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tv   13 News Sunday  ABC  February 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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the results next on thirty news now. thank you for joining us southerners now daybreak on joe flanagan left to right to that breaking news in michigan right now suspect is behind bars after a series of random shootings in kalamazoo. seven people died including a fourteen year old girl. two others were hurt including a nine year old child shootings happen in three different locations. officials with the sheriff's department say the suspect was driving around shooting people in a dark blue vehicle deputies eventually took him into custody early this morning very thankful that he did go willingly and without incident but you know you never know what these individuals are thinking authorities have not released the suspects' names of all the cities of forty five year old man right now authorities are questioning him you can count on thirty news now to bring you the latest on this story will keep updating you throughout the morning. well switching gears to the weather department warm
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today right now it's in the mid twenties in downtown milford is that correct. now in the face of the event half the diapers you just said oh no fifty akron. these are all the stations caught breaking it all down give us more the fifties let's go to six these i should think you know what. and we're going to make a run for the sixties today even close to seventy as we going to be another really nice day but i am tracking showers take a look at these temperatures right now with fifty one and north of the morning for joining us from fort from emporia about ten degrees cooler forty one degrees or fifty two in chesapeake right now fifteen hansen portsmouth you're coming in at fifty as well and virginia beach are coming and had fifty four degrees of i'll start today. all due to the south westerly winds wind so out of the southwest that will continue throughout the day as well but not quite as breezy as yesterday we actually had when i view remember above ten mph across the area was pretty windy
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the when the little bit calmer today about five to ten mph. now satellite but i was sleeping nice and rise of not tracking any showers just a few clouds starting to push into the state. we will see increasing clouds as we had throughout the day to day temperatures climbing near sixty degrees by mid morning will top out near seventy by this afternoon but that will come of chances for re knowledge when the rate of rise and will talk about a cooler monday. that's coming up in a seven day forecast joe. all right thanks a shine out of the race for the white house the votes are in and it was a landslide victory for two heavyweight contenders hillary clinton came out on top in the nevada caucuses bouncing back from her embarrassing twenty two point loss to bernie sanders in new hampshire statewide clinton pulled in fifty seven percent of the vote on senator sanders lagged behind with only twenty seven percent meanwhile on the republican side of the coin donald trump continued his momentum in south carolina
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defeated his closest opponent by ten points. marco rubio came in second with twenty two point four percent of the votes closely followed by ted cruz with twenty two point three percent. abc's megan hughes has been watching both races closely and breaks down what these victories mean for the candidates with two wins under their belts the weakling donald trump are now looking ahead to the next contests with confidence we're going right to nevada and i think we're going to do terrific there and the sec's going to be very very exciting we expected to ferry havana when the invigorating clinton's campaign clinton street to texas was another big late night rally for texas southern university says that great i was long lines to vote in both states reflecting a heavy turnout
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with strong performances after another poor showing emotion and jeb bush called it quits tonight i am suspending my campaign the area of abandoned seniors made it clear that he's not dropping looking for the democrats assembled in philadelphia in july at the convention we are going to see the results of one of the great political upsets in the history of er the two parties now essentially switch places republicans face off again in nevada on tuesday democrats vote here in south carolina next saturday mega news abc news columbia south carolina the campaign trail is bringing senator bernie
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this week sanders will hold a rally in scope on tuesday doors open at nine thirty a m the rally itself starts at noon. it's open every one of the campaign encourages you to rsvp ahead of time we have instructions on how to do that on our website and thirteen news now dot com you can keep up with every candidate as they continue their campaigns for the latest news head to our website of thirteen years now com and click on the national politics tab you can also look for an update tonight on thirty news now at eleven. in other news virginia beach police are looking for the person who robbed a hotel of the oceanfront it happened around twelve twenty yesterday afternoon at the super eight on atlantic avenue in the seventeen hundred block officer say that someone went into a room and took money a person may have had a gun police have not released any other information about the ins also in virginia beach were
