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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  January 11, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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price hill. what we're learning about the investigation. i'm tracking snow headed our way. what you'll face when you head out tomorrow morning. everyone from shop owners to duke getting ready for the snow. how to make sure you're good to go. breaking bengal news as the n-f-l suspends burfict. the team's next step. caught on camera! dramatic video released tonight of the shootout between police and escaped drug kingpin el chapo. breaking breaking news unfolding now in west price hill, as cincinnati police open fire on a robbery suspect. we broke this story for you on the fox19 now mobile app and our frankie jupiter has been working to get you more information from the scene. he's live
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we are on the
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of snow... with most of the tri- state under a winter weather advisory and tonight the fox 19 now team of meteorologists is putting out a winter weather alert. fox19 now meteorologist matt holiner.. and reporter ben katko are out in the elements tonight.. but we start with chief meteorologist steve horstmeyer... winter weather alert steve, bring us up to speed on this winter weather alert and what are we facing overnight.. steve cam let's continue our
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ground temperatures..
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delays.. scrolling at the bottom of your screen.. and always on fox19 now dot
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while we keep a close eye on those closings and your morning commute... crews all over the area are doing the same. our ben katko is out there with he's live with how they're prepping ahead of the flakes. it's been nonstop salt dome filling up the snow. these crews are working 12 hour shifts in preparation. they're not the only ones making sure right now you get where you need to be in the morning. ace hardware in clifton is a popular place to be these days... nats of cash register ...and maliq matthew is one of the ones who can't stay away... maliq matthew/clifton "just some salt for the driveway. i probably should have picked it up a long time ago." he's not the only one... maliq matthew/clifton "i kind of knew it would come eventually, but some part of me hoped that i wouldn't need it." the snow is expected just in time for the morning commute... in northern kentucky... crews are pretreating 46-hundred miles of roads in 11 counties. nancy wood/kytc district 6 "they'll be coming in at midnight. the trucks are
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are on, and they're ready to go." also ready to go... nats of car washing crews called to the rescue... joe padgitt/aaa fleet supervisor "we've run a thousand calls, and we're looking to get about another 600 before midnight." they're swamped helping with dead batteries, flat tires, lock outs... you name it. they have extra drivers and crews on the clock to handle it all... and what is sure to be an even busier day tomorrow. joe padgitt "definitely keep up on the maintenance on your car. make sure all the fluids are topped off, check the air pressure in the tires. have your battery checked before winter." preparing is the name of the game. that's why back at ace hardware in clifton... salt... shovels... gloves... ice scapers... it's all flying out the door. angel cobb/ace hardware "it's kind of late in the season, but we're stocked up and ready to go." it's also a good idea to have supplies on hand if your car breaks down... or you lose power... and need to wait for help. have blankets... snacks... water... and jumper cables in your car. live in camp washington... ben
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as more winter weather heads this way ... our morning team will be in with the latest starting at 4 a-m. and this is the perfect time to download the fox19 weather now app. the app features live radar - allowing you to track the snow ... and you can send us pictures using the app of the snow in your neck of the woods. the app is free. bengals new information tonight - the n-f-l is suspending vontaze burfict. sports director joe d is following that story. it's a three game suspension starting week one next season. the nfl saying tonight the bengals linebacker is a repeat offender - that's let's show you the this nfl investigation. it's the play cincinnati is talking about. shoulder hitting antonio brown's understand he isn't suspended just for this hit... because he broke the nfl's safety rules too many times this season...
