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tv   13 News 530  ABC  March 3, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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wrote the workers at the construction site help to catch slaughter eric cain is here to explain yet they showed up to work and found someone in the home that shouldn't have been there and they were going to let him get away. sporting a black eye tyrone slaughter remains locked up thursday the burglary suspect caught by a quick thinking construction crew that were an attempt to save the day the goal of the nagorno around nine thirty wednesday morning virginia beach police say two construction workers came to repair a home along chimney creek drive inside the home they found eighteen year old slaughter allegedly trying to steal some belongings can cruise the police a slaughter try to make a break for it but he didn't make it far one of the workers ran after him the other drove after him both catching up to him and pinning him to the ground i think that's great
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protect the community because no one else is amazing to me officers were called in soon after to take slaughter to jail. the cool and a soda pop here are some neighbors are thankful the crew jumped in and are relieved their home was a targeted because we all work is a working community it's very scary and slaughter is currently being held on two felony charges for breaking and entering and larceny is a bond hearing scheduled next week. eric came thirteen years now. a bill that would impact every school in virginia is heading to the governor under the proposal schools would have to notify parents of students are assigned a book with sexually explicit content. the school would have to assign an alternate book if a parent objects the house passed a bill today the senate passed earlier this week the governor hasn't said if he will sign that bill a school dropout rate of vat rate in north carolina is on the rise high schools reported more than eleven thousand dropouts and twenty fourteen twenty fifteen
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increase from the previous school year reported crimes increase to buy two percent to more than ten thousand more than half of those cases involve drugs or alcohol i also learned flow is on the rise in virginia. the cdc says widespread flu activity has been reported in the commonwealth and twenty other states across the country people are also fighting colds and other infections patients first is urging people to wash their effective way to stop the spread of germs. also dr say stay home if you feel sick. the one city marathon in newport news is about a week away. organizers tweeted this picture of heritage high school students volunteering to unwrap the medals. this is the second year for the marathon the fun kicks off next friday. the main race is sunday morning. next sunday morning and the one city marathon is a boston marathon qualifier i right now the u s in as laramie is on its way home the boiler
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norfolk tomorrow night the crew spent the last three and a half months helping u s navy and nato forces in the persian gulf. their biggest role making sure the navy's fleet has enough fuel and supplies target is rolling out some big changes company executives say they are trying to meet the online shopping experience easier with text notifications when orders are ready target also wants to ship orders faster the chain says its grocery selection will offer more organic products and fresh produce the changes will happen gradually over the course of this year charlotte could get nonstop flights to cuba. american airlines applied to make the two and a half hour trip once a day year round american also applied to fly to cuba from miami and dallas right now all flights operating between us and cuba are charters let you know the feds give americans the thumbs up as the no star wars fans have been waiting years to hear in just a few weeks star wars the force
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dvd it will be available for purchase on demand starting april first and on blu ray and dvd four days later the home video release will include special behind the scenes clips and past memories. star wars the force awakens open in december and has brought in an estimated two point five billion dollars. astronaut scott kelly is spending the night with his family for the first time in the year he landed in texas this morning see more of the emotional reunion and a letter sent home with elementary students raised red flags with some parents by the principal thought young kid should be punished for dating or even just talking about it. arty pic of rain and snow on radar here across parts of virginia let you know what we can expect locally coming up and as we take a look or thirteen years now traffic and run traffic was stopped for just minutes six sixty four northbound at the monitor merrimack and supple. you can see
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in some elementary school students are getting mixed messages on how to handle young love in
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sent a letter to parents and said that talk of dating going steady and who likes who could be punishable by detention that didn't sit well with parents and parents who should be talking or kids about what those feelings mean when it's appropriate to show those in a public setting when it's ok to have a feeling that the feelings are wrong. our sister station in dallas started asking questions about the strange policy turns out the school district says they never proved that letter they say they will punish kids to talk about dating in school pennsylvania nurse is resigning after admitting to helping with the surgery while drunk. police say fifty nine year old richard perry stumbled into the wilkes barre va medical center before assisting with emergency surgery. perry told investigators he forgot he was on call that night and was out drinking at a nearby casino when he was called in perry also faces a string of criminal charges. a fire chief's car wash may have
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stephanie diet is and her four year old daughter were grocery shopping at a washington state walmart seventy left her seven year old pitbull mix cora in her suv with the windows cracked within minutes customers all smoke coming from inside the suv. luckily the fire chief was just across the parking lot getting his car wash when he heard the call go out. he rushed over and put the flames out the fire chief didn't see any life inside the car so when stephanie arrived he told her the dog could not have survived but just as she went to open the backdoor korea's head popped up on a coal fire department and i'm very blessed and very thankful that they feed my dog and i told each one of them nineteen seventy four year old daughter also gave thanks to firefighters they were just happy to put a smile on her face. taco bell canada
