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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  February 24, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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now. how much you'll wake up to for your morning commute. road crews out in force.. but they have to wait to treat your roads. what's the hold-up? ben ad-lib "tied me up with this nose piece" thugs break into an older man's home, tying him up with his oxygen cord. how this fighter held it together. explosion in his how this fighter held it together. explosion in his pants! what sparked the dramatic fire. sot "this is fox19 now" nats fans cheering 10 seconds right now right now - muskie fans are going wild!
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number one villanova... at home.. in a blowout.. good evening- i'm tricia macke.. that game just wrapped up... and we have team coverage from the cintas center.. fox19 now's sports anchor jeremy rauch kicks things off.. it never hurts to beat a number one team this time of year... right jeremy? in front of a sellout crowd at cintas center, down goes number one villanova. the first top 5 showdown in almost 60 years, the first ever number one team to play here, and xavier gets it done. x won this game from the start, came out firing and from the start, came out firing and never let up. jalen reynolds sparked it, but j-p macura off the bench, had 19 points in xavier's 7-point win over nova. x remains unbeaten this season when they shoot better
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tonight, and had six guys in double figures. safe to say this solidifies it. x goes from a heavyweight solidifies it. x goes from a heavyweight hopeful, to a heavyweight contender. we'll have reaction from coach mack and the players coming up. live at cintas, jr, fox19 now the hype was so strong on campus today... students were outside before the sun came up. it's a game the 'x' faithful have had circled on their calendars for a long time.
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to campus for the enemy... nats of bus running the road to the top goes through them. nats of "let's go x!" for these fans... this battle cry... has never meant so much. "it's pretty big. i've been excited about it all day. it's going to be great." today is a day like any other on campus at xavier. it's the first time the cintas center has hosted the college basketball the cintas center has hosted the college basketball number one. no font "people showed up at 8 am. they were out there. that's the first time they were allowed to be out there." other students... rising a bit earlier to beat the crowds for the good seats. no font reporter: "how long have you been out here?" paige: "since 7 am." paige bresnen and her friends are the first in line... "it's our last game. we're seniors. we just wanted to be out here to support our muskies." the hype paired with a game of two of college basketball's biggest, best and brightest... is
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jake fouts reporter: "how would you parents feel if they knew you were skipping class today?" student: "um... not good." reporter: "would they be excited to know you're really getting the college experience?" student: "yes. they would. yes they would!" take a look around the stands. this is a game so big... it's attracted hollywood... and the nfl. not to name drop... but yeah, that's bill murray. and yes... that's pro-bowl tight end tyler eifert... oh... and that's bengals runningback jeremy hill. "the atmosphere of this game is - people are pumped. people are pumped." pumped is the best way to describe it. even though this place is cleared out... you can still feel the excitement. for now - we'll send it back to you in the studio.. live at the cintas center... ben katko - fox19 now weather now from rain to
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downpours earlier... today... now the snow is starting to fall... a live look at downtown now... it was a wild weather day... and it's not over. chief meteorologist steve horstmyer - here now with the forecast. steve cam rain will change to wet snow this
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roads, where some of this first snow how are the roads? hamilton county, take a look....the rain has started to change over to snow. and that's have to be careful couldn't just salt in rain conditions because it will just wash away. so they have to wait until the snow falls. now here in were told that the trucks are loaded. ready to hit the road if the snow accumulates. the county has 1,800 lane miles to lookout for, and if the snow starts to stick they'll hit it all at once. and when it comes to the salt supply, i'm told there is enough. and the thing that's really going to help with keeping the snow from accumulating is ground of lately its been warmer. "well, all of our
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standby, we don't have a definite date or definite time frame as to win they will come in tonight. but all the truck are loaded and as soon as the call hits. if we see any kind of or sense any kind of accumulating snow, they'll be on the road." we're back out here live and things are lookinng good for now, we'll keep updated throughout the night. reporting live frankie jupiter fox 19 now. keep the fox19 now weather team in the palm of your hand... detailed radar... and an extended hour by hour forecast.. for free. download the fox19 weather now app... today. developing now developing news now... a sense of relief tonight for those close to murdered middletown mom, brittany russell, after police make an arrest in the case. we broke the news on the fox19 now app, since
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booked into jail, charged with murder. our megan o'rourke has been working the story all day, and is live tonight in middletown. it's been 2 weeks since brittany russell was first reported missing to officers here at the middletown police department....the case of course, turned over to dayton where brittany's body was found. in the short time since, homicide detectives tell me they have been working around the figure out not only what happened, but who is responsible...and tonight, they feel they may finally have that answer. sot 6 = :12 "she was just, she was silly, she was happy go lucky, she was giddy, she loved to laugh and smile...and she loved her girls...she was a mom" those closest to brittany russell say her positive outlook on life has helped them through the last couple weeks. it was february 10th when brittany was found shot to death inside her parked, running car in dayton...her infant daughter still in the backseat. sot 4 = :07 "you know and for someone to do what they did to her, why? how?"
