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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  February 3, 2016 10:00pm-10:59pm EST

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church arrested and charged with sodomy and sex abuse. what we're learning tonight. a homeowner opens fire on two intruders. but it may not be an ordinary break-in. why they may have been there. republican revolt? only on fox19 now... .why the clermont county g-o-p considered turning againt one of its own. a near tragedy caught on camera as a teen suffers a heart attack on the court. who the family is praising tonight. plunging temperatures. when to play hooky and when we'll be back in the 20's. good evening - i'm tricia macke. just in to fox19 now-- tricia macke. just in to fox19 now-- a youth pastor--behind bars tonight--charged with multiple sex crimes against a child. investigative reporter jody barr.... here with the breaking details.
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sometime monday--independen ce police arrested walton kentucky youth pastor--joe niemeyer. he's charged tonight with sodomy--rape--and first degree sex abuse. kenton county jail records show independence police charged 54 year old joe niemeyer with those three felonies. jail records show the crimes were all committed on a child under 12 years old. we don't know whether the victim had any connection to new banklick baptist church in walton. that's where the pastor there confirmed to us--that niemeyer was a youth pastor--working alongside his wife at this walton kentucky church. the church's facebook page shows niemeyer involoved in several activities with the youth members--and shows niemeyer on trips with the youth members outside of church. the pastor there tell us--he's close friends with joe niemeyer--and never saw anything to indicate any suspicions with him. "i'm very sorry to hear about what has happened in his home and we're just praying for
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pretty big deal. it's like a kick in the gut...he was a friend of mine. i'm shocked, really. never in a million years would i have guessed anything like this." the pastor indicated all of the alleged crimes happened outside of church--and didn't involve any church members. we've reached out to independence police tonight for more details of this case--as of this report--we have not been able to speak with anyone at department. joe niemeyer is back in court next week--he's in jail tonight on a 50- thousand dollar bond. also breaking tonight, tense moments just about an hour and a half ago smoke filled the basement of tower carew tower no one was hurt, but crews blocked off streets for a
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out. weather now tricia 2shot wx desk a nice day today... but winter's not over.. chief meteorologist steve horstmeyer here now with a big cool down.. on the way. steve cam new at ten new tonight-
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murder of 23-year- old robert goens... charles mcdonald was indicted by a butler county grand jury today... if convicted, he could spend anywhere from 18 years to life in prison. sources tell fox 19 now, mcdonald's first stop - after the shooting... taco bell.. to get a bite to eat. sources say goens and mcdonald were arguing when mcdonald pulled out a gun.. and shot goens in the chest. this was the scene last month outside the hard times bar... off high street. mcdonalds is accused of shooting another person - who was grazed by a bullet... the prosecutor's office will not release surveillance video that shows the shootings. only on fox19 now a close call tonight for congressman brad wenstup. tonight, the clermont county g-o-p held a special
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whether or not to rescind their endorsement for his re-election. fox19 now's megan o'rourke was the only local reporter there, she's live with the decision. congressman wenstrup remains the endorsed candidate here in clermont county tonight... but, it was close...coming down to just 12 votes. and g-o-p members i talked with, tell me that should say something. dozens packed into the clermont county republican party headquarters wednesday night for a special meeting. it was closed door, but through open windows...the voting was visible. the issue: should congressman brad wenstrup continue to recieve the party's endorsement? paul 1 "he knows where we stand on this...we need people to walk the walk on the hill" the meeting was called after central committee members like paul odioso, say wenstrup went against the party's wishes in several recent votes...including his support for speaker ryan's
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question how conservative the congressman really is. byron 1 "i was torn, but as i talked to people in my precinct, because of his stance on veterans affairs they were it was a difficult decision for all involved" in response, congressman wenstrup, who is currently in d-c, issued a letter. reading in part: "i'm proud to be your endorsed candidate for congress. while i know there are some dissident voices who claim i'm not conservative enough, i urge you to review the facts and continue to support my campaign." "repeatedly, i've responded to claims that some have made against me. i've taken multiple opportunities to meet with committee members and other gop answered the claims and conspiracy theories. but still, this is the latest complaint from a small group of people who elected officials they have to be with them 100 percent of the time...even ronald reagan said even someone who is with me 80 percent of the time is my friend not my enemy. percent is not enough
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congressman wenstrup remains candidate here in clermont county. if you're wondering important...he has 8 clermont is the trailing only hamilton. rl mo fox19 now. now the ohio attorney general says state scientists have tested nearly 10- thousand rape kits submitted by different police departments in the state... looking for possible matches. this follows a state-wide blitz that started in 2011.. in an attempt to find sexual assault supsects who are at large. a law passed last year requiring all police departments to submit any kits that hadn't been tested in a year. the attorney general says this type of testing has led to hundreds of indictments. developing now developing now... a massive expansion for the creation museum is just one step away now.
