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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  February 19, 2016 10:00pm-10:45pm EST

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through that door..." rebuilding the rabbit hash general store.... a local effort is helping owners get the iconic storefront back in place. and you probably know this by now... the pothole problem is back! but do you know how city of cincinnati crews are handling it? we'll show you in just a moment... "you almost feel like youre in a dream and you're not gonna wake up, you know, because, not him, you know, not him and not the way it happened. but first... emotional words from the family who lost a man they loved in a wrong way crash earlier this week. good evening, i'm megan o'rourke. jose arenas lost his life on wednesday when a woman driving the wrong way on 71... hit him head on.
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sharing more about his life. our own michael baldwin sat down with the family earlier tonight. spoke with his nieces correct. i did megan and i asked them to paint the picture of the man that was lost. the man killed along i-71 behind. they tell me he was very humble, noble, a man of faith and more than anything. he loved his wife. if you knew jose a- ren-us, then you would know his friends called him mar-teen and his wife and his son were his world. just days before he was killed he and his wife sonia were enjoying an important achievement in their life. now she's trying to cope with this loss. its been very tough for her. they just celebrated their 24th anniversy on sunday 24 years and going strong. if he committed then he committed. he worked at cintas for 20 years and a second job at a resturant for 15 years. wednesday morning everything changed. mini van just got on exit 12 going southbound on the northbound lane on
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a-ren-us was killed when 22 year old taryn chin drove the wrong way on i-71 for more than 30 minutes. she told police she had 4 or 5 drinks. according rammed her mini van would normally get home to sonia he would come in and tap her leg and then go not wake her up but that morning it would be the police that came to the door informing her that her husband was dead. you hear about traffic accidents and your like oh mah so sorry for that family. you never put yourself in that position if you never met mar-teen, the family says he would make you laugh and smile
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and whats funny is they weren't really jokes they were real life were all hilarious as for taryn chin is charged with vehicular homicde and his currently out of jail on a 300,000 dollar bond. for a-ren-us are live in cincinnati 19 now. ago... this happened. a massive fire at the iconic rabbit hash general store that claimed nearly everything inside. walk to bam the owners were then left with this... rubble and a shell of what it used to be. but now all that history... might still be preserved. our own mike schell joins us live from rabbit hash with more... and mike... more than 50-thousand
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song and dance fill the night air in rabbit hash....less than one week after fire destroyed the historic focal point of this community... they can wipe away the ashes 1terrie "its the new rabbit hash look. digging through the rubble, building from the ashes." but the memories from this general store...will never go away... 1nat "how are you doing? can i get a hug from ya?" 3duane "you just got so many people that litteraly grew up through the store, including my own grandson. it made a lot of people cry." 2terrie "im overwhelmed and i don't know if its from the loss, you know, or its from the love and support that i'm getting." many of these folks are pulling wood from barns on their own
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the re- construction project... 2duane "that's the big question, how do you make new look old? " 1duane "we're just getting flooded with people willing to donate materials to rebuild." and flooded with people willing to support the cause online. more than 51-thousand dollars in individual donations have been made in less than a week. 4terrie "its absolutely the spirt that held that store up." mike fletcher has played this bass since the early '70's...he kept it in the old store... 1mike "but see it's all burnt. the scroll burned clear off but the keys still go." but mike says losing his intstrument in the fire seems petty at this point... 2mike "the store and everything so much overwhelms this. i don't care about this old base. i just care about this store." 2nat "we're all praying for ya? its okay, we're gonna do it, we're gonna do it." weather now
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dying down... and beautiful weekend ahead of us right jeff? jeff wind advisory continues across the tri-state until 7pm. some of the lebanon airport...46mph, lunken the sun sets this and the overnight hours will be somewhat mild. expect a low in the upper 40s by saturday morning. saturday very nice as we'll will thicken up a few showers will as a cool front sunday's highs will settle into the mid 50s, the upcoming week will see highs back in the 40s. and while all those winds have died down... they left a lot of damage around the tri- state.
