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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  January 22, 2016 10:00pm-10:45pm EST

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dollop for most. >> we're live in the areas hardest hit. >> snowfall totals coming up in addition on to that, what it looks like for your weekend. >> blustery wind and snow-covered roads. we'll have the latest on conditions in northern kentucky. >> the map of misery where folks are snowed in and flights are grounded. >> a local student detained in north korea. what we're learning tonight and only on fox19 now. hear from another tri-state area man held there for months. cr:zkred >> snow has been coming down in parts of the tri-state all day. it's not letting up. what you can dmpt morning. >> our crews have been out and about in the hardest hit areas,
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coverage of what you will wake up to tomorrow morning. >> a winter blast wear bearing down on parts of the tri-state. i'm trisha mag e. >> and i'm rob williams. good evening, everyone. our crews and weather team have been working around the clock. let's get right to the comeech meteorologist steve horstmeyer, the is the sthoa done for the most part? >> meteorologist: the you pretty much the accumulating snow is pretty much done. it's 42 degrees. nigh time we get additional snow shower act of and untreated roads at this temperature, watch out for slick spots developing. winds out of the north ath 11 and you can see the salt working very well in main street, batavia. this is what it looks like on doppler radar. first of all, the counties begin whittling back the weather advisories from the west, and as the storm moves off to the east they'll start dropping off of these, but overall it looks like we are pretty much out of the woods.
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but the area that was hardest hit, you can see the snowshower act of continuing to move towards the west, kinds of opposite of what you memorial normally think but also weaken as it does and there's not much left. the reason for that is the storm is heading over the play shan mountains and out of this -- appalachian mountains and out of this part of the country. still some snowshowers left. not much in the way of accumulation but watch out for an icy spot developing as you get that skim of ice on untreated roads and other than that things are looking better as we head on into the weekend. we'll talk about accumulations alert on in the show and give you the seven-day later on, also. >> thank you, steve. knox neen's mike shell is in one of the hardest hit area maysville where it is still snowing. mike, how much snow is there? and is it still snowing? yep. >> reporter: it is still snowing. no snow in cincinnati if come down to maysville. there are 3 inches on the ground
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the the main scern getting those roads plows. concern is getting those roads plowed. nearly all businesses closed by nightfall including the fast food restaurants. i spoke with maysville mayor david cartel earlier today and he said that he thought that many residents stayed home and that helped, and he was thankful that the snowfall was a lot less than expected. >> i don't know if we had 6 or 7 inches, but i'll tell you, just the fact that everyone stayed off the highways and let us plow and let us do our work makes a big difference. >> reporter: and plenty of work for those road crews still to do tonight. the high winds are not making it easy for them but they will be working throughout the night and into tomorrow here in maysville. we are reporting live, mike shell, fox19 now. >> and right now our ben cako is showing you what it's like
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hopefully you're in for the night but if you have to head on out, he's showing you what it's like. ben, where are you and how are the roads? >> reporter: take a look. this is us now getting on there's heading toward cincinnati and clermont county, and it's the on and off ramps that are a little bit snow covered right now but there have been crews here all over 32 trying to clean up. let me get onto the highway and so show you this big difference. not too tbad. a little bit of snow and slush. it varies the further you go. some places have a little bit more. some places have a little less. the snow is still coming down out here, though. i don't want to throw my high beams on as this car is approaching but as soon as he passes i'll show you what we're talking about out here so you can get a better look. the snow is coming down pretty good, leaving a intlift slush on the roadways but i would say claimtion not so bad out here, and, of course, the road on 32 is still passable right now.
