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tv   13 News 6  ABC  March 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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view along with investigators to bribe police actually just clear out a few moments ago but they were here for several hours with this part of kingston avenue taped off because they found that man shot in a van right behind me here he was rushed to the hospital from here and was pronounced dead there right now police are looking for a small blue or gray color that this is connected to the shooting investigators say the car it was has had the front end damage neighbors have been out here watching as police work the scene and they say they have had enough because shootings happen often on this street we see a lot of flashing lights on the street we too much in norfolk period and it's just it's just it's troublesome to see it over and over and over. now police tell me if you see the car call nine one one immediately anyone with in the car is considered to be armed and dangerous to give any
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asked to call the crime line eleven or fictional her thirteen years now. police in hampton also on the scene of the shooting happened around three thirty this afternoon on nickerson boulevard near andrews boulevard officers found someone who had been shot at least once they are not sure of his age his injuries are considered critical to people are recovering after they were shot at a party in newport news police say a fight started the party on hamilton drive just before two thirty am. that's the same room where tudor barn theater is located. someone pulled out a gun and shot a seventeen year old in the back his injuries were considered life threatening eighteen year old woman from hampton was shot in the leg she should be alright if you have any information about the shooting you can call police using crime line to mar the prince william county police officer who was killed on her first day on the job will be laid to rest a week for officer ashley clinton is set for tomorrow in springfield massachusetts where clinton was born she and other officers responded
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woodbridge virginia. someone involved in the fight shot her window and was twenty eight years old. super saturday finds democratic and republican presidential candidates fighting for delegates in several states abc news already projects the ted cruz is the winner of the republican caucus in kentucky. people in maine nebraska and louisiana also are voting. here's abc's rerun monday the near collision of candidates of the kansas caucus her the sender take turns rolling boulder saturday just minutes behind him at the same location gop front runner donald trump with four straight up for grabs today this line of holy discomfort moon once again but this tune in orlando florida we
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i will bring people together to bring people together to watch the tram strip came loose minute edition of the year's biggest conservative gathering see the senator mark rubio made his scheduled appearance in a bit conservative cannot simply be about how long you're willing to scream and we are willing to be or how many names are willing to cough in the fourth man in the field. ohio governor john casey staying positive and already looking beyond super saturday when ohio and that's going to create a whole new ballgame the with the democrats voters crushed into caucus site early senator bernie sanders focused on picking up delegates in closing the gap with rival hillary clinton i think sometimes people get confused with the kinds of vicious personal attacks being made by republicans against each other which are daunting and the candidates will not have anytime to rest this weekend with crucial
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michigan and ohio within the next coming days and weeks every monday abc news new york the building government in counter north korean cargo ship and soon will start deporting the ship's crew new un sanctions put into place after north korea's recent nuclear test a rocket launch call for mandatory inspection of cargo ships leaving and entering the country as well as ban on sales of guns and other weapons the philippine coast guard inspected the ship with bomb sniffing dogs but did not find anything suspicious of a day for the navy and newport news shipbuilding the united states is the god bless the fourteenth virginia class submarine christened this morning secretary of the navy among those in attendance and more than one hundred
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in the was christening day for the future uss washington and newport news shipbuilding elizabeth made his daughter secretary of the rain made this mask the ceremony a bottle of sparkling wine across the ballot in virginia class submarine the secretary of navy served as the keynote speaker in this summer of two thousand and fourteen. we signed the biggest contract in u s labor history almost eighteen billion dollars to buy two of the sum of its roughly four thousand newport news ship builders have worked on washington of the submarine will be delivered to the navy later this year. this weekend people have the chance to
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hundred fifty years ago that change naval warfare around the world the battle of the ironclad uss monitor against css virginia and each year the mariners museum commemorates the encounter which also is known as the battle of hampton roads photojournalist bonifacio herrera has a look battle of hampton roads was a post battle where ironclad ships fought against each other. if you take everything into consideration this was really our first modern war and weapons with extreme ranges and things like that stepping back in time a noun put myself in my ancestors shoes to see how they would have lived in how they would cope with this. this time in history and is always something new to learn more the reasons every actor is i like to teach other people