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roehtlisberger. marvin lewis: "unfortunately, we earned some reputations, and we have to eliminate that by continuing to play well within the rules, the way he plays. you have to learn to play within the scope of what football is right now. when receiving the football, those guys are being protected." i know what you're thinking - what about the steelers? on giovani and two assistant coaches bengals players? says they are still investigating both players and coaches for more discipline. back to burfict... likely will. but... isn't changed - it'll game checks. half million adam jones uncut later in sports. and then there's the behavior of the
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a few fans threw water bottles, and other items, at ben roethlisberger as he was being carted off the field after being injured. jill meyers of cincinnati u-s-a regional chamber believes the inappropriate actions of a few, don't reflect the city as a whole. it really can't define cincinnati anymore than it defines pittsburgh. our teams played a hard found game, but if you want to shift over and talk about the actions of a few people. reasonable people can't really believe a limited number reflects the broader population of how people conduct themselves in cincinnati. meyer did say the chamber is very disappointed the bengals lost the game. they were hoping for a national stage as the bengals continued through the playoffs. similar to the stage we had for the all star game. a little boy... is recovering tonight at children's hospital.. after hitting a car. police say the child ran into a vehicle when he was riding his scooter on clark street.. in the west end... he was rushed to children's hospital . police say he is
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the president laying out his legacy.. what the white house is saying about the final state of the union... plus - a workplace shooting.. in kentucky.. the latest as police search for a gunman.. nats: gunfire and new video... just released.. the raid that led to the recapture of el chapo... after the break.
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different. on purpose. italian police are investigating the death of an american woman in the city of they say 35-year- old artist ashley
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dead in her apartment... an italian news agency says she was strangled... this is the scene in florence... italian media say her death is being investigated as a homicide. they also say say her boyfriend and her landlord found her body, after she hadn't been heard from for days. olsen was from florida. as extradition proceedings begin ... dramatic new video on the raid at el chapo's hideout ... has been released. a warning - this video is graphic.. 5 seconds nats off top - arriba arriba in the video you can see police raid a home where the infamous drug lord joaquin guzman was hiding. police say "el chapo" managed to get away during a shoot-out, but was later captured on a highway. developing now -- mexican authorities want to speak with oscar-winning actor sean penn -- and mexican actress kate del castillo. officials say del castillo arranged a meeting between chapo and penn -- for a rolling stone
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in that interview -- el chapo insists his way of life was the only one available. el chapo "as i said, where i grew up there was no other way, and there still isn't a way to survive." del castillo has not commented since the publication of that rolling stone article. no word on when "el chapo" will be brought to the u-s. president barack obama will deliver his final state of the union address tomorrow night. the president is expected to talk about u-s security in the wake of recent terrorist attacks... and his plans to close the prison at guantanamo bay. he's also expected to talk about his executive actions on gun control - and will leave an empty seat in the first lady's box to represent the victims of gun violence. today, the white house released a black and white video of the president in the oval office, making revisions to his
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jim obergefell from cincinatti was one of 12-people invited to be a speech. he was a plaintiff in the landmark case that legalized same-sex marriage last summer. you can watch the president's address tomorrow night, right here on fox19 now, beginning at 9. we will also be streaming it live. to watch, be sure to download the fox19 now news app. you will also be able to watch on our website. right now, fans are gathering at david bowie's star on hollywood's walk of fame to pay tribute to the legendary performer. fans left flowers remember the rock singer - known for his out-of-this- make-up, and costumes.
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sunday after an with cancer. and released his "blackstar." sales of the new skyrocketed since his death. the auto industry is shifting into high gear today in michigan.. with the start of the north international auto show.. new vehicles and concept cars of the future are this event is the most important display of horsepower and high-tech in the world. today -- the honda announced as the car of the year ... 40 reveals are planned throughout the event which is expected to wrap later this week. also making an appearance at the north american international auto show ... newly elected kentucky governor, matt bevin. bevin is heading to detroit tomorrow ... to promote kentucky's automotive industry and speak with industry leaders. bevin says the auto show is a tremendous opportunity to discuss kentucky's signature auto manufacturing industry. he says he is looking forward to showing c-e-os from companies throughout the world that kentucky is open
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we were awestruck at 500 million ... disbelief at 900- million ... but after 20 drawings with no winners --- the powerball jackpot has topped the 1 billion dollar mark. wednesday's jackpot now sits at about one-point- dollars. big ... it doesn't even fit on electronic lottery signs or billboards. "it''s worth a shot...ten bucks is a great investment if it doesn't work's not the end of the world. keep playing." last year, your odds of winning the jackpot were better: 1 in 175 million. but powerball changed their rules last fall... the odds now are 1 in 292 million. if you are a lucky winner on wednesday, you'll have the option of being paid annually-- or taking a one lump sum of 806 million dollars... that's of course before paying federal income taxes. adlib to weather
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unless he's on the main stage..
