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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  January 9, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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a local family has a message of peace for the tri-state tonight as they remember a loved one lost to gun violence. hear their story in just a moment. and let's give you a live look downtown on a wet night. but could we see some snow here soon? jeff's got a check on your forecast coming up. "i bought 20 dollars in pittsburgh, pennsylvania and i bought 20 dollars here in cincinnati." but first... nearly a billion dollars is on the line and on the minds of a lot of people here in the tri-state tonight. good evening everyone, i'm frankie jupiter.... are you feeling lucky? if you're like millions of people across the nation you've bought a powerball ticket. in the past few days there's been a frenzy of sales.....pushing the jackpot to a record 900-million dollars. fox19 now's
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open------the deadline for buying your powerball ticket ended just a few mintues ago at 9:59 tonight, but as the jackpot reached staggering levels....retailers like like liberty tobacco here in covington report powerball ticket sales have been off the hook. wesley----it started last wednesday with, you know, 500 million and now at 900 million it's gone bananas. powerball is played in 44 states, the district of columbia, the u.s. virgin islands and puerto rico and for many....the chance to win 900 million dollars is dilsey-----i bought ticket because i'm going to win and i'm going to share it with my kids. dennis----i bought 20 dollars in pittsburg, pennsylvania and i bought 20 dollars the odds of winning are hing like 292 million better chance of asteroid or getting elected president.....but if
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numbers financial expert nathan bachrach says you better have a plan on what to do with all that money. nathan---getting a lump sum the first thing you should do whether it's an inheritance, a tax refund or you win a lottery is sit down and get a plan. until you do that no impulse buying just keep your hands off the money. bachrach suggests following the example of three lottery winners from connecticut. nathan-----they took all the money and put in places where they couldn't get their hands on it again. they set up trusts, they set up funds for their kids, they took care of all their obligations and then they managed the investments to produce income. didn't take an annuity from the state of connecticut. close-----it's worth pointing out that that four out of five lottery winners end up broke within just a few years, but if no one wins tonight 's jackpot the next drawing is estimated to be worth 1.3-billion dollars. in covington i'm gordon graham fox19 now. by the way if you got one of the tickets... here's a warning. ohio attorney general mike dewine says his
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complaints about sweestakes or prize scams. the average reported loss around 5-thousand dollars! many are getting phone calls that they've won the lottery... and they have to wire money to the scammers to get the winnings! so if you get a call like that... you're being urged to hang up. and when that drawing happens at 11-o-clock tonight... we're gonna post the winning numbers on a ticker at the bottom of your screen... so keep an eye out. we'll also post them on the fox19 now facebook and twitter pages. weather now so jeff... i got mine, what about you? jeff
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overspread the tri-state this evening and overnight as a strong area of low pressure approaches from the southwest. some of the rain could be locally heavy with up to a half inch or a little more possible before morning. we will remain rather mild through the night as well, falling into the mid 30s by 7am. colder air then rushes in turning lingering rain to snow and snow showers. as it looks right now, the speed of the system will keep snow amounts to under an inch, but certainly some slick roadways are possible, especially to the west and
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reported but right now a cause is still under investigation a family this afternoon remembered their loved one, lost to gun violence this past summer. camrin starr was shot to death in may. tonight the family still seeks to find those involved in the murder. "peace and love, that's the only thing that can come out of it, peace and love." camrin starr would have celebrated his 31st birthday today but a shooting claimed his life. "today is his birthday he would have 31, but he's one years old in the spirit today ya'll." "29 30 31" this is video from the crime scene back in may. the shooting happened inside an apartment in college hill. no suspects were arrested. this afternoon the family and community came together with a message of peace. "they just wanted to come together that they have not forgotten him.
