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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  March 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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people injured. this is daybreak of laundry sr and lucy bustamante is going to be a gorgeous day today meteorologist fred malek is standing by with those details. another awesome day greg not just today but the next several days it just keeps going and going and going to have an energizer bunny kind of forecast here easterners less than four weeks away while speaking of the money so here's zoe emporia right now good visibility temperatures are pretty mild this morning right now fifty two at the airport in the windsor southwest at nine mph the pressure is falling but that's not going to be much of an issue with the skies are partly sunny today temperatures are much milder virginia beach fifty seven unbelievable normally were fifty five for our highs so we're starting off with the temperature as she and a little bit warmer than we typically top out around eight fifty four their williamsburg fifty one in franklin vandalism the city a relatively cool forty eight again that's relative to the other locations skies
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answer we do have a little bit of cloud cover off to the north and west side maybe a couple white sprinkles farther north but not a problem again around here we see partly sunny skies and temperatures climbing into the lower to mid seventies so beautiful day today. look for more sunshine tomorrow temperatures in the mid seventies maybe even mid to upper seventies for your wednesday i'll talk more about thursday and friday will give your weekend coming up here's ashley with the with the hr bt good morning good morning craig and good morning to you as well better take a look at the eastbound side of the hr bt let's head to our camera now traffic still moving very well of course it's very very early so we don't have any major issues to report here eastbound traffic here crossing the bridge headed to the tunnel is one to show you this shot because just beyond this point at the tunnel we do have some roadwork blocking one lane of your head to norfolk. you will see that road work there but as you can see not causing major delays to let you know when the roads were clear back in the traffic network maps we
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now travel to portsmouth headed eastbound before you get to west norfolk road we also have some road work they are blocking the left lane again not causing major delays to something to watch out for as you plan to commute the hero bergeron fifty eight at the midtown tunnel traffic there coming up next take usc ten o four thirty two and the day has finally arrived the tourists and workers have been waiting for work is set to begin on the bonner bridge replacement to the span in the outer banks is more than fifty years old and has deteriorated significantly elise brown joins us now with more the groundbreaking is set to take place today elise good morning andrea lucy governor pat mccrory is excited to get this started he has been trying to get this project off the ground for years back in june of last year the governor in nc due t agree on a settlement with petitioners allowing the project to move for say the governor and others will celebrate the groundbreaking in a safe statement he said to see this project actually break ground will be a great
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and work on the outer banks and throughout north carolina the new three day two three and a half mile bridge replacement will be parallel to the existing bridge and according to the state will reduce future dredging needs plus it allowed people to travel from bodie island to hatteras island officials also say shoreline move in berlin due to the bridge to twenty fifty the groundbreaking is scheduled for ten this morning muffin and our project is expected to finish in three years in the studio elise brown thirteen years now heartily thank you later today virginia beach city council will be briefed on a plan to move up a post but this park at the oceanfront and january city council members voted down the original proposal. many people spoke out against the location for the gymnastics isle park the original plan was put at fortieth street and atlantic avenue the new proposal would move it a few blocks south to thirty sixth street for thirty four now new this
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how long they will spend in prison for crashing suffolk that killed an elderly woman and her daughter our partners at the virginian pilot reported that sense. wesley john's yesterday he pleaded guilty to a handful of charges including involuntary manslaughter. texting while driving and possession of heroin police a just cause the head on collision on willoughby boulevard back in february of twenty fifteen eighty four year old bernice brooks and her sixty year old daughter theresa brooks brown killed new information this morning about the joint us south korea drills that are set to begin in just a few hours we learned that fifteen thousand american troops and another three hundred thousand from south korea will take part in these trails the joint drills will be the largest since twenty ten overnight. south korea announced that it would sanction dozens of north korean individuals and organizations after the north threatened nuclear strikes in response to the annual drills developing now a federal judge has ordered wesley
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orphaned teenage a hassle to get a new defense attorney now last week his public defender representing at salon federal ammunition charge has to be taken off the case because of a conflict of interests will be appointed the new attorney in a new sentencing date on that charge authorities found his eighteen year old stepdaughter dead last year in southampton county however he is not charged in a tuesday more support coming in from former governor bob mcdonnell who was appealing his public corruption conviction new abacus briefs have been filed in his support. they include signatures from hundreds of political leaders from democratic and republican parties as well as scholars and other leaders they're urging the u s supreme court to reverse the conviction justices are scheduled to hear arguments in mcdonald's appeal next month condemned inmates in virginia could soon face the electric chair a bill that would bring it back is one step closer to approval. what's behind the push as they break into
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i am hearing good morning welcome back right now at the oceanfront things are looking pretty good you can see no problems out there will go and check things out around ten or fixed with a look quickly from a not a kiss and you can see right now again looking backwards for your fig disabilities find the downtown area looking beautiful this morning right up in hampton things of good as well run take a look at the future cast for the daily limit of cloud cover out there and temperatures generally in the lower fifties to mid fifties so it's hard to complain here we are in early to mid march normally we should be in the upper thirties for this