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that it was a little bit iffy but, again, the roads not so bad right now but i would still be careful if you are headed out and about tonight or tomorrow. guys, let's send it back in to you. >> anches we want to continue our live team coverage with michael baud win. >> anchor: that's right. he's live in dry ridge. you said it was blustery there. are you still dealing with high winds? >> reporter: you still have a little bit of that going on. it's very cold out here. what you don't see a lot of is you don't see a lot of the snow coming down but you feel the wind coming through. as you look aft some of the roads out there, the roads don't look too bad, but then as a say that the the grant county sheriff's office, what they did was put out this little picture right there that if you look at that, that picture is of a car that slid off of the road on us-22 and they want to remind people twheb say, look, these roads are slippery and you need to watch out, you need to take it slow and slow things down as you're going through. as i look at the highway and
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through, they seem to be going speed limit driving, and right now things just seem to be winding down for a lot of people. a lot of people don't seem to be on the road which is a good thing and people seem to be taking their time. everything seems to be okay in in area of town. live here in dry ridge. >> anchor: to keep top of the weather download the fox19 weather app by texting "snow" to 41919. new information developing now in the detention of a local man being held in north korea. >> anchor: we just learned that otto frederick warm beer was league of the country after a five-day trip over the new year's eve holiday when officials detained him at pyongyang airport. he graduated in 2013 from high school. he was a soccer player and salutatorian of his graduating class. he went on to cleajt the university have virginia. north korea claims he was
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hostile act but did not explain further. another man from our area detained for sicks months was just leads last year. i'm sure you remember the story and the name. our megan o'roark just spoke with jeffrey foul and he jounce us live with his experience. meg app, good morning to you. >> reporter: good evening to you, robb. tonight jeffrey fowle is staying at his home a couple of miles away. that is where he was relaxing when we cawts up with him, and he shared his story in mimesburg about the month he spent was a north korean detainee. >> the day that you arrive back the in u.s. and stepping foot on u.s. soil, we saw that video of you getting off the plane. >> pat air force base. >> what were those feelings? >> what is terrific. kids came to me on the tarmac and to see them and my wife and mother-in-law moarnl, she was there. it was great. >> reporter: it's been moarnl a year since jeffrey fowle was released by north korea after
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as a detine' accused of leaving a bible in a public restroom but today news of ott ott warmingbeer detention brought all those memories back. >> i imagine he must be going into a whole lot of mental stress and strain, emotional roller coaster at this point. i guess it's been three weeks now since he was detained so he's had a little bit chance to acclimate. >> reporter: while in act of fowl said he was always physically cared for about three meals a day. the worst part, he tells me, was not knowing when this reunion would happen. and tonight he was sympathy and support for the warmbiers for likely feeling the same. >> keep the faith. my faith in god carried me threw. there were times i didn't know what was happening here at all but steadfast faith in god, the knowledge that jesus christ is in control helped me a lot. >> reporter: back here in miamisburg, fowle said life has pretty much returned to normal. he says he and his family have
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routine, he's even returned to work with is the city of lower ion and the public works department. >> anchor: thank you very much for that report tonight. american leaders reacting quickly the to news, and working to secure warmbire's lease. congressman tweetdz that his oafs is reaching out to the state department to assist however possible in getting mr. warmbier back home. and ohio governor and presidential hopeful john kasich described the arrest as inexcuse i will be and called for warmbier's immediate release and return. other gop candidates are also voicing their concern with florida's mark rube saying there is a bounty on the heads of americans. >> there is now a price on the head of every american abroad because the president has shown, president obama has shown that he will make trades with enemies and with the enemies of the united states and foreign governments who take americans hodge. so -- and -- hostage -- an act against the state of north korea
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it is. >> anchor: fox19 is now reaching out to other local leaders to see what can be done to bring warmbier home. we will bring you continuing coorchtion we await for word on efforts for his relief and, of course, we at fox19 now are not only following the story be we are praying for his safe return. >> anchor: new tonight, a car nearly hits a church at phillips and price hill. police tell us due to a medical condition the driver of the suv lost controlling, slammed nigh parked car, then a flower pot. he almost hit the methodist church but nobody was hurt. >> anchor: there are about 88 million people affected by this huge winter storm. around here we were pretty lucky in terms of the wallop we could have gotten. >> anchor: we doijtd for the most part. dodged it for the most part it. >> has life-and-death imreplytations. >> anchor: live coverage from dc continues next.
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and delays here at cvj. how some passengers are coping. i'll have their story coming up up next. >> meteorologist: and in our neck of the woods all that snow is winding down. you see it still circulating here but auto the energy is pulling off to the east. that means we're improving but it's not getting any bort east coast.
