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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  February 1, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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struck by a car on shawnee run drive in indian hill around 4-45. this is video from the scene. police are currently clearing that scene and shawnee run drive should reopen shortly. when we get more details on this, we'll bring it to you. tricia live/vo and police are on the scene of a shooting in mt. airy. they say one person has been shot on hill vista lane. at this time their condition is unknown... ironically it comes on the same day cincinnati police released its new plan to fight violence. more on that plan in just a minute. and more on this
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and we're keeping our eyes to the skies... because of meteorologist steve horstmeyer is here with the details....
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one key feature of it.. is the lightning tracker. it could help on a day like tomorrow. developing now... a bicyclist hit in anderson township yesterday has died.. fox19 now's mike schell has more from where it happened... mike remote the charges against the woman accused of striking the cyclist here on kellogg near asbury in anderson township have been upgraded to vehicular homicide the victim...michael prater was an avid bicyclist..and his fellow riders are remembering him tonight.. 42-year- old...michael prater was out enjoying a bike ride sunday night when the unthinkable happened.. 911 call "someone hit someone on a bike and they like.i don't even know if they stopped. we just saw them hit their windshield. then they drove off." prater was a member of one of the oldest bicycling clubs in
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'he's a very competant he was doing everything just, shouldn't have police say 34-year- old...melinda woodall...struck prater and refused to stop and help him... she and her attorney stood before a judge this morning 1attorney ''there were three people in the car with her and there was a couple in the back seat. they began fighting. their physical fight within the car that's the reason she struck the bicyclist." police say woodhall had perscription the time and tried to hide the drugs in her bra... officers also found five used syringes in her purse. 2attorney "she also relates that she was not under the influence of any particular drug or substance at the time of the accident." 1derek "the cycling community in cincinnati is so close knit that we all feel the pain when anything like this happens "> woohall is being held on 28- thousand dollars bond and is scheduled to be arraigned on february 10th.. 5derek "please pay attention. we're all sons and daughters and mothers and fathers. we're just out there doing what we love." mike remote drifmeyer says there are two bills
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now. one is the "three- foot law" where motorists must maintain at least a three-foot buffer between their vehicle and a cyclist and... the second is a bill that proposes increased penalties for hit-and-run drivers. reporting live.. anderson township mike schell.. fox19 now. tonight cincinnati police chief eliot isaac has a new plan to reduce violence in the city... like the violence we just told you about in mount airy. it's detailed.. but in a nut-shell... they plan to attack what they call the "crime triangle". -investigating the networks contributing to crime and repeat offenders. -strenghtening community and city partnerships to help victims. and implement a place-based policing stategy to i.d. places where crimes happen the most frequently... and find a way to stop them. fox19 now's shawn lanier has more specifics and community reaction. shawn lanier: "chief isaac has been very busy since taking the interim police chief tag. he has now developed a long term way to fight crime in cincinnati that has a
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chief isaac: "this effort will be data driven and evidence based in our approach." this effort is called pivot, place-based investigations of territories. police will continue to fight criminals aggressively, but disrupt the places happen the most. identified approximately those 20 hotspots drive most of the violent crimes in cincinnati according to chief isaac. from convenient stores, abandoned buildings, and even gas stations. one resident feels targeting hangout spots could make innocent community members feel like victims. wonda bingham: "it makes us feel like we can't even be outside. you know two or more together, oh we a gang, and just because we're together doesn't mean there's criminal activity." and while wonda hopes that doesn't happen... the president of weswood civic association says she hears a different tune from westwood
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mary jenkins: "he talked about issues of loitering and worry on the part of a business owner" mary goes on to say if this plan work it could actually improve cincinnati's crime problem. shawn lanier: "this plan is supposed to be in place by the end of this month. we have the entire plan on reporting from police headquarters shawn lanier fox19 now" right now... candidates for president are working to take full advantage of the final hours before iowa voters cast their ballots in tonight's caucus. fox's joel waldman is live for us tonight in des moines... joel set the scene... joel satellite one final campaign push is now underway in iowa... tonight they begin caucusing statewide. trump says: "tonight, it really is, it's crunch time. all of this work it's all about this." on the ground...the campaigns are all
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cruz says: 4:07 "you know we're really not finding donald trump's troops on the ground. they don't have an organization that is perceptable." political analysts are closely watching voter turnout...saying big turnout could be a good sign for donald trump and bernie sanders. sanders says: 13:20:01 "we will win today if the voter turnout is high cheers . we will struggle tonight if the turnout is low." heading into tonight hillary clinton and bernie sanders are running neck and neck in the polls. clinton 11:22:19 "i'm so excited about tonight." clinton 11:21:50 "we knocked on 186,000 doors this weekend. cheers but, clinton is having to deal with distraction...headli nes that twenty- two emails on her private server are now deemed top secret by the federal government. meantime, in the g- o-p race: the latest polls show donald trump is slightly out front...but in a close fight with texas senator ted cruz. behind them...florida
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race for third place. rubio says: ted cruz is the frontrunner in iowa - we acknowledge that. but we've worked really hard and we feel good about where its going to take us." joel satellite meantime, a major snow storm is heading toward iowa tonight... and some worry it could affect turn out. in des moines, iowa, joel waldman, fox news. they show up to crime scenes to protect and serve.... but tonight... some of those officers face a different kind of harm.. thanks to a data breach. we'll explain. and does the cincinnati fire department have what it needs to keep its crews safe on scenes like this one? we'll detail the issues the department says it faces. steve wx desk you're watching fox19 now at 6:30 in high definition, sponsored by performance toyota: always home of the
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slow it down. new miami village police are back to writing speeding of... traffic the state banned the village's old speed cameras in were un-manned. are manned--and police point a you--pull the upload a picture of your car to a private company. your ticket finds mail. speeding in new miami--that ticket will cost you $95. the former director of campus safety for thomas more college appeared in court charged with 36 porn possession. 52-year old robert marshall pleaded asked for a bond
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the judge said ok. but marshall is not allowed to use can only leave his day to search for that job. just how safe are cincinnati we'll break down some of the department's needs. plus... "you went up to mr. hamilton and asked him to race? yeah." and she won! we'll talk more with the 5-year old who is faster than billy! tricia roof cam and as we look live... we're keeping
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council today... and there are four major components of it. first - a community para-medicine plan which would allow paramedics to visit and treat people at their homes in non-emergency situations. second new classes must be hired to maintain a workforce that qualifies under pre-determined guidelines.
