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tv   FOX19 Morning News Extra  FOX  February 11, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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this is fox19 now. good morning. we are expecting a decision. we are expecting the judge will set a trial date for ray tensing. >> anchor: he was charged with the murder and death of sam debose. he pulled him over for not having a license plate back in july. >> anchor: that is judge megan shanahan's courtroom. in the room. the sheriff's deputy making his way inside the courtroom as well. judge shanahan used to work as a prosecutor.
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was released over ray tensing before he decided to charge him with involuntary manslaughter and murder. >> anchor: as soon as it gets underway, we will go back to the courtroom. >> anchor: will they set a trial date and will ray tensing be in court? the last time he was supposed to appear in court, his lawyer appeared on his behalf and waived his appearance. >> anchor: which could potentially happen. >> anchor: a lot of people are very interested in what happens in the courtroom today in terms of former officer ray tensing. >> anchor: let's over to catherine. she has a look at the forecast. i think we have warmed up a couple degrees. >> catherine: we will be tracking temps in the low to mid 20s. a cold start to your day.
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we have plenty of sunshine out there. the sunshine trend will take you through the rest of the day. we will see a few fairweather clouds develop. the main story is the cold temperatures. it is a frigid start your morning. temperatures will be ranging from the single digits to the low to mid teens. any wind will contribute to a very cold morning and afternoon. we have sunny skies on the way. i will time it out and have a look at your upcoming weekend forecast where we have another disturbance that's going to bring a messy mix as we head into sunday night and taking you through monday and tuesday. i will detail that in your seven day in a few moments. we do have this dry weather pattern. i'm taking you well off to the north and west right over alberta, canada.
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usually see the clippers originate. we don't have a lot of moisture to work with because it is surrounded by this dry air mass. they don't pick up that much moisture. they are quick movers and that will bring the next snow chances as we head into the forecast tomorrow. notice the low starting to develop. as soon as it does, it will drift through the area quickly. by tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening, we have our next snow potential in the forecast. we stopped the clock at 4:00 later on today. temps in the low to mid-20s. this is well below seasonal average. our average high this time of year is in the low 40s. we will not even be near that today. by this evening, we will see the temps drop into the lower teens. clouds will develop as we head into the overnight hours. a couple areas could see a couple snowflakes.
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off. most of the morning, we're looking at dry conditions and maybe a couple snowflakes. the quick burst of snow arrives tomorrow afternoon and evening. motion. entire area. by dinnertime, we're still tracking the potential. again, we are talking about a quick moving system. when the wind picks up, you get the cold canadian air mass moving over the warmer water surfaces. with the wind picking up, we could get lake effect as we head into friday night and saturday morning. we are tracking and unsettled stretch.
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highs will struggle to climb out of the low 20s. we will be in the upper 20s as we head into your friday. notice how the snowflakes returned your forecast. by saturday, we will be tracking temps only in the mid teens. that will be for daytime highs. for valentine's day, we have 24 degrees. it's going to be a cold one. an evening chance of a couple snowflakes. many of us have presidents' day off, so you have that to look forward to. hazardous conditions in the forecast through tuesday and wednesday. temperatures heading up. we will be at 38 for tuesday. by wednesday, we will be in the low to mid-40s. it looks like glimmers of temperatures trending upward. i wonder where we're going next to get back to you. >> kara: we want to go back inside the courtroom. the hearing will get underway in just a moment. they are supposed to be setting a trial date for ray tensing's trial. >> rob: we do not see ray tensing. will ray tensing appear before
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could make the decision on when his murder and involuntary manslaughter trial could start. >> kara: last time he was supposed to be in court, his attorney appeared on his behalf and that could happen again today. >> rob: this all started over a routine traffic stop that happened off the campus of the university of cincinnati. >> frank: teen was a uc police officer. he pulled over sam dubose for not having a front license plate. you see sam dubose in the video captured by his body camera. the prosecutor looked at this video and decided tensing's account of what happened was not factually accurate.>> kara: an independent investigation that was released by the university of cincinnati back in september stated the fatal shooting was not
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department's policy. >> rob: this is what happened after the shots were fired. you can see the car pulled over on the side. that is the car sam dubose was in. after the shots were fired, the car ended up at the bottom of the hill. ray tensing, according to investigators, said he felt like he was in fear for his life and that is why he fired the shots. the prosecutor looked at the video and said he doesn't think that's what happened. that is why there moving forward with the charges. >> kara: we're waiting for this to get underway. it was supposed to start at 9:00. >> rob: correct. right now, it is 9:07. it doesn't seem like things are getting started anytime soon. we are going to keep one eye on what's happening inside the courthouse. jessica brown is in there as well. you can have the very latest updates as they happen. >> kara: if you don't have our app, you can watch us as you go. we're streaming live.
