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tv   13 News 11  ABC  March 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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what an interim head over toward the hole for a minimum i saw a man entered and ahead in line he's hoping
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the person who left him crumpled on the ground. we have been having a change in leadership. the portsmouth may oral race getting interesting already an ousted city official now running and he has some support from city leaders and a seal sighting in virginia beach would tell you where three of the creatures came ashore today the news starts now some messy weather moving into the region tonight we've already seen a snow sleet mix in some parts of hampton roads including right here in off tough losses tracking everything this system is bringing for rain to gusty winds die off and it's changing a mile by mile minute by minute it seems evans been texting me back and forth from central chesapeake is like up seventy percent fully ten percent slowing down twenty percent grain whatever that a few minutes later up just rain
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about again. northern and western areas as we had mention for the past couple of days seeing more the snow here over the metro and south generally seeing the rain again it's going back and forth and it's going to continue to switch as we go through tonight with rain snow line gradually working its way a little bit off to the north but as you can see sort of hopping around right now with this online by sect in the region from southwest to northeast. some of the somewhat heavier amounts are here on the peninsula been getting some reports of a pretty heavy dusting and a few locations including gloucester back down through areas of the coasts and we've got some pictures of a dusting wouldn't be surprised that a little bit more than that in some of these dark blue areas here will be back in line so how much we talk and i've tweaked this just ever so slightly from what we talked about yesterday and earlier today mainly rain from parts of south side down in north carolina for the aca maxis me for the north
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the eastern shore back down to our metro area and then down around franklin under an inch and there's going to be a lot of melting so we get up you might not even see that much when she get back a little bit more north or a little back farther inland up the peninsula one to three inches and again there could be some melting and that looks like the winner or loser depending on your exact frame mine probably is more like the northern neck of may be torching to take on the back talking about the wins a lot going on with the system. i'll have that all i come back. it was also snowing in hampton tonight a viewer sent this picture from the fox hill area of the city you can see a light dusting of snow covering the grass right now we have only one school delay to report unwrap a handmade community college is opening two hours late tomorrow we'll pass along any others as they come and you can also get updated information on thirteen years now i've come to happen man considers himself lucky to be alive after a van hit his
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yesterday near the intersection of grimes road and east pembroke avenue the man and his mother told her that angry and want this person held responsible i made this my pay went flying across the line twenty one year old philip reid considers it his close call what do the handover coming within inches of potentially losing his life. i could literally see that i run the mower and alice face to face an entire scare house and not be a war he was biking don grimes road near east pembroke avenue in hampton wednesday afternoon on his way to work when a white van leaving this kfc and taco bell parking lot his bike and took off. reid says he was completely stopped and out of the way because he saw the van pulling out a swede a legal turn into this i walk there and it caught my friend
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the initial hit was just the beginning he says the car then ran him over whites his right arm and leg felt like a pile of brush aside wailing squeeze in the bone in question is that there were a twenty over thread. how could someone run over some money and leave them laying there that's what i just didn't understand. reed's mother tara koch angry that the driver took off to help me with her stuff like that he's a human being. it's completely a day so thankful it was just a close call. i'm in pain but light on what i was happy and no bones broken ninety for that. glad i knew what we find our kids in him too. she knew her thirteen news now race as a group of nearby construction workers helped him get up after the hit and run and a few even got in a truck to try to chase the white van if you have any information that might help identify
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police. new developments in the race for mayor of portsmouth as we reported earlier. assistant city manager john rowe made it official that he is and the one that i we've learned three portsmouth city council members already endorsing him vice mayor listen to since councilman bill moody and councilman danny meets all backing john rowe annie le beau has more on rose announcement tonight and how some citizens are reacting we have to have a change in leadership and you can bring that about this november in a room of about a hundred people form a force a city manager john breaux announced he will run for mayor he vowed to restore city council's credibility by being transparent and bring back the government needs the show and some say
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the city council down there does not support the people in the city last year wrote was voted out of city manager in a decision made in a closed door session that caused a lot of controversy and even sparked a movement to recall the current mayor but this isn't the first time hampton roads has seen a city manager fired and then come back to take over the mayor's seat back in two thousand five am to me or george wallace was voted out of council as the city manager only to return three years later as the vice mayor then in two thousand and twelve he replaces former mayor molly ward swartz any of the future now that roe has the support of the current and former sheriffs and three city council members he's ready to claim the mayor seat the majority of the members of city council have failed us and they have failed us because they have broken
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imports medina area both thirteen years now. rowe spoke exclusively to thirty news now earlier today before his official announcement we have that interview for you if you'd like to listen to thirty news now. com are currently three candidates are running for mayor of portsmouth. there can be right. john rowan local business man shannon glover out when asked to comment on the race glover told us quote john roll and kenny wright are the architects of the public distrust we have in portsmouth today the voter registration office tells us none of the signatures collected by the candidates has been certified. those signatures will be certified in june and donald trump takes him or fire during the republican debate tonight he is waging his presidential campaign on three fronts fighting his republican rivals his democratic opponents and the leaders of his own party. abc's mega news reports gop leaders are
