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tv   WYFF News 4 5am  NBC  December 30, 2015 5:00am-5:30am EST

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near west blue ridge drive. we are working to get more information, but again, a fatal accident reported in greenville county. aly: we are just a day away from the orange bowl and three clemson players have been sent home. the reason and the impact, coming up. mike: plus, an asheville man saved by a boat when his mobile home park was flooded. what is expected for our area today. aly: dale, i was excited. i walked out of my house and there was no rain, but on the drive in, rain. dale: we have one more event to deal with. over the past six hours, we had a lot of moisture flowing over the southeast coming in our direction. we are under a flood watch because of the potential of more localized flooding from already saturated ground and full creeks. we could get thunderstorms in
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afternoon that could have us experiencing flooding. be careful as you make your plans. this will be the last rain event we will see and it will be over by early tomorrow morning. then, drier weather settles in. behind that front, temperatures will be in the 20's and 30's overnight. 61 in greenville. 52 in asheville. we will see highs in the mountains add 64. 57 in spartanburg. the end of the day, we will see a temperature from 66-67 as a high. it gets back to normal as we get into the weekend. we will talk more about that, coming up. mike: we have a live look at the
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the lake is in a high water condition. the water will flow into the saluted river downstream into lake murray. the dam there was never in danger of collapsing. aly: in landrum, people are still dealing with the effect of the rain monday night. mike: the manager at caroland farms says the pacolet river overflowed spilling onto the land around it. all of the farm's cattle were moved to safety. so far, it doesn't look like any equipment was damaged. but, farm manager matt rainey says it'll take time to know how the crops here were affected. >> everything is early planted. we won't really know what kind of effect it has until later in the year. most of the pastures for the cows will be fine. so yeah, it's a waiting game now. hopefully, the rain that's coming tomorrow doesn't cause more flooding. mike: other properties around landrum and just over the line in north carolina also had significant flooding. a portion of highway 14 had to be shut down while crews worked to clear it. asheville is another area bracing for heavy rain this
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the area was hit hard by flooding yesterday. aly: they flooding left behind a muddy mess and biltmore village. sweeten creek road, part of lyman street, and dupree circle, among others, were flooded. at a mobile home park, a to be saved by boat. >> the fire department and city of asheville came out and got me out on a raft boat. they came around and put a jacket on me and got me right out, no problem at all. aly: even though the water has receded, the asheville fire department will keep the baricades up. more issues are expected. mike: and in swannanoa a portion of this railroad track along highway 70 is closed off. the video is from sky 4. this is a result of the heavy rain and flooding from yesterday. a big chunk of land crumbled , leaving a hole under the track. aly: we are already getting showers this morning. you can track it all on the wyff
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interactive radar. this morning we'll learn more about three clemson players who will not be on the sidelines for the orange bowl. mike: wyff news 4's sports director brad fralick is in south florida with the latest. brad: late tuesday night we found out three clemson players will not play in the the orange bowl. clemson sent three players home drug test. that issue will be addressed at 8:30 a.m. we will hear straight from the head coach on what is going on for three players. deion kane has been sent home. they were sent home before practice tuesday. they will not play in the orange bowl. deion kane is the impact player that full impact the offense. he has had a phenomenal here. he caught touchdowns and five
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he did not in the championship game. he has really become a contributor on this offense. that offense is going to miss him. ammon lakip miss the first part of the year because of a suspension of another drug infraction. he has contributed some kickoffs. he will be missed a little bit. he struggled a little bit this year. the tight end jay jay mccullough has not played much this year. that will be as big an impact. deion kane is a big impact for the offense. we will hear from davo sweeney at 8:30 this morning. in miami, brad fralick.
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care hour special, road to the title. our sports team will be live in miami with a preview of the orange bowl. you can also check out our live wire. it's a collection of clemson twitter posts on wyff 4 and our wyff 4 app. upstate fire officials are blaming a popular christmas present for starting a fire inside a greenville home. aly: the mauldin fire department was called to this home on windrush lane after a hoverboard exploded. officials say the board was sitting in the living room when it burst into flames sending charred pieces flying 25 feet across the house. no one was hurt. officials say if the family wasn't home the house would have likely burned to the ground. >> they are very lucky because the batteries went in one area from 15 feet it blew to 25 feet it blew apart. it disintegrated. aly: there have been at least 22 other hoverboard fires reported in the nation. officials say this may be the first one for south carolina. in anderson, police tell us two dogs attacked three men.