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take a short break. fox 19 begins with breaking news >> rob: we keep on eye on the courthouse in one-room inside, shanahan. a trial could be set for former
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facing murder and involuntary manslaughter charges. >> kara: we have yet to see him in the courtroom. sue matthews appeared on ray tensing's behalf last time they were in court and he was not there. this could happen again today. the question now is when will this court case the set.we're seeing people arrive in the courtroom and we have yet to see the judge. >> rob: we see members of the media and sheriff's deputies as well. let's take you back to july and what happened after the indictment of ray tensing when he was indicted for murder or what happened. he learned that joe deters and the grand jury indicted him. he came to the courthouse downtown to turn himself in until he made bond. he had to post 10 percent of
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since this day last summer, we have not seen him publicly out and about. he did in the days after being indicted lose his job. >> kara: not terribly surprising considering the circumstances and the attention it has caused in the area. >> rob: the thing is this we did learn more about ray tensing. it seemed like being a police officer, or someone in law enforcement, was a lifelong dream. when he was in high school, he was part of the explorers club. he worked as a state trooper for a very short time. before he was with uc police, he worked for the greene county police department. it seems like it was a calling for him. >> kara: another 26-year-old is charged with murder and involuntary manslaughter. at this point, if you remember before we went to break, he was initially pulled over for a missing license plate and ends
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>> rob: let's take a look at the video from ray tensing's body camera. it was this video that joe deters prosecutor said led to his indictment of murder charges. he said he felt like his life was in danger and he was scared the car was going to roll over him. according to prosecutors in the grand jury, they do not believe his story. investigators say his story was not factual. >> kara: the university of cincinnati conducting their own investigative report. they said the shooting was not justified and violated department policy. that has led to a number of changes as far as the uc department. >> rob: that is correct. you see the car at the bottom of the hill.sam dubose, a son, father, brother, had already been shot at the point
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investigators believe he was already dead by the time the car got to the bottom of the hill. >> kara: we will check back into the soon as we hear anything, we will take you back there. hopefully, we can get a date on the calendar. >> rob: we talked about this. the narrative that was out there in terms of what had happened was much different than the narrative that happened after everyone got a good look at that video.this video that was captured by ray tensing's body camera highlighted the importance of body cameras, not only for the investigation, but also the safety of officers. >> kara: and also telling the truth and perhaps another version of it. >> rob: once again, we wait for word at what's going to happen in court, in megan shanahan's courtroom, when she can decide when ray tensing will stand trial for the
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and killing sam dubose.he has pleaded not guilty after he was indicted on charges of manslaughter and murder. we will continue to follow the story. as soon as it gets underway, we will go back to it. in the meantime, we follow the weather for the cold temperatures could stick around for a bit. >> catherine: some of our coldest air will arrive saturday were daytime highs will struggle to climb out of the teens. temperatures like this for your daytime high as we head into the weekend. this cold weather is going to be here to stay for the next couple days. we have a fresh layer of snow that is going to stick around with temps below the freezing mark. we look live at tyler county. we have dry conditions area wide in a couple high clouds to talk about. it is going to be cold. that is the main weather story. we do have a quick moving clipper system that's going to be driving through the region as we move into tomorrow.
