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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  January 14, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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learning about the investigation. "i'm still a little in shock. i was right there when he got shot." only on fox19 now, the brother of the west chester teen opens up about what really happened. disturbing allegations against a local man accused of tossing his dog from his truck and running it down. we're warming up now, but don't get too cozy. another round of snow's headed our way. when we'lll see it. how low can you go?? gas prices turning into a jackpot every driver's winning. breaking now - at least 14 people are dead... and 27 injured... after a tour bus on its way to a japan ski
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officials say the the opposite lane near a famous japan... ramming through a guardrail and mountain.. the bus was carrying 41 people... good evening- i'm a 24-year-old woman is found shot in a car along reading road. police are still on shooter. they tell us its possible road rage. fox 19 now's michael baldwin joins us outside uc hospital where the victim was taken. the victim is in critical condition and as police search for the shooter at this have much. know is that the another vehicle. at this moment the story is a bit bizare as police admit they don't know much. female driver in pick-up truck was 24 year-old iesha williams.
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just below her arm pit. the call came in around 5:20pm. the suv had hit an metro access van. but police soon discovered that this was more than just an accident call. what we then discovered when we came on scene is that we had a woman that was unresponsive and the officer noticed the bullet holes in the door police believe the incident started near the 562 reading road exit. the tell me a grey sedan fired shots at the suv but at this juncture--they don't the why? they also want to question the passanger that was inside the suv with williams. they said he took off before they got there and its unclear if he was injured. they say several shots were fired at the suv. we are gaging by the evidence that 6 to 9 shots were fired. we are basing that on the evidence we want to make sure this stuff stops. it has to change
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tell me they are tired of the violence in the neighborhood. we need more of the community to step up we need our people. all our people, white, black, latio, to step up and say we are tired of being tired and we are tired of being scared. police say they don't have a solid description of the grey car that got away. police informed me the people in the metro access van also did not give a solid describtion of the grey car that got away. live in at uc michael baldwin fox 19 now. the family of a west chester teen gunned down in his home... want answers tonight. 18-year old tyler kassow... a lakota grad... was shot yesterday. our ben katko just spoke to his family. he has the latest from them tonight. police here in west chester have made one arrest in
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shooting. they're still searching for two more people. while they search... kassow's family searches for justice... while picking up the pieces. by all accounts of those closest... 18-year old tyler kassow cass-oh ... was a good kid. brooke o'donnell "anybody who would meet him for the first time was automatically his friend." but this walk to the emergency room... unfortunately tells a much sadder story. alex kassow "we're going to see him for the last time." alex kassow is here to see his brother... tyler... who was shot inside their west chester home yesterday. he later died. 911 call "i need an ambulance! my brother was shot!" kassow says a couple of people first approached him getting out of a car outside the home... he says they held him up at gunpoint... and then made their way inside. kassow "he hopped up from his bed to defend us. he grabbed on to the shooter. me, my little brother and the shooter got in a scuffle and as soon as we went down the pistol went
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shot in the head." kassow says he's never seen any of the suspects before... but... he thinks money from car accident settlement may have been what they were looking for. kassow "i really don't think it's i think i'm still a little in shock. i was right there police say this an 18-year old... is he's charged in the up tonight. kassow "they came in for a robbery. they didn't take anything. they just shot my little brother and ran." kassow says his younger brother was a likeable young man... with a plan to work in law enforcement. kassow "i wish i could have took the shot for him, man. i really do. i wish i could have done something different." kassow tells me that several of his brother's organs will be donated to help others. as for police... they're still looking for two more people. if you know anything... call police. live in west chester... ben katko... fox19 now. weather now