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happened at a hotel that wound up requiring a large number of virginia beach police officers dispatchers got a call about a robbery the nights and only name in parkway yesterday morning hours later police still were there and at least two people were handcuffed someone who works at a nearby business as the problems stem from a party and that it's not the first time there's been an issue at that hotel in a good neighborhood good or bad hotel so we need to do so go to although we did see those two people handcuffed police have not said if they were arrested or if the charge and a mother in mourning demanding answers from the chief of police. still ahead on daybreak why she had a dozen friends say they won't stop until they get answer. it has defied the best hackers of the fbi
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the other sunday morning everybody was starting off with a live look outside overlooking downtown norfolk the side continuing to come up this morning. it's absolutely gorgeous outside it feels pretty good as well temperatures in the low fifties in norfolk with the wind sail out of the west southwest that is a warm wind for us is that we're going to contain two votes and that warmer air into the region of temperatures compared to this time yesterday morning are a few degrees warmer not quite as warm as yesterday morning our twenty four hour temperature map showed but we're still about five degrees warmer in norfolk as well as hinton and we're going to see above average temperatures once again as we head into this afternoon. now satellite but i was sleeping nice and dry but as i zoom out the new unity showers and
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eastward. no showers will arrive into our viewing area as we had mainly into the evening hours and into the early morning hours on monday so most of the daylight hours will remain dry temperatures will climb near sixty degrees by mid morning will top out near seventy by this action own but then we will have that chance for showers as we approach i will say the five six o'clock hours later on this evening we'll have that better chance for showers. if you have any outdoor plans today i was to get those plans done at least daylight and then our onesies are to head back indoors will start to track some of the showers likely appearing on radar and also tracking cooler temperatures as we head into next week we'll talk about that is why we don't need to talk much about cooler temperatures i did i hear you say near seventy yen of your saturday once again today is going to be a really nice day for trying to get out and enjoy the weather definitely today is a do it. thank you ok well the virginia dmv says they're seeing a decrease in alcohol related crashes and
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maybe the reason why more on
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for the second day in a row people demonstrated
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indicator tigger died in september after virginia beach police shot her and angelo area officers say they were looking at perrin connection to a number of crimes and that he started firing at them from inside caters car figures baby was there but was not hurt. there was a rally saturday at seven eleven where the exchange of gunfire took place caters mother gina best was there with supporters. she is calling on the police department to be transparent and believes the demonstrations helped call attention to what she considers police brutality my daughter a woman was not viewed as a human. she's in her great today and to the babies have to be raised now without a mother. best is asking for surveillance footage from the seven eleven to be released but the commonwealth's attorney's office says it can't release the video until it completes its investigation this week demonstrators are planning a
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cities to show their support for apple are backing the company's decision to defy a court order telling it to unlock an encrypted i phone that belonged to one of the san bernardino shooters after a heated standoff a solution might be in sight. here's abc's eva pilgrim proposal to break the stalemate between the fbi an apple over a government demand the tech giant hack into the iphone of the san bernardino shooter cyber security pioneer john mcafee offering to do it himself for free in three weeks i guarantee you give me the phone review the data back of the defending apple saying the f b i's requests to create a so called backdoor into the phone's operating system puts hundreds of millions of iphone users at risk. his plan involves physically taking apart this phone and only this phone. eliminating
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social engineering plus the hardware and software. we did we perform magic with the wanton it comes out this is how it works out there ten thousand hackers in the world who could easily do what i'm suggesting myself but the government has said it needs apples help to get in the psyche for rick's phone that was abc's of the pilgrim reporting internet rights groups fight for the future scheduled the nationwide rallies on tuesday while a call to move or is just a click away on your phone and just might be a click away from saving your life the dmv is looking into what role ride sharing companies are playing in the decrease in drunken driving crashes and deaths in virginia the agency reported al four percent decrease in alcohol related crashes from twenty fourteen twenty fifty germany lee has more to the dmv commissioner says it's too early to definitively say that humor and laughter are playing a role in this he
