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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  February 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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westbound side are closed on it that's really affecting traffic no actually as commuters get out and had to work this morning what to expect what do you suggest they do well. elise is we take a look at our camera now someone just go ahead and head to that we do a little bit more to talk about in terms of traffic. now we've crossed over into the rush hour take a look at this as elise mentioned we have those two left lanes blocked but notice at this point. traffic is now totally stopped in the area. i'm assuming that that's because crews are trying to maybe clear up the scene. i'm hoping that's what it is right now i'm not totally sure all i know is that there's no movement passed the scene again this is sixty four westbound just before you get to j clyde probably have about a half mile back up approaching the scene. i'm so not the huge delay but certainly something is going to slug it out or mess you up for the morning commute so i'll continue to watch his camera i'll let you know when traffic starts moving. if you don't want to deal with this like the layout here or the back with a temporary
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jefferson avenue or warwick boulevard to kind of get around this part of sixty four hop back on a little bit further up around j clyde morris so again we'll continue to follow this religion when traffic starts moving right now we get to the forecast let's head over to craig. what a mess and she are right our weather is looking much better though we are going to see pretty pleasant conditions as far sky conditions go it will become mostly sunny right now one of cloud coverage into the clearing and our planet they're often the distance and we take a live look from our skyview thirty eight degrees right now winds north and seven and the pressure is rising we are going fine breezy conditions near the coast i just checked the dock pier reported a gust to twenty five mph. everybody else in wins and not that strong but it will be breezy especially this afternoon and the clouds are out there right now the thin cloud cover that's going to continue to disperse so as we take it to the day lots of sunshine temperatures up close to forty one is given to the early afternoon by
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to forty and eventually into the mid and upper thirties chilly today but warmer days ahead nothing about that comment up. all right thank you so much later today. a fort eustis soldiers scheduled to be in federal court on child porn charges daniel sal gets is accused of communicating with three underage girls online court documents show that he tried to get them to send him explicit images and try to visit at least two of them sal gets served two tours one in iraq and the other in afghanistan says a free agent on the virginia beach woman is set to go on trial today on felony charges of stealing a dog. the skulls were partners at the virginian pilot. bettina rodriguez and two others are accused of taking the animal from yakima county home according to the sheriff's office back in january of twenty fifteen someone saw that really take a dog in the back of the u haul rodriguez denies the accusation saying the group was delivering dog food and supplies a three year old suffolk boy is recovering this morning after being injured in an accidental shooting police
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way and apple wood farms last night. medics treated the boy antara norfolk general officers expected to survive but did not say how badly he was hurt to check back in with police today to see if the shooting and if any charges will be filed at virginia beach have lost their homes since saturday because of fires like the one you see here on tuesday this fire at a very core display sixteen people. investigators say this fire started in an electrical panel. another ten people lost their homes monday after a fire on record bay apartments and two people are still in the hospital after house fire early saturday morning we told you tuesday that the northrop our department has been dealing with the same issue there as well. they fought for fires and saturday the largest displaced around forty people a special session of the north carolina general assembly is set to start today to redraw the state's congressional map. lawmakers had hoped that the u s supreme court would block a lower court ruling that two current districts are
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the high court has not ruled on that request the full house and senate must vote on the boundaries to make them official but they have been ordered to drop new maps with boundaries tomorrow. this morning an update on the race days left on to the south carolina primary republican candidates pulling out all the stops he participated in a town hall last night on cnn trying to sway undecided candidates marco rubio who has just endorsed yesterday by south carolina governor nikki haley ted cruz ben carson to questions from the crowd me well know from appeared on msnbc where he downplayed new poll numbers that show him trailing behind ted cruz. good morning america picks a primary coverage live from charleston and they look into whether democrat hillary clinton would lose in the body starting at seven o'clock a story out of washington is making a lot of people angry the question that this heroic marine was asked before he was beaten and then dropped down brought back
