearing though it was an unintentional mistake i'll regret it forever because he calls some people to question my integrity i want to take this moment to thank you ma friends and the city employees for your support and encouragement throughout the last fifteen months my family are more grateful than you can ever imagine. thank you when the speech was over system said it was important to discuss his legal
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former work as an executive the town bank the day i feel very strongly that as well as for what's ahead of them a possible run for re election systems wouldn't take the bait a hero to your next weight will make a final decision plane is my getting thirteen years now. among the thirteen hundred people in attendance today was former governor bob mcdonnell off camera mcconnell told ike that he is hopeful things will go his way in april when the supreme court takes up his appeal on his felony public corruption convictions and if the appeal fails mcconnell said he's prepared for that outcome to which of course would mean going to prison for two years well eating healthy seems like the right thing to do but it was taken too far obsessing over a healthy diet can do more harm than good. the signs of an eating disorder that's becoming more and more calm. a heartbroken
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the sch. it has been almost six months as virginia beach police shot and killed in decatur and the internal investigation still isn't complete police a kayaker was with angelo perry a person of interest in a murder case taggart was caught in a shootout between perry and police officers and investigators are still analyzing video evidence from that night but now india kayakers mother has released a video of are all off heartbreaking plea for answers. mccain has more on this video that has a million views. more than a million views thousands of comments and thousands of shares i decatur is now trending on twitter and her mom tells me she hopes this will pressure
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answers tears streaming down her face her voice breaking. gina best takes to facebook dto a raw emotional plea for answers over the shooting death of her daughter india cake or what the world to know and the world was listening less than a day after best uploaded this facebook video it already had more than a million views. i never expect that every lot more surprised that we don't have answers on september fifth of each swat team converged on a car in a seven eleven parking lot inside the car cake orgelo perry and their four month old son the party thirty rounds. the police chief said officers were following perry a person of interest in homicide hager an innocent bystander got caught in the crossfire. along with her
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our back five months later the investigation continues leaving best with lingering questions should have taken this fall that report pop up edition of the finished and i'm sure that it is the office for the commonwealth's attorney says it cannot complete its criminal investigation into the officers until the state forensic lab enhances surveillance video captured at seven eleven but best has her doubts about virginia beach prosecutors investigated by fbi in the park just a spokeswoman for the commonwealth's attorney says they did not request a special prosecutor because there is no conflict of interest. next friday tigers loved ones will hold demonstrations outside the commonwealth attorney's office and the police station demanding answers. eric came thirteen years now too much of a good thing can turn into a dangerous eating disorder find out how an obsession to eat nothing but healthy food actually landed one woman in the hospital when a storm
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carolina thirty news now is in store mode tracking
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. a healthy eating taken to a dangerous extreme this is an obsession that can actually be harmful to your health this eating disorder is called ortho roxy and is becoming more common christina's for j co has a closer look at the rise of this disorder. well i can be hard to recognize the signs of ortho roxy and some who struggle with that in my not even realize it because they simply think that they're doing that right thing for their health they say you can't have too much of that date but is christie while chris found out when it comes to healthy food that's not always true. shrek said just as lazy or it's just human
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with ortho rex cia began right after high school i was a freshman in college and everyone tells you about freshman fifteen don't gain too much weight i must leave the cafeteria to stay ahead kristie read diet books say you remember this as many times in the next but this is canada and the next but it just goes on and i'm immensely starts have it in your mind always thinking about what to make any for the next meal is that's a healthy tiger that restaurant look he has an obsession of i don't know what's good anymore sc christie's diet consisted of just vegetables specifically cal flower in broccoli for unhealthy healthy food obsession took such a big hole in her life she isolated herself from loved ones and even dropped out of school i didn't think i needed help because of my mind i was trying to be healthy and well i probably
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twenty pounds a normal public eighty ninety in at her lowest in the fight for to christy weighed only sixty eight pounds. she bounced around from hospital to hospital. no one had answers or the client ip who are struggling with their presenting on a plate they have anorexia but licensed professional counselor natalie winfield who specializes in eating disorders knows there's a big difference between anorexia and or throw rocks yet we talk about or correct. we're talking about in a session with clean her healthy eating when phil says that with our ex cia is not currently recognized as a clinical diagnosis that's because there's not been enough research but more people are now struggling with the sentence its most important in balance charlotte is a registered dietitian she often advises people with eating disorders
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even realize they struggle for more direct cia. it actually can take over your life and that's where it gets scary. it's going to have some dark and ends occasionally or the mounds bar or whatever it is just the kind of keep it real in your system but also keep your body balance in the sense that you not only is restricting calories some bad one to be healthy but to do is referee own body to be okay with enjoying certain fans again for christie the turning point came about four years after her struggle with or direct cia began and i realize that i'm never have kids do i keep going american and have a job and am getting older women and two of my life so it took a lot of my own self mentally taking steps to be with the help of her doctors her support group in faith. chrissy now says
