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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  January 10, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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will protect our beloved town for years to come. so everybody light up! hey, i had to be a samoan guy's mattress for that. (birds chirping) another glorious day with the wall protecting our country. this isn't over, bud. i won't rest until that wall comes down. yeah, dad. it's destroying the ecosystem. and gert's preschool teacher is stuck in mexico, so she's got a sub. heads, shoulders, knees and toes knees and toes you're all doing it wrong! attention! ernesto, what the hell are you doing? oh, hey, bud. just breaking in new recruits for gonzalez landscaping. my marketing push landed me the contract to maintain the border wall! now everyone get in the truck! 'cause we goin'... (high-pitched): lawn-mowin' (cheering, whooping) (tires screech)
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i bet i get a promotion. buckwald, you're fired. what?! with that wall up, we don't need you anymore. so hand in your gun and uniform. what the hell are you wearing a hello kitty shirt for? you're not my boss anymore-- i don't have to tell you. you're rehired. i love hello kitty. she's a kitty and she has a nice greeting. you're fired. bud, you lost your job? how are we gonna pay our bills? don't you worry, daddy. we gonna be fine. i still got those pennies the goldbergs gave us for trick-or-treat. sanford, you're 24 and able-bodied. maybe you could go out and get a job. sure. maybe i could sell drugs. how would you feel if i were to sell drugs? he's amazing. they really think he's their son! hey, bud. i heard about you being let go at the station. you know, if you need a job, i could use some help on my crew. because of the border wall, there's fewer immigrants left to hire. no way am i working for you. i'd rather go back to dancing for my dad's friends! bud, take the damn job!
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no, no. we have a mexican albino. i'm not an albino. i look this way because i saw a ghost! look, becky, news cameras. going to be heard. to protest the wall, (gulps) i'm allergic! (gasping) don't put this on youtube. god, how humiliating. i've gone from one mexican boss to another. when am i gonna be on top? well, in my experience, you just tell a mexican man when you want to be on top. just let me watch my video, you boobed bozo. hola! welcome to the gonzalez landscaping training video. so, julio, are you ready for your first day at gonzalez landscaping? s^, ernesto! landscaping can be fun. but remember,
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so, julio, have you learned what it takes to be a gonzalez landscaping lawn artist? ernesto (dubbed): yes! and in an unrelated note, i hereby absolve gonzalez landscaping of any liabilities. everyone, i'd like you all to meet the newest member of our team, bud buckwald. (forced laugh) oh, that's not my name. bud buckwald is an important person in this community. ha, ha, ha. okay, bud. why don't you use that leaf blower to clean up the debris? (leaf blower whirring) (crash, bud screams) i'm good. hola, bud! you want to come over for a cerveza? no, i don't want to watch cockroaches dance around a hat. bud, he's your boss now. go! (groans) how's your beer? uh, good, uh, mr. gonzalez.
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okay, fine, i confess! i've been stealing office supplies! (crying) bud buckwald from high school? you're a gardener now? wow. i've never felt so proud about being a custodian at an adult theater. (shoes squishing) okay, that's lunchtime. who's up for a game of air lacrosse? (leaf blowers whirring) come on, bud, join us! ugh, fine. (screaming) aircraft approaching the base. shoot it down. no! that's it! there is no way i am going back to work for ernesto! it's even more humiliating than working for steve. bud, you can't quit now. sorry, but unless you find another way to make money, you have no choice.
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and none of you turkeys better bother daddy while he's resting, or i'll whip you with my cb antenna! come back. in spanish) spanish whispering? janice: you mean now, or when you're out at bowling night? what? uh, i'm at the store! (dog barking in distance) (indistinct whispering in spanish) my god, i've worked for mexicans so long i'm hearing imaginary ones. janice, did you hear that?! what the hell?! are you the guy? yeah. i'm the guy. gracias, seor. by the way, you know about the, uh... yeah, he's the son we don't talk about. (wild yelling) hey, ernesto, i got a message for you! what is it? look up in the sky. aw, crap! i filled out the skywriting form wrong!
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security number? (screams) i got to call everyone in town and tell them not to look up! crispy m&m's what are you doing? are back. not those fans! did you mean this fan? what about that one? there's a fan in the break room, oh! and in the....(trails off) so good, they're back. hey coworkers. it's me, a businessman, and not colonel sanders. don't you just hate those long days when you're so busy doing business things that you can't make a hot, home-cooked meal for the family. well, i just picked up a twenty dollar family fill up from kfc. hand-breaded with eleven herbs and spices. do you even work here? well of course i do, terry. lisa. claire. tiffany. hazel.
