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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  January 17, 2016 8:00am-10:00am EST

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>> como esta? >> when making money is the aim these kids they bring their game they're the biz kids can you dig it? they know what's up and let you know just how to make that dough they're the biz kids right on so learn a little more about bringing money through the door right on.
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>> chances are like most kids you have stuff from all over the world. >> i know our car was made in germany. >> yeah, but not just at home. you've got the world on you right now. >> that shirt he's wearing, it came all the way from china. >> the phone in his hand is from finland. >> his bottled water came all the way around the world from france. >> and that video game is from... >> japan. >> exactly. and kids in other countries are listening to our music, watching our movies, and flying in planes made right here in the us. goods and services move around the country and the world every moment of every day. >> it's called the global economy. we sell things to other countries and buy things from them. it's a system of trade that grows larger all the time. so today, when you think about the movement of goods and services... >> think globally, but act like a biz kid. >> imports and exports. the ebb and flow of goods and services around the world that creates the global economy.
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into every nook and cranny of the earth. let's watch. >> troy here with your flying financial global economy traffic report. now, all over the world we've got goods, services, and finances running smoothly. the electronic freeways in europe and eastern asia are open... >> i think that fair trade is... >> fair trade is... >> ...when people who actually make the goods are compensated fairly. >> i'm not quite sure exactly what that is yet. >> all countries are able to... that definition. it's in chapter five. >> traded between each other. >> at a fair rate. >> i think that's what fair trade is. >> peru. >> hello. my name is hanna jones and i volunteer here at ten thousand villages. ten thousand villages is a fair trade store. and that means that all of the items you can see here are
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world, and they receive a fair wage for the work that they put into the products that they make. fair trade is a very person-to-person relationship, because the money goes back to the individual, and it helps a mother in china feed her children or a father in guatemala send his children to school. ten thousand villages the store helps artisans to have access to the global market in a fair way. let me show you some of my favorite stuff. indonesia. cameroon. vietnam. uganda. nepal. india and egypt. how's this for a global market? sri lanka. this is one of my favorite artisans. his name is john ogow obuya, and he's from kenya. and he makes these stone sculptures. and this is absolutely gorgeous. the way ten thousand villages discovers people like john is they went to his village, actually, and they found out
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going to school. and the reason was they had to help support their families. and so ten thousand villages started working with people like john and selling their crafts. because the adults in this village like john now have access to the global market the children in the area can have the opportunity to just be normal children and live normal lives. this is a huge hammock i have here. this probably takes about a month to make, and it's extremely labor intensive. and we're only selling this in the united states here for $120, which is barely anything for people in the united states, but it's doing a huge amount of good for the woman who made this and her family. and so that's how global market is impacting the lives of people all around the world. the global economy is everywhere. >> are you ready? >> g-l-o-b-a-l space e-c-o-n-o- m-y. >> that was really tough. >> global... >> so when it comes to the global economy... >> but as a matter of fact, it
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magnificent discoveries of all time. >> out there in the wilderness, in the shadows all over the world, a creature was lurking. but it was never plugged into the global economy until suddenly, without warning, he became, the global gorilla. >> he's the global global gorilla! >> you know, when i think of a hamburger, i think of mcdonald's big mac, one of the most globalized products in history. its worldwide reach is so huge that economist magazine has published the big mac index for over 20 years to track inflation and purchasing power around the world. in america, it's three bucks. south africa 14 rand. in paris, france you'll shell out two and a half euros. and down mexico way, it's 29 pesos. in india, 130 rupees. and they even call it the maharaja burger there.