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connection to the dmv is looking into it it's really not that expensive. it's a lot better than trying to drive down here on the edge too drunk to drive just taken over with new reich actually got to have a better time not even worry about how many get home thinking driving deaths in virginia are significantly down over the last year preliminary numbers from the dmb show like twenty two percent decrease from twenty fourteen twenty fifteen hundred uber driver andrew parks says he knows the numbers are down because of ride sharing companies lot of people that i've given r res to said if it wasn't for over their chance and probably drink and drive on any given friday or saturday night andrew says he picks up at least twenty people just had too much to drink what you make somebody a couple incidents where people had
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let out the car he says it's gratifying to know that he's keeping the roads safer and potentially saving lives that make you feel like you've done something good for the day i don't consider myself a hero a thunderstorm job jenny be thirteen years now also another mild start on this sunday morning yesterday morning a lot of spots were in the forties we've got some fifties on the mat this morning full of them in here take a look at where you're located forty nine degrees right now it's a little coming in at fifty and glass are on the eastern shore mouth or your fifty degrees as well. also x more at fifty degrees on the peninsula we've got fifty at the williamsburg jamestown airport down to fifty right now in langley and fifty one in hanson and on the southside more of the same alot of fifty this person closer to the water fifty one ocean view as well as at the airport where fifty two and can smell a little bit farther and when longview you're coming in at forty nine degrees and across
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we've got fifty two in belvedere forty nine gates fell and fifty right now and those of cities of mile sur today and we're going to see some mild conditions as we end the day as well. now satellite radar showing clear conditions were still dry but notice the clouds started to push into the central portion of the state. this is all associated with this cold front as this fight continues to sag a little bit farther south that will happen overnight tonight into early monday and that front will bring us a chance for a few showers as we head to the rest of this morning looking pretty good staying mainly dry by lunch time temperatures well into the sixties by that point will say mid sixties for most areas but then notice we are still saying mostly sunny conditions as we head into the afternoon hours. our class will start to increase and then the rain arrives for the central portion of the state by two three o'clock the rain will start to push towards our area later on to buy five six o'clock we should be dealing with showers closer to the south side down into
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temperatures will top out today and the upper sixties or seventy were going to continue with the chance of rain overnight and then monday as we start monday morning still pretty mild in the forties starting off we're going to hold on to the clouds and by monday afternoon temperatures are going be alot cooler only in the upper forties near fifty and some spots and then as we head throughout the day on monday especially into the overnight hours monday into tuesday. that's what we're attracting more rain in the forecast for today most of the day actually drive temperatures and with a little bit cooler than this model near seventy degrees also near seventy for hanson newport news. a little bit cooler on the eastern shore and northeastern north carolina will likely climb to seventy by this action in sixty nine today at twenty degree drop as we head into monday and then tracking a wet day on tuesday and wednesday but temperatures closer to normal job. all right thanks a show coming up in sports by one of wright's but later in sports not
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at panera. food as it should be. in sports news were wrapping up state championships in both gymnastics and wrestling the college hoops are just heating up for tiger brian smith has the highlights in your sports weekend college and feel you man on the road marshal the monarchs trying to make a game of the trade agreement with a scoop shot that goes the beach native not done again going inside for the dues they retire early at six apiece more from the former cal and not the prey to a good intro by halftime then jordan baker the hampton native finds women from the topic diego's lead with twenty points and again somehow read instead of working hard inside the two of his eighteen points with enlarged is running out of steam in the thundering herd goes on to pose and eighty to
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day in williamsburg as we've been very hosting tracks tried using the back toward perfection shawn shelton olivia thirteen think right now and ask you the layout daniel dixon with a lay up with his own they were deadlocked at thirty three second apple more prudent with the top striper to retire according to all tried leaning on her way down the stretch check the drive contact am the proud yet twenty nine points believe we've been married to the dragons for the second year in a row play spoilers on senior day. the drive was seventy four six not for the women thought lady mocs ago to hosting marshall the country emerged as one local product playing chelsea romero later high school ball to kick the bucket and the bird jumped out to an early nine to lead back to mom's old to manage any sins led four players in double figures with twenty two points. they rolled seventy seven to fifty five x mini series racing at daytona and what a way to make a debut win rookie chase elliott
