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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  February 16, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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shares the heart- stopping story of his close call. swinging victory. a win for a controversial adult club. what could still stand in the way of the new swingers club. caught on camera! a terrifying accident as a teen player is impaled on the basketball hard wood. what doctors say about her recovery. god-fearing and who in your pew is packing heat. got an iphone? what you need to know about a could kill your phone. sot "this is fox19 now" tonight, for the first time, a local police officer recounts the day he found himself looking down the barrel of a gun. good evening - i'm tricia macke. the man, who cops say, pulled out that gun was slapped with a federal indictment today as
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anti-violence now's frankie jupiter joins us with the officer's harrowing story. it was and it all started at this intersection. a traffic stop ended to an unexpected turn. one that could have been deadly. "gun recovery, he tried to shoot to fired at lamars avenue in lincoln heights." that was the 911 dispatch call back in september when then lockland matthew kurtz routine traffic stop on a vehicle that had no plates. the vehicle, got vehicle operator took off." the driver of the vehicle was 40- year-old keno very short foot took a turn for the phillips pulled out a gun. "he stuck directly to my stomach. i heard the click of the firing pen going off" but there was no bullet in the chamber, before he
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officers were able to disarm phillips. "you start to think about your family and your loved ones and the things that you could have done. it just makes you feel blessed to be alive." the feds mean business when it comes to alleged repeat offenders. today 15 people, including phillips were charged in federal gun cases and if found guilty, they will face federal time far away from familiar streets. "it gives you some relief it gives you a little bit of closure to know that mr. philips is going to pay for what he did." kurtz is now with the mariemont police department. but the incident is still fresh in his mind. "it is disappointing because i feel like society any more these days, it's just going downhill. it frustrating s police officer because you're trying to help people save people and then you people who are out there like that, that want to take your life." kurtz is with another police department but not because of this incident. he says he loves what he does for a living. iive in
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the suspect in that case - keno phillips is one of 15 people facing federal charges as part of a local gun crackdown. this afternoon u-s attorney carter stewart announced that the indictments are tied to an anti-violence initiative... aimed at finding repeat offenders involved in gun violence. the blitz involves a partnership between federal, state and local agencies. breaking now breaking news now.. at least seven people in ohio are being tested for the virus... officials with the columbus department of public health have confirmed that seven returning been tested for the zika virus. four of those potential cases.. are in columbus. results are not expected to be couple weeks... officials say they are not a public health threat. weather now turning now to weather.... a warm up just in sight.. chief meteorologist steve horstmeyer here now with the latest. steve cam cloud cover will hang tough this
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by you may see a flake or sprinkle but there is nothing in the forecast to negatively impact your homebound commute. the ground is wet, snow covered and cold. meteorologists call this a "thermal sink" meaning that any heat that comes our way will be partially used to melt the snow, evaporate soil moisture and warm the ground - in addition to - warming the air. so as southerly winds come our way it is difficult to warm the air because the newly arriving heat used for several purposes. nevertheless models has high temps reaching the 60s saturday. fox19 now chief meteorologist steve horstmeyer remember the swingers club they talked about in west chester? the owners took the town to judge sided with so what does that mean? baldwin is live outside the club.