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the good old big mac. from poland to fiji, new zealand to japan, a big mac is always on hand. now that's globalization. >> he's global
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right on. >> when talking about the global economy, you might ask, why do we have to import? we're a big country. can't we make everything we need? >> like, oh, my god, like, can't we? >> quick answer, no. virtually no country can produce
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itself. >> i like bananas. aren't they produced here? >> not everything we can produce here. there are basically no banana trees, cocoa beans, or rubber trees in america. a few coconuts maybe, but we still need to import more. >> well, if we import all those things, do we produce anything for the rest of the world? >> we provide products and materials that other countries want. >> these products and materials allow people in those countries to make things and have a better quality of life. >> import, export, import, export, import, export, import, export, import, export. >> importing and exporting, in constant motion across the world. next time you have some free time, walk around your house, check out your stuff, and see where it came from. >> he's global global gorilla global gorilla whoo whoo whoo made in china ch ch ch china import from chile ch ch ch chile made in italy italia
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kansas he's global gorilla global gorilla he's the global gorilla that's right. >> as american as apple pie. made in china. >> user submitted video. hong kong. >> money. when you're on vacation, you need a lot of it. you'll get about seven hong kong dollars for every american dollar. there are three banks in hong kong that make all the money-- the hsbc bank, the bank of china, and the standard charter bank. in america, the government prints our money. but here each bank prints their own money. the money comes in ten, 20, 50 100, and 500 dollar bills, plus a lot of change. anytime you're in a different country with different money, you're always having to figure out what stuff costs. it's a lot of math. let me explain. i was very excited when my dad gave me a hundred dollars. >> here you go. >> imagine my surprise when i figured out that this crisp, wonderful 100 dollar bill was
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america. what a cheapskate! >> my money isn't just global baby. my money moves around the entire universe. >> ooh! >> transaction jackson. >> en los calles... >> i dem morke gatene av detroit ar livet haardt och klimatet aven haardere. >> transaction jackson. >> es en todas partes del mundo, le gusta... >> transaction jackson. >> nyhetene i host ar biz kids tvsendinger... >> my name's uriah brown and i own baltic board company. baltic board company. that's a skateboarding company that i started about two years ago. and i make long boards. i make and i sell skateboards online to people all over the
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really the difference between a long board and, like, a normal skateboard is there's... the normal skateboards are kind of shorter, they're more a trick board. but long boards are more meant just for bombing down hills where you just go way too fast down hills that are way too steep. well, my business really depends on the global economy. for example, here a couple months back, there was a shortage of baltic birch, and that's the main wood that i use for every one of my boards. baltic boards. and so everywhere... everywhere was out. there was no wood. you know, the supplies all got eaten up, and they there was no more wood to replace, you know, what was already on the market. >> hey, tyson! hey, tyson! oh hey, tyson. hey man, i'm looking for some zebra wood veneer. you got any? >> okay, yeah, no problem. it's right over here. let me go get it. >> nice. oh, man, this stuff is beautiful.
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anything about it? >> yeah. so we brought this stuff in from europe. it was actually brought from west africa. so we brought it from there, they sliced it in europe, we imported it and we got it here about a year ago. >> hey, i'm also needing some baltic birch. you have any? >> yeah, i got it down for you right over here. >> how much is this now? >> now it's about $26 a sheet. >> dang. i knew i was getting... i had to pay a lot for it whenever you guys had that shortage. >> yeah, the shortage really affected everything. it affected our supply, it affected our customers, and also the pricing. we had... we didn't have any for about six months. it was really hard on all of our customers. >> well, i'm glad to see you guys got some. and so i'll go ahead and take some. and let's get this written up and get this delivered. >> sounds good. >> all right. now i have my online store. here's pretty much my main outlet for really getting out to my market. it's the world wide web, and i have access to, you know, anybody. a kid in japan could go to my
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i mean, it's... and they can order a board, and it will be there in three weeks. it does. it takes the whole world to make these things. this board is a great example of the global economy. it starts with... the birch is from northern russia, and then the veneer is from western africa. it comes to me in washington, and then i ship it off to... back to europe. this truck here, this was probably milled in germany, and then the wheels, they were probably made in asia, but the rubber probably came from india. we bring it all together here in washington. and you know what? once some kid gets all these products together, they got a killer skateboard, and they're ready to rip. >> hey biz kids, go global like
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they'll learn a little more about bringing money through the door
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if you keep tanning, indoors or out, the effects of harmful rays will show up on your skin. wrinkles, age spots and an increased risk of skin cancer, including melanoma, the deadliest second most common cancer in women 15 to 29. stop tanning. time may not be on your side. at a message from the american academy of dermatology
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>> this is troy, and we are back with your global economy traffic report. now ( static ) return routes for assembled clothing is running smoothly as well. >> class, today we're talking about the global economy. >> hey, austin. >> what? >> i was noticing how a lot of the things that we use today come from other countries. like, my phone's from india. >> well, my mp3 player's from south korea. so? >> so why do we have all these things from other places? >> that's a good question, miriam. >> who said that? >> i did. i'm here to tell you about the importance of imports. a commodity is any item that can be bought or sold. imports are any commodity purchased from another country. because some countries had resources that other countries needed, trade was established. >> okay, i can understand that, but what about electronic parts or automobiles, things that many
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>> i think what the disembodied voice is trying to say is that today with the globalized economy, and all of these different countries trying to manufacture things, it really comes down to the manufacturing costs. >> precisely. >> so, like, for example, with this phone, with all the different economies, in some countries it might be cheaper to produce this than in others. like if the labor or the parts are cheaper there than in other places. >> so in some countries that phone costs less to make than in others. >> exactly. well, thanks for listening, you two. glad i could help out. uh, buh-bye. >> man, this italian marble is heavy. i wonder where it comes from. >> ( laughing ) hey leonard, you hear what joe just said? "where's italian marble come from?" >> things. things come to us from
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things, things, we export things, we import things, things. things. things are moving along the world. things are moving. some things go here, some things go there. things. >> wow, this guy really ( bleep ) >> he's huge in europe. >> oh the mail's here! i wonder if my membership card came. woo! i'm a member of the global economy! ooh! >> and now the biz kids take it to the streets to ask, are you part of the global economy? >> definitely. i'm part of the global economy. >> i'm part of the global economy. >> my hat. >> i purchased these headphones in japan. >> it's made in latvia. >> they were made in china. >> everything i'm wearing is made all over the world. >> i participate in the global economy by shopping at the supermarket. >> i'm part of the global economy because...
