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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  January 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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globe awards, but won none. cate blanchett and rooney mara were both shut out for best actress for their roles in the movie carol. sot "sports open" no fonts
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in the best motion picture-drama category. the movie was filmed almost entirely here in the tri-state it was nominated for five golden globe awards, but won none. cate blanchett and rooney mara were both shut out for best actress for their roles in the movie carol. sot "sports open" no fonts mike tomlin: "i'm sorry, marvin." marvin lewis: "alright." jer hplaz gfx marvin lewis wasn't in the mood for an i'm sorry from mike tomlin, and why should he be? he's been on the losing side of that handshake too many times. tonight, the feeling is marvin will get a fair shake from the front office. espn reporting lewis will remain the head coach. somewhere in the smoke, there are 15 bengals who aren't locked up for next season. that's right 15 free agents, marvin jones, adam jones, reggie nelson, andre smith, some of the big names on that list. we talked to carlos dunlap about it after the game. carlos dunlap: "hopefully we work it out and get these guys locked in becuase we see how many weapons we have on offense and
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on defense. a lot of key guys aren't locked in and i want to sign them, but i'm not the one doing negotiations." the bengals defensive back coach vance joseph has already hit the road, the new defensive coordinator in miami. the question now, will hue jack hit the road? according to reports, he interviewed with the niners and browns for a head coaching gig today. no deal is done yet. here's what espn's coley harvey told us. coley harvey: "they may have to go outside the team to get an offensive coordinator. james irvin is in house as a possible replacement and ken zampese, the qbs coach, who helped galvanize andy dalton. he's also a candidate in house, but we'll see what they end
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much more from coley harvey on sportswrap. his take on marvin lewis is really strong. but coming up next, to quote seinfeld... what's the deal with uc? highlights ahead
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the bengals playoff curse continued in minnesota and washington. blair walsh misses a chip shot for the vikings. so, former bengals defensive coordinator mike zimmer goes down, and in d-c, jay gruden, former bengals offensive coordinator, goes down to the road teams won this weekend. jer hplaz gfx mick cronin doesn't tell his team to shoot poorly, and win with defense, but when they do, and win on the road, it gets mick cronin right in the feels. physical game in south florida. keep an eye on octavius ellis. shaq thomas giving uc a lift in the second half, he had 10 points. and then it's ellis, for 2 of his 10.
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10 minutes. and south florida had a chance to tie, mick said after, shooting 31 percent and road, final ohio state riding a streak into bloomington. and they forgot to eat their wheaties. i-u dropped a little cap'n crunch on the bucks. buckeye killer with iu rolls 85-60 tricia 2-shot steve's tracking the next 24 hours.. tricia cam
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the next 24 hours.. tricia cam
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coming in for tomorrow.. as the tri-state deals with the first round of measurable snow... we've got those in just a moment.. but we want to get straight to the chief.. with the forecast. weather now so what's the story for tomorrow morning?
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this is the first accumulating snow of the season.. this is a look at the salt pile... where crews will be heading out over night.. hamilton county road crews say they are ready for anything that may develop... crews were out about four hours last night... clearing and treating roads. grant county schools.. and batesville schools are closed tomorrow.. as well as milan community schools.. and norwood city schools closed. franklin county, kenton county and boone county are on a two hour delay.. with no a-m kindergarten in boone county..
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more delays.. and closings.. scrolling at the bottom of your screen.. as more come in - we'll have them for you there and on fox19 now dot com. you can stay aheasd of the weather.. here in the tri-state... or anywhere in the country.. with the fox19 weather now app.. for your smartphone or tablet... new at ten one person is dead, another is in serious condition and authorities are still searching for the shooter. police say the shooter opened fired into a vehicle outside a convenience store in mt healthy. that's where we find fox19 now's frankie jupiter, frankie. authorities tell me it all happened right here outside of this of ameristop convenience store in the parking lot. the shooter shot convenience store in the parking lot. the shooter shot inside of a vehicle in
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six men are locked up right now after various offenses at the game. these guys.... david grillo, tyler matthys, phillip robles are all charged with assault. grillo allegedly threw a beer can at someone. police say matthys hit a woman in the face, allegedly headbutted face. ejecting robles from the game took off and hit someone in the martin cooke was disorderly jared mccarty was underaged drinking and assault. judge in the morning. bengals turning now to the game... and another first round loss - but maybe the most stunning yet. are changes coming? here's sports director joe d. of all the four- letter words that rained down at paul brown stadium... it's this five-letter word now flooding the conversation tonight. is cincinnati
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who knows. we do know tonight marvin lewis will get another year to test it. coach is signed through next season... and tonight - national reports are the bengals will not consider a change at head coach. there is a feeling in the fans base after now seven straight playoff losses... and his team self- destructing in the final minutes - a change might be needed. but... fans don't make those decisions. hard to single out a single player - but the flags on vontaze burfict and adam jones symbolized the melt down. jones didn't talk - burfict did. and talked about why jones lost it. vontaze burfict: "i wasn't just telling the coaches out there cussing out adam and that's why adam pushed him. he shouldn't be on the field cussing out. it was joey porter and the ref heard it all and the ref threw the flag on adam. that was about it." carlos dunlap: "we talked about it and we knew the situations and we bit the cheese - took the bait and the bengals beat the bengals again."
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reporting vontaze burfict could be suspended for his hit. loaded bengals coverage tonight on sportswrap. so many fans still reacting to that heart-breaker on social media.. check out this meme... comparing the loss to the miss universe crown debauchle.. our facebook page has been flooded
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think the team needs to move forward- on the fox19 now facebook page.. dozens of people showed up outside of a north college hill automotive shop to remember a man, some say would give the shirt off his back. joe leach died after being robbed and shot inside his store. fox 19 now's frankie jupiter has the story. "we're all going to miss joe, from the moment i met him, i just wanted to be around him." cover with video on this cold and blustery day, mourners gather for a vigil lighting candles to remember a man they say was a help to others, joe leach. "joe was the friend to everyone. he went of his way. if anybody needed anything. if there were customers here at leach brothers that couldn't afford repairs on their car and he would just say pay me back whenever you can, however you can." use tuesday video on last tuesday, north college hill police say the suspect produced a firearm and demanded money. when joe called for help and attempted to flee
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into the work area, the suspect shot him in the back and fled from the scene. leach died on friday. randy leach and carla broshear are joes' children and are touched by the presence of supporters. "it shows us how well he was respected in our community, and what he meant for a lot of people to come out on a low 20 degree day. its freezing out here and everybody wanted to be here. that means the world to us as a family." though mourners are going through a though time, they shared to the crowd what type of man joe was to them. relatives shared with us a moment they're remember the most. "anytime we have a great moment whether it be racing or a grandbaby being born or just a holiday or just a good family meal together. he would just look around and say god is great, god is great." for now the family hopes to find the person responsible for the tragedy. in north college hill frankie jupiter fox19 now. no winner in the powerball jackpot drawing.. meaning the jackpot is now at an estimated record - one-
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but some local folks are celebrating - big wins.. anyway.. two million dollar tickets were sold in clermont county.. the tickets were sold at smoke and things in goshen.. and the speedway on state route 131 in milford.. the ohio lottery came here this morning, told me we sold a $1 million ticket, pretty excited about that. the next drawing is wednesday night.. of course - we'll have the numbers for you once they're drawn. breaking news now from the golden globes... the movie carol has just lost in the best motion picture-drama category. the movie was filmed almost entirely here in the tri-state it was nominated for five golden globe awards, but won none. rooney mara were both shut out for best actress for movie carol. we're back... with another check of after the break.
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