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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  March 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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officers. this is certain is no daybreak at six o'clock right now ashley is watching the road for any trouble spots and craig if you're the check of your forecast before you head out the door little bit of a drop in temperatures later this week when temperatures are going to cool down a little bit later on what a beautiful day though we're going to enjoy today lots of sunshine as you can see over my shoulder here things are looking really really good for essays are out the door. temperatures right now in the low thirties in when we have low forties near the coast so it is a nice start to the day the winds are calm you remember yesterday we had those breezy conditions not the issue today. wins are going to continue to be fairly light this morning that picking up later this afternoon for the southeast at about five to ten or fifteen mph. now the temperatures will be warming again like yesterday we made it to seventy today upper sixties in love there is probably making it to seventy in some spots as we take a look. hour by hour through the morning with temperatures warming up to about sixty three around
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temperatures into the upper sixties should be an absolutely gorgeous day it will be as we get out for the super tuesday with the primaries we will find big changes coming up the chances for rain overnight tonight we'll talk about that it will look ahead to a much cooler rest of the work week stay tuned right now to check the hr bt with ashley are a great we've already taken a look at traffic leaving hampton making its way to norfolk greg has my clicker to join the other thing i came home and started to shine the light of the thinking it's just the man eventually thank you chris. i couldn't find had no clue what the heck with one another we have been unfair to the camera to take a look at traffic it up but you doubt the laurie repair not to use the clicker but critics say the days of pain q of sixty four was not important you know which is a report you if you're headed to the hr bt norfolk to hampton court to make you read further into norfolk are also in fine shape but the knocking you
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let's head to the second camera now that this is just past terminal boulevard so we don't have a pretty heavy traffic heading to the base now of the laser beginning right around terminal and it's going to that slow creep into the base this morning so give yourself enough time to deal with the slowdown of course rolled her out into the base is hampton blvd if you don't want to deal with the delay talking to watch it i'll keep you updated throughout the morning a quick look back at the traffic network maps the rest of the area doing pretty well you live like one to six people or around the downtown tunnel coming up next kerry daschle thank you and before you head out the door do not forget virginia beach schools are on a two hour delay today because of super tuesday primary voting. several schools are being used as polling place the polls open at six o'clock they're open up right now and they're open until seven o'clock tonight you'll meet indicate whether you want to participate in the republican or democratic farmer before you're handed a ballot. you'll also need to show a photo id such as
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passport or student id issued by a virginia school. if you do not need to have or if you do not have a valid id you will be given a provisional ballot and if you need help remembering where your polling place is the word just head to the virginia department of elections website and enter your information there. we'll tell you if you're registered to vote and where you should go to cast your ballots and ballots cover defender parker with a lot more on today's huge national outlets into a seeker a lot really and this is a miss today is sets the stage for which candidates could be their party's nominee come november twelve states voting today in others a combination of primary votes in caucuses many of them taking place in the south. now there are more than a thousand delegates that are up for grabs today between the two parties for the democrats hillary clinton is expected to sweep the southern states but bernie sanders expecting a strong finish in new england and also in colorado for the gop is well it turns out texas is going to be the make or break it state donald
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and neck their marker we are hoping to win any state to show that he can take on donald trump right now hillary clinton has fifty five hundred forty four delegates now that does include superdelegates or party members bernie sanders has eighty five two thousand three hundred eighty three are needed to secure the nomination. trump leads the republicans with eighty two delegates. chris is in second with seventeen rubio right behind him with sixteen one of them only one thousand two hundred thirty seven delegates for that nomination pushing tv is now for updates on air and online throughout the day they consider good morning america led a team of correspondents covering the race. virginia also in georgia that's coming up after daybreak starting at seven o'clock today the northern virginia officer killed during her first day on the job will be laid to rest take a look at this you looking at the long funeral procession last night that wove through prince william county honoring ashley greene dn service officials say that
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wounded two other officers and killed his wife on saturday. he now faces murder charges prosecutors say that they will try for the death penalty the other two officers are expected to be okay. new this morning your child could be exposed to gang activity every day without you ever knowing about it. local gangs are turning to the internet promoting their violence to a much larger audience attorney general mark herring is ramping up efforts to fight gangs in hampton roads. he and his team are fighting an uphill battle though with social media gangs are advertising promoting even sending threats online. those videos are seen by some of the most impressionable young people when prosecutor also says it is causing a jump in violence the result is that we're seeing bodies piling up in majors or so robertson has been looking into this issue and will have the full story tonight at six. if your child is on social media to store you do not want to miss
