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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  January 29, 2016 10:00pm-10:45pm EST

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have you seen the video yet? students at mason high school are getting a lot of attention for their moves. hear their story in a minute. plus... "the high school basketball games are just now finishing up throughout the tri- state. and we'll have highlights of 14 games including elder, lasalle and the game here at cooper coming up." and let's give you a live look downtown... cold tonight... but that's all gonna change tomorrow in a big way! forecast in a minute. developing now animation following out of hamilton where police are on high alert after a string of sexual assaults! good evening, i'm megan o'rourke. it's a story our own michael baldwin has been following all day. he joins us in studio with more.
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the hamilton police department gave us these police reports. in it there are 4 victims, some attacked in or near the cemetary like the half naked woman found thursday afternoon. police are investigating if the attacks are connected. we spoke exclusively to one of the victims in these reports. my life flashed in front of me and i didn;t think i would get let go cause i saw his face and i was in a cemetary so i was looking at my own death we are not going to reveal this woman's identty. we will call her ellen. se had a similar experince to the recent rape attack in hamilton. yesterday, a half naked women escaped her attacker at the greenwood cemetary. that's the same place where ellen was attacked. she told me she was hitching looking for her boyfriend on christmas eve when a man came and picked her up. he brought her to the greenwood cemetary where her nightmare began. next thing you know he pulls a knife out and tells me your going to do what i want you to di and not get out of the
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cut my face up ellen did what he demanded. she was raped. she is also one of five victims that have been raped in and around that area since september of 2015. almost all the victims say the person had a knife and demanded a sexual act. almost all the victims were involved in drugs or prostitution but none asked to be raped. police have not said if its the same attacker but ellen thinks it might be. she told me she's scared to do something we all do. thats go out at night. i look over my shoulder and i don't trust men. everytime i see sonmeone on tv it flashes back to what he looked like. im just afraid i have nightmares. police did arrest a man back in september and he seems to fit the description that the victim we talked to gave us. the charges were
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failed to cooperate with police. michael baldwin fox 19 now. right now cincinnati police are trying to figure out what lead up to fatal shooting this afternoon in bond hill that left a man dead in the middle of the street... in broad daylight. our own mike schell is live with more. mike? right now we waiting to hear from cincinnati police on who the victim was in this shooting that happened when the children at bond hill elementary school...just three blocks away... were just about ready to come home for the day. 1alice "i rushed home to see what was going on to make sure my family was safe." when alice bledsoe arrived at her house she couldn't believe what had happened just a few hundred feet from her front door. 2alice "i saw a dead body on the street and it just hurt my feelings. it hurt my heart to know that people are getting killed daily for sensless drugs." police say the drug deal apparently
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building...but the victim...who authorities say was shot at least five times...staggered out onto franklin avenue before he collapsed. 1mingo "and as a result a young man lost his life." peterson mingo is a convicted felon who turned his life around and became a community outreach ambassador. he says teens should focus on thing which shows that dealing drugs is a not the way to go. 2mingo "count the funerals they go to. count the funerals. you see the easy money? count the funerals edit and you'll surely find out its not worth it." alice says with all the violence around...she and her grandkids feel like hostages in their own home. 3alice "we just stay in or if we go outside, if they go outside they have to go somewhere else. we don't play around here." every parent or grandparent has a word of warning to their kids about drugs and try teach them a better alternative 4alice "let them know that education is what they need not trying to sell drugs and do things that are wrong to make money. fast money, its no good. its fast. it comes fast and it goes fast." 5alice "its just frightening. its
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move but i cant." cincinnati police have not yet released the victim's identity but we do know that he is a white male in his late 20's to early 30's. no description released on a suspect either...if you can help with case call crimestoppers at 352-3040. reporting live from bond hill...mike schell fox19 now. also developing now... investigators are searching for answers after a crash killed 2 people in hillsboro this afternoon. this picture was sent to us by the hillsboro times gazette from the scene. it happened on route 50 near kier road around 1 this afternoon when police say a car went off the side of the road, over- corrected and hit a van head on! the two people inside the car were killed, the driver of the van had minor injuries. no word yet if speed or impairment may have been factors. weather now switching gears now to weather...
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things are gonna tomorrow right jeff? switching gears now to weather... cold tonight, but things are gonna feel spring-like tomorrow right jeff? jeff up has begun and forward to some temps for the weekend. saturday morning will start somewhat cool with lows in the low 30s, but sunshine and partly cloudy skies will allow afternoon highs to climb into the low/mid 50s. sunday will be similar except clouds will be on the increase with showers possible late day. still, we will see highs in the mid 50s--once again well above average for this time of year. showers will remain possible into the overnight hours but monday appears dry with highs in the upper 40s. a powerful cold front will approach on tuesday with the possibility of showers and thunderstorms, bringing colder back into the tri- state for the end of the week. so if you wanna take advantage of the great weather tomorrow... we've got some ideas for
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the great weather tomorrow... we've got some ideas for you. meteorologist matt holiner is live in columbia township with more. it's called the madtree winter bonanza, but they may want to reconsider naming it the madtree spring bonanza, because that's what it will be feeling like out here tomorrow. temps in the mid 50s, about 15 degrees above average for this time of year. i think everyone will be crowding the outdoor areas rather than indoors. it's really going to be a beer live music, food, different craft beers to choose free and beer tickets are $5.