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dayton police answered at least one question: who. when they led a handcuffed 34 year old brandon carr from the police department to the montgomery county jail where he was booked in on a murder charge. sgt. richard blommel dayton homicide - sot 1 = :15 'we've been investigating this homicide that occured back on the 10th very religiously. conducting interviews and tracking down evidence. we were able to track down a second individual in that was involved in the homicide of brittany russell" officers previously arrested another man, who remains in jail tonight, but is currently being held only on a drug charge. investigators still aren't saying what led them to the men... however, those close to brittany say they were acquaintances who took advantage of her trust. sot 3= :14 "it''s sad you know, i'm just glad....they've got him. it's just, hard, because brittany, she was such a good person" dayton police tell me they plan to
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tomorrow morning and present cases against both men in custody tonight. we'll be following that meetning and let you know what happens. rl mo fox19 now. a fugitive from michigan... is now behind bars in middletown. police say 43- year-old timothy terry shot and killed a man outside a home depot in detriot. terry is now being held in the butler county jail... after he was found in middletown by the southwest ohio fugitive aprehension strike team ... he'll be extadited back to michigan to face charges. getting high... and getting behind the wheel ... a look at the disturbing trend of drugged driving - "i was shocked! i was like what was that? you have caught on camera... pants on a man recovering up in his jeans! steve chroma now at 10:00 in high performance toyota: always home of the $24.99 oil change
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already coming down in parts of the tri-state.. a check of your forecast... coming up. three women and a man are behind bars after attacking an disabled man. they tied-up the 65 year-old...with the cords from his oxygen tanks... while stealing his stuff. fox 19's michael baldwin spoke to the victim and joins us live outside the butler county court house. michael the victim knew one of the attackers? he did tricia he said he hadn't seen her in about 6 or 7 months when she suddenly showed up at his door with
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he told me he feels the attack was about getting his pain medication and money for other drugs. they alway say you be at the wrong place at the wrong time. i was at the right place but at the wrong time getting up and answering the door that's 65 year old david caldwell. he told me he did something you shouldn't do. he answered the door at his middlletown apartment without seeing who it was first. so i opened the door just a crack and thats all it took for these 4 suspects to come barging in and begin his worst nightmare. pulled me over to the bed. tied me up with this nose piece that nose piece is connected to his oxygen tank. they used the extra slack to keep him prisoner. im stuggling to breathe she is beating me over the head with a gun> the she is kimberly
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in months. he said she had a gun to his head while the others maggie robinson, david albertson and stephanie inabnitt he tells me stole his tv, phone, pain meds, wallet with 100 bucks in it and his 6 packs of pepsi. he said he still can't believe all this happend to him. you people, you young people, there is no sense in embarking your life in crime, drugs, and especially abuising the old people caldwell told me he is glad he is getting justice but what he wants more than anything is an apology and his 100 bucks back. live in butler county michael baldwin fox 19 now. caught on camera
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his e-cigarette battery explodes --- in his pants pocket.... and it's all caught on camera. surveillance video shows josh hamilton was standing in line at an owensboro convenience store -- when the battery explodes -- shooting sparks and flames from his pants pocket. as you can see hamilton rushes past an employee, out the door, and struggles to take his burning pants off. an employee behind the counter grabbed a fire extinguisher and helps put out the fire. jassie singh, gas station employee, "he was giving hand in his pocket and blast in his pocket. and he was burning." butted to station employee, "i was shocked! i was like what was that? you have a was like that! you carry your bomb in your pocket? i was totally this my hands were on another store hamilton to the was treated for burns on his leg.
