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mike: the estimated discord was nearly four meters long, about 13 feet. this could eventually made its way away from the marina way out to sea. aly: he got real close. mike: it was kind of like, whoa. aly: stay right there. wyff news 4 today continues right now. [captioning made possible by wyff-tv] [captioning performed by the al captioning institute i aly: happening now, flash flood warnings in effect throughout the area and more rain is expected. mike: also, a tornado touches down in north carolina. national weatherhad the union county to determine the strength.
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the area. 1730 customers without power in buncombe county and 90 customers without power in anderson, 180 in greenville. mike: a rough morning weather-wise, so we start with dale. dale: flash flood warnings have been canceled, but we are under flood watch through thursday morning becae of more rain. flash flood warnings are over. wet roads across the upstate. this is woodruff road and the shops at greenwich. we have slippery driving conditions this morning. heavy rain is moving to the east on i-77 corridor and coming down in parts of cherokee county, union, york and chester. getting a break in the western part of the upstate. counties still dealing with flooding in transylvania, polk
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county, and flash flood warnings are over. the heavy rain last night came in such a hurry. it led to some creeks and streams coming out of their banks. flood watches will continue through thursday morning as we get ready for round two in the rain. this is the current line of showers and thunderstorms. we will dry up a little bit this afternoon and tomorrow morning about this time, another line of showers will be draped across the south the fully get a break by thursday. temperatures are very warm in the upper 60's. we will see 70 are better for the upstate cities today and wind out of the southwest at 10 to 20 and in the mountains, about five to 10 out of the south. by 2 20, 71 degrees possible for greenville and spartanburg and asheville in the upper 60's. we will talk about when it will feel like winter in our next report.
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taking a live look, what out there and still dark. wet roadways and we will keep you posted. richard is taking a look at traffic. aly: the national weather service will be near the charlotte area after concerned tornado. mike: take a look at a picture in union county. they will determine the size and strength of the tornado sometime today. people across the nation are cleaning up after the same system swept through areas in garland, texas, where 11 people were killed and dozens more hurt when multiple tornadoes kate north texas. at least eight people died and 15 were hurt in the garland area. the national weather service says it brought over 200 mile per hour wind and destroyed up or 600 structures. in dallas, more than 1600 structures were damaged by at least nine tornadoes in that area.
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high floodwaters in missouri. they rescued residents by boat on monday. police confirmed those six people died when their vehicles were swept away by the floodwaters. >> we were rescued by a boat with the fire department. we were rescued at 9:00 this morning and stood in that water for about three hours waiting for them to get here. aly: the missouri governor to declare a state of emergency after officials closed about 400 roads statewide. mi the rain in our area cause more problems for guyton road. for people in that area, it is the third issue in just three months. in the latest video, you can see the damage. the first time, a sinkhole opened up in late october. last week, a water main break. and now, neighbors say the road completely collapsed on christmas morning. the anderson county roads and bridges manager says the issues have stemmed from excessive rain. he estimates a fix will cost more than $230,000 and still needs fema approval.
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year and a half. all the rain we have had is causing more of this. take potholes. a big one here on anderson mill road in spartanburg county, a man who lives nearby says dot patched it, but it re-opened after it rained. employees at bolton james wheel alignment in spartanburg say they worked on three cars with pothole damage yesterday. usually, they get to pinhole week. -- they get two in a whole week. >> it has thrown the car out of alignment. the alignment is detrimental to your tires. mike: you can go to the dot's website to report pothole when you find them. aly: spartanburg county -- excuse me, and investigation into the death of a man found behind a restaurant. police say they believe it is a case of hit and run. the coroner identified the man as brent tessnear.