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after the break. plus - two hurt in a kentucky workplace shooting. the latest on the search for the shooter. we're learning more about a robbery that ended with police killing the suspect after he appears to have pulled a gun, i'll have the latest coming up. snowflakes set to fall in just a couple this customer is running today. too late. branch is already closed. but she could make the atm. still won't beat the cutoff time. really? at huntington, you have up till midnight. all day deposit. midnight? what are you,
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i've got to make a deposit! you go, girl! she's got no chance. deposit hours that make sense for you, not the bank. welcome to huntington, one of money magazine's
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the progress and the preparations. what you need to know before you head out in the morning. more than a billion powerball bucks up for grabs. how to boost your chances. no more phone light keeping you up at night. the changes coming soon. this is a live look.. at the camp washington salt pile... our weather team is keeping a close eye on the outlook.. they'll have the hour-by- hour forecast.. just ahead. but first - a typical monday quickly turns to fear as gunfire erupts at a louisville work place.. two people ... in the hospital now ... as police continue to search for the shooter... it all started this afternoon at
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remains at large. police were able to secure the scene not long unfolded. tonight, while they may know who they investigators haven't released any suspect police say there altercation between several ended with one a gun. two people were shot. one was transported to other victim their condition is unknown at this time. police are still investigating. today, the hamilton county sheriff's office presented its proposal for body cameras. the department has been working on to get body cams for 2 years. now. they are just waiting for additional funding from the county. sheriff jim neil says the cameras are an important piece of equipment for his deputies. we're moving forward to take the lead with the body cameras and to be the standard for other agencies for both locally and nationally. the sheriff's
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committment from the county commission. you decide who's in and who's out? the fox business network has released its lineup for thursday's next and kentucky and business fiorina.. have been bumped to the lower tier debate.. john kasich - was one of the seven candidates invited to debate in the main event. rand paul says he won't show up to debate unless he's in the main event. a lot of people think hillary clinton is a "shoe-in" but bernie sanders is starting to shake things up! a new poll shows sanders is gaining ground... the n-b-c news, wall street journal, marist poll found clinton holds a 48 percent to 45 percent lead over sanders among likely iowa caucus-goers. the poll also shows sanders is ahead of clinton, 50 to 46 percent, among likely new hampshire primary voters. the numbers raise the possibility that clinton, despite her national front- runner status, could lose one or
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in the nominating process. winter weather alert we want to check in now - once again with the chief.. as we're under a fox19 now winter weather alert.. tomorrow morning may be dicey.. steve cam
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closings and delays.. scrolling at the bottom of
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and always on com... hard to make sure clear... as the snow moves in for your our ben katko is washington tonight... he has more... crews here with the city of cincinnati are on make sure roads are clear. i can tell you that in northern kentucky... those crews are coming in at midnight to do the same. we also checked in with aaa today. i'm told they have helped at least 1- thousand drivers... and expect to top out around 16- hundred calls today alone. they're anticipating more of hte same tomorrow... and have beefed up staff to handle it all. along with the snow... it's going to be cold. make sure you prepare your home in case of a power outage... as well as your car... in case
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again... crews everywhere will be out all nigiht. you're asked to be patient while hte roads... or responding to your situation. live in camp washington... ben katko.... fox19 now. our weather now team ... will continue to monitor the winter weather ... throughout this evening ... and over night. and wake up early with our morning team ... as our winter weather
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breaking we're continuing to follow breaking news... killed in west price frankie jupiter is live with the latest..
