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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  January 7, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> i love that she's going for it all. developing now, new images of a family shattered after a mom and dad od at children's hospital. hear from a friend who's known them for years. steelers fans are out of luck! why a major ticket vendor won't sell to callers from the 4-1-2 area code. ready to get rid of your phone number? why your number may disappear this year. sot "this is fox19 now" weather now tricia 2shot key live so much for that winter blast -- rain is on the way..... steve - you've got the forecast.. steve cam
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a northern
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on bond tonight, acssued of possessing child pornography. this man, derrick becker, of highland heights was arrested on november 19th. campbell county police say they found the images on becker's electronic devices. detectives say the investigation anonymous cyber tip and is ongoing. police tell us could be filed. according to his linked in account.. becker is a school bus driver in schools. the man accused of stalking a local teacher and leaving a suspicious package outside the north avondale school where she works has been ruled incompetent. theodore hoying was convicted of stalking her in 2014 and police say he violated a protection order and was stalking her again back in september. the school was evacuated when a padded envelope with the teacher's name and his return address was found at the school. police have not said what was inside.
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federal court today.. for embezzling from her company... 39-year-old rebecca bingham of cincinnati was employed at cincinnatus savings and loan.. for 10 years until 2014... over that time... she is accused of taking 215-thousand dollars.. deposting over 60 checks into a personal account... she served as assistant vice president.. and senior accountant.. she could face up to 30 years in prison and be fined up to a million dollars. new tonight... an arrest after a man inside an apartment that went up in flames... this video... shows the scene - in the early morning hours of december four-thousand block of eighth street in west price hill. afer firefighters put out the flames... they found old cleophis carson on the second floor. today - the homicide unit charged 41-year- old albert mccants with aggravated murder and aggravated robbery for the death of carson..
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fire. tonight after having the scare of their lives. and their neighbor is being called a hero. 9 year old brady gambrel and his buddy, 11 year old dominic, were playing on snow boards last night at the edge of lake loralie in brown county when they fell through the thin ice. luckily for them, their very brave neighbor, john neville, jumped into a small paddle boat.. and brought the boys to safety. i realize at this point the boat doesn't have a plug in the bottom, so it's taking on water throughout the whole process. they're holding on tight to the boat and luckily there was a little bit of a cord left still on the bank, my mom was able to grab ahold of it and pull us all in. as soon as we got up to the shore i jumped into the water as quick as i could and got the two boys up on the bank. the boys have been released from the hospital and neville will be honored by the lake loralei home owners association and the fayettville fire department on the 21st.
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continuing to explore leads into the arson that claimed the life of firefighter patrick wolterman. this was the scene of the burnt out home eariler this afternoon... new details coming out that police were called to the house on pater avenue 4 times over the last few years...including for a burglary in november. captain mark mcmanus tells us investigators aren't sure if there's a connection between that burglary and the arson. we're going to explore all possibilities, we're not gonna exclude or include those things together or not, that's part of the investigation. there is a reward for information leading to the arrest of the person responsible for setting the fire. a mother is dead. and right now, her husband is behind bars after police say they overdosed inside their sick baby's hospital room. pull out it happened at cincinnati childrens and that's where
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she's been working to learn more about the couple... mary ann and wesley landers came here from alabama. right now, their 7 month-old baby is still being cared for here at the hospital. it was in her room that cincinnati police tell us the landers' were found...both with heroin needles still in their arms. lying in a bed covered in tubes and bandages...this is the condition mary ann and wesley landers' little girl was in when police say they decided to shoot heroin. it's a stark contrast to the image wesley posted to social media wednesday afternoon, just before his daughter's surgery. according to their "go fund me page" the landers' are from trinity, alabama and came to cincinnati children's for a trachea reconstruction. surgery went well...and the baby was recovering. but, according to cincinnati police around 11:30 this morning, medical staff went into the room and found 32-year-old mary ann dead. 31-year-old wesley was found locked inside the bathroom of his daughter's room...he was unconscious, but was revived. and has since been booked into the hamilton county jail on drug charges. take a look at his mugshot. cincinnati police and the hamilton county heroin task force are now investigating... but, for county coroner dr. lakshmi kode sammarco...seeing
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becoming all too familiar. 19:11:29 "it just goes to show you how strong this grip is of drugs" 11:37 she tells me in just the last two weeks alone her office has investigated more than 20 overdose related deaths. but this especially difficult. 19:09:48 "there is just something inherently wrong with bringing a child to a very specialized medical center, one of the best in the world, and then making a really bad mistake..and losing your own life" :10:09 the coroner also tells us that they will do mary ann's autopsy tomorrow to confirm that the drug responsible for her death was in fact heroin. meanwhile, wesley is scheduled to make his first court appearance in the morning. coming up, at 10:30, we'll hear from a family friend in alabama. over 50 new recruits are in the
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becoming cincinnati police officers... this is video of a forum held just hours ago.. for new recruits to hear from current officers about why 'they' chose the career...and how the current officers on the force are there to help the newcomers... it's a learning curve, every single day i learn something new. and i think that's something that people who have been on for 20 plus years also say, everyday you're learning something new." three more forums will be held throughout this month. this class is set to graduate in about 26 weeks.. bengals anim to the super bowl kicks off in two days... against bitter division rival... the pittsburgh steelers. while the stadium will be packed... one downtown business, is keep the black and our ben katko is live for us tonight... to explain. tickets out there to get into the game at paul brown night.