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boone county planning and zoning commission to get plans. showed these which would nearly triple the museum's current despite the wasn't the right move. so big that it don't hardly fit where it's at anymore. i just think it's way out of balance. we've got way too many cars coming in. i don't think these people who own this rural land and kind of face the detriment because of the museum's success. commissioners approved the expansion with an eight to six vote. it still has to be approved by the boone county fiscal court. happening now on day, one of the biggest recruits in the tri- state also has one of the most unique stories. us live in studio with the story. keep the name prince sammons in your head, he's a 6-8 defensive lineman at c-h-c-a,
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his letter of intent to play football at auburn. prince could be the biggest recruit in the tri-state, in size and talent, but his story... is what sets him apart. born in nigeria, he was adopted by the sammons family, who gave him a new life, and a chance to play basketball and football. if you've seen the "blind side" movie, he's the second coming of michael oher. prince has adopted into not just a family of six, but the eagles family, and today, he picked war eagle with 23 other big time offers on the table. prince sammons: "it's exciting to me because i dreamed to play big time football. i want to give god the glory because without him, i wouldn't be in this position today." brandon sammons: "kind of saw it coming a little bit because with the whole adoption process we told him early on, before football came about, we said god has big plans for you." the sammons are about to become a
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they are working to adopt prince's two younger brothers from nigeria. they'll get final word at the end of the month. still ahead... get xavier's reaction to making history tonight. stil ahead on fox19 now the clintons heading to cincinnati.. new details tonight on the fundraiser in the queen city.. how much it will cost you to get in.. nats of game shocking video of a teenager having a heart attack while she was playing in a volleyball game. we'll show you what saved her life and could save someone you know. steve chroma
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as you can see from this cell phone video ... oxygen masks dangle from the roof of the plane... after a gaping hole was ripped in the side of the aircraft ... according to officials a 55-year- old man was killed after falling from the plane ... two other passengers were hurt. right now -- officials do not suspect the blast is a result of criminal activity ... but the cause remains under investigation. a first today for president obama -- he visited a mosque in baltimore, maryland.. to correct what he called a "hugely distorted" impression of muslim americans. this is president
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since taking office.. muslim leaders say it's been a long wait. muslim-americans inside told president obama about the increased bias they face. sot: president obama obama says: "recently, we've heard inexcusable political rhetoric against muslims americans that has no place in our country. no surprise, then that threats against muslim americans have surged. here in this mosque, twice last year, threats were made against your children." president obama says christians and jews need to speak out when they see anti-muslim rhetoric. and he called on muslims not to become cynical - saying they're not muslim or americans but muslim-americans. a new york real- estate heir - just pleaded guilty to a guns charge in louisiana... it's another step toward is extradition to california to face murder charges!
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robert durst last march after a revolver was found in his new orleans hotel it happened the day episode of "the jinx," an h-b-o true- about the in 19-82, and the 2000 killing of his writer friend, susan berman. last year, l-a police charged him with murder in berman's death. developing now new fears tonight over the zika virus... but this time, it's not about where it's spreading... but how. for the first time, there is a confirmed case of someone contracting the disease through sex... not through a mosquito bite. the patient in texas was infected after having sex with someone who'd recently returned from venezuela and was carrying the virus. fear of this virus spreading has also cast a shadow over the summer olympic games in rio de
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olympic committee does not seemed concerned. mario andrada, organizing olympic committee director of communications "we have worked with the local authorities to increase the inspections and to oversee all the venues in search for stagnant waters and possible presence of the mosquito. we have sufficient funds to perform this work and we will do so". the summer games begin in august. an anti-abortion activist indicted ... after creating an undercover video about planned parenthood -- made her first court appearance today. this is video after - sandra merritt surrendered to police in houston this morning. prosecutors say she and david daleiden tampered with government records, as they made an undercover video slamming planned parenthood. the pair claimed the organization was selling body parts from aborted fetuses. the resulting investigation ended with a grand jury indicting -- not
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the pair that made the video. four new h-i-v cases have been confirmed in southern indiana. scott county health officials say ... these four new cases bring the total number of cases to 188 -- since december of last year. the outbreak in the area is being linked to shared needles ... among drug users. health officials urge anyone engaging in high- risk behaviors to get tested ... and talk with their doctor. this was the scene earlier this evening... and cincinnati police are still piecing together what caused a man to crash his s-u-v into the side of a westwood apartment complex! this happened on mchenry avenue. police say the driver lost control at some point.... but aren't saying why. no one was inside at the time and the driver was taken to u-c medical center with non-life threatening injuries. a father and son... found guilty in warren county... for selling stolen goods at traders
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charles and randall cantrell... both of fairborn ohio.. the two were vendors at traders world selling items they believed to be stolen from kroger... undercover officers... caught the pair - by passing off items to them as stolen... they'll be sentenced next month. an e-f two and one ... tornadoes leaving behind thousands of dollars worth of damage in alabama. these tornadoes touched down ... yesterday evening ... this is a look at the damage in pickens destroyed .. along federal prison. only minor injuries were reported with both of these storms. live now sot stormtracker stinger steve cam a pair of candidates
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the white house is taking new shape.. after the break. vanessa - we need to talk.. ok.. plus - nick and vanessa... in a new ad.. for a local companies new program... that they say is a game changer... coming up how you may letting hackers in--through some of the devices in your home! nathan bachrach has advice - in simply money. and alternative animal therapies... can accupuncture help your pooch? a look at the latest trends in animal treatments will leave some tails wagging...