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behind the hardee's in cowpens. he died at the hospital. if you know anything, call crime stoppers at 1-888-crime-sc if . an update in greenville county, the coroner has identified a man who died in the sans souci area. the coroner says nathan crouch died from a gun shot to the chest during a aargument. he ruled crounch's death a homicide. -- tech as a suicide. deputies say his body was found sunday night in a home on perry road. anyone with more information should call crime stoppers at 23-crime. mike: we are learning more about conditions inside the north carolina hom or a father found his six month-year-old home on lincoln county deputies charged stepepnie toman with child abuse and neglect. the medical examiner has not released the baby's cause of death. as for what it looked like inside the home, investigators
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the home is in dallas, north of gastonia. it was strewn with human and animal waste and garbage. the department of social services to custody at two of the children in the home, they were three years old and four years old. aly: friends and family members celebrated the young girl who would have turned one. addie grace died earlier this month. she had a disease which affects the nervous system and body movement. her parents were huge clemson fans and dreamed of taking her to again someday. the clemson tiger fans and cheerleaders went back in october to give the family support. about 40 people gathered yesterday at her house and wrote messages on the linens and let them go. christmas may be over, but you have time to give back this holiday season. mike: wyff news 4 has teamed up for the holiday sunshine fund. every dollar donated goes to helping someone in need in the
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aly: the donations totaled 18,600 $23 yesterday, and that gives us a grand total of 89,000 . if you'd like to help, send your gift to po box 1688, greenville, south carolina, 29 602 or give online at look for the holiday sunshine fund on her homepage. dale joining us again. rain. dale: we will get a break this afternoon with more rain coming in tomorrow. it seems like when we get rain, we get lots of it. as we take a look, but roads across the upstate this morning from the shops at greenwich. -- green bridge. here is a quick look at what live super doppler 4 hd is picking up right now. we are starting to get a break in northeastern georgia and western north carolina with a few isolated showers over parts of the upstate. the heaviest is east of 26 and
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a couple of areas experiencing flooding. in transylvania and pulled county and fun county, dachshund buncombe county, watch out for creeks. counties highlighted in the dark are through a flood watch through thursday morning because rain expected to bring this about one inch tomorrow starting early tomorrow mororng and continuing through wednesday. we are all tired of it, but we will get a break starting thursday afternoon and continuing through the weekend. we have drier and cooler weather that will be settling in. tomorrow we'll look kind of like today from early morning through wednesday. we get a break after that. 68 currently in the city of greenville. mid and caesars head, 67 for mauldin to fountain inn and upper 50's and inman. a wide range of temperatures early.
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wind at the southwest and cooler temperatures starting on friday. we get back to where we should be on new year's day and through the weekend. low 50's in the upstate and cold overnight. the mountains will be in the 20's and on monday, a warm coat needed for everyone going back to work and school. >> this morning, donald trump has taken aim at some of his favorite targets at a rally in new hampshire. he has been going outt of four days with hillary clinton online, and now, bill clinton, too. the spokesperson saying hillary clinton will not be bullied or distracted i attacks from donald trump against her husband, saying she will spend up to trump and othe republicans. much more, coming up on "today." mike: taking a live look at our
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remy morning -- a rainy morning on the road.
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ricardo: it 16-0 and second number 15. the carolina panthers last to the falcons, snapping the 18 game regular win streak and handed them their first set back
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fans appreciated this run by the carolina panthers, and even greeting the team outside of bank of america's a day when they arrived in atlanta. ron rivera dealt he left the fans down by not getting to 16-0, but the loss of the used to motivate his team. >> we feel we are a very good football team. they played better than us and they deserved to win. hopefully, it is something that helps to drive us. we have a lot to prove. ricardo: the pantherer still win the number one seed with a win over the tampa bay -- could still win the number one seed with a win over the tampa bay. mike: why the city chose to demolish this. dale: we'll get in the break --
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast. dale: 5:48. we have had a good bit of rain
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you can see the rain drops still on the lens and wet roads for the morning commute. good news is the bulk of the rain is working its way to the east and affecting parts of york and cherokee and union county with good downpours. but greenville-spartanburg-anderson have a shower to left for the morning. we had a flash flood warning that has been downgraded for the greater asheville area. seven buncombe county under a flood warning, continuing for parts of southern transylvania county and pulled county, but that will go on for a while with creeks and streams. the heavy downpours of rain -- downpours overwhelmed the drainage system. we have another wave of rain action coming in tomorrow ahead of this cooler air that will impact us starting on friday. this is wave number one of showers and thunderstorms and
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down the gulf from wednesday morning through wednesday evening tomorrow. by early thursday morning, it should be over and dry weather through the weekend. lookout mild it is. low 60's and asheville, 60 six in greenville and spartanburg at 52. cool or air in parts of north carolina. 51 in cowpens, 60 two in woodruff. we will get cooler temperatures over the next couple of days and cold temperatures rolling in for new year's night and saturday and sunday, cold weather is back. 10 to 20 miles per hour wind out of the southwest. 32 in the morning, 52 for a high. we have been anything but normal . record is 70 24 today, back in 1984.