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shock after someone opened fire into a crowded campaign headquarters but it's what the suspect is accused of yelling before opening fire that has some people that much more concert plus the health care in north carolina more month cases
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the horizon getting brighter all the time now it is going to be a mostly sunny day and what have you ever have with temperatures warming up now it is chilly early this morning when we get the kids ready for the bus stop while temperatures at the coast will be in the low forties we do have low to mid thirties farther inland so little chilly out to the west especially toward i ninety five the twins are like this morning so the air temperatures that you feel you're not. compounding that with wind chills that are a lot colder nothing like that what we're going to find today plenty of sunshine for the first of march in you can see the temperatures up to sixty three by midday and i think the official high very close to sixty eight degrees. what to talk about the big picture here we have a storm system that is going to push eastward bringing us rain late tonight early tomorrow morning to twenty four hours from now i suspect we'll be focusing alot on hampton road immediate area with that chance for rain you notice snow across
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to the great lakes region so this area up here dealing with the snow for us we're going to find very warm conditions today but a cooling trend as the cooler air will sweep in mind that storm system to finish out the weak say lewis is gonna be what chicago potentially snowy looking good up in the major metropolitan areas for the northeast new york boston philly all looking really good west coast pretty good as well. phoenix high and ninety dallas sixty eight how beautiful does that sound weird to see the tensions in the upper sixties is well again rain chances at around asheville and knoxville lexington and charleston into a west virginia either locally or captures officially right around sixty maybe sixty nine for the downtown area seventy in one spot reaching seventy degrees or sell little color to the north and down south were also looking at upper sixties to low seventies cooler air will move and now spend a lot more time talking about that coming up right now ash is an update on the berkeley breathed and is giving you a live look at
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right now. westbound traffic you're headed toward the downtown tunnel may be over for sixty four south and here's your eastbound traffic headed toward city hall in tidewater all moving very well at this point in the morning with no brake lights out there so some good news to give you a heads up though portsmouth into norfolk to sixty four eastbound at the downtown tunnel that closes tonight at eight o'clock and will not reopen until five o'clock tomorrow morning so if you're a nighttime drive or plan to take another route on tonight because the eastbound tube into north will be closed quickly on the track network maps an update to your bridge lists the gilbert and bridge now opening at seven fifteen that on military highway in chesapeake a suitable turnpike bridge still set to open at seven o'clock this morning and now traffic is picking up at the midtown tunnel so many that live look coming up next right ashleigh
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. six forty two timing you this morning terrifying moments at a crowded campaign headquarters police arrested a man for shooting and shouting racial slurs and shooting at a crowd there. it happened late last night in beaumont texas for chile everyone is ok please leave them and may have used a pellet or airsoft gun shattering the glass on the front door. witnesses recall what happened or it could've been a tragic twist to the stand right here in
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officers later arrested the man at a nearby home police are also questioning three other men and a woman no word yet on charges a health alert in north carolina now the university of north carolina at charlotte confirms the case of the mumps. this is the third in the state this month two weeks ago to lowe's corporate employees at the company's headquarters in morrisville morrisville rather have confirmed cases of mumps symptoms include fever headache and loss of appetite. subway is delivering on its commitment to serve me to that is raised without antibiotics are starting today the sandwich chain is going to start selling its new antibiotic free rotisserie style chicken subway announce the back in october it would start the transition to serving only protein from animals that have never received antibiotics that knee and graduations or years of service and iss we have provided for human spaceflight never has been monumental. certainly as mission accomplished for
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a year in space when he lands kelly will hold the record among american astronaut for the most time spent in space in five hundred and twenty days. that amounts to more than one hundred and forty three million miles in space orbiting the earth five thousand three hundred and thirty four times will compare his studies what happened to him with his twin brother here on earth me to thinking tile new this morning things are actually looking up for four one k after a rough january the dow was up slightly in february while the nasdaq lost more than one percent but here's the good news mark is historically a good time for stocks and april is the strongest month. next time you go in to subway you're going to get the foot long sub that you pay for has been used twice in one shot the chain settled a lawsuit filed in australia after a team they're posted a picture of an eleven inches. they thought the inside part of
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to make their brand and actual foot long will it take the set was going to be so i know of a naked gun us will not take money from fans who dug deep into their pockets when they heard he was deep in debt is currently seven thousand dollars in the go fund me account earmarked for conn a journey pate from minneapolis as he reached out to con you give him the money and he refused so pain is donating the cast to notes for notes which sets up recording studios inside boys and girls club's fans can also file for refunds and heads up if you're looking for breakfast in chesapeake krispy kreme is opening the new shop vac and battlefield blvd and they're giving away free donuts they do this when the open location. here's a live look at the line out there right now that one for my son the governor out there yet read a column and in this ponzi his own then he will
