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tv   13 News 11  ABC  February 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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of any sort in this world proing children from sex crimes investigators talk to thirty news now about how they plan to get this problem under control. the night before winter weather is expected to have hampton roads will show you preparations that are well underway before any snow touches the ground than rice port and in a shoe students big comeback. she is recovering after weeks of being in the hospital the news starts now have the roads to get another dose of winter weather tomorrow not just the bitter cold we've been feeling this week there could be some snowfall tomorrow we are in store mode to help get ready jeff lawson is tracking this winter storm and he has the very latest on its track. yeah this is one of those systems there's no doubt part of our area are going to get snow tomorrow
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we get each various cities sell and that's dependent on the exact track of the storm and you say well it's only a day away right. well here it is way out there near st louis as the crow flies that is seven hundred miles away from a still but is not going to head straight for us it's going to take a dip down into the deep south and then head off through the carolinas. so it's more like probably nine hundred miles away in terms of its eventual track and the difference of fifteen or twenty miles along the coastline would make a pretty big big difference in terms of how much we get we know it's going to be cold enough to just be all snow whenever we get here in hampton roads north carolina much of the same thing but when you get down here little close to the albemarle sound are certainly a camera cuz sound enough warm air coming in to get a little bit of rain or sleet mixing in her right eye can see it is cold temperatures down into the twenties that sets the stage so the bottomline snow tomorrow may cause some
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hour issues i had earlier will cause now i'm saying may because it took a tiny bit just an hour to slow or maybe and also a tiny bit lower i've still kept the same lower end of the range. i've just adjusted the pop end of the range so we said flurries to maybe a heavy dusting mouse lookalike flurries to the north we said dusting to two inches. anonymous a dusting to an inch inch and a half year across the south side and then instead of two to four to make it one to three the bottom line is still very very similar almost identical to what we said earlier but the big question how much to this fall's and then evaporates before it gets down to ground if we get hours and hours of something on your weather app and on radar showing up but not still sing at the ground will get on the low and a dusting by the time it reaches always the earth if we get an hour or so and that voice is the atmosphere up pretty quickly. we'll get more like in the inch and
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the bottom line is we do expect some slippery weather tomorrow late afternoon and evening definitely down yourself and quite likely here as well we'll have more coming up at cold temperatures for valentine's day in a bigger storm early next week. writer of the night we've got information about dozens of closings and early dismissals tomorrow you'll find all of that information on thirty news now dot com our store mud covered continues with a look at preparations of already started to have the snow. annie le beau was on tonight from public works crews and residents already busy getting things prepared for tomorrow bag after bag snow does come and will it's pretty slick out there smelling gas keep building is part of when i smell to pre treat his cy was for snow on the property managers so i gotta keep my tenants happy thursday night at taylor's do it center in norfolk. they had to restock their supply people rushed in to get ice melts space eaters and pie
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for dangerously low temperatures and snow especially your pipes and you win you lose a draft which is energy and energy efficient so you lose the money that way the city of jazz are being issued a warning to its residents reminding them to protect their pipes by insulating them and using pasta covers the in several cities throughout hampton roads like virginia beach and norfolk. the work crews spent the day prepping the roads for colder temps and waiting for any major weather changes the time to stop starting around thirty two degrees and dipping on the road service will start adding some salt to help in the virginia department of transportation loaded all their trucks earlier today to pre treat roads they're also out tonight laying down brine on the interstates the art is expected to treat the interstate until midnight tonight. then they'll pick things back up tomorrow
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both thirteen years now the saturdays gray chalk this race in hampton has been postponed because of the winter weather. race organizers say they plan to find another date for that event soon. runners who are registered will have a few different options including transferring to the new date or deferring to next year's race. no tonight a woman walking her dog in newport news makes a gruesome discovery the dog found a body that happened just before five this evening behind until the sleeve middle school and mentor dr officers believe the body is that of a woman they say there were no visible signs of trauma to her body the remains will be taken to the medical examiner's office to my thirty news now investigate some disturbing crimes against some of society's most vulnerable victims were talking about sex crimes against kids federal authorities in fighting what they call a monster's problems some of the most heinous cases happening right here on our own backyard for the first time an agent who will put one of hampton roads most
