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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  February 16, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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is gonna be pretty wet through the middle part of the day so a couple other things to prepare for which pretty much want to take it all with you one sunglasses for later this afternoon as well right now his abilities finances town point park in our lives skyview from nona kids no problems right now across the medium at rewriting to work get in early will be in good shape out to the west so rain in this rain is going to roll in as we go through the morning and in the middle part of the day pretty good chance for rain the rain could produce and locally heavier amounts maybe a half an inch in short order so as that comes through the middle part of the day will look for some runoff issues potentially but that coming through on the backside of that clearing late today and then tonight into early tomorrow morning slight chance for shower other than that we're looking pretty good for the rest of the week and the upcoming weekend. notice how mild the temperatures are right now if it is wide spread a few spots the low sixties in the win so they're going to
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thirty mph so again look for the rain the wind the rain could be a little heavy at times and then into the afternoon some gradual clearing temperatures topping out close to sixty one degrees or so i think that takes place sometime around the mid day in the temperatures falling off after that i'd ask you what you are watching right now at the downtown tunnel. well craig it looks like we have a surprise left at the berkeley braids i just got the report of that left as lift was happening so it can be a live look now at the brooklyn bridge as well be watching to let you know when traffic starts moving again but if you're about to head out the door. usually though these lists don't last too long but to stay with me i'll certainly let you know when the left clears when traffic starts moving again eastbound traffic there that will be eventually headed toward city hall and tidewater nonprofit network masses were talking about bridge less than jr b is set to open at eight o'clock this morning so you have about three hours before that kicks off if he will be crossing the bridge during that time i went to the modern era back then that should be clear about eight o'clock on
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clear during that time to just a heads up on that coming up in a few minutes a legitimate traffic is moving at the berkeley branch closer you live within sixty four in newport news. well this morning there are still several school delays due to yesterday's storm of white county northampton county north carolina south hampton county in suri county open two hours late. we also have a full list of closures on thirteen years now. com and you this morning virginia state police say that winter storm caused ninety seven crashes just yesterday three of those fatal state police and is this picture one of those fatal accidents from chesterfield county here in hampton roads safely say that they responded to five accidents newport news police will search deadly high school this morning before it opens this comes after administrators learned of a bomb threat. our partners at the virginian pilot reports the school notified police after they got that threat we're still working to get the details on the nature of that threat despite the heavy police presence newport news schools say they don't think
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there'll also be extra security at school today today congressman bobby scott will visit norfolk state university to talk about dealing with student that people from other local universities will join him for a roundtable discussion on college affordability will address the steps colleges are taking to combat student at scott who's a ranking democratic member of the house committee on education and the workforce will also discuss what congress is doing to make higher education more affordable for people at bible for about an hour christopher newport university is expected to reveals voter preferences in virginia comes exactly two weeks ahead of super tuesday the virginia primary takes place on that day we expect to get the results of that morning and when those numbers are released in canada said the park and bring you an update here on daybreak mackinac county sheriff's office is expected to release new information today about a man who apparently burned to death after his propane heater fell on him. our partners at the eastern shore news report
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better on monday the neighbor says that the heater had toppled over and helped his clothes caught on fire in norfolk part of be closed until tomorrow night so crews can clean up the mess left behind from a huge condo complex fire driver traveling westbound between twelve and thirteen view street will be diverted firefighters are still trying to figure out what caused the flames to see him right there but they believe arson is to blame. saturday's four alarm fire left about thirty families homeless that will be spitfire is just one of four the northrop our department has put out since saturday. investigators are also trying to figure out what calls to other home buyers and a business fire the lomax tile owns on north military highway also caught fire saturday on sunday there was a second house fire in ocean view monday morning crews fought a tool our house wire came to crescent bar department says some of them may be weather related five o five snaps that is being
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. right now we are the most part dry across a mattress a little damp in some areas but really no active rain out there across the media area it is approaching from the last we'll take a look at the radar just a moment temperatures are very mild but it is windy right now are looking at south and southwest winds gusting to thirty five mph in norfolk and thirty one mph gust up that mouth and a gust to thirty eight mph here though she n oso very windy this morning especially close to the coast temperatures have really responded to the south and southwest winds we are looking a tent right now in the fifties and low sixties look at that temperature change in the last twenty