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down... they left a lot of damage around the tri- state. meteorologist matt holiner is live to show us the aftermath. matt? thanks jeff, things have quieted down now, but boy was it windy earlier today. a bad hair day for lots of folks. here's a look at the biggest wind gusts that were recorded across the area. the winner, lancaster in dearborn county, indiana where winds peaked 56mph. there was also a 53mph gust reported out at lunken airport,
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gusts peak in the upper 40s. while it was an annoyance for some, for others it caused big problems. up in middletown a large tree was uprooted around 5pm and down in milford in clermont county a tree fell onto a house. and we have video of that from earlier today. fortunately nobody was injured. more trees fell across the area causing power outages and blocking roads. at it's worse, duke energy reported over 9,000 customers without electricity. now that the winds have died down though, crews have been able to make the repairs, and at last check fewer than 900 customers were still without electricity. it will still be breezy tomorrow, but not as windy as today. and with even warmer temperatures expected, it should be an excellent start to the weekend! reporting in covington, matt holiner, fox 19 now. right now... an investigation is underway to figure out what killed a man found dead in a west chester park overnight. police say eric pefley was found by a passerby early
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keehner park. west chester police facebook page, pefley had february 5. a cause a death has not been determined. the mystery continues tonight for a falmouth woman who has been missing since the end of january. tara turner's family tells us the sheriff's office is of the ohio river tomorrow and the searching fields area. the family is also for help. purple carhart jacket and jeans just keep an eye out for anything that looks suspicious that might be in the trees or hung up in brush along the river according to family members, been heard from dropped her off at the california marketplace on the double a highway. drive with the nice weekend warm-up it might be a bumpy
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our ben katko is live tonight... ben... it's definitely pothole season out there. anyone who's been no doubt dodged one of these. this is gest street in queensgate. the city of cincinnati has a solution to filling them... but they need you... and your cell phone. there's no doubt road crews are nothing short of busy these days. "even though during the winter public services does a lot of work on winter operations - we're always fixing potholes." one... ...after another... ...after another. they're kind of tough to miss out there. mos 2 "this street right here is absolutely awful." mos 1 "there's a lot of them around here." aaa estimates drivers fork out $3 billion to repair pothole-related damage. jacob ruoff/driver "the pothole situation is pretty bad. i almost popped a tire the other day on one on mlk. it's pretty deep." ...and it's not expected to get any better. daniel rajaiah "with the weather warming up, folks are going to start to notice a lot more potholes the more you see...
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needs your help to fill the havoc- wreaking... car- wrecking holes. daniel rajaiah "we have crews always ready always on the go." they're asking you help them... through your cell phone. this is the city's "fix it cincy" app... with a point... and a click... you can report what you see on the streets... so city crews can patch it. mos reporter: "if you hit the app, you can tell them where you are, hit a pothole, take a picture. it's as easy as that. is that something you'd be interested in?" mos: "yeah! of course." public services officials say once you report a pothole... they expect to be able to get it patched in a week... maybe quicker. daniel rajaiah "we rely on citizens to report these potholes." there are other ways to report a pothole to the city. did you know you can also get paid for pothole damage? it's true. it's all at fox19 now dot com... right now. live tonight... ben katko... fox19 now. with the funeral set for justice antonin scalia
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already some controversy brewing about how it will play out. we'll tell you why. and now the archdiocese of cincinnati is reacting to donald trumps comments about the pope yesterday. hear their take next... live wx tease right now... the body of justice antonin scalia lies inside the supreme
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washington d-c.... just a day before his funeral. earlier today, the president and first lady paid their respects... as they will not attend tomorrow. says the choice is tied to presidential security... and the the issue of having
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officials in the same place. meanwhile... the debate still looms over who will take the spot. take a look at this... about an hour ago reporters captured the president carrying a packed binder of information about potential candidates. president obama says he's gonna research their backgrounds over the weekend... a decision drawing criticism from some. ""this presidential election will determine what kind of supreme court we have for at least a generation. that's not small. that's huge. and that is why, i think, you want to do this in a better- tempered moment and not in the middle of a presidential election " tomorrows services will be lead by scalia's son... a catholic priest. you decide animation meanwhile the issue of the empty seat is just one of many topics on the table ahead of tomorrow nights republican primary in south carolina. making their final a series of town hall events and a common theme in the speeches? the controversial comments made about the pope