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just across the street have their way... it'll only be filled with black and orange. the lights are on... though no one's home at paul brown stadium tonight... but it's expected all 65-thousand seats will be full come saturday night. travis jackson/333 seat "this is probably the nastiest, hardest- hitting rivalry in the nfl right now, and you get on primetime on a saturday night - who wouldn't want to be there?" there's no doubt... you'll hear a whole lot of this... who dey?! ...but it's this... here we go steelers! ...the crew at 333- seat... is trying to stop. . travis jackson "we want the stadium to be pro-bengals on saturday. we want to bring our first playoff victory home in 20+ years." by all accounts...the phones here... phone ringing ...are ringing off the hook for those wanting tickets. but... they're not selling to everyone who is buying. phone hanging up travis jackson reporter: "if you call from the 412 area code for a ticket, you're not
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through you guys?" travis: "you're not going to get one through us. no." you could call it you could call it a either way... if for you. "everybody's been pretty cool with it. i everybody. there's been that have been sure... there are ways to beat the system... but admittedly... not a whole lot of steelers fans have called yet... if they do... they'll another way through the gates travis jackson reporter: "even if you've got five tickets left to sell, you're still not selling them to steelers fans?" travis: "we'd rather give them to bengals fans." if you want tickets... you're not out of luck. the bengals have sold out all single tickets. but there are some out there on the nfl's ticket exchange and secondary market. about an hour ago... i found some for $72. live downtown... ben katko... fox19 now. american idol anim did you watch? the second night of american idol's farewell season premier... just wrapped up. you may remember - jazmyn rodgers won our contest
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back in the summer.. and won a chance to perform in front of the idol judges.. we were watching for her auditon in little rock.. now we haven't seen her audition yet... but we talked to her just before the show aired via facetime about her time on the show... and her hopes are still high for that golden ticket. you gotta tell me about the judges, were they nice to you? were you nervous? i felt like i was floating when i walked in there, and jlo was just beautiful, flawless. i hope they show it. now on the off chance that they don't show it you gotta sing for us. singing rocking it! you sound great! she also wanted to
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new year! and you can comment on her facebook page. we didn't see her audition... so we'll have to wait and see if jazmyn makes it to hollywood... but we'll be cheering for her. the american idol auditions continue .. next week.. on wednesday and thursday nights.
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another scare in paris.. how police acted quickly to thwart an attack... plus - a child.. abandoned in a parking lot.. for hours... and the search for the carjacking suspet.. that did the unthinkable.. we're excited, it's going to be fun. my conversation continues.. aj mccarron talks life at home with his wife.. supermodel katherine webb.. and preparing to be a dad.. that's ahead. steve chroma back in 60 seconds paris, which remains on edge jihadist violence ...
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scare today ... police shoot and killed a man who attempted to storm a police station with a knife. the neighborhood around the police station was shutdown, businesses closed ... and people told to go home..... as a robot checked for a suicide belt. the explosives were determined to be fake.
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flag, was also found on the man's body. officials say they are investigating today's event as terrorism. the incident comes a year to the day since a deadly attack on the paris offices of french magazine charlie hebdo. police in new mexico, are searching for a suspected carjacker who they say stole a car with a three-year- old girl inside it. found abandoned in it's all caught on camera.. nat sound video. hard for a lot of people - especially a lot of parents to watch. including albuquerque mayor richard berry. mayor richard berry/r albuquerque, nm "as a dad, can you imagine? you see a lot of things as a mayor. the things that break your heart the most are when a child is somehow harmed." a suspected carjacker took a woman's car from a grocery store parking lot saturday night... with 3-year-old caroline inside.