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new at ten a former miami university student is facing a voyuerism charge
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connection with a computer stolen from the university. prosecutors say 20-year-old jordan benge has been indicted, accused of stealing computers, selling marijuana and making a sex tape of a woman without her permission. they say he worked in the university's i-t department and took several home. police say they found the sex video on one of those computers. the university says benge is no longer a student there. a former director of the lebanon chamber of commerce.... pleaded guilty today to felony charges of grand theft and tampering with evidence... 52-year-old sara arseneau of goshen... stole over 20-thousand dollars from the chamber of commerce, by issuing herself 13 additional payroll checks over two and half years... she'll be sentenced in march. the driver accused of hitting and killing a woman.. who was in the middle of running a marathon... has pleaded not guilty... cincinnati police say 24-year old thomas stid-hum apartment complex
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police say he tried to escape out a window of this building before being tazed and arrested. insert bug stid-hum is accused of hitting and killing 57-year old catherine chatfield - here on dorchester avenue last month. she was running the in 7 hills marathon. he is being held on a one million dollar bond on several charges including aggravated vehicular homicide and resisting arrest. isis has claimed responsibility for terror attacks in indonesia's capital today. and breaking now -- three men were just arrested... after at least two people were killed after armed men carried out a series of apparent coordinated gun and bomb attacks. eyewitness video captured the moment two suicide bombers struck outside a starbucks in central ja-karta. one terrorist accidentally set off his vest and a
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walked into the coffee shop, blowing himself up and injuring a dutch citizen. another attempt in kentucky to crack down on chronic drunk drivers. a kentucky senate committee has approved a bill aimed at toughening laws against repeat dui offenders. the measure would allow officals to look back ten years, to in order to consider previous dui convictions. under current law, drunk drivers face enhanced penalties for the second and convictions only years. a similar bill died in last year's general assembly session. the fairfield city school district is dedicating a new in-school health clinic. the clinic will provide local families with medical, vision and dental resources. tonight- we got a sneak peak at the new facility at fairfield academy on donald drive. a lot of the kids that come to our school district face a lot of different road blocks. some of them might have not been able to access
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they're not coming to school prepared because they need glasses and don't have them available or families can't afford them. so this is a great opportunity to eliminate some of those roadblocks. the center is not just available to students and staff... services will be available to the community as well. who needs the powerball jackpot.. when gas is so low?? take a look at what we found in reading... gas for 1.48 a gallon! this was at the corner of reading and columbia. gas buddy-dot-com shows the average in the tri-state is 1.76 right now. some experts are predicting we could see gas prices fall below a dollar a gallon this year! this is probably a
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western hills viaduct. and next week... you'll be able to sound off about it. there's gonna be a public hearing following yesterday's announcement from the county engineer that it could cost $280- million dollars to renovate. officials say they need to fix the supporting piers... but they want to keep the roadway open, during the process. today u-c kicked off a brand new mentoring program with cincinnati public schools and the cincinnati youth collaborative. the progam will use scholarships, new technology and mentoring to help students from c-p-s succeed in their first few years of college... with the hopes of increasing the graduation rate. program leaders say the new initiative will help address childhood poverty in the city. carol controversy... why the cincinnati- filmed movie may have been snubbed.. by the academy.. "you don't know how much pain you've caused us." a man gunned down.. and left on the side of a road.. how his wife's
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discovery.. a local pizza delivery driver is being called a hero. 3:43:11 "that outstanding job you did the other night in saving somebody's life.":17 the scary situation he found himself in and how he stepped up...still to come. steve chroma police in mt.
