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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  February 22, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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cloudy skies today to head out the door working as it is going to be cloudy today got a terrible day though it will be a lot cooler than yesterday yesterday seventy two so nice but that warm weather is gone. certainly for today and tomorrow we will bump it back up though on wednesday will see that when we look at the extended forecast a little bit later on temperatures jumping back up mid to upper sixties on wednesday for right now though forty five in the winter northeast at six mph and the inland areas and am in the south milder with temperatures in the low to mid fifties here we have cool conditions off to the north and right now a north wind coming in off the water so that's keeping a school or maybe a few areas of white light mist or drizzle but most areas not really seeing much now there are some showers down to our southwest approaching and crossing over i ninety five general in today's going to be mostly cloudy with a cf in temperatures struggling to make it out of the upper forties in the ears of a little bit warmer but not much so there you go guys. a
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back full forecast to talk about rain chances that brief warm up for wednesday in the next week conceding here's ashley. all right take a quick look at traffic really because there are couple of things going on for the most part traffic itself is not going to be your issue you can see behind me still tracking a lot of deep green a couple spots of yellow but nothing read here on the map so let's take a live look now on six sixty four in western branch of the slide look is not too far from portsmouth blvd you can see your traffic six sixty four north and south pretty much looks the same on both sides of the road a couple of cars out there but nothing major nothing that will slow you down now and head back to the map and talk about what you do need to watch out for this morning the high rise bridge opening after the morning rush hour at nine o'clock so does whatever that you normally cross the bridge during that time of the morning right now the cold embrace of the dot issued called advisory we don't have any lane closed just proceed with caution as
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about the high rise bridge will head back there i'll give you a live look at rapid right now coming up in eight minutes and right now we will update you on the breaking news that we are following in hinton an early morning shooting says one man to the hospital the police were called to see a pallet and park when you shall read about three forty seven this morning i found a man shot outside in that area medics rushed into the hospital with what we are told are life threatening injuries we do have a crew that is headed to the scene right now trying to get more details about the shooting of possible suspects from police as soon as we get those updates we frazier time later today the newport news fire department set to discuss safety concerns surrounding meth labs they say they want people to understand how dangerous myth making is putting innocent people and well this comes after the fifth boss in our area yesterday norfolk police responded to a domestic dispute and tell us that they found a meth operation they went to an apartment complex
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west twenty seventh street serve a warrant when they found the lab and earlier this month chesapeake police found an operation in a shad off of meadows landing that's in western branch last sunday police in newport news that they busted a meth lab on middlesex road that led them to two other locations in the city last week. those are all confirmed cases in which the drug was produced in addition investigators say the newport news cases led them to a location on cynthia drive in hampton and incidents police only said that they found items used to make math and stop short of calling it the flat know that heart breaking news out of kalamazoo michigan a teenage girl remains in critical condition this morning after hoover driver allegedly went on a shooting spree killing six and injuring two family and friends held a prayer vigil last night. the suspect jason dalton is set to be arraigned today. police believe he randomly picked his victims on saturday night while he picked up and dropped off his customers
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complex a car dealership and up. finally a restaurant parking lot. many who use the epi service have a lot of safety questions if you use the app here are some things to think about before you ever going to be caressed the driver their name and ask them the name of the passengers are supposed to pick up drivers are ineligible if they if they're on the sex offender registrations or have any felonies like dui convictions drug offenses fraud violent crimes or fail accidents dalton passed all of those checks and had no criminal history. good morning america will have more on the charges dalton faces coming up at seven o'clock. well the cdc says flooring from one base lovely liquid gators has a high risk of causing cancer than previously thought the first test of the flooring after allegations that chinese me laminate at high levels of formaldehyde. we originally thought the cancer risk was low. well now to show the floors or three times more likely to cause cancer than they thought this report comes just weeks after the company was cents for
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kind of what some pretty scary new video to show you this morning. everyone is ok after chair lift derailed and timberline resort in west virginia dropping thirty three twenty five people dropped with this and gotten a hundred got stranded including a norfolk native this is video of the viewer video the viewer sentence of john karr mal getting rescued carmel is a member of the bryce resort ski team well those terror attacks in france maybe in the past but it's still at the top of mine for many people with the french government is doing to help people get
