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tv   13 News 4  ABC  March 1, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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about the democratic and republican frontrunners a fatal crash in virginia beach a woman loses her life after an ems vehicle slams into a car news helping those who served our country of free legal clinic kicks off in chesapeake. plus an uplifting story about a father's love his mission to empower girls to the four starts right now ri super tuesday a crucial day for presidential hopefuls delegates are at stake in virginia of course is one of the states where people are casting their votes on the polls remain open tonight in virginia until seven p m tonight's results could make or break a campaign efforts as erik ainge reports virginia continues to be a major political battleground
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this super tuesday. it was very easy i our shoreline in a now the casting of ballots comes after a crush of last minute campaigning from the candidates for the am with ninety five delegates up for grabs in virginia for the democrats' frontrunner hillary clinton stump last night in norfolk hoping her popularity among african americans will fuel a decisive win. she has a proven track record of a lot of americans are for me with the claims work they built some relationships over the decades with african americans trailing clinton by double digits in the polls bernie sanders also rallied in norfolk last week urging his huge following of millennials to get to the polls for the republican summer meets skeptical of donald trump mr. trump he's a maniac but the brash billionaire comes into virginia with thirteen point
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made a last pitch to voters in virginia beach over the weekend both of them or who would go just over that think of all the republican candidates left. i think he's the best i think is the best we believe this nation i think this mission the commander in chief there's still time to vote if you have in the polls close at seven p m in norfolk air came thirteen years now the nurse congressman scott riddle is urging virginians not to vote for donald trump calling him a bully. rachel says my love for country eclipses my loyalty to our party and to live with a clear conscience i will not support a nominee so lacking in the judgment temperament and character needed to be our nation's commander in chief coming up at five here larry king's interview with congressman scott riddle about super tuesday. virginia governor terry mcauliffe and first lady dorothy mcauliffe cast their votes today putting their support behind hillary clinton governor mcauliffe to emphasize the importance of virginia's
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please vote no veggies and such unique position of such the eleven states with the third most delegates and then the general election we're going to be one of six seven maybe ten states they're going to turn the next president so we had a very unique role here in virginia and i think we need to show the country that we take voting very seriously we understand our unique role we are staking help determine the next president sell people need exercise a right to vote and thirteen is now has all the information you need before during and after you cast your vote lisa abraham he joins us now with how you can track super tuesday to our new apt. yeah this is brand new so i have to do is download our thirteen years now mobile app right now for all the latest news right at your fingertips so lemme show you what you can actually find on around right when you want it there's a whole section dedicated to super tuesday coverage you can see that in the top right corner so to click into that period but a delegate tracker that gives
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i want to stress the importance of none of these results are live right now this is just a mock up of information until we actually get those results coming and there's a primary results not just of virginia we can check out information there again you can see some of that information at all at zero right now because we don't have any results yet. there's a live super tuesday blocked state by state map. i mean there's just a bunch of information here right at your fingertips we can really narrow down what you're looking for. so those are just some of the features available right now so make sure you check it out our app works on apple and android devices devices and as you can see here even on tablets are i think the leash of the redistricting battle continues in north carolina attorneys who sued to get the districts redrawn oppose the new map drawn by the republican led general assembly. they argue map makers created massive partisan gerrymandering and the new matt needs to be scrapped. state attorneys have until next monday to
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a congressional primary is coming up in june another terrific day here in hampton roads i was outside just a few minutes ago it feels like spring out there this is a live picture from our virginia air and space center skyline view that could master better options at the polls today so when voters get good weather throughout the twelve am until seven is going to be nice the metal get a little cooler this evening as you would expect it's fitting that today it felt like spring because today starts this first day of spring in just not on the calendar in terms of meteorological average as we're going talk more about that coming up in a broadcast here very shortly but clear skies out there right now just like yesterday when it was warm. we're going to cool off fairly rapidly this evening. so certainly and need the jacket but no excuses not to get out there in both chapters as you can see falling back through the sixties certainly well up in the sixties by the time the polls close and then a little bit later tonight