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investigating a disturbing case of possible animal cruelty, but they aren't even really sure exactly what they have on their hands. here's the call that came in to 9-1-1. "there's a lady with me
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dog being thrown from a car and then it was hit by a car, and they have the license plate and everything." it happened last week at the intersection of compton and clovernook. police the dog dead at that intersection. talked to the owner, and they don't know if the thrown, or if it was alive when it hit the returned to look for the dog. they're still investigating to see if animal cruelty charges should be filed. this man - sentenced today to two years in prison... after pleading guilty to a warren county sexual battery case.. 24-year-old juan carlos alvarez- chavez of chicago... was staying at the mason inn while working in the area. police say he raped a woman... outside the hotel... this is the scene back in august.. her boyfriend noticed she was missing.... and notified police . police found the victim lying nearby
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partially undressed. alvarez-chavez was located in the nearby woods with the victim's underwear in his pocket. he's expected to be deported back to mexico.. after serving his prison sentence. check out these photos.. dayton kentucky police are looking for these two suspects - who they say stole a car from the hansmans corner market, parking lot.. on new year's eve.. if you have information... call police. a texas man was gunned down and of a houston-area .. and his wife tragedy via smartphone app. want to know who's responsible for the man's death. carla melendez is pleading for help. hoping someone speaks up and helps investigators husband's killer. when he didn't come home last night, she knew something was wrong. "find iphone" app saw he was 30
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house. carla melendez/victim's wife "it showed trees and it was weird because why would his phone be by trees and it was there for a while." melendez drove to that pulsing dot on her phone's screen and found acosta dead. ramiro acosta was found shot, his body dumped on the side of the road... melendez says she was one of the last to see her husband alive... and the first to find him dead. his wife - says he was a former gang member.. but he was turning his life around. and this was the scene in florida... after a man was arrested for battery against his wife... and this gives the term different level. she says - the fight all started over a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.. 46 year old keith davidson... is facing charges... the 911 call from their home phone explains how they got there. nats: davidson "why is she hollering?" nats:911 "yes sir." nats: victim "because you ripped my
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on the floor. that's why i'm yelling." woman "and to use me as a dish mop, it's not the first, not the second, not the third time. but i can't take no more." police say davidson used his wife's head as a mop to clean up the spilled milk on the floor. davidson has been in trouble with the law in lake county before. jail records show not only for drugs but again for battery. the victim says davidson is not welcome back to her home. he is out of jail on a one-thousand dollar bond. british film and stage actor alan rickman has died after a battle with cancer. . turn to page 394 rickman was best known to modern audiences as professor snape in the "harry potter" films, and bad guy hans gruber in the original "die hard" movie. rickman had a large body of work
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stage work. he was 69 years old. and singer celine dion's husband has died. dion's publicists confirmed the death of rene angelil... he was 73 and had long battled cancer. they married in 1994. the couple has three children together-- a 14- year-old and five- year-old twins. ohio house leaders have named a task force of state lawmakers, business group leaders, law enforcement groups and others to study the issue of medical marijuana... voters rejected a broad ballot initiative this past november... to legalize all marijuana. polls suggest ohio voters back legalized medical marijuana. and former kentucky governor steve beshear is getting back to work.... he'll return to work for a lexington law firm.. which he supervised for 20 years, until he was elected governor in 2007.. beshear left office last month and was succeeded by republican matt bevin. now
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pizza, you'd never expect the delivery guy to save your life. but that's just what one local driver did!! we talked to him tonight as he was being honored. i'm working on that story for you, just ahead. weather open steve cam carly fiorina/r presidential candidate: "unlike the other woman in this race, i actually
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"unlike the other woman in this race, i actually love spending time with my husband." it's officially a presidential election year. and the republicans running for president are
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on the debate stage - next. the academy.. getting slammed tonight.. the buzz... over who got an oscar nod.. and who was left out... "it was just lucky timing a pizza driver... being praised for more than his quick delivery.. why he's being hailed a hero.. after the break. rage gun battle on just reached out