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good morning five o nine right now skies are cloudy with a little bit amiss out there we also had some reports of fog and she's been following that from the data as i checked visibility they really haven't been terrible we'll get another look here as we checked the maps in those two miles there waiting for couple miles visibility
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looking at any place right now that's reporting like a quarter mile or half hours hacking at the official stations. having said that there may still be some pockets of very dense fog out there so please be careful but will continue to monitor all that keep you updated throughout the show temperatures right now in the low to mid fifties for inland areas be a mid forties it near the coast where we're getting the wins coming in off the water and that's why we're a little bit chilly or norfolk right now as you can see a few sprinkles down to the southwest for the most part not much moisture across our meteor showers and the south will take another look at the region and i can pay out to the west rusk and look for a few showers roanoke to asheville charlotte but here i think it is going to be mostly cloudy for the most part and our temperatures staying in the upper forties in norfolk that low fifties for the inland areas looking the north mid to upper forties for the eastern shore upper forties to low fifties for the peninsula middle peninsula slightly warmer down across north carolina over the next few days you can see the temps are staying cool tomorrow good chances
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tonight and tomorrow and again on wednesday our show you how much rain we could see that spike in temps on wednesday it won't last so is actually alright cradled a quick live look now at the high rise bridge here's your traffic or your lanes really i should say. does making their way westbound had in the direction of four sixty four battlefield in greenbrier. here's eastbound traffic crossing the bridge headed for george washington and south military highway the high rise bridge looks great this morning as well as the area around the high rise chesapeake was looking at a couple more travel times for you. we have to some but now it took fifty eight of her head away from six sixty four you can see the head where pigs cattle being normal eleven minute drive and you can see in suffolk headed northbound on seventeen. it's taking the normal fourteen minutes from town point to the jr pee so we do look about their traffic picking up around naval station norfolk those will talk about
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daschle that pothole season is here that can mean a lot of damage here calmly at cannes this morning how you
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morning more aftermath from the terrorist attacks in france the french government has released an instructional video about how to react during an armed attack and illustrated video lays out the do's and don'ts in case of an attack like the one in paris. it says that the first reaction is state help others to do so and warn others about the danger the second part tells people how to protect themselves trapped france also put out a leaflet in december with similar tips but the teacher time a new this morning pope francis is calling for a worldwide ban on the death penalty. speaking from the vatican yesterday he called on catholic politicians everywhere to work on a moratorium on executions during the church's current whole year he made the comment ahead of an international conference against the death penalty that begins today in rome. all hearings continue today in the investigation of the foreign ship sinking this after the shocking revelation that the ship's captain made
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the ship safety center in sao paulo on the piano proven that the clock is ticking. we figured why after calling the safety center captain michael davidson called the coast guard right here in norfolk norfolk notified miami saying that it wasn't a distress situation. the coast guard officer who made that determination is scheduled to testify wednesday morning new this morning a federal grand jury has indicted the butter in a climbing buddy and his two sons in connection with an armed standoff that happened there but his ranch back in two thousand fourteen several long for the well of course the officers were allegedly assaulted during that time comes three weeks after another are protesting organ led by bunnies sons. we all know ben jerry's is iconic for their ice cream but now the company of ditching the cream and a new line of non dairy desserts they're actually going vegan but for
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very interesting story if the yet to stop or i walk around here i think both ruby deal with cooler conditions today and that's not that big of deal because yesterday was so warm hopefully soaked it up you enjoyed it seventy two the high we have some pretty big temperature swings today cooler but not like an arctic blast just to watch earlier than yesterday let's talk about the spot on st. we said yesterday at least fifty degrees above normal normally fifty to seventy two is a high so we were plus twenty counting high three in row and for today we're looking here tis temperatures twenty degrees cooler. that's a cruel twist i know but still temperatures this afternoon staying in the upper forties so i think we're in really good shape as we made it to seventy s that i don't think we'll see fifty two at the airport not really there is some spots will make it into the low fifties so that's gotta be pretty nice down to the south and maybe northeast north carolina as well as theirs and around