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specifically chili, you'll want to check out the gold star chili cook-off at findlay market on sunday. registration starts at 10am and the first 25 to register will be eligible for the official if you just want to begin at noon. won't be moving in afternoon on the event will be dry. and if you're not a fan of this warmer weather and would prefer to see snow instead, you can do that as well. just head over to beach mountain up in mason where despite the the warm weather they'll be making their own snow. you can sled down one of their 400 foot long runs on the tubing hill or for the younger kids, enjoy a play area to make snowmen and snow angels. thanks matt... and if you want
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those events and more.... just check out the cincinnati weekend page at fox19 now dot com. if you've been media tonight... chances are you might have come across this. students at mason this incredible lip more than just a fox19 now's ben katko joins us live from mason with more. all get started? video is to raise 40-grand for the lymphoma society. released yesterday to the world... and is already well on its way... before... singing/dancing a lip sync video quite like this? lauren wise/helped create video "having everybody at my school and all of my classmates who i go to school with being involved was something that really meant a lot to me." this is the entire
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all the singing and dancing... it's all for a great cause. video intro "welcome to mason high school's lip dub to raise money for the leukemia more than 31- came together... nats of whip and nae nae nae their way to a thousand dollars and lymphoma society. bridgette & lymphoma society tristate chapter "they have had students and teachers affected of cancers - including leukemia and lymphoma, and they really wanted to make a difference and show their support." what they came up with is a 12-minute loosely- choreographed mish-mash of catchy tunes... nats of songs ...shot months ago in the halls of the high school. connor o'shaughnessey/hel ped create video "it was kind of fun seeing what everyone came up with. it was a lot of their own imagination, and their own creativity." the student body saw their hard work for the first time this week. ...hard work that was posted to youtube less than a
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lauren wise awesome mason high school is and how we all came together to make this happen." so far... the video has helped raise more than dollars. now... you're probably wondering how you more. it's all on our website for you right now... at fox19 now dot com. live in mason... ben katko... fox19 now. a cincinnati couple are millionaires tonight after a visit to a lottery vending machine at a local store. you're looking at the forest park kroger on west kemper road where alvin and valerie ross bought a 20- dollar mega fortune ticket... and won 5 million dollars!
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hundred and fifty thousand dollars for 20 years. after taxes the rosses will receive one million, seven hundred, seventy five thousand dollars. the rosses have been taking care of valerie's mother and their daughter, who had to move back home after a bad car accident...they say they will buy a house with the winnings. the ohio attorney general says cases of identity theft are on the rise! we've got tips on how to stay safe next. and you can lead a horse to water... but can you lead it down the aisle? a little boy in louisiana is doing just that! we'll explain next. live wx tease
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today is data we've all been told countless times how important it is to protect your last year alone... ohio had just over 16-hundred identity theft... a big spike from the previous year. now, attorney general mike dewine is fighting back, by issuing a list of tips to follow. step one, review the privacy settings on your electronic devices accounts. from there you wanna read any and all privacies you come across. step three... update your passwords. dewine says this is a big step in stopping hackers from getting your personal information. after that, protect your home wi-fi network with software and firewalls. and finally, be careful when using public wi-fi... you don't want enter any personal or financial information on a public network. "you can't be totally protected, but i think you can lessen the odds that you know, make it
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your protection and just be more careful." dewine says, if you happen to become a victim of identity theft, you can call the attorney generals office and they will lead you through the steps to get it resolved. mount healthy police are on the hunt right now for the suspect who left a man for dead in a white castle parking lot! take a look at this body camera footage sent out by the department. it show's e-m-s crews reviving nathaniel clark... who police say heroin. he's now at the drug charges... but with him during the overdose. it's heartless. it's absolutely heartless." butted to "i'm going to try and find out who did it. i'm going to try and put him in jail, and i'm going to try and put him in jail for a long time." mt. healthy police say they've handed over to the heroin coalition because they don't have the
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investigations governor matt bevin wants kentucky's colleges and universities to produce more electrical engineers and less french literature majors.... his words. the first term republican governor says the state has a workforce shortage on it's hands... and part of the problem is that public colleges aren't producing degrees for jobs that are actually available. bevin is calling for a new model that would give more funding to colleges to help produce engineers. critics say students do not need limits on what they can learn, and that adding a broad education contributes to a person's overall knowledge and can be helpful in choosing a career. turning now to the water crisis in flint michigan... today governor rick snyder signed a bill that will send 28- million dollars in emergency funds to help the situation. that money will help repair damaged pipes and treat those facing lead poisoning from the water. when the city supply from lake huron to the flint river... later learning that the water had high
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three dogs, a cat and a lizard... all survived a house fire in kansas thanks to one firefighter. you're loooking at overland park caught fire late last night. luckily no one was injured, and these homeowners were reunited with their animals. what caused it. and now for an unbridled love butterball and mr. getting married shreveport they're two horses...that's right horses. butterball is owned by this adorable 5 year old boy--gabe. the boys' parents wanted to breed butterball but gabe said no way horse-ay... "my mom taught me how you gotta get -- married before you have babies." so that's exactly what they are doing. the pastor of the elizabeth full gospel baptist church will officiate the
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tomorrow. everyone is invited...guests are asked to wear western gear and bring some hay for the bride and groom. jeff... we should make it out to that wedding. wx anchor/ in chroma our weekend warm up has begun and you can look forward to some rather spring-like temps for the weekend. saturday morning will start somewhat cool with lows in the low 30s, but sunshine and partly cloudy skies will allow afternoon highs to climb into the low/mid 50s. sunday will be similar except clouds will be on the increase with showers possible late day. still, we will see highs in the mid 50s--once again well above average for this time of year. showers will remain possible into the overnight hours but monday appears dry with highs in the upper 40s. a powerful cold front will approach on tuesday with the possibility of showers and thunderstorms, bringing colder back into the tri- state for the end of the week.