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intersection of osborne avenue and surely street just before 7:00. the men were on top of a truck when they got there. police say the dogs then charged the officers. and both dogs were then shot and killed. police say one man has extensive injuries and may need surgery. minor injuries for the other two. police are looking for the owner of the dogs. mike: pickens county deputies are investigating a homicide after finding a man dead inside a home on planters way in easley. deputies say a neighbor called 911 after seeing the victim deputies say the man had a gun shot wound to his chest. the coroner identified the victim as clarence holcombe. aly: in greenville county, deputies say a woman was shot at mountain trace town homes. taylors. they tell us she was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. deputies say former roommates got into a fight that led to the gunfire. authorities have not yet released the identity of those
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mike: dale is back with us i cannot wrap my brain around it. every time i go outside, it feels like spring. dale: you feel sorry for the code salesman. -- for the coat salesman. you can see rain on the live super doppler 4 hd south of the i-85. it is coming down pretty good in the columbia area and the i-77 corridor. we have scattered showers from parts of anderson, abbeville, greenville, and lauerens. more of this action will spread across the area today. we continue under a flood watch. the ground is already saturated and the creeks and rivers are full. more heavy downpours will lead to flooding in at the areas that are prone to it. you can see there is more action
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georgia, spreading into the carolinas tonight. it should be over by early tomorrow morning. let's look at the future plus forecast. the heavier rain south of the i-85 right now. we have more action across the upstate and piedmont. the foothills will see some action, but most of the action will continue in the early morning hours tomorrow in piedmont. i will say the upstate, the south of the i-85 especially, will see more action today than the northern mountains of north carolina. 52 in asheville. 61 in greenville. those temperatures today will reach the mid-60's once again. tomorrow will be a couple degrees cooler, especially in the mountains. by new year's day, we are talking temperatures of 46 as a high in the mountains and 54 in the upstate. the colder nights begin saturday morning and continue through the first of next week with
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mountains and 30's in the upstate. we've upper 40's for the mountains and upper 50's for the upstate has highs. aly: a dog that gained international attention is back in the spotlight for something more positive. mike: now, there is another
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south carolina representative trey gowaly: south carolina representative trey gowdy has announced who he's the 2016 presidential nomination. he announced his support for marco rubio yesterday. gowdy was campaigning with the freshman senator from florida in south carolina. >> national security and public safety are the most important issues to me. and there is nobody better on those two issues than marco rubio. our founding fathers did not give us a commander in chief to fill out march madness basketball brackets. or to sample golf course on the eastern seaboard aly: gowdy is a key member of the republican party. he is the chairman of the select committee on benghazi. mike: republican presidential candidate george pataki has ended his presidential bid. he made the announcement during a commercial that aired last night, right here on wyff 4. pataki received less than 1%
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wmur-cnn granite state poll. aly: new yorkers say goodbye to bad habits and bills. dale: one more day of rain and
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announcer: now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. dale: 5:17 is the time as we look out from our woodruff road skycam. it is not raining fright now, but we have scattered showers in northeastern georgia. thunderstorms have been rumbling in the i-77 corridor. we will continue under this flood watch all the way through early tomorrow morning. that means conditions are ripe for the possibility of flooding.
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if you live in a flood-prone area, watch out. late morning into the afternoon, we will see more thunderstorm activity across northeastern georgia, the upstate, and portions of north carolina. 61 in greenville and 67 in abbeville. 66 in greenwood. 66 in the west. low 60's for laurens. by the end of the day, we will have low 70's and the piedmont. and temperatures at 66 in the upstate and 64 in the mountains. it will be another mild day. it will get colder this weekend and feel more like january as we end one year. it will be our last good rain event and then we will have five or six days in a row of dry weather.
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through tuesday of next week. in most of the country it feels like denver. 10 degrees in denver. 12 degrees in billings. 31 degrees in oklahoma city. 23 in kansas city. he will see low 30's in the upstate and 20's in the mountains this weekend. a chance for showers and thunderstorms this afternoon is good. the mountains will be mild and a high of 64. this is warmer than normal. as we look ahead, it gets back to normal by friday and saturday. for the mountains, temperatures will reach into the 40's. we have very cold mornings ahead, starting saturday and continuing through next week. aly: thank you, they'll. a man who authorities say escaped from prison almost 30 years ago was arrested in horry county. officers say james edward coe escaped from a prison in north carolina on june 23, 1986. on sunday police say he was caught shoplifting at hudson's flea market in surfside. the owner of the flea market says coe walked away from the shop without paying for a piece
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coe is being held with no bond. he was originally set to be released from prison in 1989. mike: in greenwood county, authorities seized hundreds of name brand knock-off items during a raid. police say the items are worth thousands of dollars. demetrius andrews is charged with counterfeiting. authorities say they believe the shop t-shirts and accessories on milwee avenue was selling the knock-off items. officials raided it on the 23rd. a number of items at his home were also taken by officers. aly: good news from the greenville humane society. it says it has adopted out more than 600 animals in just the month of december. the society announced on its facebook page it's almost hit its all-time record for adoptions in one month. some of those include the dogs you meet each friday on our pet of the week segment, on wyff news 4 at noon.
