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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  February 10, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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a father and his baby reunited in middletown after a major morning with the child's mother... found dead.... breaking now animation and since updating you on this story all day long.. we now have breaking news... we just learned that the mother's death is now being treated as a homicide good evening, i'm tricia macke. mike schell is live at the middletown police department... mike that mother was found dead in dayton... that's is correct tricia... dayton police say she was found shot to death...and the baby was located out in the cold...sitting in a car... but earlier today
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department...the child's father had a very happy reunion.. 2chris "i'm happy to have my baby back" chris edwards says he can rest easy now that his daughter haven is back in his arms.. police say the child's non- custodial mother...brittany russell went to chris's home on taylor avenue and convinced the babysitter to allow her to have the child. 5chris "she didn't take her as in kidnapping wise, but she took her like to spend time with her daughter." police say russell then called the told him that she few hours or later that night. she never did. 3chris "we basically went to dayton looking for her morning." when chris child's mother...he says he returned to middletown where officers told him to go on home and try to get some rest." "i couldn't sleep and i got the phone call saying they found my kid dayton police eventually found dead....and baby haven was unharmed..
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"it kills me with what happened but, like i say, in deep grief about what happened to the nat nancy warbutton is haven's grandmother....she came up from ago to meet her granddaughter... 1nancy freaking out because didn't know where she daughter-in-law came over and told me they found her so she was okay." 2nancy "i don't want to let her go. i just want to keep the family now returns home with a safe back baby in their arms and the hope of one day learning the full story behind her disappearance.. once again....the mother's death has been ruled a homicide.. chis edwards told us earlier that the baby's mother often went to dayton and that's how they knew where she might go.. but the big question is ....who did she go to see with baby haven along with her? we'll continue to work this story... reporting live from middletown...mike schell fox19 now thanks mike... and as this story
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gonna work to get new information as it becomes available. you can get updates on air, online and on the fox19 now mobile app. developing now animation developing now... less than a day after big wins for donald trump and bernie sanders in new hampshire... we've got reports that new jersey governor chris christie and businesswoman carly fiorina are dropping out of the race. let's get right to c-n-n's ryan nobles live in new hampshire... ryan the race is shrinking.... thanks ryan... john kasich's is now
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momentum to south carolina following finish last night. just a few hours ago at a town hall of mount pleasant. headed up to veterans event attention could help his campaign. gov. john kasich/r presidential candidate i'm going to hilton head tomorrow. we were people. we now have 1,000. so you know, pay attentions. they're either going to like me
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anybody else says. the south carolina nevada caucus will february 20th... and as we move through the election season... we've got you covered on the campaign trail. latest updates on air, online and on mobile app. weather now animation the snow is gone but right now cold is here. downtown earlier today where many were trying to stay afternoon walks. up tonight right? the next several mornings will be very cold with wind chill temps at or colder than zero. actual temperatures tomorrow morning through sunday morning will be 10f or less. remember sunday is valentine's day and it will be way to cold to spend much time in the dog house. take a look at the weather video on this page and that will show you that there is some light at the end of the
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hinting at a big warm up late next week. but will it last? i will have another couple model runs before the 10pm show and will give you a the justice department has lawsuit against the city of ferguson of black residents following the shooting death of michael brown. as you remember, his death sparked these major protests. that the city used law enforcement as a way of revenue... specifically targeting blacks. just yesterday,
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improving relations. right now animation cincinnati police are on the hunt for a driver who hit a 15-year old girl this morning, then took off! it happened near the intersection of glenwood avenue and reading road around 8-thirty this morning. the teen was taken to childrens hospital with minor injuries. take a look at your screen. police say they're looking for a blue 19-98 honda c-r-v, with the ohio license plate g-r-w 8-2-2-9. if you happen to see the car... call crimestoppers at 513-352-3040. if you've been to over-the-rhine you know it's a pretty hoppin' place these days... and now... the streets of o-t-r could get alot more crowded... thanks to something the city officially created this afternoon. we'll explain. and let's give you another live look downtown. cold now... but what's the rest of the 7-day forecast look like? steve's got your answer in a minute. you're watching fox19 now at 6:30 in high definition, sponsored by performance toyota: always home of the
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now animation right now fort
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searching for a suspect involved in an afternoon bank robbery. this was the scene just before noon when police responded to the u-s bank inside the remke store on dixie highway. take a look at your screen... police say this guy is the primary suspect... described as a white man in his late forties, around 6-feet tall and clean shaven. investigators believe he might be behind an erlanger bank robbery from yesterday too! if you know anything, call police. two suspects behind a late night burglary and manhunt in blue ash will spend the night behind bars. samuel sims and william lawrence both pleaded not guilty in court this morning. police say they caught the pair breaking into a home on cook
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both of the suspects took off on foot! lawrence was chased and arrested nearby, sims was caught after police say he kicked one of the officers and a canine several times! the two are due back in court later this month. four people are facing charges in butler county now... after a two- month drug investigation! logan johnson, cassie steven, roy street and brian wilhoit... were arrested monday after an apartment raid on hampshire court in hamilton. police say they police say they found heroin, prescription pills, paraphernalia and 3-thousand dollars in the home. investigators say they believe the group was trafficking drugs at the street level. he said and did some crazy things when he was a cincinnati bengal.... but wait till you hear what chad johnson just said... about how he would treat his ankle injuries when he played... bizarre to say the least... it's straight ahead.