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>> karen: so this potentially crippling winter storm is bearing down on a lot of the country's east coast with as many as 85 million people in the path. >> rob: and the nation's capitol is in the crosshair. check out this snow falling on the white house in washington dpps dc is being pounded. they're measuring in it feet. chris welch is joining us life now from washington, dc, with
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see the snow continues to fall. >> anchor: it sure does. that's an understatement, you know, and it really sort of seems like the unfortunate thing is we haven't really even seen the brunt of this yet. the national weather service just tweeted out a short time ago that the heaviest winds and snowfalls will come between 1:00 a.m. tonight and 1:00 p.m. tomorrow, so things are only going to get worse from here. we're talking about wind speeds sustained of about 30 miles per hour here in this area, gusts of wind in parts of maryland and on the coast up to 65 miles per hour. that's just 10 miles per hour shy of hurricane force winds. we're talking about power outages with this storm as well because with the ice, with the heavy wet snow come down trees and downed power lines. at this point about 130,000 people are without power so far. those numbers predominantly in the carolinas. over 7,000 flights have been cancelled all across the eastern
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want to mention traffic accidents. that has unfortunately been a major issue so far. we just heard a short time ago officials in the state of virginia just south of where we are here in the dc area, they are saying over 800 traffic accidents so far on the highways there. and unfortunately traffic accidents have been the reason we have already six fatalities associated with this storm. we knew this storm would be deadly but this is still sad and unfortunate news. four of those deaths coming from north carolina, one coming from virginia, and another from kentucky. it's just another reason to heed the warnings from officials. we heard it right here in washington today. the mayor saying nobody go out on the streets, nobody go out at all after 3:00 p.m. we were still seeing people for hours after 3:00 p.m. occasionally we still are, but thankfully a lot, lot fewer of them at this time of night, so hopefully by the time things
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those people will all be inside where they should be. >> rob: chris, any word on whether or not -- i mean, the snow behind us impressive but will it break any records? >> reporter: yeah, we have gotten several inches so far but, of course, this is nothing compared to what we could see by the end of this after 36 hours of this snowstorm. but the record for dc was set in 1922. that's 28 inches of snow back then. dc could see two and a half feet. that's still what officials here are predicting, what they say they're on track for, so it very likely could break a record, but again, this could be a 36-hour snow event so we may not know until sunday if that record is broken. >> rob: good luck. chris welch joining us live from washington, dc. thank you very much. >> karen: steve hoarse horstmeyer, you've been dpreengt this the
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you want to be done with it already. >> meteorologist: but my son lives in dc and he worked from home today, and i've got a nephew who works at the pentagon at quantity expo he is in the marine corps, and the marine corps was preparing for 30 inches of snow at the base. >> rob: and he just told us, for us that snow event is behind us, but for people in dc it's still in front of them. >> meteorologist: and it's going to take into tomorrow afternoon before theirs lets up and after that it's the cleanup so it's going to be a long weekend there. let's go ahead and take a look at first of all at our camera. we'll just look at the map here. you can see that the winter weather advisories continue in effect in the purple counties. the pink counties under winter storm warnings. but they're beginning to whittle these back and eliminate them and pretty much the danger is over, however, they want to make sure that none of those bands redevelop. so winter storm warnings the in pink here extend all the way into the east coast and you see this darker color right up here. let's zoom in there. and so dc is right there. so this is the northeastern part of virginia.