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you, sir, definitely know how money here and there. that's why at anthem blue cross blue shield we'll find you an affordable health insurance plan, like one where you pay nothing extra for preventive care. and if you call today, our health plan consultants can walk you through and see if you qualify for financial help. after all, 85% of
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and get covered today. anthem blue cross blue shield. you've got the will.
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(whistles) welcome to america. you may ruin our country, but our country will ruin your children. there you are, bud. you've been in the basement all morning. what are you doing down there? i'm, uh... making a jazz album. from now on, no one is allowed to go down there. a jazz album? isn't jazz why the government tried to drown new orleans? what about work? shouldn't you be out cutting lawns with ernesto? i quit. my jazz career is taking off. here's some of my early royalties. i don't like jazz. especially when i get it all over my face. wait, i'm thinking of adult contemporary. (knocking) hey, steve. good morning, janice. you look fly. is bud here? he forgot to take home
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(gasps) steve! here's a thousand dollars. why don't you just forget what you saw here? a thousand dollars? here's $2,000 to forget about that thousand dollars you saw. and before you ask, here's $3,000. $4,000. i can do this all day. welcome to america. here's a list of states being gay. the jig is up, buckwald! (bud gasps) (man yells) i know what you're up to. you're running a smuggling tunnel. please, steve! i can't go to jail. i like to shower on all fours, and the guys might tease me about that! i'm not sending you to prison, buckwald. because i want in. you... you what? my salary's been cut, thanks to that damn border wall. so i'm your new partner. fine. it's a deal. but you should know, my family thinks
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that damn border wall directly bifurcates the natural habitat of the mexifornia condor, which is a federally protected species. the court has to rule in our favor. bailiff: all rise. the honorable james killbirds borderwall presiding. (gasps) what? sorry, my mistake. judge borderwall is out sick today. oh, thank god. in his place is the honorable jake glasseshater nerdstomp. (gasps) look over yonder what do you see?
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most definitely a new day is comin' whoo-hoo people are changin' ain't it beautiful whoo-hoo crystal blue persuasion better get ready gonna see the light... ernesto, shouldn't you be at work? actually, business isn't so good. this wall was supposed to stop the immigrants, but for some reason, i'm seeing more immigrants than ever. new gardeners keep showing up and undercutting me. hola, amigo. what a great day to be in america. have stopped right after me?
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ernesto, let me tell you how it works. you spend years working for the man, and one day you'll get to be the man, too. like me. i thought you were unemployed. and why do you have all that money in your car? god, you're nosy. why don't you go investigate someone else, murphy brown? in mexico, that show was called fancy sad woman. mr. barracuda, as your accountant, i must inform you that a new smuggling tunnel in mexifornia is cutting into your revenues. what? i will not stand for this. where is my beheadsman? (heavy footsteps approaching) hi, boss! i need you to go to mexifornia and bring me the guys running that tunnel. what if it's a lady? even if it's a lady. what if it's a puppy? if it's a puppy, you can keep it. yay! puppy, puppy! don't get your hopes up. if it's a dog, it's almost certainly a grown dog. mmm, this turkey is natural? yeah. it's too good to be true. not again.
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fact. we'll have the baby, and i'll have my band, and it'll just work. right. don't worry about it honey. all of our family photos are right here (banging sound) on the hard drive. it's called a timeshare. we don't own it, we share it. let's do it. oh yeah. that is good. - mm-hmm. finally, something that's not too good to be true. it's oscar mayer natural turkey breast, and it tastes great. i hope no one looks at my plans while i'm sleeping. you'll never get my plans while i'm sleeping. (whispering) because i'm never sleeping. vo: boom beach. download for free. clementine never feared for her personal safety. until taco bell introduced
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for just a buck each. then clementine began to worry. luckily under her own body was a weird rubber plug.
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(farts) well, that's the quittin' fart. see you monday. not so fast, buckwald. before you go, sweep out the tunnel entrance. since when do you give me orders? since you stood behind me when that bat flew into the tunnel. i don't like 'em-- they're tiny vampires. you're coming with us. is this where the ninja turtles live? welcome to my monthly criminal syndicate meeting. let us first take a moment
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since the last meeting. he is a big loss. all right, let's get down to business. i've discovered interlopers cutting into our smuggling business. normally, these men would be fed to my hungry croco-tigers. man: humblebrag. but they manage a tunnel that empties into a border agent's home-- the last place authorities would look. it's brilliant. the gentleman behind this operation is here tonight. his name is steve. what? no, i founded the tunnel. remove that man. okay. for a few hours today, so i hired kimmy here to keep an eye on you. hi. are you bud? your dad, steve, tells me you like stickers.