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doors be opening any time soon? tricia these doors are locked and will remain that way for a while. now a judge said today that it was improper for the township to take away their license, but this place still has an uphill battle. tonight the champagne club is still stripped of its swinging business but they feel the club owners are a step closer to their ultimate goal. that would be a sex club here in west chester. although the township is fighting it in court. some we talked to are ok with it. dwayne jones: i really don't care they can do whatever they want to up there. yeah it really doesn't make any difference" jason dockery: i mean if its going to be in an industrial area and there are no homes around and your going to be in business then i really don't care those folks might be cool with it but the people that showed up at this november meeting were not. the town trustees had stripped the club of its sex licenses and zoning certificate. not to mention put a
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sexual encounter establishments for about 9 months. one of the reasons for yanking the permits was due to a trespassing charge the co owner faced 20 years ago. the club owners were unavailable but their lawyer talked today. tim burke: even if that had been recent that was not one of the disqualifying events that are defined in the resolution that would have prevented him from getting a license to operate a sexually oriented business the township didn't make anyone available but did issue a statement saying in part, in all things west chester endeavors to execute in good faith, in compliance with all laws and rules. and with the best interests of the community in mind. breaking now
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tonight... a judge in ordered apple to gaining access to the iphone used by san bernardino gunman syed farook. it's unclear what's on that phone... but prosecutors say they've been unable to gain access because they don't have a passcode... farook and his wife killed 14 people in a december shooting at a holiday luncheon for farook's co- workers. the couple later died in a police gun battle. developing now developing now.... police are still looking for the suspects who took off after a home invasion robbery turned deadly.. they're also reviewing surveillance video from a nearby church in lockland... police say three to
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home... and put a homeowner's throat.. that's when the a gun and shot one of the suspects... he died at the scene.. the other suspcts took off... in a gold car... and police are them.. "a guy just tried to come in here and cut my throat and he's down on the floor." the homeowner was questioned by police... but they do not expect charges to be filed. you decide 2016 voter registration for ohio's march 15th primary is now closed... just wrapping up an hour ago.. and early voting in ohio starts in just a few hours... all registered voters may request, and vote an absentee ballot in person at their county board of elections. and you can check your voter registration status - on the secretary of state's website.. we've got a link on fox19 now dot com. some kentucky voters are heading to the polls very soon too... in a way
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for the first time... the state is holding a primary caucus. our ben katko is boone county tonight. he's breaking down what this all means... for you... the voter. this is the florence baptist church. it's the only place boone county republican voters can cast their primary ballot for president. election officials tell me this new system... is, for the most part, thanks to one person. as with the race to far... you could say there are also more questions than answers in how kentucky voters will pick their favorite. kenny brown "what's changed? what's different? am i going to go to my normal polling location?" a lot is different for boone county clerk kenny brown these days too. normally his office handles all the elections around here. not this time. kenny brown "all that's changed. all that's going to be up to
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the rules. this is the first time the state party is holding a republican presidential caucus... traditionally... they have a may primary. phyllis sparks "the nominee is really already selected by the time we get to the may primary." in each county... there is one polling location. in boone county... 51-thousand republicans can vote at the florence baptist church at mt. zion... voters sign in... get a ballot... cast their vote... and turn it in. when those votes are tallied - a candidate needs 5% for a share of 46 delegates. sparks says votes for candidates no longer running... could be bartered for between campaigns. phyllis sparks "this is not a winner take all election." 11 republican presidential candidates are on the ballot right now... including drop outs... like senator rand paul who is also running to keep his senate seat. his name can't be on the same ballot twice... as it would have if this vote happened in may. phyllis sparks reporter: "so this was created out of rand paul's desire to run for both offices?" phyllis: "100%. it was
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only registered republican voters can vote on march 5th. they'll only vote for a republican presidential candidate. phyllis sparks "kentucky votes too late to be relevant. but, by having this caucus in march and voting, makes us much more relevant." to vote in the caucus... you needed to register republican by last new years eve. you can get an absentee ballot until this friday from the state republican party. all democrat and other gop offices... will be voted on in may. live in florence... ben katko... fox19 now. a local community... is hoping to replace some trees destroyed by the emerald ash borer beetle... and they're hoping you'll help... the city of middletown has launched a crowd- funding program... through - a website designed specifically for governments to raise money from their own citizens. middletown's goal... 54-hundred dollars to purchase about 12
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it's just day one... but so far - no money has been donated for the project. a viral picture.. could land one teen in serious trouble.. what he did to his sister that has police investigating... a 14-year old goes for a loose ball.. and ends up.. we'll explain how happened... after the break. packing heat in the pews? the controversy surrounding bringing your side piece to church... steve chroma
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making a bomb threat over facebook. dayton independent public schools cancelled school today because of that threat. dayton police say two sixth graders were behind the plan. they pretty much elxplained that 'hey wouldn't it be nice to get another day off let's call in a bomb threat." that threat cancelled tonight's varsity and jv girls' basketball games. school will resume tomorrow. right now right now ... police in southern indiana ... are on the hunt for an escaped inmate. 23-year-old shane cates -- escaped from a second story window at the daviess community hospital last night. daviess county is between bloomington and evansville. cates -- was in jail for assault and aggravated battery charges. he was last seen wearing green jail pants ... a white top and blue shoes. anyone with information is asked to call police. more than a dozen students on u-k's campus .. are in isolation after coming down with the same illness.
