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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  January 23, 2016 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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if so, listen up. you might be wise to buy those plane tickets sooner rather than later. financial expert nathan bachrach has more in tonights simply money. simply money animation if you're still trying to figure out a trip for spring break or this summer buy your plane tickets sooner, rather than later! we're seeing some of the lowest airfares in years right now. according to airline research firm "hopper", airfares booked this january will average about $210 round-trip, more than 14% lower than this time last year, and the lowest average price in at least three years. take fullscreen graphic and there are some rock-bottom fares out there. we found a $38 dollar round trip fare on frontier from
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morning! and a $92 dollar round trip fare to fort $78 dollar round philly! those fares do of courseand they can change fast. try searching for different simply money point: airlines use cookies to track history, so you may find a lower price using a new browser! and it's always a good idea to track the tickets you buy with yapta. that wayif the fare dropsyou may be able to get a now and simply bachrach. frankie gfx do you have a simply money question? log on to our website at fox 19 now dot com and click on the simply money link. we all know that cincinnati has been getting a lot of attention in the film industry lately with movies like carol, goat and more getting award nods. but how's that translating into the local economy? the greater cincinnati and northern kentucky film commission says production has brought in $54-million dollars for the area over the last 2 years.... according to a new
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also created more than 88-hundred jobs! this news comes as film made it's sundance tonight! "the 4th" is a cincinnati native a man who hosts a fourth of july cookout... only to wrong. you're looking at a hyland grew up in clifton and indian hill... and graduated from u- c. best of luck andre! still to come... local residents come out in big numbers to help the family of fallen firefighter patrick wolterman. next. "10 pm reopen" tonight hundredsme i don't want to live with the onetr ould seek treatment. i am ready catoday there's harvoni. retiary treatment for the most common type rvisroven to cure
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at 71 south at montgomery road where all lanes are shut down for a multi-vehicle crash. no word on any injuries or what caused the crash... but avoid the area if you can. we'll be sure to let you know when more information comes in. tonight hundreds came out to "the pub" in norwood to honor a local hero, and help his family. you're looking at the turnout for "pints for a purpose"... benefitting the family of firefighter patrick wolterman. the event was put on by the norwood firefighters association in conjunction with great lakes brewery. for every great lakes pint sold, 3 dollars went to
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silent auction, donation boxes, split the pot and more. and over at the hartwell kroger... many shoppers were dropping off clean water as part of a collection event to help those affected by the flint michigan water crisis. for the last month, residents in that area have had no clean drinking water due to strong amounts of lead in the pipes. "it's amazing, i posted the facebook event wednesday evening, and by thursday morning it had completely taken off. its really exciting to see everybody come together to help out another city." kroger donated a semi-truck that organizers will use to take all that water up to flint. well it wouldn't be january without the annual mascot broom-ball game downtown! take a look at the scene on fountain square. mister red, rosie red, big boy... you
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everyone faced off with team "super sweepers" against team "legion of the broom." all your favorite local mascots came out for the event, putting on a show for everyone who watched. this was the seventh year of the event. let's send things over to jeff. live wx tease creighton announce jeff/chroma eslittle guys? they represent blood cells. d y have afib-an irregular heartbeat at p you at five times greater risk of stroke
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weather system, high pressure has built in and the overnight hours will be rather cold. with clear to partly cloudy skies by morning lows will drop into the mid teens. sunshine afternoon highs 30s. monday will but clouds will be on the increase during the advance of our maker. we should see highs near 40
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expect a few light showers, with a possible for tuesday. seen the video... but ourselves here at
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i don't want to live with the
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seek treatment. i am ready catoday there's retiary treatment for the most common type conic hepatitis c. rvisroven to cure up to 99% of patients o'ad no prior treatment. 'she one and only cure that's e , once a day for 12 weeks. rtn patients... thvoni, there's no interferon d e are no complex regimens. llr doctor if you have v,r other medical conditions, d out all the medicines u ke including herbal supplements. kimiodarone with harvoni may cause seous slowing of your heart rate. mmonideffects of harvoni may include tiredness, adhe and weakness. i am ready to put hep c behind me. ameady to be cured. e you ready? k ur hep c specialist
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pure panda-monium at the smithsonian you're looking at tian tian the panda, who decided to d-c. the panda woke up to all that white
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thoroughly enjoyed it. amy 2shot don't forget we're always on sports wrap is next... good night everyone. sot "mobile squeezeback" 2shot bam joe bam gfx joe this is the wrap on
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we own the studio the next fifteen minutes. are you on twitter or facebook? tonight's your chance to follow along - i posted our rundown on both. there you'd see our lead story tonight is cincinnati's top five basketball team - jeremy. jer hplaz gfx vplaz gfx how good is xavier at home? let's put this in perspective... the musketeers haven't lost two straight games at cintas, since i was a freshman in college. 12 years ago.