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the fifties by morning we see a low of fifty three psi below fifty three. tonight on my seven day forecast and i have a high of fifty three for tomorrow on my seven day forecast even though technically it's going to be about let's say fifty eight or fifty nine at midnight but for a daytime temperature which is what i put on the seven day it's going to stay right around fifty two or fifty three and by later afternoon few spots might even fall into the forties you can see the winds out there continue to be gusty twenty some miles per hour out of the south southeast that's why conditions they not quite as warm as yesterday but we'll be talking about another couple cold fronts coming through in the next several days when i return i an elderly woman died in virginia beach after an ems vehicle collided with the car she was an accident happened this morning at the intersection of north mall drive in lynn haven parkway a dodge intrepid was making a left hand turn when the ems vehicle hit a
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eight year old doris baxter died. the driver has non life threatening injuries and there were no reported injuries in the ems vehicle fatal accident crash team is investigating the case if you saw the accident happened contact police. giving back to those who sacrifice for our country today veterans receive free legal help thanks to a new program rolled out by virginia attorney general mark herring christine is for j co gives us a look at the clinic in chesapeake volunteers working tirelessly for hours. thank you so much for your long journey in making sure veterans and their spouses are walking away with important estate planning documents these doctors can sometimes be expensive five hundred thousand dollars price tag than many veterans can afford to pick up understanding the virginia attorney general mark herring started a program that would provide the services for free think about these things
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those life unexpected things happen people know what your wishes are and who can make decisions in those types of things on opening day doesn't stick advantage of the peace of mind that peace can hop a sixteen year veteran of the navy constructed his well and advance medical directive in less than an hour with the help of a volunteer was very important of the year today and we need to get the word out to three more of the clinics will be held across the state this week if the demand remains more will be plans but we've stepped up our consumer protection efforts to help them and this is just another way that we're able to give something back to our veterans in chesapeake christina's for takeout thirteen years now and parting message if your child is on social media they could be exposed to gang activity every day without you even knowing it. local gangs are turning to the internet promoting their violence to a much larger
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mark herring is ramping up efforts to fight gangs in hampton roads. he and his team are fighting an uphill battle gangs are advertising promoting and even sending flats on line a morsel of roberson has been looking into this issue and will have the full story tonight at six and now it's time to call the traffic conditions across hampton roads as we had for thirteen years now tropicana what to give you a live look in the accident scene that's in the clearing stages but still causing trouble for the afternoon commute and sixty four westbound just before you get a fourth view was about forty four and a half mile away from the hr bt into the accident right here in the medians are lanes are open but because of the afternoon rush hour anyway. plus the accident here with a pretty solid six mile backup from grammy street all the way past the scene here and making its way to the hr bt so my advice for you if you're headed to the peninsula to the hr bt
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era back with the jr b which are both clear headed north on traffic network maps and take a look at the rest of your delays here headed south toward the modern era beck made his way toward supper was a pretty solid to lay there so i would use made the jr be if you're headed to the southside six sixty four north of the sixty four west in hampton is banned due to ongoing road work there and a little bit fifteen westbound leaving norfolk and headed to portsmouth at the midtown tunnel traffic shaping up right now have the latest especially around the hr bt when i come back. i added you feel about your car taking control of the wheel if that doesn't sit well with you you're not alone the aaa survey shows three out of four americans say they're afraid to ride in a self driving car but if people use features such as automatic emergency braking and self parking technology they are seventy five percent more likely to trust the technology then people who don't own it. it shows consumers may gradually warm