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were they were dedicated to the photographer can hear us grab some reps at the legacy ideal when anyone free doughnuts for your sewing the first one line gets a certain area of donuts and a quarter mile station in tampa will quicken serious update here lake taylor high school if anyone is interested in this one like taylor school middle school here companies are some middle school closed because of a power outage while our regular mail to post rightly tale or myth i told aj to be outside and is actually the kids in the middle school idk yes this is the juice of a very warm a lot like yesterday and know a lot of folks can take advantage of it and today another one where you want to do it's going to be beautiful with the sun coming up probably start with a quick live sky view from up in hampton across the hampton river and look at how classy the water looks the winds are light right now so no problem south asia out the door kept as a little chilly in but
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the almanac you can see normally around fifty four for a high yesterday seventy today will be in the upper sixties close to fifteen degrees above normal. here's some of the weather headlines for today mostly sunny and warm again highs around sixty eight showers possible late tonight we were talking say two thirty three o'clock tomorrow morning through seven thirty or eight o'clock that's was your best chances for showers then a luau going to see clearing later in the day on wednesday cooler as we go thursday into friday but also wet on friday and with good chances for showers that may be cold enough for some in one spot to north in the morning that we may get a little bit of mixed precipitation or few wet snowflakes air so we'll be watching that good news though the weekend looks great temperatures will rebound a bit and will enjoy more sunshine itself. he's only halfway our first system that can bring us a chance for rain later tonight that's out to the west going to watch that as it approaches i think showers going to be fair game back out over
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afternoon or tonight as we go through the overnight hours that's when the chances for showers increase around here to see that with the future cast through three o'clock this afternoon three thirty just a few more clouds here in their wins coming up in the southeast is unmentioned by late afternoon or evening shower start to develop back over the mountains through the overnight by say three three thirty. pretty good chances for scattered showers here i will be busy tomorrow morning tracking showers for letting you know about your morning commute i expected to be a wet one but we'll see the wet weather moving out early tomorrow morning by eight thirty nine o'clock most of the area should start to dry out and then clearing later in the day tomorrow cooler northwest wind sets out and will see the temperatures falling off as we go into thursday and friday highs are going to stay in the mid to upper forties that's it so much cooler now as i mentioned late thursday night into friday as some more moisture comes back into play here you can see even one eleven o'clock thursday night we could start seeing some snow
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the radar to the north again said that initially may not be making a down to the ground but eventually they'll be chances for snow showers are some mixed precipitation north and far inland for most of hampton roads just rain showers on friday but it is something we will monitor and let you know if anything changes. so thirties and one low forties at the coast including the airport. highs today close to sixty eight degrees here's what the seven day forecast the temperatures will be trending down fifty five tomorrow forty six on thursday and upper forties friday and saturday tends to come back early and take a look at that traffic out there with ashley. all right craig traffic is picking up at the midtown tunnel slide you want to take another live look there and had to work images you can see for yourself. mainly on the eastbound side of fifty eight that traffic leaving portsmouth headed toward the midtown tunnel and into norfolk that's where i'm seeing a little bit more of a buildup and that steady stream making its way into the tunnel here is her westbound lane headed in
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much better not releasing the delay there but again if you're leaving portsmouth and headed into norfolk expect that steady stream of traffic there headed into the midtown tunnel on track network map we do have another delay to discuss that surround naval station norfolk. we are pretty jammed back to terminal boulevard. that's when you drop down to twelve mph as you creep your way into the base of course hampton boulevard is your alter the route you don't want to deal with the delight of them i dislike lay there on him to boulevard as well so prepare for that. the next few minutes and when you live within six sixty four at the monitor merrimack. i'm also hearing about a breakdown on to sixty four in norfolk sociable those things in just a minute sorry daschle thank you all the happiest place on earth is making some people unhappy surge pricing is what is at
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new this morning the hacking virus systems is a lot worse than originally thought. that's right hackers potentially gain access to personal data from more than seven hundred thousand taxpayer accounts double what they originally thought the information potentially stolen could be used to impersonate a taxpayer file a false federal tax return can even collect a refund notifications and assistants offers will be mailed to
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shows any signs of suspicious activity and for the first time to get to disneyland will cost more during holidays and some weekends up to twenty percent more. they only apply to single day tickets right now value tickets monday to thursday when school is in session or ninety five dollars apiece tickets will cost two hundred and nineteen dollars and while ticket price hikes always tend to upset the customers. it certainly does not stop them from going park attendance rose ten percent from last year our super tuesday coverage continues this morning as we go live outside tower lease brown as she takes a look at with local voters should
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that's ever died is (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security.