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temperatures in you can see we're starting off in the upper forties to low and mid fifties so it is partly cloudy this supple kind of thin out later today i think as we head through the afternoon skies should become mostly sunny very pleasant temperatures will climb into the lower to mid seventies across years of very warm to the afternoon a couple spots me reach the mid to upper seventies i expect a lot of sunshine through the afternoon and into the evening skies mainly clear you can see by seven o'clock temperatures falling back to mid sixties so maybe have dinner plans tonight going to be going out about the qb in great shape or just some very light jacket as the temperatures eased back down to the sixties mind that even a jacket but that's the military's into the upper fifties that the warm weather is only going to continue tomorrow but for the next several days ago and she is just a three l a quickly mostly sunny seventy six tomorrow thursday the same by friday we're going to drop and i see this relative to thursday will drop to a high
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normal through the weekend and into early next week and have the full extended forecast in just few minutes was a tobacco rashes look at the midtown car i found good crack was a quick live look at the midtown tunnel because there's not much to talk about right now at four forty in the morning here everything moving well headed toward your book and if you're making your way into portsmouth about traffic network maps and update your road work this morning how to present in portsmouth won sixty four eastbound before west norfolk roads were approaching the west with a bridge that has cleared no traffic issues or delays their view are headed toward fifty eight but your head in hampton to norfolk sixty four eastbound at the hr bt we still have that road work there at the two blocking one lane. fortunately not causing major delays will continue to watch that keep you posted coming up next for checking traffic back on sixty four this time at the high rise bridge. all right ashleigh thank you. dramatic dash camera video shows a garbage
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overpass will seal the damage right there how the driver managed to survive till didn't have a lot of anxiety and they have problems and things going on to some parents are turning to meditation to help their
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the breaking news right now overnight fourteen people have been seriously injured and four others were also injured after train derailed a subset of separatists would take a look at some live pictures we're getting from social media right now and this you can see one of the car select rain the toppled into a creek this was tweeted out by the alameda county fire department will have another one this one reporter who was on the scene from k geo tv separate cisco is an alameda county fire says fallen tree may have caused a strain derailment near fremont california the sheriff's department says a large tree indeed is to blame for that fell onto the tracks during heavy rain while you slept crews rescued two hundred passengers on the train was actually the fourteen injured or recovering this morning a hospital in the morning america's following the story for updates after daybreak new dramatic video shows our garbage track falling off an interstate ramp in miami take a look at this. the florida highway patrol just released
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is of last month's crash. it shows the truck crashed through a guardrail on i ninety five and fall nearly a hundred feet to the ground landing in a parking lot of the park and get this that rock landed right side up the driver survived after being thrown from the crash police have not said exactly what caused him to crash for forty five leisure time new this morning the state senate has approved a bill that would let the senate execute death row inmates by electric chair when he cannot find lethal injection drugs the bill now goes before the house of delegates which has already passed a similar bill in recent years virginia and other states have had a tough time finding drugs for lethal injection because drug companies have protested using the drugs for executions in this morning governor terry mcauliffe has signed a bill making the law governing fantasy sports a reality to fantasy contests act requires three major things for sites like draft kings and fanned all they
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dollars initially they will have to ensure that players funds are kept separate from operating funds and they will have to turn over annual audits to the state virginia is the first state in the country to regulate this industry. well there are plenty of adults who use meditation to ease the stresses of life but more more parents are teaching their young children to meditate we actually shared a story on child yoga last week some of them are as young as two years old a twelve year old katie haas tatar started a year ago and saw a huge difference right away in her ability to handle stress they freakin close your eyes and can concentrate on breathing and eventually just comes naturally. i think it has helped me in the form well if you want to try this at home the experts say find a very quiet place. have yourself your children sit up straight close their eyes almost all the way and focus
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release the stress eating without spending money they got a greasy breakfast this morning it's national pancake day and to celebrate. i hop is giving away buttermilk pancakes some solution seeking a free short stack and i up anytime from seven a m until seven p m today the only catch though you can't get them to go and there's a limit of one free short stack per guest. last year i gave away six point six million free pancakes for national pancake day very cause a good place to go via a free meal that i look good they look really good and i guess i could not afford to do some fund raising round pancake days why don't the details on that this kind of cool i think there are opportunities for you to donate as well we're so close ups of the checkout aisle again that what i would say or to look into right now warmer weather on the way of me and i think this is going to be great temperatures today lower to mid seventies will be in the mid to upper