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following breaking news a shooting on interstate sixty four in newport news two men have been shot they are now
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the two left lanes as you approach today clyde take a look at the big backup were dealing with at this point passing the scene. traffic was stopped for few minutes and just before i would say maybe going a little bit in to six o'clock in between five fifty five and six o five. now you can see traffic is moving at this point but we have about a half mile back up because of that stoppage is going to take awhile for track and the kind of relieve itself in that area but at least it's moving if you don't want to deal with the back of it all you can use jefferson avenue warwick boulevard take that to get around this part of the interstate compact on the j clyde morris and you should be in decent shape eastbound traffic moving pretty well. passing the scene doing a quick live look in the naval station norfolk and we have that second camera i'm not sure if we do if we don't get a live look here in just a little but there it is five sixty four westbound is one to surpass the one way tunnel not seeing any delays here nor any delays on the south side to that bit of good news but again the big trap the trouble in newport news
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bit of crack are dashed and i want to start with look down at the oceanfront skies are starting to brighten as we get closer to sunrise and it is going to be a nice day with a lot of sunshine across syria few thin clouds out there down to the south generally today the big news will be its really gonna stay chilly despite all the sunshine highs today only low forty seven forty one at the airport so not much fluctuation sunday in the series down the south a little bit warmer than that it's also going to be breezy near the coastal seas and winds gusting up twenty to maybe twenty five mph as we go through the day his bustop weather in genting right now partly cloudy to mostly clear across the region in the temperatures in the upper thirties for most areas as we take you through your recess is going to find the temperatures topping out officially around forty one but even those here is the top out in the low to mid forties at you know by the f d recess will be pretty close to forty one sat through the school day forecast just dig a little warmer same in
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there will see temperatures also a little warmer on wakefield and south pick up around williamsburg forty six cooler on the eastern shore upper thirties their mid thirties around now for forty two at matthews and at the outer banks low forties with mid forties in line take a look now at the next three days we get back into the upper forties tomorrow so getting closer to normal and that is beginning the week and low sixties so it's gonna be nice or saturday and sunday i'll have a more detailed look at that with my next update. all right greg thank you it is day four of sleep we can we've been talking alot about sleep deprivation so it's six thirty he actually dies into
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bridge on breaking news that we've been following all morning a shooting on interstate sixty four newport news since two men to the hospital state police say happened around two o'clock this morning we're told those two men were traveling westbound on the interstate when another car pulled up beside them and fired shots those two men were hit they're now at riverside regional medical center with non life threatening injuries right now no information on the suspects' vehicle. still as you can see from my lectures here a very active investigation going on right now creating quite a backup as ashley's been telling us about looking ladder thirteen is no traffic ever this is near harper's mill road overpass right now j clyde morris boulevard again this is westbound on sixty four we are working hard to bring you more information and get yours soon as possible our lease brown impact on
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live report coming up at six thirty right sandra thank you new this morning police in dc are looking for at least four people that they say beat up and robbed a marine you might not know christopher marquez by his name but you've probably seen as an h mike as the marine on the last in the snow man left behind statue in two thousand and four he and another marine risk their lives to save their team leader during an intense battle in iraq. well he got a bronze star for that fast forward to mcdonald's on friday. that is when marquez says a group of teenagers at that d c mcdonald started to taunt him marquez says that he is had he has a very hard time remembering what happened next. police say that surveillance video shows one of the teenagers hit marquez over the head and took his wallet six fifties your time if you check your child's text messages and chats chances are you'll see those um oh geez you know some of them mean but do you really