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this is dc. here's the delmarva peninsula, pennsylvania. this is new jersey and, of course, philadelphia. those are all blizzard warnings. blizzard walkers in effect there. that's high wind, reduce visibility wp falling temperatures, heavy snow. it's not going to be fun on the east coast all the way into monday it's probably going to take to clean up this stuff and they may not even have some things ready to go by sunday. here's what it looks like in our neck of the booppedz you can see the a snow decreasing as you zoom in here. you see the snowr kind of falling apart, and the reason for that is everything is transferring, the energy, the moisture, over to the other side of the appalachian mountains and we're just left with a little bit of snowr activity. so if you go to lewis county, you can see those of lewis county now snow-free but there's light snowshower act of there. if we had a little bit farther on the east, you see mason and bracken counties along with robertson county still some snowshower act of, nothing very heavy. then from bracken county into pendleton still some snowshower
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overall it's on its way out of here. the low pressure system that caused it now crossing the appalachian mountains. the winds over the appalachian mountains, what they do is they rise over the mountains and they sink. that lowers the relative humidity. and that kind of dries it out, makes it hard for it to snow over here, so we didn't get the big snows that they got in the east about the now the moisture and energy moving with the low to the other side of the mountains, so it's a problem for the east coast and we're left with clearing trends. so what we find here is that 3:00 this afternoon, the snow was right on top of us. the northern edge of it. the edge was right on top of us a couple hours later. as of 9:30 p.m. the northern edge of the snow right on top of us but it was falling apart. and then for the rest of the night that's what happens. they snowfall continues to shift off to the east. it weakens. clearing begins to come in from the west and things are going to get better and better. however, we still have some showers showing up on radar, and those could very easily casa few icy spots in the forecast overnight tonight so tomorrow
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the slick side. when you look at the seven-day forecast and beyond the seven-day we're going to take a look at these in detail later on but the seven-day forecast, notice still pretty much below normal here, and as far as the seven-day forecast goes we're looking at a low tonight of 23, high tomorrow of 30, 15 and 35 wowk for sunday. monday may be some rain showers, a little snow on rain mix on tuesday. then we're talking about high temperatures making it into the upper 30s and lower 40s for thursday and friday. coming up in the next weather we'll go beyond the seven-day and see what it looks like as we head into the middle of february. now we go outside the jeff crayton. we've been through a lot of these. how's this one stack up for you? >> definitely not the worst thing i've ever been outside in as far as a winter storm goes, but i will say this. even as it's coming to an end, it is trying to put undone some snow in metro cincinnati. ness to seventh street downtown in queensgate. i've got my trusty little infrared thermometer here, and just to give you an idea of what
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temp here is about 23.5 degrees. so definitely in the morning with pavement below freezing you are going to have quite bait of re freezing and there will be some slick spots as you head out. the other thing is borrowed steve's anemometer here and sticking this up in the air here. wind speeds anywhere from 3 to 7 miles an hour. so with an air temperature in the 20s, it makes it feel like teens, and that's pretty much where we are right now. so a coal night ahead but we dodged the bullet. all the major snow totals well south and east of metro cincinnati. meteorologist matt hollander will have those totals for you all coming up in just a couple of minutes. from somewhere in queensgate, meteorologist jeff creighton. back in the studio to you. >> rob: noe more flight delays and cancellation hatcvg. i'll tell you how so many
10:21 pm
q. one teacher takes on adele to get a snow day. her parody is cute, coming up. >> rob: and, of course, we're keeping an eye on weather conditions near and far. take a look. this is philadelphia. if you're flying there, a lot of the flights cancelled. >> karen: yeah. >> rob: including a lot of other flights to the east coast.
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here's a live look at maysville. you see snow still coming down on maysville. >> translator: >> tricia: .>> translator: matt hollander has been going through your pictures with a very ool app. seen any good once ones? 5. 2 in falmouth, piketon 4. chilicothe 3 identifiers. the biggest total 8 inches down in lewis county and that's going to be going up into the oafnt hours. won't finish up until the mid-morning hours down there. we've been going over the snow pictures as well and we've had fun ones coming. we've got the plows out inin lack waynoka and browntd. you can see them -- in browntd. of course there are a lot of folks having fun in paige and maddie geght out hitting the sleds and enjoying the day off
10:24 pm
i think sometimes we forget how much fun the snow can be. rot in robertson this from renee birdie. thank you for submitting that picture. this is my favorite. taylor in brooksville, kentucky, he's ready to go. he's got the helmet on, four wheeler. ready to have a good snow day. if you have any pictures submit them through the fox19 weather app. if or text to 41919. >> translator: 419 trinch newtonight, the latest efts to bring marijuana. >> rob: snow cancelled tonight. what about tomorrow morning?