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war had on our nation. it was an extremely pivotal time in our nation's history. i just feel is very important that we pass on not only the events themselves what led up to these events the days you don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it is extremely important to know no way to show their respect and honor for those men who fought and died during that war but also just so everyone knows how hard they came when it came down to the one shown in how much they cry and in the two day event wraps up tomorrow the mariners museum doors
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the norfolk botanical garden comes alive with the first ever chinese lantern exhibition along the eastern seaboard lantern asia open today and features more than thirty pieces of art highlighting traditional asian themes some of the pieces are four stories tall. visitors to the garden can appreciate the detail and craftsmanship of the arc during the day and then at night. the pieces get laid up in a big way the exhibition which also includes live music runs through the end of
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nine a m until nine pm. and once we get through a spell of some showers overnight tonight we're looking at some nice weather for all the outdoor events going on very warm temperatures by spots could see highs near eighty degrees of some of what's happening out there right now. first we're looking at a few scattered light sprinkles in the area we haven't seen much weeding the clouds thicken up. we've gone through the afternoon into the early evening hours couple sprinkles rolling through and get any reports from the ground sources than any of this was reaching the ground certainly a chance an isolated sprinkle out there better chance for the rain will come a little later on tonight notices batch of rain out towards the west line of showers and even some snow up around cleveland stretching back to west virginia western virginia and western north carolina that is set to move eastward later tonight to look for chance at a few snow showers during the overnight hours and early in the day on sunday so some of our future cast cloudy skies out there
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chance at a sprinkle of seven to nine o'clock dry conditions around an easterly wind at around five to ten mph. what we had towards eleven o'clock in the shower start showing up on the map here mainly along ninety five corridor north to western hampton roads look for a couple of showers most of the activity will be after midnight tonight to about seven to eight o'clock tomorrow morning so if you getting up early for church tomorrow. cloudy skies we are looking at a couple showers moving through the area was coming out of the northeast will be another chilly day tomorrow by nine o'clock most of the shower activity starts to fall apart and we will look for dry conditions as we enter the afternoon hours. a chilly day with temperatures in the forties has an outside chance of isolated sprinkles to the afternoon to see the clouds breaking up later into the day natalie to a cool night tomorrow night and a clear night so monday night mainly clear skies the last of the really chilling nights coming up for the next seven days after dropping back into the thirties. watch what happens on monday. clear skies to start the day that
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coming in on the south and southwest that a warmer direction force to warmer temperatures on monday up around sixty degrees with mostly sunny skies will be pushing seventy by tuesday temperatures in the mid seventies to the middle part of the week to take a live look outside right now cloudy skies in hampton long settlers landing road came in at the virginia air and space center came at the beach resort town in virginia beach we are looking at the cloudy skies a little rough surf out there on the oceanfront in cloudy skies here to the downtown often carry forty degrees was coming out the southeast at seven mph pictures pretty much in the forties forty five inch sb forty two new produce thirty seven the look on the eastern shore thirty nine and watch a pre forty in hampton forty one elizabeth city mo a forty four degrees back in waco forty five in williamsburg to mostly cloudy skies night of the scattered showers developing around midnight and into the early morning hours of sunday thirty seven for an overnight low forty nine degrees tomorrow morning shower two wins on the northeast but eventually switched to the southeast more night so all of the season the cold tomorrow night on the thirty
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rebounding nicely on monday up to sixty mostly sunny on tuesday a high of seventy seventy two mostly sunny wednesday if you want clouds thursday seventy four coho moved to the drop us back to sixty two on friday sixty five next saturday with a chance in the shower to really a nice looking forecast coming up here in the middle part of next week especially if you want that little bit of warmth company for warm weather actually get to the seaside have the right thanks a lot of it yet subtle bass cope is a day of high school hoops quarterfinal action in most colleges including monarch men who are
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the remarks were trying to finish up the regular season on a hot streak old dominion on the road and rice this afternoon and entered the upcoming conference usa tournament on a four game winning streak they were facing off against the conference's freshman of the year virginia beach's markus evans he's among also the nation's leader in scoring as a freshman did i mention he also leads the conference in steals the steal and lay up tied at two eleven twenty eight marks
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freeman miss brandon staff with a putback slam overview of twelve to eight we did mention frame and didn't miss much after that can i say he went off against the owls with sixteen first half points on them and taking eleven point lead into the locker room second half much to the same freeman has steel in the other way thirty three points for him as a win seventy four sixty seven they head into the conference usa tournament with a four game win streak as for the tribal women marry their postseason tournament hopes began this afternoon with a quarterfinal date with state rival james madison in the caa men's tournaments remember about a week ago the dukes one of spoiling senior day for them and you could say that rob got a little defensive. they were holding everybody in check including one of their ron curry one of their best to just for the first half and top corporate pocket inside part of a twenty two