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georgetown, no chance x was losing this game. let's go behind the scenes at xavier, trevon bluiett locked in with seton hall in town. there's a theme here with james farr, watch him pass the rock to edmond sumner for the flush. tally this up. 13 points for sumner. career-high 4 assists for james farr, and he pulled in 15 rebounds. the dude could not be stopped by seton hall. little mack agrees. here's another feeds jalen jam. imagine if those two get going at the same time... "happy look outta" the pirates would fire back... isaiah whitehead, between the legs to khadeen carrington for 3. it's a 4-point game early in the second half. chris mack called seton hall a tournament team, but x, is a top five team in the country. check the resume. james farr's career day adds up to a career-high 24 boards. good day when j-p
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the drive-by and feed to sean o'mara who throws down. xavier starting to pull away, when tre bluiett hits a trey in transition. scored all 15 of his points in the second half. xavier bounces back in a big way, taking down seton hall 84-76 tre bluiett: "we don't sulk in our losses. it's a league where you play every two or three days. so, i think win or lose, we get over it that next day and prepare for the next opponent." chris mack: "it's a monster league that we're in. it's getting a lot of national credit and it should. you've got four teams in the top 25 and all four are in the top of the standings. so, it's a monster league we're in and we're very fortunate today." kevin willard: "we've got almost 30 inches of snow at home. so, who knows when we'll get home? i love cincinnati this time of year. get some skyline chili." hplaz vo vplaz gfx
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still be stuck in cincinnati. check out james farr here... last year, he settles for the baseline j. this year, he puts his back to the hoop, and does this. james farr is playing at a different level in his senior season. 24 points, 15 boards, 4 assists, 3 blocks and 2 steals, is a dream stat line. it's also why xavier is enjoying a dream season. chris mack: "the simple fact is he didn't play much for two years. he was a good role player for us last year, but sometimes when you go through the fire, everything doesn't come your way so easily, you want it more. you just carry a bigger chip on your shoulder. it's an, i'm not going down like this type of attitude." james farr: "i'm a senior. my days here are ticking down. so, i just wanted to make sure i go out on the right note, be a good leader to my teammates and i just want to go out the right way and today was an important day. i just wanted to lead by example as a senior
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5th ranked xavier is back on the road after spending a week at home. it's a top 20 showdown on tuesday at providence, tipoff at 8-30. that moment when coach notices your fly is down. one of those need to win games for kentucky. it's vandy at rupp - for a courtside view of the tyler ulis sec player of the year campaign. let's now talk conference freshman of the year. ben simmons of lsu or this cat? by the end of this highlight you'll think jamal murray scored forty. kid is - as good a backcourt scorer at kentucky since - who? twitter told us brandon knight and john wall. i think i like the john wall answer better. quote from coach cal - when alex poythress plays like he did today - we can play with anyone. sixteen for a-p - can he do it more often? ulis. twenty-one for tyler... that's twenty-plus points in six of his last eight. back to murray. and back to this debate.