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so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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. and the way the hell america at every stop the rain we got to make america whole i don't care how bad this is god's plan comes to pre clear any
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is why we the on going to make america great again grader at the door. it is super tuesday the polls are open waiting for your vote as the race for the white house enters a pivotal point in the presidential primary had taylor middle school in norfolk will be closed today because of a power outage and now let's go over to meteorologist craig malin craggy should be sunny and warm as people head out of our fantastic now chile in line i will say that some air is out to the west much cooler but look at those live sky view from up in hampton beautiful they're down at the oceanfront things pretty quiet right now next to dairy queen but it's mild there at the cuse forty two and it's going to be beautiful this afternoon. gorgeous as we look down the beach from beachgoers at the westin things very quiet across the virginia beach area from
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thirties their great start to the day though forty one of the airport the wind's been calm down ten or thick beautiful and as we take you through the day the temperatures are going to warm up a little bit of cloud cover out to the west not a problem mostly sunny skies for most of the region today and temperatures topping out close to sixty eight degrees so great weather for voting today and we're going to have some big changes coming up a front come through late tonight showers along with that fraud early tomorrow morning i'll talk more about that and we'll talk about a cool down later in the week trying to get a check on the roads with ashley she got a look the monitor merrimack bridge town. all right craig and i state that live look now will head to our first cameron will see how things are shaping up out there at the monitor merrimack was actually pretty nice shot here of how things are shaping up out there very calm and quiet a little bit of activity they are headed toward newport news the title the monitor an accidental is just there in the distance so you can see things are moving pretty well there. if you're headed to suffolk also very nice shape of the monitor merrimack
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not sure what that second camera or not they will guide you into taking over the naval station norfolk though i don't have nearly as pretty the pictures of your head and five sixty four west it's a pretty solid jam terminal boulevard and as you can see it's really pretty stop and go until you get to the base gate for hampton blvd this morning so expect those delays document ago i mentioned there was a breakdown one to sixty four in norfolk. i didn't check that that has since cleared we do have more delays to up at six forty. all right ashleigh thank you all haven't put a school delay to mention to you. schools in virginia beach will open two hours late today since many of them are being used as polling places for super tuesday primaries. well we're about a half hour now into the voting here across the commonwealth besides november this is the second biggest day of the political season this year several presidential hopefuls already stopped by a hampton roads in recent weeks as part of a
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brown joins us live from the voting precinct in virginia beach with more on what's at stake and what you need to know before you cast a ballot elise good morning andrea lucy super tuesday is finally here it's um big day if you're in wif u wanna know where you can cast your ballot you can visit elections dot virginia dot gov and click on look up point place by agassi click on that it takes you to enter your anderson lady was and your address and click search and it'll tell you exactly where you need to go now once you find out near where you need to go all you do to take your id you can take and state id or military id a college id on can also have five you don't have an idea can also add to tell them we don't have nineteen idea of the new provisional ballot also polls are open until seven o'clock tonight. all you have to do is be in line by seven o'clock and then you can cast her ballot also when you get there you have to
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is also very important in now and again the polls are open till seven o'clock tonight again it's also important to know where your polling place is because we just saw people getting turned away because this was not their location again we'll be following the super tuesday throughout the day and will keep you updated live in virginia beach. elise brown thirteen years now. our lease a queue at six thirty for now this morning we're getting a better idea of how the candidates stack up against one another donald trump hillary clinton leads among virginia voters said according to a poll of nearly eight hundred voters from christopher newport university. we first heard about it last week on the gop side twenty eight percent back donald trump marco rubio not far behind with twenty two percent and ted cruz has nineteen percent and carson and john casey trail with seven percent. as for the democrats fifty two percent of voters surveyed say that they will vote for hillary clinton with forty percent are backing bernie sanders stay with thirteen years now for your super tuesday coverage the results