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47 is average for height today in the mountains and we get up to 68. the record is 74 set back in 1984. we have had warm and unusual patterns in the past and will in the future. we are going to see more action expected tomorrow through the day on wednesday and then colder temperatures start the flood in for the weekend. here is our future plus forecast. the first wave with an isolated sprinkle up to about lunchtime and we will see a little sun breaking through the clouds. tomorrow temperatures will stay mild for one more date with rain expected. low to mid 60's on wednesday with an isolated shower early thursday morning and dry weather thursday afternoon. happy new year on friday. 53 for the upstate high, 44 in the mountains and cold overnight and cool saturday, sunday and monday.
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you this morning, fire crews rescued two people trapped in floodwaters overnight along the swannanoa river road. the fire department says several roads are flooded throughout the more village. -- throughout biltmore village. mike: president obama's motorcade was stopped momentarily after a drone was spotted flying over his route. the secret service says the pilot was completely unaware that the presidential motorcade was in the area. he immediately grounded the drone after being confronted by law enforcement and no charges or thought -- were filed. it took a few seconds for the bridge to come crashing down. the city has planned to destroy the bridge for the last five years after inspections of the infrastructure indicated the bridge needed to be replaced.
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leave your christmas tree for recycling, but in san francisco, they brought in a goatherd to eat the trees. they are teaming up with the landscaping team to help dispose of the christmas trees. times square will host the confetti best today in preparation for the new year's eve corporation. hand. colorful confetti will be tossed from the hard rock cafe. 3000 pounds will be released on january 1 at midnight. i would not want to clean that up. mike: not at all. excitement is yielding from tiger town to miami as clemson gears up for the orange bowl. brad fralick and marc dopher are in south florida covering the road to the title. brad: day two of orange bowl prep in south for death are in the books. we heard from the clemson defense and talked with a few players about clemson finally getting a break after playing 10
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and they said that three days or four days off was much needed. >> the couple of days were good for me. i got a nice cortisone shot which helps out a lot because it put medicine in my shoulder. i was getting bothered by my collarbone, but it feels a lot better now. it was getting annoying. brad: the defense says it's 100% ready to go against the sooners on thursday. follow us on twitter and we are day. you can find us there, coming up. brad fralick wyff news 4 in south florida. mike: the big playoff game is a few days away. before that, we are gearing and hour-long special called "road to the title." it is airing at 7:00 wednesday night.
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from miami with the preview and they will recap the clemson tigers undefeated regular season. if you are the tigers fan, you don't want to miss this. aly: lego's are not just for kids. they can make great decorations for the football watch party. how they are partnering up for the bowl season. mike: richard edmund is here to take a look at traffic. richard: lots to look at. flooding, especialal question north carolina and upstate
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast. dale: good morning. we got in your from one inch to 1.5 inches of rain yesterday.
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it will be interesting to see the different amounts. traffic picking up on 85 and woodruff road. he will have a slippery driving condition but scattered showers in parts of the upstate, while western north carolina in the upstate and northeastern georgia getting a break. we expect another wave of rain tomorrow, so flood watches will continue through thursday morning with another event early tomorrow morning through the day on wednesday. you'll get more heavy downpours tomorrow and that should be it. by thursday morning, april and ended nice dry weekend on the way. ahead of the cooler air, the rain event in the area for tomorrow, so do not put up the raincoat or umbrella quite yet. warm coats will be needed. if you have not had a chance to wear it, you will need at this
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mike: looking forward to it clearing up if we have that down the road. dale: it will feel like went to come saturday, sunday and monday. mike: in this morning's words, -- in this morning's buzz, lego and espn are celebrating the college football playoff with some special build and mini-models. aly: take a look at this video of a timelapse of a clemson tigers football helmet. one of lego's master builders built the helmet brick by brick for the timelapse. they're also making other elements for the playoff, including a nine-foot tall model of the national championship trophy. they're also releasing other videos and photos of their models online. you can also find instructions to build your own models like a generic football helmet a football stadium and a football for your playoff watching parties. clemson takes on oklahoma thursday night. you probably know, we have our "road to the title" special wednesday night for you and a live wire on to help you prepare for the game. mike: let's take a look at this
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