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in dispute between apple and the fbi goes to capitol hill folks i spoke at a hearing on increases in technology where they have to say honoring a fallen officer how local police showed their support after officer ashley glenn then lost her life the first
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. the legal battle between apple and the fbi played out on capitol hill today. this comes just one day after a federal judge in new york ruled in a separate case saying apple does not have to help the federal government. unlock a phone at the center of the drug case abc's elizabeth r as in new york with details from the courthouse to capitol hill's you're expecting somebody to obey in order to do something they don't want to do and you haven't even figured out whether you could do it yourself in case pitting apple against the fbi
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washington essentially we're asking apple to take the vicious guard dog away let us try and pick the lock the fbi insisting they're not asking apple to create a so called magic key to maintaining they want access to just one i phone belonged to one of the san bernardino shooters for clues. is there somebody else are there clues to what else might have gone on here that is our job apple has already asked the courts to have this case thrown out arguing on marking that one phone compromises the security of millions of others. the only way we know would be to write a piece of software that we view as sort of the software equivalent of cancer in a similar but unrelated case a judge in new york ruled on monday that apple can not be compelled to help the department of justice on like an i phone that only has no effect on this case but experts call it a legal victory for apple that could help the tech giant moving forward. also weighing in today as attorney
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saying that for the victims and the public the government must do everything under the law to fully investigate terrorist attacks was that her abc news new york family friends along enforcement officers gathered to remember a free junior police officer killed on her first day on the job today hundreds of people attended funeral services for prince william county officer actually grinned and musicians played bagpipes while officers salute the hearse the norfolk police department honor guard travel to prince william county to stand beside their brothers and sisters in blue they posted a picture on facebook sharing their condolences with linda's family and the police department. well tomorrow it will not be nearly as warm as today holy site the daylight hours the official high for tomorrow's not going to be a whole lot different because it's going to happen tonight
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tomorrow's can be quite a bit cooler as you can see we're looking at clear skies on with elaborate ice clear skies out there as well couple a high thin clouds were really nothing that would produce any kind of precipitation. temps are still sixty seven degrees here with at se breeze. we then again slightly cooler than yesterday and it's going to get a little cooler and cooler and cooler each over the next two or even three days right now sixty six newport news sixty six in surry. you can see the effect of that wind off the water keeping in the fifties along the eastern shore near sixty in gloucester same thing down a man on sure that virginia beach at least at not inland sixty six and she and i guarantee you it's about sixty one are so right along the boardwalk so a little bit cool this evening continuing to see those readings drop back down into the sixties notice how we keep the generally fair conditions around a couple of clouds but nothing to worry about terms of rain middle of the night
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the evening no chance whatsoever but overnight and into early tomorrow we're going look at a few showers moving through some scattered showers and then were around fifty three at sunrise tomorrow and then we stay around fifty three for couple of hours and even start to drop. i would be totally surprised to see by three thirty in the afternoon for clot some of her for it to forties already showing up certainly forties by tomorrow evening as the wind shifted north westerly and that'll give us not only readings that are chili over but also it's going to feel even colder than that when you factor in the wind so wind chill readings tomorrow evening will be more like the thirties with actual air temp was in the forties and then look at the readings early on thursday twenty nine emporia just below freezing most of our interior far western areas and then a lot of us are going to be mid thirties are low to mid thirties even to start off thursday will see when coming out of the north during
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an increase in the clouds and then by overnight we're looking at another system moving out this first one it's a second system that could bring some snow to parts of the region meanwhile we're looking at this a fast moving storm aligning itself from north to south and heading toward us tonight so windy and cooler showers likely late not at all this evening. much much later during the overnight hours. by morning fifty three tomorrow high of fifty three then for the daylight hours the official high will be after midnight and higher than that some early morning showers than clearing breezy and chilly winds gusting to twenty five minus thirty four mainly clear unseasonably cold and then the seven day forecast looks like this maybe a little bit of a brief mix especially in one thursday night before we see mainly awesome morning rain i think on friday and then over saturday sunday it's still below normal but at least we see a little bit of a warm up by the end of the weekend. that's latest
