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tv   13 News Sunday  ABC  March 6, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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and a special gift for a local veteran today. get the keys to a home built just for him the news starts now the morning and thank you for joining us on thirteen years now daybreak on joe flanagan will have those stories in just a moment but first let's get to your weekend weather forecast model of before you head out the door may not be able to tell from this sunrise over downtown offered but it is going to be chilly this morning meteorologist asia scott is tracking temps in the forties today really much warmer conditions to come to morning edition. good morning jeff good morning everybody that's right we are going to see temperatures today once again holding in the forties that is below what we should be this time of the year but we've got a big warm up coming your way. here's a look at satellite and radar right now we do have a break and some of the clouds across the area more clout that to the west and satellite we are showing that over the past
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so we did have those scattered showers overnight and now were mostly dry across the viewing area but we can't completely rule out a shower or two this morning as the system continues to push offshore temperatures aren't quite as bad as yesterday remember i mentioned yesterday morning that we would see quite as many twenties on the map and we're starting off with most numbers in the thirties were at freezing though in newport news smithfield. also franklin coming in at thirty two degrees were down to thirty one and south of thirty right now in wakefield and the morning in virginia beach. your little bit milder with temperatures in the forties now the winds will continue today out of the northeast right now not too bad about five mph hansen up to seven and virginia beach those north easterly winds will keep us a bit chilly today so just keep that in mind if you do have any outdoor plans we will remain mostly cloudy especially to the morning hours and then will see gradual clearing as we head towards the evening. i am tracking a big warm up in
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mainly dry conditions as well have those details coming up in just a few minutes. joe thinks a show. new this morning one person is dead and another hurt after being hit by a norfolk southern train this crash happened yesterday in winston salem police say four adults and one child were standing on a railroad bridge in the train began to cross the child and to the adults were able to get off the bridge and time that the train hit the other two of fifty one year old greensboro a woman died at the scene. medics took a thirty seven year old man to the hospital for surgery please do not release his condition and no word yet on why the group was on the track that a crime alert an overt police are looking for car that may have been involved in a deadly shooting in ocean view the blue or gray car was near the intersection of kingston avenue and grove avenue around two pm this afternoon investigators say it should
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the occupants should be considered armed and dangerous. she knew her or has the story we see a lot of flashing lights on the street we too much people near kingston and grove avenues in ocean view swarmed the streets and watched norfolk police searched the area after a deadly shooting saturday afternoon it's very concerning because we have a lot of kids on the street. we have a lot of elderly people that live down here you know there's crime everywhere i guess it sorta feels a little different when enters into your neighborhood when officers got to the area just after two o'clock the phony thirty eight year old man in a minivan who had been shot multiple times. medics took him to the hospital where he died. god only knows what happen today but it's just like over and over and over the stupidity of others but everybody else in danger vanessa carter west has been living on kingston avenue for a few years. i'm a hardworking person a lot of people around here aren't. it
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go for walks right here on the street corner west careful any time she leaves her home hoping that one day there will be fewer flashing lights on her street. this is the danger of the street and this is the danger of the city and this is the danger of the times that we're in is important in or fiction to her thirteen news now place and hansen are investigating after officers found a gunshot victim behind a hardware store. emergency dispatchers received a call about gunfire around the nickerson plaza shopping center around three thirty pm this afternoon. officers got there and found somebody injured behind the ace hardware store. he was shot at least once. investigators weren't able to release any other information about the ins the pressures on in the race for the white house right now polls are opening in maine as the state holds their democratic caucus senator bernie sanders is hoping to continue his momentum from super saturday sanders swept delegates in