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we're up thirty to thirty five mph across the immediate metro area thirty six degree increase se mph thirty six degree increase on this morning. ch sp from where we were yesterday morning so obviously much much warmer huge difference in last twenty four hours we have cooler air that will return to the region but today we will enjoy the warm conditions it is one issue that thunder from outlook just a chance for just your typical springtime thai pop up thunderstorms to the line coming through later this morning in the early afternoon down south south of the albemarle sound there's a little bit better chance for a few more stronger storms on nothing real and when and where it's absolutely a lock but i would say don't be surprised if you find if you are heavier downpours and stronger storms for eastern north carolina right now are tracking the system as it's working. each word behind the front we had the cooler conditions and it will be cooler across the central part of the country the cooler air set to move in
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things are looking right now the next few days we are going to find the temperatures getting cooler tomorrow forty eight and forty three on thursday i have the full seven day outlook will check out the upcoming week in a moment here's ash. all right craig kicking off an update at the berkeley braids easy traffic is moving just a little bit here that berkeley bridge left that was kind of a surprise to us have cleared a bit of good news there. we are still seeing delays back to tidewater seem to have on the westbound side about a one mile the way eastbound traffic is moving a little bit better as you head further into norfolk on the second camera as we head to newport is sixty four westbound around jefferson avenue and eastbound moving very well this morning with no big issues there to report to keep an eye on the delays around the brooklyn bridge which no one knows that out and coming up here in the next few minutes check traffic at the monitor merrimack will love this can say we've been late to work some of you maybe even
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[rumbling] [thump] new seasoned jumbo popcorn chicken in three delicious flavors, all half-price after 8pm. [click, whoosh] the u s coast guard is trying to find answers for the family members of the elf our crew hearings into the cargo ships troubles begin today in florida
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the bahamas during a hurricane last year killing all thirty three people on board among the victims the ship's chief engineer richard cousin terry of virginia beach. the biggest question at the hearing is whether misconduct negligence or shoddy safety inspections contributed to the elf borrows demise. fifteen if a time a new this morning teacher tenure is in danger in north carolina the state supreme court is deciding whether lawmakers can take away the key benefit in two thousand thirteen the general assembly passed a law that would phase out tenure. state lawmakers argued the law would improve teacher quality by forcing them to earn new employment contracts every few years we'll let you know when a decision comes down the u s surgeon general plans to visit flint michigan today in the wake of the drinking water crisis there the water became contaminated after flint switched its water source to cut costs. it lacked adequate treatment can cause lead to leach from old pipes. michigan's governor wants the feds to expand
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women and people under twenty one so that they can get medical attention for lead poisoning peers are questioning whether popular social media have led to a fatal crash three young women in philadelphia died when their vehicle slammed into a tractor trailer back in the semi can see the damage their families believe snapped at for encouraging them to speed a feature on the app allows users to record how fast you're going one of the families of plants in her final steps it's a question that has been debated for years how young is too young for a child to have a cellphone a two thousand fifteen survey by combined company boucher cloud reveals the average child is given their first cell phone at age six one pediatric psychologists recommends getting your child the phone between the ages of eight to eleven. she says while it's tough to keep kids away from digital devices parents need to have strict limitations are so many ways
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used in a harmful way in the same way and we wanna make sure that as much as we can as the adults they were helping protect our children from that no matter what age they get a phone experts recommend talking to your child about cyber bullying inappropriate content and social interaction for seventies your time this is no secret the internet has changed how some people find love and the smart phones are changing how people find friends study of two hundred college students found that seventy three percent of them rant tender as their favorite dating app but the students confess they are not using the app today travel to find friends. however when college students a few things people use twitter for any hookups but call them friends so they are not judged offset a pandora's box. i will tell you whether now you have an interviewer that yet you get there soon enough the cell phones in the case and obviously still have any kids even knew about this but
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socially. yeah so much is done it's not like he'd be cool if you don't have a smart phone or cell phone you just miss out on alot of things are going on because the kids are all having a good idea. i'm telling it is a fine line to this sale will social development i'd like to wait till there's guess what there's some other pressures involved and if you're appearing in god's eyes certainly kids or adolescence you you're feeling what i'm saying here it's a really interesting topic right now hopefully use your smartphone to follow us with our thirteen years now weather app it's a great way to stay up on the weather and today going to start off the look into whether in the spot on forecasts snow for the morning commute that was the call for yesterday yeah we had it you know that so our streak extended to six and has been taken with the spawn forecast for today temps at least twenty degrees warmer. i just showed you our morning temps up thirty to thirty five degrees from this time yesterday so what a difference a day makes and