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this is my business, steve, not yours. i'm the man this time around. and so now i get to say this to you: you are fired. fine. you're under arrest for operating an illegal smuggling tunnel. me in, i'll turn you in. if you don't give me the (bleep) money, i'm turning you both in. buckwald, we just lost $2.8 million but remember this: i'm the man. this is the way things are and will always be. well, looks like ol' bud where he started. tellin' you that. you wasted your time watchin' it, too. well, stay tuned for the 10:00 news. uhp, we're not done. our top story: due to an increase of undocumented immigrants in mexifornia, mayor paulson has declared the border wall ineffective its immediate destruction. with my new consultant and cell mate, jamarcus jenkins, i have come to the conclusion that the world has enough walls, and that this bitch here,
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he runs this bitch. well, bud, i'm sorry your border wall didn't work out. yeah, i just wanted to be the man for once. well, you'll always be my man. and look on the bright side. your album reached the top of the jazz charts you sold seven copies. the lucrative contract to tear down the wall has been awarded to gonzalez landscaping. what? gonzalezes: yay. the gonzalezes are going to hawaii. (all cheer) coming in for tomorrow.. as the tri-state deals with the first round of measurable snow... we've got those in just a moment.. but we want to get straight to the chief.. with the cold forecast. weather now so what's the
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tomorrow morning? steve cam
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accumulating snow of the season.. this is a look at the salt pile... where crews will be heading out over night.. hamilton county road crews say they are ready for anything that may develop... crews were out about four hours last night... clearing and treating roads. grant county schools.. and batesville schools are closed tomorrow.. as well as milan community schools.. and norwood city schools closed. franklin county, kenton county and boone county are on a two hour kindergarten in
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more delays.. and closings.. scrolling at the bottom of your screen.. as more come in - we'll have them for you there and on fox19 now dot com. you can stay ahead of the weather.. here in the tri- state... or anywhere in the country.. with the fox19 weather now app.. for your smartphone or tablet... new at ten one person is dead, another is in serious condition and authorities are still searching for the shooter. police say the shooter opened fired into a vehicle outside a convenience store that's where we find fox19 now's frankie jupiter, authorities tell me it all happened right here outside of this of ameristop convenience store in the parking lot. the shooter shot inside of a vehicle in this parking killing one male victim, and leaving the other male victim in serious condition. a third male who was in the car, i'm told is in police custody as a person of interest. now there's no word yet on what led up to the
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search a nearby neighborhood believing that the shooter may have taken off in that direction. 20:01:07- 20:01:24 "we don't believe that they pose a threat at this point and time. we think that it was directly related to those individuals in that vehicle but we have a guy with a gun running around, that's obviously not scared to us it and so that is of concern to us. we definitely want to get that person off the street as quickly as we can." now authorities say none of the victims were from is from colerain township, and the other two are from cincinnati. i'm told that the sheriff's heading up the investigation because their so. if know incident you're being asked to call crime stopper. reporting live from jupiter fox19 now. wasn't just on the field at the bengals-steelers game. six men are locked various offenses at
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take a look at these guys.... david grillo, tyler matthys, phillip ross and andrew robles are all charged with assault. grillo allegedly threw a beer can at someone. police say matthys hit a woman in the face, while ross allegedly headbutted someone in the face. police were ejecting robles from the game.,... when they say he took off and hit someone in the face. martin cooke was charged with disorderly conduct... and jared mccarty was arrested for theft, underaged drinking and assault. they'll all face a judge in the morning. bengals turning now to the game... and another first round loss - but maybe the most stunning yet. are changes coming? here's sports director joe d. of all the four- letter words that rained down at paul brown stadium... it's this five-letter word now flooding the conversation tonight.
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cursed? who knows. we do know tonight marvin lewis will get another year to test it. coach is signed through next season... and tonight - national reports are the bengals will not consider a change at head coach. there is a feeling in the fans base after now seven straight playoff losses... and his team self- destructing in the final minutes - a change might be needed. but... fans don't make those decisions. hard to single out ngle player - but the flags on vontaze burfict and symbolized the melt down. jones didn't talk - burfict did. and talked about why jones lost it. vontaze burfict: "i wasn't just telling the coaches out there cussing out adam and that's why adam pushed him. he shouldn't be on the field cussing out. it was joey porter and the ref heard it all and the ref threw the flag on adam. that was about it." carlos dunlap: "we talked about it and we knew the situations and we bit the cheese - took the bait and the bengals beat the bengals again."