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police found the car about an hour later-- but it would be several more hours before an albuquerque police officer found little caroline... alone, and shivering, in an empty parking lot in the middle of the night. dark and grainy pictures are the only thing investigators have as they continue to search for the suspect. southern california has been coping with a week of intense rain and flooding, driven by el nino weather systems. you're looking at some of the damage brought on by the storms bring heavy rain in coastal areas and snow in the mountains. there have been multiple water rescues. gusts were up to 63 miles-an-hour in some areas. and today.. two tornado warnings.. happened in san diego.. tyanne hoy/storm damage victim "i see all this glass so immediately i'm like where's my son, where's my daughter, you know, where are my kids? and my son comes walking out from the backyard and he's like mom you're not going to believe this. i went back there and the backyard, it was just fences are down, then my son's window's broken and so everything is just like
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over the front yard." southern californians aren't out of the woods yet. more showers are expected and flash yet. more showers are expected and flash flooding is still a possibility. tricia hplaz tonight, ken griffey junior said he is entering the hall of fame as a mariner. walk to bam but right here, many fans are ready to celebrate junior for what he did in seattle and cincinnati. jer bam gfx credit the reds marketing for thinking of this on national bobblehead day. when the reds and mariners meet on may 21st, the first 25- thousand fans will take home a double bobble, with the seattle griffey and the reds griffey. tonight, we still don't know if ken griffey junior is engraving the hat backwards or forwards on his plaque in july. he did say within
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has to be the right picture that doesn't make his the best part of "the kid's hall of fame press conference today, was hands down, the stories. and if you know griffey, you know family was everything to him. his dad, every part of junior's game. ken griffey jr: "she knew my swing. she knew if i was fielding right, what that time, she'd watched before i played six years of big league baseball and minor league ball. she would say you're doing these things wrong and these things it transferred over to my dad." jer bam gfx griffey has never stepped foot in the hall, but has had a few things sent to still has, that he cherishes most, the jersey from his first game with his dad in seattle. my conversation
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with aj mccarron.. he'll start saturday for the bengals.. playoff game.. against the steelers.. but tonight- he's not talking playoffs.. he's talking about life as a married man... he's married to supermodel katherine webb.. and they're expecting.. a baby. tricia: let's talk about you and your beautiful wife. i saw a photo of you, i loved it, on facebook, with, it was a sonogram photo of your wife and um you guys are going to have a baby. a.j.: yeah tricia: so your life is about to start all over. a.j.: it is> may 24th she's due...uh having a baby boy. we're excited, it's going to be fun. it's uh, ya' know, it's a blessing. and we're happy, ya' know we're gonna' be parents and it's just going to be a fun time for us. we're excited. tricia: ya' know i give everybody a hard time when
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parents because i'm always one of those the more the merrier kind of people. so, i know, this is the first boy who's name is going to be... a.j.: tripp tricia: tripp, i love it. alright so how many? i mean if you had a magic number of kids without freaking our your wife. a.j.: well i mean i want five, but i ya' know, i don't know, she kinda wants maybe four. but i would like to have four boys and one girl if i could chose. tricia: nice, well it will be fun trying anyway. a.j. exactly. tomorrow night.. we'll bring you an interview with the woman... rooting aj on at every game.. his wife - katherine webb.. talks to me - .. we were planning on bringin that to you tonight... but we'll have it for you tomorrow night at 10. adlib to weather steve cam history made.. at
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that came today.. after the break. rubio on cnbc : but i am going to miss votes. i'm running for president. marco rubio... slammed again over missing votes.. who's behind a new attack ad.