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officially the airport after close to forty eight pretty much through the afternoon somewhat weather back down to the south you see that across parts of louisiana east texas back through mississippi alabama georgia some scattered wet weather across north carolina we don't have much to worry about here we have a north flow and that's going to keep our temperatures down what's going to see some cloud cover is mostly cloudy right now maybe a few more breaks later this afternoon but generally mostly cloudy skies. take a look what happens overnight rain moves through and we had this area of low pressure kind of pushing right on passes and a very powerful system that is going to bring good chances for rain tomorrow and then as we go late tuesday evening the little bit of a break there but i think additional rain chances late tuesday night into wednesday and maybe some storms in the next with one's day is whether coming through is while so we're going to be watching that. after that improvements as we head towards the weekend so as far as rainfall goes in the next
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ancient many locations little isn't mentioned in the mid leah fifties down to the south the afternoon temperature staying close to forty eight for norfolk thanks to these northeast winds that's going to keep our temperature down at the airport just a bit tight slow down around forty three rain developing in rain likely tomorrow were asked to see a chance for rain on wednesday and possibly a few storms as well. late afternoon or evening look more sen chafee weekend temperatures cooling back to near forty eight saturday and sunday ashley r reich regularly take a look at the traffic network now just a quick look at this point i do have an alert for folks headed toward naval station norfolk. we do have a lot of heavy traffic now before we even hit five thirty so when i give you a live look at that i'll be watching this throughout the morning it's still moving but you can make out it is certainly can just sing at this point is all about fifty percent of the way down five sixty four west the runway tunnel just
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here's chambers field on the right hand side of your screen here so that's where the delays are beginning now keep a close eye on bass trap of course if you don't want to do with the delay him to boulevard might be a good alternate route for you this network maps will head over now to the james river bridge not seeing any issues or you're headed toward isle of wight county are at fifty five is across the bridge also with fifty five as you head north bound up to the only spot of watching right now is around naval station norfolk and again those delays will continue to build will have the latest at five thirty. also give you a live look at your item one sixty four across the western freeway right you did something really fun over the weenie had a blast the hell am i to be nice though even as a matter getting married in the search line is this do i lie to you the picture of a whistle after she is one of the thirteen years now producer shubert is in the evenings i was at this
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the signature weddings bridal showcase were both getting married i married in june but with this we have the same in game one of the hour is the coolest thing ever that we had to do one of the nl fiance is what i was absolutely not just one shot of the signature weddings bridal showcase so much fun it was great hanging out with the two of her very gently at my last piece or resolutions week here on daybreak take a
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are five twenty five two timing you this morning the high season of potholes are set to start and that means more damage to aaa finds that in the last five years sixteen million drivers nationwide have run into possible trouble on average people pay about the damage that hit a pothole you may be able to get reimbursed. experts say find road reach out to that jurisdiction and be sure to document everything meanwhile ford was to take the bus out of your commute
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its pothole detection technology by including it in the new twenty seventeen fusion the system convincingly just the shock absorbing is one of the techs a pothole right now it's only available in ford expeditions and lincoln luxury cars exciting sport talents from right up the road near richmond in nascar the sprint cup series kicked off with the daytona five hundred this weekend on the final lap chesterfield native denny hamlin made a powerful move to the outside then cut inside for the big push. it was close. hamlin beat martin truex junior right at the line to win its battle to finish ever in the daytona five hundred hamlin won by of the sec win over police officer charged in the deadly court today elise brown is live with the movement we can expect in the case. plus as her husband face of dozens of
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i got an update on that breaking news we just learned that a man found shot in
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still at the scene airport and park parkway near shell road police found just thoughts that seem the least we know at this point on dream to see there are several officers here have a shower and empower ten parkway blocked on there's also a k nine unit now you're searching for clues trying to figure out what happened. now police say the man was found in a car parked in the back of his owner's car right here that you can see on camera but there's actually another car parked behind that police say when they got here around three forty eight this morning they found a male in that car shot multiple times. they rushed at me and to the hospital where he died around four twenty this morning again police are have no suspect information right now they're combing through his backyard also have several markers down on the street. we will be out here all morning keep you updated finding out what happened to this person and will give you all the updates