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here a crunch wraps lighter stuff with. she tells bren just rolled out the new slider which contain crunchy cheddar jalapeno cheetos inside a taco bell serves fried toast crunch wraps liners as well as to read o tacos in the united states and there's no word if they plan and dream that cheetos creations to the state's former republican presidential nominee mitt romney wraps and the donald trump his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university hear more of romney's call for voters to stop supporting the gop frontrunner and here trump's response to the insults and a make over for downtown norfolk find out what's replacing the old norfolk circuit court and that six of killer closed in on his victim with witnesses all
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. right now former portsmouth city manager john rowe is announcing his bid for mayor this is live right here thirty mins now broke the news of his decision to run about a year ago rowe was ousted by city council and mayor kidding right. the vote stirred controversy in the city and eventually led to a movement to try and recall mayor wright today row sat down with thirteen is now
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geller to tell his plan for the future of portsmouth see the exclusive interview coming up at six. we're just hours from the next gop presidential debate tonight the last republican presidential nominee is attacking the current frontrunner mitt romney spoke today asking voters to pick anyone but trump romney did not endorse any of the three remaining gop candidates during his speech in salt lake city but said any of them would be preferable to trump romney says trump lacked the temperament and judgment to be president donald trump is a phony a fraud. his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. he's playing the members of the american public for suckers. he gets a free ride to the white house and all we get is a lousy had probably also had harsh words for hillary clinton he said a trot nomination could lead to a clinton victory. well donald trump wasted little
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afternoon with the help of a very trump friendly crowd this is a failed candidate he failed the failed horribly the third case the wardrobe also claimed romney was considering another bid for president but he and jeb bush convinced romney to stay out of the race. north carolina elected officials are enforcing a photo id requirement for the first time early voting began today in the state primary is mark's fifteen in double a c p challenge the ideal role in court but a federal judge has ruled on the case yet also a different lawsuit over congressional district lines means voters will see congressional contests on the ballot but the votes won't count. another congressional primary election is set for june the murder conviction of olympian oscar pistorius will stand clearing the way for the athletes sentencing south african judge rejected an appeal from the stories today was found guilty of murdering
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twenty thirteen the minimum sentence for murder in south africa is fifteen years the sentencing hearing is set for april eighteen are learning more about possible debris from missing malaysian airlines flight three seventy an american adventurer says he discovered part of an aircraft on a sandbar off the coast of mozambique is being analyzed at a lab in australia malaysia's transportation minister says the part is probably from a boeing seven seventy seven australian officials say the find is consistent with modeling forecasts of where flight three seventy debris would wash ashore. he's too willing to speak a night on the origin of the debris at the stage in my heart could be a craft movie fan i sure the family and friends of those on board to the loved ones have not been forgotten and they remind us to fly three seventy vanished over the south china sea in twenty fourteen after leaving malaysia bound for china two hundred and thirty nine people were onboard temperatures are dropping
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tonight but could some of us see some snowflakes mixed and death is tracking the chance for some wintry weather were already tracking snow across the region if you pull this up on any of the radar app you're going to see snow showing up aloft. it's not at the ground yet again remember a radar beam measures what's going on thousands of feet up into the atmosphere and it is snowing and it is snowing heavily right now on the eastern shore up short and your island and some light flurries here across parts of south side but again that is not making it down the ground it's going to take awhile for any of this moisture to reach the earth at the same time we are seeing temperatures warming as we get to the evening not so much of the ground but gradually warming aloft and that's why we expect most of this the fall in the form of rain later tonight my talking well in line you can see for example
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showing that it was snowing not the case were looking a lot of clouds the clouds gradually getting thicker and thicker but for now not seen anything so in fact for this evening on the same maybe a few stray sprinkles or stray flurries but really for the most part just a lot of clouds little bit of a breeze that's the big news too that really picks up later tonight during the overnight and into early tomorrow. meanwhile high temperatures today are a lot of lower forties when she got back south or inland we had a little bit more of the mirror even some upper forties and there's one thirty seven showing up to thirty seven degree temperature shown up on the eastern shore. so for this evening things begin to fill in again not so much this evening but more during the overnight and i shot a couple different versions of future cast. i like this one in that i think this area north well north and west of us is going to primarily be in the form of snow with some
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possibility and then primarily rain for hampton roads to the south with an in between area getting times of both are a little bit of a mix at times it's going to be so wet though when the temperatures are well above freezing that even if it snows on the peninsula for example or near the coastline the middle peninsula. it's hard to get much to stick this time of year. lotta rain as i said a lot of wind that pulls out temperatures start to drop again a little bit tomorrow night but the big news will be the gradually improving conditions as we head into the weekend will see some clouds of time saturday the temps will finally be back up closer to normal posting mid fifties were going to be upper forties to near fifty similar temperature sunday ish will see mainly rain that means that we could see some snow mixing in at times here in areas across parts of south side down in north carolina but for the most part we're going to see rain we're going to see rain with maybe a mix