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visited the university of kentucky's health services ... with swollen salivary the university's administration has now sent out a campus wide email... urging anyone with to get checked out. glands can be viruses or bacterial infections. all 15 students have also tested negative for mumps. a 16-year-old could face charges -- after a picture goes viral on facebook ... and we do want to warn you ... the image is hard to look at ... a tennessee teen -- sent this picture to his girlfriend ... the picture is of his toddler sister ... restrained with duct tape. the gibson county sheriff says as soon as he was alerted to the photo -- officers were sent to the home to investigate. he says the two- and-a-half year old girl, is okay. sheriff paul thomas/gibson county "people seems like everyday stoop to new levels in their disregard for humanity.
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surprise me anymore." the department of children services is investigating the case -- as is, the district attorney. so far -- no charges have been filed. a 14-year-old basketball player is recovering after a freak accident the wisconsin girl partially impaled by floorboard. from that game.. will make you cringe... a player went flying into the floor and couldn't get up. the 14-year-old wisconsin heights player was impaled by the court. the board had split in the middle and stuck into the young player. her mom - the coach - was quickly by her side. perry hibner, tournament organizer "it was 3 to 4 inches long and in some parts, probably a quarter to a half inch deep." minutes later emergency crews show up, and everyone else was asked to leave the gym.
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was loaded-up on a stretcher and spent the night at the hospital. none of her internal organs were hit by the wood... she'll be ok. for now... a replacement sliver of wood is glued and guarded by garbage cans. it should be permanently fixed in the next week or so... we're told, they won't replace the court. reds the opening day parade tonight is a little sweeter. sports director joe d is here with who will lead this year's march through the streets. that's a pretty good hint. did you figure it out? we now know sweet lou piniella will be the grand marshal for the 97th findlay market opening day parade. remember last time piniella led a parade in cincinnati? that's the lou we know... raising championship trophies... and raising something else on the field. here's video from last year's parade - it's the best in baseball. the nasty boys did the honor last season. what makes this even better is piniella is now back
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as a front office consultant this month. a little advice - if you bring a lawn chair - nail it to the ground... you never know what lou might throw. opening day is april 4th. adlib to weather steve cam cloud cover will hang tough this afternoon and as a weak system passes by you may see a flake or sprinkle but there is nothing in the forecast to negatively impact your homebound commute. the ground is wet, snow covered and cold. meteorologists call this a "thermal sink" meaning that any heat that comes our way will be partially used to melt the snow, evaporate soil moisture and warm the ground - in addition to - warming the air. so as southerly winds come our way it is
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the air because the newly arriving heat used for several purposes. nevertheless models has high temps reaching the 60s saturday. fox19 now chief meteorologist steve horstmeyer a facebook hoax... could render your phone useless... why it's making the rounds... and what you need to know
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about a fix... coming up. nats; applause another familiar face... coming to first brother.. barbara bush campaigning - coming up. they're not just bringing their bibles why more parisoners are packing heat. new plans for the old americana amusement park.