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that if anyone have any information you need to come forward." "we're going to get this person or persons we know there were three. and honey i have a prayer life and god will show me your face." as this family and community comes to terms with their loss, they want they who are responsible to come forward. "might as way turn yourself in, turn yourself in i forgive you, that's a hard thing for me to do. especially it hasn't been a year." for the family waits on answers. "let it shine, let it shine, let it shine." the driver accused of hitting and killing a woman in made his first appearance in court today. cincinnati police say 24-year old was arrested friday morning at an apartment
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police say he attempted to escape out a window of the building before being tazed and arrested. accused of hitting and killing 57-year old catherine chatfield on last month. he's being held without bond on aggravated vehicular homicide and resisting arrest. the search has recovery effort for a local man who's been missing since new years day. police say 27-year old aaron berns little miami river after a chase with police following a morrow. right now berns is wanted as a person fire... friends made another effort at finding him. we spoke with the head of the search team who gave the latest on the investigation. "we feel at this point in time because the water is so cold he's not going to surface what we're basically doing is making sure that he didn't get up on shore. or if we could find a piece of his clothing that would give us more of an indication of where we need to narrow this
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berns is a veteran who was living with his brother at the time. in international news... north korea made headlines this week with the announcement that they've successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. but since then, there's been a lot of skepticism and tension just south of the border. c-n-n's ivan watson has more. to the outside world, it may look like south korea is skating on thin ice. living next door to a hostile neighbor that claims to have just detonated its first hydrogen bomb. but here in the south korean capital.nuclear tensions are just a fact of every day life. and clearly not worth spoiling a good day of ice skating. ivan watson, cnn "when you heard about the nuclear test what did you think?" kyung sook "if they have a serious nuclear bomb everybody will die. so if i worry about it nothing happens. so i just enjoy my
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"you might as well go ice skating?" kyung sook "yeah." seoul is less than 30 miles, around 50 kilometers.from the demilitarized zone. a city within easy reach of north korea's conventional weapons. people have gotten used to treating news of north korea's growing nuclear arsenal.with a grain of salt. tanya niemeyer "the people here just seems like its no big deal. everyone's walking around here, does it look like there was a nuclear weapon fired, how far is it from here? a few hours away? " ivan watson, cnn "do koreans care when the neighbor off a nuclear blast?" jun ho "of course we do. we do. but we've situation for the ivan watson, cnn south korea is completely unprepared. the subway system, for example, is designated as a
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out monthly drills in the event of an emergency." to protect south korea from the constant threat to the north.all men here have to do nearly two years of mandatory military service. in response to wednesday's nuclear test.the government in seoul ramped up military and cyber security. still, the crisis hasn't stopped people here from enjoying a friday night out. with barbecue, booze. and a good deal of laughter. south koreans.have grown accustomed to living life.on the edge. ivan watson, cnn, seoul coming up next... the man accused of shooting a police officer in the name of isis faces a judge. hear the latest, next. and the battle between donald trump and hillary clinton is getting even more heated after recent comments about bill clinton. hear what trump
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frankie vo and if you're downtown... you're seeing a lot of this right now. we've got another check on your rainy forecast next. welcome back to
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this week g-o-p presidential candidate donald trump has been on rival hillary clinton... speaking a husband's c-n-n's chris frates the story from washington. supporter "the way that she's been treated is just more evidence of the fact that our country has so much hatred towards
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and an inability to separate their accomplishments from that of powerful men." lena dunham -- creator of the hit hbo show girls -- taking what sounds like a veiled shot at donald trump... who is relentlessly attacking hillary clinton for her husband's sex scandals. a strategy of guilt by association. on instagram: "women's rights are human rights and human rights are women's rights once and for all. let's keep fighting for opportunity and dignity." on the stump: donald trump/ r presidential candidate "she wants to accuse me of things and her husband is one of the great abusers of the world? give me a break, give me a break." and on twitter "i hope bill clinton starts talking about women's issues so that voters can see what a hypocrite he is and how hillary abused those women! "the worst thing hillary could do is have her husband campaign for her. just watch." lawmaker even got in on the act, heckling clinton husband's sexual improprieties at a new hampshire campaign event.