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get up close to sixty sixty one degrees or so and again that'll occur sometime i'll probably just after noon and as we go through the late afternoon temperatures will drop down a little bit with partly sunny skies. what weather still out to the west the winds are increasing and we will see opportunities for showers as we go to the late morning hours you can see to eight thirty so maybe if you hit miss showers but the bulk of the moisture still at the west by nine nine thirty start coming in or could be some heavier cells in the mix as well. chance for thunderstorms mainly denver eastern north carolina. this temple push through to get past midday and then the temperatures again which will top out close to sixty one sixty something like that they'll fall back into the upper fifties with some gradual clearing by three and four o'clock. by late afternoon into the evening is the sun is setting we should have skies partly sunny maybe even mostly sunny in some spots overnight tonight things are looking pretty good but there's another chance for a couple passing
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cast been very consistent in trying to produce couple sprinkles while temperatures will be above freezing. it is something that i'll mention about fifteen to twenty percent chance for a few stray showers tomorrow morning early and then partly sunny for the rest of the day temperatures right now very mild you can see the temperatures finally warming up their richmond they were cooler and last hour but they are starting to warm up out that way as well very windy south and southwest winds coming up and gusting up to thirty five mph at the airport thirty eight oceanic so windy out there hold on your hats temperature right now fifty nine at the airport in the windsor south's out the sustained twenty two mph. today's high around sixty one showers likely mostly cloudy tonight stray shower possible late in the early tomorrow slight chance of a shower otherwise partly sunny and cool with that high around forty eight taylor the rest of the seven a forty three on thursday in intense rebounding for what will be a very nice week
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have a very nice ride across the monitor merrimack is one to give you a live look the best part of your morning commute ahead now for thirteen years now track the camera or six sixty four northbound traffic headed on toward the tunnel and eventually toward newport news. here's trap of making its way toward self again been very nice shape there on both sides of the monitor merrimack with this live shot at the bridge on the second camera speaking of bridges which in the berkeley bridge now we have that surprise left around five o'clock to see everything is now moving pretty well in traffic headed west bound for ports but not seeing any big issues on that side either is or delays have thinned out. eastbound traffic there was only a minor delay anyway as you can see things are moving well if you're headed for city hall tidewater and brambles and now on the traffic network maps we do have a nice little strip of red already on five sixty four west headed toward naval station norfolk traffic is certainly jammed already going to be that live look coming up at five thirty six ish i owe lots of us have resolved to lose a little
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. but we force it on a bizarre bill making its way through kentucky legislature has been dubbed the viagra bill before receiving a prescription man would be required to have at least two doctors visits must have a letter from the wife and less where the bible it's intended to counter the state's informed consent law which requires women to consult a doctor twenty four hours before abortion lawmakers say there's no chance the bill will pass and that it's meant to draw attention to government involvement in the comments on this story has many of you talking online him and skipped work for sixty years and no one noticed. get this his boss is only found out after they tried to warn him for twenty years of service command word that a water treatment plant in spain but felt there wasn't any work to do in his possession now the plant is suing him for collecting pay all of those years of daybreak we'll be on
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chance to win a trip to new york city to people and includes airfare hotel and tickets to see good morning america in time square said during the six o'clock hour watch for the keyword and turned it in use now dot com you can have several chances to win throughout the week again to pick the winner after daybreak on the sink and we hit skip work and get away with it you would notice me like someone might notice i only emerging after so yesterday morning when for weather in the sixties as you head out your door i guess what you need the umbrella today grace says he's tracking some significant or a ferrari and then in the headlines the va under fire again this time they are accused of ignoring former service members who called the crisis hotline details as daybreak continues. also a serial robber causing trouble across hampton roads elise
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a string of robberies in three cities authorities want to know at the same shotgun wielding man
