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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  January 15, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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office has arrested a suspect behind a mount healthy homicide. you're looking at tyler crawford who's now charged with aggravated murder. police say he shot and killed 22-year old elijah johnson at the ameristop on compton road earlier this week. he's also charged with shooting and seriously injuring another person as well. crawford is expected in court tomorrow morning. switching gears now to weather.... a live look outside right now as rain falls across the tri-state... good evening everyone, i'm frankie jupiter. it's friday night and a lot of you have plans.... we want to check the radar first thing before you head out.. meteorologist jeff
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forecast. will continue around the region this evening with
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fox19 now's shawn lanier has the story. shawn lanier: "police are saying this is a burglary that quickly escalated and left one dead and the fates of 4 others in the air." we believe the motive in the crime was robbery. a robbery that lead to 18-year-old tyler kassow being killed... west chester police say they have now arrested four people in connection with that murder . justin koch, jibril willingham, and rodney foster were all charged with complicity to aggravated murder and complicity to murder... demarcus staley was charged with aggravated buglary and murder... while police won't give much details they say this wasn't a random attack. "they all conspired and came together in that mazda protege. two remained in the vehicle two entered the residence.this was not a random chosen person or residence." police say it appears the
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the home and fled after the shot was fired... they do believe they have their suspects. "all subject involved in this crime are in custody shawn lanier: "police investigation is still ongoing, but they are pre-trial dates for the 4 that where indicted. chester shawn lanier fox19 now." police have now ruled out road rage as a motive that resulted in a woman fighting for her life. investigators found two casings at this road near the norwood lateral. leading them to male passenger in truck was exchanging gunfire driver. that male at large. vehicle got out, fled momentarily came back the car and then fled again." williams was found wounds to her side
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on reading road. she remains in critical condition. if you have any information call crime stoppers at 513-352-3040. bengals well the fallout continues from the bengals loss to the steelers... and a coaching change in the wake of hue jackson heading to cleveland. jeremy rauch has all the details. we'll start with the coaching changes... marvin lewis promoting in-house again at offensive coordinator. quarterbacks coach, ken zampese, in his 13th season with the bengals, will now call plays for the offense. now, about the fines, adam jones hit the hardest with nearly 29-thousand dollars for this penalty. steelers assistant mike munchak, slapped with a 10- thousand dollar fine for pulling reggie nelson's hair. will also pay10- thousand, for stoking the fire with adam jones at midfield. and the biggest shocker, ryan shazier, he wasn't penalized and won't be fined for that helmet to helmet hit on gio
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adam jones said he would apologize to antonio brown, if a-b couldn't play sunday, and he delivered. adam jones: "ab, my apology my brother. i'm a man of my word. i've been traveling. that's what took me so long. i apologize sincerely man. get well." vontaze burfict was not fined for a specific play, he was dealt a 3- game suspension early this week. coming up, why it's been a long time coming for the new coordinator. ohio school districts are report cards from department of education and to be toward the back of the class fox19 now's mike schell is live with mike? the ohio report cards show cincinnati public schools lagging behind in both graduation rates and k-thru-3 literacy. there are some bright spots.. school for
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performing arts and walnut hills high school both recieved "a's" in those areas.... but but a majority of schools in the district...didn't have a passing high school recieved an "f" for its graduation rate as did withrow high school..also scoring and "f". no one was avaiable at the district headquarters to comment today but the disctrict send out this press release...saying in report cards are being issued almost six months later than usual in the school year virtually negating their value as a tool to pinpoint focus classrrom strategies. west chester... 1marlon 'we're proud of our results. proud of the work of our teachers and students in the classroom... marlon styles is director of curriculum and instruction... compared to cincinnati's 78- rate for students in five years...lakota...gra duates 96-percent of its students. 1alex
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the state of ohio without a doubt. we've got great staff, great principals, i mean, great students.." with lakota doing so well..there is a friendly word of advice to cincinnati public schools.. 4marlon "theyve got a lot of fantastic programs that they offer their students down there. they've got fantastic teachers as well. lakota, we would just encourage them to stay true to their programming, stay true to their vision." its important to note that while cincinnati public does have a 71- percent rate for students to graduate in four years of high school, that number is up from 60-percent just four years earlier.. so...cincinnati public is definately on the right track.. reporting live from district headquarters...mike schell fox 19 now... state house leaders have announce plans for a review of medical marijuana. this, while disclosing that backers of an effort to purge old pot-related convictions in ohio have withdrawn their proposal for consideration. the proposal had
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reviewing sentences and expunging criminal records for people with previous marijuana convictions if their actions would no longer be considered illegal. a father who allegedly o-d'd on heroin inside his daughters hospital room was back in court today. the charges he's now facing. coming's a one in 292 million chance.... and couple in tenessee was that one... where they bought that winning powerball ticket. 6:30 reopen a father who allegedly
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his childs hospital room was in court today. landers was indicted on multiple charges including possession of heroin and having a weapon under
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mother, 32-year old mary anne landers, overdosed inside daughters hospital children's last week. mary anne died of an apparent overdose, wesley was revived with narcan. one person is recovering tonight after a fire in lebanon. take a look at the deputy fire chief crews responded east main street around noon fully engulfed. police say a man was flown to miami valley hospital with serious burns... but is expected to survive. no word yet on a possible cause. red cross his helping families who were displaced. two parents accused of delaying medical care for their sick 4-month-old baby appeared in court this morning. 22-year old clinton randolph and 22- year old denayshia lattimore are facing child endangering charges. according to