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. welcome back everybody i geh auntie this might be the most precious thing you see all day just how much this dad and daughter love each other. brian griffin teaches the little girl carson that she can do anything boys can do well now he's trying to make his mark to empowering other girls with confidence and strength to believe in themselves to take a look. i am carson griffin is nine now and her dad is one tough to control the anne braden griffin is the strength and conditioning coach at virginia high performance to support fish but he trained student athletes to get stronger and
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gokey also shows them a different kind of strength lucy agree with me doesn't have many friends who read how the father daughter relationship and their girls were just that much because the jewel cases with the fees raising carson to be strong to pull the bar area due to the un the un mission to help the empowering and waste to throw in running the race as an asian because they're amazing. are you ready to begin the game plan of dodgeball tournament to raise money for the girls who compete in events run by the run command center was set up the nationals play the semi bad match at its tuesday because they don't have the main goal is to empower our youth and young ladies to be specific as a art teacher. it's that kind
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believes she's got no cars in the goodness i was in the details about the dodgeball turn a cat that ran in this lot is called kicks for kids dodgeball tournaments. it's saturday april nine at the virginia ross rave training center now that's on ships corner road average and it's co ed so grab your friends have fun and contribute to a great cause if you want more info call this number i'll say it twice even jotted down nine six three zero two two nine nine six three zero two two nine. c'mon virginity and the girls can as i read in voice became absolutely the truth of the taiwan girls in the lead grew as acs trade organization and remember daddy knows best and our political experts give their
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. we are getting a better idea of how the candidates stack up against one another donald trump and hillary clinton's lead among virginia voters that is according to a poll of nearly eight hundred voters from seeing you first tell you about it last week on the gop side and twenty eight percent back donald trump marco rubio is not far behind with twenty two percent. ted cruz has nineteen percent. then carson and john casey trail with just seven percent. as for the democrats fifty two percent of voters surveyed say they'll vote for hillary clinton with forty percent backing of bernie sanders and voters here in virginia and eleven other states are making their choices for which candidates they wanted to represent their political parties that odm today a panel of political experts weighed in on who was likely
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was there for the fascinating discussion of energy this is a great get together today we had a half dozen of the university's top political thinkers they were exploring the races from a number of different angles one of my favorite had to do with the favorites hillary clinton and donald trump poll after poll has shown hillary clinton and donald trump my head but the best predictor may not be the pollsters at all but the batters saturday you professor josh singer he has money to put down or put him down on pro hillary for the odd move a little more than one device for an hour the academics hashed over numerous aspects of the republican and democratic primary campaigns professor she need a brownsville tenn talked about the appeal of hillary clinton among african american voters. she captured eighty six percent of the black vote in south carolina because bratton said those voters sent she can win in november so this may explain why african american
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they see harrison more viable candidate on the republican side practically all the conversation centered on the front runner donald trump not all of it favorable kaufman lecturer for public affairs history professor and former gop congressman bill whitehurst made clear he doesn't support trump style of politics saying he's voting for john casey to whitehurst admits has no chance is the only one so far so let's talk about the age and not just because of the names of charges in charge and that which i found disgusting frankly not worthy of people seeking this office now another important point brought up today was the fact that we need to take the long view and not focus on the short view completely right now that only four states been contested thus far resulting in the awarding of relatively few delegates to date the professor say a more true test of where things stand will come today after today in the weeks to come as more states with many more delegates are actually
