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announcer: live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 today in hd. mike: we are following breaking news today. a rock slide has closed part of accident avenue. aly: they say rocks were still falling as of 2:30 this morning. north carolina dot is at the same, along with north carolina police. mike: clemson will be without three players for thursday's orange bowl matchup with oklahoma. why they were sent home from miami. aly: plus a christmas present is to blame for starting a fire in an upstate home. but this isn't the first toy of it's kind, to cause damage. good morning i'm aly myles. mike: and i'm mike mccormick thank you for being here with us this morning.
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chris: we are already saturated because of the rain yesterery. more downpour today could lead to localized flooding. flood watches remain in effect through tomorrow morning. we see pretty good thunderstorms from greenwood into columbia. look at the frequent lightening north of columbia. if you are travelingngown the 385, you will run into pretty good d dnpours -- in parts of abbeville and greenwood. if you counties of north carolina and along the south carolina border have that flood watch. after early tomorrow morning, this will all be gone and we get a nice break for a couple days. be ready if you live in a flood-prone area. we could have some more food -- with could have some more localized flooding.
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it could reach anywhere from 64-66 in the mountains and upstate today. we will talk about a cooler and drier weekend in our next report. aly: thank you, dale. as dale said, our area is under a flood watch. water rushed from the dam. the lake is in a heightened water condition. the water will flow into the salute a river. the dam at lake of collapsing. people are still dealing with the effects of the rain monday night. aly: people at caroland farms say the pacolet river overflowed it. all of the farm's cattle were moved to safety. so far, it doesn't look like any equipment was damaged. but, farm manager matt rainey says it'll take time to know how the crops here were affected. >> we're kind of learning to
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figuring out how to work in the mud. aly: other properties around landrum and just over the line in north carolina also had significant flooding. a portion of highway 14 had to be shut down while crews worked to clear it. asheville is another area bracing for heavy rain this morning. the area was hit hard by flooding yesterday. mike: that flooding left behind a muddy mess and biltmore village. sweeten creek road, part of lyman street, and dupree circle, among others, were flooded. at a mobile home park, a man had to be saved by boat. >> the fire department and city of asheville came out and got me out on a raft boat. they came around and put a jacket on me and got me right out, no problem at all. mike: even though the water has receded, the asheville fire department will keep the baricades up. more issues are expected aly: and in swannanoa a portion of this railroad track along highway 70 is closed off. the video is from sky 4. this is a result of the heavy rain and flooding from yesterday.
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, leaving a hole under the track. mike: we are already getting some showers this morning, but the heavy rain will false in. you can track it all on the wyff 4 app. follow the storms from the interactive radar. aly: this morning, we will learn more about three clemson players who will not be on the sidelines for the orange bowl. mike: wyff news 4's sports director brad fralick is in south florida with the latest. brad: late tuesday night we found clemson sent three players home for what is being reported as a failed drug test. that was when he will address that -- dabo sweeney will address that this morning. this is what we know. wide receiver deion kane, j jim: has been sent home.
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practice tuesday back to clemson and for my plate in the orange bowl. the on came is the impact player here that will affect the clemson offense. -- deion kane is the impact player here that will affect the clemson offense. he caught at least one touchdown pass in five games. he has become a contributor on this offense. the second player missed the first part of the year because of a suspension due to a drug infraction. he has contributed some kickoffs. greg will handle field goals. the third player will be missed a little bit. j jim cola -- mcculloh has not played as much this year.