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hillary clinton won in louisiana. clinton congratulated sanders on his victories but says she still has her eyes on the prize i'm grateful to everyone who turned out to support us but now all eyes turned to michigan michigan is the latest battleground for the democratic nomination tonight clinton sanders will face off on the debate stage in flint. you can expect both candidates will come out swinging as this could be their last chance to win voters ahead of michigan's primary on tuesday. now on the republican side frontrunner down trump won elections in kentucky and louisiana last tuesday's to texas senator ted cruz from congratulated cruz and his victories in maine and in kansas but took the opportunity to take a few jabs at the senator's expense congratulate ted on main and in kansas and he should do
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very close to canada for space in their marker rubio or ohio governor john k sick one and the state come told reporters it's time for rubio to drop out of the race say with thirty news now for the latest on the election we have full coverage on thirteen years now. dot com still ahead on daybreak donald trump in hot water again why bo burnham bell's attorneys are requesting the donald's presence in a court martial plus big developments in the apple fbi standoff will tell you what new secrets officials think could be inside the san
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on that sunday
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everybody were taking a live look outside because we do have some breaks in the clouds that we're seeing across the area that is here the clouds off in the distance as we have throughout the rest of the morning will have mostly to partly cloudy skies in spots. temperatures at thirty nine degrees our winds are now out of the ease of that and compare to our north easterly wind as we keep our temperatures down so yesterday morning we had a lot of this one is on the map this morning not too many twenty just a couple of out there so we are staying warmer conditions compared to this time yesterday in korea actually eleven degrees warmer than this time yesterday morning six degrees warmer and franklin and five degrees warmer and suffolk were going to continue this trend as we go the next couple of days with warming conditions each day. now satellite and radar showing mainly dry conditions across the area right now. again you'll notice the brakes that were sitting in the clouds and really we had some showers overnight though showers continued to fizzle out as they moved eastward we did have some spots reporting rain but for the most part
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conditions right now for the rest of the morning we'll have partly to mostly cloudy skies and skies will become mostly sunny it's mainly clear as we head into the late evening hours and into the overnight hours but temperatures not going to climb all that much still below where we should be for this time of the year we will climb above normal as we headed to the workweek have those details coming up in a few minutes. joe carter thanks a shine minnesota man's best friend may not make the best driver check this out please leave a golden retriever put an idling tractor trailer in gear and man killed about eighty miles southwest of minneapolis the truck rolled through a parking lot across the street hopped a curb and then hit a tree in a parked car in a gas station. someone jumped into the truck's cab to stop and found the dog in the driver's seat. no one was her ruff ruff. well talk about a close call a parachute save the lives of a
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. this morning trouble for donald trump attorneys for army sargent gilbert goh are requesting a meeting with a businessman
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concerned that trump's comments calling their client a quote no good trader who should be executed in cold could affect his right to free or fair trial for gulls defense team is calling for the meeting to determine if trump should be subpoenaed before a court martial hearing official savored all walked off opposed in afghanistan in two thousand and nine he was then captured by the taliban and held for five years he now faces charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy now new information on the face off between the fbi an apple a new voice is now weighing in the district attorney of san bernardino says phone belonging to one of those attackers could lead investigators to a possible third gunman abc's are lester has the story that controversy a lot bone found in a shot of suv back in the spotlight. the device used by two terrorists who
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bernardino at the center of a fierce battle between federal government and apple who refuses to help try to unlock the phone now the local da is suggesting there could be evidence of a long rumored third attacker on the phone do you believe there is a third assailant out there if i believe it but i'd like to make sure there isn't any new or increased da mike ramos pressing apple to earn lots of groups i found arguing although the reports of the three individuals were not corroborated the information contained solely on the seed i phone can provide evidence to identify as of yet unknown co conspirators the fbi and local law enforcement have questioned that theory of a third gunman apples stands by its decision not to attempt to unlock the phone. apple ceo tim cook speaking exclusively with abc's david muir last week said this about protecting the safety of the people who carry those