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and as we get into thursday is why let's take a look at the om access so we can remember what that suppose to be like here on the eighth day of march is a right margin. yes we're all night march and yes it is there is a photograph by a fifty five is normal and no priests it yesterday for the year we are four and a quarter inches above normal so typically around fifty five yesterday sixty five today even warmer more like a low to mid seventies and while we have some clouds early this morning we will see more sunshine this afternoon. you see the clouds right now breaking across here even a few light sprinkles out across the piedmont up toward charlottesville. nothing are winding down they will not be an issue for us we're going to see dry conditions with partly cloudy skies this morning becoming mostly sunny later on. this is the area that's really going to deal with the issues with rain over the next couple days i think it's going to get there's more she kind of
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the stuff here this is going to be an area that sees more rain it will extend down to taxes you can see there's a thunderstorm watch this morning basically what we have high pressure is setting up just up the southeast coastline that's going to bring the moisture up into this area has been taken to the future cast you going to see again that swirl around the high pressure kind of fanning out the wins and that's going to hold that preset back at over the sentry us so that i registered in missouri and arkansas down to texas a deal with the chances for showers and storms and more over the coming days so they could have some flood issues here with a few days of prolonged moderate to heavy rain so we'll be watching that are our weather pattern dominated by this high it's going to keep things so nice around here warm southwest winds and seventy wins keeping our temperatures well above normal through the rest of the work week and even in the upcoming weekend. i do expect the pattern to change
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night into early sunday very isolated only about thirty percent shot but it is something we're watching it again that rain staying out there to the west through thursday you can see where they would have some issues potentially without some are run off and some flooding issues to watch at high right now temperatures low to mid fifties it is fifty two at the airport highs today close to seventy three degrees partly sunny. mainly clear tonight and tomorrow seventy six. cha ching. right that's that's money right there seventy six for thursday and then the temperatures falling into the upper sixties saturday and sunday the chance for isolated showers sunday however take that inside over saturday night after daylight savings ended this weekend. well no because we lose an hour i left no fun and i were going to move on here and check traffic at this point it's still very early were still before five o'clock so again not much to deal with
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things i'm watching this morning so we still have that roadwork sixty four eastbound at the hr bt that hinton to norfolk with one lane closed there is usually to the south side was a quick live look at our traffic network camera here you can see in chesapeake still on sixty four but this time of the high rise bridge traffic moving very well no major alerts are issues here that live look now you can see traffic they're headed toward george washington there's your eastbound traffic and west and headed toward four sixty four all moving very well. so back in the traffic network maps again hopefully this road we're here in hampton will be wrapped up by five o'clock and speaking of five o'clock because we are coming up on that hour coming up next ahead to two sixty four and checking traffic at the downtown tunnel. all right ashleigh thank you well those of you who have allergies know how miserable
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have a great one. spring officially begins in about two weeks and that means people with allergies are starting to get itchy eyes and a runny nose and all that sneezing of course some challenges recommend taking medicine two weeks before symptoms typically surface so that is right now of course talk to your doctor first also take a shower and washer here for going outside to keep that pollen from spreading into your bedroom and close your windows and then turn on your
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if you're hoping to head somewhere else for spring break travel experts say the key to saving is to book this week spring break travel is going to be very different than it was last year one reason is the low gas prices travel experts say that many will be looking for a location close to home they can drive to and for those who choose to fly air fares are also down and as we officially enter the spring break season tsa officials say they're ready for the influx of travelers the agency says it expects to screen more than sixty five million passengers during the travel season. if you're not enrolled in tsa pre check the agency recommends arriving up to three hours prior to international flights of two hours prior to domestic flights this morning amazon plans to open a second break in water sort the online retail giant open a bookstore in seattle last november. it sells books and its line of computer tablets and devices. now the online sales giant plans to open a
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this is dove. (vo) what's your dog food's first ingredient? corn? wheat? in purina one true instinct grain free, real chicken is always #1. no corn, wheat or soy. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one. the political version of march madness continues today another round of primary votes in the works and some candidates are hoping that it will be the nail in the coffin to those lagging behind time though it isn't one of the compromises and an update to a story making the rounds nationally will tell you what happened after two firefighters to virginia
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for taking a toddler to the hospital is a certain use our daybreak it's five o'clock at the top of this app are ashley's watching the roads for trouble spots and greg is here to check of your forecast before you head out the door nothing but good news from you this week lag it is so easy guys seriously i honestly am thinking about just giving lucy and andre my pay check to see guys take this week i thought that might go over notes i didn't offer to ashley casey many are pushing seattle and reason i would do this. this is one of those stretches and in the world meteorology is a lot of times feast or famine as far as workload goes on to be honest this is a very easy week for us and we love and gives chance to take care some other things here and around the station in the weather department fifty four degrees right now the forecast very very straightforward. we're starting off with mild conditions we give upper forties for some inland areas as we go through the day what cloud cover we have out there this morning is going to thin out later on it's going to


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