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bars is speaking out marcella robertson has the story. one of my things into perspective the homeland security investigation searched through about a hundred years of video last year allowed more than half of that had footage of child sex crimes when getting an inside look at how one agency in hampton roads is cracking down on the problem is all american when the when you look at his pedigree from top gun graduate in may. daniel here is seems to have it all if your military career the perfect family in the perfect neighborhood hiding behind his computer screen with the dark side extortion is waiting for the first time one of the agents who helped put this predator behind bars is speaking out. we're protecting his identity strong for fear of paris was controlling girls as young as
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posing as a sixteen year old boy online dating little girl to send him pictures once they sense that he would then use that against them by threatening to release it to the parents you know into this new family investigators found at least ten girls here is terrorized all white and nine and testifying against hitters during his trial. very nice of them come in and became the closer on the right of a movie script with the people who played angel harris is just one piece of a disturbing puzzle one predator involved in the shocking crimes against children. it's the unimaginable that actually reality federal agencies like homeland security investigations are working hard to tackle the issue its monstrous way too big but they are fighting a never ending problem the problem with some very
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year ages i analyzed a hundred years worth of video within half of the images of child pornography. this is influenced others misfortune anything you can think off and on the points in twenty fifty and hsi took twenty five hunting predators off the street all for their involvement in child exploitation outreach and deterrence with long sentences are ways they hope to get the problem under control we need to get this all over the place so people understand how vulnerable our children are. meanwhile daniel harris is serving out a fifty year sentence will be behind bars. essentially the rest of his life but even that is not enough in the eyes of some investigators there is no place for child exploitation of any sort in this world and i will say is if anybody decides to engage in this activity that i assure you we
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investigators say a lot of times these crimes go under the radar and they need the public to step up and report people like daniel harris with much more information statistics and what parents should look out for on our web site at thirteen years now dot com marcella robertson thirty years now. new tonight two people are molested following a reported assault at a hospital in virginia beach police tell us there was an altercation between two people and hospital personnel sunday night hasn't ever in virginia beach general wheeler and thirty six year old gary newell and a juvenile are facing several charges including disorderly conduct on hospital grounds and assault on law enforcement officers and hospital staff there is no word on what not to this fight a police officer in north dakota is killed in a suspected gunman is dead after standoff in fargo the officer responded to a domestic disturbance call last night. the officer was
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standoff police a swat officers found the suspect dead inside a home early this morning. it is not clear if the suspect shot himself or he was killed in an exchange of gunfire with the police officer authorities in fargo say the gunman had a violent past including a conviction on negligent homicide in a case from nineteen eighty eight keys mortars been with an apartment for six years he's thirty three years old and tonight we're losing a brother one of our fellow officers that fargo officer was the first in a city to die in a line of duty in more than a century the mother of a woman killed by virginia beach police officers is speaking out on facebook i don't want the world to
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within twenty four hours more than one million people watched this emotional video tina bassett describes the pain of her daughter indicators death last september kayaker was an innocent bystander when she was shot and killed by at beach swat team. the officers had converged on her car to capture angela perry a person of interest and the homicide investigation. kayakers newborn son was in the car but survived. best bean leaves cake or died shielding her baby from the gunfire with the flash bang grenade at her garden only to see the dark knight who at the end got known around the globe that have you do that you know in the water then it caught the investigation continues
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kane whose loved ones will hold demonstrations outside the commonwealth attorney's office and the police station demanding answers but often basketball player gets a second shot at life and also add some things he loves only in the day the second day there are little guy who's where what amber brown tells us about her fight to recover from the cold democratic candidates for president to go at it in another debate how hillary clinton and bernie sanders tried to go for the junk dealer tonight
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the silver state university basketball player amber brown is now out of the hospital you may recall she was found unresponsive on new year's day in her dorm. the junior forward was and medically induced coma and her family says he suffered from seizures and brain swelling her mother says there's so much for what cause this problem but they suspected might be her tight. amber and her family told she knew her member's recovery is nothing short of a mirror for norfolk state university basketball player amber brown. this is