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reporting vontaze burfict could be suspended for his hit. loaded bengals coverage tonight on sportswrap. our facebook page has been flooded with comments.. tell us how you think the team needs to move forward- on the fox19 now facebook page.. dozens of people showed up outside of a north college hill automotive shop to remember a man, some say would give the shirt off his back. joe leach died after being robbed and shot inside his store. fox 19 now's the story.
10:27 pm
miss joe, from the moment i met him, i just wanted to be around him." cover with video on this cold and blustery day, mourners gather for a vigil lighting candles to remember a man they say was a help to others, joe leach. "joe was the friend to everyone. he went of his way. if anybody needed anything. if there were customers here at leach brothers that couldn't afford repairs on their car and he would just say pay me back whenever you can, however you can." use tuesday video on last tuesday, north college hill police say the suspect produced a firearm and demanded money. when joe called for help and attempted to flee from the office into the work area, the suspect shot him in the back and fled from the scene. leach died on friday. randy leach and carla broshear are joes' children and are touched by the presence of supporters. "it shows us how well he was respected in our
10:28 pm
a lot of people to come out on a low 20 degree day. its freezing out here and everybody wanted to be here. that means the world to us as a family." though mourners are going through a though time, they shared to the crowd what type of man joe was to them. relatives shared with us a moment they're remember the most. "anytime we have a great moment whether it be racing or a grandbaby being born or just a holiday or just a good family meal together. he would just look around and say god is great, god is great." for now the family hopes to find the person responsible for the tragedy. in north college hill frankie jupiter fox19 now. emergency crews are still trying to of this house fire on wells street in price hill last night.. two people were at home when the investigators say it was a brother thanfully, no two pets were also in the home, and escaped as well. "we got here, there was floor, in the one back room. did an agressive interior attack to get the fire out." there's about 20
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the fire is still under investigation. no winner in the powerball jackpot drawing.. meaning the jackpot is now at an estimated record - one- point-three billion dollars... but some local folks are celebrating - big wins.. anyway.. two million dollar tickets were sold in clermont county.. the tickets were sold at smoke and things in goshen.. and the speedway on state route 131 in milford.. the ohio lottery came here this morning, told me we sold a $1 million ticket, pretty excited about that. the next drawing is wednesday night.. of course - we'll have the numbers for you once they're drawn. passing the blame.. why indiana leaders are telling the president to stop blaming the hoosier state.. plus - caught on camera.. an accused jewelry thief.. arrested... after a multi-state crime spree..
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you've upgraded all your old technology... so what about this? it's time to get into the new with ford come and get it if you really want it... new is ecoboost technology. new is a foot-activated liftgate. new is tougher, stronger and new is ford. america's best-selling brand. now get into a new focus, fusion, or escape with 0% financing for 60 months plus $2,000 dollars trade-assist cash.