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>> i buy stuff. >> the global economy... >> mexico. >> from what i understand of the global economy, that's, like the central basis of which our money is set up. >> goods, products, and services. >> fast food. >> clothes, shoes. >> i buy a lot of gas. >> natural resources beyond anything else. >> cherries from chile. >> made in china. china. >> his shirt is made in china. >> i have some chapstick. north carolina. >> in china? are they made in china? >> so this actually was made in the usa. >> i'm part of the global economy. >> global economy. >> global economy! >> global economy! >> hello, margot. yeah i just got back. i think we've got a hot thing going here. yeah, i locked up singapore, thailand, yeah. oh, botswana too. yeah, we're going global, i tell you. everyone wants these little ink jars. >> from the beginning, the us has had trade agreements with other countries. the main reason for this is that even with our huge productive economy, there's no way that we can efficiently produce
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this country needs. >> as a result, things that you and i use every day come from all over the place. >> stuff we buy from companies and organizations in other countries and we bring here to use are called imports. >> we import hundreds of billions of dollars of stuff every year. >> not only do we import things that you and i might buy at the store, but we also import things for industry-- things like machines or equipment or materials, you know, like metal and oil that we can use to make things. it's like our country's shopping on a market that's global. it's... oh, what's it called? the... no, no, no, don't tell me. it's... it'll come. >> import, export, import export, import, export, import, ess... >> oh, do you know the muffin man the muffin man the muffin man oh, do you know the muffin man that lives in drury lane? >> i don't know that muffin man.
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need help? we are here. whether you're feeling sad... frustrated... or happy... we've got you covered. pay those good feelings forward. and if you ever need someone to talk to... we'll be here. there's someone who understands life from your perspective. they're here to help you figure it all out. all you have to do is call or click today.
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right on. >> the united states is one of the largest exporters of goods and materials in the world. >> companies and organizations in the us sell or trade more than a trillion dollars worth of stuff every year to virtually every country in the world. >> our main exports are things called durable goods. things like... >> airplanes. >> heavy machinery. >> telecommunication systems. >> and computers. >> we also export industrial supplies, chemicals and raw materials, consumer goods, which is stuff you and i might buy, and agricultural products, which is the food we grow. >> sometimes stuff we export is made into things that we import again. >> for example, we make a lot of the microchips and other electronic parts that go into the electronic things that we get from other countries. >> another country might use the cotton or other fibers we produce to make the clothes we buy. >> so do you think there's anything that we could export?
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did you know we're on in the republic of trinidad and tobago? >> this has been a biz kids special presentation from trinidad tv. >> and now it's time for today's biz kid biz quiz! if you answered a, you got it. you're thinking like a biz kid. >> as we speak, millions of products are being shipped around the world by sea, air, land, even the internet. >> an apple that's picked halfway around the world might be in your lunchbox next week. >> and it might even be carried here on an airplane my mom helped build. >> the global economy connects all of us all the way around the world. we buy products from other countries and benefit from the
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>> and where there's business, you'll find biz kids. >> so until next time, au revoir. right on.
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announcer: today on "the coolest places on earth," we bike, hike, paddle, climb, and dance our way around ireland. it' s coastal, rocky, artsy, and tasty. time to test the luck of the irish. [theme music playing] >> whoo-ooh. announcer: this is "the coolest places on earth." to start off our irish getaway, we land here--dublin. it'
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city in ireland. originally founded as a viking settlement, the kingdom of dublin became ireland' s principal city following the norman invasion. dublin expanded rapidly in the seventh century, and for a while, was the second-largest city in the british empire. the globalization and world cities research network recognizes dublin as one of the top 30 cities in the world. historical and contemporary, industrious and cultural, educational and fun. one of dublin' s history and success is this--the river liffey. ireland' s mountains, collecting that fresh irish spring water, ending here in dublin where it meets the sea. with dozens of tributaries, 60% of the river' s flow is used for drinking water and to supply industry.