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>> tricia: thanks for sticking with us. we want to get back to the story of the day. >> rob: that's what everyone is talking about, the weather. lets get right to chief meteorologist steve horstmeyer. >> meteorologist: we are still looking the at snowshower activity in the area. accumulation is no longer an issue. you can see our overhead door of northern kentucky team are from
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at downtown cincinnati a little restriction to the visibility, some light flurries come down, accumulations is no longer an issue. what we're worried about is icy spots developing as a little film of snow homers and refreezes and with temperatures around 24 it's definitely fold coal enough for it to refreeze and err we are looking at wind chills down into the single digits tomorrow morning. here's ha we're looking. at they have begun to whittle back the weather advisories. the winter stoample warnings and advisories are still in effect until sechg a.m., but as you can see on radar when we get to it here, things are really beginning to wind down. until 7:00 a.m. just watch the a area covered by precipitation decrease that that slow rotation begins to take the storm off to the east coast. so there you see it. see how it falls apart as it begins to move north and eastward. so a little bit of snowshower activity overnight that could coat the ground in spots and frie bring slip driving to the
10:27 pm
accumulation concerns, although it's going to be cold on a and areas that got deeper snow will. >> tricia: we are using flight aware to track the latest flight cancellations. this is what they call their misery map where air travelers are feeling the most misery today. you can see the misery growing as the storm moves east, tons cancellations in new york city, charlotte, washington, dc, and atlanta. >> rob: and that includes our airport cvg. that's where we watch up with our frankie jupiter. how the weather is affect can travelers there. hi, frankie. >> frank: hey, there. we've gone out with some folks who are trying to make the best of their cancelled flights as more snow moves through the area. those who are able to make it to their destinations are breathing a sigh of relief. winter weather moving across the method heading to the east coast is wreaking havoc on flight schedules. cancellations through this evening are leaving some
10:28 pm
plans before catching next flight. >> i'm trying to see my boyfriend in raleigh. he's in the military. >> my flight just gotd cancelled. i was supposed fog to las vegas but it got cancelled. >> frank: the dreaded red letter in all bold reading "cancelled. quoan" even even applying to tomorrow morning. >> we waited two hours at the gate because it got thraid, and when we get on the plane we waited on plane another two hours before they said cancelled. >> supposedly there's an ice storm in atlanta, which was my connecting flight to north carolina, and apparently there's an ice storm in north carolina as well, so i can't make it to either, so i'm stuck here for the night. >> frank: mother nature's snow hasn't been too friendly to these passengers but they're going to make it work. >> i may reschedule it for tomorrow afternoon, when which i'm okay. >> i'm staying in a hotel tonight and getting a flight to charlotte tomorrow afternoon. >> frank: now you want to make
10:29 pm
airline carrier before heading out. we're live at cvg, frankie jupiter. >> rob: that stinks. >> tricia: back in the good old days you used to get a meal and a hotel if you got your flight cancelled. if you have not i didn't yet download that fox weather app tonight and tomorrow as the wirpt storm moves in and through and past us. text noe to 41919. it will give you instant ace says and, of course, our weather updairchts other news now, an independence man facing two counts of murder after this new year's eve crash left two people dped t. 57-year-old mark huffman was arrested in connection to the crash that killed ella and david mcin a. according to police huffman's plud alcohol level was nearly three times the legal limit. he also tested positive for opiates and other drugs. huffman is being held without bond with an arrange the scheduled for monday. >> rob: doarnl mike du wan has jected a petition to legalize
10:30 pm
this was the third pesk. was jected because of language in the pesk. two similar petitions were rejected last year. some crafty kids in chattanooga try to fool station noof announcing a snow day for all the schools in the county. >> tricia: they replied we're not that dumb. the kids got what they wanted a day later. schools actually will close yesterday. and the adele parodies keep on coming. one third grade teacher in tennessee really, really, really loves her snow days. >> rob: check it out. we need a snow day tomorrow or at least a good delay if god would be so kind
10:31 pm