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a basketball court with her family on this night cheering for her older sister ebony as good as in it's hard to tell just by looking at her just a day before she was still in the hospital. i cannot help that recovering from a medically induced coma since january first. she was found unresponsive in her dorm room and rushed to the hospital her mother credit brown has been in norfolk from atlanta and by her bedside praying and watching as amber made progress each day in the hospital despite being in critical condition for weeks the app will let the dye that was though they refocus woke up in the nurse's room on the icy so that's why they called a miracle that a miracle child who received less support from family
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the end of the toughest period excited to pass it on and move forward to what's next for the night the fall i'll be at the time stroking that the one that can keep the team in norfolk. she knew her thirteen years now the democrats won head to head in their latest debate in wisconsin tonight bernie sanders fresh off his primary win in new hampshire and former secretary of state hillary clinton went back and forth on a number of issues health care national security and the influence of big money on politics. both candidates tonight looking to win over the african american vote. up next for the democrats the nevada caucuses and the south carolina primaries the developments tonight in the civil unrest in syria diplomats from the us russia and other nations are meeting in munich right now they announce plans for a cease fire. syria has been plagued by civil war for years secretary of state john
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fire depends on future negotiations. the cease fire would not apply to the islamic state group and other extremists. kerry says the target for the cease fire is one week acknowledging mistakes of the past and looking toward the future of virginia beach mayor will see us and deliver his first state of the city address today since his no contest plea to conflict of interest charges. he talked about plans for the arena his hopes for a light rail extension and ending veteran homelessness body started off by addressing his conflict of interest case even though it was an unintentional mistake i will regret it forever because he calls some people to question my integrity i want to take this moment to thank you my friends and the city employees for your support and encouragement when asked if he was thinking about a possible run for reelection their assassins
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make a decision next week really cold out there tonight good news is we don't have a lot to win and we won't have much winter night or even tomorrow for that matter when it starts to snow across parts of the area. nothing on radar right now at least here locally we should get a wider view minute ago with all that stuff out about seven eight nine hundred miles away. this is one of the big problems with the approaching storm first was a set of fifteen twenty mile difference in the track could make a big difference but the real problem is how dry the areas the dew point right now nine degrees. that's how low the temperature would have to go to get you to get fog or dew to start forming that's why it's called the dew point so with the air that dry anything that falls was going to have a hard time reaching the ground eventually it'll fall in sort of evaporate make the air more moist and then it can get down but by that time how much of you
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precipitation more on that coming up in a second twenties for the inland area's thirty to thirty three or so right near the coastline you factor in the wind chill though and it feels most spots like the twenties we actually have seventeen know right now in newport news sixteen out and korea so it is definitely really cold here is our spot on forecasts for tomorrow snow developing by three pm here in the immediate metro area again it should show up earlier than that on radar but not yet make it down to the ground for today. we sat afternoon wind chills of twenty five to thirty five the actual number was twenty seven at three o'clock twenty eight degree it was twenty seven and two as well the twenty seven at three twenty eight degrees at four o'clock so we hit that spot on streak started over couple days ago now at two and hopefully tomorrow will be three chapters then dropping as we go to tonight and then as i said tomorrow depends partly on the path you're not going to see much more than
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northern areas however notice the farther south you get heavier precipitation gets we've been talking about that for several days and it looks like we'll have some relatively light areas of snow here in hampton roads but it doesn't take much more than half an inch on the roads to cause some real problems and create some nicer weather we get a quarter of an inch happen and three quarters of an inch or inch and a half i do expect some problems across the region and then the storm will be pulling on out so really be very watchful during the day tomorrow craig in the morning again at noon as we track this system that is way out here the west and again going to dip the way down toward atlanta and then back up. here's how much we expect to fall across the region flurries to the north likely that we'll get some snow here with a dusting to maybe as much as an inch and a half depends on just how quickly than later in the atmosphere gets moistened and allow stuff to stop evaporating one to three inches down to the south. so again not a big storm that
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significant travel issues twenty three then tonight mainly clear and cold then the forecast for tomorrow some hazy sun in the morning quickly clouding up mainly after noon in the early evening snow best chance obviously to the south where it's almost a definite and then very small chances of much the farther north you go saturday cold sunday called for valentine's day little bit of mixed weather possible on monday before more mainly a rain storm moves in on tuesday i think that it's been awhile but the rodeo monarchs return home for game tonight coming up in sports
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their recent at humana, we know when you have your health... ...great things are ahead of you like seeing old friends or making new ones, learning some moves or showing off your skills and being free to keep on exploring.