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could order apple such a piece of software could be well. in addition to the court documents law by daron was this week a brief on behalf of six families who either lost someone in the attack bore witness it was also filed urging apple to find a way to break into the phone. lauren mr abc news morning a coast guard searching for forty six year old man who fell overboard during a cruise officials say a gas all another passenger fall one hundred feet of a royal caribbean cruise ship off the coast of key largo florida officials say the man's from texas i think he fell from a state room on the navigator of the seas ship late friday night. coast guard crews have searched nine hundred forty six square nautical miles so far but have seen no sign of them are also new this morning a lucky escape for a father and daughter on a weekend trip to rhode island and the pilot told police they were on
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trouble. the plane crashed into a grassy area of an industrial park in new york the pilot managed to deploy the plane's parachute system which allowed the plane to drop slowly to the ground the two people on board only suffered minor injuries the faa and ntsb are investigating what caused that crash a twelve year old boys being called a hero after saving his father's life. ryan hanukkah and his son taylor were moving furniture from their washington home into a u haul when brian collapse. that's when authorities say taylor call nine one and started performing cpr. taylor had never taken cpr classes instead he says he just knew what to do guy just that we are just a matter that he was in there they were not found until that night. a medic saved for every minute cpr isn't started as a ten
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quick thinking likely saved his father's life will be given a lifesaver award by local rescue crews well that sunday morning everybody if you're just waking up with us maybe getting ready for church services this morning you'll definitely need to bundle up because we are starting off chilly but not quite as chilly as yesterday morning we had a lot of spots in the twenties this morning were hovering right around freezing across the areas where thirty attacks more thirty also enough of gloucester down to thirty two were twenty nine however unhappily on the peninsula that thirty one in williamsburg also newport news good morning if you joining us from hanson you're coming in at forty two degrees and then across the south side closer to the water notice oceanic forty one. we've got thirty eight at the airport in norfolk but twenty five right now in longview and more the same as in northeastern north carolina forties closer to the water forty eight in
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cox but gates bill you're coming in at thirty six degrees and along the outer banks are sitting in the low forties now we do have some breaks in the clouds and we've seen that as me i move through the overnight hours but notice the precipitation pretty much falling apart as it continues to push eastward so we could see a shower or two this morning but really were mostly done with the rain will see drying conditions as we head throughout the rest of your sunday as high pressure continues to build and this is that system that we were tracking yesterday is now offshore that brought us some scattered showers overnight and again as we continue to push farther offshore will see the clouds clear and the rain chances decrease as well as we head to the rest of the morning hours will call it partly to mostly cloudy temperatures pretty mild as we head towards lunch time so here we are about twelve fifteen. high temperatures in the low forties will top out in the upper forties by this afternoon and then falling into the low forties as we headed to the evening overnight tonight skies will
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will calm down and so that me the pretty chilly start the day on monday but then monday our winds will switch more so at the south that's going to give us a boost in temperatures climbing near sixty by monday afternoon before today forty eight degrees decreasing clouds thirty four degrees tonight so will be a bit on the chilly side. here's a look at the seven day forecast sixty as we head towards your mind a seventies for much of next week and dry as well. joe that's weather coming up in sports by one bridesmaid coming up later in sports whoa what a naptime waits for no one. good, clean food waits for anyone who orders it. order online and avoid the line at panera. food as it should be. your body is a finely tuned instrument. diarrhea can throw it out of rhythm. imodium multi symptom relief combines two powerful ingredients
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the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. slash eastern. naptime waits for no one. good, clean food waits for anyone who orders it. order online and avoid the line at panera. food as it should be. . in sports news of you like basketball got plenty of it including who's in and who is out in the state high school tournaments a pleasant senior
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anchor brian smith explains in your sports weekend with my virginia cavaliers they hosted number eleven louisville among them anthony killed and buried the jumper by two to the get fifty five twelve at halftime and it will back mike told me with the emphatic slam that put up nineteen took off with fifteen points. the big day coming from now the broncos seventeen points to lead the way for jenny gets a season sweep over the cardinals sixty eight forty six and the regular season finale produce they were facing off against the conference's freshman of the year marcus evans and rise out of the nation's leading scorers as a freshman but also it leads conference usa in steals to hear as the lead with twenty eight points. the marchers handoff the drapery been best friends with a putback slam as they go upload the eight matches remaining this much after that. can i say he went off on the owls sixteen first half points when it took an eleven point lead into