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latest on the investigation....wha t we're learning now. a local young woman is tragically killed on a mission in honduras. how she's being remembered tonight. a local pizza driver honored as a hero. how he came to the rescue and how larosa's is honoring him. and was the movie carol "too gay" for the academy awards? why many believe the movie shot here was snubbed by oscar. scan in bam a measly 40 million dollars.. it's a far cry from the one-point-five billion dollars... in last night's jackpot.. but that's what saturday's drawing is up to... three winners are splitting the record prize - with winners in tennessee, california and and florida.. players spent an estimated two- point-six billion dollars on tickets... three people in kentucky.. won a million bucks.. including one
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linda-----i actually had just gotten home from work and checked the numbers online and had no idea that it was that big of a prize. linda windey - bought her ticket at the walton travel center... the bethel resident was the first of the million dollar winners to claim their prize. the cincinnati- filmed movie 'carol' was nominated today for six academy awards, including best actress and best costume design, but was shut out of the best picture category... and a new article... says the film may have been snubbed because of the subject matter.. cate blanchett was nominated for best actress. her co-star, rooney mara, received a nomination for best supporting actress. other nominations: original score, adapted screenplay and cinematography. but vanity fair... is slamming the picture was because the movie focused on a lesbian couple.. and is too progressive
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also trending again this year... with the oscar nominations... is the hashtag- oscar- so-white. all of the acting nominations from the academy - are white.. and twitter is outspoken on the lack of diversity.. many movie fans cited minority roles worthy of recognition in creed - concussion and straight out of compton.. authorities are now confirming that a woman with ties to the tri-state was killed in a bus crash in honduras on wednesday. officials say 19- year old olivia three columbia killed when their bus swerved off a road, falling about erhardt was a graduate of mariemont high school...and was in the country as part help the poor. prayer service for olivia this saturday morning at mariemont high school. a ripley man is now in custody accused of assaulting an officer and stealing his gun! 26-year old kyle moore was
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elderly care center. this picture was sent to us by photographer terry prather. last night... police say moore attacked officer john amole during an incident at a metal works site.... breaking his nose and jaw! we shot this video at the brown county sheriff's office showing the cruiser where the attack happened. right now, moore's being held on a 2- million dollar bond. he's due in court later this month. weather now we have the first hurricane of the year. and yes -- it is only january. steve - what's the story here? steve cam a woman found
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police are still on the hunt for the shooter. fox 19 now's michael baldwin joins us outside uc hospital where the victim was taken.
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police chief jeffrey
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head to saint louis this weekend to train more than 50 at a conference on community and youth engagement. the announcement safety day", an worked with during his time as chief. blackwell was fired in september by city manager harry black who cited low morale in the department and several personal incidents with staff. new tonight ... the world health organization .. is declaring an end to the ebola virus outbreak in west africa. that announcement came today ... after no new cases emerged in liberia. the disease claimed more than11- thousand lives during a two-year- outbreak. liberia, sierra leone, and guinea were the epi-center of the latest
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officials caution while the threat of an outbreak is over ... ... the world cannot yet be fully declared free of the deadly disease. you decide 2016 the republican presidential candidates facing off in debates in south carolina... the white house hopefuls getting an opportunity to sway voters before the february first iowa caucuses. take insert seven g-o-p candidates taking the stage in the prime-time debate hosted by the fox business network... the stage in the prime-time debate hosted by the fox business network... fielding questions about the economy, terrorism and national security. trump sot donald trump has been raising
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ted cruz' canadian birth and his eligibility to be president... cruz is also facing new scrutiny for failing to disclose a loan from goldman sachs, where his wife worked, in campaign reports related to his 2012 senate bid. the countdown to the iowa caucuses less than three weeks away. the three democratic candidates will face off in their next debate on sunday. a local pizza driver is being recognized as a hero tonight. while out making deliveries, he saved a woman's life. our megan o'rourke is live with his story. it started out like any other busy night on the job. but, alex murray says sunday took an unusual turn when he made a stop at the home of a 75 year-old bridgetown woman. but, unlike all his other routine deliveries...this was one he will remember. 3:56:04nats bag opening winter's a busy time for alex murray who works at larosa's bridgetown store. no one wants to leave home when the weather is