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about being the youngest rookie to win the pole is our first time player at that very track toilet got over we took the lead from logano a restart with seventeen laps led the admirals hosting florida for a third time this week norfolk already in one of the whole got the equalizer with a man advantage that's ben becker with the rest of it i just like that it was all they would then fall behind for one gotten to within two goals then the everglades can't clear the park jonathan loves art makes them pay somehow able to pull the goalie to cut the margin of forty three lives are not done third period his second goal of the game this one topshop it tied the game before they go on a post up by four win in overtime think gymnastics championships happening. pelham high school and the beach. the nights being the school won their state title as a team on friday in room six a yesterday was about individual freedom high school's the right one the all around the night
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the week we take second teammate jordan long was born on the floor exercise long didn't capture the oberoi where shared second with right at the state wrestling championships over last christmas i smell rats new pair of wrestlers from baker high school. connor wallace who's had a del demanded one point five eight one hundred and thirty two pound final while teammate tori almond dollars to one hundred and thirty eight pounds and dollars headed to george mason as a team the hawks missed that'll be the first recipe school since two thousand and six to win a state title. sticking a group are big hill top or picket and becomes the school's first state champion as he wanted a hundred forty five pounds in group for a great bridge is jacob curling is a state champion at one thirty eight his teammate brandon morales won the title of one hundred and six pen writes but thirteen sports by brian thanks so much well waking up this morning. you can see dry skies warm temps but don't get too used to it. nations tracking changes this
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for those who lost everything and a massive fire how you can help get the ocean view fire victims back on their fee and the final message from mel farr oh before
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in the morning and thanks for joining us on thirteen years and a break on joe flanagan and i just gotta keep raving about the temperatures when we hit sixty four yesterday we actually had sixty nine yesterday at dollywood a little bit above forecasts which typically happens when you get those wins out of the southwest i mean they just entered this just happens that due to the spot on. forecasters that make you not correct. now we actually got that correct because we forecasted temperatures ten
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did do the job keeping track i you know if the united states today and we're going to continue to form a very mild condition yet temperatures near seventy this afternoon said you have to get out and enjoy it or have anything to do with a good day to get out there the live look from hanson this morning a gorgeous shot i pulled this one up and just said oh my gosh look at that site is absolutely gorgeous out there. it may be heading out early church service is needed is taking a ride. you may need is the light jacket temperatures still holding pretty chilly this morning and to the forties and even fifties for most spots fifty one right now in norfolk where forty six and newport news for coming in at fifty dollars the city also and now the skies are clear and the wins at the south and southwest three and all of that warmer air and yesterday we had some breezy conditions not quite as breezy this morning almost ten miles in hampton virginia beach i think doc is a little bit high at that station has been reporting high for the past couple of days now and tracking some areas of fog
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went out and korea down to a quarter of a mile were down to two miles in a husky and one mile right now and run the brackets are traveling in these areas just watch out for some patchy dense fog no satellite and radar was sleeping nice and dry. we are starting to see a few more clouds push into richmond essential portion of the stay right along ninety five so we're going to see are clouds increasing today sixty nine degrees though not bad at all for february will have that chance for isolated afternoon and evening showers will be told that with a seven day forecast coming up they will talk about a big cooldown that's in store as we head into the workweek show. all right thanks a show with new this morning our resident jumped from a window to escape a burning apartment right now they are in the hospital on the man officials say the fire sparked just after nine o'clock last night on twelve street here in newport news crew spotted smoke billowing from the apartment as soon as they arrived firefighters contain the flames to the kitchen and then search for anyone still inside
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suffered smoke inhalation but everyone else is ok the cause of the fire still under investigation this weekend the local business community came together to support dozens of people who are affected by that huge fire will be spent last weekend the support is coming in the form of clothes and money she knew her has a look at the effort to help people regroup and rebuild the week after a massive four alarm fire ripped through more than a dozen buildings on willoughby spit neighbors are helping neighbors reaching out to those impacted by the fire. it's been a interesting experience when it's been a tragedy but the other side was seeing the outpouring from everyone in the community will be specifically teamed up with realtor judy boot to collect clothes early saturday to raise money later in the day