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the low is starting to develop over alberta, canada. it will not bring that much moisture with that, but dropped temperatures and keep us cold the next couple days and bring another fresh layer of snow. notice how we are tracking the windchill values feeling very frigid. that will be the general rule as we head into the second part of the day. the wind chill values will make the air temperature feel a lot colder than the ambient air temperature and that is what we have on this map. this is what your thermometer will read as you head out the door. many of us sitting in the teens. 17 right now lumpkin. 15 in hamilton. currently 13 in middletown. 16 in westavia. feeling like the single digits over hamilton. their teen above in middletown. 14 above at cvg. where do we stand as far as
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we're going to be well below that. 22 degrees will be your afternoon daytime high. let's get over to you, frank. >> frank: i appreciate it. we're going to get back to robin and kara. in the meantime, start thinking about valentine's day. we all know a dining destination in the shopping is unique. i have the president here with great valentine's day gift ideas. great to see you. i'm going to dive in. i want to start with the first thing. their sweat material is the sophist thing you'll ever put on your body. >> these are super popular. they have a lot of local b on the floor in front of us do we have the ohio is for lovers t-shirt.
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>> frank: what about the sweet treat? >> the macaroon bar is growing. they do cooking classes. maybe for valentine's day you can do a baking class for you and your significant other. >> frank: a great idea. we have seen a lot of these local businesses during this. >> there super popular because people are looking for activities. from kismet, they have great stories.this is a rose quartz pendant. rose quartz is known for love and compassion, so significance there.>> frank: i have to say this is a family show. i don't know what this is right here. >> is actually for a shirt.
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and then from micah, one of the longest standing retailers, this great vegan handbag. this is matt and nat. new colors. they're very popular. >> frank: they are very large. >> i have a couple of these. and then these great handblown stemless glassware.>> frank: that is gorgeous. you don't want to put those in the dishwasher. >> hand wash. >> frank: and all of the dining options.a lot of branches going on. with valentine's day on sunday, it makes it easier. >> all kinds of places. if you're still out last minute shopping, grab a bite. >> frank: we love it. otr the place to be. it is 23 after 9:00. we are continuing to wait on
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downtown in the ray tensing hearing. we are on a delay. these things do happen. we're going to check back in
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fox 19 begins with breaking news >> rob: we're seeing developments in judge megan shanahan's courtroom. >> kara: she just sat down. let's go in and listen as the hearing for former officer ray tensing begins. >> we have a pretrial date of april 6. today, you're waving your
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as well as the april 6 hearing, too. thank you. >> rob: it happened fairly quickly. we saw judge megan shanahan walk into the courtroom. i think she said april 6 at the court date. she asked sue matthews, tensing's attorney, dozier client waive his right to appear and that is what we're doing. he did not appear in court as expected. it looks like april 6 is when the former uc police officer ray tensing will face murder charges. >> kara: less than two months away. facing first-degree murder and also facing manslaughter charges. he was indicted on both. >> rob: correct.
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high on both sides of the coin in terms of community reaction and in terms of if you are member of law enforcement. >> kara: we will be on top of this case throughout any other pretrial hearings that happened and of course throughout the trial coverage as well. >> rob: and doing our research for the hearing coming up today, this case received national attention when now former officer ray tensing was indicted for murder because it happens very rarely. i'm going to imagine the same national coverage and interest will be there once again when his trial starts april 6. >> kara: i think it sets a precedent for body cameras. took. >> rob: i think a highlighted
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happened on both sides for everybody. sometimes the video is the best way to go. we have a lot of police departments looking at the body cameras and saying they think every police officer should be wearing one. it is not cheap for the equipment itself. what's expensive is storing the video that is captured on them. >> kara: at the end of the day, it provides an honest perspective from both sides. >> rob: correct. once again, april 6 is the trial date that has been set for ray tensing who is facing serious murder charge and involuntary manslaughter. >> kara: let's move over to catherine to get a look at the forecast. >> catherine: it is cold out there. the temps are starting to creep into the low 20s for some folks, but still frigid out there, especially when you factor in the wind.
