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tv   13 News 11  ABC  March 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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that is just spectacular the numbers are and we have the wins and losses of super tuesday in virginia the and our political analysts is here live to break down the numbers and look ahead to the presidential race in the in and how social media and technology could be turning the music industry into a do it yourself business right here in hampton roads the news starts now. a significant day in the race for the white house voters in eleven states including virginia making their picks for the presidential nominee side hillary clinton and donald trump claimed victories in virginia's presidential primaries. let's take a look at the numbers with nearly all precincts reporting clinton taking more than
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bernie sanders thirty five percent as i've said before for a presidential candidate to say this but i'm going to keep saying i believe what we need in america today is more love and time republican race was a lot closer. it was a fight between donald trump and marco rubio trump with nearly thirty five percent about three points more than rubio ted cruz trail with nearly seventeen percent. we have tremendous power over everybody because we are really the source we have great great power the problem is we have politicians that truly truly truly don't know what they're doing well donald trump one virginia tonight the race again turned out to be extremely close with marco rubio on the democratic side bill clinton when it became obvious early in the evening brian carroll joins us with our political analyst dr clinton kids to look into the very different primary races they were due we want
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republican primary race because that really was the more interesting of the tunic when we were talking about numbers it was extremely close closer than a lot of people anticipated in the polls did not show a close race a thirty three point race between donald trump and mark rubio although there were some momentum for revealing the last seven to ten days you could sort of feel it if you're paying attention to what was going on the campaign trail but look at the map adult room cleaned up read everywhere except in the northern virginia heavy northern virginia voted area richmond metropolitan area and college towns that studio cleaned up in college to her much and cry when all these little towns here basically represent these college towns even in hampton roads we have james city county york county and the great mare sera leaves for university of virginia in charlottesville radford so marco rubio rubio does really well in in in the you know the college
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where its problem there's probably a different kind of republican voter in those areas. i should note that the republican primary had a million voters that doubles the two thousand and eight numbers and on the democratic side those numbers were actually lower center from two thousand in a bomb in you can see hillary clinton cleans up the cross that the commonwealth it's all blue except the college towns williamsburg for example charlottesville harrisonburg stanton radford right so bernie sanders does really well in the college towns and you can see out here in western virginia where people are probably struggling economically the sanders message played really well but in the end it was a big win for hillary clinton in what moving forward for the democratic party does that suggest as far as the primary reasons for the work that hillary clinton really needs to do because we did talked obviously sanders spoke to a lot of younger people these college towns but that is sort of winners a shark and a weakness perhaps
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right so it soon. hillary clinton really well amongst some of that obama coalition afghan american voters suburban white women voters for example she struggled with millennial voters bernie said they were attracted to bernie sanders but they didn't necessarily turn out in big numbers. so assuming hillary clinton's the democratic nominee. her challenge in virginia is to find a way to reach out and talk to those millennial voters and attract them to vote for her to come out of over in the general election because they may not have voted are all in the primary and in terms of the republican one is going to go back for seconds were talking a couple things really are some observations and all obviously marco rubio hit come hear you right up toward super tuesday he was here sunday in hampton roads in a couple of how much of an effective that really are impacted that have on the numbers he was able to go probably pretty dramatic impact and if you trace his route around the state where he went around the state. you see it split its these places that are yellow right now
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roads which went for donald trump that tough trump message was attractive to love the military voters and to rhodes mark arabia's trip around the state reflects those yellow areas are dr quinn kaye thank you very much as we said some traction but a win still is a win in this case for donald trump david and i think ryan in virginia beach donald trump supporters came out for a super tuesday watch party at the labelle joins us with more from people who say trap is the one to be in virginia beach. supporters of donald trump when not at all surprising when the final results came in and that many of them had already expected have to take every state except texas is the am. this is a movement and beat side so i believe most of the biggest or own more than two dozen people came out to pembroke pizza restaurant in virginia beach to show their support for republican presidential candidate donald
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results began to roll in their words she the optimism about some chances and for many people supporting the business mobile would be a job creator as well as the candidate they say will strengthen the country. he's not hot. he's not manipulated he's not part of the establishment and he's going to bring in the change that this country needs like a day how excited we are to see virginia beach. in spite of all the establishment fighting against is coming strong for mr drop the house in virginia beach i knew were both thirteen years now supporters of hillary clinton also gathered in a local watch party tonight a couple dozen people watched the numbers committee quads restaurant on grand street in often they tell us they were not surprised that clinton won big tonight that they know that the fight is not over work to do or where we are ready and we can take as many volunteers as we can to
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sure that that happens in november. now let's take a look at the number of delegates up for grabs on both sides for the republicans five hundred and ninety five delegates are on the line across eleven states. that's nearly half the number needed to secure the nomination on the democratic side they're competing for eight hundred and sixty five delegates the democratic candidates need more than twenty three hundred delegates to win the nomination. now we want to dig deeper now into the results from the primary sticking around with this a senior political analyst clinton ken quinn thanks for hanging around question for you a lot of the gop candidates use regent university the tribe's fee to evangelical voters and get around jerry falwell juniors endorsement of donald trump it doesn't seem to work it doesn't seem to work in fact they all the old trail through his university the last seven to nine days jerry hall junior came out in campaign for trump in