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"you are very rude, and i am not going to ever call on you." bill clinton says he won't fire back unless trump becomes the gop nominee. nats - bill clinton "i don't have any response. if he wins the republican nomination we'll have plenty of time to talk about it trump says he went on the offensive after hillary clinton called him sexist but admitted that if his attacks start hurting him with women voters, he'd back off. donald trump/ r presidential candidate "i hit him pretty hard and maybe attacking me anymore 'cause, you know, i am somebody that has great respect for women and i'll do a great job, far better for women than hillary will ever do for women, meanwhile... trump is taking heat again after a woman wearing a scarf was kicked last night in south carolina. witnesses say rose hamid stoop up in silent protest when trump suggested that
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isis. that caused officers to eject her along with three other people. trump has since responded by saying his campaign told police to kick anyone out who made a disturbance. a new york city police officer is recovering tonight after being shot during a large fight in the bronx early this morning. officials say 25- year old sherrod stuart showed up to the scene finding 5 people stabbed... and at least a dozen people fighting with guns, bats and knives. that's when he was shot in the leg... only to return fire and hit the 19-year old suspect... who's now in serious condition. the officer's injuries are non life-threatening. and today the man charged with shooting a philadelphia police officer in the name of isis made his first appearance in court. investigators say 30-year old edward archer ambushed officer jesse hartnett while he was sitting in his patrol car! hartnett managed to return fire and hit archer. the officer is dealing with
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but is expected to survive. weather now animation switching gears now... let's check in with meteorologist jeff creighton. wx anchor/ in chroma rain will gradually overspread the tri-state this evening and overnight as a strong area of low pressure approaches from the southwest. some of the rain could be locally heavy with up to a half inch or a little more possible before morning. we will remain rather mild through the night as well, falling into the mid 30s by 7am. colder air then rushes in turning lingering rain to snow and snow showers. as it looks right now, the speed of the system will keep snow amounts to under an inch, but certainly some slick roadways are possible, especially to the west and northwest of metro cincinnati. temperatures will fall through the day ending up in the low/mid 20s by 5pm. the upcoming week looks cold with another chance of snow on tuesday. coming up next... duke energy is starting to roll out some checks to
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because of a class action lawsuit. we'll tell you what to look out for... next. if you're a duke
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way here soon. our own nathan bacharach has more in tonights simply money. simply money animation if you were a duke electric customer between 2005 and 2008, you may be eligible for some money back! and that could be a few hundred bucks--so this is worth a few minutes of your time! postcards about a class-action settlement started going out in the mail in mid- december. if you got one, you need to fill it out and mail it back in. if you didn't get a postcard or you pitched it by mistake, you can join in by going to the settlement website at duke class action dot com. duke's agreed to pay $80 million to qualifying customers to settle a lawsuit that claimed it gave rebates to big industrial customers, but didn't give the same rebates to residential customers. the minimum refund will be about $40, and the maximum about $400.