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3:56:50 door opening/leaving but, when alex left for on his run on sunday night...he had no idea what would happen when he went to make the delivery here on leeside trail. he says he got out of the car...made his way up the slick driveway...and that's when he heard it... 3:46:16 "i hear a faint voice kinda saying help is that the...she was asking is that the larosas guy? is that the pizza guy?" :23 alex went to investigate...and found the 75 year- old woman who ordered the pizza on the ground...nearing unconciousness. according to a facebook post from her children, she had fallen while taking out the trash and broke her leg. she'd been lying in the cold for nearly 40 mintes when alex found her. he called 9-1-1 and even stayed until the ambulace arrived. the woman's family posted this picture of her, with her pizza, at mercy west...they say alex saved her life. 3:49:45 "it was just lucky timing for her and me....she needed help and i just happened to be the one to walk by" :51
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well-deserved recognition. this afternoon, larosa's honored their employee with a gift card and other goodies. 3:43:16 "you've been acting like it's no big deal...anybody would do it and that sort of thing...but there's an awful lot of people in today's world that just kind of step over people sometimes. they don't pay attention to what's going on around them...and your behavior is really what working here is all about" 3:43:31 alex tells us he hasn't made it to the hospital to visit just yet, but plans to in the next few days. the seventh ranked muskies are about to get a big part of their offense back, and carlos dunlap picks up a career honor. straight ahead. so you didn't last nightthat can't still make some of your powerball fantasies a reality! reaching your goals without a jackpotup next. police say a woman
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jennifer nicholson was arrested at a waffle house in kennesaw last friday. they say nicholson stripped off her clothes... threw plates at patrons... and punched a woman in the face. according to officers--- she broke the woman's nose. nicholson faces several assault and public indecency charges. she is currently behind bars. a twin cities great-grandfather is getting a lot of attention for a video showing him helping out a neighbor. mann's neighbor up, get out and get something" richard mann says took care of work around the house... showing mann shoveling his neighbor's snow has gone viral. 138,000 have seen it. that's a big number - that's getting up there. wish i could collect a dollar for each one. mann says he was just doing his neighbor a favor
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living the life you want. for fox 19 now and simply money, i'm nathan bachrach. sot "steve weather animation" steve chroma key steve gfx sot "sports open" jer bam gfx breathe in a sigh of relief bengals
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for the first time in six days. we aren't talking about what happened on saturday. it's time to set
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basketball... and a team who is top three in the country in r-p-i. everything is better with sumner - as olaf the singy snowman would say. the freshman guard who can do this, is about to make his return to the court after missing three games under the concussion protocol. sumner went down in xavier's only loss of the season at villanova on new year's eve, but mack said today, they expect him to play on saturday. chris mack: "edmond is a guy that's worked pretty hard over the last three or four days. he was winded in the first workout. i remember coach travis steele said, i'm worried about head, in terms of getting back and being ready. so, he's not going to play 40 minutes on saturday." big games for x and uc on saturday. little revenge on the line for the bearcats at temple. honey, i shrunk the players... no, those are 5th graders from mason. this is nku and youngstown state.
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the new cath product still doing' it big in the n-k-y. had 16 points off the bench. norse up 18 at the break. second half, tyler white killing the penguins...softly. beautiful touch. team-high 20 points and 9 boards for white. ho-hum night for jalen billups, 14 points... in 11 minutes... so he averaged more than one point a minute. the norse get their first ever horizon win, 84-64 jer bam gfx when we come back... a reds fan favorite is going to the diamondbacks. carlos dunlap honor for his career season. right after this... show of hands... anyone else been sleep walking
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wasn't exactly the plan... but now six bengals will make the trip. hplaz vo carlos dunlap added to the list of pro bowlers today. his first pro bowl trip, after a career-high and franchise record 13-point-5 sacks this year. remember this scene from last april? seven cats leaving for the nba. six were drafted. they had a week to decide whether to stay or go after the season's end. a new ncaa ruling means players can enter their name into the draft, and withdraw up to ten days after the combine. john calipari - "now, it's you're hearing it from gm's, player personnel directors, the nba, they're telling you, after you get to the combine, after you get
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you need to go back to school." steve's tracking don't forget we're always tracking the weather on goodnight. sot "announcer: now with the fox19 mobile app, you'll never be without fox19 news. from email alerts for breaking news and weather. it's all right here in the palm of your
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