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response to that. it looks to me like trump did really well amongst evangelical voters amongst angry white voters which were his which were his core supporters. marco rubio did better than expected in urban areas where you had more moderate republicans but in the end not well enough he came close three three percentage points was more was more than he is expected to be able to do came close but not enough our former governor trying to rob one of the architects of super tuesday it must be pretty prop this evening. super tuesday's important because it's the first time that candidates have to demonstrate that they can put together something similar to a national campaign so they have to be able to run a lot of states poor organizations together a lot of states and perform well and donald trump and hillary clinton both demonstrated that they can do that really well tonight and every indication is those will be the two nominees ted cruz announced his run for the presidency at liberty university right here in
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many ways what polling was showing that he was going to be able to do on no ten in his defense he has won a couple states mark arabia has not won anything so marco rubio keeps coming a strong second. not not ever a first at least up to this point ted cruz has won a couple of states and so i expect this will still be at least a three person race on the republican side and a two person race in the democratic side what adjustments do expect to see what the clinton camp now that we know bernie sanders is doing well with the youth. well bernie sanders is the youth vote isn't attracted to him the money was attracted to him it isn't clear that they're voting in big numbers so the challenge for hillary clinton is to be able to speak to that millennial vote to be able to attend to to respond to bernie sanders the most millennials but also to try to convince them to vote because we had a million and half voters vote in
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that vote this tonight. today about one point seven million a million republicans voted today half a million voters for the republican primary two thousand eight. there's a lot more energy on the republican side than on the democratic side right now that has to worry democrats in virginia as we move toward a general election where their candidate might not be as attractive to millennial voters as they would like the candidates being so perhaps the younger vp perhaps the other hand perhaps a vp who's hispanic for a young hispanic vp might be really attractive to more new voters and there are others. tim kane's former governor king career center came his name is mentioned a lot as well i can't thank you so much for taste with fish that you will find more of our super tuesday coverage on line including art delegate that is on thirteen is now dot com if hampton roads doesn't come to mind when you think of the music industry think again you may be
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once again making waves in music is very important that people understand how powerful the seven five seven is to the music industry how technology is changing that this is bringing the producer's booth closer to you plus a little off a girl gets dolled up for a big cause now she's helping people across the country and quite a bit of rain right now
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. i nash filled new york and l a those cities come to mind when you think of the music industry i don't forget about the seven five seven it may surprise you to know. hampton roads is once again creating buzz in the music industry in the just outside downtown norfolk. since then the law in three of virginia beach flown in the shoes for a single continuous line written by levi metal a founding member of the r and d for a boxed in in the first line it came out wrong in rome nor sk twenty years ago
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street and teddy riley's new jack swing sound that took the music industry by storm want to know the boss of me is to me is the mecca of the music industry. there were many other homegrown major acts including the queen of hip hop missy elliott of portsmouth and super producer pharrell williams of virginia beach you have chad hugo who have similar that the eclipse and screw face of course that are as yet the virginia beach is known for tourism is now once again seeing a wave of opportunity in the music industry the beach alone has fifteen recording studios that generated just under ten million dollars a year and contribute about thirty five thousand dollars to the tax base that business model that depended on an inflated team of professionals was stripped
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move to the world wide web distribution is dead distribution as you too then you can only do this yourself and digital technology has allowed local talent to do it themselves and life here and the seven five so the middle has a small studio near tm and just outside downtown norfolk in the electorate ganache has set up a music factory of sorts the weight setup of the contract. one minute or two rooms abandoned one room from one individual at a time and eventually will come of the product which is fourth matt aka p town is also on the music map tower
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about to expand to three through the attic and the behind the mike. that's american idol star chris richardson has been in the seven five seven is home to some of the biggest behind the scenes names in the industry. the multiple grammy winner on stage with taylor swift is virginia beach based producer and engineer seventeen and children wants worth a graduate of maury high school is making a name for himself as a producer and director of meanwhile scores of music videos are being produced right here in the seven five sen on the is very important that people understand how powerful the seven five seven is to
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i personally found the range of seven and that's mobile that moves in the now performers candlelight performances to make money since they make only pennies for download or stream to music so they want to be the next big star makes sure you know how to work a crowd and how to connect through social media for more information including instructions on how to make your big hats had to thirteen years now. com. no rain in our area yet but already showing up here on a high definition radar already a little but out west of richmond put it all into motion for the first of all and you're going to notice that it is not moving and our
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of west to east is heading more to the northeast and that means that what we're tracking here in virginia is not going to hit us it's going to move up into central and northern virginia. what we eventually will get is the stuff that is down here in north carolina as it moves to the north and east and that's the lot farther to the west out in western areas there the tar heel state so right now at sixty two degrees winds pretty breasts our south westerly eighteen mph. that's why it is so warm temps are in the next hour right around sixty that's going to be on high for tomorrow so tomorrow when i show the highs for the day can be a little bit deceiving currently though is you can see everybody's in the sixties sixty far almost everybody sixty five in virginia beach still there's a fifty nine down in elizabeth city. so here the high temperatures for today and these were during the afternoon so this is not a deceiving matt because you typically think that's the time of day when you get a high and look at those