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northeastern direction. we will continue to track the sunshine today and the frigid temperatures. the clear start to the morning that brought on all the sunshine, but despite the sunshine it is not going to help temperatures that much. a cold forecast on tap this afternoon brought in with those northerly winds. we will be tracking this area of low pressure bring our next no potential. as we head into your forecast tomorrow, i will time things out. these are regional windchill values. it's going to be a cold day, not only for us here in the tri-state, but across the entire region. it is feeling like the mid teens. we will see the actual air temperature sitting in the low to upper teens, but we will have a couple locations where it is going to feel colder on the skin because of the wind out of the northwesterly direction. middletown feeling like the
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it feels like zero in wilmington. feels like a single digits in hamilton.dress warmly this afternoon. you're going to need the winter gear. highs will top out in the low 20s, which is 19 degrees below seasonal average of 41. here is the rest of your day. dry conditions with mostly sunny skies on tap. the temps will top out in the low to mid-20s. the wind will be out of the west-northwest. you're sending it back to you. we were listening to it live. audio is not the best. we are hearing the next court hearing will happen april 6. >> kara: just to clarify, the court hearing is april 6. the trial is not set to start until october 24 this fall. >> rob: there you go. we will monitor the story and get some perspective and expert analysis. we will have that for you online at and tonight at 6:30 on the evening news. thank you for that. we will have alerts on a mobile news app. a new cruise ship set to sail.
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on, we know the ship set off on its maiden voyage from china to dubai. no word on how much a ticket would cost you, but like the original, it will have first, second and third-class tickets for sale. harry potter fans went crazy harry potter fans went crazy yesterday about novel by j.k. rowling. we were all pretty excited to hear about harry potter and the cursed child. but still people some questions. j.k. rowling set the record straight on twitter. rowling set the record straight on twitter. she tweeted "to be clear, the script of cursed child is being published, not a novel, not a prequel. the cursed child is a play set to open in london this summer. rowling reportedly
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from fans who can't travel to see the play. so publishers decided to take the story from the stage to the pages of a book. as for the the rumor that it's a prequel, rowling debunked that as well. the story follows wizard hero harry potter -- 19 years after the conclusion of the last book, harry potter and the deathly hallows. in the sequel, harry potter is rumored to be a now "an overworked employee of the ministry of magic, a husband and father of three school- age children. the story also focuses on harry's youngest son, albus severus. the cursed child comes out july 31 harry potter's birthday. sometimes you just have to to see the
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we'll be right back with a live report from our jessica brown... who was inside the hearing for ray tensing she has reaction from the courtroom... next
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after a short hearing in a hamilton county courtroom our jessica brown was in the courtroom and she joins us live with reaction to that hearing. n oct. 24 trial date was set thursday for a former university of cincinnati police officer accused of killing sam dubose. ray tensing, 26 is charged with murder and voluntary manslaughter in the death of sam dubose last summer. tensing pulled over dubose for a missing license plate back in july. the exchange ended with dubose shot in the head. the whole encounter was caught on tensing's body camera. tensing pleaded not guilty after he was indicted. the fatal shooting was "not justified" and violated department policy, according to an independent investigative report released by the university of cincinnati in september. it said tensing was "not factually accurate" in his account of events during the off- campus traffic stop.
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shot and killed dubose because he feared for his life. thursday's pre- trial hearing comes a bit delayed after being pushed back twice from its original date in november. it was pushed back twice after attorneys claimed they needed more time to finish their discovery before taking tensing to trial. the case returns to court next for an april 6 pre-trial. i will continue to follow breaking news for you and bring you the latest information right here on the morning xtra and our website fox19 now-dot-com. right now, we want to get a check of your weather with catherine weather now transition the good news we are snow free this morning the bad news it's downright cold. falling into the single digits in many locations this morning with windchill factors as cold as five below zero. this afternoon will reach a high of 22 with the sun and cloud mix. another clipper will work through friday making us the weekend and bringing some scattered snow showers friday morning into the
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accumulations will be minor but we can't rule out some slick spots. friday's high temperature in the mid 20s. saturday morning a few flurries dry high of 19 saturday and then sunday on valentine's day a high of 24 with the sun and cloud mix. our next big weather make her late sunday night into monday could see snow even some ice mixing in as temperatures will play a key role will watch this one closely but expect some potential problems on monday. after the break.... we'll be live in the
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