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much of the same for the beach with the steal and lay up for a game high forty three it says when seventy four sixty seven now won four straight to the caa quarterfinals when they're taking on teams madison remember that duke's it spoilt senior day for them a week ago they were looking to get even bigger defensive backs we have to fall behind six the one they decided to go on the run. omar with a nice move inside eighteen six john sheldon coming up with the baby book along with contact in the route thirty one fifteen lead at the break second and third with a team high twenty five headed to the seventies this afternoon with a seventy nine sixty four when will next face hofstra ncaa division three tournament john for korean and captains of christopher newport posting nyu a win in iraq to the sweet sixteen c and you let it break second and they'll charge nice move inside with thirty eight
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through to his nineteen points to lead the forty three thirty ninth for his partner from on high winds first time the captains with twenty one big wave sixty seven sixty four on the inside seam tape delay the butter to bodie with a posted price the item produced a whopping younger without injury. o do you up to a good start in the sand stepping back behind the arc in running the three pointer with the mother testified openly that it was not to give gigi specs turn in transition a nice drive baseline to overflow points we're in business but rather halftime second at the point from their sins with a dominating effort includes the steal and lay of the top of the twenty fourth minute with sixty one fifty two the sea and you were made with the ncaa tournaments they're headed to the sweet sixteen as moves murray a fourth quarters that some goggles and it is the one taking on western albemarle the greyhounds edging closer to a three peat third period travis peels for the three to
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possession on the break a j davis the best with travis and groom with a putback. he also had four points as north of wonderful evan davis led the way with seventeen points as they're heading to the seventies they won fifty six forty two. those losing included sewing room and your view of the great cycle three acorns work of taking on the grounds taking the lead on this. kevin max recorder but they didn't have answers down the stretch he would call petite and thirty nine and a group six a lansdowne taking on langley listen or its gets the runner to go but they trailed early bear season unfortunately we also went with a disappointing thirty four thirty two loss to salem would win with sewing and for new blooms as well as an antiseptic academy for the private suites right spent thirty four and still much more ahead on thirteen years now and a big big changes coming to your weather forecast find out
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. good morning everyone thanks for joining us on thirteen years now they break up joe flanagan and advices scott and i should just tell me the little but the clouds the deal with on this day and they can hang around home and not all they will see clearing conditions as we had into the late afternoon evening hours especially so we will hold on to the clouds this morning but really it is chilly out there and if not quite as wet as we saw overnight we did see some showers overnight those are now long gone we do have a chance for maybe a shower or two this morning before the most part most areas will remain dry. here's a look outside overlooking virginia beach this is from our west in hand with that those high clouds still holding on and here's a look at the temperatures it is chilly out there but not quite as chilly as yesterday
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twenties on the map thirty nine right now an orphan with thirty one in newport news all of the city are holding at forty right now the morning to you and thirty degrees and mouth as i put on blue period that is we didn't have those scattered showers moved through overnight and right now we are sitting mostly dry but we do have the clouds in the area as the precipitation started to head a little bit farther to the east it really just fell apart and that's usually what we see as it rises across the mountain so for today forty eight degrees decreasing clouds that's a bit chilly for early march we should be in the mid fifties for this time of the year now we're talking temperatures going well above what we should be as we head into tuesday especially as we continue through the end of the work week i have those details coming up and just a few minutes joe are i think they had twenty one hundred marines are in south korea will take part in disaster relief and wartime mission exercises united states and
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every two years now north korea's leader kim jong woon repeated his orders to have his country's nuclear weapons on standby. recently north korea tested a nuclear weapon and fired several rockets into the air . the well a big weekend at newport news shipbuilding as crowds gathered that doesn't seem to be the super new shipbuilding video but these stand by for a moment. ok so uss washington elizabeth wallace daughter sectarian the navy ray mall the smash the ceremonial bottle of sparkling wine across the bow of virginia class submarine secretary i'm all this served as the keynote speaker and gave the crowd an idea of