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that start with peers you've probably seen these animated icons used to express emotion when texting or posting online. harmless right. well find out what caused the group of moms to have this reaction um the and the environment this guest that has nothing to do more we'll show you the hidden meaning of some apologies and what do you see what happens when one mom asked her son to clue her in. that's tonight that is now at six. cnn i can begin anew this morning good news for anyone with a credit card or auto. yes because the federal reserve appears unlikely to raise rates at its meeting next month the fed seems concerned about what the wild swings in the stock market and china's troubles could mean for the u s economy and that is a diagram of air buses new idea for under seat storage it
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cut down leg room for the passenger behind you the diagram is part of new air bus patent application again believe there's more room to take the word fail unbelievable and pay for babysitters going up. ashley suzanne is the good news for you ashley. i heard i hear from the cafe heading to the national average was the one child is now fifty dollars seventy one cents an hour of five percent from last year that is a lot of money having two children eighteen dollars an hour and nearly twenty percent of sitters get tips top on top of our regular patron a distro and if you find a great person you want to keep count but you know that's why we do can light dinners in our kitchen over the hated doing the things that my jie hao min was gone it's gone up since we are glad your nose and doesn't care for seniors but that's a lot a lot of no
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see a lot of sunshine across syria as we can transition talk about that. it's also going to be chilly though so who doesn't know despite the sunny conditions it is going to be cool skies are mainly clear right now some clouds off in the distance air as he checked things out at the oceanfront let's talk about the spot on forecasts three forty eight was all we are going for yesterday the high officially was forty eight so our streak extends to eat perfect forecast as we look at it today. the spot on forecasts calling for wind chills ranging from the upper twenties to mid thirties through the afternoon i think that's really good number as when sea temperatures staying close to forty one and the winds could gust up around twenty or even twenty five mph this afternoon so we'll be watching then that'll be at the airport when there's a little bit warmer this morning a few clouds out there but still partly to mostly sunny temperatures generally in the upper thirties. it is chilly here in la and you'll see that around petersburg and richmond temperatures for
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upper thirty s right now midday temperatures near forty sunday it will be breezy and obviously chile some say below normal this afternoon. right now are saying so long the last of those clouds a couple of lights to shower showing up over northern virginia very light activity there not a real big deal but for our area were going to enjoy the sunshine as we look ahead through the late afternoon evening sky as clear and as we go to the overnight into tomorrow still mainly clear another can be a couple passing clouds from time to time but generally a really good stretch of weather today tomorrow and into the weekend saturday a little more cloud cover but still mostly to partly sunny and then sunday i expect partly cloudy skies temperatures will be turning up those we had the weekend as i mentioned is chilly around petersburg wakefield the twenty nine along with you for days but most of us in the upper thirties and mid thirties from suffolk downs which allows the city also mouth and thirty four hampton thirty five in chile are up at newport news. as we look
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are clearing the north winds blowing at seven. afternoon temperatures close to forty one the low tide at around twenty nine with mid twenties and one to mas high close to forty eight after that temperatures getting up in the low sixties saturday and sunday maybe mid sixties in what a great weekend we have monday a chance for an afternoon shower better chances for scattered what weather tuesday into wednesday. i dash has been a very busy morning feeling is still following that breaking traffic yeah that's right craig was at four thirty is now a traffic camera because i do have an update for you at that shooting scene in newport news on sixty four as you can see the scene is kind of clearing right before our eyes here it looks like what was left of it might be driving away at this point are slowly maybe moving up to the little bit on the interstate. actually at that we might be clearing up at this point you can see here the traffic looks like it might be moving in all of our lives a kind one to stay on this for just the second to see if everything starts moving i think we might be cleared at this point he saw
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of good news there. the bad news though is the whole a brake light on sixty four west right here j clyde morris just before you get the j clyde morris ran around harper's mill road so it's going to take a little bit of time for this backup to start to clear out but again the good news as you see right along with me. looks like all of our lanes are now open all the duplicates of sixty four eastbound traffic we quickly head back to the camera sixty four eastbound traffic is the source the conclusion of the bed kind of picking up here a little bit as well i think that will thin out a little faster than the westbound side. that's probably due to longer delays but now the scene has cleared hopefully will see improvements at six thirty we checked traffic again nature to stick with us that update coming up next right thank you so much ash here we go alone a year this dough cause
