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recover from a fatal shooting, happening at a backyard cookout late wednesday night. the death toll has now risen to 6, after the medical examiner ruled the death of a pregnant woman's fetus a homicide yesterday afternoon. three others were injured. neighbors gathered at a vigil yesterday afternoon to honor the victims. "this is against every form of decency here. plotted premeditated, calculated." we need to start with prayer. our hearts are broken. we're just devastated by what's happened to our community. it's not just about these families it's about all of us." police are still looking for the shooters... meantime, a 20- thousand dollar reward is being offered for information that leads to an arrest. the first case of
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confirmed... after a man in louisville tests positive for the virus. state health officials say the man recently returned from central america is doing well in his recovery. governor matt bevin says he wants to inform everyone about the risks of the disease, especially with spring break coming up.. but says there's no reason to worry. "this is so far out in front of thi s being an issue for kentucky but it is intentionally so. we want people to be informed" state health officials say zika is not believed to be in the mosquito population in kentucky or in the u.s. "i know that's a lot of people find appeal in the things donald says because he says the things they wish they could say. the problem is presidents can't just say anything they want. it has consequences here and around the world. applause " a big debate last night for the g-o-p presidential candidates, as time is now running thin to stop frontrunner donald trump's momentum.... this weekend, republican presidential hopefuls are pushing for more votes ahead of big, winner-takes-all
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and florida....two of them will be campaigning here in the tri-state. rob dblbx our jordan vilines joins us live from the duke energy center with details on the visits... live this weekend, ohio governor john kasich and donald
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private funeral service in california -- before being buried next to her husband, president ronald reagan. mourners of all ages have traveled to the reagan library in simi valley, california to pay their final respects to one of the most influential first ladies of the 20th century. michelle obama, and three former first ladies are expected to attend the services today... includin laura bush....hillary clinton and rosalynn carter. nancy reagan died sunday in her home in los angeles of congestive heart
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she was 94. following another day of flooding, residents across are battling dangerous flooding. the slow-moving killed four driver who ignored a barricade and was swept off the road. a state of emergency has been declared across a wide swath of northern louisiana -- with more flash flood warnings across the region. scaggs says: "people and aren't; really understanding the that could be around the corner." all that water, not any time soon... 5 to 8 inches of rain is expected in the baton rouge area between now and saturday morning. a bill to allow pharmacists to serve as gatekeepers for cold medicines that common methamphetamine pseudoephedrine, is indiana gov. mike pence. the senate measure thursday... under the bill, regularly visit not be affected. new customers
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limited dosage of pseudoephedrine or could obtain a prescription to get a larger dosage. the state would also track pseudoephedrine sales that come from those prescriptions. if you believe defense wins champsionships, there's definitely good news, following the second day of bengals free- agency. the bengals have officially resigned george iloka and vinny rey.. to three and five year contracts... they join adam jones... he's back for three years as well. coming up... ford says it's going to start making bullet-proof doors for certain vehicles... who the company hopes to protect and a big recall on certain frozen foods... the product you need to check, in your freezer fox19 weather open the rain has stopped and a dry
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we continue to follow breaking news from overnight... two women are dead following a shooting in fairfield township... why police are calling it a "murder-suicide" this morning. kara gfx and two missing sisters have been found safe and in good health, nearly a year after they disappeared from a new york state bus stop... who police say held them against their will for 11 months. kara gfx and... switching gears...a big win for the muskies in the big apple... what's next for xavier in tonight's big east semi-finals... these stories and more.. coming up in our next half hour. ford will soon be offering doors for police cars that can protect against armor- piercing bullets. the company's police interceptor sedans and s-u-vs, will be the first in the u.s. to meet the justice department's highest standard for body armor. ford says it has received requests for the extra protection particularly from police in the middle east and eastern europe. a consumer alert for you this morning... a massive nestle recall on products made in northeast ohio! nearly 3 million
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stouffer's lasagnas and lean cuisines are being recalled after customers reportered finding pieces of glass in their food. the solon based company says they're investigating. we've posted full details on the recalled products on fox 19 now dot com rob 2shot just ahead... a new york man is freed, after serving 25 years in jail, for a crime he did not commit... despite it all... he's still hopeful for the future....that story, just ahead. kara vo and... the efforts to rebuild the rabbit hash general store, after being destroyed by a fire... how the community is coming together to honor the historic landmark
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thisma american workers brought us back from the crash. now, let's move forward. we need jobs that provide dignity and a bright future. new penalties to stop companies from moving profits and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term. we've gotta create new jobs and industries of the future. i'm hillary clinton and i
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one of the toughest days of the year for people who aren't so good at getting up in the morning... daylight savings time begins... meaning it's time to set your clocks an hour forward, and lose an hour of sleep. and, it turns out there may be more serious reasons to dread the time shift. researchers at the university of alabama at birmingham say springing forward one hour may lead to an increased risk of heart attacks for people with a history of heart disease... studies have also linked daylight savings to an increase in car accidents, linking it to a lack of sleep. ad lib 4 shot the rain has stopped and a dry
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a big fundraiser will be held to hash rebuilding the iconic general store was nearly destroyed in a fire last month... our shawn lanier joins us live with more on the plans to rebuild the store... colonel de spices is hosting
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serving 25 years in jail... for a crime he didn't commit. andre hatchett was jailed after being wrongly convicted of murder in 1992... the only evidence in the case -- the eyewitness testimony of a man who first told police someone else killed the victim -- and who pointed to hatchett when cops found out that first suspect was in jail at the time,and couldn't have done it. hatchett is now