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up a train derailment in camp washington! this was the scene around 12-thirty this afternoon shortly after the incident. no one was hurt, but we're working on finding out why the train came off the tracks! a local woman has pleaded guilty in the death of her 4-month old grandson. kathy huff was sentenced to six- years in prison today in the hamilton county courthouse... for an incident back in october. police say they found huff and her grandson unresponsive in a bath tub at this whitewater township home... with the infant later pronounced dead. according to court documents, huff admitted to snorting heroin before the incident. after months of debate... there will
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districts in over the rhine following a city afternoon. mean? more bars and the move would make 15 more liquor licenses available... officials say could spur development. take a look at this map. the "west" district central parkway... all the way north to just past west mcmicken avenue. the "east" district would go from east central parkway... all the west clifton avenue. as we speak, another streetcar is on its way to cincinnati... and its arrival could cause problems tomorrow if you're not ready. take a look... city officials say the new car should arrive around 3 o- clock tomorrow afternoon... closing down race street between findlay and and mcmicken for about 2 hours. when it's all said and done, officials say it should take about an hour and a half to get the streetcar onto the track. if you were out and about today... odds are you saw a lot of markings on
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of course we're talking about ash wednesday... kicking off lenten season for some. we went over to saint peter in chains cathedral downtown where many were having service.... ash wednesday also means the kickoff of fish fry season! many local parishes will be starting the annual tradition this friday. so if you want to check them out, we've got you covered. we've got a full list of fish fries across the tri- now on our website com. check this out... a pretty cool event at hamilton fire station 25 this afternoon. several retired firefighters donated a shadowbox with a special memorial shirt in honor of fireman patrick wolterman, killed in the line of duty last year. station 25 was wolterman's old firehouse. the new shirt will be hung up in the firehouse for the crew. and over at the newport aquarium... we're finally getting our first
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workers gave us a special preview this afternoon. if you didn't know, 9 pups were born from a shark ray named sweet pea last month. unfortunately, one wasn't able to survive. shark rays are vulnerable to extinction worldwide.... and workers say they're working hard to take care of them in the nursery. "these 8 pups are just thriving very well. we have 3 boys and 5 girls, and they've hit this 30 day mark and we just wanted to share with you and let them know how great the staff has been doing and taking care of these animals." those pups aren't open to the public just yet... but workers say an exhibit is on the way. exhibit is on the way. pretty cool steve.... steve weather the next several mornings will be very cold with wind
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colder than zero. actual temperatures tomorrow morning through sunday morning will be 10f or less. remember sunday is valentine's day and it will be way to cold to spend much time in the dog house. take a look at the weather video on this page and that will show you that there is some light at the end of the tunnel with long- range models hinting at a big warm up late next week. but will it last? i will have another couple model runs before the 10pm show and will give you a better idea when
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we continue to follow the breaking news on the mother police say took her baby to dayton.. where she was then found shot to death. it's now a homicide investigation. we're working the story for ten. and diamonds! who doesn't love diamonds? but the price tag, just in time for there's a diamond on the market with the bling, but 30 to 40 percent cheaper. these diamonds mine, but are created thanks to science. "they're chemically, physically and optically the exact same, cause it is a diamond." tonight at 10 the controversy swirling around these gems. and whether you can tell the difference between a natural diamond and this cheaper option. tonight on fox, check out new episodes of american idol at 8, followed by hells kitchen at 9. then we're right back here at 10. a former bengal has some pretty strange claims tonight about his
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sports director joe danneman in the newsroom. joe what are you working on? we all remember chad johnson doing and saying crazy time as a bengal. what he said today craziest. it true - coming up next. sot "sports animation" joe hplaz/gfx time now for some fun.
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remember the guy we're talking about tonight once claimed mcdonald's cures chicken pox. joe bam/vo that man is chad johnson. not just a football player - he is an entertainer. best touchdown celebrations in the business. chad's now in the business of talking football. and on espn's mike and mike this morning told the world how he stayed healthy. chad johnson: "you know what i did for ankle sprains? i would collect warm urine from my teammates, heat it up and put my ankle in it for thirty minutes." host: "did you really do that?!" chad johnson: "seriously, that's my grandma's remedy." host: "and, how did you collect it?" chad johnson: "i said, listen, if you can pee for the man when it's time to drug test - you can pee for me."
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make a sign two. one former teammate did tell me tonight he never is it true? to steal one from chad - child please. air... the news doesn't stop. here's a look at what's trending now on our our have you heard changes coming to it's got a lot of people talking! find out what it is... and are you a harry potter fan. a new story is on the way! we've got the details.... and do you know where andy dalton's luggage is?!?! apparently he lost it today in dallas... sparking a big social media response. we've got all those stories live on the fox19 now mobile app. take a look at this... incredible 360- degree video shot by a skier in switzerland this week... looking just like the matrix! he did it by tying his iphone to a string and swinging it around his head while using the
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youtube, the video has millions of views! as far as we know... his phone survived the shoot. we will see you tonight at ten.... don't forget wheel of fortune and jeopardy are
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