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tv   13 News 5  ABC  February 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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with his parents gun woke up had a baby in hand and it was no response i can see their little foot dangling in a quickly just got the kids into the car and they went where police say the boy was at home with his two year old sibling and his mom when he found the gun to his parents use for protection. it went off sending a bullet into the boy's shoulder. i kept raining then you know the one hit a nato partners like ok that's a good sign. the boy is recovering at a norfolk children's hospital and police say charges are pending. no one came to the family store when we stopped by only thing i can think of is you know somebody's skin cut her i don't know why and it doesn't happen in a neighborhood when he does this kind of a shock and again the boy is expected to recover and police are reminding parents to lock up their guns the suffix sheriff's office is giving away free safety locks at
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street. erik ainge thirty news now new information on a hazmat situation on cynthia drive in hampton we learned that investigators found part of a meth lab police say yesterday's cases connected to the two other meth lab busts that recently happened in newport news on middlesex road newport news police already made three arrests in their case and so far no arrest in hampton. now to end illegal gambling bust in north carolina after getting numerous complaints officers searched the northampton county internet cactus cafe in bingo hall a two month investigation into sugar bugs on north main street ended with twenty nine video gaming machines seized and thirty eight thousand dollars in cash were told criminal charges are pending against them is the zone a bill to bring gambling to portsmouth has died in the senate for years state sen louise lucas has tried to bring casinos to portsmouth her bill would have created a state casino gaming commission under the measure voters would need
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casino in the city. the bill didn't even make it out of a senate committee high school graduation requirements could drastically change in virginia state sen john miller was to get rid of standard and advanced diplomas and develop a profile of the student who can think critically creatively and work well with others. now he's pushing a bill to make that happen are generally has more redesigning high school in virginia that's what two bills in the general assembly are aiming to do by putting more emphasis on preparing teens for college and jobs and moving away from a testing based culture i definitely think that would be a lot better because there's a lot of students as as me myself i didn't test very well under the bills classes in their first two years of high school than in their junior and senior years they can choose to take courses that prepare them for college or they can take a path that better prepares
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getting an internship or apprenticeship attitude and a ready to go into cottage we may go either. barbara white was in norfolk public schools teacher for thirty years she's happy to see that state leaders are stepping up to better prepare students for the real world too much testing the past we are so well that i think a more broad based education kids critical thinking that counting is definitely a good idea if it'll pass is the new requirements would begin for the freshman class that starts in the fall of twenty eighteen and coming up at six ounce tell you what the education community has to say about this and how they think this could change the course of education in virginia. i mean the thirteen years now. parents stay off the monitor your child's chats or text messages in those jeans are changing the way your children communicate and it's not all camped with our legs is here to explain that janet is say anything risque with some oh geez out that if you don't
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now tonight at six because some of these abilities have hidden meanings and parents are not going to like um what's the reaction one mother had when we clued her in um the and the environment this guest that was not long after that she decided to have a chat with us on the ol' fashioned time there until deathly want to watch their language in a moldy meanings to nineteen thirteen is now at six went to see that our two suspects are on the loose with more than four hundred dollars with the booms all because of a cloned credit cards now virginia beach police are looking for the duo that happened at the abc store in northampton boulevard a couple weeks ago. you can see one of them and taking off with a box of tennessee police are encouraging anyone with information to call the crime line and newport news police say someone shot
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took her purse while she shopped at lowe's all in broad daylight happened yesterday around noon on chatham drive officers tell us a witness saw a man go up to a chevy tahoe look through the windows they heard a gunshot and then saw the suspect removed an item now police are investigating what exactly happen. twelve hundred people laid off in a matter of months see how the community is coming together to help shipyard workers who are going without a paycheck and here's an unusual way to blow off some steam how one woman is making money off of tantrums. plus it's the changing face of western branch in one test week woman wants to do something about that joe flanagan coming up we'll show you her facebook page and water movement is all about and it's really cold out there tonight but then we have a warm up just in time especially for your weekend and as we take a look at thirteen years now traffic camera back to chesapeake now the left lane is still blocked with a bit of a
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a little bit further off thirteen southbound south military highway between four sixty four and the gilmer to bridge and that is following the earlier car fire that i was watching so expect a major backups on both sides
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i adjusted the community is using facebook too change their neighborhood the online pages called western branch going forward. the creator cathy young is amazed at how fast it is growing. joe flanagan talk to her today about some of the next big things she wants to accomplish through the page
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in may of twenty fifteen the longtime western branch resident wanted to create on facebook which he called a virtual meeting place and bring people together and gather ideas and ideas on what had worked to help western front row forward and fix the issues that we hadn't sent just complaining about them we needed to come up with some solutions because they do have a farmers market operates at their western branch community center but they will find another venue for the and the old movie house behind chesapeake square mall is coming down well we've definitely seen a downturn in our retail here chesapeake square mall stores have gone then going out sears went out last year with just us macy's american eagle mom we need something to bring people back now hear many people know kathy is involved in bringing a sports field house the western branch. one developer wants to build it but add hundreds