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the front runner. fresh from his commanding seven victories on super tuesday donald trump got a new respect your are not the talking drums rivals now teaming up against him because he doesn't have answers that make ted cruz in second place is trying hard to make it a two man race. donald trump has written checks to hillary clinton not once not twice not three times ten times marco rubio again assailed trumps character he has spent a career of convincing americans that is something that he's not all the taunting finally got a rise out of trouble. this little guy has lied so much about the he referred to my aunt's of this small something else must be small i guarantee you there's no problem i guarantee the billionaire real estate mogul also fighting back donald trump is a phony a fraud against a strong attack from the twenty twelve gop
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should have beaten that president obama very nice the failed it miserably this debate was also a rematch between donald trump and his nemesis fox news anchor meghan kelly hi lo i do this to be with him her to have the look in well the weekend the republican slate pieces voters and more states and puerto rico with the detroit debate over michigan is still a political hotspot democrats to be in flint on sunday. on tuesday the state hosts important primary for both parties mega news abc news washington police are still trying to figure out what led to gunfire outside a strip club in newport news police say two men were shot outside club paradise on jefferson avenue overnight. officers found a fifty year old man who had been shot in the leg a second victim showed up in a hospital a few minutes later his injuries much more serious gunshot wounds in the chest and stomach police said they do not have any
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inside a shopping mall in savannah georgia the incident was caught on camera. mall manager says it was a craigslist deal that went wrong. police say two men agreed to meet near the foodcourt over the sale of the computer buyer grab the computer without paying and ran the seller chased after him pulled a gun and fired into the air near the mall entrance. the thief dropped the computer and got away and caught a few aquatic visitor showed up on shore in virginia beach today where this ala spotted earlier and waxman saying the animals and just taking a break from the water bus two women separated as babies finally figure out their sisters
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i talk about fast food a man crashed his car into a mcdonald's in louisiana this morning he told authorities he thought his family was being held hostage in their tow truck had to pull the suv out of the restaurant the owner of mcdonnell says the crash isn't going to get in the way of his business they'll serve food through the drive through until they repair the damage inside and i can use this outlet stores offer a line to learn the hard way crime can hearts the richland county sheriff office says this man still about forty dollars worth of meats from a walmart in lines at the store and is looking
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into an suv the suv had just come to a stop at the entrance. the man has his head to florence falls down but then quickly gets up and runs away. authorities are still looking for him. today was demolition day for the fifty year old circuit court building in norfolk thirty news i was there as the walls are being torn down were told the entire demolition is expected to take about eight weeks the entire civic plaza project is scheduled to be complete next year the city says once the demolition is finished it has some big plans for the vacant space and we're going to be extending mainframe and creating a new public drop off area me much more convenient account for people to come and get into sitting on also come to our courthouse the circuit court in general just a quarter now located in the new building across the street the country's oldest african american baptist church in williamsburg wrap the let
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week. the ballad first baptist church was silent for one hundred thirty years but it was recently restored and people were invited to come bring it during black history month the colonial williamsburg foundation says more than four thousand people came to wring the last month a social media hashtag let freedom ring challenge and why i will ring showed up more than one hundred thousand times on twitter and were seen by more than seven million people on instagram when you think of williamsburg history probably comes to mind now the chamber and tourism alliance is trying to add sports to the equation city is focusing on sports marketing. hope is to bring more athletes and more families to the area for sports vacations. city officials tell us the girls softball national fast pitch world series in twenty thirteen twenty fourteen really helped out the local economy each one of those tournaments frog athletes from all over the country they were here for seven days
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thousand room nights and so each year that was about a four million dollar economic impact we're also told the economic impact of hosting local sporting events on williamsburg has been upwards of twelve million dollars annual virginia newsman sana sealed there is home and fix the animal control says there were three seal sightings today in the city along with this one there was one across it and each one at sand ridge animal control says the seals just like the cold weather. all three are said to be healthy and went back into the water the virginia aquarium warns people not try and touch the animals if you ever see any animals like this on shore called the stranding team. radar can be a little bit deceiving at six o'clock we were showing snow across much of the area rain across inland areas and none of it was reaching the ground i mention outs because rain
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feet up so this is a little bit different case it doesn't match always what's happening at the ground because in this case for example i just went outside and it is showing snow on radar. it's not snowing anymore here in north at least where we are here downtown light rain right now i guarantee you if i were to go up a thousand or so feet and helicopter. it would be snowing and that's legitimate that's what seeing. but by the time it's getting down it is melting so it has been transitioning back and forth depending on how quickly it falls has time to melt or not we've seen that throughout the evening we're going to continue to see it now as we go into the overnight hours but in general the rain snow line is going to continue to move to the north here's another example of how it's not exactly matching what's down at the ground in hampton as you can see showing snow yet here is a live look from our sky view in hampden and