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trending tonight- thanks to a new report.. the federal goverment wants to help you with your new year's resolutions by letting you know you need to cut way back on the sugar. the 20-15 to 20-20 dietary guidelines for americans, recommends, limiting the amount of added sugars in our diet, to no more than 10- percent of daily calories. so, that's about 12-teaspoons of sugar a day. put that in perspective, a can
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about 10- teaspoons. consumer alert and a consumer alert.. tonight to pass along.. a class action lawsuit has been filed in new york... after trader joe's customers noticed somthing fishy going on.. the company - allegedly under- filled tuna cans... most of their five-ounce cans actually contained less than three ounces of tuna.. according to a report. trader joes has not commented. speaking of something fishy... sweet pea... the endangered shark ray at the newport aquarium is a proud mom... she delivered a total of 9 shark ray pups today... six female, 3 male. the aquarium sent us this video of the family swimming around afterwards. over the next few days, workers at the aquarium will monitor everything to make sure they all stay alive. sweet pea is now the only shark ray in the world with two documented pregnancies. sweet pea made headlines last year when six of her babies died after childbirth. sot can i ask you if you won all the money, what would you do with it?
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reporter got from a powerball customer.. coming up. still aheadmacy is hit by a class action lawsuit over price scheming! the best way to make sure you're getting a truly good dealafter the break. sot "10 pm re-open"
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and for lunch try our new steak and bacon cheddar melt. or any steakhouse lunch combo starting at $7. inside the hospital. that's what police say happened at cincinnati children's today. now, a mother is dead and a dad is behind bars. identified them as wesley landers from trinity alabama. their 7 month old daughter is right now still in one of the rooms here at cincinnati childrens. in fact, it was inside the baby's room, investigators tell us they found mary ann dead and wesley unconcious.
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still in their arms. wesley is now behind bars in the hamilton county jail on drug charges. and tonight, for the first time we are hearing from a family friend in alabama. lena greenhaw whitworth worked with wesley for several years...and can't believe what happened. "they're not bad people, they're not bad parents, you know and as far as like drug problems, i never knew it." butt to "it's a complete shock. mary ann, she was just the sweetest, sweetest girl." "he's a hard worker and he's a good dad, ya know. everything he did was to make sure that those kids had what they needed." butt to "you can see, they're a picture perfect family." an autopsy will be performed on mary ann tomorrow to confirm that it was in fact heroin. meanwhile, wesley will make his first court appearance in the morning. you decide 2016
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bush.... is slamming senator marco rubio... for his missed votes on the campaign trail.. take a listen... narrator: marco rubio thinks its unfair to criticize him for missing on cnbc : but i am going to miss votes. i'm running for president. missing votes for a long time. unidentified reporter: missed votes in 2015 were missed before he running for president. three years, marco rubio has missed more votes than any other senator. washington politician marco rubio. doesn't show up for work, but wants a promotion? it's safe to say - the gloves are off.. the white house... responding today.. to ted cruz's campaign website.. that hit the president on his gun control actions... "i think he's appealing to people's anxieties and insecurities and even outright fears in attempt to win votes for his presidential campaign and that's
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cases it veers into the territory of being irresponsible." that - was in response to this picture of the president on the ted cruz website... with the caption obama wants your guns. vice president joe biden says he regrets his decision 'not' to run for president in 20-16. ...but he says it was the right thing to do for his family ... and himself. it's the first time biden spoke publicly about his decision since making the announcement in october. he also said we have two good candidates in hillary clinton and bernie sanders. bengals now steve - you've been talking about rain coming ... and it will likely be a wet bengals game.. adlib - quick mention - rain saturday. well - we wanted to know.. if the rain - gave either team an advantage.. we reached out to espn dot com's bengals reporter... coley harvey.. for his take. i think the bengals actually have a good
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going to force both teams to really run the football more. the bengals haven't had so much success doing that this year. it's been an up and down deal with jeremy hill with just 3.6 yards per carry, which isn't the best, but it seems like it's a better avenue for them because the steelers are dealing with an injury at that position, the running back position, de'angelo williams as one player told reporters today, could be doubtful. the injury reports not out yet, but if he's not able to play, that really puts the steelers at a disadvantage, and the bengals again, because they're healthy at running back are at a greater advantage, so i'm thinking the bengals will do it. so the rain could play in they're favor.. a reminder - the mayor is asking fans to wear orange and black tomorrow ... to show your bengals pride.. and if you didn't get a ticket.. no worries.. just watch on the jumbo screen.. on