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crisis calls go right to voicemail and putting lives at risk. harsh allegations against uva now backed up by a federal investigation. it is tuesday morning. this is thirteen years now daybreak i'm undressing and alyssa bustamante thank you for joining us this morning we have several school delays to share with you public schools in isle of wight county northampton county north carolina southampton county in surry county will all open two hours late this morning itt tech institute will open at noon you can find a complete list of everyone who's contacted us on thirteen years now to come now we want to get to meteorologist dr mohler who is going to be talking about the wind outside right now and can spring it is breezy out there no doubt about it we've been looking at some winds gusting up around twenty five and thirty five mph just a really breezy day and you know over to temperatures over the coming days. a little cooler but today it is going to be very warm right now are looking at temperatures in the fifties
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pretty good shape measure out the door out to the west so different story showers out that way we are talking about rain this morning and not wintry weather as you can see we have a warmer surge of air and a few thunderstorms down across central north carolina will be watching his line work before going through our area later this morning into the early afternoon behind that system cooler air returns attention tomorrow and thursday will be chilly air but then temperatures rebound for the weekend i was just putting out on social media on twitter and facebook the difference between today and yesterday we are up thirty to thirty five degrees across the region from this time yesterday so enjoy the warmer weather is windy as we mentioned a wind gust of thirty five a norfolk thirty eight virginia beach and wins in the end when there is a look at gossip run twenty five mph so too will be breezy we are going to see good chances for rain. highs today close to sixteen and maybe sixty one or so and we're going to see the temperatures and falling
5:30 am
a look at today's weather tomorrow will be chilly air will talk about that and then look at a nice weekend coming up in just a bit right now here's ashley with a look at naval station norfolk. all right craig just pass five thirty and i think everyone just is ready to get back to work as we have plenty of brake lights on five sixty four westward naval station norfolk let's give you a live look if you're about to head out the door. this is what you're going to be dealing with the added hurts inside there to my left i checked with police there are no there it's just everyone headed back to work after president's day so we are backed up all the way to sixty four on by sixty four and a little bit on sixty four as well. already this morning sick with me before you head out into very latest we are writing to the base of your about to leave him i just want to use hampton blvd instead or use one of the alternate routes to get into the base this morning on the traffic network maps to one remind you that j r b is set to open at eight o'clock this morning so don't forget about that
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later on today. coming up in the next few minutes the latest around naval station norfolk. i'll give you a live look on sixty four at the high rise bridge. all right ashleigh think you are now on to a crime alert a distinctively dressed robber may be responsible for crimes this photo given to us by virginia beach police a man with a double barreled shotgun on diamond springs the place authorities believe this person is also portsmouth and chesapeake i lisa brown joins us now with much more on this investigation elise good morning was seen on it let me show you on this map are all the robberies happens the first one happened last tuesday on the night here in virginia beach on diamond springs road that was at a citgo them are going over here to fort smith the second one happened at bp on twin pines road in portsmouth now a days later that same robber was wearing that similar colored hooded top when over
5:32 am
to seven eleven just minutes apart now if you take a look at the video and photos given to us by police in those three cities police say that the robber is wearing the same color top. it appears to be blue with an orange front pocket. he also looks to be holding a shotgun in all of the robberies police haven't said how much the robber took but in one case we do know he ordered a worker to empty the cashier detectors in portsmouth chesapeake and virginia beach are looking for this person has any information you can call the crime line that number is one eighty eight lock u up. elise brown thirteen years now. all right elise thank you for that later today the person accused of killing a man at a virginia beach barbershop is set to face a grand jury edward brooks is charged with first degree murder in the death of her l stevens police say brooks that or else even outside of the members barber and salon now what about having a virginia beach blvd back in november. stevens died at a
5:33 am
currently in jail without bond. later today adair county woman accused of hitting and killing a young girl is set to face judge doris downs is charged with hitting and killing breathe with all back in november the twelve year old victim was riding her bike in kill devil hills at the time she later died in terror norfolk general hospital announced charged with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle and failure to stop a red light yes morning in norfolk man will stay in prison for decades for an armed robbery that he committed when he was fifteen years old the virginia supreme court upheld former governor bob mcdonnell is partial pardon which produced radio on blount sentenced to forty years in two thousand and six blount into eighteen year old robbed people at a party the older teens pleaded guilty and received ten to thirteen year sentences blount went to trial and a court sentenced to six life terms plus one hundred and eighteen years the five thirty five taking action to stop trouble teachers from
5:34 am
what authorities are going to close a dangerous loophole is even more evidence the federal government is not taking veteran suicides here so just imagine making a phone call to the crisis line and no one answers it had the shocking revelation that
5:35 am