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officially sixty seven newport news over happen tomorrow when i show that it will be deceiving because it'll be a middle of the night temperature and will be very far below that were actually running right now ahead of last night but is the cold front slips in here shortly. we're going to see those countries dropping and dropping pretty considerably. so here's the morning still pretty mild at four o'clock but with some showers already spreading across the area by six o'clock the heaviest the rain is already offshore at that point and ratings have dropped back into the fifties will feel slightly colder than that because of a little bit of a wind chill in the breeze and then by eight o'clock so certainly by the middle portion rush hour and toward the end of it it's probably going to be clearing attempt just my afternoon continue to fall down through the upper forties and then that means a cold start to the day on thursday. notice the moisture coming in from the west that will be a
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potentially around here so rain chance is very low tomorrow during the afternoon the morning though goes from seventy percent chance at six o'clock party down to ten percent by a so that's a pretty fast moving system as you can see that's moving through already into western and central parts of the state. so tonight fifty one windy and cooler with showers likely late tonight i could say for most of us it's almost definite that the seven day forecast fifty one in the morning when you wake up and then fifty one for the high tomorrow in other words it keeps going steady or even down a little bet of forty four on thursday and then thursday night a little bit of a max maybe into friday some of the mix in one has come in interesting system to watch as we head toward the end of the work week this was the first day of spring right out in terms of meteorological average is yes and nine the coldest days are over as yesterday i got at banks and uva basketball put
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also has gotten worldwide attention his added again it's all because of our dynamite dog collection nine year old gianni graham wants a social media campaign to collect one thousand barbie dolls she's donating them to girls in foster care and homeless shelters around the country. she has received dolls from around the world tonight gianni and her mother announced that they surpassed their goal they received more than thirteen hundred dolls hair however that stuff i get them hopefully be impressed by my mother i can understand more our way there really is the number four ranked uva is a two time defending acc regular season champ they're holding out hope that with a little help making at least grab a share of that first place this year with just one game remaining after tonight tonight they're playing clemson awesome rockin' start this game on fire is
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in the acc run for the title that from the color is london current is and uva jumped out to eat well nothing lead back to bloggin with four three pointers his first four three pointers the game's first ten minutes they were up fifteen to two clemson came back to tighten things up a little bit what the baseline here devon all your case henry high alum working the baseline for two and uva led by six at halftime they fell behind in the second half hall from three point range and again tonight nine point seven rebounds. there were still trailing by one again when anthony gill that the ball in the play drive that muscles enough to get fab that gave uva the lead for good forty nine forty seven one more time for mall just to make sure they're good. sixty four to fifty seven uva wanted to check in on portsmouth dorian finney smith haven't checked in on him for awhile play of course for florida tonight against kentucky area is right get on the hoof or two. he's a senior or stalked by him may
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the nba draft. he struggled tonight when the game was in doubt ended up with fifteen points in the days averaging eighteen points a game and eight rebounds but it was the fourth straight loss for florida ninety loss to kentucky eighty eight to seventy nine will shift gears to baseball and then some football we come back the redskins have
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the redskins and put the franchise tag on quarterback kirk cousins a means to make the average of the top five salaries at the quarterback position which is nearly twenty million dollars for him. one year deal is better than
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eighteen although they still talk about one a long term deal if he proves in a one hit wonder that we celebrate the mirror a logical start of spring with no new baseball versus liberty today the bug within the complex. liberty had a three one lead in the fifth inning when zach or other for new western brands bruin fans will remember him helping the bruins to a state championship couple years back he was on base when kyle boehm someone in the wind started blowing and the neurological first day of spring and it was blowing and it was blowing this ball out of the rig to the center fielder the game was tied at three in the ninth inning still tied at six in the ninth inning when connor myers had four hits in the day. remember the wind was blowing and help this one to be a walk off homerun the podium are twenty seven the six uva baseball this afternoon against william mary you may of course are defending national champions and number eight in the nation so far this year they had nine hits in the first inning and the nine runs in the first inning that went from pavement smith
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are not going to run here seventeen hits in the game for uva baseball. they had little trouble with william eric tonight we didn't have enough for william mary home run right here from ryan hall and richmond uva won the game sixteen thai commander kelly is back after year and spaced out tomorrow some rain. well after midnight but even more so the good news is it'll be out here by probably the middle part of rush hour if not a little bit earlier than sept and that is thirteen is now an eleven day break starts at four thirty tomorrow morning. jimmy kimmel live is next and followed by nightline don't forget the news is always on her website check it out thirty news now dot com
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nap time, waits for no one. good clean food, waits for anyone who orders it. order online and avoid the line. at panera.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, will forte! from "the walking dead," ross marquand! and music from miike snow! with cleto and the cletones. and now, hold on, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you for coming out. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. on this super tuesday. super tuesday is -- or it almost was today.


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