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wife and mother who no longer stresses about her meals. ian doesn't mind indulging in her favorite foods i buy because everyone wants ice cream every night and today christy said she feels free and happy and most importantly she says she completely recovered her advice to those who could be doing with oracle rac cf is believed that you can overcome it completely christopher j co thirteen years now. all right we have a nice clear evening chilly temperatures but we're going to be talking about snow by this time tomorrow the really big question often we have to worry about the rain snow line. we don't have to worry about that in hampton roads tomorrow maybe for parts of the southern outer banks we do let's take a look first of all at the radar you can see again the beautiful skies out there right now. chilly conditions i guess actually cold but this is what's going to be a big deal by tomorrow this
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earlier than this even by afternoon we're going to have a lot of moisture on radar and the question is how much of it is going to evaporate because it's so dry out there and how much makes it all the way down to the ground mention the rain snow line not have to worry about that highs today in the mid thirties and that was with a lot of sunshine temperatures tomorrow will stay just as cold he can see for this evening as we go from currently through nine o'clock in the midnight hour temperatures falling from the thirties into the twenties and continuing to be very cold as we get in the overnight right now it's right at freezing in newport news almost identical temperature in norfolk just on the other side of the freezing while as the city are freezing wallace island much colder in twenty eight. so here we go this evening setting the stage with the cold air around and continuing with the really cold air into the morning at least one have much wind in the morning session waiting out there at the bustop songs where decent jackets not going to like be a biting wind and i'll come
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morning into early afternoon we're going start to see the moisture. at first it should not reach the ground when you give your range in a minute and it's going to depend if we sae moisten the atmosphere within an hour of it starting one b on the high end of the range if it takes two or three hours and that long of a time to evaporate and moisten the atmosphere and then via finally reaches the earth's surface would be on the low and the rain so again with the closest moisture source the area of low pressure down across the carolinas you have the best shot actually getting some heavier amounts of water the cold just continues right during the day on saturday and sunday even colder than saturday. it's hard to believe so the forecast for tomorrow afternoon slack evening most likely flurries in these northern spots may be a heavy dusting i would lean against that and just to go with the low end of the range dusting to two inches potentially again depends on how quickly things moisten up in the lowest levels of the atmosphere and
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south but whether we get a half an inch here or whether we get two inches like they do in north carolina that is likely to cause with a really really cold roads it's likely to stick turned to ice and make for some real problems during the rush hour tomorrow here's the forecast couple of thirty twos then a twenty eight for sunday and then forty on monday but notice the twenty during the morning we could see some light precipitation that day as well moving is a sort of a mix and then changing to rain later monday monday night and tuesday i think stuff. well that storm system is evolving as so make sure to get the latest forecast on thirty news now a day break starting at four thirty you can also get the latest on school delays and closures on to sports you know president paul trouble has something to brag about tonight. the venue would make his best quality was good as the average in a great job and cmu and time to show senior basketball some love. we haven't seen too much to them over the last month because they only played two home games in that
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they play their winning head coach john to korea has turned this team into a twenty one and one powerhouse lesson i did host mary washington first basket for the captains came from orcas quarter at a brighton high school he had a double double fifteen points twelve rebounds. they were strong in the paint. brendan bros settling into foul trouble was very strong down low and then they were hit from the outside as well they had twelve three pointers on the night. this one came from justin hampton them and a huge lead liked well i think was the most they had within the game was not really in jeopardy ever tim daly one of four players in double figures and never got to finance the name aaron mcfarland who had a game high sixteen. the captains won its seventy nine to sixty eight are now fifteen and owen conference they've already won the regular season in the ecac and they have won twelve straight games overall
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. after being out of town for almost three weeks old he returns to the constant center tonight hoping for their fourth straight win and trey freeman
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eight points per game over eight percent of the old eu monarch shots jeff jones has been designing place for him but they're hoping somebody else can step up going to be their aunt allie or maybe jordan baker or maybe more from aaron baker right now they're winning by getting freeman the ball but i wonder if they were about leaning on freeman a little too much now i would say worry but as i flew to a second ago i think it's better for everybody that it somehow we can manufacture of you know some some scorn from some other spots you you'd always like as a coach to have a little bit of a ballot you don't want tilted one way or another. well with this little baseball norfolk state and the ties they have an exhibition game every year and this today announced it's going to be on april fifth it's the sixth meeting between these two they average around seven thousand
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big deal. come on spring yet
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tonight, the race for the white house and donald trump's
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the republican front-runner and what he said is coming, if he wins south carolina. just as his feud with jeb bush takes a new turn tonight. hillary clinton set to face off with bernie sanders, as they now battle for the south. get ready for the deep freeze. the arctic blast across more than 20 states. the dangerous commute already. it will feel well below zero across much of this country. tonight, the fbi ordering armed protesters to surrender. >> i'm a free man, i will die a free man. >> the standoff taking a dramatic turn, and we're there. the deadly gas explosion and now the charges tonight. two people killed, three buildings leveled. and prosecutors this evening arguing, it was all because of greed. and we have breaking news involving bill cosby's wife. and gas prices dropping to 99 crepts a gallon. is your town next? good evening.
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