6:32 am
in the next five years we will return to a fleet of three hundred ships by twenty nineteen and the three hundred and eight ships which we haven't validated the twenty twenty one washington will be delivered to the navy later this year roughly four thousand for news. ship builders have work on that summer. well like other virginia class submarines washington weighs in at seventy eight hundred tons. that is roughly the same way as forty five hundred midsize car the summer's three hundred and seventy seven feet long if you're counting making it longer than a football field and it's about as wide as a boss or maybe more. while underwater washington can move a speed of twenty five knots or twenty eight miles an hour if we tell you more will be in big trouble the submarines nuclear
6:33 am
refueling during its expected lifespan big day for later today people have a chance to learn about the battle of our coastline more than a hundred fifty years ago that change naval warfare around the world the battle the ironclad uss monitor and css virginia each year commemorates the encounter which is also known as the battle of hampton roads photojournalist modified to herrera has a look the battle of hampton roads was a post battle where ironclad ships fought against each other. if you take everything into consideration this was really our first modern war and weapons with extreme ranges and things like that. stepping back in time a noun put myself in my ancestors shoes to see how they would have lived in how they would cope with this
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always something new to learn more the reasons that every actor is i like to teach other people about the effect of the civil war had on our nation. it was an extremely pivotal time in our nation's history. i just feel is very important that we pass on not only the events themselves what led up to these events the days you don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it is extremely important to know no way to show the respect and honor those men who fought and died during that war but also just so everyone knows how hard they came when it came down to the one shown in how much they cry and in the bone of the two day event wraps up today at the mariners museum doors open at ten am well later today also local veteran is going to get the keys to his new home in yorktown. staff sargent luis late lost both legs while he
6:35 am
developed compartment syndrome after performing repeated dives with the eighty six dive detachment the homes for our troops organization spent weeks building a specially adapted home for slate. there are forty adaptations including widened doorways and pulled down the shelving of her three or four other guys that i know that a gun homes or homes for tourists and it's just dramatically change their lives. you know just the accessibility for them that the birds being removed from them. it has given them the ability to move on to the next stage of life. slate his wife and three children will get the keys to the new home today. still to come on daybreak it's the story yours tunes don't want you to see coming up at six forty five are going to show you how they're getting the answers to every test without doing any of the work and road work and mess up y
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naptime waits for no one. good, clean food waits for anyone who orders it. order online and avoid the line at panera. food as it should be. i was another chilly start in the morning but that's what you would expect as we start to move closer and closer to spring we are going to see some warmer conditions start to head into our forecast area. here's a look outside this is from hanson and we've got the clouds holding on here as well so we'll see mostly cloudy skies as we go throughout the morning
6:39 am
chilly as yesterday morning so we don't have quite as many twenties on the map was sitting at thirty nine in norfolk low thirties in newport news of the city are still holding at forty and well below freezing right now on the eastern shore and mouth out with the cloudy conditions we do have some warmer air on the way i wanted to show you the wide view of the temperatures are not as we've got thirty for really the eastern half of the us and then we've got some fifty setting up shop across wichita stretching down to dallas also seen a tony over to tap into that warmer air and that means seventies are back in the forecast as we head to the workweek satellite and radar showing mainly dry conditions we do have some mixed precipitation showing up here tap a headache this morning for the most part this morning will remain dry we could see a shower or two and maybe some sleet mixing in with some of that precipitation develops more so farther to the north for the most part we will remain dry this morning. so for today we will see clearing
6:40 am
