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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  January 14, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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not gettin your best sleep? could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. save $1100 on the i8 mattress with purchase of sleepiq technology and flexfit3 adjustable base. ends monday. investigating the scene were a woman was found shot inside a car about an hour ago. it happened near the intersection of anita place and reading road. we're working to get more details and we'll let you know as more information comes in. and in forest park crews have cleaned up a crash on 2-75 east at winton road where 2 cars went off an embankment! this is video from the scene about an hour ago. right now we know one person was taken to the hospital with injuries. no word on the severity at this time. now to a murder mystery in west chester. good evening i'm
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allegedly burst into this home.. and shoot and kill a grad? 93-hundred block columbus road... more commonly known as route 42. police say they've suspects in custody. schell is live outside the west chester police department... mike we just spoke family... do they happened? ad-lib police here in west chester are holding justin cook in connection with yesterday's shooting... two other people are stil on the run...and authorities want them behind bars as well.. west chester police say three men entered this home on cincinnati-columbus road around 3:30 wednesday afternoon and shot 18-year- old...tyler kassow.. 911 call "yeah i need an ambulance, my brother was shot! 9383 cincinnati-columbus road. they're in a blue protg. they're in a blue protg." 18-year-old tyler kassow was wounded...this photo of the 2015 lakota west grad was just posted on facebook on tuesday following the
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the house made her way next door to a dentist's office to call police... 911 call caller: "we just had a couple people from the house came running in.." dispatcher: "ok." caller: "and said that someone has been shot." of the three suspects...18-year- old justin cook has been caught...cook went before a judge today and is chaged with complicity to commit murder and complicity to commit burglary. the two other suspects are still on the run... one described as a black male...18-19 years old...last seen wearing a black coat with a dark hooked sweathshirt underneath.. the second suspect is a white female with dark hair and glasses... they could be driving in a blue mazda protege...possibly the same model years as you see here..... kassow was initially transported to west chester hospital and then air cared to uc medical center where he died from his injuries. a judge today placed a one million dollar bond on each of the two counts against koch... he is expected to be back in court next tuesday to be arraigned. reporting live from west chester...mike
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authorities are now confirming that a woman with ties to the tri-state was killed in a bus crash in honduras on wednesday. officials say 19- year old olivia erhardt was one of three columbia university students killed when their bus swerved off a road, falling about 80 feet. erhardt was a graduate of mariemont high school...and was in the country as part of a mission trip to help the poor. today we caught up with her high school principal who say's she left a legacy at the school. "she was just involved in so many things here at the high school and touched so many lives so that's what made it so difficult today when we spoke to the teachers because it seemed like every teacher here at the high school had some form of meaningful contact with olivia over the 4 years she was here." there will be a prayer service for olivia this saturday morning at mariemont high school. a ripley man is now in custody accused of assaulting an officer and stealing his gun! 26-year old kyle moore was
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elderly care center. this picture was sent to us by photographer terry prather. last night... police say moore attacked officer john amole during an incident at a metal works site.... breaking his nose and jaw! we shot this video at the brown county sheriff's office showing the cruiser where the attack happened. right now, moore's being held on a 2- million dollar bond. he's due in court later this month. switching gears now... the madness is over and the money is gone. three people from different parts of the country won last night's powerball jackpot. one of those winning locations was chino hills, california... where the whole town is celebrating tonight... the odds were one in 292 million. powerball announcer now, for your winning powerball number, good luck to you, it is the number 10 tonight. once...twice.three times.a lady. lady luck that is -- tickets purchased in three states in wednesday's one- powerball:
