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i'm shannon mulaire, thanks >> live, local breaking news, this is wyff news 4 today in high definition. myra: a quick note here if you're headed to the airport this morning. delays have been stacking up throughout the night around the county. so you need to check with your airline beforehand. it seems many delays are due to servere weather through out the u.s. patrick: also in this morning's headlines. greenville county deputies need your help locating this missing man. myra: plus, reports of a car in the water, led to a search on the salute or river. patrick: good morning. i'm patrick hussion in for geoff. myra: and i'm myra ruiz in for allyson n well dale, you are the only one not on vacation. dale: good to see both of you. we've got fog. it is going to be foggy until about noon to 1:00 across the region. it will be patchy fog, denser in
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some spots than others. surfaces are wet from some rain overnight. here's a quick look at what's going on on live super doppler 4 hd. showers along the border. fog advisories are out for the entire upstate and piedmont. these areas of green are flood watches that have been issued. saturated ground with heavy downpours expected could lead to some localized flooding. we've got more rain to deal with for the first half of the week. monday, tuesday, wednesday, we will get more rain. the heaviest shower activity in the mississippi valley area. looks like you will need the umbrella first half of the week, but looking better into the week. more about that in just a few minutes. patrick: all right, dale, thank you. and don't forget. when bad weather hits, you can turn to the wyff 4 mobile app for the latest weather updates including live radar. the app is free to download and available in both apple and android stores. myra: this morning deputies in
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greenville county are continuing to investigate a man's death deputies say they were called to a home on perry road in the sans souci area around six sunday night. deputies tell us they found a man dead inside that home. so far investigators are calling this a death investigation. they're not releasing any more information at this we will point. continue to follow this story on air and online at . patrick: greenville county deputies hope you can help them find a missing man who suffers from alzheimer's and diabetes. 78-year-old doyle chism was last seen sunday afternoon leaving his home on green fern drive. he was last seen driving his 1995 ford f-150. it has a south carolina tag of aud 9-7-4. if you can help deputies locate doyle chism, you should call the sheriff's office. myra: a reported car in an
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upstate river led to a search by a dive team late last night. dispatchers say someone reported seeing a car roll into the saluda river along holcombe drive near highway eight in greenville county. by the time dive teams were able to locate the car it had drifted into the west pelzer area. dive crews say the car was empty when they got to it. patrick: we're getting our first look at four people facing charges following an amber alert in asheville. shortly after noon on sunday, authorities issued the alert for elijah and harley joyner. you see them there. police say about an hour later the boys were found safe. natasha cantrell and christopher carter of georgia, are both charged with abduction of children and kidnapping. chadwick agan, also of georgia, is charged with abduction, and another person trena weaver, is charged with child abuse. investigators have not released any more information about the case. the spartanburg county coroner and cowpens police are investigating the death of a man who was found in a road behind a restaurant. investigators say someone found the man who was unresponsive in
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the road behind hardee's in cowpens sunday morning. the coroner says brent lee tesneer died at the hospital. tesneer was from cowpens. he was 36. the coroner calls the death suspicious. a charlotte mall was back open, -- is back open, just days after a fatal officer-involved shooting on christmas eve. thomas ferguson, an off-duty officer, shot and killed 18-year-old daquan westbrook after police say he opened fire during a dispute with another group of men. security was extra tight at the northlake mall and officials say it will remain that way. ferguson is on paid administrative leave as this investigation continues. myra: the big clemson playoff game is less a few days away and before that time wyff news 4 is airing an hour long special covering their playoff appearance. it's called road to the title. it airs on wednesday night at 7:00. our sports team will be live from miami, with a preview of the game, and a recap of the clemson tigers' undefeated
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regular season. if you're a tigers fan, this is something you don't want to miss. the panther's quest for perfection moved down i-85 to atlanta. patrick: it sure did. they played the falcons for the 2nd time in 3 weeks. this game would be much closer than the meeting in charlotte. and there would also be e ouble for the panthers. myra: as atlanta shuts down their offense and earns the upset win, the panthers lose their first game of the season 20-13. patrick: wyff 4 has a way for you to give back this christmas season. we've teamed up with the greenville news and the asheville citizen-times for the holiday sunshine fund. every dollar donated goes straight to helping someone in need here in the carolinas. myra: we now have a grand total of almost $71,000. if you want to contribute, you
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or you can give online at look for the holiday sunshine fund on our home page. patrick: we are back with dale and the weather. it has been a little warm and a little wet. what about this monday? dale: saturday, we broke a record. the day after christmas. today, not quite that warm. we are cloudy from the morning drive. some pretty good rain coming down in eastern georgia. this will be spreading across the upstate. we will see a quarter to maybe a half inch of rain today, than three quarters of an inch of rain expected tonight. several watches out. we have flood watches the areas in green. we have dense fog advisories continuing. some of this fault will linger until noon time. going to be foggy, cloudy, rainy, across the carolinas today, tomorrow, and through wednesday.