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relatives... they never lost faith even as he became a victim of the system. jacqueline hatchett/cousin "we always knew that he was innocent." "my son caught a heart attack, my mother died, my little brother died while i was in here, got sick, but i'm strong, i always fall, get back up and try again" hatchett says that despite the lost time, right now he wants to say positive, and focus on the future. an eye on washinton this morning... diapers are a must-have but they can also be quite expensive... that's why the white house is launching a new initiative to make diapers more affordable for low-income families. access to diapers up to 25 percent cheaper the program launches at the end of next month. coming up.... good news for maria sharapova... following some major flac for her admission to failing a drug test plus... a police officer, gets an unexpected stow- away... the efforts to find his "furry friend"... a new home st jude animation there are still
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home giveaway... but for a chance to win... you'll want to get your ticket out! call the number on 800-537-1735... it's 100-dollars to be entered in the drawing for the home
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millions of good jobs lost. communities devastated. the jobs moved overseas. only one candidate for president has consistently fought trade deals that ship ohio jobs overseas. bernie sanders. sanders opposed the disastrous nafta trade deal. opposed special trade status with china. now he's opposing the trans-pacific trade deal. while others waffle, bernie is fighting hundreds of thousands of new job losses. for jobs. for us. bernie. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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star maria sharapova is gaining an allie this the tennis racket company "head" says it intends to extend its contract with the star player. several major deals following her announcement
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sponsorship with nike. sharapova says she had been taking a drug that she did not realize was declared a banned substance this year. the c-e-o of 'head' says sharapova made an honest mistake... and deserves the benefit of the doubt. a little dog ended up in a very unusual spot in phoenix... the undercarriage of a police s-u-v. it started when an officer on patrol came across a pack of small dogs running in the street. but one of them, this little chihuahua mix, ran under his tahoe and jumped up into the undercarriage... and wouldn't come out! the officer didn't think that was even possible... but he says, getting her out, is all in a day's work. you know, part of our job, public service, regardless is also some of our four-leg friends at time, we do what we can to keep them safe as well." in all, she was in the undercarriage for about 20 minutes. she didn't have a chip in her... so phoenix police animal control will hold her for 72 hours before putting her up for adoption. coming up... big buzz for the
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a win in last night's big east tournament! a live look now at midtown manhattan... what's up next for xavier basketball... fater the break kara 2 shot good morning -- it's just about 6:30 i'm kara sewell.
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and i'm rob williams... let's get a look at our forecast with frank the rain has
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dead in what police murder-suicide. officers were called to springcrest drive in fairfield township around 9 o'clock last night. the police chief says a woman shot and killed her daughter, then turned the gun on herself. we're told a relative found the bodies in the basement of a home. the police chief says he will release more information later this morning. new this morning new this morning. aircare is called after an early- morning crash in hamilton. officers say a driver lost control on u-s 127, hitting the sign in front of cohen brothers recycling.
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cut him out of the car. we're told he was wearing his seatbelt and was flown to the hospital as a precaition. no word on a cause. hundreds of northern kentucky jobs are being eliminated as the innotrac facility in hebron shuts down some of the workers will be eliminated in may... affected will be second. given, as to why innotrac will be closing. the road to the white house is going through the tri-state this weekend... presidential hopefuls will be in town ahead of next week's primary. rob dblbx our jordan vilines joins us live from center with details on the visits... ohio governor fox news that his run for president hinges on whether in tuesday's donald trump isn't without a fight. the duke convention center
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to 43 percent among ohio likely democratic primary voters. the independent quinnipiac university poll also found that 5- percent of voters remain undecided and 17 percent of those who named a candidate, say they might change their
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two new york sisters reported missing last year.... have been found alive, 11 months later. police say shaeleen and kylea fortner, now 16 and 14, were kidnapped and held against their will for nearly a year. with help from a phone tip, officers went to a home and found the girls... they also arrested a 29-year-old woman... investigators say she was a family aquaintance. "for all of us, i think 11 months goes by and you think you are never going to see them again or you think the worst, but police didn't give up." officials say the teens are in good health and now in the care of children's services. the suspect is being held in jail without bond. kris glavin: "it was the best team we've seen from this school in a very long time. maybe ever. ever. this is the best team best team in the country" xavier fans... have a reason to celebrate this morning.... they made easy work of marquette in their big east
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garden... xavier was led by trayvon blewitt...who scored a career high 24 xavier's 90 to 72 win. they advance to the tournament semifinals...against seton 9 o'clock. coming up... a "win" for residents of flint this morning... and the big moves the city's mayor is asking for next and looking back on a major disaster... five years later. the impact the fukushima disaster has had on the people of japan frank weather open the rain has
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the difference between possible and impossible? it's a person who believes they can, surrounded and supported by others-by us- who believe it, too. u.s. bank -- the power of possible. if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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tsunami hit japan... causing on of the
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1980's. this drone video shows the extent of the enduring devastation. the magnitude nine-point-oh quake shook the country for nearly six minutes on march 11, 2011. more than 20- thousand people died or went missing that day. the quake also damaged the fukushima nuclear reactor, knocking out the cooling system and causing a reactor fuel meltdown. new this morning...flint residents will now get a temporary reprieve from water bills as the city continues to struggle with polluted tap water. the city is now suspending the mailing of the utility bills to over 80-thousand accounts. residents won't receive any more bills until the city recalculates account balances with credits to reduce costs. governor rick snyder recently approved a 30 million dollar plan to help residents pay for their water. customers are expected to get an average of 6- hundred dollars....somethin g the city's mayor calls a "good start."