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to help you have better health for everything that's ahead. humana. start with healthy. it had been almost three weeks in so he was last home game but the road had been treating them well as they won their last three games away from the constant center back in the ted tonight for a trey freeman had been so hot averaging twenty eight points a game for the last ten games to cool off tonight at thirteen and both teams played for lee in the first half. monarchs trailed by three at halftime then freeman's teammates picked
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in the first half field goals he had ten for the game. your aunt allie also had the double digits with thirteen in the big star the night with brandon staff there stiff going to work there. he had a career high seventeen points adding eleven rebounds they have a double double the defense in the second half and old dominion of this tremendous second half won sixty seven forty seven or seven if one converts now what coach said at halftime shows shows in the second half we came out flat in the first uk when the law clearly let us know that we came out flat so he told us to come out and play with the people who are playing in second. i think simply pride on the part of our guys and they know that they were outplayed and out worked in the first half and certainly give credit to north texas for that week we came out in the second half tonight that we asserted
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momentum going into the cover story in a key player will play another game on saturday to get down with his control william mary hosting hostel tonight last time they played on january twenty four foster couldn't do anything wrong with america doing the right and pasta embarrassed and tried tonight to try play better. david counted fifteen game was tied at thirty eight halftime of the war pro in europe conference player of the week was good again tonight a twenty five however posture good to me again with a big second half and the pride wins in eighty six to eighty snapping a four game win streak for william mary. they're still tied for second in the caa women's basketball tonight the lady mocs look good in being your taxes on the road sixty five forty eight north carolina
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cat barber was back home in hampton among family friends and fans tonight the travers retire barber's jersey this evening. hampton alum class two thousand thirty was a mcdonald's all american for hampton like ronald curry nineteen ninety eight whose numbers also number twelve cat barber gone to be the leading score the acc this year junior at nc state that is not to big time to think this is anything but corn on the sooner schooner and i like guys do this diet so i'm on to become the backbone of the well was loud and that my younger years in the combined imagine how important is the key
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person got these done so with amy been the same prices they promise ocean of a problem on my desk recently due to this point that game was at halftime ceremonies that have shown this game hansen against men still the monarchs beat hampton earlier this year that was john parsons for the monarchs first buck of the game here comes the travers the steal and dunk from jail in re they also have a big one in march a nice guy went off transition and the crabs wanted tonight sixty eight to fifty nine only fitting that they would win on cat barber three times and regulations and yes when scott got an interesting day tomorrow and tomorrow morning will be any problems at all in for the people getting early out of work tomorrow maybe not any problems either but by mid to late afternoon we're going to start to see some snow breaking out and even though it's very minor amounts that could really cause with the cold cold road temperatures ice and some problems might arise up and the surgeon is now an eleven day break starts tomorrow at four thirty a m jimmy kimmel live is next followed by niall and of course don't
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live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- tony goldwyn. from espn, tony kornheiser and michael wilbon. shaquille o'neal. this week in unnecessary censorship. and music from alessia cara. with cleto and the cletones. and now, as luck would have it,
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