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all over ohio, have testified "in favor" of a new bill. it would allow firefighters to receive, workers compensation... if they are diagnosed with cancer, and can prove, it was job-related. studies have shown some cancers, are higher in firefighters, than the rest of the population, because of their exposure to carcinogens in smoke from burning material, inside buildings. in ohio... doctors aren't allowed to presume there's a link, between cancer and firefighting. this bill, would change that, and give firefighters the opportunity, to apply for workers comp. live now the snow is coming down here in ohio, next were tell you how kentucky is preparing notre dame academy in park hills... is closed tomorrow. the all-girls high school is shut down because of a water main break on campus... all events tomorrow will be rescheduled. also in northen kentucky ... ft. thomas schools.. are concerned about a sucisipous man lurking around one of their schools. officials sent this
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including me.. an older man has been spotted a couple of times on campus during dismissal ... police are keeping an eye out... and say there's no immediate threat. at least three people killed -- as severe weather slams the southern portion of the u-s. the storms spawned dozens of twisters last night... leaving destruction from louisiana to florida. the powerful system ... continues to spur tornado warnings ... tonight ... you're looking at one of the hardest hit areas ... a mobile home park in covent, louisiana where 150 trailers were reduced to rubble. resident "i just knew that it was a tornado. i was crying and i was so scared. the house would not stop shaking the whole entire time, it was just terrible." take a look right behind us... that's live from our newport cam... snow is the story.. and the chief - here now with what you can expect in the morning.. steve cam rain will change to wet snow this evening and i have
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the lane next to you and you don't even know it. we're going to do very well in ohio. the battle for ohio has begun... a new poll... ahead of the buckeye state primary... his football career... made him a legend...
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captivated the nation... now a t-v show... centers on the juice... and tonight we're learning new details about o-j simpson's life behind bars.... o-j's servant? you heard me right. what we're
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simpson's prison perks. "it takes drunk driving
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the roads. what could be in the lane next to you and you all eyes on the roads tonight. we're out live with the crews getting ready for the snow. you decide 2016 you decide 2016... after winning nevada.. donald trump.. is moving ahead in what appears to be a clear-cut path to nominiation... and a new quinnipiac poll in the buckeye state shows governor john kasich trailing republican donald trump. but governor confidence he can despite a five point in fact, he told supporters the florida senator needs to clear the way for him, despite a disappointing loss in nevada -- where mr. kasich came in dead last of the g-o-p candidates still in the race.