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throughout the day on thirteen years now dot com also can have live team coverage tonight with our political analyst as well on thirteen years now. act eleven annual news this morning nasa made a major announcement in its effort to build more quiet yet faster planes over the next decade the agency announced its langley research center in hampton will manage the contract designed for possible explains the experimental explain program seeks to reduce fuel use emissions and noise from air travel major testing could begin in a few years and new this morning nasa needs when the space agency is actively working to get more females interested in space exploration during the apollo program the man ran the show but now nasa is looking to diversify its workforce as the agency works to land astronauts on mars nasa's deep space astronaut
6:36 am
women meaning a woman could be first to step on mars later today virginia attorney general mark herring is set to make a major announcement at tidewater community college in chesapeake hearing expected to announce a veteran pro bono legal services clinic the clinic will provide simple estate planning services to more than one hundred low income veterans in four locations including richmond roanoke and northern virginia or clinics are anticipated in the future like any one of the toughest conversations to have asking the boss for radio yep it
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the r i have just taken a look here at what's going on with our storm system out to the west area of low pressure that is actually right now spinning over the northeast part of misery this is going to work each word in this front the ec out to the west that is going to drive in our general direction here and you're seeing right there the way it's going to head the wet weather out to the u s will move in as you get the overnight and early tomorrow morning and today had that we have warm south wind so really things are looking very very good across the region i expect the conditions to be nice out today with temperatures in the upper sixties so rich man around sixty eight you can see across the region d c looking good mostly sunny sixty three great weather for
6:40 am
primaries across north carolina chance for showers and around asheville and back into tennessee knoxville tennessee expecting what weather. if you can be traveling west to the mountains eventually you pick up the rain late in the day for us here in hampton roads temperatures very warm again. upper sixties to low seventies hope we can take advantage of this nice weather on the eastern shore a little cooler fifties and sixties there for highs and then mid sixties for the middle peninsula northern neck or van around sixty four will see temps a little warmer for the peninsula upper sixties to near seventy and it's going to be warm across northeast north carolina as we go to the next couple days cooler weather moves and so enjoy today but don't get used to the warm weather a cool downs coming showers tomorrow morning i have more on the extended outlook and a couple minutes time for another look at the monitor merrimack bridge to his ashley craig wanted to head back to the monitor merrimack and give you a live look near it on the newport news side traffic making its way to soften because just a moment ago traffic was
6:41 am
little bit further up here because of a breakdown at the tunnel now as i was just about to walk over here i saw traffic started moving again and as you can see the delay out there that was there is starting to thin out so some good news there might still encounter a little bit of a slowdown as you approach the eminem if you're coming to newport news so just watch out for that one to give you the heads up also said ron the pamphlet had our second camera and take a look at traffic headed to the hr bt in hampton. we are dealing with the one and a half mile back already is the bridge that crosses over the hampton river traffic up there making its way toward settlers landing road so again we already have those delays they're headed to the south side and have the latest on your delays on the pencil and a few on the south side as well. all of that coming up in the next few minutes a local police officer already set to stand trial for a deadly shooting is slapped with another loss is to find
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. early this morning a dead body was found in a cemetery in right now the medical examiner in suffolk is trying to figure
6:45 am
discovered off of old mill road around one thirty this morning we're working to figure out exactly how that body ended up in that cemetery the first place we'll bring you an update when we learned more in the meantime if you have anything any information that could help police call the problem. new this morning the parents of a man shot and killed a police involved shooting are suing the norfolk officer who pulled the trigger. yesterday david lane's parents fall the nine million dollar wrongful death lawsuit against officer mike ladd junior prosecutors say officers shot and killed late them back in twenty fourteen after leighton threatened an officer with a knife with his family claims he suffered from mental illness major developments a new trial date has been set for former portsmouth police officer steven rincon rincon attorney told thirteen news now that the trial has been moved to july twenty seventh last week commonwealth attorney stephanie morales asked for more time saying that some of her witnesses could not make the march twenty first trial date. rankin is on trial for shooting a two year old
6:46 am