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indiana leaders are saying to president obama's efforts to increase gun control. indiana state leaders are defending the state's gun laws in response to what some are seeing as jabs by the president. critics say when gun control is not working in chicago... the president blames indiana. president barack obama "the problem is that about 30, 40 percent of those guns are coming from indiana, from across the border, where there are much laxer laws." the finger pointing is not new. during a speech to chiefs of police in chicago in october... the president challenged those who say that gun
10:32 pm
indiana congressman luke messer went on cnn to make the case that the president is misguided. rep. luke messer r indiana "the fundamental disagreement here is that criminals don't care about gun control legislation. those who will murder will murder irregardless of gun control legislation." and earlier this week indiana governor mike pence indicated that he's not interested in new gun control measures.. but the president insists that illegal gun dealers continue to benefit.. from lax laws.. there will be several gun debates in the indiana general assembly this year. eight bills related to gun control have been filed so far. five of them, are aimed at eliminating one or more of the existing gun control measures. the white house released the guest list for this week's state of the union... and one seat in the house chamber on tuesday ... will be left empty... the president says the empty seat will represent the victims of gun violence who no longer have a voice... sitting in the box
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and dr. jill biden... native jim obergefell.. seen here last year... victory in the landmark marriage equality case, that couples nationwide the right to marry. again - the president will address congress and the nation on tuesday of this and final state of it will air right at nine.. on january 12. the f-b-i is crediting the public with tips it needed to track down a brazen female grabbed more than lewels.. in five different states. officials took 24- year-old abigail lee kemp into custody in georgia friday. surveillance videos from six stores showed a woman and sometimes an accomplice entering the stores, pulling a gun and often zip- tying employees before emptying glass cases. kemp is due in federal court in atlanta tomorrow morning. many folks in
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looking for some love from hollywood... a watch party... held tonight... for the golden globes... the cincinnati film commission hosted the party at the trancept.. to see how many trophies the movie - carol - racked up.. of course carol was filmed entirely in cincinnati.. and nominated for five golden globes... so all eyes.. were on hollywood tonight.. we have a lot of the crew that worked on it. a lot of the talent that was in it and a lot of film enthusiasts who are excited about film in cincinnati so it's a great turnout. the globes is one of the first big award shows of the season.. and often generates more buzz ahead of the oscars.. and cincinnati... got a lot of praise.. for serving as the backdrop for carol... including from the leading ladies... it's been phenomenal shooting in cincinnati actually. the mayor just came and gave me a key to the city.. not quite sure what i'm meant to do with it, but it's a nice thing to have. butt to when i first found out we were shooting here, i was like how? how can we shoot new york in the 50's in cincinnati? it made no sense to me. but
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find these locations anywhere else. it's really been incredible. check out the full interviews on fox19 now dot com. the first snow.. had many people.. heading outside for some fun.. check out reese - getting her sled out for the first time... you can always send us your snow pics and video - using the fox19 weather now app.. adlib to steve.. more snow tuesday? wx anchor/ in wx center a consumer alert..
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aisle.. why you may want to steer clear of one brand of ice cream... coming up.. plus - hillary clinton -- responding to g-o-p attacks.. what she's saying about trump - coming up. "he comes up, the first thing he says--didn't give me a chance to talk to him, didn't ask me how i was doing--told me to just flip my lights on." hot water.. impersonating a the fox19 now
10:37 pm
mexico has officially begun the extradition process for joaquin guzman loera.... also known as el chapo. with the recent capture of el chapo.. mexican officials are now focusing on a 'secret meeting' between the drug king-pin and a famous hollywood actor... that happened days captured by mexican officials -- following his second escape from prison in july-- mexican authorities are now turning their interest to actor sean penn. mexican officials want to question reported secret drug lord. rolling- stone dot com published an article written by penn.. featuring an video messaging with el chapo. q: how did you get involved in the drug business? a: well from the age of 15 and on, where i'm from which is the municipality
10:38 pm
la tuna. in that area, and up until today, there are no job opportunities. according to the article, penn met guzman in person back in october .. down, the drug lord agreed to an interview at a later guzman was friday... five of el chapo's people were killed in a shootout.. six others arrested. captured at a nearby motel. the drug lord broke out of a high security prison in july through an elaborate tunnel. prison officials were fired -- and dozens of people charged. the force is definitely with harrison ford. he has made more at the box office.. than any other actor in hollywood history. ford has had a role in 41 movies.. and reports put his earnings so far.. at
10:39 pm
part of that wars". awakens" is the top dominating the office. "star wars" is now the number three movie of all time.. one-point-seven billion dollars. consumer alert more potential bell ice cream. found in a production plant. a blue bell recall last year.. after the bacteria was found on a container. blue bell says it is testing every batch of ice cream. and no listeria has products. a new campaign ad... for hillary.. how she's attacking republicans... coming up.. sot
10:40 pm
back, against republican rival he's begun to
10:41 pm
women's rights -- given her husband's history with affairs and sexual misconduct. she appeared today on cbs's "face the nation." hillary clinton/ d presidential candidate "if he wants to engage in personal attacks from the past, that is his prerogative. you know, so be it. clinton went on to say while republicans focus on personal attacks, she is going to focus on issues like the minimum wage and equal pay. trump today... doubled down on his line of attacks.. on nbc this morning.. donald trump/ r presidential candidate "i don't want to say it's a threat. . " voice of chuck todd/ nbc "it is a threat?" trump "of course, i mean i can call it a nicer name, yeah. she was saying, he has tendencies toward being sexist.'" todd "talking about who? you?" trump "talking about me. and i said wait a minute. she's married to an abuser. a woman claimed rape.