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and we will hear from dabo swe eney at 8:30 this morning before the orange bowl, addressing this very issue. mike: remember, at 7:00 tonight we air our road to the title special. our sports team will be live in miami with a preview of the orange bowl. you can also check out our live wire. it's a collection of clemson twitter posts on wyff 4 and our wyff 4 app. upstate fire officials are blaming a popular christmas present for starting a fire inside a greenville home. aly: the mauldin fire department was called to this home on windrush lane after a hoverboard exploded. officials say the board was sitting in the living room when it burst into flames sending charred pieces flying 25 feet across the house. no one was hurt. >> we got there. it was black smoke. we couldn't see in front of our faces. >> had they not been home with the intensity of the electricity that came out of the hoverboard
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burning, they prprably would have lost their home. aly: there have been at least 22 other hoverboard fires reported in the nation. officials say this may be the first one for south carolina. mike: in anderson, police tell us two dogs attacked three men. officers say it happened at the intersection of osborne avenue and shirley street just before 7:00 last night. the men were on top of a truck when police got there. police say the dogs then charged the officers. and both dogs were then shot and killed. police say one man has extensive injuries and may need surgery. the other two victims had minor injuries. police are looking for the owner of the dogs. aly: pickens county deputies are investigating a homicide after finding a man dead inside his home. the home is on planters way in easley. deputies say a neighbor called 911 after seeing the victim through a window. deputies say thehean had a gun shot to his chest. the coroner identified the victim as clarence holcombe. in greenville county. deputies say a woman was shot at mountain trace town homes. that's on buttercup way in taylors. deputies tell us she was taken
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non-life-threatening injuries. deputies say former roommates got into a fight that led to the gunfire. authorities have not yet released the identity of those involved. aly: dale, i took advantage of that weather yesterday afternoon and went hiking. chris: it was beautiful. we have more rain in the forecast for today, but after today and into early tomorrow morning it clears up. you have more nice weather to go hiking in. you might need a jacket or sweater this weekend. this is downtown laurens. streets are wet. we have showers going on in parts of abbeville, greenville, and laurens. you can see frequent lightning north of columbia. there are a few scattered
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the late morning into the afternoon and evening will have more action, but it will come to an end by early tomorrow morning. the county is highlighted in green are under a flood watch due to the potential of already saturated ground and creeks that are already full. we could of localized flooding, especially in flood-prone areas. this is the past six hours in the southeasas more moisture is coming in from alabama and georgia working its way through the upstate. or so to the south and the foothills of north carolina. 52 in asheville and 60 in greenville. it is in the upper 60's and abbeville and greenwood. a very mild overnight once again. like breezes will pick up 5-8 miles per hour in the southwest today. on friday, a high of 54 in the
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it will be dry from thursday afternoon through tuesday of next week. over the weekend we are talking 30's in the morning and 20's in the mountains. everybody will need a warm coat, but at least it will be sunny for this time of the year. mike: thank you, dale. a woman closes her eyes to pray. aly: plus, traveling on a busy
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mike: south carolina congressman trey gowdy has announced who he is endorsing for the 2016 presidential nomination. he announced his support for marco rubio yesterday. gowdy was campaigning with the freshman senator from florida in south carolina. >> national security and public safety are the most important issues to me. and there is nobody better on those two issues than marco rubio. our founding fathers did not give us a commander in chief to fill out march madness basketball brackets. or to sample golf course on the eastern seaboard mike: gowdy is a key member of the republican party. he is the chairman of the select
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aly: republican presidential candidate george pataki has ended his presidential. he made the announcement during a commercial that aired last night, right here on wyff 4. pataki received less than 1% support in the most recent wmur-cnn granite state poll. mike: happening today. two presidential candidates will be in south carolina. donald trump will be speaking at the westin hilton head at 11:00 a.m. doors open at 9:30. the event is free but seating is limited. and jeb bush will be attending a meet and greet at hudson's smokehouse barbeque in lexington. that begins at 6:30 tonight. thth event is also free. a major milestone for the greenville humane society. the record they finally hit.
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announcer: live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. chris: good morning, it is coming up on 4:48. most of the rain is falling south of the i-85. parts of abbeville, greenville, and laurens county have have the
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there is constant lightning north of columbia. it will be a little bit more active around 1:00 and 2:00. we are already wet and soggy; flood watches are around through tomorrow morning early. that is one of the rain should be done, by early tomorrow morning. then, we dry out for around six days in a row. the of action going across parts of alabama, georgia, and mississippi. this is coming in our area. i this afternoon and evening it will be more active. 52 in asheville. we will see that temperature of 60 degrees today want into the 66 range for the upstate and the mountains will reach 64. at gsp we tied the record of 72
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it has been a very warm, warmer than normal period. we have life praises of 5-8 miles per hour -- we have light breezes of 5-8 miles per hour. the record was 75 set back in 1984. the ominous for the asheville regional airport has an average of 47. we will see 64. the record is 73, set in 1984. it is warmer than normal for another day he for it cools down. one more great event this week. i will run at the future plus forecast for you. look at t e cooler temperatures. that is for the rest of the country. they will start to make their
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more action across the upstate in the early afternoon into the evening. things quiet down overnight. we could have an isolated shower early tomorrow morning and then that will be it. we have a lot of sunshine by thursday afternoon. new year's day looks good, but cooler with a high of 54. 46 is the high in the mountains. then, we are back to normal with ld nights and cool days. we will have 40's in the mountains and 50's in the upstate from saturday into tuesday. mike: thank you, dale. a man who authorities say escaped from prison almost 30 years ago was arrested in horry county. officers say james edward coe escaped from a prison in north carolina on june 23, 1986. on sunday police say he was caught shoplifting at hudson's flea market in surfside. the owner of the flea market says coe walked away from the shop without paying for a piece of jewelry. coe is being held with no bond. he was originally set to be
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aly: in greenwood county, authorities have seized hundreds of name brand knock-off items during a raid. police say the items are worth thousands of dollars. demetrius andrews has been charged with counterfeiting. authorities believed the shop t-shirts and accessories on milwee avenue was selling the knock-off items. it was raided on the 23rd. a number of items at his home. were also taken by officers. mike: good news from the greenville humane society. officials there says adopted out more than six-hundred animals in just the month of december. the society announced on its facebook page it's almost hit an all-time record for adoption one month. some of those include the dogs you meet each friday on our pet of the week segment, on wyff news 4 at noon. aly: christmas may be over, but you still have time to give back this holiday season. we've teamed up with the greenville news and the "asheville citizen times" for the holiday sunshine fund.