around the upper forties in norfolk a little bit cooler to our north will say fifty degrees f for northeastern north carolina but we're talking seventies back in the forecast will say the seven day just a few minutes joe. alright thanks alot. a traveler this weekend of the midtown tunnel elizabeth river tunnels plans to install a pedestrian bridge this evening the midtown tunnel was going to be closed in both directions from six p m tonight until five am tomorrow morning. the tours will be set up drivers can also use the downtown tunnel as an alternate were told the construction work is dependent on the weather. if your commute takes you through chesapeake this week might have to make some changes there too. the hodges ferry bridge on portsmouth boulevard will have closures tomorrow tuesday the bridge over cooper's did sean mount pleasant road will experience some roadblocks and on wednesday drivers will see some closures on the centerville turnpike
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closures are scheduled between nine in the morning and three in the afternoon coming up a new scam targeting facebook users the warning you need to hear
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technology. charlotte reporter mark boyle is asking what schools are doing to keep up with all the changes and asking students why they have to cheat in the first place for middle school and high school to the university level. cheating is a widespread problem and it seems to be expanding now more than ever thanks to electronic devices or math there's no way erwin has cheated them out there who literally just like plug in the problem and it spits out the answer have used that to check to see if i'm being under the as students we talk with admit to cheating to get by when the workload seems to be too much. now school leaders on the lower levels and higher levels are working to come up with new ways to keep up with technology has over a scenario where you want to keep cell phones out of the classes altogether too fast is bringing answers and
6:45 am
some people don't want the track twice in the class period because they want to pay attention. other people say you can only have one device out of the time the new applications including quiz left and others like math way allow students to type questions into the app or service course names that provide answers for homework quizzes and even exams with a minute of the system by every hour like on line tests. it's easy to use these interviews was lip school leaders say online course testing is harder to catch cheaters. one thing we can use online test proctor ng where since he's a web camera so that their instructor can see that it's really them thinking that not someone else used it as read more barbie says cheating using cell phones laptops and tablets may be easier now that she sees students bring back the old methods all the time i was teasing me. i mean you can put lake. some people write with on the inside of a water bottle label on the inside of
6:46 am
right in their research so as districts and colleges try to reduce the number of cheaters overall they continue to remind students all the time they're only hurting themselves in the long run by cheating the system right now and they run the risk of disciplinary action if they're caught mark boyle nbc charlotte this morning you may not want to click that like button the next time you're on facebook. that's because scammers are now taking aim by like farming out work scammers pose an attention grabbing story on facebook with the sole purpose of getting likes and shares but then they edit the post an ad something malicious to it you can protect yourself by watching out for emotional posts or those that say if i get a certain number of light something amazing will happen bottom line know where the post is coming from before clicking like starting
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clouds this morning we saw those increasing clouds yesterday we even had a few showers overnight but we are seeing drier conditions across the areas will call and i'm not quite as cold either yesterday morning we had quite a bit of one is on the map not the case this morning here's a live look at kill devil hills. joe absolutely love this shot here this is the avalon fishing pier and temperatures are quite mild across the outer banks were forty three degrees right now we do have those winds off of the waters out of the east northeast about five mph winds will continue at the east northeast today i mean eventually switching out of the south that's going to bring us the warmer air satellite and radar showing the clouds across the area a few breaks as you had right along the ridge in north carolina border. i know is we've got some mixed precipitation showing up here tapping hit this morning we do have a chance for maybe a shower or two. mixing with a sleep alley or few snowflakes farther to the north but most of the area will remain dry
6:48 am
the area of low pressure that brought us the showers overnight. that's continuing to push offshore we've got high pressure building to our west and will see these clouds clear out as soon as high pressure starts to boil bill closer to our areas as we head to the rest of the morning will hold on to the clouds again we can rule out a shower or two this morning by lunch time temperatures climbing generally in the mid forties will top out in the upper forties near fifty by this action oh and by this action will see more sunshine again as high pressure continues to build across the region now and this evening if you have any plans of going a bit chilly dropping into the low forties right around forty degrees by seven eight o'clock and then overnight tonight will see mainly clear skies light winds that can allow temperatures to fall overnight near freezing especially the father and when i think will drive right around thirty four in norfolk so will be a chilly start to the work week to look at these temperatures as we head into monday winds are going to shift at the south that's going to bring that warm air into the region's a big warm