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in hampton. elise brown thirteen is now early sake you so much for that update morning to you by monterey senior alyssa bustamante were going to keep following that story and bring you updates as soon as we learn more from the weather went from our week this week right now in ca mile day coming up on wednesday's temperatures will spike today rex in sea temperatures a little bit cooler. i really than normal were typically about fifty two friday i think upper forties officially so certainly a lot hillier than yesterday's high of seventy two it was her awesome wasn't it. today we're starting off with the cloud cover forty five at the airport northeast winds and only those northeast winds they keep the temperatures down at starting off low to mid fifties so it is miles away from the coast and we are going to see the temps are staying in the lower fifties later today as well but at the coast of fishy that airport reading expected to stay around forty eight are so many right now a mile and a quarter visibility we've
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most other areas in pretty good shape but there is some patchy fog that there should be careful as i mentioned not a lot of fluctuation with the temperatures today see it stayed very steady and when hopefully a little more sunshine this afternoon but we have the clouds there might even be a little sprinkle or light mist out stay tuned we're going the full forecast lots of rain coming up in my forecast like one's a pretty good chance for showers and a few storms. after that improvement is with the weekend but another push of cooler air and i'll tell you all about it coming up here's ashley with a look at the western freeway at re starting to look out there in portsmouth on one sixty fourth to take your camera if you are headed out there one sixty four eastbound traffic crossing the west north bridge. rounding the corner headed toward fifty eight and the midtown tunnel not seeing delays just yet probably later this morning but right now you do look pretty good headed toward the midtown traffic their heads with six
5:32 am
quiet there on the westbound side of one sixty four. i'm not sure if we have our second came up and running we do by sixty four westbound traffic to give you the latest there we are just past five thirty and right now that the laser beginning right here at home in a boulevard of five sixty four west of there the eggs the terminal right here and you can see traffic is pretty slow at this point making its way to the base you can either leave home in enough time to sit through the slow down or maybe take him to boulevard as an alternate route. stay tuned to have the latest for you at the high rise bridge to have an alert there for you. also at the coleman bridge and will check traffic onto sixty four in virginia beach coming up next thank you so much as five thirty three now on the docket today a motions hearing scheduled for the norfolk police officer involved in a deadly shooting officer michael arrington is charged with voluntary manslaughter in the death of david late them. prosecutors say addington shot and killed late them actually can threaten an officer with the knife back in two thousand fourteen with his mother said her son suffered from mental illness later
5:33 am
old rape cases on the docket to appear in court for a motions hearing virginia beach police arrested benjamin antonio back in twenty fourteen investigators say that in nineteen eighty seven would only offer women a ride home and then assaulted her police say that improve forensic technology helped them arrest him more than twenty years after the crime his jury trial is set to begin tomorrow. right now hampton police are asking for help to find a missing teenager seventeen year old jarrett ellis disappeared on friday the last time anyone saw him was on evelyn court that's back behind the old newmarket north mall. alice has a social disability that's what we're told if you see him or think you've seen him call hampton police immediately. we're learning new information about proposed changes to the state budgets both chambers of the republican controlled general assembly unveil their draft last night's gop lawmakers are pushing for bigger raises for state employees and more spending on public schools. meanwhile democratic governor terry
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corporate tax rate increase spending on economic development initiatives mr. mcauliffe has expressed confidence that all parties will reach an agreement later today things are about to go out or near oceania in virginia beach practice flights for the year shore set to start this afternoon the splice will happen mondays wednesdays and fridays until march for the flight team needs to put in a certain number of training hours and practice flights before any year shows mark your calendar for the annual air show it's set for september ten and eleven call was a good time right we have a new day for a contest to tell you about this week our team is giving away five five hundred dollars visa gift cards won every single day this is a good knitter would watch daybreak during the six o'clock hour to learn the special keyword bigger than the thirteen is not. com click on the features tab and enter the keyword for a chance to win all that caffeine can find official contest rules are what she
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dozens of sexual assault allegation. yes but will her unwavering loyalty was stated their position ahead when camille cosby is slated to answer questions under oath and still to come how one simple action could have potentially prevented