10:42 pm
mean, horrible things." this comes as hillary clinton has released a new ad taking aim at her republican rivals. think about it, i would bomb the ----- out of them.. one of these republicans... carpet bomb them into oblivion... could actually be president... sit down and shutup! enacting their agenda.. i think we should repeal obamacare. our wages are too high. defund planned parenthood. they're backwards, even dangerous. the ad then points to hillary as the only candidate to stop them, calling her "tested and tough." the ad, will air in iowa and new hampshire. the republican national committee quickly criticized clinton over the ad. an r-n-c spokesman says : "under president obama, we've become less prosperous, less safe, and less free, but incredibly, hillary clinton wants to not only double down... but expand on this legacy of failure." a tri-state police
10:43 pm
fighting a fireman tonight--over a gun, siezed during a traffic stop. sardinia police pulled an old police car over in november-- what they found inside that car--police say--leads them to believe he was up to no good. fox 19 now investigates reporter jody barr joins us from sardinia tonight--and jody--police there think they have a police impersonator? they do. sardinia police say they believe 20 year old brandon taylor used this old police car to impersonate a cop. the reason: when police pulled him over near this tractor supply store in november--they say he was wearing a gun on his side, had handcuffs--a police scanner--and a bulletproof vest inside. "when i got to the stop sign, he follows me. i turn left here onto 134 and he lights me up, so i pull over." sardinia police say
10:44 pm
tractor supply parking lot--after business hours. police say they considered that suspicious--and pulled brandon taylor over. "he comes up, the first thing he says--didn't give me a chance to talk to him, didn't ask me how i was doing--told me to just flip my lights on." police say they saw what they thought were police lights. they were actually these--volunteer fireman lights--this is video of that exact crown vic--lights and all. barr: "why do you have lights in your car?" taylor: "uh, firefighter." barr: "you're a firefighter?" taylor: "yes." taylor says he's a fireman in indiana and kentucky. he does hold fireman credentials through the state of indiana. taylor was a fireman in switzerland county in june--when we spoke with him there, then. but--taylor admitted to fox19 now--he wasn't a fireman there anymore when sardinia cops stopped him in november. "i believe he was attempting to act as a police officer." sardinia officer tim hubbard says none
10:45 pm
officers on scene added up--as to why he was carrying a gun on his side, had cuffs in the car, a scanning radio and a bulletproof vest. "we checked with the local fire department that he claimed he would run with. we also checked with the local sheriff's office with the jail he said he was a corrections officer with...he could never get any information back." taylor told police he's a fireman with the gallatin county, kentucky fire department. we called that fire chief last week--and the chief told us--he'd never heard of brandon taylor. police charged taylor that night with a weapons charge--because he had this loaded 9mm on his side and didn't have a permit to carry in a vehicle. taylor was never charged with impersonating a cop. "had i found a badge, i would have charged him with that." along with the criminal charge--police are fighting taylor--to keep him from ever getting that gun back. barr: "the reason?" hubbard: "i believe that he was carrying it with the intention of being a police officer." we found brandon taylor after this
10:46 pm
week. barr: "what was the purpose of the cuffs and the bulletproof vest?" taylor: "they were in my trunk. the cuffs were actually a friend of mine's...she left them in my trunk, so i mean, i didn't clean the car out in forever. the vest, i take hunting...i have it in case. you never knwo when you're going to need something like that." brandon taylor contends he was not impersonating a cop--but admits he was unaware of ohio's concealed carry law as it pertains to guns inside vehicles. sardinia police think there could be more to this story--and told me--they still don't believe brandon taylor has told them the truth. police here tell me, if anyone has any information that could help with this investigations--to give them a call. 2shot bam tricia jeremy is here now with sports... what's coming up? bengals coaching
10:47 pm
flux... we'll give you the latest on bengals offensive coordinator hue jackson.
10:48 pm
hopefully you're having a great holiday season with family and friends. but soon
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for all of that fun will come due! handle on your holiday bills. firstsit down with all of your bills, and figure out what you owe. then figure out what money you'll have left after mortgage, the essentials. then throw as much as you can towards the debt with the rate. in order to free up the money to do thatyou'll likely need to do a little belt-tightening. one of the easiest places to spend less is the grocery store, using coupons, shopping the ads, and building meals around what's already in your pantry. if you've considered cutting the cord on your cable service, that will help, too. and put away your credit cards until you've paid off what you owe! and take steps to make sure this doesn't happen next year. the simply money point: start saving for the holidays now! for fox 19 now and simply money, i'm nathan bachrach.
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