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old americana amusement park. what's in the works now. god-fearing and who in your pew is packing heat. exclusive new information about talk show host. learning tonight. all over facebook that could cripple your iphone. right now right now, two men are locked up, accused of breaking into a home in delhi and stealing guns. police say damon smith told jesse michel where to go and what to steal.. from a home on juvene way. investigators say michel stole a shotgun, a 22 and an a-k 47 rifle and sold two of the guns to smith. smith was later shot in an unrelated incident and police say they
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stolen in delhi inside smith's car. the pair face a slew of charges. new information new information now... as a local radio personality and lawyer faces drug charges for an incident last month. according to court documents... lisa wells, known for her work on 700 w-l-w... was arrested on january 25th after ohio state troopers spotted her driving erratically on 75 in miami county. when they pulled her over, officers say they spotted various pills on her seat... sparking a search that later found prescription pills in the car... that didn't belong to her... she was later released, now charged with o-v-i and drug possession. you decide 2016 you decide 2016... jeb bush is pushing hard for south carolina's vote.. yesterday - his brother - former president george w. bush campaigned for him... on thursday .. his mom - former first lady barbara bush will be on the campaign trail.. and today... he is appealing to
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supporters.. the former florida governor today tweeted a photo of a gun emblazoned with a personalized insignia on top of the gun that read, "gov. jeb. bush." and the tweet simply read: "america." digital extra a fox19 now digital extra... this story is getting a lot of clicks on our website... how about a tesla for your three- year-old? seriously.. radio flyer, which makes the famous little red wagons and tricycles, announced on its website that it will begin shipping mini tesla model s cars for kids... for 4- hundred-99 dollars each! the one-seater cars were created for kids between the ages of three to eight. the company touts working headlights, a "spacious interior" and a trunk in the front of the car. it can also reach a top speed of six miles per hour. pre-orders are now open and the cars will ship in may. weather now adlib to weather
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hang tough this afternoon and as a weak system passes by you may see a flake or sprinkle but there is nothing in the forecast to negatively impact your homebound commute. the ground is wet, snow covered and cold. meteorologists call this a "thermal sink" meaning that any heat that comes our way will be partially used to melt the snow, evaporate soil moisture and warm the ground - in addition to - warming the air. so as southerly winds come our way it is difficult to warm the air because the newly arriving heat used for several purposes. nevertheless models has high temps reaching the 60s saturday. fox19 now chief meteorologist steve horstmeyer with each mass shooting, the horror shocks us all. no place is safe -- no place is safe -- not even church. places of worship need be ready for anything. but should the god-fearing.... also be carrying guns? fox19 now's dan
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local religious leaders about this controversial issue. in ohio, a parishioner who brings a concealed weapon to church could be charged with a felony. but there is an exception, it's legal if and only if the church gives permission. it's an issue, many religious leaders are grappling with. they are a place of peace... ...a house of refuge. "all units responding 111 calhoun." but too often they've become targets for violence. "advising of an active shooter, multiple people down." charleston, south carolina .june 17th...2015.. nine people were shot and killed during a bible study at the emanuel a-m-e church. that moment left some wondering... should there be armed security? or even parishioners packing heat at places of worship?