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by cutting thirteen years now well if you haven't gone out to vote yet you still have time people in hampton roads are sharing their pictures showing how they're participating in super tuesday on social media and elise abraham g has the latest on that ad unit you know we've been seeing pictures like this people posting their stickers with the hashtag i voted. even twitter and transform that i voted into little icon like they do during big events. so again we've been seeing alot of pictures throughout hampton roads like this and i was she something i also found on twitter. now students at norfolk collegiate today they hosted a mock election for all the students obviously their students are not old enough to vote but they have their little super tuesday fine going on here students were going up from the student government association and voting and you can see those pictures right there so i was kinda nice that they did that again you can share yourself these using the hashtag thirteen elections back to the death by the weather is beginning to feel and look alot like spring here's a
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resorts skyview beautiful picture of the virginia beach oceanfront. temperatures are reaching the upper sixties but jeff is telling us this warm weather it won't stick around what's the bad news jeff hello you are the cooler today than yesterday because of an easterly and then eventually south easterly wind off the ocean some high thin clouds out there but we are going to see some rain during the overnight period that's with a cold front and that front is going to drop temperatures much more significantly than even the drop that we saw from yesterday into today that there's nothing out there yet on radar and there won't be again during the evening hours as you can see we're mid sixties back into the lower sixties by late evening and then continue down in the fifties by morning we're going to be in the low to mid fifties and then that's where we're going to stay basically tomorrow during the day mention some rain. nothing terribly heavy but definitely not just some sprinkles either some scattered showers giving us siao few tenths of an inch at
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the morning and i will see some clearing skies but as i said falling temperatures slowly falling but still dropping readings later tomorrow have a little bit more on how chilly it gets toward the end of the week including some possible snow for parts of central virginia lease for the parts of the region. i come back i see people may be late for dinner tonight i had quite a few actually go out back up around the hr bt probably not suppressed by folk and say all but it's in part due to the afternoon rush. but in part also due to an accident that in the clearing stages and then just minutes ago but i will give you an update now so head over to our graphic first to give you a live look here and how things are shaping up across hampton roads that are not headed to the hr bt u can see how your commute is shaping up to have some green there on the traffic network map so it's not all bad but when talk about where you will slow down to let's take a live look now at thirteen is now trapped the camera and again sixty four westbound
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this is about four miles from the hr bt this accident here it's in the median bulk of our lanes are open but the jm is very solid and now we have in our seven mile backup i should say starting just pass five sixty four. it's gonna be a slow go all the way to the hr bt out to hampton's in the best bets to the monitor merrimack with the jr be stay with me on facebook and twitter. of course right here on thirteen is now for the latest on the afternoon commute i actually think you will the promise was to keep the conversation going and to begin a plan of action to improve the relationships between the community and police the second call to unity form is happening tomorrow night and once again sponsored by local clergy and joining us is the newport news pastor who has been spearheading this effort kevin swan of ivy baptist church in newport news thank you so much thank you family is going to be back tonight so now the first was back in october. yes tell me about the progress that was made between october and now what
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better relationships with the police work and they've been very open both hampton and newport news police departments to allow us to come and look and different things and offer suggestions on how to improve community relations. it was amazing last time there late but more than fifteen hundred people there was pat. it was packed and we were surprised by that i would not be surprised tomorrow so we are planning for the similar turnout gear yes yes the hampton high school. this time we did heritage the first time in newport news. this time to be enhanced by it so why are there any specific areas in particular that you hope our dress tomorrow. yes solutions that in four key areas. what conclusion do what can cops the police to work and community leaders do and what can citizens do all collectively to address this issue of balancing crime in our communities because we believe that has been the finger pointing but all of us have to come together find solutions