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get a postcard, you can go to www- dot-duke class action-dot-com and fill out an online claim form. you have until april 13th to file a claim. for fox 19 now and simply money, i'm nathan bachrach. if you made your way to the las vegas convention center this week... you would think you had just traveled into the future. that's because at the international consumer electronics show... visitors are getting a look at some tech that is way ahead of its time. fox's rachel moore has the story. you're look at the typhoon edge drone powered by realsense, and this is the future. luis says: "there are a lot of cool things. a lot drones that have new technology like here at intel." technology is taking off, as drones seem to dominate the 2016 international consumer electronics show. companies are advancing their drones: developing longer flight times, lowering their prices, and designing smaller models. but some companies envision
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this year ehang unveiled its 5-foot, 500 pound, big- enough-to-fit-a- electronic drone it's not considered a helicopter because a smartphone navigates the aircraft, not a pilot. another theme virtual reality. it's transforming video games into interactive experiences. some vr devices can attach to your smartphone. tran says: "oh it was crazy. like, you are just, like, in a whole different world. well, yeah, in a whole different place." but if virtual reality, isn't reality enough giroptic geye-rop-tic is showcasing its 360cam, capturing every angle of your world. ollier says: "you're recording within a frame that is 16-by- 9, like your tv is. you life is happening in a 360 environment and so should be your movies and your photos." developers helping amatuer smartphone photographers look like professional film makers. hawkins says: "you can take any smartphone and mount it up to your steadycam and get movie-level quality." innovators at ces
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we eat... tardocchi says: "honestly, the taste is- it's very different. you can ingredients and the taste flowing up." nat changing the way nat ...and changing the way we play sports. there are 36- hundred companies the new technology, and they're chaning the everything. from the las vegas convention moore fox five news. local. las vegas. still to come... a local police depa test test test test
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about it all night... the powerball jackpot is now up to $9-hundred million dollars! and we're only half an hour away from the big drawing. and when it happens... we're gonna post the winning numbers on a ticker at the bottom of your screen... so keep an eye out. we'll also post them on the fox19 twitter pages. take a look at this. three people are recovering tonight after a serious crash in franklin county on friday. police say 25-year
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route 46 near pocket road when she hit another car head on! in that other car was an elderly couple who were both transported to a nearby hospital. right now all injuries are considered non life threatenening, and no charges have been filed. today norwood police partnered up with saint help local kids in need. at sharpsburg elementery school this afternoon where officers one of the events organizers who say's... they're not letting some unusal weather get in the way. "even though it's been crazy warm out, in ohio we know that snow is coming and we wanna make sure that kids aren't out there without a coat." no word yet on how many coats were given out. and check this out... today two local lego teams met at the greenwich house art gallery in o- bryonville to practice for an upcoming tournament. the theme of this years competition is "trash-trek" where teams will
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trash or improve the way people handle the trash we make! that tournament is slated for january 16th. let's send things over to jeff. live wx tease creighton announce
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tri-state this evening and strong area of low approaches from the southwest. some of the rain could be locally heavy with up to a half inch or a little more possible before morning. we will remain rather mild through the night as well, falling into the mid 30s by 7am. colder turning lingering rain to snow and snow showers. as it looks right now, the speed of the system will keep under an inch, but certainly some slick roadways are possible, especially to the west and northwest of metro cincinnati. temperatures will fall through the day ending up in the low/mid 20s by 5pm. the upcoming week looks cold with another chance of snow on tuesday. we use traffic cameras all the
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think we've ever seen anything like this. a traffic camera in canada captured a snowy owl that flew right into the lens! experts say the owl was probably hunting prey in a was just looking for a good place to perch. a traffic official later posted the picture on twitter where it's been shared thousands of times! amy 2shot don't forget we're always on sportswrap is next... good night everyone sot
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to get her deposit in today. branch is already closed. the atm. still won't beat the cutoff time. really? at huntington, with atm and mobile deposits, you have up till midnight. we call it all day deposit. a bank or a convenience store? a deposit! you go, girl! she's got no chance. that make sense for you, not the bank. welcome to huntington,
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>> welcome to sports wrap i'm jeremy he is joe wearing my tie and we know there's a big game in town tonight. we know but we don't get paid unless we show newspaper suits and ties 10:45 let's have fun. >> says the guy wearing jeans you. >> got me. >> let's start with kentucky this is different this season uk is losing games not unexpected but tall ement not over womening. >> let's get to it all exand davefy ducks favorite player, get the board. playing at alabama by the way. check this out. jamaal murry and poithrus combined to score uk first 27 point in the game and point in the game and alabama hang around. big time triple. we go back to jamaal murry though.
10:29 pm
this year for uk wearing a mask tonight. somebody stop me. here's a look at final score in tuscaloosa. >> i think vince vaughn calls this foos dancing first ever horizon game on the campus and if you don't know the name yvon hol happened he's a trim talent. up a point on wright state. moore holland, didn't make any spots the final 20 minute and not many nails left on the nku sideline. out scored by 15 second half. jaylen phillips over 1,000 point and nor still winless in conference with 14-point loss. >> what i told them was come in every day we have to get better and stronger and better. that's the bomb only line. we need a better squlob of coaching this group and they have to get better. we have challenge ahead. there's challenges.