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is fun. rent a kayak and tour the city, pass by the city center, and under the ha' penny bridge. dock the kayak and walk along the boardwalks and trails following the river. explore the canals, too, like this one-- portobello canal. here in grand canal, it' s time to get airborne. this is wake dock, ireland' s first cable wakeboard park right in the heart of dublin. the speed of the cable can be adjusted to the rider' s ability. with calm waters and steady speeds, it' s the perfect place feeling a bit extreme, it' s also set up for the advanced. 3 obstacles, including a kicker, a slider, and a rooftop ramp, all promising plenty of air and plenty of challenge. you' ll be ready for the open water in no time. for a slightly more chill way to see the area, viking splash tours offers views of the city by land and water
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tour vehicle. all right, let' s dock the boat and head into the city. one of the first things you might notice is not a sight but a sound. the music scene in dublin is on point. check this out. street musicians, folk singers, rockers, new age, classic, and everything in between. hard working class heroes is ireland' s premier music festival. over 100 bands, 7 venues in 3 days. it' s a jam- packed weekend of the best bands ireland has to offer. the annual event always features a mix of the locally well known, but it' s famous for music discovery. if you want to see the next great band coming out of ireland, this is the place. well-known musician hozier played the hard working class heroes event in 2013, the same year he released his ep
8:31 am
title track that was eventually nominated for a grammy for song of the year. clearly culture is alive and well in dublin. let' s rent a bike and explore it. dublin is a great city for cycling. we can stop at grafton street performers. let' s cruise along o' connell street to see the spire of dublin, a 400-foot tall stainless-steel sculpture. in dublin, public art is all over the place. we can also check out statues of famous locals like activist jim larkin, musician and thin lizzy front man phil lynott, and legendary writer oscar wilde. for some great shopping, s head over to the powerscourt townhouse centre. with over 40 shops and restaurants, it' s loaded with new fashion, one-of-a-kind antiques and vintage pieces, handmade jewelry, locally made arts and crafts, decadent foods, and gourmet coffee.
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some of the best shopping in the world. there are also plenty of places to learn like the national museum of ireland. this natural-history branch, located right here in dublin, shows off some amazing animal exhibits like species of deer, monkeys, moose, and zebras. s green, a city center park opened since 1880, go for a stroll or enjoy some ice cream on a warm day by the fountain. nearby is this gem--ivy gardens. play a little frisbee or do whatever this guy' s doing. dublin is a cultural urban city, but it' s also geared towards outdoor fun. along the coast, you' ll find picturesque marinas, swimming spots, biking trails, and great hiking, too. coming up, we tour the largest church in ireland, taste the local fare, and get active.
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we' re sticking around in dublin for a little more sightseeing. check out this magnificent structure. although the church was founded in 1191 here in dublin, the st. patrick' s cathedral that you see today was built between 1220 and 1259. built in the gothic style, the pointed arches are designed to draw the eyes to the heavens. from the outside, the 140-foot spire is a beacon of historical significance and architectural beauty. in the 1860s, the cathedral was restored, thanks to sir benjamin lee guinness, a member of the well-known brewing family. his design altered the church to a more open-plan layout and extended the ceiling around the entire structure. the cathedral
8:34 am
money raised from tours helps to keep the building in tip-top shape. patrick was ireland' s patron saint and is celebrated for introducing christianity to the irish people. in 1901, a well was discovered in the area of the cathedral. it' s this well that many believe st. patrick used to baptize people back in the fifth century. the grave slab that was found covering the well is on display in the cathedral along with 3 others discovered in the area. on the west end of the cathedral, the st. patrick' s window tells the story of his life in 39 different images. he' s also depicted in the stain-glass window above the main altar. [organ playing] music has been a large part of the cathedral since its foundation. the st. patrick' s cathedral choir school, founded in 1432, is the oldest school in ireland. the choir students sing twice a day in the cathedral. in 1742, the first performance of handel'
8:35 am
"messiah" was sung right here. in 1492, 2 powerful warring families, the butlers and fitzgeralds, battled over the position of lord deputy based at dublin castle. the butlers took refuge from the battle in the chapter house of st. patrick' s cathedral and claimed an ancient law of sanctuary. after hours of arguing through the walls, gerald fitzgerald offered a truce and promised the butlers would not be attacked if they came out. but the butlers refused, afraid of being tricked. to show his good faith, gerald fitzgerald took an axe to the door, chopped a hole through it, and extended his arm through the hole, offering his hand in peace. they shook hands and peace was made. all that remains of the chapter house today is this piece--the door of reconciliation with the big hole in it. several artifacts are also on display from another famous conflict--the battle of the boyne in 1690. the battle was fought for
8:36 am