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snow at times here from sort of part way up the peninsula up to about williamsburg amounts zero to one inch depending on how much of that mixing occurs how quickly and then back in one two to three within three to six up to richmond so here's the storm organizing a mix of all sorts of weather sliding across virginia and north carolina since midnight. no precipitation that'll change soon rain developing then very windy and cold winds by morning gusting to forty even fifty near the open water very windy early tomorrow mainly precipitation in the morning with some mixing or snow especially north and west clearing forty three forty nine saturday fifty on sunday are just the virginia tech students accused of killing of blacks pertain are due in court this month and tonight we're hearing more about how the pair allegedly committed the crime court documents say natalie keepers and david eisenhower talked about nicole level on facebook the social media
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the suspect stay in communication. police say eisenhower kidnapped a thirteen year old in january and killed her keepers allegedly helped get rid of the body. both are expected in court on march twenty eighth the riaa and with that nor for crew started pulling down the old circuit court building in downtown thirteen years now was there as a demolition underway it's a part of a mullet i phase one hundred and twenty three million dollar project revamping the civic plaza along library and courthouse. the new circuit court in general district court are now located in the new building across the street. city spokeswoman laurie crouch says once the demolition is finished the city has big plans for the vacant space the ardmore tell demolition is expected to take about
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plaza project and his new neighbor in juvenile and domestic relations court is scheduled to be complete in two thousand seventeen next week and cdot will break ground on the bonner bridge replacement project on the outer banks the current bridge is more than fifty years old and has deteriorated significantly officials even close the bridge for weeks and twenty thirteen because it was considered unsafe the new bridge will run parallel to the old one and the project is expected to take three years the groundbreaking ceremony will take place tuesday right now governor terry mcauliffe is on the other side of the country trying to bring jobs to virginia. he's meeting with business and government officials in san francisco tweeted pictures of his meeting with a ride service company. his goal is to get corporate leaders to invest in virginia governor mcauliffe is also attending a cybersecurity conference in california. it was a big welcome home for astronaut scott kelly after his year in space is back with his family
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look at how his time in orbit changed and coming up and think he just announces bid for portsmouth mayor and former city manager john rowe is talking one on one with thirteen years now he's exclusively telling us what he would do as mayor and the shooting outside a strip club in newport news and two men to the hospital. one man
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. after spending nearly a year in space and getting a ride back to earth on a russian spacecraft earlier this week scott kelly has made it back to america and nasa hopes kelly's research helps them get humans to mars. abc's lor
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scott kelly this morning back home and you stand by way of kazakhstan in outer space it's an unbelievable feeling to be back here on planet earth back in our great country. kelly spent three hundred and forty days aboard the space station the first american to spend so much time in the cosmos. now he's enjoying many firsts since returning first hugs with his children and girlfriend i missed everyone very much kelly tweeted his first goal from the president his first sunset in norway a different view from his last one in four of his first flowers that contrast from the ones he raised in space that first plunge in the pool after a year admiring bodies of water only from afar during that time he completed nearly fifty five hundred more bits that's almost one hundred forty four million miles equal to the moon and back three hundred times the mission to test human and or ans key for potential
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going to mars one day only make things better here are so happy to be a part of that and now scott will be compared with identical twin mark is next year long mission undergoing medical testing and providing got here on earth but first i fried some beer and apple pie nothing's more american than that on twitter president obama told kelly he hopes gravity isn't a drag even if it is nasa saying the spine stretches in space so kelly likely came back two inches taller. loren lester abc news los angeles the year an apple pie that's all at five thirty we start with thirteen is now at six in an exclusive interview with portsmouth newark newest candidate for mayor. check it out this make the first shot less than half an hour ago after portsmouth city manager john brown formally announced he will run from there it's busy talk to us about in his
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the press conference investigative reporter laura geller joins us now with the exclusive store organize our exclusive interview is getting a lot of attention and generating a lot of talk we went live on facebook this morning to bring you john rose answers right as he gave them to us ten thousand people watched the video and this is just the start of what should be an interesting race taking on them and partly responsible for his abrupt departure in running for mayor former city manager john rowe will have current mayor kenny wright as an opponent. some pessimists would say that you are running for mayor because you have an axe to grind with mayor kenny white in the way that hit your departure was orchestrated. what would you say to that. no that's not true. the head axe to grind it was started grinding the axe attack and may not
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i'm running because i have a deep passion for our city it's a line we hear often from those running for office but was it me. the portsmouth native says the current city council has broken the trust of the citizens and has made government lacked transparency. many people would say that it's easy to be a critic it's easy to pick apart what somebody else is doing but it's more difficult to create solutions. what could you offer as mayor to move this city forward i have a strong background in local government for a half decades of experience in working with a diverse groups and know the region and most importantly portsmouth road address the turmoil we've seen lately we've told you about council finding its own members and the showdown between the mayor and the sheriff he says instead of weighing down the region


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