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complete scorer than either harrison, right? a better shooter at his age than eric bledsoe. point is - this kid is special. scores eighteen a game - and scored eighteen on vanderbilt. uk by nineteen. feels like their most complete game this season. john calipari: "our team continues to get better. dickie v came in and said he didn't think we were and i said, 'are you watching college basketball?' jamal murray played well and alex poythress did his thing." uk now tied for the second best record in the sec with a game against the second best record in the sec with a game against missouri next. and missouri is bad - like worst record in the conference bad. the game that'll get the talk this
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three kansas. can somebody give i-u a little t-l-c. 25th ranked hoosiers hosting northwestern. thomas bryant - baby put it on me. it's a 10-0 run to start the game. and if you don't know, now you know, yogi, hey boo-boo, yogi ferrell is for real. tied for a game- high with 17 points. second half, i-u played like silly puddy, they would stretch it out. and it's now 12 straight for indiana winning 89-57 the rundown says it's time to talk high school hoops... and the conversation around town is who's best? i think we might find out tonight at moeller. future bearcat jarron cumberland hit four threes - scored fourteen points... this is cameron stewart and check this bucket. gets blocked - but it drops. wilmington up three at the half at moeller. but... moeller did what moeller does.
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they lock you up - and they win games. tonight - they did it to wilmington. hurricane scored 10 points in the second half. 10. moeller wins by 9. it's wilmington's first loss this season. big game in the n- k-y cuz i gotta... 9th region all "a" final. monster game for new cath's ben weyer. gets the putback. had a game-high 25 points. holy cross's stud tyler bezold, out with an ankle injury early. no biggie, leighton schrand, strokin' it like bobby ross. had a team-high 17 points. and we've got a nail biter. new cath answers, brennan hall with the dipsy doozy to end the quarter. and this little kid is like, that's cool, but i can do this. indians down by 8 in the 4th, chipping away, will volpenhein hits a triple. but the breds took a few big gulps, and said see you later, luke may-viss moeves, tanner's bro with fluffier hair. new cath wins the 9th region all "a"
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doubleheader night at woodward. this is the scholastic play- by-play classic. game one is cov cath and aiken... and the colonels grab a twelve point halftime lead. that's a-j mayer - 15-points and 10- rebounds for a-j. but... marcus barton starts the second half bangin' shots. marcus hit four threes - scored eighteen points. aiken's guy is carlik jones. he'll play division i basketball next year at radford. carlik hit for 29 points tonight - it's the fourth. but... here's cov cath's guy. in a close game - give the ball to cole vanhandorf and watch cole get buckets. see. colonels beat aiken by five, 66-61. game two at woodward is woodward and middletown. forget the x's coach... just get the ball to 21. kid is one of the best running backs around... and will coker plays hoops like
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a helmet. where there's a will there's a bucket... got the crowd like - "eat will - eat boy!" dude scored 33. middletown now. this is jimmy raftliff - that's hashtag jimmy buckets on his twitter profile... and here's my mans on twitter - ethan edwards... i see you double-e. i owed him one from football season... to jomar bailey. problem. middies win at woodward by 13. joe and jeremy 2shot bam/gfx joe badin's zach larkin scored his 1,000th point tonight. rams did lose to finneytown by two. coming up, we know the ranking next to their name, but is xavier playing like a top five team, we get the muskies take next on the wrap. trevon bluiett: "most definitely. i'm with these guys every day. every
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eventually it'll pan out for itself." joe and jeremy 2shot bam/gfx joe there is still a good chance xavier remains near the top five with other teams losing around them this week. jer the bearcats are coming off a nice win over memphis. now, they get a team who starred in the 1997 movie with martin lawrence and tim robbins. mick cronin: "tulane is a team that has nothing to lose. they're going to beat somebody. it's coming. you just don't want it to be you. you watch all these games and you see oklahoma state almost beat oklahoma, three nights later, they beat kansas by 20." bearcats look to win a fourth time in five games on
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espn-u and espn- dot-com tells me, zack tobler is the player to watch. so, you know they did their homework. all access tonight with first place mount saint joseph. mount up. definining game with second place defiance. travis combs. a brush with greatness on sportswrap. t-c scored a team best 14. good atmosphere - big crowd for this game. andrew finley. straight outta' walnut. the mount up a point at the half. jordan henry. better bring some game if you're name is jordan. you used to - you used to. not sure they'll let me back because i show up and they lose for the first time in eight games. defiance by four. doubleheader day at msj. and... you see the forever 22 shirts? they called today mount madness to make money for the forever 22 lauren hill scholarship. and m-s-j played well. that's talawanda grad bristyl webb. she scored 14. msj wins. and there's lauren's dad. man - love some hoops.