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a huge senate democratic reid. clinton and senator bernie sanders --- are looking ahead to this weekend's democratic south carolina primary ... sen. bernie sanders/d "we're not writing off south carolina, now you all know that on march 1st there are a dozen states that are holding elections and the nature of the world is that we got to go out." meanwhile---sander s will be in ohio tomorrow. he's hosting a rally university in the morning.... in berea. and open to the public. ohio's primary is march 15-th. weather now the chief... keeping busy tonight... what's the latest on the snow that we're expecting... steve cam rain will change to wet snow this evening and i have
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through our area and many road crews around the tri-stat are taking precaution by having crews ready to roll if the snow becomes too much. fox19 now's frankie jupiter has been monitor conditions on the road the roads, frankie how are the roads? we are starting to see that snow here at the intersection of 74 and northbend and over in northern kentucky crews are getting ready to hit the roads tonight as well. district 6 snow- fighters will be reporting to their state maintenance facility tonight. within the 11 counties that district 6 covers, they have 45
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district is in great shape when it comes to salt supply. the district is also counting on warm ground temperature to help fight snow accumulation. so we are calling in our crews at midnight, so we'll have everybody on board in our 11 counties that cover district six and they'll be on standby and loaded and plow blades on and whatever they need to do to take care of the snow, they're calling for. we're back out here live and things are once again changing from rain to now here at 74 and north bend we'll keep updated throughout the night. reporting live frankie jupiter fox19 now whether it's rain, snow or sunny skies ... know about it first by downloading the fox19 now weather app. text "snow" to 4- 19-19. drugged behind the wheel -- it's a disturbing trend in the tri-state.
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drive, causing deadly crashes. cops say every time you get in your car, there could be a someone high driving right next to you. fox19 now's michael baldwin has more on "drugged driving." caught on camera -- a montgomery police dashcam is rolling as a man crosses into oncoming traffic and slams his car into another car and a school bus. then this video -- it went viral... dude, what is your problem? why you handlin' like that? right, your kid is in the car." a man stops another driver who'd been driving erratically on i-75 in mason. and then just this week -- on 275 in fort thomas. police say a man crashed his car and died. a woman and baby were also thrown from the car. in all these cases -- and these are just a few in the tri-state -- police say the drivers were likely high on heroin. "it takes drunk driving to a whole new level." kenton county
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attorney rob sanders says his office is seeing a drugged driving case almost daily. that his office backed up with cases. "these are not easy cases to prosecute, they often require blood tests that must be sent out." meantime, in clermont county... sheriff's deputies regularly find evidence of heroin use in cars. "syringes..uh tie- offs. the daily patrol shift has taken on a new deputies watch for drivers high behind the wheel. and what's so terrifying for unsuspecting tri- state drivers, many of these cases happened during the day....when you were driving your kids to school, going to work, running errands. "that's when they typically are going to get the drugs in the daytime, they're going to where they need to get the drug." "as soon as they get the drug, they want to take the drug." and experts say unlike drunk driving where it takes time for alcohol to affect the user. heroin -- once ingested -- almost immediately
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quickly become unconscious. like this wife who police say injected her husband with heroin, while he then passed out. were also in the car. police say to stay we all need to be some signs a driver might be high. quick acceleration or deceleration tailgating erratic braking inconsistent signaling falling asleep it's a harsh reality we need to consider every time we get on the road. "i think all of us involved in the criminal justice system, regardless of what side of the courtroom you're on are afraid for our families and for people on the road. it's like these drivers are playing russian roulette with our lives, not just with theirs." mchael baldwin, fox19 now. sanders says if a person uses heroin and drives that's a violent crime. in kenton county, that means wanton endangerment, as well as impaired driving charges.
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in tomorrow to the fox19now morning news when we continue the captain jeff sellars from the clermont county sheriff's will speak with rob williams about drugged driving in the 8 oclock hour. cincinnati police the victim of a sexual offense earlier this month... around three in the morning on february fifth .... the suspect walked into an academic building and committed the offense. the victim white with brown framed glasses. police are asking anyone with information to call police. and miami university is investigating 21 allegations of hazing from more than 10 fraternities and sororities. officials say the school doesn't tolerate hazing or any activity that endangers students ... they are requiring chapters to initiate new members by friday to end the process early. about a quarter of the student body participates in greek life. no suspensions have been handed down yet. consumer alert it is coming from a scamming scum bag who
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to it. it will only cause you time and grief and money butler county prosecutor mike gmoser said some irs scam artist tried to get him yesterday and he's the prosecutor. he said the irs will never call you and just hang up the phone. he told fox 19 that the scammers told him he owed over 6000 dollars in back taxes. they told him to stay on the phone while he goes to the bank to take care of the sitation. he said they are targeting the elderly in the area and to ignore them. the juice may be locked up... but he still has some luxuries... including a servant. o-j simpson reportedly pays his cellmate to heat up his food and serve it to him.