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california; chino hills! chino hills! chino hill! munford, tennessee; and melbourne beach, florida. since powerball's last jackpot was claimed in november, there were 19 drawings without a winner and powerball players spent an estimated two- point-six billion dollars on tickets. balbir atwal, owner of the 7-11 franchise in chino hills where the winning ticket was sold, said it was very exciting balbir atwal, 7-eleven chino hills franchise owner this is the luckiest machine on the planet, so make sure everybody come in here to play! after all, chino hills is the land of big league dreams, where they're known for replica baseball fields and if you are the big winner -- this powerball exec has some advice, gary grief, chair, powerball group we're just trying to encourage anyone who might be holding that winning ticket. go get the best lawyer. the best financial planner you can find before you come in and claim that one- third, almost $1.6 billion prize. and if you missed out on this one, the next powerball drawing is saturday with a jackpot of
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while everyone is talking about those mega-jackpot winners... you might not know that 3 people in kentucky won a million dollars each... with one of those tickets coming from a truck stop in our area. fox19 now's gordon graham was there. open-----here at the walton travel center they get plenty of traffic because it's right off the interstate and they sell all kinds of stuff for travelers and truckers like electronics and food and candy, but let me show you what they're best know for selling....let me's the million dollar powerball ticket. linda windey, who lives in bethel, was the first of the million dollar winners to claim their prize. she says she got the good news early this morning. linda-----i actually had just gotten home from work and checked the numbers online and had no idea that it was that big of a prize. linda drove to the walton travel center where she bought the powerball ticket to claim her prize. amber-------a woman come in this morning about 7:30
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lottey ticket. store manager amber hill told linda that large prizes have to be claimed in louisville. amber----anything over 600 dollars has to be claimed through them. she says it's a little over that. linda is now a million dollars richer....minus taxes says the money comes at a perfect time. linda----well i was down here visiting because i was having a hard time in new york....a lot of financial trouble. the money will go a long way to ease her financial troubles, but she plans to keep her job at ebay in walton and even after claiming her prize linda took time out to give something back. linda-----i'm going out to the bloodmobile. amber-----she thought the least that she could do was donate blood after receiving this blessing of giving a million dollars. and having a jackpot winner is good for business at the walton travel center. close-----amber hall and her fellow employees didn't win this powerball drawing, but the store gets one percent of that million dollar jackpot and that's ten thousand dollars for selling a winning ticket. in walton i'm gordon graham fox19 now.
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over... are you gonna keep playing? we've got a poll up showing that most people are just gonna wait until the jackpot gets big again. if you'd like to weigh in... just head to fox19 now dot com. developing news tonight out of chicago... surveillance video just released of another deadly officer-involved shooting in chicago... we'll have the details behind it in two minutes... megan vo and we continue to follow breaking news in bond hill... a woman found shot inside a car near the intersection of anita place and reading road. steve... steve wx desk 6:30 reopen we're following breaking news out of bond hill where police say a woman was shot inside her
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more details coming up in just a minute.... developing now animation developing now... chicago police have just released video from a fatal officer involved shooting in 20-13. take a look at your screen. it shows an officer chasing and shooting 17-year old cedrick chatman after an incident near a high school. chatman's family has been arguing for the video's release since the shooting. no charges have been filed against the officer. a mother and her three children are safe tonight after a major fire broke out at their latonia home this afternoon. this was the scene on walnut road near hilltop as fire crews knocked down flames. first responders say the mother was
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minor burn. big you could see them all the way up from the main road which is like a mile away it was one of the biggest fires i've seen back here." official cause is unknown... but crews on scene say the flames started in a bedroom. as you can see, the home is a total loss. if you're away from the t-v... come back and check this out... "somebody call the police! call the police!" a man attacks a bus driver... but wait till you see what the passengers did.. megan roof cam and a live look it's finally warmed way? snow? the chief has your forecast next.