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about this is like when there is a crime a big crime in the community police are now notifying the clergy so that you all can communicate to your congregants. absolutely we've been involved in e mails we've also had face to face conversations with the chiefs of police is exactly what we've been asking for so that when we can go back and properly communicate to our congregants and the community but what's really happening with the investigation going on any courses that they had we can be able to answer the door. ok so on the panel tomorrow who's on the panel we have the mayors from both cities of newport news to chiefs of police for most cities come with attorneys from both cities that are representative clergy from hampton newport news that i am honored to be insane and yes even do it again with lead of you thank you so my day looking for to come i should be a very good discussion again that is tomorrow night seven o'clock at hampton high school call to action the power of unity community wide forum looking
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much again thank you without our jenna thank you. time now to check the headlines and usa today dot com is the pentagon sets of cyber operations against isis secretary of defense ash carter is heading to silicon valley in california to meet with leaders from the technology industry secretary carter has made it clear he believes the commercial tech community in the us is vital for the pentagon future and in the fight against isis osama bin laden's will made public today the al qaeda leader killed in pakistan by seal team six from virginia beach claimed he had about twenty nine million dollars in personal wealth the will was released in a back to more than a hundred documents seized during the raid twenty eleven in which he was killed osama bin laden plan to divide his fortune among his relatives but wanted most of it spent to continue al qaeda's work. the documents were declassified and made public after a lengthy review by government agencies and the state department is finally published. all it can a former secretary of state
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mails released roughly three thousand nine hundred additional pages today under a federal court order related to a public records lawsuit the state department has for the past ten months steadily reviewed and released most of the fifty two thousand four hundred fifty five e mails mrs clinton turned over to the apartment early last year those documents were requested of mrs clinton and other former secretaries in accordance with government archiving regulations and as you know the e mails had been a big issue in the presidential race. i'm thankful so appreciate that alright worry for their son the parents of the uva student detained in north korea responds to yesterday's news conference will say what
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video fire with the help of comfort keepers, i'm keeping my mom healthy! i'm keeping dad on schedule. i'm keeping my mom happy! comfort keepers in-home professional caregivers can provide meal planning and preparation, health and wellness services and personal care services through custom care plans that can change as needs change, so your aging loved ones can
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. tyson foods will provide free meals to after
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wednesday's deadly tornado the donation is part of the company's meals that matter disaster relief program. tyson foods cook teams will prepare meals and provide them on site as well as distributing them throughout the community people can get the meals every day this week from seven in the morning until dinner time for governor terry mcauliffe to veto legislation that would allow home schooled students to participate and public school sports the governance as in his veto message that the measure would disrupt the level playing field the public schools sports competitions mcmullen peak of similar legislation last year the so called team gold bell is name for ten tebow the former nfl quarterback who is homeschooled and allowed to play football for his local high school the day after the uva student arrested a north korea spoke at a news conference his parents are giving their response in a one page statement the parents of on a
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they miss their son they say they are relieved to finally see some footage of him back in january korean officials say they detained him for committing a hostile act against the democratic people's republic of korea jurors in asheville are expected to hear more testimony from sportscaster erin andrews. she's expected to further explain how her life was affected when a stalker secretly making nude videos of her and posted them on the internet back in two thousand nine andrews told jurors yesterday that it ripped apart when some people were a publicity stunt. she broke down saying she's anxious and depressed and gets taunted by people who've seen the videotapes as far as the river rescues god this is a strange one fire crews rushed to a river in oregon this afternoon to last you a horse. it took rescuers hours to pull into safety chris
4:45 pm
is fine she's tired but she's fine the one it took rescuers nearly three hours to pull the worst of safety. she was stuck in the mud and then we were stuck in the mud rescuers say the worst slid off the river bank and fell fifteen feet into the chilly pudding river waist deep for me it's a three quarter size horse so she was basically up to her stomach water teams launched a life raft and since to harness around the horse then seven firefighters pulled on the rope in love i was in that much water the need all the help get him for me or saw the rescue unfolding on live tv. he use to work on a dairy farm and knows rescuing animals from the water is a tough task and the person who'll help was not helping anybody anything. rescuers say there are more than fifty horses on the property monster fire says it's the second horse rescue here