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waistband is this kentucky man's daily accessory. it's under his coat, so he told us no one knows. he did ask us to conceal his identity. as for concealed carry in church... "how would they know it? if it's a concealed weapons permit, it's concealed. they would never know it unless something happened and then they should be thankful somebody did." kentucky has no law preventing someone from taking a firearm into a church. in indiana, it's a similar story, as long as the person is licensed. in ohio, on the other hand, it's illegal to carry a concealed handgun into a place of worship unless a church leader gives permission. "we have the right to say yes or no to that." reverend didi bacon is the pastor of mount carmel christian church in union township. he says they've had church members with concealed carry permits who've asked for permission and
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basis. he says many church leaders are wrestling with this issue. pastor bacon says the reality of the world we live in is that church is no longer immune from violence.. there are security threats... "whether it be vandalism, theft or heaven forbid, a terrorist event." "you cannot be naive today." to that end, mount carmel has a trained security team and contracts with union township police for a uniformed, armed officer during services. meantime, a spokesperson for the archdiocese of cincinnati says congregants with "concealed weapons" are "not allowed" to "carry guns" in their churches. "i'd rather have a policeman than just some individual whose a licensed carrier." that's former veteran dayton cop mark stusek stew-sick , demonstrating for some church leaders just how loud a "38" is. his company assesses ohio church properties
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vulnerabilities and builds security plans. he doesn't think allowing individual parishioners to conceal carry is a good idea, but that a trained -- and often armed -- security team is the best defense. "whether we're talking about san bernardino or church shootings, they're over within 3 to 7 minutes, so police area non- factor." but everyone agrees, the thought that this sound.. could ever replace this one... in a sacred space is sacreligious indeed. we reached out to other local religious communities. the jewish federation of cincinnati didn't reveal whether they allow concealed carry, but said they work closely with federal, state and local law enforcement. the islamic association of cincinnati tells us the concealed carry issue has never come up but they do have a policies ot address potential threats. dan wells, fox19 now.
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a new bug... has some iphone users.. not too happy... apparently.. if you manually set your iphone or ipads clock back to may 1970... or earlier.. you won't be able to restart the device.. so why would you do that? apparently a facebook hoax promises a retro theme for your iphone if you reset the date.. don't do it.. it's still not completely clear why this date effects the device - but apple acknowledged the issue.. and said a software update will be coming soon to fix it. and more news about a new apple iphone today-- simply money's nathan bachrach is here with the details--and reason to wait before you upgrade! simply money apple insiders say a new iphone 5-s-e will be unveiled march 15th, and go on sale three days later. apple's breaking from its usual september launchlikely to try to drive up lackluster sales. so is this iphone
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the iphone 5-s-e is rumored to be smaller than the 6, but have a better camera and faster processor than the 5. apple's admitted more than half of iphone users haven't upgraded to the iphone 6 yet, so it's hoping more options will change that. the iphone 7 would then come out in september. early word is--- iphone 7 will be a big step forward in terms of technology. if leaked patents are to be believedit may be waterproof, include wireless charging, and feature a wraparound screen! the simply money point: if your current smartphone works well but you have your heart set on a new iphone-- wait another five months for iphone 7. better yetstart putting money aside for it now! for fox 19 now and simply money, i'm nathan bachrach. breaking breaking now... four u-s stealth fighters are flying over south korea now amid the growing tensions from north korea's rocket launch. we don't have any additional information, but
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all of our resources including fox news and cnn to find the latest details. we'll bring them to you on and during this newscast. a long closed butler county amusement park could get a new life. according to the hamilton journal news, monroe is looking to re- develop the park that closed in 2002. the city is working with miami university to find a new use. ideas for the 35- acre site include include recreation and redevelopment of adjacent properties to make it into a gateway for the area. its nothing new or unheard of ...sharks in the ocean ... but take a look at this incredible aerial video -- all those black dots you see in the water? sharks! tens of thousands of black tip sharks are currently swarming the waters just off the
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near palm beach. researchers say this is part of their annual migration pattern. how about some iced coffee? one canadian's cup of joe... freezing instantly... the video going viral.. after the break. it's senior night at nku. did the norse go out with a win? highlights of a big night of college basketball is coming up. live wx tease some local taxpayers made a big statement