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and alright so we have a front that is just push through the area when to come around from the northeast. shame on that moment i wanted to start with quick look and visibility across town point park is pretty good right now we have a little bit of fog and run media reported there we have visibility is run a mile and three quarters of last check and that we take the banner off and you'll see the improvements now to four miles so that's good. canton to nab miles visibility nothing really dense reported out there and be the official reporting stations but we had were through of the dot nash's keep this updated on some of the bridges that there's been a lil bit of fog near the water so we'll continue to watch and keep you updated temperatures mid forties for hampton and norfolk against the forty nine acre it at low fifties in line and the temperatures are not going to fluctuate very much the reason for that again we have our front and has just pushed through the area so the winds coming around from the northeast
5:39 am
to the south so it stays cool today but the tail end of this will lift back through visionary of low pressure down over east texas is going to track up along this and eventually pushed to our area tomorrow bringing good chances for rain late tonight and again tomorrow morning after that a little break tomorrow and additional rain and maybe some thunderstorms coming up on wednesdays will be watching that our eyes today officially around forty eight of the letters like wakefield for instance mid fifties low fifties for chesapeake in virginia beach i've also seen in fifties at around williamsburg the closer the bay matthews and hampton staying cooler upper forties for the eastern shore and along the outer banks and when there is for north carolina mid fifties not a terrible day but certainly cooler than yesterday. ashley all right craig would take a look now at traffic in virginia beach on to sixty four and you can see your new westbound traffic making its way past lynn haven parkway and east for the oceanfront. also in
5:40 am
one to sixty four on the traffic network maps though the latest around five sixty four so sick about to fall a delay starting interminable barge traffic is creeping back to sixty four so you have a good little slow down if you're headed toward naval station norfolk you may want to use hampton route into the base instead don't forget we still have that be that issued fog advisory at the coleman bridge crane was just talking about that moments ago. no lanes closed just proceed with caution and the heads of the high rise bridge opening this morning at nine o'clock stay tune in eight minutes will check traffic onto sixty started to think so much as five forty one the experts say when in doubt throw it out for some people are of the week on daybreak we are leaving those new year's resolutions. my assignment how to get organized and stay that way with an interest
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later today bill cosby his wife camille is due in court to testify under oath in a lawsuit against her husband over the weekend will cause these lawyers fall the last minute motions of trying to lay the deposition but yesterday a federal judge rejected that request the lawsuit was filed by seven women clean cars we defame them by calling them
5:44 am
of sexual assault. good morning america will have a live report from massachusetts ahead of camille camille cosby deposition starting at seven o'clock record daybreak this morning an attorney for apple is going on the offense and he spoke out as the company battles a court order to happen to phone to one of the san bernardino shooters this is a pandora's box there's no limit to what the goa government could require apple to do if if if it succeeds this way we have also learned that the justice department pay for but never installed an app that would allow the fbi to easily and immediately unlock that i phone the only person who knew the code was cited for luke he and his wife killed fourteen people before they died in a shootout with police by forty five now later today senators are expected to square off as members of congress return to work for the first time since justice antonin scalia sudden death. justice scalia was laid to rest yesterday in washington dc. well now
5:45 am
replacement is heating up republicans want the next president to decide whose kali his replacement should be however democrats say it's a president's constitutional responsibility to do so and the race for the white house the winners emerged over the weekend hillary clinton in nevada and donald trump in south carolina. it's really shaping up to be a three man race between trump senators marco rubio and ted cruz heading right into tomorrow's republican caucuses in nevada the democrats have their next contest on saturday in south carolina and you can look for much more on the race to the white house i had all good morning america that is coming up at seven o'clock right after thirteen years now with the break this week a democratic presidential candidates are scheduled to make a pit stop here in hampton roads he said it will speak at a rally tomorrow at norfolk scope arena doors open at nine thirty in the rally is scheduled to begin at noon till the event is open to the public for more information visit our website. thirteen years now
5:46 am
campaign stop at regent university in virginia beach this week is going to participate in a presidential the event will feature a live interview with university chancellor pat robertson followed by a q and a session with the audience we are told that doors will open at eleven thirty and that event is supposed to politics here the commonwealth wrote of an all around the world i think really are certainly around weather's been real interesting of the coming days we have that than take some nice know what let me give a quick shout out to chess big sister cities an organization i had the opportunity to and see their dancing with our stars event of the conference center so much finer than i can dance dance at what we then after he opened up the ballroom floor and it was a lot of fun but they raise money a lot of money to support virginia power soccer which is another incredible organization will have to do