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"donald trump has never shown any interest in anybody else other than himself. " butted to donald trump/r presidential candidate "i don't like fighting with the pope, actually. i don't think this is a fight. i think he said something much softer than was originally reported by the media." and the archdiocese of cincinnati shares that sentiment too! a press release sent out earlier today reads.... "the vatican has affirmed that it was not the aim of the holy father to declare judgment on the specific candidate mentioned in the set-up by the reporter. nor did the pope wade into the fray of u.s. electoral politics attack." we have a link to the complete transcript of the pope's news conference which prompted this original controversy, as well as the entire statement from the posted on our website. meanwhile ohio kasich took a sidebar from his the announcement sign a bill on sunday that would strip nearly 1- dollars from planned parenthood. kasich says he wants that money that are selected by the ohio
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health! in addition to abortions, part of the money that could be stripped is used for h-i-v testing, sex education and foster programs. and just south of the river... kentucky governor matt bevin stopped by the gateway community college in florence earlier today. as bevin spoke to the students and the need to have field of manufacturing. bevin also students... saying modern face of the at today's event, duke energy, donated $70- gateway college and other workforce development efforts in northern kentucky. meanwhile the kentucky state senate has approved a bill that would create different marriage licenses for gay and straight couples. supporters say it's a way to preserve their idea of traditional marriage.... after the terms "bride" and "groom" were replaced with "first party" and "second party" on the forms last summer. the senate also voted that the names of the county clerks are removed from the licenses. the bill now heads to the house of representatives. in oxford... miami university has a new president. gregory crawford was approved
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of trustees. crawford is currently the associate provost at the university of notre dame he'll become miami's 22nd president july first, following the retirement of current president david hodge. weather now animation for february... not sure we could have a better forecast ahead of us this weekend jeff... wx anchor/ in chroma wind advisory continues across the tri-state until 7pm. some of the wind gusts have been as follows: cvg...47mph, lebanon airport...46mph, clermont co. airport...46mph, owenton...48mph, lunken airport...53mph. as the sun sets this gusts will die down hours will be somewhat mild. upper 40s by saturday very nice as we'll upper 60s. clouds will thicken up a few showers will on sunday morning as a cool front works through the region. while sunday's highs will settle into the mid 50s, the upcoming back in the 40s. just how smart is a new investigation shows that it might
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you'd have no idea! tax season also we'll tell you what to look out for next... as if doing your
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now warning of a huge jump in tax- related fraud this year! financial expert nathan bachrach has more in tonights simply money... simply money animation we told youall of those database breaches would pave the way for more tax fraud this year. and nowthe irs says it's seeing a 400-percent spike in phishing and malware! scammers are flooding inboxes with emails that look like they're from the irsasking for taxpayers to supply personal information, to clear up a "processing error" with their return. or the emails contain links that
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the irs. unfortunately, when you click on the link, malware downloads to your computer. the thieves then use that malware to gather your personal information. folksthe irs never emails taxpayers for more information. they will send you a letter if there's a problem with your tax return. the irs is also hearing about more phony phone calls this year. the simply money point: the irs will not call your house to demand money! in factthey don't call at all, unless they've already sent you a letter in the mail. for fox 19 now and simply money, i'm nathan bachrach. frankie gfx do you have a simply money question? log on to our website at fox 19 now dot com and click on the simply money link. the marine who led the charge to place the first american flag above iwo jima has died. first lieutenant john wells was 94- years old... passing away in colorado. he received the navy cross, bronze start and purple heart after leading his group through a full frontal assault... leading
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coming up next... it sounds like something out of 1984... is your "smart" t-v getting a little too smart? it might be learning more about you than youd probably like. it's a story you've got to see to believe next... sot "10 pm reopen"
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great lengths to protect our