6:49 am
pressure sitting off shore tapping into that south westerly wind that's going to bring the seventies back into the forecast before today forty eight degrees decreasing clouds that's a bit chilly for early march we should be in the mid fifties thirty four degrees tonight unseasonably cold and then as we head into your tuesday we're going to jump back into the seventies with overnight lows in the fifties mid seventies by thursday we'll drop back into the sixties on friday joe. all right thanks a show of hampton rose doesn't come to mind when you think of the music industry think again you may be surprised to know the area is once again making waves in music is very important that people understand how
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. i when astro new york and l a those cities come to mind when you think of the music industry but don't forget about the seven five seven and may surprise you to know hampton roads is once again creating buzz in the music biz origin mobley has the story in just outside downtown norfolk since then the in his first single continuous line written by idly by and modeled a founding member of the r and d for a boxed in to the first line it came out wrong in calm manner sk twenty years ago in virginia beach was a black street and
6:53 am
sound that took the music industry by storm the plaintiffs want to know the boss of me is to me is the mecca of the music industry. there weren't many other homegrown major acts including the queen of hip hop missy elliott of portsmouth and super producer pharrell williams of virginia beach. you have chad hugo to have a symbol that the eclipse and screw face of course that are as yet the pain in virginia beach is known for tourism is now once again seeing a wave of opportunity in the music industry the beach alone has fifteen recording studios that generated just under ten million dollars a year and contribute about thirty five thousand dollars to the tax base that business model that depended on an inflated team of professionals was stripped of power when distribution
6:54 am
distribution is that distribution our new to them and you can only do this yourself and digital technology has allowed local talent to do it themselves and life here and the seven five so the middle has a small studio in your teen's and just outside downtown norfolk electorate ganache has set up a music factory of sorts the weight setup of the contract. one minute or two rooms abandoned one room from one individual at a time and eventually will come over product which is fourth matt aka p town is also on the music map tower studios has two suites and is about
6:55 am
who came the behind the mike that's american idol star chris richardson has been one thing in the seven five seven is home to some of the biggest behind the scenes names in the industry the multiple grammy winner on stage with taylor swift is virginia beach based producer and engineer seventeen and children wants worth a graduate of maury high school is making a name for himself as a producer and director of meanwhile scores of music videos are being produced right here in the seven five that people understand how powerful the seven five seven
6:56 am
i personally found on range of seven and that's my goal at regina mobley thirty news now. ri regina. hats off to mike nichols for editing that one of the story still ahead we have a weekend morning forecast. find out when you can pull out your short sleeve shirt was going to say polite your shorts not quite going to have your top stories at seven o'clock there was a deadly collision involving a norfolk southern train well police say naptime waits for no one. good, clean food waits for anyone who orders it. order online and avoid the line at panera.
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u1& naptime waits for no one. good, clean food waits for anyone who orders it. order online and avoid the line at panera. food as it should be. a change in momentum on the campaign trail is a waste of everyone's either figure this out to ted cruz and bernie sanders come out swinging with the only campaign that can and will be donald trump in this race the american people know in every religion teaches us this that in law trumps paid for and now all eyes moved to michigan as the democrats make one last push for voters and a special gift for a local veteran today he'll get
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for him the news starts now thank you for joining us on thirteen years now and a break on joe flanagan will have those stories in just a moment but first let's check your weekend weather forecast bundle up before you head out the door it's going to be a chilly morning meteorologist asia scott is tracking temps in the forties today angela got a beautiful shot there of virginia beach but much warmer conditions the common good morning i sure we can't wait. i you know i can't wait either for the seventies there back in the seven day forecast good morning joe good morning everybody know brought to a chilly start this morning and we still have quite a bit of clouds holding on across the area so the dish a satellite and radar we had some showers moved through overnight. right now we're seeing mostly dry conditions across the area but you'll notice there's a little bit of mixed precipitation popping up here tap the handle as we move through the morning hours at least for the next two or three hours we could see some mixed


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