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the word who knew his victims whatcom fire survivors and on because they don't want to feel like a victim and they feel very very fortunana because their livesboone says the bar and grill is donating ten percent of proceeds from ticket sales to help survivors. that's on top of any cash donations customers make. who says she's been collecting for a few days and so far has already raised and handed out thousands of dollars in money and gift cards. it's just amazing how everyone came together and nothing really had to be said they just came back showing she knew her thirteen news now flames for four people out of their home in virginia beach firefighters were at the colonial run mobile home park on baker road guest afternoon crews had the flames out about fifteen minutes after they got there the fire started in the bedroom but investigators aren't sure what caused a well known charter boat captain from north carolina died this week after an
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seventy five percent of his body. camden county sheriff tells us. jim brings field captain jim passed away at nor for cousin to send turnover general hospital prince field was her when a burn barrel exploded in his backyard thursday captain jim was known in north carolina and virginia. i spent time with him last summer when he helped me take on the role of a pirate ship captain for joe's job sheriff described prince fielder as a community leader who carried a deep desire in his heart to help others. the captain of the elf r oh said in his final call for help before the freighter sank call the clock is ticking. captain michael davidson called the maritime emergency response line and told the operator the ship had a whole breech and was taking on water. he also said
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maneuver. davidson's call was transferred to company safety official captain john lawrence and that call went to lawrence's voice mail that the thought cross your mind that he was in close proximity to hurricane joaquin at that time i did not the you put the two together. the elf are sank an october in that hurricane was sailing from jacksonville florida to puerto rico one encounter came walking in all thirty three crew members died including engineer richard whose terry from virginia beach this morning the military investigating a drone crashed in afghanistan late last night. officials say the air force drone crashed when it went down at the largest u s military base in afghanistan. no one was her. officials say the cause is under investigation by hostile fire was not a factor the base is being renovated for mixed military and civilian use. well things are
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oceania virginia beach practice flights for the airshow start this week the flight teams need to put in a certain amount of training hours and practice flights before any air shows so you may notice extra noise somefternoons beginning tomorrow. still ahead on daybreak a thirteen million dollar upgrade for an eastern shore hotel resort. the new owner tells us how the renovations could bring new business to the area and a one hundred eighty mile an hour when damaging floods
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i was starting off with a look at our spot on forecasts for saturday at least ten degrees above normal the normal is fifty two degrees actually that's a sixty nine yesterday so that the seventeen above normal with two straight forecasts in a rout as we head into your sunday were forecasting the fifteen degrees above normal so i definitely think we're going to have another spot on streaks will keep our eyes on those temperatures late on this afternoon here's a look outside overlooking williamsburg this is riley tavern we are nice and dry and mild as well temperatures in the low fifties with those winds out of the southwest very light especially compared to yesterday morning we had some pretty breezy
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this time yesterday were cooler and we're seeing a few degrees attempt was a few degrees warmer this morning than yesterday morning about five degrees warmer from hanson stretching all the way down as well as the city norfolk also reporting five degrees warmer in our nice and dry skies are mainly clear a few more clouds starting to push high into the central portion of the stay right along ninety five are clouds will increase as we had throughout the day today due to this system that's still well off to our west but this system will continue to march eastward as we have throughout the day today so that means we'll see increasing clouds throughout the day is a lot of sunshine for the morning hours temperatures climb to near seventy this afternoon under mostly cloudy skies and then we're tracking rain as we head into the evening hours and into your early morning monday hours as well and were talking a big cooldown as we head into the workweek i have those details coming up just a few minutes joe all right thanks asia world disneyland is sixteen years old today and is me celebrating a big way tonight
