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tv   WYFF News 4 530pm  NBC  December 29, 2015 5:30pm-5:59pm EST

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responding to the issue on the road to the white house. nigel: plus, we look at the issue of immigration, both nationally and locally. how it's affecting the political race for the white house, and beyond. gabrielle: and of course, we are talking about the weather. chris justus will let us know if we will see anymore of these effects from all this rain in our future. >> you are watching live, local, breaking news. with nigel robertson, gabrielle komorowski, and the weather with chief meteorologist john cessarich is wyff news 4 at 5:00 in high definition. gabrielle: cattle were forced to move to higher ground in landrum. take a look at these pictures, captured by sky 4 this morning. the cows at caroland farms had to move after their pastures flooded. nigel: now, we're taking a live look outside at greenville through our hilton -- through our woodruff road skycam. right now, looking very nice out there. look at that sunset.
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tracking the latest. chris, please tell us we're clear from rain for the rest of the year. chris: i wish i could say that, but the front that moved through last it far enough soule up tonight into tomorrow. we will dry out after that and see colder air. storm reports across the area, we had flooding, wind damage. mainly confined to the north carolina mountains and north. heavy rainfall last night in the upstate. we have a flood watch the entire area until 7:00 a.m. on thursday with more rain on the way and saturated ground. the future plus shows clouds increasing overnight. by 2:00 or 3:00 a.m., more showers. by tomorrow morning, heavy rain moves in. to the south, the heaviest stuff
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i will timeout the forecast for your town in a few minutes. nigel: of the biggest issues this campaign season, immigration. gabrielle: from a path to citizenship, to deportation, to building a wall, candidates have pitched their ideas for reform. aixa diaz has more from our exclusive washington newsroom. aixa: with an estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the u.s., fixing a broken immigration system is high on the priority list for candidates on both sides of the aisle. >> the immigration fight could easily be one of the biggest issues of the campaign. >> if you meet the criteria, you can come out of the shadows, and get right with the law. aixa: one year after president obama announced a series of executive actions to protect as many as 5 million undocumented immigrants from deportation, the plan is in legal limbo. after two separate federal judges ruled the president overstepped his authority, the obama administration is appealing to the supreme court. >> people come here to survive, and to improve their lives, and to help their families. aixa: the afl cio represents more than 50 labor unions
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it says undocumented immigrants who are working and contributing to the economy should be granted protection from deportation. >> we've seen families be devastated, children who are born here, who are us citizens, and their parents are taken away. >> i disagree that there's this myopic choice between, we have to do nothing, or deport everybody. aixa: james carafano of the heritage foundation says amnesty undermines reform. he says getting serious about immigration requires enforcing existing laws, not creating new ones. >> we ought to make government work first. we ought to insist that government do its job on the border. we ought to insist that government enforce theheaws that are on the books. nigel: in 2013, a comprehensive reform bill passed in the senate. gabrielle: it did, however, fail to gain support in the house. nigel: for so many, immigration isn't just an issue, it is the issue. continuing coverage now, as we
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our own backyard. roger martinez is the voice of poder 96.9 fm. >> i'm neither republican or democrat, but i will vote for the candidate that will benefit my community. nigel: in this election year, he has made it a point to make sure his listeners are informed. many, wanting an immigration policy that works. in the past two weeks in the upstate, the phones have been ringing of the hook at the radio station, with callers talking about ice raids across the upstate. around 150 people, arrested by immigration customs and enforcement. >> they don't know what to do. they don't even go outside their homes. that is the situation right now with the hispanic community in greenville, mainly. nigel: he says the hispanic community was anxious for change when president obama was elected, wanting a pathway to citizenship.
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the platform of fixing the immigration system. nothing was done. >> the hispanic vote is going to play a big role. probably, we could say we can decide at the end who is going to be president of the united states. the hispanics are becoming a very strong force, a very strong coalition, in the presidential campaign. nigel: enter donald trump, the current republican frontrunner. martinez says his rhetoric concerning hispanic peopop, and his comments about mexicans in particular, have callers into this radio station very concerned. >> either republican or democrats, we don't know. we are going to try and find out which one is going to have the capacity to handle the situation with the congress, because in the end, the congress has the last word. nigel: next tuesday at this time, we will take a closer look
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what has been done, what's working, and what is not. continuing coverage out of florida tonight. we are just two days away from the clemson-oklahoma orange bowl matchup. gabrielle: wyff news 4 sports brad fralick and marc dopher are both live in south florida, with both of you now standing in front of the pool, boasting about your great assignment. nice to see you. how are you doing? brad: we haven't posted yet. ricardo: we haven't -- marc: we haven't been in the pool yet. brad: media day is always a fun day when you meet with both teams. we had one hour. really, there was talk that started yesterday that sparked things up a little bit especially coming from oklahoma. marc: yesterday, oklahoma a dn't give a lot of respect to clemson defense.