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trailed only six to one that sean shoulder with a bucket in an fao as they led thirty one fifteen at the break pruitt kind of took over from there he had twenty five the lead on tribal going on to the seventies with the win over the dukes the stalker june attack packed as cassell coliseum as they hosted number seven miami this afternoon and the hope he's just felt quite at home. how about fifty two percent from forty nine of seventeen lead at halftime thirty two twenty one exactly day kind of finishing things off with a slant to the sixteen points all hope is that they win seventy seven to sixty two canton native cat barber and his north carolina state wolfpack on the road at south bend taking on notre dame the acc's leading scorer showing against driving go for the lay of the route to a two nothing lead more from
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crab or crossover jumper and the shooters breakouts in the heart complete the three point play thirty twenty six state that point been far worse. what a game high twenty nine will step back jumper good but they trailed forty five thirty nine at halftime. too much to the irish off the steel they find zach auguste with a team high twenty four state falls to eighty nine to seventy five. it's been one special season for the senior men's basketball team this year first round of the division three ncaa tournaments. aaron mcfarland with revis twenty one point five three pointers on the night next. connor left from walk off all open the heart as he chipped in eight to the nineteen point lead into the locker room didn't match matter after that marcus carter from broome high with a bucket there fifteen points eleven boards for him there big fella tim daly had fourteen to go with nine boards pretty much everybody playing a role last night
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nine seventy one when they're now twenty four and one on the season that's most wins in school history. haven't lost since the since december their win streak now reaching eighteen straight in our one around to where they face off against nyu tonight from the freeman center at seven o'clock on senior day for the lady monarchs are voting as they hosted rise the otter duper tuesday to block one or younger who was out with injury before the game o'neal off too much starch any sense step back three good lady mocs amplified nothing lead then it was an orphan bit of g g smith starred nice little water goes two for twelve points. they were in business for trial the halftime second half they pull away from their sins with a dominating effort on senior day the still on lap twenty four for her. o un sixty one fifty two but stalk grows high school hoops the quarters lansdowne group sex they taken on a lightly in the quarterfinals and next
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within one. next up alexa roberson with a three ball of fur on the trail early eight to two to langley richard johnson get into gear the corner three good that tied it early and then one more from cynthia johnson to sin city to what that is cool and the harm they were up one late in this game we're refining will let you know let's update you on just a couple of scores to pass onto you. the spots woodward hell no report of the group three a girls. salem was moving on the potomac forty nine thirty eight that sets up a matchup include five day with princes and high school at the beach should be a good one voice normally boys loses to potomac surrey false to george with with bill bike out of sixty nine to fifty five by the time the warm weather rolls around we think a spring sports. yes right around the corner then basketball the right of
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line counting the weather before we get going that's right we're looking at some of those showers moving in from western parts of virginia north carolina was an isolated sprinkle deceiving the most of the activity should hold off till around eleven o'clock for western parts of hampton roads after midnight for the rest of the metro region we can see a few showers lingering more morning as well. the chili them are forty nine degrees below one sixty on monday seventy tuesday seventy two wins they set for thursday and friday after cold front still sixty two degrees on a lie this time of year is fifty five thirty points to greece with the arrest for this service the downfalls to langley thirty four thirty to their season comes to an ad in the news breaking news here is a thirty degrees though but the happy talk and the week jury selection from eighty to try some of those in one spot center usually warmer rightful see how warm
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welcome to "world news tonight." super saturday. five states voting and the early results are coming in. tensions rising on the campaign trail. >> the republicans are eating their own. >> republicans teaming up to take down one man. >> where i grew up, if someone keeps punching people in the face, eventually someone has to stand up and punch them back. >> at this trump rally -- >> but are donald trump and hillary clinton now on track to
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the fbi closing in on the band of thieves who made off with millions. new details on their high-tech heist, how they tracked the truck. and got away with the gold. the young girl who went jogging 36 years ago and never came home. tonight, a suspect who may have confessed back then, now under arrest for her murder. why did it take so long? and from trash to treasure. from baseball cards to audio tapes, could there be a jackpot hidden in your house, too? good evening. thank you for joining us on this saturday. i'm cecilia vega. we begin with that breaking news in the race for the white house. five states casting their votes on this super saturday. three for the democrats. right there, you see on the map. four for the republicans. and the preliminary results are just now coming in. based on our analysis of the vote, abc news projects texas


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