parking lot last year. later today new gun laws will take effect in virginia we first told you about this this week on daybreak the new legislation expands the number of concealed handgun permit reciprocity agreements virginia has with other states it will allow out of state permit holders to legally carry guns in the commonwealth. it will also prohibit people subject to protective order from carrying firearms and require police presence at gun shows for voluntary background checks. new this morning an interesting twist in a case involving apple and iphone in a criminal investigation a federal judge in new york has ruled the justice department cannot force that apple provide the fbi with access to locked my phone data that is related to a drug case in brooklyn. apple was also fighting specialized software sought by the fbi attempting to open an i phone use by one of the san bernardino terrorists. new this morning the battle over online videos is heating up a major new player is snatch at the company's ceo says users
6:47 am
videos on its app. everyday the same number of uses facebook and it's five times larger than it was just a year ago and finally the umbrella that not only keeps you dry it tells you when it's going to rain. it's called the umbrella and knows what it's going to rain thanks to built in sensors that measure humidity and other factors that go along with that scenario greater pace. i am brought umbrella and a kid i also sent a reminder of the case in if you ever lose you know that i was going to say i can run around with my coat off and just cover up you get it cause keep you dry and say the word cast their own pets than that. after the announcement telling you what the marketing mass production it would be hard to be one hundred twentieth rose is out for the role
6:48 am
that service tomorrow right no let's get rid of the time of the pretty upset about the spoils the fun features as i write i've often said as soon as people start looking out the window my job didn't read it and well let's let's assume you're just waking up right now and haven't looked out the windows got to be mostly sunny today is gonna be warm temperatures up around sixty eight for the afternoon high showers possible late tonight and early tomorrow morning again if you get one of those new umbrellas and start changing colors for you tomorrow morning as the humidity will be going out after the showers move out the one that's going to take place tomorrow morning around eight thirty a m to nine o'clock hour on the outer banks after that skies will become partly sunny should be nice tomorrow afternoon but cooler i do want you to know this warm stuff today with temperatures well above normal. that really ends today tomorrow will be in the mid fifties and then turning cooler thursday and friday and cool enough with wet weather on friday there might even be a little bit of
6:49 am
the north or west early friday and she that our future cast weekend is looking good. here's what we have for you to day hour by hour temperatures up into the lower to mid sixties by midday and afternoon highs upper sixties some the inland areas close to seventy regatta from twelve to the north that was really not going to play honest but there's an area of low pressure spinning right here over northeast missouri and a trailing front that will push through giving us good chances for rain late tonight and early tomorrow will jump into the future cast here we have the sunshine early on a few clouds near the coast this afternoon as we go through the overnight evenings in great shape no problems if you're going to be out about this evening but through the overnight around three three thirty or so i expect showers start across the ritzy scatter what weather really lingering through the early part of a morning commute by say eight o'clock eight thirty something like that most of the rain should be clearing the media area with some rain lingering down over northeast north carolina that to move
6:50 am
conditions later in the data was up ahead here thursday night. you start to see some more shot to the north and chances maybe for some wintry precipitation northern neck maybe the little pants a little bit of mixing temperatures here in the metro warm enough that will just look for rain showers on friday so when i see right now but off to the north there might be a little bit of mixing in farther inland rainfall tomorrow morning not tremendous but a couple tents and it's certainly possible the low thirties in low forties near the coast sun is up in hampton beautiful start to the day south side looking good is wow. highs today close to sixty eight degrees a nice low near fifty two rain developing late and tomorrow morning showers move out that partly sunny here's rest of the seven day forecast temps will be cooler upper forties as we get into friday and saturday you the chance for rain friday and then nicer for the weekend another look at the monitor merrimack bridge traffic is picking about their little earlier we have ash book reading the mother
6:51 am
the star of the show here the traffic network maps now initially traffic was stopped six sixty four southbound as newport news to soften due to a breakdown at the two but now let's head to our camera and as the camera i'm going to be watching to keep you updated. traffic is stopped again. southbound at the monitor merrimack this time there's an accident somewhere either at the tunnel or on the bridge into traffic is stopped on the newport news side we already have a two mile back up to twenty eighth street that will continue to grow until things start moving here so if you're headed to the south side your best bet this morning will be taking the james river bridge not keep you posted another update here in just a moment for now will head to our second camera now and take a look at for sixty four much better movement here to south norfolk years or southbound traffic passing freeman northbound head up to sixty four doing very well this morning but again issues at the monitor merrimack. we also have delays or under bridges and tunnels and bridges let's discuss will do all that coming up in
6:52 am