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it comes to smart t-v's.... it seems like a "brave new world". some smart tv manufacturers are watching what you watch, then selling the information. fox19 now's jessica brown has more on how privacy groups are fighting back. televisions can now do things we never imagined. wifi enabled super tv's...known as smart tv's...are more popular than ever before. in some cases.... paying as much attention to you are to it. claire gartland/ electronic privacy information center "it's totally creepy." "these days, some smart tv's are tracking what you watch and listening to what you say. what they aren't doing is keeping that information private." three of the leading msung, lg and vizio....all have software installed in their smart tv's...that record snippets of what you watch...from broadcast shows to streaming movies.... you tube videos to your private dvd
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automatic content recognition. claire gartland of the electronic privacy information center, says the smart tv manufacturers sell the viewing data to third party marketing companies. which then use the information for extremely targeted advertising....based on the likes and interests that show up in your viewing habits.. gartland's group think's that is an invasion of privacy. and is most upset about a function on samsung's smart tv remote...that she says.... records your conversations using voice recognition software...even when the tv, is off. claire gartland "and while consumers do turn on the voice recognition software, they are completely unaware that it's a. recording their voice at all times, and b, being sold to advertisers." the electronic privacy information center filed a complaint with the federal trade commission alleging deceptive and unfair trade practices. accusing the
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enough with consumers about what they're doing. meanwhile, california passed a law prohibiting the use of voice recognition on smart tv unless consumers are properly informed during set up. in most cases, manufacturers notifications about smart tv tracking are buried in the user agreement many don't take the time to read. meanwhile, vizio is facing class action lawsuits in at least 3 states over tphe practice. vizio, samsung and lg did not respond to requests seeking comment. jessica brown, fox19 now let's give you a live look downtown... we've got a mild weekend ahead right jeff? live wx tease creighton announce
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wind advisory
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jeff/chroma wind advisory continues across the tri-state until 7pm. some of the wind gusts have been as follows: cvg...47mph, lebanon airport...46mph, clermont co. airport...46mph, owenton...48mph, lunken airport...53mph. as the sun sets this evening the wind gusts will die down and the overnight hours will be somewhat mild. expect a low in the upper 40s by saturday morning. saturday afternoon looks very nice as we'll see highs in the upper 60s. clouds will thicken up saturday night and a few showers will be about the area on sunday morning as a cool front works through the
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sunday's highs will settle into the mid 50s, the upcoming week will see highs back in the 40s. we cant pass up a story like this... a baby goat from from the franklin
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is getting a ton of attention on social media right now... you're looking at chewbacca... a nigerian dwarf goat who only weighs about 4 pounds. workers say she learned how to stand just hours after her birth... right next to her mom... leia. amy 2shot don't forget we're always on final quarter is next... good night. sot "mobile squeezeback" the final quarter begins with proof it's almost march.
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hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. the twenty-sixteen subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan.
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middletown. a buzzer-beating three to start the first friday of tournament basketball in ohio. joe and jeremy 2shot bam/gfx joe the final quarter is on. j-r - joe d and you... the next fifteen on fox19. jeremy it's another week with high flying dunks and buzzer beaters. something about when the 1-9 shows up, this turns into clutch city. the show begins with tonight's best finish. it's milford who took out middletown in last season's tournament... same two teams tonight. and this game changed when kobie johnson started cookin'. milford led by five at the half... but... middletown kicked in the pressure and it ate milford up. middletown down one in the final mintues when vince calhoun strips - eethan edwards scores... middies up one. milford would tie
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final seconds. kobie johnson. purple mamba. middletown wins at the buzzer. listen in on kobie's celebration. kobie johnson: "my name's kobie for a reason" my name's kobie for a reason. middies by three. kobie. kobie johnson: "yeah, i like that. i like the pressure on me for the last shot because if you make the shot everybody is on you and if i missed we still had overtime, but i didn't think there was any pressure and everything like that." night at lakota withrow and saint x. this game - as good matt wittrock - team high eleven bombers down a first look tonight a-k with a great ten points for albert. big number in this game - is eighteen turnovers.


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