4:46 pm
the rescuers say the war is to not appear to be injured and is back on solid ground well some carolina will receive most of the three hundred million dollars congress set aside and the federal budget as eighty four the twenty fifteen flooding disasters. this comes after historic flooding last year the state will receive nearly ninety seven million dollars. warm out there today well above normal not as warm as yesterday and that was the trend we talked about we would slide today slide even more tomorrow and just keep going down there for couple of days and that is still looking to be the case are still looking also for parts of virginia come thursday night and in the very early friday a little bit of a chance of some white stuff like snow believe it or not allowed to sleep more that a second you can see the blue showing through some of the clouds at times we had a mixture of a generally sunny conditions out there this evening will drop back to the sixties and
4:47 pm
average i'd say it's seven o'clock that's usually the time i pick for the evening part of the forecast. mccullough partly cloudy and winds gusting as high as thirty mph sunset getting later and later i mention it every day because i know i like that six pm now so won't be too long course before we switch and even an hour later that's coming up in about a little over a week and a half right now peak wind gusts as you can see upper twenties mid twenties in a few other spots so it's been a pretty blustery out there times today but with a different wind direction we're now looking at readings and when direction that compass readings more out of the south east to south and that's why we start to see some warmth returning early today i was at the beach for example for awhile today and between a block off the beach was fifty three four blocks in all it was fifty six and then a mile in when it was up around sixty so that was a little bit cooler regime near the water but now that's getting way the southerly
4:48 pm
during the morning tomorrow will be poised in the low to mid fifties so not too bad with the way above normal look what happens though is we go into the afternoon we start to see readings not only not going up holding steady at best or even a drop a little bit as we get into a little bit later in the day with readings dropping back into the forties by evening it will feel colder than that because a little bit of a breeze tomorrow night we'll get some far and when there is at least freezing probably a little bit below that and we're going to talk in lower to mid thirties even right near the coastline and then thursday during the day readings even colder still with highs topping out in the forties and that's why thursday night as we get from the forties and thirties. we have a chance as the next system moves and to start off maybe islam the snow or sleet again mainly for the far inland areas but will keep a very close eye on that highs today mid sixties in newport
4:49 pm
officially in norfolk sixty seven in virginia beach here's that front coming through you can see the snow on the north side of that up towards areas around chicago and back through michigan but around here will just see some of those rain showers so for tonight. fifty three windy and cooler this evening a nice evening but showers are likely during the overnight and into tomorrow. when's out of the south gusting as high as thirty five mph mark fifty three with early morning showers and clearing skies breezy and chilly conditions thursday thirty four to start forty four for the afternoon and then falling into the thirties during the late evening overnight and with some precipitation moving in some of the far inland areas could see a little bit of winter weather before turns over to rain and that continues into early friday that would clear out and now little below normal as we head to the weekend friday stuff alright the rolling stones about to make some big
4:50 pm
because people in cuba about to get some satisfaction elisa had won what's trending now huge story today but here's a look at some of the other top trending stories good news if you're a fan of netflix hit documentary making a murder i know i am the filmmakers say they're working on feeding tube right now speaking in new york city yesterday they told variety magazine that the second season will dive deeper into the case against steven avery and brendan da sea. no word yet though on how soon it will be released. turning now to someone who isn't happy about an academy award winning documentary about singer amy winehouse won an academy award for her father isn't celebrating mitch white house says it's fantastic that people still let his daughter who died of alcohol poisoning in two thousand eleven at age twenty seven but he says oscar party is still a knee which won the best documentary oscar on sunday quote has no bearing on her life. he claims the documentary paints his
4:51 pm
sad and very unhappy last three years says that nothing could be further from the truth and finally the rolling stones for making manuals as we just talked about the band says he will play a free concert in habana on march twenty fifth becoming the biggest act to play in cuba since nineteen fifty nine revolution the stones will play in heavy as he died the fourth the last three days after president barack obama visits havana. the concert is expected to draw a massive audience in a country where the government was persecuting young people for listening to rock music amazing then seen as a tool of western capitalism so alone dropping that policy the cuban government has increasingly allowed large non official gatherings i mean sure the way a large gathering yet i don't leave me on say i'm sure she's have been to the nine other large gathering at my watch