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i knew this morning a high schoolwork distrust stranded in the washington dc airport due to the winter weather decided to make the best of a bad situation with the just check out their issuance had a seat and put up an impromptu performance for everyone who was stuck with them. the band's captive audience of the music really
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nerves all the travelers can use air right now the rage in the form of alcohol beverage control. having some fun on facebook this morning check out these pictures apparently a deer wandered into an abc store in allegheny county say the bill walked in through the front doors and headed straight for the bourbon now they say she must have been shopping for. we made it through hunting season party even as other people to caption the pictures of some people said this was a cavernous is i hope that there's at least twenty one or i wanna know who the manager on duty was the state and here's another one from fay and she says hunting season can be stressful especially for dear very tired and asleep right here on daybreak so we're giving you a chance to win a trip for two to the city that never sleeps new york's air this includes hotel airfare tickets to see good morning america live in times square here's how you can enter watched a break during the six o'clock hour or so the woman a thing of not giving away the key word yet over thirteen years now that
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and enter it for a chance to win that is where you can also find the official contest coming up some help on the horizon today for people laid off by newport news shipbuilding a they're getting today as daybreak continues. the ci food fight continues to support this morning for apples as the fbi tries to get them to bypass special security features and we're following breaking news a double shooting on interstate sixty four newport news happen in the westbound
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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fifth for the breaking news out of newport news state police are investigating a double shooting on i sixty four new j clyde morris blvd take a look at this live picture from our life thirteen years the traffic camera the scene now starting to clear just wrapping up and by the way this was a very different scene earlier this morning show that to you. that's right a police cell for the shooting happened in the westbound lanes at harper's mill road. elise brown has been all that scene since five thirty working together the latest breaking
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good morning lucy in our tree right now i'm off the j clyde morris exit at sixty four to be on the trees behind the police just wrapped up moments ago they're shooting investigation police tell us two men were driving and the last play on sixty four when a vehicle pulled up beside them and someone started opening fire the two men were injured and taken to riverside hospital but are expected to be okay when i was out there there i saw several state police cars on the highway as well the large police truck parked behind a cadillac sedan had several bullet holes on its side in its glass shattered. a spokeswoman with police as the call came in around two this morning at sixty four west near harper's bill wrote at that time two lanes were blocked while police collected evidence against those lanes have opened traffic is moving freely right now again we have been in constant contact with the police will keep you updated as we get more information live in newport news elise brown thirteen years now. it's a good thing
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problem this morning for commuters in that area absolutely right now actually been watching ashlyn has been watching it for what three hours now and has been started yet this has been going on for quite a while thank goodness that about thirty minutes as the morning rush hour. things did clear out so that's very great news you guys just mention for those commuters out there let's take a look at the scene that includes a whole lot better now. this is actually where the scene was not busy or eastbound traffic headed in opposite direction of where the scene was you can see how nice it is now on the westbound side. i checked the cameras around big apple which is about a mile before you get to the scene everything moving well at this point you will not have any substantial delays you will not see any flashing lights out there so in terms of traffic a lot of good news there but we're continuing to get more details on what happened this morning will bring you the latest from several different angles as daybreak continues. for now head to our second camera and let's take a look here the hr bt in hampton we are not out of the woods just yet in terms of traffic trouble you