and ireland. after winning the battle, king william iii visited the cathedral in dublin and held a ceremonial service, officially returning the cathedral to protestantism. the chair that william used during this service is on display in the cathedral. lord lisburn was a member of william' s army killed during a siege a year after the battle of the boyne. he' s buried here alongside other members of his family underneath the altar. this cannonball, hung above his grave, is the very same cannonball responsible for his death. st. patrick' s cathedral has remained a protestant establishment since being restored in 1690 by king william. and today, it' s recognized as the national cathedral of the church of ireland. all this historical touring has made me hungry. time for some brain food. that sounds gross. let' s just say it' s time to eat. for that, we' re heading across
8:37 am
with direct access to the north atlantic and plenty of fishable waters across the galway bay, we' re getting the chance to taste some of the best seafood in ireland. more specifically, the galway oyster, found only in this part of the north atlantic. locals take great pride in providing the best oyster possible. oysters used to be part of a poor man' s dish, and these particular oysters helped ireland' s poor get through difficult times. now it' s a delicacy that can be enjoyed by all walks of life just as long as you' re walking near galway. down the north atlantic coast is this place--the town of dingle. here we sample more of ireland' s incredible seafood. this family-run fishing company hauls up crab, salmon, and prawns. other companies in the area bring up lobsters, too. traditional fishermen supply the local restaurants and food vendors. smoked fish is very popular, especially when served
8:38 am
t beat the fresh seafood dishes around here. here' s a dish being made from dingle bay crab claws, served with a lime and coriander cream sauce. doesn' t get better than that. dingle also hosts an annual festival showcasing some of the best food from local chefs. the dingle peninsula not only delivers picturesque views and, of course, easy access to seafood, but also some of the most fertile farmland in ireland. farm-to-table foods in spectacular fashion. next stop on our ireland foodie tour is here--waterford. today we get to see a different kind of historical re-enactment. it' s not about a battle. it' s about peace, harmony, and good food. set in the 12th century, this historical dinner took place at the wedding of strongbow and eva, a strategic marriage that ended up leading to the future influence of
8:39 am
the different guests that arrived brought representative foods from their culture. it' s a great place to learn the origin of well-known irish foods and taste them in their original form. a large part of ireland' s food heritage stems from this well- known vegetable--the potato. in 1840, a disease commonly known as potato blight caused the great famine, otherwise known as the irish potato famine. the reason this singular disease caused widespread death was because so many people relied almost solely on the potato in their diet. today, the potato is still a large part of the irish culinary world. local growers take great pride in their crops, and many cooks have discovered fantastic ways to use the potato in their dishes. potato pies, potato puddings, even chocolate potato cake. yum. apparently a good
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increased risk of skin cancer, including melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer and the second most common cancer in women 15 to 29. stop tanning. time may not be on your side. learn how to protect your skin at a message from the american academy of dermatology time for a road trip irish-style. for this, we' re heading up the wild atlantic way. ireland was nice enough to set up a tourism trail along the north
8:44 am
while on the trail, take note of the people and how much they love living in these wild, beautiful settings. we have a long way to go, so let' s get to it, starting here--kinsdale. this historic port town hasn' t changed much in a couple hundred years, which adds to the charm. however, many of these roads used to be canals. old head, just out into the atlantic with a proud lighthouse guiding the way around the south end of ireland. this peninsula is a fantastic display of irish cliffs, foreshadowing our upcoming drive along the coast. along the southern coast is another amazing peninsula-- mizen head. as ireland' s most southwesterly point, its relationship with the atlantic ocean is intimate to say the least. endless views of the deep blue sea extend from incredible vantage points throughout the peninsula. next stop--dursey
8:45 am
a ride on this--the dursey island cable car. ireland' s only cable car provides access for tourists and a handful of permanent residents to this majestic, remote island. also on the island--mid-19th-century tower ruins dating back to the napoleonic wars. and prehistoric ruins add to its natural intrigue. from a viewpoint along the wild atlantic way in the county of kerry, we check out the skellig islands. 2 small, steep, rocky islands with the world' s second-largest gannet population and an early christian monastery, now a world heritage site. this stone walking path offers the best views of the area. this is the sharp western peninsula of loop head. fit with a beautiful lighthouse, crashing waves, and this little 2-pub bay town called kilbaha. in 2013, loop head was named the best place to holiday in ireland
8:46 am
raging coast are the cliffs of moher, one of the most popular destinations in all of ireland. nearby cruises are offered to view the striking cliffs from the water. a can' t-miss experience. marked pathways and a visitor center, it' s slightly more developed than some of the other spots along the way, but just as wild. the wild atlantic way continues north to places like derrigimlagh, killary harbour, keem, downpatrick head, and this spot--mullaghmore. here we stop for some surfing like you' ve never experienced before. believe it or not, this is one of the top 5 big- wave surf spots in the world. the only thing bigger than the waves, the dramatic wild atlantic views. grab your board, take a moment to breathe in the beauty, then nose down and ride. next we'