have a great day i would take a look right now at the forecast for today declan showers going to develop this morning temperatures through the middle part of the day pretty close to sixty sixty one degrees as we take a look later in the afternoon the temps will fall back off town point park looking good for you this morning as we take a look across the region where noticing these winds gusting very windy this morning with gossip from thirty to forty mph in a few locations including virginia beach down the pier for the elyria still breezy theirs while just generally between twenty and thirty mph away from the coast so it is going to be breezy out of the sea temperatures very mild this morning and up about thirty to thirty five degrees from this time yesterday just amazing to look at the temperature difference and we have the south and southwest winds
5:36 am
the west colder air set to move back and so after a warm one today with highs in the low sixties were going to see temperatures tomorrow back into the forties and it's going to stay cool on thursday temperatures will rebound though in time for the weekend. there's a chance for some thunderstorms especially down in eastern north carolina most of us and to see rain coming through with showers in some areas of heavier rain but there might be a rumble or two of thunder don't be surprise there as we take a look the line is out to the west but it will be coming through and again behind it cooler air so let's focus on the region for today temperatures topping out officially. right around sixty one or so for norfolk i do expect them to be a little cooler to the north a little warmer down to the south. look for the rain keep the umbrellas handy but you also want to take your sunglasses because by late afternoon we should see some clearing cooler tomorrow and thursday and again a warming trend for weekend we'll talk more about that just few minutes here's ashley park river twenty minutes before
5:37 am
off most areas moving very well in the high rise bridge and has a great example of that on sixty four eastbound traffic headed to george washington and west now making its way to for sixty four. no issues out there to report but as we take a look into travel times this morning the big problem is going to be five sixty four west into naval station norfolk which should take only five minutes to get from sixty four to hampton boulevard is taking you at least fifteen i actually might add a little bit more time to that because traffic is bumper to bumper headed to the base of the leaves are actually beginning and sixty four in the hov lane that chesapeake boulevard in berkeley we can see here in suffolk on route seventeen between knots machen jr b that's headed northbound is taking the normal twelve minutes but we're going to focus right here on traffic on five sixty four of an update they are coming up in just eight minutes ty nash thank you so much for those of you who work odd hours you know the struggle. oh yes we do really fully rested may not be the only problem we're dealing with a head on day two of sleep we tell you your
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how did you do that?! i can see through the blindfold.
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i knew this morning the va is under criticism yet again after the veterans crisis line ignored nearly two dozen people according to our partners at the military times at least twenty three
5:41 am
members who call the crisis line twenty four teams were transferred to voicemail. no one ever returned their calls the va investigation also found that the centers may not have adequately trained counsellors to answer calls from those experiencing a mental health crisis twenty two veterans a day committing suicide. we have to do everything we possibly can and that includes answering the phone at the very least when it reaches out this report revealed that the va does not train back up center employees or even monitor their training requirements so the department has no way of knowing if their training is sufficient five forty five your time learning new information about a national investigation that's tracking teacher misconduct the state by state audit has now been ordered in the wake of that investigation we told you nine of thirteen is down six to reveal the teachers who were stripped of their licenses can wind up back in the classroom by crossing state lines. it's because of
5:42 am
that tracks these teachers education agencies in every state will be required to participate in this audit new this morning the body of supreme court justice antonin scalia is back in virginia as a political grudge match takes center stage in washington d c over who'll be replacing him. scalia passed away on saturday in texas president obama could nominate a replacement as soon as next week when the senate returns to the white house says the president is discussing the vacancy with his top advisors look for much more on this developing story ahead on good morning america in the race for the white house donald trump is threatening a lawsuit against gop rival ted cruz he says he could run as a third party candidate for president trump is challenging whether cruz meets the constitutional requirement to serve as president of being a natural born citizen cruz born in canada to american mother trump says he will follow through unless a texas senator stopped caring what trump calls false ads. good morning america is live in south carolina ahead of
5:43 am
primary. they will have more also an update on jeb bush campaigning there with his brother starting at seven o'clock right after this newscast. speaking of good morning america daybreak is giving one lucky person a threat to win a trip to a couple in her city and include the airfare hotel and two tickets to see gma live in times square to watch daybreak and six o'clock hour when the keyword and covert what website it is not that competent teachers have answered that he were going to be announcing the winner a break and try to do so said you would go to one of those items that we had such a good time the new york glad we're going to great show and really it's not just because on our ages ago it was really was fun i was blown away by how nice everybody was very professional but very welcoming how robin just blew us away the remaining third is all amazing. if your gmat and definitely something you
5:44 am