10:30 pm
fight forward and continue to get better that's why i'm proud of the performance tonight i am. the way we played deten service the way we played deten servicely we did the things it take to whip a basketball game and take shots. accomplishment. like you say, we got the win. but i just like if it was not for teammates putting me in position i'm in i would not have gotten the 1,000 point. so, i guess, it's great. >> it's a great accomplishment. >> it's a great accomplishment. >> said both miami riding a losing streak and don't look now, you can look. gee vapy mcknight is senior and he's out there balling on a redhawks team live action produces almost every night for miami 16 points to go with eric washington 21 and toledo takeover 18-2 run. nainl an booth ill legitimate
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toledo wins 84-74. >> minute they hit the jam at the party party and somebody change it's to bieber -- bra! this score is range. flyers down 4. 4 win la swal 8 second left. check that. one point game. lasalle hit a couple foul shots lasalle hit a couple foul shots. dayton needs a 3 for ot. flyers need to miss. get the rebound and score. and one out of three means a loss. this one hurts. dayton losses at now four. 61-57. so it's a good thing nick cronin said he doesn't care about wins and losses because uc is losing a lot now. >> three of last four in fact and coach said after the last loss they're missing a closer he thinks. >> we thought that would be troy copain still might be that guy for them tonight we take you closer to troy copain and the teammate he's closest to. >> yeah, the great team.
10:32 pm
feels relaxed. other uc students hustle by while a couple friend talk about anything. >> it's supposed to be warm. >> they stand a little taller and stroll a little slower but they blepd in. >> they said. >> and the cross campus walk eyes of bear cats fans may see starting backcourt but no one interrupts their conversation. >> they can eliminate hold it down every time. >> what? >> it's crazy. >> basketball players are supposed to be big men on campus. but troy copain and kevin johnson walk alone like just a couple of college roommates. >> it's a relationship i don't think anybody can break you know? it's kind of something we have from the beginning. and once we met we knew we would be cool. >> their dorm is pretty simple. not much on the walls. but sports on the tv. and a waiting spot on the couch and a waiting spot on the couch. >> oh,
10:33 pm
>> this is where they're comfortable. roommates, now both years in school, this is their home. >> be able to go home and you know whether he had a bad day or i had a bad day or we both had a bad day to come to one area, outside, where nobody else sees us, for us to talk about it, get on the same payment, so we get on the court, you know, that chemistry continues to build >> roommates, classmates, and teammates. it's a natural fit, they say. the point and shooting guards, a chemistry that made them two of uc top five scorers as sophomores. this relationship is deeper than just a uniform. they are teammates. but, call each other brothers. >> i know when he's down he knows when i'm down and i know when something is going wrong and he knows when something is going wrong with me.
10:34 pm
always be by your side and we came in together and will go out together. alabama. >> kevin johnson and troy copain are close and life will some day take the roommates different directions but they say this is a lifetime friendship. >> it's just that brother that map. it doesn't matter how far he s it's the love we got, man, it won't ever be forgotten no matter how far he is. >> that's one thing i can say he never told me my dream was too far to reach and i never to reach. you know, our dreams have been coming together as one. and we both want to reach. it. >> this is a should win game on surprised for uc. check that. it's a better win game for uc. usf is 3-13 and winless in conference. need to win. game starts at noon.