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incredible video captures the
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attack and the people who save her. jimmy carter putting up a fight at 91! he shares his latest cancer report. no snow... potholes hazards.... a look at the major
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could affect your commute. outsmarting hackers that are aiming for smart tv's, thermostats and other gadgets in your home. the super simple step to protect yourself. the parents of a georgia teen are proclaiming the importance of learning how to use defibrillators after the device saved their daughter's life. the teen was playing in a volleyball game... when she had a heart attack. and it was all caught on camera... nats of the game as soon as 17 year old claire crawford falls back, staff and coaches rush to her side. the academic dean at loganville christian academy ran to the defibrillator. claire crawford/had heart attack during game "i woke she was in my face everybody was yelling felt like they were yelling but apparently they weren't." crawford had a heart attack and she and her parents have no idea why... they have no medical history... of heart attacks.
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multiple doctors prior to this game. shoulder surgery at one point and it's still unclear as to why she went into cardiac arrest. her family is now pushing for expanded a-e-d training claire has since had triple bypass surgery. you decide 2016 santorum!accordin g to reports, the former pennsylvania out of the race for after santorum finished in the iowa g-o-p caucus with of the vote. kentucky senator rand paul also running for the republican nomination. i'm proud of our principaled campaign and the thousands of young energized by our constitutional government. ours has been a unique voice in big government threatens americans from all walks of life.. in a statement, rand said he will
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to fight for the cause of liberty." the libertarian- minded republican was struggling to find footing in the g-o-p field, finishing with just 5-percent of the vote in the iowa caucuses. paul now turns his attention to his re-election bid in kentucky for his senate seat. as election season kicks into high gear -- it is incredible just how many candidates have already -- bowed out of the race for the white house ... many of those coming from the republican ticket ... most notable today -- of course... kentucky senator santorum. following monday's caucus in huckabee ... ...and even earlier former texas governor rick perry ... and south carolina senator lindsey graham... and some others.. so you can see- who's still in the race.. down to eight on the gop ticket.. nine if you count virginia governor jim gilmore... who only managed to get 12 votes in iowa.. and just two for the democrats... where three
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-- martin o'malley the most recent. and we're learning more details about a fundraiser for hillary clinton next week.. president bill clinton will join his wife at a reception at the contemporary arts center... on friday, february 12 from 11:30 til 1:30 in the afternoon. the cost to attend - one-thousand dollars a plate... or 27-hundred dollars for a special meet and greet with former president clinton. clinton: sanders: senator bernie sanders and hillary clinton answering
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tonight in a c-n-n town hall... and tomorrow night- they'll square off in a debate.. tomorrow's debate is one of four additional debates agreed to by the sanders and clinton campaigns... this comes after the democratic national committee was highly criticized for only sanctioning six debates.. compared to 12 for the gop. jimmy carter has big news... he says, he's cancer free. the former president says, a scan of his torso shows, that there is "no melanoma"... that the cancer doctor's discovered, last summer. but just to be safe... the 91-year- old carter is continuing with treatment. right now some construction work tonight could catch you off guard if you're not prepared. and it's all because of potholes... fox19 now meteorologist matt holiner... joins us with what you need to know... matt?
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will close at midnight for pothole work. the ramp from hopple street to 74-west will also close for the same reason. everything is expected reopen by 5 a-m. the salt we haven't had to use, we haven't had a great deal of snow, and the freeze thaw cycle is much less than what we've experienced in the
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weather now steve cam
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signed a new abortion bill into law... just minutes after getting it from the house of representatives! the law now requires any woman seeking an abortion to be told of hte medical risks and benefits at least 24 hours before hand.