5:47 am
motorized wheelchairs playing soccer it's incredible to see these athletes come on to do this to put on a demonstration awesome times i wanted to give a quick shout out that what we have right now across syria cloudy skies and we have really big contrast from yesterday's seventy two were going to be actually a little bit below the average fifty to expect temperatures to stay in the upper forties officially ill and ears of the little bit warmer but you can see it's not going to be a bad day just much cooler temps staying in the upper forties through the afternoon take a look right now satellite radar images were dry across much although there might be a little bit of light mist or drizzle couple showers down across harford county back in the northampton but nothing real heavy here just a couple passing sprinkles. let me talk about what's going on here we do a frontal boundary that is through the area and that basically this front pasture early this morning extends from abroad can adjust down to the south and kind of rides out along here and back in towards louisiana
5:48 am
is and it has pushed through behind this front now we're seeing the wins coming in from the north and the northeast or have the winds kind of wrapping around this way as this area of low pressure down here over east texas moves along it's going to track towards our area actually come up right on through an offshore so it's going to bring good chances for rain as it moves along that boundary. later as we go through the overnight tonight and tomorrow's gonna be pretty what was she that with the future cason it's a lot and trying on the map there but that sets up the big weather picture today and mentioned the winds coming in from the north and northeast will see the clouds are like if you break from time to time especially later this afternoon as we enter the overnight though you see that what weather coming along with that area of low pressure to mention that they'll set up and move through so the low pressure right here tracking on through the area rain tomorrow good chances for that maybe a break tomorrow night i expect additional showers to move in and on wednesday with a surge of warmer air it looks like we
5:49 am
thunderstorms in the mix as well especially late wednesday in wednesday evening's attack comes through improvements coming up thursday through your weekend. another push of cooler air though so get ready for that idea as far as the rainfall amounts over the next forty eight hours and this is just that today outlook generally about a half an inch to inch in most place can see a little bit more a couple of spots in the north little bit last down across parts of eastern north carolina but we will look for the rain to keep those umbrellas close of the next couple of days right now mostly cloudy with a forty five degrees when i can see a lot of fluctuation is an ancient empires officially near forty eight lowe's site near forty three the reins going to develop overnight rain likely tomorrow. fifty year high and then up to sixty five we briefly spike in temperature trend back down with more sunshine as we had the weekend to check on the downtown tunnel as she's been keeping an eye on the record especially now that we're only ten minutes away from the morning rush hour things will start to
5:50 am
and tunnels but as we take a look at her thirteen years now traffic camera you can see minor pickup in volume and even a phone call the pickup because really it's just a few more cars out there that of course we saw since earlier this morning here's a westbound traffic crossing the berkeley headed down to the downtown tunnel eastbound traffic coming from portsmouth and four sixty four north making its way to sixty four bc can see no big delays or issues and i think things will stay nice hopefully throughout the morning rush hour but also to keep an eye on and what you now on the traffic network maps we are still seeing a substantial delay around naval station norfolk were backed up almost to sixty four on five sixty four west and trapping their drops down from fifty five mph down to fourteen so expect that big delay or use hampton boulevard as another route to access the base this morning and coming up at six o'clock the top of the morning rush hour traffic on for sixty four in south norfolk or ashley thank you so how many of you may be getting
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resolution. well if ever on this march. if you have by now we can help you out with a professional organizer nancy watson to help one home and get really organized k this is my room seventeen euros for merkel has typical teenager problems the floor is covered. they sell clothes her father charlie says a great daughter without bad habits. looks like her drawers in her dirty clothes hampers that all thrown up to now that cora is moving on to college we decided to help her learn how to manage her clothes once and for all eternity living with other people i don't know that letting a woman looking for us to see if he wants an honest man sees me use a professional organizer. when i go into a home. i want to make an impact. watson spends a minimum of four hours with the clients let's start here first that she says is to find out why people keep what the key to it so how often do
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kept in certain places or how long has it been on the forty think i worked here for people like or what creative and spontaneous the ability to sort to categorize to determine with a steak all day is not their brains strong point. the routine issues apply for college how she says that cora is so young she can train her brain and set her up for long term success. i'm very encouraged we have a young person who's interested. we just have a close ish way to use the head of the thirtieth edition of daybreak we're going to say the big reveal. also nancy watson says that you don't really recognize the people have stuff issues because those are the social butterfly their life is outside of their home not really inside of the homes of so many tips to share with you andrea. yes that's a big reveal coming up later nicholas is still to come the movie that sparked a whitehouse petition will tell you where fans want to see a