4:52 pm
and all new marbles. agent carter and ten thirty abc news provides coverage on the pivotal results from super tuesday including in depth analysis of how the results will affect the presidential candidates that super tuesday your voice your vote twenty sixteen and join us again for thirty news analysts are a low pole when it comes a school bus safety how attorney general mark herring once to catch people who pass stopped school buses then thirteen years now and five super tuesday team coverage here from congressman scott riddle about a strongly worded letter to gop voters why he says nothing good could come
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. the as you're concerned about people not stopping for school buses that are stopped are not
4:56 pm
herring pointed out that the general assembly in authorizing the use of video cameras to enforce laws against passing a stopped school bus failed to include a provision that will out tickets to be sent by regular mail. the general assembly advance legislation to close to the school bus safety lou paul to close this will help get the word out how dangerous that is that there's now going to be a way to enforce violators and deter this kind of conduct the senate's version of the bill has passed both the senate and the house the u s forest service is asking you to weigh in on whether to allow surveys through the george washington national forest for a proposed natural gas pipeline the energy companies behind the atlantic coast pipeline are proposing a fourteen point three mile route through the national forests for the five billion dollar energy project the pipeline would run from west virginia through virginia and into
4:57 pm
they'll use the public comments and an environmental review to decide whether to issue a permit for the pipeline survey and national zoo exhibit for kids is temporarily closed due to nikolai zoo vets first detected the presence of pico y last week in goats at the kids' farm the other animals in the farm tested negative. once a zoo vets received three consecutive weeks of negative results the zoo will start planning to re open but kids farm and were a month away from baseball season but is not too early to get tickets to watch the norfolk tides the tides amount set single game tickets for regular season games will go on sale monday march fourteen the box office at harbor park will be open from ten o'clock in the morning until five o'clock at night that day single game tickets start as low as twelve dollars for reserved seats. that's all we
4:58 pm
thirty is now in five starts now. an elderly virginia beach woman killed after crashing into an ems truck right now police are trying to figure out who was at fault. the family of an orphaned man killed by police once the officer who pulled the trigger to pay up to the tune of nine million dollars thirty news now got a hold of the lawsuit one of the biggest voting days of the year is here and i hope and believe today is going to be a very very good. more than sixteen hundred delegates at stake if there is a large voter turnout today across this country we are going to do well on this super tuesday. congressman scott rachel is going on the attack when it comes to the gop frontrunner donald trump. yesterday rachel sent a strongly worded letter to republicans telling them to vote for anyone but wrong mccain spoke to
4:59 pm
he's really troubled by all the traction trump has got moving into super tuesday he wrote a blistering critique of trouble yesterday to try to sway people's minds before they headed to the polls did become president. i mean i am truly fearful for his leadership congressman scott regional blasting republican presidential frontrunner donald trump. i told you that he is not a republican virgil took to twitter last night sounding the alarm telling republicans trumped nomination would be catastrophic for the party it was not easy to write because i wanted to get it just right and i found out i have no regrets about it. if anything if i had the presence of mind within about two or three days ago rachel says controversial comments made by the brash billionaire proof he's unfit for the presidency he admires the quote miscellaneous a fascist dictator and death
5:00 pm
values are the fifth of what i think we hold to be true original hopes his open letter is enough to sway voters on super tuesday but the latest polling shows trouble eating marco rubio by thirteen points. trump's regional chairman gary pilar says the congressman's criticism is overblown congressman rangel being one of the most civil and polite congress folks that we've ever had fiercely disagreed with mr. trump style but nothing in that statement i saw it tells me he fiercely disagrees with the policies that the campaign will put forth. rachel says he remains stunned by trump's surge toward the nomination. i'm incredulous really that he's got the traction that he's got i mean i kept thinking as so many did know that surely can't be happy and regional previously endorsed marco rubio for president he said that he wouldn't even vote for trump if he is the nominee so i asked him what would he do if hillary


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