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get to the hr bt there's an accident that is blocking the left lanes on now traffic is backing up as you leave the peninsula and head toward the south side. i'm going to have the latest on this accident and the backups headed to the hr bt coming up in the next few minutes but for now let's get to breathe a sigh of relief here and check some good news with craig yet totally different situation from all the busy activity in ashley's been tracking weather very peaceful right now skies are really clearing out nicely across peninsula beautiful sky be there and sell side there are few thin clouds off and the south generally skies becoming mainly clear even as we speak thirty eight degrees north winds and seven we had a few higher gusts between twenty and twenty five mph down the outer banks but in general the winds really not too big an issue either we will see the winds increasing a little bit this afternoon and i expect more areas especially near the coast report those twenty to twenty five mile per hour winds. our temperatures are chilly this
6:32 am
fluctuate a lot we have upper thirties year because cooler conditions in one as we take you hour by hour by mid day will be right around forty and staying close to forty one officially inland areas will be a little warmer we'll see some spots in the lower to mid forties this is today's weather tomorrow we're back in the upper forties to near fifty and will get even warmer free weekend stay tuned it'll be worth it. i think you like what i have to say all right thank you cry later today several food distribution decisions will be held for newport news shipbuilding workers were laid off earlier this month more than seven hundred shipyard employees lost their jobs the company says are just not enough work right now today in norfolk a food distribution will be held at the iron workers union hall on virginia beach boulevard from one thirty until three thirty this afternoon and then another one will happen next wednesday the twenty fourth at the steel workers local eighty eight eighty eight on huntington avenue that in newport news from ten until three o'clock later today newport news shipbuilding parent company huntington
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release its fourth quarter twenty fifteen earnings results. the largest shipbuilding company in the nation will stream the result on its site during a webcast at ten o'clock this morning and nine o'clock this morning actually the president and ceo mike peters and other company leaders will take part in this call. huntington ingalls industries employs more than twenty thousand people just at the newport news shipbuilding location. new this morning center healthcare has settled a massive lawsuit into the suspected over use of implanted cardiac defibrillators the justice department announced that more than two hundred and fifty million dollars settlement has been reached and that happened back in october center heart hospital in norfolk is entirely in norfolk center overseen something as inter virginia beach general along with four hundred and fifty other hospitals accused of violating medical requirements now to a construction alert they need to know about if you commute to virginia beach that crews
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o'clock this morning we're told it or so will be posted here is a live picture of the closure is part of the new holland road connection project the project will change the existing two lane road to a new four lane divided roadway connecting damn neck and a mile parkway is expected to be completed in october of next year. six thirty five the time the fbi apple and you a case involving an i phone is putting security hawks against privacy advocates how can set a new precedent for all americans moving forward but first major developments now in the washington d c mansion murders inside this home ec there. the new charges against the prime suspect and we're following breaking news a shooting on interstate sixty four newport news two men have been shot they are now in the hospital on the westbound lanes of j clyde morris boulevard
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. all right still a very busy morning here on the traffic network even though things have cleared up one sixty four newport news. we now head to a new trap in trouble on sixty four in hampton are headed to the hr bt listen up and take a look at this sixty four eastbound at king street two miles away from the hr bt we already have a substantial backup into an accident near
6:38 am
lane when that accident as we head to our second camera and didn't see a worker is now one scene with the kids up to the police one of the cars there but the left lane is still blocked the hr bt just off in the distance. if you're headed to the south side you don't wanna deal with the backups. the monitor merrimack looks good if you can leave newport news and had to sub for jr be also in fine shape you can leave newport news and had isle of wight county. welcome to watch this election over the left lane reopens it looks like cruz may be starting to clear that scene up as you can see able to be picking up the cones out there but right now we're still not able to use that left lane. hopefully coming up at six fifty all have a bit of a better report for you. i think it'll still be backed up in that area about and speaking of backups heavy traffic sixty four the high rise bridge in chesapeake we'll talk about that coming up next prank by daschle thanks for the update right now skies are clearing the use of some clunker out there but things are looking brighter all the time good luck here across town point park from nine a case with a live skyview curley thirty eight degrees in norfolk and thirty nine down in