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doctors the choice person or by video. developing now rolls on ... phone scams ... remain a the internal revenue service ... reports aggressive and threatening phone calls by to be irs agents. the scam artists are threatening tax arrest, deportation, license revocation ... and other things. the most important thing to remember ... the irs will never call you .. asking for money. if you receive one of these phone calls, officials ask you to hang up .. contact the irs immediately ... and report the call to the federal trade commission. back here in the tri-state... 600 new jobs are coming to cincinnati through home depot. the company is hiring the new positions in preparation for spring, it's biggest selling season. the positions range from sales to cashiers to operations and more! if you or someone
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just head to their website. smart devices can make your home more energy efficient, and they're pretty cool, too! but they also make you more vulnerable to hackers! simply money's nathan bachrach has the story. simply money if you've got devices in your home that connect to the internetyou need to know about the risk-- a hacker could get to you through those gadgets! security experts say one of the biggest problems with smart products like tvs and thermostatsis that they come with default passwords, and many people who buy those products never bother to change those passwords. those default passwords are easily found online, too. webcams in homes have also been hacked. a russian website once streamed video from 73-thousand hacked web cameras in more than 250 countries! the hackers got into those feeds by using those default passwords. another potential riskbaby monitors. fox 19 showed you that danger a few years
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mother heard a man shouting at her infant through her baby monitor! so what can you do to protect your home? first, read the manual that comes with all of these gadgetsthen change the passwords regularly, and download software updates, too. for fox 19 now and simply money, i'm nathan bachrach. picking and choosing your favorite channels instead of getting large packages with channels you'll never watch. we've got a local company's new program... after the break. xavier escapes with a win at home and makes history. find out how...and get postgame reaction... straight ahead with jeremy rauch. logo cincinnati bell... is
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a home invasion in covington where the homeowner opened fire, and two people were shot. that homeowner spoke only with fox19 now's michael baldwin, just minutes ago. he's live in covington with more. tricia so many questions right now and police are talking. we do know that no one is in jail and police tell us the prosecutors office which is right here behind me will decide if any charges at all will be filed. we talked to a woman who says her cousin is
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this is a picture of the man shot. his family tells us his name is michael miller. they say he went to this home on warren street to get his stuff. his cousin tells us the homeowner sent him a text and told him he needed to be there by midnight. the shooting happened around 9:30 tuesday night according to police. they tell us the homeowner said there was an residence and two police would not exactly what happened but the family of one of the men shot michael miller told us their story.
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asked us not to show her picture or use her name. she would not go into detail about what happened inside the house. she said the justice system will take its course. but she did say she was scared because of what is being said on social media about her but she is not afraid to protect herself. i do not want to jeapodize any investigation at all my family is being threatened with bodily harm its all over the intetnet we did try and find the homeowner on warren street but we were not able to locate her. police did tell us that the prosecutors office should make a decision about whether or not to file charges in the next few days. live in covington michael baldwin fox 19 now. sot "steve weather animation" steve chroma key
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this is trevon bluiett in high school, initially committed to ucla, and we know who he signed with. tre blue a finalist for the julius erving award. no need to doctor this "j". 15 points, 13 boards for tre. myles davis chipped in with a team-high 16 points. but xavier fighting for air, against a st. john's team who hasn't won a conference game. edmond sumner and jalen reynolds, would de-bunk that with these dunks. x wins by 7, they reach 20 wins faster than any team in program history. myles davis: "it's very tough as a college athlete to stay tough and consistent the whole season. that's what the really good teams, the great teams, the elite teams do. it's good we got to 20 this fast, but we're trying to keep moving on." signing day in the gmc is unlike any other.
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dropping ink with big time schools. the hats tell the story. uc is getting mason free safety ty sponseller. colerain's deshaunte jones, chose iowa state over uc, here's why. deshaunte jones: "uc is great and they have great coaches, but i feel like iowa state is far enough away where i can focus on academics and sports and i just felt like it was the best fit for me." ty sponseller: "i played free safety in high school and was recruited to play linebacker at uc. so, obviously i need to beef up and put on some weight. so, i'm excited to play linebacker." jer bam gfx coming up, where did the buckeyes rank on national signing day? plus, uc changed the recruiting game this year... find out how next. tommy tuberville: "we took on the battle of saying we're going after
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country or the number five team, we're going head to head." jer hplaz gfx coach said it hasn't always been this way at uc, go big or go home was the plan this time. even missing on some, coach called his class of 23, very strong. the buckeyes today had 25 players sign,
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hausmann. and the big moe to columbus pipeline continues. ohio state's class is ranked third behind bama and florida state according to rivals. urban meyer: "i'm hoping 18 of them play. i'm forcing that issue with our position coaches. sometimes position coaches protect themselves by saying the kid doesn't know what he's doing. so, i'm not giving him those reps." wrap up signing day with this. chca's prince sammons. had more offers, than most of the household names in the eagles giant defensive end, adopted from nigeria, signed with auburn, and picked the tigers over 23 other schools. prince sammons: "i just came to me that it was going to be auburn. i in my head and where he's leading me to go to." tricia 4-shot the next 24 hours.. tricia cam always tracking
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