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announcer: "bruton. welcome to the nascar hall of fame." bruton smith: "oh, wow." the godfather of sprint cup racing in kentucky, is now a nascar hall of famer. bruton smith enters the hall at 88 years old. he is the c-e-o of speedway motorsports, who owns the kentucky speedway. highlight of the night... he spoke at length about why he likes coke over pepsi. joe and jeremy 2shot
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and who doesn't let you have doughnuts, doug? my wife. but the thing is-- does she ever yell at you about eating doughnuts? yeah. does it ever get physical? hit you, slap you, throw things at you? yesterday she twisted my nipples. and does all of her anger just make you want to eat more? ok. no, it's not ok, doug. isn't it?
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my overeating is her fault. i think that's what you're saying, doug. then she comes in like hell on wheels, "you're so fat! "don't eat that off your chest! i can't believe you're so fat!" she wonders why i gain weight. i mean, maybe it's 'cause all the names she calls me. fatty. chunky. sir eats-a-lot. so she starts yelling at the waiter. now i can't look at the poor guy, and i certainly can't look at her, so i look down at my plate. hello, jambalaya. you won't twist my nipples, will you? enormo the clown. enormo. you know what? my name is doug. just doug. [sobbing]
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hey, baby. how'd it go tonight? it was good. have you been crying? a little. you get into some stuff in there. oh, honey. i am so proud of you. [tires screech] hey! moron, watch where you're going! magoo, mooooove! friggin' idiot. lips appear to age faster than other skin. no worries. now, there's new chapstick total hydration. its 100% natural, age defying formula is clinically proven to provide healthier, more youthful looking lips. chapstick
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i'm still a doer.
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i really appreciate you checking up on me, neil, but i'm doing all right. be home any minute, on the phone much longer. [knock on door] i'll be at the meeting. all right then. i'll see you-- what's that? oh, yeah. i will not let the rage of others destroy the light in me. ok.
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arthur's bill, but i couldn't help overhearing your conversation. are you an alcoholic? no. oh, me, neither. [nervous laugh] that all about? oh, it's a long story, but it turns out it's carrie's anger that makes me eat so much. yeah, i was surprised, too. wow. how about that? it was my fault, but my support group helped me realize is the problem. into the loving arms of food. what happened and his wife. except that she drove him straight into the loving arms of their nanny. i'm gonna kill our pharmacist! oh, god. through the back door. we'll drive all night. come! hey, car. hey. my prescription from the pharmacy,
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because the pharmacist is a million years old. then i finally get to the front of the line, and rip van senile says, "that'll be $98." and i go, "no, our insurance covers this." and he says, "no, it doesn't." i hate old people. our insurance bill? maybe it's upstairs. why would it be upstairs? did you put it there? no, i-- to help you out. why are you acting so weird? i'm sorry. what are you sorry about? i don't know. well, just help me find it.
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you're as cold as ice you're willing to sacrifice our love cold as ice as cold as ice to me cold as ice ooh-ooh-ooh cold as cold as ice hi, honey. hey, i'm heading out. oh, you have your support group tonight? yes, i do. i got to tell you, doug, i am really proud of you, honey. i mean, i know it was the last thing you wanted to do, but you did it, and you stuck with it,
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doug? yeah? are you, um... getting fatter? no. no? 'cause it seems like you're much more... fatter. can't be. i've been going to my overeaters group for weeks. are you sure they're not teaching you how to overeat? you know what it is? they told me i'd gain weight before i lose it. actually, that's their motto. "you'll gain weight before you lose it." that's a bad motto. well, they're fat. they're not shakespeare. i'll see you later. hey, what do you talk about at these classes? i mean, what gets said? what do you mean? well, what's supposed to motivate you to lose weight? oh, the first class we talked about famous fat people, like marlon brando and that lady from the practice. what's the point of that? it just gets us to feel like, "hey, you know, maybe you're fat,
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uh-huh. what else? well, the second day, obviously, we talked about famous skinny people, like that other lady from the practice. and...stan laurel. stan laurel? yeah, it gives us a goal of what we want to look like. and you want to look like stan laurel? hey, from your lips to god's ears, huh? all right. [door closes] excuse me. is doug heffernan here? who? he's in this class. no, we don't have anyone named doug here. isn't this the overeaters support group? no, this is jazzercise.