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shot inside a car intersection of anita place and reading road. no other details are available right now but we'll let you know more as it comes in. a film shot entirely in cincinnati is gaining a lot more attention tonight after getting 6 oscar nominations. "what's your name? terese. terese belevet" this is the trailor for "carol" starring cate blanchett, who was nominated for best actress. her co-star rooney mara was nominated for best supporting actress. the film is also up for best original score, adapted screenplay and cinematography. however... the film was shut out of the best picture nomination. "carol" tells the
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who begins a relationship with a young female store clerk. the blanchester high school principal who was temporarily on leave is back on the job tonight. rick hosler was suspended back in november for allegations of inappropriate behavior... but no other details were released. during that time both students and parents spoke out on his behalf... calling on the district to bring him back. the community alliance for responsible education campaigned on hosler's behalf to bring him back. former cincinnati police chief jeffrey blackwell will head to saint louis this weekend to train more than 50 police departments at a conference on the importance of community and youth engagement. the announcement was made by "child safety day", an organization he worked with during his time as chief. blackwell was fired in september by city manager harry black who cited low morale in the department and several personal incidents with staff. but representatives from "child safety day" backed the former chief in a
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"blackwell, who left a trail of supporters in cincinnati after being fired in september, is revered for his ability to develop collaborative relationships for the betterment of the community." take a look at this... the avondale town center at the intersection of reading road and forest avenue is getting a new addition soon. construction will begin later this year on a new "save-a-lot" store after getting the go-ahead from hamilton county comissioners. no word yet on when it could open. and this is the scene just a few miles down the road... where organizers of the clifton market say they hope to be open by july of this year! construction has officially begun to turn the old keller's i-g-a on ludlow avenue into a full service co- op. as a co-op... the store will be owned by a number of share holders who say they want to bring more fresh produce to the neighborhood. take a look at this... a cleveland bus driver is recovering tonight after being attacked by a man wielding a knife... with the whole
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camera! the incident started when a man tried to pass off a fake bus ticket. after that, the two started trading punches. but when the driver asked for help... the passengers walked away! take a listen to the audio recording... natsot/driver: "you ain't goin' nowhere! someone call police! call police! call the police!" butted to "he's got a knife. he's got a knife. he got a knife." that... none of the passengers called driver continued to luckily police eventually got to the scene and took the attacker to jail. well we're two weeks into january... and we've already had our first hurricane. you're looking at "alex" which was officially named an 85-mile-per-hour hurricane this morning... it was spotted near islands just west of portugal. to put that into perspective... it was the first hurricane to form in january since 1938! for more we've got chief meteorologist steve horstmeyer... steve weather temperatures under bright
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warming a bit more than the models indicated earlier and do not be surprised if your home thermometer tops out around 50 this afternoon. southerly winds will continue overnight and along with the warmer air comes some moisture. new model runs are bringing scattered light showers into the fox19 now viewing area by 10am tomorrow - a few hours earlier than previous runs. your friday morning commute will be dry but on the way home it could very well be rainy-day slow but still fairly mild with homebound temps in the upper 40s. cold air arrives friday night/saturday morning but by then the bulk of the moisture is well east of the tristate and we get a few flurries early saturday. arctic air is back in sunday into cold air arrives showers or now for a look at
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working on for 10 o'clock. "you don't know how much pain you've caused us." a man gunned down.. and left on the side of a road.. how his wife's phone ... led her to the devastating discovery.. we'll tell you the controversial reason why the movie "carol" may not have been nominated for best picture. and many waited in the cold and snow to get tickets.. but powerball---join the club! mean you can't still those "good life" daydreams you've been having! advice for making ten. tonight on fox... hour episode of followed by fox19 now at ten. sot "sports animation" jer hplaz gfx
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weeks? wasn't exactly the plan... but now six bengals will make the trip. hplaz vo carlos dunlap added to the list of pro bowlers today. his first pro bowl trip, after a career-high and franchise record 13-point-5 sacks this year. big time news at
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edmond sumner is back on the basketball court practicing, for the first time since his hard fall at villanova, the only loss of the season for seventh ranked xavier. the big update? chris mack says his freshman guard will play saturday at marquette. chris mack: "i thought he looked good. it was seamless. he was a little rusty, but he's trying to get his wind." jer hplaz gfx mack did say sumner won't play 40 minutes on saturday. we wanna give you one last update on the investigation in bond hill right now. police say they found a woman shot inside a car near the intersection of anita place and reading road. right now investigators say some kind of road rage incident lead to gunfire... with that female victim being shot.
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critical condition... and no suspects have been arrested. we'll be following this story all night... you can get on the fox19 now mobile app. don't forget and jeopardy are next!!! announcer: fox19 now never stops. take us go. log on to and download the fox19 now
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