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cleans up after simpson, keeping the cell neat and tidy for a fee. no word, how much. the new information is coming out in a book written by one of simpson's former prison guards. acquitted of the murders of his ex- wife nicole brown simpson and her friend ron goldman.... o-j is serving up to 33 years for an armed robbery. different prices for different customers? after the break, what we're learning about secret prices for some and how you can get the lowest.... live now joe and jeremy both live tonight... what's coming up guys? it's quiet now.but less than an hour ago. xavier had cintas rocking. hear from coach and the players
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did you know--some online retailers
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using a mac, you may be paying more for that plane ticket or hotel room! even office supplies can cost more or less, depending where you live! it's thanks to something called "dynamic pricing"where prices are fluid, depending on who's looking at them. when you visit a retailer's websitethey mine data from you using things like what kind of computer using, where you're
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browsing history. according to the wall street journal, travel site "orbitz" used that information to charge certain customers more for hotel rooms. orbitz knew from data that mac users were willing to pay up to 30% more for hotels, so they reportedly steered those people towards pricier ones to net bigger commissions. time magazine reported that delta airlines charged frequent flyers up to $300 more for the same fare as other passengers. the idea being, apparently, frequent flyers traveling for business would be willing to pay more. but it's not just travel. the wall street journal found that staples, home depot, lowe's and other retailers used location datato set different prices for different customers. and amazon has used dynamic pricing. the "econsultancy" group found amazon changes its prices every ten minutes based on the data it collects. amazon's ceo says those price changes are driven by supply and demand, not customer data. but amazon did have to issue refunds after angry customers figured out they'd
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other shoppers for the same dvd. so how do companies get away with this? well, dynamic pricing is only illegal if it's based on race, gender, religion, or nationality. but there are a few tricks for working around dynamic pricing. firsttry doing your shopping using different web browsers and devices to see if you get different prices! you can also try setting your browser to private mode, so you aren't sharing your data with retailers, and try using a few different zip codes to see if the price changes. once you do buy something, use a price tracker like "camel camel camel" for amazon, or price zombie. if you see a lower price later, call customer service and ask them to refund the difference! for fox 19 now and simply money, i'm nathan bachrach. live wx tease sot "steve weather animation"
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wet snow this evening and i have
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off number one 90- 83. is too much to say, there is some vindication for cincinnati against a pennsylvania team? it's xavier's first win over nova in the
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and it's fitting because bengals tyler eifert and jeremy hill were in the house. also actor bill murray. jalen reynolds dunk edmond to jp macura 3 edmond to myles davis 3 edmond sumner and 1 edmond to james farr jam jer live cam xavier is now 6-1 against ranked teams this year. still hopes alive of a big east regular season title.
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jer live cam kind of ironic bill
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for an everyday item to become dangerous always keep laundry pacs away from children. keep them closed. keep them up. keep them safe. a message from tide tonight because spring training can feel a little bit like groundhog day. we didn't get andie macdowell here to break the routine - but lou piniella isn't bad. sweet lou - back in a reds uniform for the first time since the nineties. his first day on the job as a front office consultant. you bet he wore his 1990 world
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best known back home for winning games - throwing fits and throwing bases. some serious 1990 flavor at this spring training - lou piniella - eric davis - barry larkin - billy hatcher and bill doran in camp to work with this young group. live in arizona - jd fox19 now. tricia 4-shot steve's tracking the next 24 hours.. tricia cam don't forget we're
10:56 pm goodnight. sot "announcer: now with the fox19 mobile app, you'll never be without fox19 news. from
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