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looks like there is just some rain up there maybe a little bit of snow mixed and like we had for a while a tiny little bit of slush just on the windshield here south side. so in fact we're showing rain and snow mix at five or ten minutes of the top the hour when this was taken at norfolk international northerly winds it and those are really going to pick up later a lot more on that in the second notice newport news above freezing thirty seven in chesapeake hampton is the only spot right now under freezing other than west point in our immediate area. everybody will see the temperatures rising as the winds pick up and come in more more strongly out of the north in the northeast tonight gusting over forty forty five maybe fifty miles an hour late tonight early tomorrow. right near the water won't be as strong in one but gradually during the noon hour in the afternoon. the conditions will ease is that very powerful storm moves offshore it'll still be blustery and chilly with winds only in the twenty some mile per hour range during the evening
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during the overnight hours and again and some of these northern areas that will be a little bit more of that mix you can see that continues overnight into tomorrow with that snow line sorta wavering but we mentioned earlier it's just so warm over the last couple of days and we've been talking about what conditions that it's really hard to get the stick much so even if you get some of that as you go to the evening and overnight can attend email them again some of the far northern and western areas so tomorrow seventy three precipitation ending forty nine saturday saturday night into early sunday chance a few showers and nice next week i think the first place soon the conference was on the line tonight but bragging rights were a norfolk state and hampton met on
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years in the making. both women were adopted into two separate homes as infants in nineteen eighty five one of the ladies served as the others college teacher and was thirty years after that class when the duo found out they were indeed biological sisters. i've lost relatives most of our dance and uncles have passed so having this now is just it's just crazy in the misfits of the sisters say they sure are plenty of similarities right down to the same and wedding ring from the same to all our ducks in a plus. now sometimes the news a strange and yet he wrote and that but it was real deal. yes of course i get the real deal here. basketball hampton norfolk state hampton had already taken care of business they clinched the mac regular season title on monday but hey it's a jew norfolk state it's always big game tonight at old hall norfolk state on senior night came out a couple seniors strong jeff short the first
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down the floor with the sean taylor another senior the spartans jumped out to a nato leaders said this was a big game but a big could be for him to mace at their best player quit and she was so they can dress them up for them yet conference tournament has ever had the number one seed. reginald johnson had fourteen over to a menu that was on three of seventeen shooting. here lauren skokie and thirteen they cut the lead back down to two late first half then were trailing by nine halftime in norfolk state ran away with it in the second have their sort again he had five three pointers on the night ended up with eighteen points. norfolk state wins going away in this one they win by twenty eighty three to sixty three new man in north texas night beat the green mean green seventy six to seven is their third straight win or tie for fourth now conference usa with one game remaining top four teams get a bye in the conference tournament lady monarchs beat north texas tonight sixty to fifty five at home. jennie simms another big night thirty
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for jennie simms the admirals deep into their seven game homestand tonight against adirondack wash down your lower right of your screen great pass from michael palin to scott allen for the first bowl game that's alan's fifteen tally of the season then from the point sam no roads going to get a shot that another score. admirals have been playing great lately against a really good teams they beat adirondack five to three when we come back it's still a thursday night tradition sports
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i welcome at our thursday night tradition and sports spotlight has been a thursday night tradition since nineteen eighty eight i think it was the last three thirty pace. we were busy ok we moved back a couple of nights last week we just took the night off but sports pilot is back and it's bigger and better than ever room the what to do from corpus christi texas a man with a perfect school attendance record in the run
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course north of houston first shot ever on opening day and mr crow's you're an eighty one yard hole in one the a's gets a big hug from tiger woods not dead either get back to the calamities this hockey goalie of the watch again because it goes off the defense man's face to the right of your screen old holy kittens find sports pilot. i know guys like bowling and basketball made on banana one time soccer united goalkeeper never good at it again sports byline own moment it's awful more softer foy a little trickery here love this except in the end result is a little outside and finally we get there what happens when you get nascar on ice and he is like disney on ice except its nascar love the cars. jimmie johnson looking for another championship in the way that was at school was in a lot of
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ahh much better thanks so much got the right people it was the weather the morning yet overnight we're going to have rain for a lot of us little bit of a mix but even where there is a mix of spending not to accumulate too much farther north and west to go peninsular especially up the peninsula up the eastern shore of a little bit of a problem in the morning i set that is thirteen is now an eleven day break starts at four thirty tomorrow morning thanks for joining us everyone jimmy
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"jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, jason bateman -- from "how to get away with murder", aja naomi king. this week in unnecessary censorship -- and music from ceelo green with cleto and the cletones. and now, if there is no further questions, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> thanks for watching. thanks for coming. >> jimmy: we have so much to get to tonight.


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