least that it can do is snow snow. >> rob: he performed this for her nel full oh teachers two weeks ago. people loved it so much that music video. it's got more than 170,000 views at last check. >> tricia: goodness sakes. >> rob: up next, how wurnt weather can hit you right in the wallet if you're not careful. >> tricia: most games in the tri-state are postponed tonight unfortunately but a few still braved the storm. >> rob: and let's give you a live look this evening in downtown batavia in clermont county. as you can see, the roads just wet there. we're going to have your latest forecast, what you can expect tomorrow morning, so keep it
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and make an impact tomorrow- you're our kind of student. our kind of different. devry university's college of business. different. on purpose. >> tricia: wintery weather isn't just a hassles. it can really put a dent in your budget as well if you're not
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>> reporter: the heaviest snow missed much of the tri-state but you know it doesn't take very much snow or sleet to create some very pricey problems for you and your family. about a quarter of all car accidents will happen during bad weather and that results in damaged cars and sometimes serious injuries. beyond that stalt used by the road crews can corrode your car and that damage likely is not covered by your warranty. here's my point. drive carefully if you do have to be out but make sure that you wash the salty residue off your car. noirk fallen will send 11 million people to the er this year and in wintertime a lot of those happen because of snow and ice. if someone else falls on your property, your insurance could end up paying for it so keep your walkways clear of snow and ice. and there are more than 20,000 chimney fires every year causing more than $100 million in damages. here's a simple money point. as tempting as it could be to
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winter notice only do it if that chimney has been cleaned by a professional. >> here's another reason we call the weather ap the weather center in the palm your hand. you can put radar into motion just like this. ch was where the snowshowers are moving. in addition, the color key up here tells you this is very, very light, it's not eye big deal, and snow continues to wind down around the tri-state. i've got an updated seven-day forecast coming up and then we go beyond the seven-day to see
10:36 pm
>> meteorologist: good evening, everyone. this is eye live look on the sweeney camera at wurlg burlington pike. you can see the track of moving long pretty well. notice how the ground there is completely covered the snow. snow is not too deep. a little bit still coming down. you can kind of tell from that hazy look which is i a reduction in visibility but it's down to 22 degrees, winds out of east at 7. any light snow that falls on an untreated surface will freeze so be careful not only of refreezing but of new icy spots develop as the last of the snowshowers begin to move out of the fox19 now viewing area. speaking of the last of the snowshowers witness ever was a they do move out they'll begin to cancer these winter weather advisories in the purple and the winter storm bawrntion in the pink. still the same counties. they've just begun to eliminate a few overall those will be gone completely by tomorrow morning as the snow ends completely
10:37 pm
you can see the amount of snow decreasing in aerial coverage. it's not very heavy, either. it continues to move back this way as the last of the energy from this system stays on this side of the appalachian mountains but the real action, of course, is well to the east. look at this. right up is washington dpps look at this. this is extremely heavy snow moving north ward, and it looks like hours and hours of very heavy snow in dc. they may see three feet in a few spots in suburban dc, and for us nothing like that whatsoever. here's what the model shows at 11:00. notice still scattered snowshower activity around the area. it begins to weaken and pushes off to the east over the last few hours. the last place to see the snow and will be the place that's had the heaviest amounts down in lewis county where one report of agent inches came in, and then as we head through day tomorrow it stays cold, the skies clear out. here's what happens with that storm. this is model output.
10:38 pm
north and eastward, heavy snow into dc. this is saturday at 12:frievment p.m. so tomorrow afternoon still snow from new york city to dc way back into pennsylvania, and some of that snow is very heavy as we go through the weekend, it pulls off to the east, and there's the last bit of snow there at cape cod and that's excavate can into the atlantic ocean after 11:00 a.m. sunday morning. by then things will begin to lear out and they begin a big cleanup but it is going to be a night mauer. there may be delayed flights in new york city into monday because of the snowfall to come. okay. this yellow line is the normal high temperature. it rises to around 40 degrees by the end of this. on the seven-day forecast most of the colder than normal, we do get to normal as we head to the end of the seven-day. so if we look at the seven-day forecast, what we're going to see here is that we don't have much aivet. we don't have any big dorms much act of. no big storms coming our way for
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low 23, wind chills in the
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