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every dollar donated goes straight to helping someone in need here in the carolinas. after counting yesterday's donations of $550, we now have a grand total of $90,003. just send your gift to po box 1688, greenville, sc, or you can give online at mike: people in north texas are beginning the clean up process after devastating tornados blew through the area over the weekend. officials are saying more than 20000 homes were destroyed by the ef-4 tornado that hit garland. it packed winds in excess of 200 miles per hour more than 700 homes were damaged. at least eight other tornados touched down in the dallasarea saturday. the storm claimed eight lives in garland. the youngest victim just one-year-old. at least three others were killed in other area cities. aly: chicago police officer jason van dyke pleaded not guilty in court yesterday.
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van dyke shot 17-year-old laquan mcdonald 16 times and 2014. he's been free on $1.5 million bond. van dyke was arrested in november. it came just just hours before dash cam video of the shooting went public. the fbi has joined the plane crash and alaska. crashed into another. one person was killed. the civil l r patrol owns that p lane. the patrol is made up of volunteers that help in search and rescue missions. the were winds at the time of the crash. mike: and 84-year-old florida woman was in church praying put her purse was stolen. you can see the thief standing in the back of t church last sunday. he then sneaks up to the woman, who had her eyes closed, and grabs her purse. the crook then quickly ran out the door. the purse was found at a nearby cemetery, but the victim's money
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the thief has not been caught. not your typical arrival. larry kendrick was the 100 millionth passenger to travel through hartsfield-jackson international airport in atlanta this year. he was given a hero's welcome by the e yor, who was on hand to mark the milestone for the world's busiest airport. kendrick was givenwo free round-trip tickets and a new car. aly: that is so cool. in this morning's buzz, a restaurant from the future.
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announcer: now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. chris: 4:57 is the time and most of the upstate is ok. we've a couple spots in raven county getting some rain. we will see more action late morning into the afternoon. that is why the entire area continues under a flood watch.
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heavy downpours could lead to localized flooding. we will continue to watch that throughout the day. temperatures are still very mild in the low to mid 60's for highs today. tomorrow, it starts to get a little bit cooler. new year's day and this weekend are much cooler. we have one more rain event and then, that should be good for the year. we have drier weather and colder temperatures coming back. mike: hello, winter. dale: it will feel like it this weekend. aly: i guess january is an ok time for that. in this morning's buzz. some diners complain that smartphones are ruining conversations at restaurants. mike: but one restaurant in beijing actually requires them to get a table. there are no hosts, no waiters, no cashiers. aly: customers use their phones to place their order. the menu can be accessed through the we chat app.
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a favorite spicy beef rice noodles. mike: one place there you can find staff, the kitchen. a team of chefs turn digital orders into your lunch. all through the power of the smartphone. the restaurant owner says he is cutting his overheads big time. aly: i guess, if you don't really have staff. dale: and then they use a grown to deliver -- they use a drone to deliver it. aly: i like waiters. wyff news 4 today continues right now. announcer: live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 today in hd. mike: breaking news this morning. they greenville county coroner's office says a pedestrian has been killed in a wreck this morning on white horse road. that wreck happened around 1:30
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near west blue ridge drive.
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