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arrested the pair thursday after an investigation determined they delayed seeking medical care for their daughter who was having seizures. records also show the child was underweight and malnourished. bond for randolph was set at 40- thousand dollars, while lattimores was set at 20. both are ordered to stay away from the child. two historical documents housed side by side at the national underground freedom center. how long the unique opportunity will last. coming up. "a quick thinking teachers aide comes to the rescue of a 3rd grader. coming up i'll tell you about the technique pioneered here in cincinnati that saved the boy's life." the market fallout
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take a look at the final number. the dow ended the day dropping 390 points! but at one point... it was down 536
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blame an unstable chinese economy and low oil prices. a tennessee couple that bought one of the three winning powerball tickets in nashville claimed their prize today. john and lisa robinson of munford went to the tennessee lottery headquarters to get their ticket verified and claim their portion of the 1.5 billion dollar jackpot. john robinson said he bought four tickets at one of the three businesses that sell lottery tickets in munford. the ohio first district court of appeals has upheld former hamilton county juvenile court judge tracie hunter's conviction for unlawful interest in a public contract. hunter, seen here at a court appearance back in october...was sentenced to six months in jail on the single count but has remained free since challenging the conviction. a court official said her sentence will be addressed next week. the same day
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felony charges. here's a story with a happy ending.... an indian hill elementary student was pretzel and passes out...a teacher's aide comes to his rescue. fox19 now's gordon graham tells us how the aide used a life saving technique to save the boy's life. open----the centers for disease control estimates that 17-thousand children each year wind up in the emergency room because of choking related incidents, but when one local 3rd grader began pretzel his teacher's aide knew just what to do. it was a normal day at indian hill yesterday as educational aide joey dupps watched having snacks......9 year-old drew palmer was munching on pretzels. joey-----all of the sudden i saw his face kind of turning red and acting like he was choking on something. he seat and dropped dupps, who has been trained in the heimlich manuver saving techniques says he instictively
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joey----i ran over there, picked him up, put him against my body and performed the heimlich manuver. the pretzel poped out on the first try and drew was a little shaken, but ok. drew's mother, kathy, says he runs a higher risk of choking. kathy---drew has downs syndrome so he does have a narrow airway so it's something that's very much been on our radar. we still cut his food into tiny pieces and it's just odd because these he eats on a daily basis. kathy says she's enough for using the heimlich developed by cincinnati physician dr. henry heimlich. it's a simple manuver that can save a life when seconds count. christopher----the heimlich manuver is exceedingly important. it's a life saving procedure that's easy for virtually anybody to learn. choking is a condition that can really impair someone. close-----to find out how you can learn the heimlich manuver and other life saving techniques contact your health care provider or the american red cross. at uc medical center i'm gordon graham fox19 now. at 11 o'clock this morning the national underground
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copy of the thirteenth the document, on rubenstein will be on display alongside the proclamation through june of this year. colfax copy of the by president abraham lincoln is one of 12 of 15 copies that have day. vo let's check in on the forecast with creighton jeff weather frankie 1 shot now for a look at what we're
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if you think gas prices won't get any lower... you might be wrong. prices at the pump keep dropping in the tri-state! so how is it affecting local
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tune in tonight... and from the oscars to sundance... the queen city has been getting a lot of attention on the silver screen? is cincinnati the new hollywood? hear why some in the tri-state say... it's possible! and tax filing season opens next week. so are you filing early? we'll tell you why you should tonight.... tonight on fox check out a new episode of master chef junior at 8, followed by the season premiere of hells kitchen at 9. then we're right back here at 10. straight ahead, the bengals waste no time finding a you'll hear from the new offensive coordinator next in sports with jeremy. sot "sports animation" jer hplaz gfx 80-thousand
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gets your attention, but the bengals made some big coaching changes today. former saints and rams head coach, jim haslett, is the new linebackers coach, and like many expected, ken zampese promoted to offensive coordinator. ken zampese: "it's something i've hoped for a long time. opportunities come when they come, you don't force them. when it's right it happens and here it is right now and here we go. i'm excited for the opportunity, the faith that's been shown me and i can't wait to get
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zampese did say his offense will look similar to hue jackson's offense. still three openings the bengals hope to fill soon. now here's joe with high school hoops... joe danneman: "a triple- header tonight on the campus of nku - the big one here is new cath and cov cath. you'll see highlights of all three - plus moeller - elder - a total of fourteen high school games tonight at ten. back to you." jer hplaz gfx susan g. komen is drastically dropping their race registration prices to encourage people to sign up early. the race is this fall but to celebrate their 19th year in the tri-state and 'think pink' partnership with fox 19 they're offering the 19 dollar entrance fee until march 31st. this is komen's biggest fundraiser of the kicks off saturday september 24th at
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morning anchor kara sewell is this year's honorary race chair. you can find a link to register at and help us find a cure. we will see you tonight at ten.... tricia 4shot don't forget wheel of fortune and jeopardy are next!!! announcer: fox19 now never stops. take us with you wherever you go. log on to and download the fox19 now app. jeff rain makes its way into the tri-state. how long the wet
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