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this front for thursday, friday, and saturday. we get a chance to dry out for the second half of the week, and temperatures which are very mild. 66 in greenville. 66 in asheville. we will see mid-to-upper eyes -- mid 60's for highs today. as you can see, 68, 69 by 3:00, 4:00 this afternoon. the mountains will reach mid 60's today. 64 by 1:00 p.m. tomorrow, much like today, 60% chance of rain. 80% chance of rain in the upstate wednesday. cooler temperatures start to creep in on new year's day. it will be 52 for the upstate high, 44 in the mountains, and continuing to cool through the weekend. at least it looks dry.
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patrick: dale, thank you. coming up, there's been wild weather throughout the country but fire crews are making progress on this wildfire in california.
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myra: firefighters are making progress against a massive wildfire in california. evacuation orders were lifted for dozens of homes and firefighters have the blaze 60% contained. authorities say the fire may have started from downed power lines. thanks to winds dying down, 600 firefighters and water-dropping helicopters were able to stop the fire from spreading. officials say distracted walking is to blame for a man's death in california. they say joshua burwell was so distracted by his cell phone yesterday, he walked right off a cliff near san diego. three other people risked their lives going down to where he fell and gave him cpr but were unable to save him burwell's mother says he died while taking pictures. patrick: still to come, a-train in south africa goes up in flames. dale?
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather cast. dale: good morning.
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hope you had a nice weekend. this is basically the story. we've got fog and it is going to linger until noon or 1:00. we have dense fog advisories for a good many of the counties. some light rain falling along the north carolina-south carolina border, also the georgia-south carolina border. all this is streaming to the east. flood watches have been issued for the mountains. northeastern georgia and the counties and upstate, south carolina, because the potential of already saturated ground and heavy downpours could lead to localized flooding. all these great counties are dense fog advisories. if you are traveling south toward columbia, you will run into quite a bit of fog. the heaviest of the rain right now is in the mississippi valley area. parts of louisiana and mississippi under tornado watches this morning.
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that line of severe thunderstorms racing through mississippi has prompted that tornado watch. we also have snow behind the system. you can see the cold air, parts of missouri, and up into the planes. they will see some wintry precipitation in parts of the country. not for us, though. just rain for the first three days of the week. we will climb to the upper 60's for the afternoon. mountains will go from 50's to mid 60's today. typically this time of year, 32 in the morning, 52 for a high. that is if we were having average weather. we are not. the record for today is 75, set act in 1971. average for the mountains is 47. we will hit 64 today. the record is 73. we can have these kind of unusual patterns from time to time.
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watch, tornado watch, for arts of louisiana and mississippi. wintry mix of whether from kansas city to chicago. even single digits, 10 in denver , 10 in northern great lakes area, minus one in international falls. here's our future plus forecast. we will get some showers this morning. seeing that pick up thiss afternoon, then more so tonight. overnight into tomorrow, some heavier downpours of rain. expected highs will reach upper 60's for the upstate. near mid 60's in the mountains today. we will have the first half of the week like this, then it starts to cool down as it clears on thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. looks like nice weather for new year's. patrick: thank you, dale. severe weather is hitting hard in many parts of the world. in texas, the cleanup has just begun.
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tornados have killed at least 11 people, demolishing everything in their path. the governor declared a state ofof disaster in four counties along a 40 mile span of destruction. in ellis county, the wreckage litters the streets where family homes once stood. an ef-3 tornado with winds up to 200-miles-per-hour killed 11-people including a small child. authorities say about 600 structures have been destroyed. and further north parts of missouri are in a state of emergency as well. severe weather and heavy rains have caused flooding throughout the region. six people have died after driving vehicles onto flooded roads. myra: and in south america, argentina, brazil and paraguay are seeing the worst flooding to hit there in decades. families all across three countries have been forced to evacuate their homes. about 7000 people were evacuated in brazil alone.