the way over with a little music that that done done done done as an ad in the gifted and five usa there are those i love and i hear her laugh is because we give you a trip to new york shooters because of these houses keep going on here that we had night yesterday fifty five for a hybrid that's a little deceptive because that high came just before midnight last night we said if you remember watching as she did break the temperatures were warmer to be into the mid forties and they're going to continue to want to feel right that is exactly what we've seen half an inch of rain at the airport and our rain chances today really going up by ten o'clock and through noon you're looking at near one hundred percent i will see eighty percent by noon and then as we go to the afternoon and drops off considerably so we will see partly sunny skies later on the site but temperatures now and it sounds way up there highs around sixty one
5:45 am
the day with the clearing skies but i would certainly say if you have plans later this morning or through the noon. be prepared for rain and some when the rain could be locally heavy make a half an inch or so and that comes in pretty short order today could be some runoff issues putting on the road certainly a consideration right now theres out to the west but spotty showers will be possible later this morning. here comes the rain though approaching from the last and overtaking i ninety five by eight thirty nine o'clock in the getting closer. initially we'll just see showers but the rainfall intensifying a little bit there might even be a couple of stray storms in the next will be shocked if you hear a little bit of thunder out there will be keeping an eye to the radar and then through the noon hour rain pulling offshore and improvements coming later in the day you see as we head through the mid to late afternoon the skies clear out this is what i expect as we head towards the evening commute drier conditions you want your sunglasses because this caution clear enough with that sun setting you definitely want
5:46 am
we have for us as we take a look at the temperatures this morning very mild upper fifties to low sixties it is a little cooler out to the west but everybody well above freezing so we're not looking at the issues that we saw yesterday for the abc thirteen viewing area across the metro today were looking much much better temperatures are being driven by the strong winds we're seeing gusts up to thirty to thirty five mph several locations even a couple hired us in virginia beach with a gust of thirty eight mph at the airport fifty nine in sustained winds or south southeast of twenty two mph. the pressure is falling so the high today right around sixty one degree showers going to be like me again a few storms potentially heavy rainfall across the region. listen i hear thirty nine again i do expect some clearing this afternoon but overnight skies become mostly cloudy with stray showers possible by sunrise again a morning shower possible otherwise partly sunny and forty eight
5:47 am
look ahead to your thursday will be cooler forty three fifty on friday and temperatures warmer through the weekend i let see if things are heating up around the hr bt here's ashley with the answer the critics so far it's not too bad around the hr bt i wanna give you a live blog just to prove that we're focusing on the norfolk hampton ride right now sixty four westbound is passed forth you are about three or four miles away from the hr bt right now moving very well at this point and eastbound traffic headed further into norfolk also moving very well but didn't wanna show u sixty four of the time bt because as we head back to the traffic network mapping arena by clicking the camera there and we zoom in or around naval station norfolk i want you to know his little yellow bear on sixty four west between chaska boulevard and planned the street that is traffic that's backing up headed toward naval station norfolk as you can see all of five sixty four westbound is jammed back to sixty four you down to twelve miles an hour to head to the base and we do have delays here mainly in
5:48 am
past naval station norfolk making her way up to the hr bt stay in the outside so the blame too should be in decent shape. only minor delays there as you pass all that traffic headed toward naval station norfolk the stick with us coming up at six o'clock and you wanna give you a live look at your writing to naval station norfolk in a full update there also give you a live look at a ride on fifty eight at the midtown tunnel usa it's five fifty two it's the two of sleep we care and a break and without a doubt many of you are holding fast to your new year's resolutions to get that in twenty sixteen. however if you've been putting in the work and still aren't seeing the results or maybe reason why i spoke with two experts to find out how sleep could come between you and your goal of losing weight seems kind of like nutrition for the brain. your body's metabolism changes when you don't get enough sleep well in addition to getting sleep experts tell us there are other ways to help shed those pounds will share some of them with you coming up in
5:49 am
daybreak me some hope on me oh yes our eye on our top consumer alert taxpayers across the country are getting letters from the irs saying that the agency is dealing with an on slot of fraudulent tax returns. so here's the problem extends from last year's data security breaches were millions of social security numbers were stolen. those thieves use the numbers to file fake returns in all the irs says it's catching and rejecting many of the returns. it also says it's now adding more security measures to determine a real return from a fake one. new this morning a new survey shows the third of the millennial generation is doing away with the traditional checking or savings account that's more than twenty seven million young people who are banking like her parents did more than half of all millennials don't have credit card or either instead eighteen twenty nine year olds are using debit cards are small loans interesting and twenty sixteen grammy awards was full of surprise wins
5:50 am
have to miss the biggest event in using fear not for recapping the winners and highlights on the other it's a taste so bold, yet so smooth, it could only be called, black silk, from folgers. a taste you could enjoy, fresh brewed, or one cup at a time.