6:39 am
we have cooler conditions to the north and west some areas into the twenties away from the coasts folly of the warmer conditions right along the water's edge now it's gonna become breezy today generally the winds north ten to fifteen mph that's going to keep our temperatures from warming all that much. i do expect some occasional gusts around twenty to twenty five mph. so again near the coast a little bit breezy today upper wall today thirty seven the same the d c if you're heading to charlottesville not too bad they're partly sunny and forty five fifty two at asheville charlotte fifty three and warmer down in columbia south carolina so that we find a little bit of a warmup for us today officially the high will show right around forty one degrees this afternoon but from the line there is in the mid forties you can see from franklin to suffolk chesapeake and even virginia beach a little bit milder off to the north williamsburg forty six forty two at the urbana you can see over the eastern shore will find temperatures in the thirties
6:40 am
charles from thirty nine and then into northeast north carolina will find mid forties was in this city back towards it until a little warmer and slightly cooler at the outer banks now temperatures will be warming tomorrow back up into the upper forties near fifty and low sixties free weekend that sounded really nice. oh yeah the first or kbr to get some solid shut eye when your mind is running a mile a minute don't you know they are right as sleeping continues on daybreak. ashley smith spoke to an expert
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down that mind and life as spokesbox is great. people love me for saving them over half a grand
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i will update you on breaking news that we've been following all morning long to matter in the hospital after being shot on interstate sixty four newport news state police say it happened around two o'clock this morning those two men were traveling westbound on the interstate when another car pulled up beside them and fired shots into the two men were hit and taken to riverside regional medical center with non life threatening injuries right now i'm no information on the suspects' vehicle investigation on the interstate lasted for several hours but you can see from our thirteen is no traffic ever the westbound lanes near j clyde morris
6:44 am
to moving clearly we are working hard to bring you more information and we will get us soon as possible our lease brown impact on the scene for a live report from her coming up in the morning rush yards and a thank you for that new this morning the man who prosecutors say brutally murdered four people in a d c mansion now faces twenty felony charges even as police continue to investigate whether he had help in committing those heinous crimes. a grand jury indicted aaron went yesterday was accused of killing this of awful as family and their housekeeper and setting their house on fire in twenty fifteen is scheduled to be arraigned on those charges tomorrow morning privacy and security supporters rallied outside an apple store in san francisco last night the protest of the us government's demand that apple help the fbi looking i phone use by one of the san bernardino attackers. the fbi wants apple to invent new software that would allow the fbi to keep entry pass goes on to the locks the phone. apple is vowing to
6:45 am
says creating the hack would endanger the data security of all apple users look for more on this developing story had a good morning america concert coming up here in less than fifteen minutes after daybreak a goal of expanding its g mail feature jenelle find that already allows those of yahoo and outlook accounts to access all of their messages from a single screen but soon those non google accounts will look act and filter just like the mail except that they will not say at g mail dot com and check out what's being called the world's first full color high resolution flexible smart phone yes hopefully it will not break when i drop it it's called reflects the phone allows users to flip through pages by bending it screams plastic but it's just a prototype unfortunately right now looks like a wall don't know if you don't know where i was inevitable if richard ii guys here's the moment you've been
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win that trip to new york city taxi. we're going to give you the airfare the hotel tickets to see gma for two people to make sure you go over thirteen years now dot com and click on the features tab and enter the word taxi for the chance to win also going to find official contest. eugene the crib we're at the shark tank with our last year she does a segment on good morning america and she was super nice too. i mean those protests are suddenly getting put out there a lot of fun and you know it's funny today's keyword taxi guy as he roared when i was up i wanted to make sure i got the new york experience and yet it actually wasn't bad at all that they're not that everything was cool i was never easy and so on made me to watch commercials and will be a screen in the backseat of these candidates crazy. so anyway i here's what's going on right now you're going to watch the weather because it's gonna be chilly today the skies are clear in yesterday's high was officially forty eight matt
6:47 am