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long as we still have this water issue, we're going to continue to need that kind of state aid." the advocacy group food and water watch says flint residents had paid the highest water bills out of 500 communities surveyed nationwide. just ahead.... beer drinkers -- a warning for you this morning... the company that's issuing a recall for possible glass shards! this friday morning is starting out dry... but frank says, that's not for long. how rain could impact your weekend plans... next. kara gfx now for your fox
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area... $1.65 3760 paxton ave & wasson rd kentucky: $1.85 kroger 130 pavilion parkway near 10th st happening today happening today country... the south by southwest festival opens in austin, texas, with president barack obama in attendance. obama appears as part of a keynote conversation... the festival includes premieres of movies and hundreds of music acts. happening today today across the region... new visitor restrictions begin today at indianapolis area hospitals... in an effort to curb the spread of the flu. people with symptoms of the flu, those under 18, and those who aren't immediate family, will no longer be allowed until further notice.
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and here in the tri- state... a ribbon cutting ceremony will be held in at devou park in covington. the event is set for 4 o'clock... the john volz trail nature trail has been rebuilt and cleared to improve drainage and accessibility. rob 2shot more news in just a moment but first we want to check your forecast. kara 2shot frank has a look at today's weather. the rain has
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will be held to efforts. the iconic general destroyed in a fire our shawn lanier joins us live with more on the plans to rebuild the store... if you have any bottles of corona
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refrigerator, listen up... the beer-maker is voluntarily recalling specific bottles, due to concerns that they may contain shards of glass. corona estimaets the recall affects approximately 1 in every 5,000 12-ounce clear bottles of you can check the their website, to see if their drinks
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no injuries have been reported. coming up at 7 oclck toyota billboard weather open
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stopped and a dry start out cloudy cloud mix a high of tonight clouds increase a few low 47. saturday showers in the morning then a chance of afternoon evening showers or a thunderstorm high 68. rain and thunderstorm chances build for sunday into the afternoon high 67. shoppers monday starting next week then sunny and warm with temperatures near 70. toss to denise for traffic utility work on north and
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cheaper! taco bell has unveiled a one dollar breakfast's available nationwide today. taco bell's breakfast menu has several new additions like the mini skillet bowl with potatoes and scrambled eggs... and a sausage
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chef "gordon ramsay" is going digital. you know him from fox's hits masterchef and hell's kitchen. he's apparently been working on the game for years. players of the game will start out as a poor chef... and over time... advance their virtual careers- with restaurant upgrades. the game... is expected to come out this summer this picture has people talking on socail media.. an eerie image from the cleveland museum of art. what do you think? this is the "the colossal head of the deva" but check out the reflection in the window. the statue's mouth is closed, but in the reflection, it appears the head's mouth is open with teeth, and smiling. and shadows make it look like the eyes are glaring. the museum is trying to recreate the reflection. rob traffic a live look at 75 southbound at ronald reagan... that's it for this hour... but don't go away... fox19now continues...
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kara 2shot good morning, i'm kara sewell. rob 2shot and i'm rob williams. meteorologist frank marzullo joins us with a snapshot of your forecast. the rain has stopped and a dry friday is on tap. we start out cloudy and then a sun and cloud mix a high of 63. tonight clouds increase a few showers by dawn low 47. saturday showers in the morning then a chance of afternoon evening showers or a thunderstorm high 68. rain and thunderstorm chances build for sunday into the afternoon high 67. shoppers monday starting next week then sunny and warm with temperatures near 70. we're following a couple of breaking news stories out of butler county this morning... news stories out this morning... right now...hamilton investigating a charles is found shot inside a car. about an hour ago. that's all the information dispatchers would we have a crew heading to the scene...and we'll bring you more


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