8:47 am
head. considered one of the most beautiful lighthouses in the world, its wild location attracts professional rock climbers. along the wild atlantic way, there are many chances to hang off the edge of ireland. find a local outfitter for an unforgettable rock- climbing or rappelling experience. the last stop on our wild atlantic road trip--malin head. it doesn' t get any wilder than this. stand at the edge of the cliff, and you' ll be the northern-most person in the entire country of ireland. amongst the craggy rocks and sharp cliffs of the ireland coast, there are plenty of sandy beaches, great for swimming and surfing. in fact, ireland offers some of the best conditions in the world for all manners of surfing, bodyboarding, wind- surfing, and best of all, kite surfing. the battle of the bay is an annual water-sports event held near dublin, geared around some of the best kite surfing
8:48 am
from the english channel between england and france and is funneled between england and ireland where dublin' s coast is ready and waiting for optimum wind conditions. at this event, check out the best in the world showing off their kite-surfing skills. another activity ireland is conditioned perfectly for is this--golf. with over 400 courses, you' re sure to find a patch of green that' ll inspire even the most dormant golf fanatic. with lush fairways fed by the ever-present sea spray, breathtaking views, and proper links-course design, the golfing in ireland is some of the best in the world. just make sure you hit the ball straight. on these courses, there' s no wasted time looking for your ball in the woods. it' s just gone. for our next adventure, we' re heading off the mainland to here, the isle of man, where
8:49 am
the international isle of man tourist trophy race is over a hundred years old and is considered by many to be the most prestigious motorcycle race in the world. with seemingly endless straights turning into tight curves, the riders need to keep their wits. the isle of man t.t. is also considered one of deadly races in the world. the course has claimed over 240 lives. coming up, we head back to dublin to finish our irish vacation, but not without a send-off celebration. this is
8:50 am
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tdd# 1-800-448-1433 welcome to our send-off party dublin-style. ok, so it' s actually dublin' s new year' s eve celebration, but we can pretend. either way, dublin throws one solid year-end bash. dublin' new year' s eve festival features incredible live spectacles with surprisingly intimate live- music settings, large concerts, performance art, dancing, parades, plenty of confetti, and a tremendously unique countdown. it' s a party for the ages every year. thanks for the send-off, ireland.
8:52 am
"the coolest places on earth." [theme music playing] [cheering] [baa] need help? we are here. whether you're feeling sad... frustrated...
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to the fox19 news. i'm dan wells and i'm jessica brown weather now today: light snow during the high: 27 low: 4 minus 10-15 high: 14 minus 11 developing news
8:55 am
after being found with gunshot wounds on a wooded trail in westwood. police say 23-year old kareem howell was found on a wooden trail behind bracken woods lane around 6 last night. he was taken to u-c medical center where he died from his injuries. cincinnati police are investigating this as a homicide. anyone with information is asked to call crime stoppers at 513- 352-3040. callers may remain anonymous. mount healthy police are on the lookout for a man who stole a persons car... then ran over the victim. it happened just before 7 o'clock yesterday morning at the speedway
8:56 am
police say a clerk was warming-up his car when he came out and saw a man inside the vehicle. when he went to confront the suspect, he was run-over and sustained serious injuries. the stolen car is a 2004 chevy malibu with the license plate number on your screen. cincinnati police are continuing their search for a shooter who killed a man in avondale. investigators say 20-year old immanuel scott was shot on alaska avenue friday night. he was later dropped off by 2 other men at children's hospital where he later died. no word yet on if those two men are considered suspects... but if you know anything... once again... call crimestoppers at 513-352-3040. police are still looking for suspects involved in a bond hill shootout. police say 24-year old i-esha williams was shot while driving... when another car driving by opened fire on her and another passenger. this all happened on reading road near the norwood lateral. police say surveillance video shows williams' passenger then taking off -leaving
8:57 am
that passenger then came back to get something from the vehicle and took off again. police are still looking for that passenger and the driver of the other car. investigators say was a grey sedan... possibly an altima. be on the alert for phone scammers claiming to be deputies. the warren county sheriff's office says several people have reported getting calls where the caller identifies himself as deputy david scott...he then tells the a warrant out for their arrest. the scammer even says the person can pay to get the warrant removed. the warren county sheriff's office says if get one of these calls ....hang up and ignore the caller. the western hills viaduct is one of the most heavily traveled and structurally deficient bridges in the nation. now, hamilton county officials are hosting a community meeting next friday to talk about how to get the replacement project off the ground. fox19's gordon grahm has the story. amy-----it's something that has