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a school board meeting. they had a petition demanding change...or they wanted certain board members to
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after a fox 19 now investigation revealed...four board members voted themselves a health, dental and vision plan for $1 a year. three board members voted against the policy and refused to take the health benefits. turns out...this has been going on for some time. records show that since 2011, the district spent almost 486 thousand dollars on health benefits for those same four board members. to make matters worse...teachers in that more than $10 thousand a year for their health insurance! so what happens now? the board end the $1 health care coverage...but not until 2017. consider this, the community spoke...residents were fed up and they did something about it. it's up to monitor our elected officials....and hold them accountable. school boards should be concerned about our schools, teachers and students...not their
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a man in canada,
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it was "25 below" in montreal ... and david fre-height, with a hot cup of he took one sip,
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the air, behind him. watch as the and what's left of ice. mean some extra young and old ... and even those in uniform ... picture ... this was posted on the georgetown, kentucky police department's facebook page -- as you can see a girl .. standing at the window of the turns out the three-year-old challenged the snowball fight... she is armed and ready -- and you can even see a small patch of snow on the window ... the post ultimately -- declared the toddler the winner ... sot "steve weather animation" steve chroma key cloud cover will hang tough this afternoon and as a weak system passes by you may see a flake or sprinkle but there is nothing in the forecast to negatively impact your homebound commute. the ground is wet,
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meteorologists call this a "thermal sink" meaning that any heat that comes our way will be partially used to melt the snow, evaporate soil moisture and warm the ground - in addition to - warming the air. so as southerly winds come our way it is difficult to warm the air because the newly arriving heat used for several purposes. nevertheless models has high temps reaching the 60s saturday. fox19 now chief meteorologist steve horstmeyer steve gfx sot "sports open"
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not the framed jersey - not the picture with the family or the big cheer from the crowd. tyler white said all he wanted on senior night is to leave nku's arena a final time with a win. he did leave with all the other stuff. one of six seniors with his jersey in a frame and his family on the court... and look... senior night can do some strange things. todd johnson didn't score more than nine points in a game all season... hit for twelve just in the first half. cole murray. cole blooded. roller coaster night for cole - missed nine threes. another double- double night for drew mcdonald - good look to jalen billups. should we ask steve harvey who won? maybe not. detroit did - by six. cool night in columbus.
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former two-time all american evan turner. espn nailed that shot. that's cool. this idea to shoot this game from a sideline angle? not good. ohio state needs to win a lot of games to make the tournament... this helps. buckeyes beat michigan 76-66. here's the man of the night. next stop is oxford. ball state and miami. birthday... it's just - this kind of felt like the office space. product geovonie mcknight scored seventeen... miami lost again. still in last place in the mac. coming up... mick cronin compared his next game to what? stops at uc and xavier next. spring training starts tomorrow...
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tulsa team in a game both teams desperately need to win." joe hplaz/gfx
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with tulsa will ever be an international event... but... i get coach's point. uc plays at tulsa thursday night. feels like one of those bracekt buster kind of games. cross town. xavier's not playing for a spot in the tournament - a seed. they play top twenty five providence tuesday. chris mack: "we've put scoreboard watch at least when it comes to the ncaa tournament. we just have to worry about providence. and, to look at the bigger in our make-up." james farr: "you know, if you come out slow, that's what happens - you drop one. so, it doesn't matter if you're playing a ranked team or an unranked team - you have to be ready in this conference regardless." tricia 4-shot steve's tracking the next 24 hours.. tricia cam don't forget we're always tracking
10:54 pm goodnight. sot "announcer: now with the fox19 mobile app, you'll never be without fox19 news. from to text and email alerts for breaking news and weather. it's all right here in the palm of your hand." kara 2 shot welcome to fox19 now it's 5 o clock. i'm kara sewell rob 2 shot
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[ crow caws ] i'm having five friends over after school today. what? you're having five friends over? you have five friends? yep. for the past few months, we've gotten to be a pretty tight-knit group. we share a lot of the same interests. i thought you always wanted me to have friends over. these are people, right? not bugs. yeah, people. no, it's -- it's great, brick. it's -- it's just that, you know, the house isn't clean. well, if we have to wait for that... no, i just meant that, you know, if we're having people over, i just would like to be a little more organized.
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