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clemson defense responded. >> you can't talk your way into a win. you have to play thursday. you have to play the game. they can talk all they want to. but you have to play the game, you have to be the manager and of you. we will see come gameday. >> that's the end of the story. brad: sterling shepherd added that ends the story. but don't we have a football game in today's? brad: all the talk will be overr at 4:00, or 7:30 or so, on thursday. there has been a little chippy talk from the oklahoma side. e clemson side.
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both teams using being slighted as motivation. we will see how that works out when it comes to being on the field thursday in the orange bowl. live in miami, now back to you. gabrielle: thanks, guys. the big clemson playoff game is this thursday. and before that time, wyff news 4 is airing an hourlong special covering their playoff appearance. it's called "road to the title." it is airing tomorrow night, at 7:00. our sports team will be live from miami with a preview of the game, and a recap of the clemson tigers' undefeated regular season. if you're a tigers fan, this is , or just a sports fan this is , something you don't want to miss. nigel: coming up in our consumer watch, there have been 22 reports of hoverboard fires in 17 states under investigation. as we speak, one is possibly being investigated in south carolina. consumer advocates are steppinggabrielle: and later tonig the ultimate gift you can give to someone down on their luck. how a new homeowner was able to help a homeless man's life
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nigel: another video has surfaced showing a hoverboard on fire. this happened inside a mall in texas. look at that. a shopper took these pictures after the hoverboard caught fire at a kiosk. mall security put out the fire, and no one got hurt. the consumer product safety commission says it is now investigating 22 reports of hoverboard fires in 17 states. overheating batteries are the main concern.
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hoverboards from luggage. gabrielle: with the allure of free two-day shipping just before christmas, amazon says more than 3 million new members signed up for its prime service in the third week of december alone. new subscribers to prime get a free month trial of the service. there is no telling how many of those new members will continue the service after that trial period. amazon says there are tens of millions of prime members, but -- nigel: parents, cover your kids' ears for a minute. netflix is once again helping parents get their kids to bed at a reasonable time on new year's eve. if you don't want the kids staying up till midnight on new year's eve, no problem. netflix has launched a whole new set of new year's eve on-demand countdowns. that way, parents can let their kids ring in the new year at any time. there are six countdowns. they feature favorite characters, from care bears to inspector gadget, and more.
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forecast in spartanburg. clouds build in. it will be cooler tonight and we have had the past couple nights.
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gabrielle: take a look. pictures here of a giant squid. this 12 foot long squid was spotted in japan on christmas eve. locals say it's the first giant squid they've seen this season. squid like these have been spotted at about 40 feet in length, and scientists say some can make it to 60 feet. the christmas eve squid was later released into open water. nigel: the world's first circular high-speed railway will go into service tomorrow in china. the entire loop is more than 400 miles, with 29 stops along it. it will make traveling all the way around the island a little more than three hours long. three sections of the railway are next to the coastline, giving passengers a unique sea view. construction on the railway started in september 2013. gabrielle: pictures now of heavy rain causing flooding in southern georgia yesterday. people along the flint river were forced from their homes due to rising rains also caused mudslides in
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and in branson, missouri, high water rescue crews were out in force, as flooding forced evacuations. forecasters say the water may take days to reseed. nigel: and across the globe, areas of northern england were still submerged in water today, after torrential rains in recent weeks caused heavy flooding. thousands were evacuated in york, and in surrounding villages. the floodwaters have since eased in many areas, but forecasters say more heavy rain is expected as early as tomorrow in the area. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. chris: check out this gorgeous time lapse from our hendersonville skycam at champi club. loads of sunshine of the clouds moved out. the sun went down, with clear skies. what a nice night it will be all around town. sunshine and clear skies within,
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lowe's today are close to that which we would find in july. 65 in greenville. spartanburg, 52 the low. that is due to a cold front that made it 30-something in boone. it didn't make it to anderson, asheville, or greenville, where lowe's were around 60. highs were well above average. we broke a record of the greenville air art of 72 degrees . all above 70 degrees. tomorrow will be the last warm day for quite a while. the pattern shows the storms towards columbia right now, that pesky front didn't move out. that means more rain will move up along it overnight as it moves towards our area. so far so good on the live super doppler. it is a mild night, temperatures still abnormally warm.
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anderson. 75 in abbeville. 64 in asheville. overnight, cooler than we have been dealing with lately. 63 in anderson, upper 50's for the north carolina mountains. showers possible especially the further south you go. tomorrow, more rain, unfortunately. it will be a wet day, starting in the 50's were greenville, warming into the mid 60's. in asheville, cloudy with rain. 53 to start, 64 to end the day. in anderson, cloudy with heavy rainfall. we started off in the 50's, ending in the upper 60's. in spartanburg, cloudy skies, rain, heavy at times. temperatures in the middle 60's by the end of the day. highs tomorrow will be warm. we top of -- out at 65 in greenville. 65 in greer and taylors, 64 in tigerville.