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nissan in the driveway right now? if so.... stay tuned.
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a big recall could affect you. and if you didn't know, personal loans are "booming" right now! but before you take one out to pay off debt, or cover a vacationwe've got a few warnings
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borrowing money to pay down debt can be a smart move--but only if you do it the right way! financial expert nathan bachrach is here with the pitfalls of personal loans in tonights simply money. simply money animation a new bankrate study finds 24 million americansabout 10-percent of all adults--are likely to take out a
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months! many of those are millennials, too. but personal loanscan backfire if you aren't careful. the number one reason people take out a personal loanis to pay off existing debt. but they also take them out to cover wedding expenses, vacations, even plastic surgery! personal loans can be a good way to pay down debt, if you're able to get a loan at a lower rate than the interest on your cards. but you need to make sure you can afford that loan payment. and don't fall into the trap of taking out a loan to pay off credit card debt, only to run up new balances on your plastic! the if you do this--only you can pay off the every month. for simply money, i'm nathan bachrach. megan gfx do you have a simply money question? website at fox 19 now dot com and click on the simply money link. if you've got a driveway listen up. the company is recalling more thousand altimas made in between 20-13 and 20-15 for a
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could cause the hood to fly open while the cars are in motion. so if you're affected, nissan will fix the latch for free starting mid february. just take your car to the nearest dealership. following the death of sam dubose... u-c is taking another step towards talking about police-community relations. we'll tell you how. plus... "we want it now, we want justice. we want it now." the protests continue over a local fugitive doctor! we've got the details next. sot "10 pm reopen"
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demanding answers. you're looking at the scene outside christ hospital today in mount auburn as former patients of doctor abubkar durrani called for justice. durrani has been a fugitvie since he was accused of healthcare fraud back 2013 for performing unnecessary surgeries. "he deserves to go to prision for the rest of his life becasue we are all living in our own prision." protestors like doherty are determined to raise awareness about their plight... and say that the state and hospitals where surgeries were performed should also take responsibility. now, christ hospital issued a statement today that reads quote... "dr. durrani, the doctor named in the lawsuits, was never an employee of the christ
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cases at the christ hospital since 2010." "as for the specifics of the lawsuits, it is our policy to not comment on pending litigation. however, providing for the safety and well-being of our patients is the number one priority for the organization." following last years shooting of sam dubose by officer ray tensing... the university of cincinnati is taking another step towards opening up the conversation about police community relations. this was the scene at the tangeman university center this afternoon for the race and policing conference, featuring police and community leaders from around the country. topics included issues like racism, law enforcement representation, profiling and immigration policy. after a roof collapse forced some avondale residents out of their apartment complex this past november... many are now celebrating tonight. today a judge ruled that the management of burton place has to hand control over to someone else! this follows a city investigation that found more than 18-hundred violations for
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more! " michael-----it makes it a little easier for everybody to know that it will be somebody coming it and to take care of all the problems we have here in the building. and we can sleep a little better knowing that." there will be a hearing on monday to decide who will take over the complex. let's send things over to jeff. live wx tease creighton announce
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you can look forward to some rather spring-like temps for the
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somewhat cool with lows in the low 30s, but sunshine and partly cloudy skies will allow afternoon highs to climb into the low/mid 50s. sunday will be similar except clouds will be on the increase with showers possible late day. still, we will see highs in the mid 50s--once again well above average for this time of year. showers will remain possible into the overnight hours but monday appears dry with highs in the upper 40s. a powerful cold front will approach on tuesday with the possibility of showers and thunderstorms, bringing colder back into the tri- state for the end of the week. if you've seen jurassic park... you know dinosaurs don't do well on slippery surfaces.
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slippery surfaces. well one viral video is throwing that notion out the window.
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t-rex ice skating! the video was posted to facebook and already has more than 55- million views! who knew t-rex's were so athletic? amy 2shot don't forget we're always on final quarter is next... good night. sot "mobile squeezeback" joe and jeremy 2shot bam/gfx
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high school - we know the feeling. the games just ended within the hour and we just finished editing during the break. fourteen games - cut and ready. this is the final quarter.
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