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give back this holiday season. we've teameite greenville news and the "asheville citizen times" for the holiday sunshine fund. every dollar donated goes straight to helping someone in need here in the carolinas. after counting yesterday's donations of 500 $50, we now have a grand total of $90,003. you can send your gift to po box 1688, greenville, sc, 29602. or you can give online at aly: macy's is recalling more than 120,000 martha stewart frying pans. rivet covers on the eight inch and 10 inch pans can pop off and fly across your kitchen. that's according to the consumer product safety commission. officials say at least three people have received minor injuries that way. if you have the frying pans you should return them to macy's for credit. mike: new year's eve preparations are underway. especially in timen new york where hundreds of thousands will ring in the new year.
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safety for the celebration. officials have received no credible threats, but there will still be heavy security measures in place when the ball drops. nearly 6,000 officers will be assigned to times square for thursday night's festivities. some will be armed with radiation detectors, bomb dogs or rifles. the fbi will also aid in security and counterterrorism efforts. and roads around times square will be shut down ahead of the event. aly: need more pep in your step for that work out? grab a cup of coffee beforehand. researchers at the university of georgia say they have found that drinking coffee can enhance your endurance. the group took a closer look at previous studies on caffeine and sports. they found improvements in endurance performance in five of nine studies. researchers say there is evidence that drinking coffee improves endurance specifically in cycling and running. mike: it is the most common new year's resolution, to lose weight. but research shows, good
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a survey from the national center for weight and wellness finds overweight adults average six unsuccessful attempts to shed pounds. the biggest roadblocks were hunger and struggling to make healthy food choices. while most had no luck with over-the-counter weight loss products, 40% had some success with prescription medications. aly: it is now time to look at our wyff news 4 timeline on this december 30. on this date in 2003 the u.s. food and drug administration announced it would ban the sale of products containing ephedra because they were too dangerous. the fda gained the authority in 1994 to act on dietary supplements if necessary. mike: many customers stockpiled their favorite pills despite the warnings and reports of thousands of adverse events such as heart palpitations and tremors. the ban went into effect four months later. reporter: if you are planning a last minute vacation or a trip for spring break, you will likely look at online reviews before booking your trip.
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experts say a surprising number of them are fake. so, how do you pick out the good ones? we'll offer up some helpful tips, coming up this morning on today. aly: here is a live look at our hilton greenville skycam. they are not many people out there this morning.
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast. dale: good morning. we look out from our live super doppler 4 hd view on the 150 mile range and downpours in parts of georgia. also, newberry county and i-77 corridor with scattered showers in the mountains. or action late morning into the afternoon.
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watch with the potential of heavy downpours and it could lead to quick flooding until early tomorrow morning. all the rain should be out of your by then, and he will have dry weather to look forward to. one more wet day in the carolinas and georgia. 61 and greenville will climb to 66 today in the mountains and -- today. in the mountains, 64. colder temperatures are coming, but today and tomorrow on the mild side before it calls down on the first day of 2016. mike: can you believe it? dale: it sounds weird. 2016, a year or two away, no. aly: you know when you have credit cards and the expiration date is five years from now and then you look and you like, oh, no. dale: driver's licenses have a way of sneaking up on you. mike: i found that out the hard
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in this morning's buzz, a family who continues to make great finds on the carolina shores. aly: a father, daughter duo seems to have luck when it comes to finding ancient shark teeth on the beach. ryan barrick and his 9-year-old daughter kristen found two megalodon teeth along the shores of the grand strand back in june. mike: just recently, the family visited myrtle beach again and found three more. ripley's aquarium says you don't find teeth like these every day but they aren't uncommon. aly: i am excited if i find shell and one piece. kristen says now that she's made these great discoveries, she'll stop worrying about the small ones and just look for the big ones. dale: i have never found one that they. so excited. mike: i get excited when i find a tiny one. aly: that is a shame. wyff news 4 today continues right now. [captioning made possible by wyff-tv]
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