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day. cloud cover across pretty much the entire country. upper-level energy moving along the front will give us the rain showers. it kicks the front out and finally sends it in the cold air that has been bottled up towards the midwest. it approaches us on thursday and friday, leaving us with a cold weekend. look at the latest model. the future plus shows the rain around the front expect up. it gets juiced up due to moisture. heavy rainfall moving our way tomorrow afternoon. it continues through the afternoon. through the afternoon and evow into friday, cay front not wanting to leave day. we will stay dry. he sprinkle or two in the about it. we clear things out after that. another three quarters of an inch of rain in greenville,
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that is where you will find the heaviest rain, from greenwood to abbeville, laurens county will pick up at least an inch from clinton to joanna. 96 will get an inch and a half. abbeville, 1.1 inches. a bit of rainfall across the area. the for-day plus, 100% chance of rain tomorrow. 63 by thursday. it will be chilly. temperatures in the upper 40's. new year's day morning, 44 with a high of 52. a lot cooler. by the weekend, saturday will top out at 49. that is the coldest we have been since last march. a frigid rape or the north carolina mountains, topping out at 39. for sunday, we will see a high of 50. the game has changed until 4:00 p.m.. another high in the 40's for the mountains. it stays chilly and the next
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highs below average. this is the start of a pattern change. we have been telling you thi of -- for a while. january and february will be cooler, setting us for winter weather. gabrielle: that cheering was not for the christmas forecast. this is larry kendrick. he was the 100 millionth passenger to travel through hartsfield-jackson international airport in atlanta thihiyear. he was given a hero's welcome by the mayor, who was on hand to mark the milestone for the world's busiest airport. he was also given to free round-trip tickets, and a new car. nigel: i helped him become that person. i fly out of there often. take a look at this. this is the "titan arum," also known as the corpse flower. gabrielle: oh, yuck. nigel: it's on display in australia. this flower is incredibly rare, and famous for its smell.
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many describing the odor as "a dead animal" or "a garbage landfill." experts say the odor helps the plant survive in the wild. the plant itself is an endangered species native to indonesia, and is quite difficult to cultivate. gabrielle: interesting pictures here, nigel: no, no, no. gabrielle: this bat got loose inside the arena before the san antonio spurs game last night, a coyote, the team mascot, used a net, caught the bat, and he did all of this while dressed as batman. he handed the bat to authorities so they could release it. nigel: new yorkers yesterday were able to say goodbye to bad memories. this, during a "shred it" event at times square. "good riddance day" is a time to shed, and shred, any negativity from 2015, and make way for positive memories in the coming
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many came out to say good riddance to bad boyfriends and girlfriends, shredding names. shredding student loans, another common theme, also brought cheers from the crowd. gabrielle: coming up, while the christmas season and the year wrapup, here the ultimate story of the spirit of christmas giving, and a fresh
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nigel: a man in portland, oregon, who kicked a homeless man off his newly purchased property, had a change of heart. gabrielle: jennifer dowling has the story. >> i would just sleep right here in the middle. jennifer: just about two weeks ago, james and a friend were huddled here, trying to keep out of the relentless rain. >> in the back of the house, sleeping bags, wet blankets, things like that. jennifer: chris crever bought the property, and started cleaning the place up, throwing away their bedding. >> we looked in the trash. well, stuff's gone. what do we do? jennifer: on a friday, chris found the two trying to figure out how they were going to survive without their personal items. >> when chris came up, we were just sitting right here. jennifer: when chris explained that the men had to go, >> i was sad, though, but what
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jennifer: what james did next surprised him. >> he understood, wasn't bitter about it, and thanked me as i walked away. >> the fact that he said it so respectfully and kindly, like, sure, thank you for not having a problem with us so far, and for treating us like a human being. jennifer: that's when chris decided to go back. >> i said, listen. you meet me here monday morning at 8:30. >> it's almost like a dream come true, to a degree. jennifer: ironically, he would be cleaning up and restoring the place he'd been displaced from. james was supposed to be in at 8:30. he showed up at 7:45. >> he seems to want it. he seems to have the desire. jennifer: with james still sleeping under a bridge and showing up to work soaked, chris also gave him a temporary room here, and a nearby place to clean up. >> it's humiliating, not being able to shower. jennifer: and a razor. james said his beard made him feel homeless. >> like, we always hope for something, you know? a little
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being able to have a place to go, to take a shower every day, and be able to at least look forward to having a reason to wake up. nigel: things for joining us at 5:00. gabri'elle: news 4 at 6:00 with michael and carol starts now. >> live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 at 6:00 in high definition. michael: we are talking flooding across the carolinas. sky4 give us a view of what the storm left behind. carol: first, in western north carolina, we spotted people cleaning up a muddy mess in biltmore village in asheville, trying to push all of the mud in the parking lots out of the way. and in swannanoa, a portion of this railroad track along highway 70 is closed off. a big chunk of land crumbled, leaving a hole under the track. michael: to the south, in landrum, the passive -- the pastures of caroland farms are empty of cattle, but filled with water. workers had to move the cattle to higher ground, as the water here continued to rise into the morning. carol: meteorologist chris justus is in for john tonight. michael: chris, more rain, more
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