our spot on for cas challenge so in case you wonder we made it eight forecasts in a row and when to keep adding to that were calling for some pretty chilly wind chills through the afternoon as winds pick up will see wind chills upper twenties to mid good on rain obviously we don't anymore that night for a while or have to worry bout it looks i cringe with partly to mostly sunny skies this years because low thirties and even some twenties and one by midday close to forty eight just as warm up much after that officially the high near forty one inland areas will be a little warmer but these temps well below normal were typically around fifty one for a high white couple sprinkles really flurries up but not too far from charlottesville and you can see that's it's going to stay up over northern virginia not a problem for us we're going to see this guys mainly clear to partly cloudy this morning becoming sunny through the day and the temperatures stay in chile is immense you have the north wind increasing
6:48 am
maybe twenty five mph times have along the coast in general clear tonight and then tomorrow another mostly sunny day so it looks good i do think we'll see a little more cloud cover. late friday night into early saturday morning you see that here with the future cast and saturday still a mostly sunny or partly to mostly sunny day sunday will see a little more cloud cover and then late monday to tuesday that's when the pattern changes and we may see a better shot at rain. i expect some rain early to middle of next week right now looking at temperatures in the twenties in one hour on petersburg and wakefield to emporia really chilly their new fort is also reporting twenty nine so that's at the airport. we've earned thirty two thirty four now but temperatures mild at the coast and down south as we take a look over norfolk and the elizabeth river north winds are blowing and seven mph temperatures today will reach about forty one lots and lots of sunshine breezy and chilly chilly tonight as well. upper twenties with mid twenties and one and then
6:49 am
still a little cooler than normal but we're definitely trending in the right direction and was even warmer weather through your weekend sixty two saturday sixty two sunday and the chance for wet weather monday really monday evening into tuesday and wednesday are nashua yet while craig has been a busy morning on the traffic network and we have those earlier issues in newport news but now we're focused on hampden and sixty four. if you're headed to the hr bt i have the latest on a big backup out there take a look at our camera you can see traffic already passing over king street is pretty jailed as a head to the hr bt we had an earlier accident at this point has cleared near the hr bt it was blocking one lane now all the lanes are open but the damage has basically been done so we're dealing with a bow and tutu and a half mile back up at this point. creeping back to our mistakes so in the next time which attracted will be a three mile backup if you don't want to deal with this you can always use the monitor merrimack or the g r b to access the south
6:50 am
the second carol we had a sixty four in chesapeake where you live around the high rise bridge we are starting to improve a little bit here to westbound traffic headed toward four sixty four eastbound traffic making it sweet or george washington and south military at this point it is heavy out there but it is moving we're not seeing any issues in terms of an accident or breakdown so a bit of good news there but certainly something to watch out for as you planned the morning commute causing delays on the midtown tunnel we have abridged list for later on today i'll have the latest on all the traffic conditions coming up in just five minutes are right now though it is day four of sleep week here on daybreak and today i am busting some of the mets you may have heard about getting to sleep faster and the sleet reeks of sleep sleep tricks i should say making logical on the surface and they may even help you fall asleep but if they're not helping you to get quality rest they could
6:51 am
good to people who have issues but he did not look good in comedy marcus and marcus a high in the incumbent marcus has been associated with diseases like cardiovascular disease stroke diabetes high blood pressure and the things that we all think about we know the good sleep is vital but to think about how it impacts your health it's really important now with that in mind here are some tricks that you may have tried all of us on the desk or may have tried to help you fall asleep now the first one i'm guilty of watching tv helps you fall asleep that's what we like to tell ourselves right the snow actually not the doctors are we just heard from him about the core he said is false. ok the engaging content and the light that emits from the screen can keep you up in the now legal for tv but the goal for the following is an enterprise has in all of right next to a glass of wine or cup with a cup of herbal tea will help you fall asleep
6:52 am
wine may help you fall asleep faster right. but dr shah says the alcohol in your system may make it difficult for you to stay off leash at all sleep at night waking up in the middle of the night to knock in the quality rest and that was talk about the herbal teas a lot of them have sleep promoting ingredients we all know that black herbal tea is a lot of them usually contain some level of caffeine. don't forget about that that's a stimulant and finally exercising at night will keep you up a lot of people think that dr scholl says yes and no here. so what we're supposed to do is try workouts that are less vigorous try yoga and things like that and allow yourself ample time to cool off before you jump into bed and a ba in fine shape or so but can't work out until it's late at night don't think about that more closely with absolutely it is there you go and try not to do the really intense crazy workout right before you go to sleep i finally got
