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tv   FOX19 Morning News Extra  FOX  February 29, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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i'm frank marzullo. and joining me this morning for our chat is jeff creighton today, a local survivors will be laid to rest. werner verner coppel was a prisoner at verner coppel was a prisoner at auschwitz
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he escaped after two years. after fleeing nazi germany coppel came to america. he has spent decades speaking on the holocaust, dangers of discrimination. coppel was 91 years old. information on today's visitation and funeral is on fox19 now dot com. more changes in pricing at disney
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world and disneyland... disney hopes its "surge pricing" will "help spread out visitors"
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host chris rock opened last night's oscar awards with a nod to the "oscars so white "well i'm here at the academy awards... otherwise known as the white people's choice protesting... why this oscars? why this oscars you know.... it's the 88th academy awards... it's the 88th academy awards
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no black nominees has happened at least 71 other times. rock goes on to say that if hosts were elected by the academy then they would be watching neil patrick harris leonardo dicaprio finally won an oscar.
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breaking news in southern china... where ten school children have been stabbed plus... we are following developing news from overnight... a wyoming grad, speaking out for the first time, since being detained in north korea. what the 21-year- old is saying to state media, this morning. xtra is sponsored by breaking news just in.... a man in
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just in.... a man in southern china has stabbed ten schoolchildren... and killed himself. state run media says all the children surived and were taken to the hospital. the motive for the attack remains unclear. developing now developing news now the first glimpse of a wyoming high school grad, who is currently being held in north korea. otto warmbier is a university of taken into custody back in january, after he allegedly north korean banner containing a political slogan that was hanging from the walls of his pyongyang hotel. in front of state media, he said that a church member at friendship united methodist church offered to pay him to do this. "i wish that the united
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people like myself in the future to commit crimes against foreign countries. i entirely beg you and the government of dpr korea for your forgiveness." a spokesperson for friendship united methodist church told cnn that warmbier is not a member of the church. the u-s state department says it's aware the 21-
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four years.... so what happens when a baby is born on leap year? jordan villines is live at uc medical center...and jordan...have you heard of any
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we'll tell you how you can look years younger coming up plus... we're talking some of the best moments from the oscars with our friends from q102. we'll see what jeff and jenn thought of the winners... coming up next toyota billboard franchise animation
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winners are here! view the list of from oscar sunday as well as the complete list of 2016 oscar nominees. look for the winner posted next to each each awarded nominee. mad max:
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nominations and took home the most awards with 6 oscar wins! as viewers awaited, excitement ensued when leonardo dicaprio won his first oscar for best actor showcasing his role in the revenant.
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anomalisa boy and the world inside out - winner shaun the sheep movie when marnie was there =================== ========== cinematography carol the hateful eight mad max: fury road the revenant - winner sicario still to come everyone wants to look younger.... we'll talk with our friends from
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how to look like a leap year baby... coming up next open studio bump shot frank 2 shot welcome back to caress presents the wod' fibo wash with fragrance release pearls.
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watch at our local hospitals today...and speaking of babies how would you like to look younger? gray from mitchells here with some techniques and ideas... guest: gray we would like to focus this segment on the following: " anti-aging treatments and how to stay
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the environment glymed plus supports the sustainability of the environment through corporate recycling, energy- efficient powering and environmentally conscience formulas. our goal is to keep harmful chemicals out of the air, water, soil and our bodies. still to come super tuesday is tomorrow. where... a number
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tomorrow, voters and caucus-goers will begin making their choices for democratic and republican presidential nominees in more than a dozen states and u-s territories. super tuesday represents the key point in the primary race. 595 delegates are up for grabs for g-o-p, 865 for the democrats.... ...and judging from the ramped up rhetoric, the candidates are taking aim at the frontrunner... sen ted cruz/r presidential candidate "donald trump as the nominee means hillary probably wins and we lose this country hillary clinton/d presidential candidate "we don't need to make america great again. america has never stopped being great." sen. marco rubio/r presidential candidate "donald is not gonna make america great he's gonna make america orange." here's when the
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indiana...may 3rd kentucky...may 17th is the democratic primary...this saturday is the republican caucus. still to come the search for a missing northern kentucky mother appears to have come to a tragic end. the latest comign up. breaking news
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st a two year old in eastern idaho has
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a high of 59 temps will drop on wednesday. leftover rain could mix with some wet snow early wednesday morning as temperatures will top out at 36 wednesday breezy and partly cloudy. then we watch for snow shower chances on thursday and thursday night with a high of 38 could see some accumulation. today is february 29th.... and that
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year... which only comes around every 4 years... fox19 now's jordan vilines is at u-c medical center with more on this special day. we're here outside of uc hospital where some leapling babies are likely to be born here today...take a look at some fun facts about leap day.. leap day by numbers -it takes earth 363.242 days to orbit the sun -when a leap year is added every 4 years, the calendar is still off - to fix that: only centuries divisible by 400 are leap years
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over... but people are still talking about the fashion we'll take a look at some of the best and worst dressed coming up in about 20 minutes
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mac and cheese ... villa italian kitchen here ... tony sharp recipe: mac and cheese yields 5 large portions ingredients cavatappi pasta, dry 1 pound alfredo sauce 5 cups shredded cheddar cheese 8 ounces crushed garlic croutons 1/8 cup alfredo sauce - substitute store bought sauce for convenience butter 4 ounces flour, all purpose 1/3 cup milk 1 cup heavy cream 1 quart granulated garlic 1 tsp. grated romano cheese 1/2 cup salt & pepper to taste sauce directions 1. add butter to pot on medium heat. when butter is melted add flour and whisk until smooth and no lumps.
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to pot slowly mixing quickly to avoid a a lumpy sauce. 3. cook sauce for 10 minutes or until well thickened. 4. add grated cheese and whisk until smooth. remove from heat. baking directions 1. cook pasta following directions on box. 2. remove and drain pasta - add alfredo sauce and cheese in a mixing bowl and mix well. 3. pour into casserole dish. top with crouton crumbs and additional cheddar cheese. 4. bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. info as you may know, 2016 is a leap year, and villa italian kitchen is stepping in to help make the day extra special for all the "leaplings" out
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morning xtra... the extra hour of the xtra. we still have an hour to go... but first we want to check your forecast. weather now a breezy morning as


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