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no game for xavier, muss beingyes and depaul coming up tuesday. and bass khat bell star plays the game of his life with his mom watching one last time. that story is coming up next. pass is depression more than sadness? it's a tangle of
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brintellix (vortioxetine) is a prescription medicine for depression. brintellix may start to untangle or help improve the multiple symptoms of depression. "for me, brintellix made a difference." tell your doctor right away if your depression worsens, or you have unusual changes in mood, behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. brintellix has not been studied in children. do not take with maois. tell your doctor about your medications, including migraine, psychiatric and depression medications, to avoid a potentially life-threatening condition. increased risk of bleeding or bruising may occur, especially if taken with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin, or blood thinners. manic episodes or vision problems may occur in some people. may cause low sodium levels. the most common side effects are nausea, constipation and vomiting. brintellix did not have significant impact on weight. ask your doctor if brintellix could
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>>fy look at the box sdor you see daniel williams scored 1 points in thomas moore victory there's much more to what the saints sophomore did in front of the most important fan of his life who is fighting for her life daniel had a career day. >> daniel williams he's a current sophomore here. has brought his mother out, lisa williams. and what we're going to do i'll
10:38 pm
family has told me, it's kind of her favorite passage lisa's favorite pass aming surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all days of my life ape shall dwell in the house of the lord forever. amen. >> sometimes words cannot describe the power of the game describe the power of the game-winning moment and a warm ep brace with the one who first held you. [ applause ]. >> the same one who is now holding it together for one final game. >> i mean i love when she comes to my games. even before she was diagnosed with cancer, i mean, she's -- i love her coming to my games and being my support system. >> lisa williams is a fighter. diagnosed with cancer in the summer, it's now become terminal. >> there you go. nice shot.
10:39 pm
>> nothing could stop her in the final staplings from being here now. >> i started with seizures lasts week. it's day-to-day. being here on the last chance possible or possibly the last game is special. >> go, go, go. >> the fight inside of lisa, the toughness it takes to raise 7 kids and drive from louisville to be here now, is the same fight daniel plays with on the court. it's why thomas moore had a chance down by five we two minutes to play. with mom watching, daniel took over. >> it's not a coincidence. it's not a coincidence. we would get down five and there's not even a thought as to he's going to be one of the young men that if we're going
10:40 pm
and get back in the basketball game, that he's going owe to be the one out there. >> it was amazing she was able to see me and i played well and i mean it's amazing. her being able to come out. >> and this game the most important game of his life, of her life, sdanial scored a career high 25 points and hit the game winning free-throw to give thomas moore the victory. >> it was emotional. it meant -- it was amazing having my whole family there. and my other family and brother and teammates there. it was everything. i almost cried. hi to hold it in. snaxt applause ] snaxt applause [ applause ]. >> what was so remarkable about the moment is watches his brothers figuratively, his teammates react to that and not just the celebration on the floor but they went into the locker room and celebrated more locker room and celebrated more. and guys were celebrating daniel. they were celebrating the
10:41 pm
they were celebrating what just happened and those are moments you cannot teach that you cannot teach thatselflessness. >> ft. story book ending implies a happy ending, this is not story book. but this chapter of daniel's life, this story, is something that williams' family will always remember. >> forever. it will be forever and now step days after that game, daniel tells me lisa is still day-to-day her biggest message to daniel, persevere message to daniel, perseverance. he had thoughts of transferring before the season. but persevered and is now second leading scorer on the team and leads saints in assists. in great story. >> meanwhile, it is still game on at paul browne stadium in the nfl says we cannot show you highlights so we'll show when you you can see the postgame interviews from the stadium. sunday morning starting at 6 and again sunday night on
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reminder now to follow us on twitter@fox 19 joe@fox 19 jeremy we'll tweet aft game from the locker room. >> after we get out of the locker room. >> some of the quotes and observations and big story lines who says what follow on twitter. >> quick note coaching changes adam gates is reportedly head coach of miami dolphins and advance johnson is going to become the defensive coordinator for the miami dolphins. advance joseph sdpekted to leave as soon as the benglees are done. >> most likely going to san fran. begun they are is interviewing in chief land and advance joseph, boy, it's now or never for the benglees to get this done because they'll lose a lot of coaches. again follow us on twitter and see postgame reaction in the morning. he's jeremy, i'm joe, have a
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