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room will be the place to be.. and you can even skate while watching the game. simply money this class action bloomingdale's included prices artificially inflated--and didn't represent the true price at which those items had been sold. examplea sweater would have a tag that said the $75, and it was now off" at $37.50. but the sweater was never actually sold for $75. macy's isn't commentingbut it isn't alone in this. kohl's, michael kors tj maxx and other retailers have faced similar allegations in the past. the simply money point: if a pre- printed price tag reads "originally $75, now $37.50", it may not be a real deal. real sale stickers are usually placed over the price tag, or handwritten, with the original price
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your best bet use a price comparison app like "shop savvy" to make sure the price you're seeingis really a bargain. for fox 19 now and simply money, i'm nathan bachrach. hitting the skies anytime soon? the new way airlines may have you bidding for seats... still ahead. tempers flare in dallas as the bearcats look to finally win a close game over a ranked team. highlights ahead with jeremy. live wx tease some airlines are testing out the idea of turning their
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auction houses. more than 30 airlines worldwide want to sell off the coveted premium seat upgrades to the highest bidders, according to the wall street journal. the w-s-j says that for the passenger---the
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buying a premium ticket in the first place. and for the airline, auctions offer an option to sell upgraded seats to passengers instead of for free--- come, boarding time. no body won... the estimated 524- million dollar jackpot last night - so it's jumping to 700-million for saturday's drawing. that's a new record. lottery officials say - keep in mind - about 70 percent of past winners let the computer pick the numbers! one reporter in las vegas... got quite the surprise when she asked one lottery customer.. what he would spend his millions on... on live t-v.. can i ask you if you won all the money, what would you do with it? a bunch of hookers and cocaine. ok - that's not good. we were hoping for a different answer. that's probably not the answer that we were looking for.. laughs that reporter.. handled it well... you can let us know what you would spend the jackpot on... hopefully something a little more legal... on the fox19 now facebook page..
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weather coming up next.. what are you guys working on? can jeremy hill be the guy for the bengals... on a rainy saturday night... his answer next. sot "steve weather animation" steve chroma key
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the only two unbeaten teams in college basketball? one is south carolina... and the other... played the bearcats tonight, on their homecourt in dallas. i'm talking about little place called s-m-u. larry brown's mustangs ranked number 15 in the country... and these boys got scrappy tonight. loose ball and you see quadry moore there along with cory deberry. most of this, just boys being boys, but sterling brown got the worst of it. he was sent home with no bedtime stories from uncle larry. farad cobb and gary clark would pace the bearcats tonight,
10:38 pm
clark gives uc a 7- point lead with 4 minutes to play. that lead would evaporate like soy milk on a sunny day. nic moore gives smu a 56-55 lead with a minute to go. an 8-0 run. final seconds... bearcats down 2... farad cobb for the win falling back... no sir. uc falls to 0-and-4 against ranked teams, losing 59-57 jer bam vo this season, a steeler told vontaze burfict they would paint him on site. i'm guessing he of a paint. makeover is complete at paul brown stadium. until pittsburgh, playoffs, primetime. the big story in d'angelo williams isn't practicing. that means third stringer, fitz toussant, a likely starter in the backfield. so, if it rains, let it pour... could be a serious bengals and that another gear last week, against the the same team who steelers.
10:39 pm
to do whatever it takes to win and having more points than the other team is the only thing that matters. all egos, all goals, all stats, don't matter at this point. you just want to win the football game. that's all i want to do." jeremy said they could get the running game going with him, gio, the receivers and the quarterback, keeping it wide open! andy dalton hasn't practiced all week... he might not even dress on saturday. so, it's up to aj to address history, and get a win for the ages. ken griffey junior will be the first mariner in the hall we've established that, exactly establish, he left the new york media, and one of begging for more today. no fonts hat issue." and then...backwards." jer bam gfx this week, we're looking at the fox 19 now wishes for 2016. earlier this first seven wishes. now
10:40 pm
number eight. we wish for the return to prosperity for more neighborhoods like price hill--especially beyond downtown and
10:41 pm
number nine. that our economy continue to grow and get healthier. and, that our local businesses expand and add employees. number ten. we wish the construction along i-75 would end. it's gone on far too long!!! number eleven. we hope the new street car project gets completed this year--on time and is worth the wait. twelve. we wish that the reds trading away all of the big names...benefits the team in its rebuilding year. thirteen. wishing that cincinnati and the tri- state supports our new franchise: fc cincinnati and pro soccer. fourteen. hoping 2016 will be the year of the bengals...that we make it back to the super bowl and finally...number fifteen. we wish people would be more civil and courteous. can we just all get along? we'd love to hear your wishes for cincinnati in 2016. please go to consider this on our website or e-mail me directly at
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we'll share your wishes next week! tricia 4-shot steve's tracking the next 24 hours..
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