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thousand dollars is needed to address overtime pay and associated costs. and forth - they need money to fund and replace safety items such as personal protective equipment and thermal imaging cameras. these initiatives must be approved by city council before the next steps can be taken. the personal identification data from police officers across the country is now online for the public to see... after a fraternal order of police encrypted server was hacked. f-o-p national president chuck canterbury says this breach is extremely dangerous. and that while the f-o-p isn't aware of any direct threats associated with the breach, cops may still be at risk. here in ohio, disclosing an officer's home address is considered a crime. if you buy an item from online sites like craigslist, it can be nerve wrecking to decide a place and time to meet a buyer or seller to make a
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following reports of thefts and assaults stemming from these meet ups, sheriff richard jones has decided to open the lobby of the butler county jail as a "safe exchange zone." "we'll video tape it, so that if anything goes down we have everything recorded. and if anyone has a bad intention, they aren't going to want to come here. and why would you want to deal with them?" the lobby will be open for exchanges, 7 days a week from 8 to 8. a local church is doing its part to help the people of flint, michigan. we were at lincoln heights missionary baptist church earlier today, where they were collecting water and donations. and as you can see by the pictures sent to us by the church, they have received quite a lot. heading to flint to donations tomorrow, at 4:30. and the doors are new aldi store in newport. the grocer had its ribbon cutting
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this morning. the first 100 shoppers there got a golden ticket. each one was an aldi gift card for various amounts. did you see this? a little girl challenged cincinnati reds centerfielder billy hamilton to a race at the caravan finale at florence mall on sunday.... "go go go go, yo win!! and after the race.... hamilton took the jersey off his back and signed it and gave it to her! that race was apparently part of a deal between hamilton and 5 year old charlotte. if hamilton won he got charlotte's ball, if charlotte won she got his jersey... little did hamilton know, charlotte had a secret weapon. "how did you beat him? with these shoes i'm wearing. did the shoes do it? yeah. those must be some pretty good shoes. yeah." time to check in
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meteorologist steve horstmeyer.. tracking your forecast steve weather now for a look at
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will it be donald trump and hillary clinton as your winners of the iowa caucus? we will have results as they come in... live... on the ten o'clock news. could a bunch of insects in brazil infect pregnant women in the tri- state? local experts weight on the chances of zika coming here. and this week--congress tackles the problem of skyrocketing prescription pricesbut what can you do in the meantime? we've got some answers-at ten. tonight - on fox19
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an all new x-files... at eight... followed by lucifer at nine.. then we're right back here at ten. xavier's moves up in the new rankings... but how high? that's coming up. and tip-off is just minutes away at nku. joe d is on campus next. sot "sports animation" joe danneman: "i'm joe danneman on the campus sadness? it's a tangle of multiple symptoms.
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that tips off in just minutes. it's nku and oakland - and it starts the second half of the conference schedule for the norse. new college basketball rankings are out tonight and xavier is now number six in the country. muskies are now alone in second place in conference - very much in the race to win their first big east championship." chris mack: "well, we've got a long way to go, but it's something that we've circled in the beginning of the year to play for a conference championship - whether that's a regular season or conference tournament title - that's something that's always been a goal of ours." joe danneman: "and, back here at nku - norse sophomore cole murray tody named the horizon league player of the week. fourteen threes
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at ten. at nku - joe danneman fox19 now." the news doesn't we go off the air.... fox19 now has you covered on our digital platforms. now. a viewer sent us some incredible video of starling murmuration twists.... plus the story of an officer who did the whip and nae nae in an elevator. both are on facebook. plus, the chipotle e-coli outbreak is over! that's according to health officials. that story and more, online... we will see you tonight at ten.... don't forget wheel of fortune and jeopardy are
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