6:53 am
work for people and if they do the work for you than great keep doing it but many of us a lot of us have tried it all and somehow are still missing out on a good night's rest so that's when you have to admit you're doing something wrong which helped out of the world of the sleep lab the highway on the news that i'm calling you out she
6:54 am
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6:56 am
. top store in the morning rush breaking news out of newport news was the police are investigating a double shooting on i sixty four near j clyde morris boulevard is in very short time ago state police tell us the shooting happened in the westbound lanes of harper's mill road. i lisa brown has been live on scene since five thirty this morning working together all those details elise good morning the three hundred on here just off a sixty four where the scene behind me cleared just about thirty minutes ago now we take a look and show you what this video looks like from earlier c police had two left lanes blocked while they investigated the shooting police tell us two men were driving in the left lane on sixty four around two this morning when we say a vehicle pulled up beside them and someone started firing
6:57 am
taken to riverside hospital but are expected to be okay as you can imagine that how to be a very scary ordeal state troopers are out here collecting evidence a cadillac sedan was parked on the side and had several bullet holes on in shattered glass two lanes were blocked while police collected evidence but that again is open to traffic is moving freely. there's no information right now on this aspect but we will keep you updated as we get more information. live in newport news elise brown thirteen years now and ashley clear right in the middle of rush hour so it didn't cause any major issues yet we have a big trouble how to ride the beginning of rush hour leading up until about six twenty six twenty five and then it started to improve and i thought we'd be out of the woods but not yet as we head out to hampton. you can see here now the focus has been shipped on the traffic network to the hr bt so we have a two and a half mile back up to king street as you see here due to an earlier accident at the hr bt is to head to norfolk your alternate routes are clear on
6:58 am
still have a few delays eastbound at the midtown tunnel as both a bit around the high rise bridge when the westbound side. don't forget the gilbert and bridge opens in about fifteen minutes and then again at eight fifteen the jr b opens at eight o'clock this morning broke her weather has been very straightforward so you know we've actually been asking a little extra time for the traffic coverage basically we're looking a lot of sunshine today beautiful the ocean front right now skies are clearing temperatures are chilly and the high today only reaching about forty one degrees so how to look into one of those days were thanks to north winds the temperatures hold nearly steady low forties and mid forties in line but we give a nice warm up for you we are at all and yeah thanks so much praise and joy to their head the server of some thirty does not favor go back
6:59 am
good morning, america. dead heat. a brand-new national poll shows ted cruz and donald trump tied as trump takes aim at jeb bush. >> this guy, why doesn't he just give up, go home. go home. go home to mom. >> and hillary clinton trying to avoid another upset striking a pose in "vogue" just two days until the next big showdown. breaking overnight, president obama will travel to cuba, the first president to visit in more than 80 years and the huge events in the works in havana from major league baseball to beyonce. the 18-year-old arrested posing as a doctor accused of treating patients now out on bail speaking out to abc news. the question that made him do this. kanye west caught on a hot mike. the talent's temper tantrum backstage at "snl."
7:00 am
meltdown. good morning, america. happy thursday. want to meet a dumb that can keep a secret? take a look at them right now. over a month they kept it. those winners in florida, the powerball lottery, $528 million check. >> even from their children. >> even from their children. >> wow. >> what else are you keeping from mom and dad? >> well, somebody out there is keeping an even bigger secret. search still on for the third winning ticket. >> anyone, anyone? >> i wish. >> we have a lot to get to this morning. we begin with the race for the white house. it is "your voice, your vote." just two days till the south carolina republican primary and donald trump is leading there. but take a look at this new national poll showing ted cruz and donald trump virtually tied. abc's tom llamas has the latest from charleston, south carolina. good morning, tom. >> reporter: amy, donald trump up early this morning tweeting about that new national poll saying, there are several other polls where he's still in the lead. he's not sure why the media is focused on that new poll.


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