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breaking news out of hampton told the man was found shot in the car about forty five minutes ago we learned that man died. these are live pictures of the sea right now still a heavy police presence in that area will have an update in just a few something is just fundamentally broken when african americans are more likely to be arrested by police, and sentenced to longer prison terms, for doing the same thing that whites do. ...when too many encounters with law enforcement end tragically. we need investments in education, health care and jobs, to counter generations of neglect. we have to face up to the hard truth of injustice
5:54 am
i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. this seasoned jumbo popcorn chicken is great! why do you think they call it "seasoned"? i think because it is. oh, like it has life experience. like it went backpacking through europe, figured itself out, knows the world. i think it's because it doesn't need sauce. the seasoning's already on there. 'cause it's got it goin' on. -well, yeah! it does, okay. -right. and does that remind you of anybody we know? -it does. -it does. [both] me. [both] you? [both] you? [rumbling] [thump] new seasoned jumbo popcorn chicken in three delicious flavors,
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[click, whoosh] update i will know the president in the first lady are no strangers to bust a move that
5:56 am
completely overshadowed completely overshadowed by one hundred and six year old woman her name is regina glory. she went to the white house for black history month celebrations and watch with . she was cut a rug and what is going to offered its move from the president s the secret to dancing at one hundred and six. her answer was pretty simple just keep moving she was excited to see the models old has lived through it all absolutely off such a special thing i love him or hate him there's one thing most people can agree on when it comes to president obama he has showed the country and love in the cab especially one little girl whose reaction to his presidency coming to an end
5:57 am
served to turn in the car all the pay was good minus those fears have been seen by nearly two point five million people one of those views with nine and the president himself now let the comment last night in parts a fellow earth the dryer tears because i'm not going anywhere to leave the white house. i'll still be a citizen just like her when she grows up to get involved. alongside that is cool also circulating online this morning a petition to for the hosts with the eye and told them i know would be too much for all you have to sleep a lot of stuff that as of this morning seventy three thousand two hundred people all the safeguards that has to be clear this isn't for ryan reynolds to pose as him shall god. the petitioners wanted to have the honor is those rated r movie. there's
5:58 am
accuracy of the straight out the u s c five transport illustrated cover model run around he's apologizing to fans after photoshop pictures of her started popping up on social media. here's what happened she posted these two versions of the same picture when she was on to be filled show she writes quote i have to make an apology to everyone else at the picture to share on social for fallon that was altered without me knowing. to make my arms look smaller. yes she continued to say i'm extremely proud of every inch of my body and i can assure you all. it will never happen again. that was a mixture of photoshopping of me. this is me taking arms and have won her so many had to leave behind a movie devoted shopper out the article he was one of the most popular beatles and now someone has paid thirty five thousand dollars for a lot of john lennon on the four inch lock was sold at auction in dallas texas this weekend german barber trimmed it and then kept the law in nineteen sixty six
5:59 am
role in the comedy how i won for the lucky buyer is a of eagles memorabilia four the clock kept since eighteen sixty six. i always wonder the time not to go all the park and then on saturday and who knows what happened here i am looking at the security badge and your the recruitment of a much more news weather traffic right now it's at. i we're still following breaking news in hampton after a man found shot overnight died at the hospital scene still very active right now are said to parker standing by the news of this latest details what she's learned sandra yet as we learn just a half hour ago that the man who was shot has died i just got off the phone with police. here's what we know so far they were called to the scene the palate him park when you shall read just before four this morning when police arrived they found that man shot inside a vehicle that was parked behind a home there. he'd been shot multiple times looking live still at that
6:00 am
rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead a short time later right now police have no suspect information as you can see there on the scene are still trying to gather lot of information we are working to bring you more details about the shooting are lisa brown affect life on the scene look for her report coming up in our next half hour our thinking so much sandra arroyo was a good morning to you my name is andre cielo with lists of this month and we're going to check in with the awesome forecast that had this week the league and not be too bad this week trek back out now we settle in in school the moment there i will learn a surly unlearn shirley will end in squeaky wheel back to the seventies now i kayak and a downturn and surely they would always say something in the raid boss and say hello you know what thing she has with the kinds of when to check in with the awsome as i wan shi


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