paredes think he'll new this morning for the first time ever in the u s a team of surgeons have successfully performed a uterus transplant it took doctors at the cleveland clinic in ohio nine hours to do the surgery on a twenty six year old patient who wants to have a baby she received the uterus from a deceased organ donor the surgery is to help women with uterine factor infertility which affects five percent of women worldwide. the patients in the surgery does not want to be identified. they say she is doing just fine this morning bless you for arrays can be an uncomfortable conversation had with your boss but negotiating is necessary. usa today put together a to do list of things you should do to prepare first quarter performance together a list of goals achieved and every documented proof of praise once you're ready to ask for that race set a target it's import to have an idea of what you want and what you're willing to settle for going in and finally practice your
6:53 am
you're trying to stick to die be aware of these three times a day. take note the study commissioned by british diet supplement maker found that eleven o one of the morning three fourteen in the afternoon and nine thirty one at night are the three times people are most likely to indulge the first two times are usually when you're reading this snack and get your energy up and then at night you may want to snack while watching tv or relaxing i just love her like on the exact minute. yeah it's like not at the top of the airing of the clock it's little wonder when will he write here what were they were including a live report from the polling precincts in
6:54 am
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6:56 am
the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. slash eastern. . they are or were just less than an hour into voting across the commonwealth besides november this is the second biggest day of the political season this year absolutely several presidential hopefuls have already stopped in hampton roads in recent weeks as part of a push to secure or both. today charlie brown joins us live from the precinct in virginia beach with more on what's at stake and what you need to know before you cast a ballot elise good morning and really i just spoke to some people actually went to the wrong polling place this morning and were turned away
6:57 am
to make sure you go to the right precinct so how you can do that is by going online to elections dot virginia dot gov and click on look up polling place by address and you and your address and click search then i'll tell you exactly where you need to go. also before you leave home make sure you grab your id you can have a state id military id and a college id however if you don't have an id you can grab a provisional ballot and cast your vote. also when you do cast your vote you also have fewer republican or democrat won the polls are open until seven a new house to be in line by seven to vote again in line by seven to cast your vote and we'll be following the results all day and will keep you updated on line and on tv live in virginia beach. elise brown thirteen years now. all right elise thank you for that we want to remind you schools in virginia beach will open two hours late today since dozens
6:58 am
used as polling places for the super tuesday primary they were thirteen years now for your super tuesday coverage. the results will be updated continuously throughout the day on thirteen years not counting keep up to date there will also have live team coverage tonight and that's going to start on thirty news now at eleven o'clock pretty big day and novartis have a pretty good rain but depends on where you're headed and had big issue at the monitor merrimack else will take a look at what's still working unfortunately as music on our camera now to show you the mighty merrimack you can see here on the right hand stopped at monitor merrimack in newport news is due to a crash so if you're headed to the south side your best bet is the james river bridge on the traffic network maps we do have delays at the hr bt headed to norfolk into naval station norfolk into norfolk at the midtown into portsmouth at the downtown berkeley bridge now open and not opening at nine o'clock this morning just a heads up there. the gilbert and bristol open at seven fifteen
6:59 am
bridge. i just got a report that there's an opening at seven forty five. i don't know if it replaces the seven o'clock opening orbits in addition to so i was the boy into eight o'clock to be careful of your best bet is going to wear this look in the blank i was thinking friend and the looks fantastic and i just in one location take a look at these live skyview got six of them up for the six of virginia beach hampton to williams per kilo hills beautiful in chesapeake expressway at all looks good. lots of sunshine out there this morning temperatures are chilly we have low thirties in one letter mid forties at the coast high senior sixty eight great for our super tuesday get out and vote tomorrow morning some showers early then coolers we good morning, america. millions of americans head to
7:00 am
voting yet. >> now i'm going to be greedy for the united states. i'm going to take and take and take. >> donald trump looks unstoppable with 11 states up for grabs for each party. his rivals hitting him harder than ever. >> and we are not going to allow a con artist to take control of the party of lincoln and reagan. >> one trump rally takes an ugly turn. a journalist roughed up. >> it matters what you say when you run for president and it really matters if you are president. >> and hillary clinton sets her sights on the gop front-runner. donald trump here exclusively live this morning as we kick off super tuesday. also this morning, erin andrews breaks down on the stand. her emotional testimony about the stalker who filmed her. >> the "anthem of the seas" races home again. the giant cruise ship that survived a severe storm turned back by a new one as passengers battle a norovirus outbreak.


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