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el nino is being blamed for the heavy rainfall. just across the pond, widespread flooding in england is forcing hundreds to evacuate their homes in the northern part of the country. more than 300 people have been asked to leave their homes in the york area about 200 miles north of london. the british government is even holding an emergency session on the flooding. patrick: some florida fishermen got a little too close to comfort to a great white shark. take a look at this video from saturday. this is off the coast of jacksonville. the shark circled his boat a few times on saturday then chomped onto the bait at the end of a fishing pole. after an up-close look at the shark, one of the fishermen took to facebook, writing, incredible day. it stands true. you never know what you will see when you're on the sea. myra: this was the scene inside the stonecrest mall near atlanta, after shots were fired
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recorded the incident on a cell phone. you can n e people rushing toward the exit. two groups of teenagers got into a fight at the food court. no one was hurt, we are told, and police are still searching for suspects. a man is in jail this morning following a deadly shooting at a mall in michigan. authorities say a gunman fired several shots towards the mall's front entrance. one person was hit and killed. the gunman was arrested shortly after. right now police investigate a possible motive. it is currently unclear what charges the man will face. patrick: some described it as chaos, as police say two thousand teens started fighting inside of a mall in saint matthews, kentucky. the mall ended up closing early saturday night in order to get the crowds out. police said they really aren't sure what caused all the problems and blamed it on kids being kigs. no one was arrested and no
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flames ripped through a train in cape town, south africa on sunday afternoon. the fire burned through five carriages at the rail station. no one was on board, thankfully. officials are trying to figure out what caused the train to go up in flames. they say this is the third train fire in the past three months. myra: china has ended its long-standing one-child policy. lawmakers approved legislation today allowing each couple to have two children starting in 2016. the one-child policy was put in place in the 1970's. it had been eased in recent years, but today's decision effectively dismantles it. the ruling communist party says ththdecision was a response to the country's aging population. patrick: let's get back to some sports now. the perfect season has come to an end. a few weeks ago, the carolina panthers blanked the falcons. it was a different story on sunday. the panthers were able to strike first.
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cam newton scoring in the first quarter. in the third quarter, matt ryan escapes the pocket and he does it up to julio jones, who out jumps luke and hauls in a 70-yard touchdown. newton and the panthers had one last drive. but former clemson tiger vic beasley strips the ball and the falcons recover, sealing the upset. 20-13. it was the panthers first loss since november 20 of last year. myra: clemson tigers are settling in south beach, the team grabbing dinner last night at a brazilian steak house. the tigers living the south beach life right now. sports director brad fralick also their living the life. he has more on the tigers. reporter: practice number one for the clemson tigers is in the books. they practiced today at nova southeastern. they want to win this one because there's an opportunity to play one more.
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opportunity to play in january. you have to earn that. 2015 is going to come to an end whether we win or lose. we want to have one more opportunity make them print one more ticket to see the tigers play, so that's where our focus is. reporter: tigers preparations continue all this week. a lot of fun stuff planned along the way. make sure you follow myself and marc dopher on our trip here all week long on twitter, facebook, social media. you can find us everywhere. #wyfforangebowl in south florida brad fralick wyff news 4. myra: still to come, we all know how entertained kids are by christmas ornaments, but this young boy was caught on camera
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weaeaer cast. dale: good morning. we are getting some light rain and fog right now. we will get some heavier rain this afternoon, tonight, and tomorrow. through wednesday, we've got a good chance of rain from this system that is producing severe weather in the mississippi valley area. we are just looking at some good rain coming in. temperatures in the mid 60's will climb to upper 60's. mid 50's in the mountains will climb into the mid-50's. another mild day for this time of year. the breezes out of the south eas will pick up for the afternoon.
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tupper 60's for the upstate. mid 60's for the mountains. as we look at ray, if you are saying, when it is a going to feel like winter, that will start to happen thursday and really cool down this weekend. saturday highs just in the 40's. colder weather coming in for the weekend. myra: we have been spoiled, haven't we? dale: and we've savav some money on our power bill. patrick: maybe. dale: if they come up with some excuse to charge exorbitant amounts for power in december, i will say, come on. patrick: they shouldn't mess with dale. let's take a look at this morning's buzz. one little boy is becoming quite a hit on youtube for how he reacted to an ornament. myra: his mother hands him a box with the ornament inside. look what he does with it. he reaches for it, says, beautiful. look at that. [laughter]
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patrick: i guess we shouldn't be laughing. it looks quite expensive. myra: he's not crying. dale: the crying we hear, that's mom. [laughter] patrick: so innocent looking. myra: that is a faulty baseball, is what t 's thinking. patrick: wyff news 4 continues right now. >> live, local breaking news, this is wyff news 4 today in high definition. patrick: preparations are underway for this year's crystal ball drop in times square. workers are installing the ball on top of one times square at 42nd street and broadway. the waterford ball isn't just beautiful, but it's also designed to withstand high winds, precipitation and temperature fluctuations. hundreds of thousands of people are expected to pack times square for the new year's eve celebrations on thursday night. myra: carolina's bid for an
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