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. cause they're pretty off email ghostbusters reboot. yes it
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boston but it has promise to pull the trailer in march on march third we'll see the new ladies t mobile's mccarthy chris the way ken and leslie jones people are upset about this teaser because we don't see any of the main characters the movie is out on the lefty frustrating yes netflix's out what the new trailer for one of their latest hits the daredevil trailer shows mad murdock who plays the vigilante daredevil taking on new percent. frank castle aka the punisher is her doubles enemy in the season while posting the trailer ends with the year are running into an old flame known as a lecture series is expected to debut marked eighteen and the fifty eighth annual grammy awards took place last night in l a a fan favorite taylor swift later took home album of the year for her album nineteen eighty nine. so during her acceptance speech she said. we fired back at rapper kanye west for his controversial song lyric claiming that he made her
5:54 am
went to mark ronson and bruno mars for their hit song uptown on this is just gross i don't know what he has been stable than a little sick about not writing out this is awful the movie the country had both sets of that was it was god only knows that he got into that lady got that's what it was either driving was done with white sauce i like the look of oh yeah well anyway kris won best country album honors for traveler and then little big town won best country duo group performance for their song girlfriend. so it's been five years is going to music to go to the top spot in the grammar so this is big deal for them. either way if your country music vid be sure to tune in the us one o six one. all this week i'll be co hosting on the brandon o'brien show between three and seven each night this is my first ate lots of fun well i guess the lesson again today starting at three o'clock on the west is making waves again this time on twitter of several tweets kind they claim that he was
5:55 am
in gas and as facebook founder mark zuckerberg to invest a billion dollars into his ideas telling the tech mobile that doing so would be the coolest things ever got my name went on to call himself the jordan and steph curry of music with a jaunty and stuff cold the day off reply your greatest person ever. so far no response from what you believe any of my religion and steph curry of morning weather forecast by all means at style me i'm so wet markets really let people invest money in the ocean to get together right. those stories trending now. yes they were this over more news weather and traffic over the basement it's really bad out there right now since the school bomb scare a late
5:56 am
high school on alert this morning but they're not going to cancel classes for fires in just four days in norfolk the latest on the investigation into those fires including cleanup efforts that could cause traffic problems this is thirteen is now a day because we said this moment ago ashley she is watching the rose the base backed up right now see were her back to work out there and his other trouble spots across him for sending craig is here the check of your forecast before you head out that door i'm telling you craig just don't know what the weather is going to do these days well i'd like to think i know exactly what. know where she was going with that it's crazy one day and super warm another day and super cold we've had rain we've had when we've had joy we had fun we had seasons in the sauna and outside today we are going to see some wet weather come rolling through and again the rain at times can be pretty heavy now today we're not looking at wintry weather temperatures really warm surging through the late
5:57 am
we're looking at temperatures in the upper fifties to low sixties and a couple spots it's rainy out to the last those showers are going to increase the legal line of pretty intense rainfall here that is working eastward through central north carolina nothing severe here so that's good but there are some heavier downpours want to see the rain overtaking our area as we go through the mid to late morning hours and issued be some showers but the rain is gonna come through and i expected between ten and a new good chances for his bank on that coming through and then move through and clear the coast so very very warm this morning and windy it because we've seen gusts between thirty and forty mph several locations including hampton virginia beach general is the city thirty mph gust their downtown norfolk visibility is good to be little damp again keep the umbrellas ready early this morning showers developing. keep in mind late morning to noon rain is going to occur and as we get
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