8:58 am
in the next ten years and as you know in bridge projects it can take a long time so we need to start the ball rolling right now. we need to look at it and champion this and say where can we get the funding for it, what's the path so that it's moving in the right direction. the bridge was built back in 1932 as part of the union terminal project and now carries more than 70- thousand vehicles a day, but it's been showing visible signs of age. amy----i've been talking now to a lot of folks on the west side and they're very concerned. as people have gone by the bridge even on occassion see concrete coming off. the bridge is maintained by the city, but owned by hamilton county. county engineer ted hubbard told county commissioners this week the cost of replacement will be pricey. ted------the cost though to deliver a project that we've been talking about is going to be close's approaching 280 million dollars so that gives you and idea of what we're going to been dealing. that's up from the 240-million dollars estimate just a few years aqo because the project has become more complex. ted-----it's been expressed by the city of cincinnati keep the existing western hills viaduct working because to shut that structure down, as was done in the late 70's, would create havoc. the other
8:59 am
to spring grove avuenue to i-75 and central parkway so that's going to require another double-deck structure. ted hubbard and councilwoman amy murray say it will take cooperation between city, county and federal officials to get the project moving and to find the money to pay for it. tomorrow is dr. martin luther king jr. day! a very special holiday and if you're looking to celebrate..the tri state has a lot to offer. you can check out the thirteenth amendment and the emancipation proclamation in person at the freedom center.... a scavanger hunt at the cincinnati- hamilton county library.... we have a list of activities on our website on fox19 now dot com... happening today dan 2shot desk the travel, sports
9:00 am
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dan 2shot desk
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"landmark" deal between tehran and six world powers...coming up we'll tell you u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon says about the plan. jess vo the search continues for 12 missing marines after a helicopter crash off the coast of hawaii details when we come back. 4shot adlib 4shot
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today: light snow during the afternoon. mostly cloudy. breezy. cloudy. minus 10-15 high: 14 minus 11 u.n. secretary
9:06 am
moon is welcoming the nuclear deal between iran and six major powers ..calling it "a significant milestone." the u.n. nuclear agency certified saturday that iran has met all of its commitments. ...secretary of state john kerry says implementation of the iran nuclear deal leaves the world just a bit safer. rescue teams are expanding their search for 12 marines who went missing...on
9:07 am
military helicopters collided off the coast of oahu. the u.s. coast guard says that search now extends eight miles out to sea on the island north shore. the marines were conducting flight training when officials believe the two helicopters crashed. jess 2shot desk coming up next... tomrrow is martin luther king junior day... we have a fun way you can celebrate with your whole family. dan levee adlib wx tease
9:08 am
ie ] rd. .. . a r est la nes . a. xt lel h roc exin 1. ess, ness, ging, the ok pots, kles.
9:09 am
the cincinnati museum center is honoring martin luther king junior with activities and performances. with us today is baoku moses who will be presenting a family-friendly drum circle for peace tomorrow at 2:30. thanks for joining us. drum circle for peace with baoku moses celebrate martin luther king jr. and drum for peace as baoku moses leads us in an amazing family-friendly drum circle. 2:30 p.m., duke energy children's museum for more information about martin luther king
9:10 am
information about martin luther king day events around the tri-state you can go to our website at fox19 now dot com. weather now today: light snow during the afternoon. mostly cloudy. breezy. high: 27 tonight: partly cloudy.
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wind chill: minus 11
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morning news at 9:30 i'm dan wells jess 2shot and i'm jessica brown
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during the afternoon. mostly cloudy. breezy. high: 27 tonight: partly cloudy. low: 4 wind chill: minus 10-15 tomorrow: mostly sunny. cold. high: 14 wind chill: minus 11 happening today dan 2shot desk if you're looking
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still exciting in a different kind of way and the boats are 5 times as fast! shawn live dbl box dan 2shot desk is xavier a top 5
9:16 am
yet... fox 19's joe danneman and jeremy rauch say soon. pkg not a gimme at marquette.
9:17 am
top ten providence. if you thought edmond sumner might be gun shy to really attack his first game back... you thought wrong. looked every bit his normal self. funny thing about this xavier season... we all thought jalen reynolds would be the all- conference big man... nah. so far - it's james farr. out there hitting jump shots and rebounding like one of the best big men in the big east. sixteen points - eighteen rebounds... called amazing... twenty-one- nothing xavier run - up ten at the half. exhibit b on sumner. look alright? scored fifteen points... and look how much better he makes this team. that's his steal. kaiser gates finishes with a dunk. but... if you're wondering if the villanova game feels flukey because sumner left on a stretcher... i think this is proof. great sumner look to j-p macura. x never really felt threatened...