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is already building or jah love road and she's discussed sign sweepers our site a way for citizens to help clean up on what signage and litter and the city has a training session tonight i believe tonight's training is all about what's legal what's illegal. um and when it is illegal what you do about it and five thousand facebook followers and growing cafe says she's already a ten percent of the population of western branch liking her facebook page and like that name says she is all about growing forward in chess with joe flanagan thirty news now big changes could soon come to cape hatteras national seashore those changes include keeping some beaches open at night and extending the beach driving season. you can chime in on the proposal there's a public meeting next monday night. it starts at six at the hilton garden inn in kitty hawk. if you can't make it to that meeting we'll have more for more chances and you can find a
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locations of thirteen years now by a person walking by a house in office this morning notice smoke and called nine one one the fire cause so much damage to the home on chesapeake boulevard that those who live there have to find a new place to stay with all the house didn't have working smoke alarms no one was home when that fire started in no word yet on what caused the fire was in a place to get rid of unwanted or expired medicine and stuff at cvs pharmacy donated to drug drop off boxes to the suffolk police department one boxes set up at police headquarters the other is that priests into a bridge road authorities hope that will encourage people to get rid of old drugs safely instead of throwing them into the trash virginia beach set up similar drug drop off locations last year we learn today there are now three confirmed cases of the z virus in virginia the cdc says all three patients got the virus while in other countries the virginia department of health didn't give details on who those patients are or where they
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told you a college of william and mary student contracted the virus while traveling in central america over the winter break. zeke of course is the mosquito borne virus because of increased concerns the eastern shore health district is asking people to take steps now to help control the mosquito population this means getting rid of a standing water on your property and keeping your trash bins covered and plant mosquito repelling plants in your flower and vegetable gardens and around your doorsteps running yoga coloring all are ways to burn off stress but what about this okay. welcome to the world and tantrums the business motto is relaxation and devastation and open a few months ago in houston texas. the owner started the business after getting laid off she decorates the sound proof
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wants to do what ever you will be knit up smash or trash any possible lead in the uk to step on it or whatever and hear all the doom the props were either reclaimed from trashed or donated the owner is expanding her services now they offer corporate group packages right president obama is going to take a historic trip to cuba next month this will be the first time a sitting president has gone to cuba in more than half a century. the goal is to advance u s efforts to restore ties with the communist nation president obama will meet with cuban president raul castro mr obama is expected to talk about human rights and political freedoms given the choice between going in december when frankly would just kind of be a vacation down to cuba or going now and trying to get some business done. we believe that the time is right to go
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in cuba for two days he'll also visit argentina. some rather cool temperatures out there today a little bit below normal adult on five in some spots ten degrees most of us five six seven. you can see a lot of clear skies with a lot of sunshine today and really a lot more in the forecast as well. i think they'll be some high thin clouds for the next couple of days giving us at times sort of filtered sunshine or a dim sunshine but overall it's sunshine that is the main word in my forecast and eventually warmer temperatures not warm out there now although not horrible thirty nine degrees currently. but that northerly wind and thirteen is making it feel more like the lower thirties and the pressure is holding steady at thirty point forty six pollen forecast for tomorrow says forty six degrees for today had i just chose and the temperature i would have been right but instead i said when chills of twenty six the thirty for most of the in the morning they were most of the afternoon there around thirty secs and then later
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that range so since that one two o'clock we were quite in that range missed that by two degrees. we're going to say we were wrong so we'll start the forecast hopefully the streak over at one during the day tomorrow. meanwhile tempers out there there are few forties that would just change from thirty nine to forty i think it's adequate to my eye and you can see some thirties closer to the coast laugh because the water's still chilly when the wind comes in off the water. it knocked down those temperatures near the shorelines verses back in line for example forty eight right now in williamsburg look at the thirties across the eastern shore and then there's a couple of thirty there are couple thirties but for the most part you see slightly milder conditions again back in one that goes for north carolina words upper forties versus coastal section some mid forties that eventually led to low forties right near the water's edge taste of spring cannot though this weekend. now it's not going to feel like april or may but it will feel at least like march as we're going to
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degrees above normal in a few locations not for us i think will be ten to fifteen above but as you can see right now it is chilly going to drop back down into and through the thirties and again it will also feel a little bit colder than that because the wind. let's say maybe twenty five to thirty at this point but later tonight the winds do begin to ease notice how the wind streams are coming in much more off slowly. that means lighter winds and has a result of that temperatures will get down in what areas in the twenties but by nine o'clock we're already back in one of us into the twenties by nine o'clock we're already back up into the thirties and then topping out tomorrow afternoon a little bit warmer than today not much notice the very light wind flow at that time but by tomorrow night it starts to come and more at the south again lately and as a result we don't get as cold tomorrow night as tonight and that means starting off your