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night's powerball--and you'd be rich enough to buy two thousand ferraris, or the cleveland cavaliers! tonight--we asked simply money's nathan bachrach if there's anything you can do to boost your odds of winning! simply money powerball fever is ragingwith the jackpot closing in on $1.5 billion dollars for
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tinybut a few things may boost them a little bit. some experts tell you to let the computer pick your numbers. that's because about 75% of winning tickets are quick picks. but part of that is explained by human behavior. most people who choose their own numbersuse a little superstition to do so. they choose their own birthdays, their kids' birthdays, or their wedding anniversary. but that means you're choosing numbers that are 31 or below. and there are 69 balls in the powerball. in terms of the powerball--#20 has been chosen most often. #6 is nextfollowed by the # 2if you're picking your own. this really does boil down to luck for anyone who playsbut the big winner is the government, since no matter who wins, the feds will claim nearly 40% of the jackpot in taxes, and the state will take a bite, too! for fox 19 now and simply money, i'm
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while music world is mourning the loss of iconic singer, david bowie.. the city of cincinnati is gaining national attention, as the cincinnati zoo welcomed its first zoo baby of 2016 on friday... a blue fairy penguin named bowie. the circus... saying goodbye to elephants.. why ringling brothers is ready to part with the pachaderms.. earlier than expected.. just ahead. plus... lose control of his coach and players answer that
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bailey circus. the show elephants are retiring this summer. this is video of the elephants at u-s bank arena ... downtown .. in march... right after ringling's parent company - announced the changes.. the elephants stop touring in july.. a year and a half
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conservation center in florida was finished early. the circus returns to cincinnati march third. apple's latest i-o-s update is still in testing... but one thing that's being talked about is called night shift .. the new feature is designed to automatically cut down on the amount of blue light emitted by your phone or device at night.. by shifting to warmer light.. studies have suggested blue light exposure at night makes it difficult to fall asleep. some heartwarming video now, from over the weekend in new york. check it out!! it shows the moment a man literally gave the shirt off his back to a homeless man who was riding the subway. another passenger, captured the scene. and this video is now going viral. and right after, this video ends...the homeles man, wiped away a tear.
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just text offers to 782929 to sign up for weekly text offers. and you'll get a free 6-inch sub when you buy a 30-oz. drink just for signing up. fox 19 now reporter michael baldwin is live in north college hill with the story. in a not shell the
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mayor in north college hill murren mason named a new city manager cheryl long. her appointment was a surprise to city council who under the city charter could advise the mayor. the mayor says since they didn't threatened to cut sit some members on city council say they didn't have a problem with the pig but they had a problem with longs sot the mayor
10:38 pm
of management experience and spent the last four years as a ministry of assistance for the city. she's a graduate of miami university and gets her masters in june. mayor said this was about politics not qualifications. sot had a deal not been reached long would've been paid about 15% above her current salary of around $40,000. he said he law director said the average city manager of the city the size makes around 85 k sot "steve weather animation" steve chroma key steve gfx
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three-game suspension... after the nfl hit him with a repeat offender label after his hit on antonio brown. joe bam/gfx so - what about the hit on burfict's wallet? well - three game checks would be more than half-a- million dollars. that's for a guy with nearly two- hundred-thousand dollars already paid. you see it - seven- hundred-grand gone. so - instead of moving on... the bengals are moving out. just throw the shoes in a big box and head home. we did stop adam jones before he left. his first interview since his shove. he's now pushing - for more discipline on the steelers assistant coaches. adam jones: "ya'll think it's cool just to fine a coach and we just
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lost the whole game we worked since april for? we ain't talking about that because that isn't going to sell papers. what's going to sell papers is adam jones and vontaze burfict cost the game." joe bam/gfx the nfl tonight says they are investigating those coaches. but... what about the bengals coach? did he lose control of his team? dre kirkpatrick: "at the end of the day, he can't control nobody individually. we have to be grown men about every situation." marvin lewis: "the thing - my message to them has been is their privileged to play in the nfl. and, i think that's the most important part of it. to represent themselves and us all the time the correct way." so - will coach bring adam jones back? more bengals talk next. carlos dunlap: "still feels like a bad dream.
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set. big contract - he's staying here. but... this list of bengals who can now sign anywhere they want is massive. marvin lewis today said he expects most will stay.
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fresh top twenty five out tonight and xavier moves up to seventh. that ties the highest ranking in school history. uk and louisville are both still ranked. chris mack today said this about the return of edmond sumner from his bad fall at villanova. tricia 4-shot steve's tracking the next 24 hours.. tricia cam don't forget we're always tracking the weather on
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