9:18 am
needed some big shots... and chris mack says myles davis is his team's closer. only made two shots - but those shots? miles from ordinary. exhibit c. sumner. xavier now sixteen-and-one. solid win at marquette, 74-66. the bearcats heading into the temple of doom, looking to avoid the season sweep. final seconds of regulation, troy caupain misses the runner, but tips in the rebound. ties the game at 56-all. troy had the touch in the clutch today. the owls can still win it at the gun, quenton decosey, gets cozy on the rim, but it won't go... the prayer is unsanswered, and we go to overtime 56 a piece. in overtime, what did i just say about troy caupain? had a team-high 14 points along with octavius ellis, who tossed his cookies at halftime according to mick. bearcats up by one. free throw tied it, now it's caupain for the win, no, but deberry gets da-board and a wide open look. no.
9:19 am
wild sequence here, temple barely beats the shot clock, and jaylen bond cashes in on the rebound. temple up 67-65 with under 20 seconds to go. uc draws up a play, and caupain just throws it away. mick said later, it wasn't designed for a three- pointer. it's now four losses this season on the final possession, mick called out the refs after. let's talk kentucky and auburn... not sure what this talk is - but i like a little opponent dap. i'm on record with jamal murray is the biggest basketball talent in lexington. twenty for jamal. uk by as many as twelve in the second half. but... kareem canty? auburn hit twelve threes. three-sixty with wrist boy. so - tyler ulis. little man played as big as he always does. seventeen points - ten rebounds - eight assists. john calipari - not impressed. one point game -
9:20 am
why not storm the court - it's auburn's first win over kentucky since 2000. we start the high school highlights in the house mick cronin didn't build - but played in. purcell at la salle and jamel howard about to go dwight howard. both teams are good - they sold this game out... and purcell tried to make a run in the fourth quarter. kameron moore. and by the trick of editing - la salle fans are cheering for the wrong team. lancers executed some vintage flem- ball in the fourth. stall ball until purcell makes a mistake. c-j fleming. kid can really play. good win for la salle. lancers by twelve. taft was too lit for tonight's game against stivers. exhibit a. demario hill, jammin' on the one. frank royles, you wanna make the highlight, frank royles, you wanna make the highlight, this sort of thing, makes the cut every time. he had 13 points. senators led by 18 at the break.
9:21 am
hotline bling. dashawn lawrence, gimme all three. the little tike confirms it. now, i told jahlil woods to throw down, he came this close. the man who calls himself "i love chef" on twitter, out there eatin. and just for fun, briante turner, buries a triple to complete the blowout. taft beats down stivers, 88-63 jess 2shot desk coming up on the fox 19 now weekend morning news... the wife of one of the 4 hostages released from iran... is speaking out. dan traffic cam also ahead...
9:22 am
american prisoners released by iran, says his home coming is "an answer to prayer." nagh-meh aab-edini describes how she broke the news to their children saturday. take a listen... amazing moment of running to them as i hung up on the call with said, 'daddy's coming home! he's free!'" four americans exchange for clemency for seven imprisoned in the united states. a fifth american was also released but not part of that swap.
9:23 am
weather now today: light snow during the afternoon. mostly cloudy. breezy. high: 27 tonight: partly cloudy. low: 4 wind chill: minus 10-15 tomorrow: mostly sunny. cold. high:
9:24 am
springfield pike opened up less than a year ago... and there is definatley a buzz about their food and atmosphere... with us today is... l.r. hunley, doug nawrocki, norman tchorz, nathan mantia
9:25 am
3 oz housemade chorizo 2 oz lardon 1 oz shallot, julienned 1 oz garlic, minced 2 oz tomato, chopped 4 oz beer 1 tbsp unsalted butter 8 oz prepared white corn grits cover pan over lardon, shallot, and saut until fat and lardon. 3. add shrimp, sear on one side and turn 4. add beer to deglaze the pan and reduce liquid by 1/3 5. add butter and season with salt and pepper to taste 6. in a bowl of prepared grits, place the cooked shrimp at 12,5 and 7 o'clock. pour ingredients over the recipie will be now over to
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now over to
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singer a west
9:28 am
basketball game got stuck in traffic... so... an unlikely replacement filled in. a police officer steppend up to the mic at the game last tuesday... and stunned the croud.. take a listen... o say, does that star- spangled banner yet wave o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?" that was officer carlton smith... if you recognize him... it's becasue he was a former contestant on ameican idol!
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