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a huge event including a performance of frozen sledding go. yes you can hear it again. you'll also see han solo himself harrison ford getting a preview of a star wars theme park plan again that's from eight to ten tonight right here on abc thirty a make over in the works for a beloved hotel in the eastern shore the sunset beach resort hotel has been there for decades to come this summer it may look
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. what's the first row tell your ceiling to drive across chesapeake bay bridge tunnel from virginia beach sunset beach resort on highway thirteen has a new owner of property is undergoing a big change the auger tj bachelor i paid them a visit to find out what's up with a big renovation water development corporation a maryland has purchased the sunset beach resort hotel property has already started renovation the hotel will be upgraded and three over twenty new rv sites are being installed on seventy five acres that goes all the way down to the beach on the bay. this is a big deal. ecotourism is the tourism is the focus of the future of northampton county website at both sunset beach and blue waters other development veracity get
6:45 am
amenities and fun in the sun will be water sewer electric tv and then we're also doing why fire is or why the high speed internet y five for all the sites in the hotel the entire complex is thirteen and a half million dollar tree is not far from cherry stone seven hundred plus campsite they had no comment and we'll wait and see what happens if the spot is the nature with the beach and the water boaters to come out the guests that will be coming out and just have that interwoven experience with the restaurant bar and the beach in the bay the three hundred twenty rv sites and seventy two rooms and hotel are all set to open up on the fourth of july they claim they're actually ahead of schedule major upgrade for that property right there on the eastern shore. well they are getting ready for launch a wall of silence tomorrow nasa was in the multiple use
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carrier or music into space say that three times music the initial iraq is going to carry several engineering projects and experiments from west virginia university the launch was supposed to happen back in december but was delayed because of weather and other issues the backup launch dates are tuesday through friday the recovery efforts are beginning in fiji after tropical cyclone winston or cross the island in the south pacific storm brought a hundred eighty mph winds and gusts of more than two hundred twenty miles an hour that's the equivalent of a category five hurricane storm killed at least one person there are several reports of damage and flooding remains a major concern. fiji government has declared a
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a pretty nice start for your sunday morning if you're heading out early you probably does need a light jacket this morning and the collective jacket go as we headed to this afternoon because temperatures will once again climb well above normal here's a look outside overlooking region a beast this is from our dairy queen camp at seventy than atlanta again we've got a few people taking a stroll on the boardwalk at the perfect morning for its temperatures generally in the forties and even some fifties fifty degrees right now hint and when the low fifties in norfolk also chesapeake coming in at fifty two. we just wrapped a thirty seven right now in emporia is a big difference closer to the water as opposed to a little bit farther and when current app you're sitting at fifty two degrees right now so as we have throughout the day temperatures will slowly but surely cry they will be another mild day and we're seeing a lot of sunshine right now but that will change as well as on track and another system that's going to bring us not only increasing clouds today but also a chance for showers as we headed to the evening hours so this cold front will
6:48 am
it will clear our area on monday as we head to the rest of this morning we will see a lot of sunshine temperatures by lunch time climbing into the mid sixties a very pleasant morning a lot of sunshine even at lunch time but then we start to see those clouds increasing later on this afternoon and you have travel plans today will likely see the rain already and to richman said portions of the peninsula west point by the early afternoon but will start to see showers move into the south side of northeastern north carolina say bye for five o'clock and then even lasting into the late evening hours but overnight will start to clear things out as that front continues to push a little bit farther south so by monday morning we should be dry. a stray shower is possible can't rule it out but most areas dry look at these temperatures started off monday were to see temperatures and the forties to near fifty but then as we had throughout the day temperatures will be dropping with that northerly wind it will be pretty chilly by
6:49 am
more chances for rain as we head into tuesday. so for today will remain mainly dry for most of the daylight hours temperatures near seventy degrees again increase in clouds will have the chance for action in isolated to scattered showers and then tonight forty six degrees mostly cloudy with scattered showers will dry things out on monday rain chances coming down to about twenty percent to look at those temperatures twenty degrees colder on monday will climb into the fifties on tuesday but it will be pretty wet tuesday and wednesday and then were back down into the fifties but drying out as we head into the end of the week so our nation thank you a new generation coming of age and they're wasting no
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i well we've heard of the millennials of course in
6:52 am