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the upper thirties then some spots even lower or mid forties and that leads to very nice afternoon sort of that damn sunshine at times but temperatures about ten degrees above where we should be this time of year. here's the system sitting well offshore and as you can see where enjoying the nice clear skies all up and down the eastern seaboard tight and twenty seven with thirty or so at the coastline but lower to mid twenties for the inland areas and the rest the forecast is going to look like this tomorrow. a little bit milder than today but still about five below normal dim sun shined him sunshine saturday sixty i mentioned earlier i lowered saturday two degrees but i race sunday three degrees from yesterday so i'll get all the same warm will get your messages press it slightly differently. not that my stuff and i thank you adam added tax a would be robber the whole thing caught on camera why the hero of
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plus pitching in to hope lane off shipyard workers are
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. live in a much needed helping hand to some people could really use that we're talking about the more than twelve hundred workers laid off at newport news shipbuilding since last september. today some generous people teamed up to make sure those shipyard workers can put some food on the table like gooding was there unfortunately the need for this type of assistance may continue with newport news shipbuilding saying there could be more layoffs before the end of the year and be eighty and general dynamics vasco saying the same thing happen again that today was all about helping members of the united steel workers local eighty eight eighty eight at the iron workers union hall in norfolk laid off employees
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up with food courtesy of the food bank of southeastern virginia eastern shore and the united way for south hampton roads off elect is the great benefit to their cigar workers who lost their jobs may be struggling a little bit though. does this make is me to hell somalia in all four hundred a d newport news workers were laid off in september another seven hundred and thirty eight lost their jobs on february third more than two hundred eighty still could potentially tough and most people work paycheck to paycheck and if it is just a very basic need and you just assume everyone has that he went there for everyone to be featured for steelworkers president arnold outlaw is guarded the optimistic hope flew to cusco we pick a song liao don't know about the real story may be the end of this year the school is a recounting of these people back and the next plant food distribution is next wednesday the united steel
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eighty eight in newport news from ten a m until three pm in norfolk migrating thirteen news now by huntington ingalls the parent company of newport news shipbuilding announced its fourth quarter profits reached fifty million dollars now that sounds good but that's two million last minute made during the same time period the year before still year to year profits for the company were up more than nineteen percent lawmakers in richmond are trying to figure out how to regulate air be nba were looking at how this bill could impact local hotels especially at the oceanfront
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the law that would legalize short term rentals all over virginia is gaining traction in the general assembly way you need to know if you utilize services like home away in their bmt or hurt feelings report said the parents the sarcastic document targets quote whiners out the school district is responding the self proclaimed dr love is out of jail in speaking out about getting charged with practicing medicine without a license. i do probably hold a peachy amen what i don't feel
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until you see how he reacted to this question are you a fraud. a bill in the general assembly could have a huge impact for the hampton roads region lawmakers are trying to figure out how to regulate air the indy its own website that allows people to rent out rooms apartments and houses and resort area like ours that has thousands of hotel rooms. it could be bad news. this is for j co is light at the oceanfront where many of those hotels are to explain what this could mean for our resort cord or lawmakers in both the house and the senate passed their own versions of the bill that would allow any home owner in virginia to open up their own air b and b of course the hotels are concerned because they think this is going to tap into their business to local governments
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will have a few concerns of their own hundreds of homeowners are ready to open their doors to strangers letting them rent the whole house or even just a room it's a real business happening over the country plenty of hampton roads homes are advertised as well it's a great way to make money and share house with people i'm sure the neighborhood with people carol jackson all for it her family owns a short term rental property that's advertised own ear b and b the service is currently not regulated on a state level in virginia and owned by hotels who pay taxes for their revenue. homeowners are websites like err b and b are putting up the cash in virginia beach city leaders asked lawmakers to look into the issue their concerns are just with the tax revenue but also with the safety of visitors and residents and neighborhoods city leaders requested lawmakers to take a bit longer not make hasty decisions. although she use
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becoming more popular i think people are doing with your place you on the golf course and many in the hospitality industry including hotel owners are very concerned of what this bill could do to their business. read more of their thoughts on our website at their teen years now. dot com reporting live in virginia beach and receiver jacob thirteen is now a new survey from goldman sachs shows that once people use air being be they are more likely to keep using the site of the two thousand people surveyed only forty percent of people who stay in peer to peer lodging said they still prefer traditional hotels the survey also revealed it's not just younger people using sites like they're being be home away and flaky in the survey twenty nine percent of people forty five and older said they'd use peer to peer lodging at least once a worker is recovering after the injured on the job in portsmouth this morning something fell from a construction site at country and washington streets hitting that worker crews are


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