11:39 pm
you know what it is? you got to continuously remind yourself it's not your fault. oh, my god. this is made with real butter. hello, doug. carrie. oh, god. maury, this is my wife, carrie. hello. ok, you have 5 seconds to tell me what's going on here. what's going on here is i'm in the middle of my overeaters group. doug, you're eating cake. yes, but what you didn't see is we eat the cake while looking at a picture of hitler. that's how they get us to hate cake. yuck! ok, what is going on? what group is this? all right. it might be a class for men
11:40 pm
what? yeah, that's right. i came for the doughnuts, but i stayed for the insights. what insights? well, i learned that... your anger makes me eat. what?! that's right. whenever you get mad, you start yelling at me, i need an escape, so i turn to food. that makes you my-- what do you call her again? your behavior catalyst. behavior catalyst, ok? so, if you want to blame somebody for my weight, maybe you should take a hard look in the mirror. you're a lying sack of crap. great. now i'm hungry. carrie... i'm neil. welcome. doug is simply trying to break a cycle of verbal and physical abuse. physical abuse? he told you that i physically abuse him? he told us about everything, carrie. the purple nurples.
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that scar on his arm. you got that scar from a hot dog eating contest! yeah, a hot dog eating contest i only entered because you're so mean! oh, really? and did you also set a new record 'cause i'm so mean? could be. let me ask you something, neil. did he happen to mention that he was fat the day that i met him? well, no. no. because he was. yeah, what were you then? huh? high two hundreds? no, not high. mid to high. and did he also happen to mention that he was the biggest kid in nursery school? that all the other parents thought he was a teacher? no. no. tell him about the special desk, doug. all right, fine! so maybe i was fat when i met you, but you know what? you're still an angry person. well, i'm angry because you're always eating. and i'm always eating 'cause you're always angry. ok, looks like we have
11:42 pm
oh, i bet you want to have chicken and eggs now, huh? ok, that's it. you know what? i'll go to my overeaters group if you go to an anger management group. i don't need anger management. oh, really? why don't you tell that to maury, who you almost ran over, or that pharmacist who you yelled at or that librarian you got fired? all right, ok, sometimes i get mad, but that's only because i have to. oh, really? why don't you tell that to the sidewalk santa that you cursed out last christmas? let me tell you something. if it'll make you go down a couple of neck sizes, i will go to anger management. great, 'cause they have a class going on upstairs right now. well, i'll go if you'll go to your overeaters group. fine! let's do it! let's do it! this is for the chicken-and-egg crack. this is great. we haven't had date night in a while.
11:43 pm
i mean, you're sticking to your diet. got my rice cakes. and i've mellowed out. it's--it's much better. much better. and my nipples have healed up nicely. those are taken. oh, ok. excuse me. uh, uh, uh. those, too. all the way down to that guy. ok, one guy saving 20 seats. no law against that. [chuckles] see? how good was i? that was very good. but where are we gonna sit? never sat in the front row before. me, neither. mmm. plain. tell me if anything good happens over there.
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yeah, i think it's great that we're trying to improve ourselves. oh, yeah. i just think that all these improvements are upsetting our balance as a couple. yeah. something's a little off, right? i mean, what should we do? well, i'm just gonna throw this out at you, ok? what if were to let you eat these milk duds? would you let me go back there to the seats we're supposed to be in and drop-kick that douche into the lobby? i didn't hear a word after "milk duds." thank god. carrie: what, do you own the movie theater? move the coat, or i'm gonna shove it down your throat! there you go. captioning made possible by sony pictures television lips appear to age faster than other skin. no worries. now, there's new chapstick total hydration. its 100% natural, age defying
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reduces bumps 72 percent. ultimate lotion. ultimate skin. ron was supposed to be saving these seats for us. you're up again. you're all gonna die. captioned by the national captioning institute
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