about the founders' generation that's the new name given to the group of kids that were born in the early two thousands asia and out right now there's a mission in hampton roads to get to know those children our future could depend on it that's a scary thought lasalle blanks explains that in the special report parent your card to give your children a brighter future right as they grow up there on out other people looking at your children like mtv and it's all about power potential influence and identity the production line with the module each drill team and hampton students from grass field high intensity increases and high school beats all have something in the ability to make a difference in the world. yes we know that yes sir they have different experiences. it was a new friend or know somebody is in again to some but when it comes to their war we can inspire those around us to
6:53 am
they all want to be a positive force. we try to make activities like this marginally to get off the streets to get their mind off for the drugs and off without going off of the guns and shooting so that they can spend their time better doing something like this than the others have already taken steps to virginia beach students organized the long run to raise money for sick children seeds maybe the grass roots operation freeze raises money for area veterans. i think we're the generation that's starting to give back more and more. mtv says he's right the cable channel in tune with our youth says that's one way this generation wants to make its mark first by getting involved. then by fixing things they see as broken and starting over in a sense we're thinking of different ways that we can run the country. mtv calls them the founders' generation i thing that has some choose to because we're kind of rebuilding society in a way like the culture the tapes
6:54 am
we see that with the main form of communication where hast tags and powerful viral videos they post spread like wildfire. building a groundswell of public opinion that allows them to influence the biggest issues of our time we see something that just really don't think is right where i really scared to talk about it. i haven't really liken it to a spirit that came before willing a generation that is derived from all the civil rights back in the sixties they think they could take the ideals of that era and improve things as we grow more diverse learning to embrace each other more progressive society in china italy be late with the idea oh how we want to lead america into the mix was going through with commitments because of that you might be surprised who's watching the founders closely vision twenty one hundred run by the city of norfolk is reaching out to the founders' generation and surveys at neighborhood meetings were taking a look at the very long term future of the city
6:55 am
the things that way that they want to live like the one to keep those documents have no effect but the impact of these founders that extend beyond purchasing power the president of the african american men seek in asia and can do it every day was his eyes are making a positive thing. i hope our generation is just another second founding fathers of this nation hopes and dreams allowed to blossom. thanks to generations before that built so much for them. i feel appreciated and i feel lucky to be like i have a lot of responsibility to take what we've gotten from the previous generations and be the best weekend of the blanks thirty news now are lasalle thank you great news for you weekend warriors is going to be a beautiful day to work at races forecast changes on the horizon and coming up at seven we're following breaking news for michigan seven people killed in a drive by shooting spree
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nevada and south carolina have made their choice will break down the results next and we have a special guest in the studio. this is allen
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the mayhem in michigan. seven people killed and two more fighting for their lives after a shooting spree overnight. it's beautiful the way you win it's beautiful. donald trump reign supreme in the palmetto state while one candidates quest for the white house ans may have doubted us but we never doubt the other and hillary clinton rebounds in nevada were breaking down the results next on thursday news now thank you for joining as other carriers now daybreak on joe flanagan left to right to that breaking news in michigan right now suspect is behind bars after a series of random shootings in kalamazoo. seven people died including a fourteen year old girl. two others were her the shootings happened at three different locations. officials with
7:00 am
the suspect was driving around shooting people from a dark blue vehicle deputies eventually took him into custody early this morning we're very thankful that he did go willingly and without incident but you know you never know what these individuals are thinking authorities have not released the suspects name they've only said he's a forty five year old man right now authorities are questioning him in cal thirty news now to keep you updated on the store and will bring you the latest information throughout the morning. now switching gears a bit to the weather department warm weather making a comeback right now it's in the fifties as you look at a live view of downtown hampton. you better head outside where you can this morning meteorologist gracious god tracking some rain showers are forecast good morning a shrug of morning joe good morning everybody that's right we're tracking showers as we head into the second half of the weekend. yesterday was absolutely gorgeous it was nice and dry were starting


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