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tv   WYFF News 4 5pm  NBC  December 30, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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gabrielle: and right now, we have live team coverage, and john lyon is in greenwood, wherein it area has just been evacuated. corey davis is standing by to bring us live coverage from greenville, but first, let's go to meteorologist chris justus. what can we expect tonight? chris: the worst is over, and we still have some showers, but i first want to show you some of the storm reports. this is basically up the i-95 corridor up to raleigh, flflh flooding, and thunderstorm wind, a this is primarily a flooding event, and this is continuing. we have a flash flood warning for areas south of 95, and we will start to see those and, and this goes on till 7:30. we have one in laurens.
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live super doppler r4 hd, looking closer, rain for anderson, and heavier rain the further south you gewe will continue to see that. spotty showers for the north carolina mountthe latest models show this will stay down towards greenwood, spotty showers, and tomorrow will be a much drier day, and we will see much cooler temperatures moving in by friday. you will see the temperatures cool down. more in the forecast, coming up. gabrielle: thank you, and wee want to send you to greenwood, and we know there are 17 people in a shelter. they were forced to their after their mobile home park was evacuated, and john lyon is there, where they were forced to leave the wilson creek mobile home p and we are not going to
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-- wilson creek mobile home park . we are not going to see john, but we will hear from him. john: one of the residents told me that this spot is about to double yr feet deep, and if you look at this shed, it has gone down stream. the water has pushed it about 300 feet from this mobile home down here. now, 17 residents of these mobile homes out here have been evacuate here because the water is just to too close to their mobile home. the red cross has relocated them to a facility in greenwood. now, you can see looking at this mobile home right here, the water is under it, and it is really causing a mess out here for the residents. we talked to the owner of the mobile home park, and he has said he has never seen water this high out here.
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greenwood, john lyon, wyff news 4. nigel: amazing live video there, john. the shutdowns were not enough to keep people inside today. corey davis is live and local with updates on conditions there. corey? corey: nigel, theheoo and other areas are closed until further notice. heavy rain responsible for flooding in areas near downtown greenville. downpours a cleveland park caused the water to rise and roads to beat shot down. over at falls park, sporadic breaks from the heavy rain proved to be a good time for people. >> this is the best place to live in the whole entire world,
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corey: even when the weather isn't great. >> one of the fewest times i have seen it like this. corey: the reedy river rose to a level of more than seven feet. >> we enjoy this part of downtown. corey: dickenson took pictures of the falls at 2001 when the river flooded its banks. >> this is a lot of water, but not nearly what it was that day. >> we got engaged in front of the waterfall yesterday, so waterfalls are kind of special to us now. corey: something bright on a rainy day. i have been in touch with management, and right now they say there are no issues out there were they would need to take emergency action. we will have more coverage for you at 6:00 and online at
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very much. and we continue our team coverage with spartanburg. aly myles has more. aly: you can see the water has gone over the road and is already close to the bridge, so much so that the waves are starting to push up against this bridge. we have been traveling in spl morning long, and you can tell just how many problems it is going to create in areas like this. we have been driving along those roads. here, but we have those hydroplaning cars, puddling in the roads, and ditches already filled with water. once again, turn around. do not drown. mantra.
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nigel: thank you. cliques at capacity, standing water on roadways come to storm drains overflowing. that is just some of what you can see around anderson county. we are joined live and local with mandy gaither in pelzer. mandy: we are at the boat ramp at the end of adger street, and as you can see, the salute the river -- the saluda river is overflowing. some backyards in pelzer are already flooding. they are making plans in case the flooding gets worse. standing water throughout mineral springs park. this is affecting some of the holiday light displays, forcing
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residents are taking pictures of the high water flowing through the park, including summer ba rrious. >> not that flooded or anything. mandy: they say they will open the levy to give people a place to go if they do not have one. when we first got up, we set up this stand at the edge of the water. as you can see, the water is a good seven feet the on this, and that is only in the last few hours print meanwhile, my phone has gone off three times today giving me a warning about potential flooding. mandy gaither, wyff news 4, live in pelzer. gabrielle: now we find patrick who has been watching a few troubled spots in greenville county, and he is live in mauldin.
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patrick: you can imagine that on a sunny day, this could be an ideal spot. you have a picnic table, and there is this tree line with the nice, meandering creek. but we want to show you what this area looks like a short titi ago. early-morning rains made a big impact on this low-lying area, which is usually the perfect spot for a picnic. a small, nearby creek turned the field into a river, flowing underneath butler road, getting closer and closer to the street. eric cades to close the road were at the ready. however, as the floodwaters closed in from the shoulders, there were no barricades to stop drivers on this road, mount lebanon road in rear -- greer.
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road, another story. this is one of the lowest lying areas in greenville county, and police were ready. >> the waters were going across. patrick: the officers said this barrier on this road will more than likely stay in place for safety reasons throughout the day, but if you see a barrier or a roadblock, just turn around, and do not physically move the barrier. they say if they catch you doing that, you could lose your license for six months. there you go. something important to remember. they say the worst is over for today, but there is plenty of surface water, as you see, all of this behind me, and it has to go somewhere, meeting the creeks, -- meaning the creeks, so be careful. nigel: many of you have been
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u-local. gabrielle: make sure that the pictures and videos keep coming to get we have received so many that we have made a slide show, and you can see that on our mobile app and on nigel: and don't forget, you can download our mobile app available in both the apple andandroid stores. well, we are just one day away from the orange bowl, where the clemson will face off against oklahoma. gabrielle: it is all going down in florida, and that is where brad fralick is, getting ready for tomorrow's big day. brad: yes, i would love to talk about the game, but there is some news that broke last night for the clemson tigers. three players have been sent home and will not play. it is really the first bad news
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florida, and deborah sweeney addressed it in the press conference first thing this morning. we first told you about this. the wide receiver deon cain, kicker ammon lakip, and tight end jay jay mccullough were sent home for a violation of team rules, and swinney basically said both lakip and mccullough will no longer be a part of the program. lakip is a senior, so he is finished, and he said mccullough is gone. >> you have to have some discipline from time to time, and at the end of the day, there is consequences for your actions, and we always reinforce thatand we always well. it does not matter who they are or how big the game is.
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brad: so they will not play in the orange bowl, and charone peake is the wide receiver, the starter. he said peake will get more snaps, and then tevrevion thompson may get a few more snaps. nigel: and we are playing an hour-long special called "road to the title." it is tonight at 7:00. and a recap of their undefeated season, plus, if you cannot watch it on tv, you can also stream the special on our website,, or on our
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coming up, not the only ones dealing with flooding. hear more about the situation happening right now in st. louis, missouri. gabrielle: and bill cosby faces charges the first time in connection with allegations of sexual assaultnigel: and hear what donald trump had to say. about hillary clinton. chris: 77 degrees. looking back towards the west,
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cold air on the wa days after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead.
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terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa
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bill cosby now faces a criminal charge... in connection to nigel: bill cosby now faces a criminal charge in sexual allei against to bill cosby, and he did not enter a plea and will remain free on $1 million they'll pending trial. -- one dollar million -- $1 million bail, pending trial. the accusation stemmed from an event that happened at his home in 2004. >> that he provided pills and encouraged her to drink wine, which rendered her unable to move or respond to his advances, and he committed aggravated
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nigel: cosby has denied any wrongdoing and said all contact was consensual. his next court hearing is january 14. gabrielle: back to the flooding, and this is in missouri, and huge amounts of rain closing rose, and floodwater is spilling to other roadways, as well. incredible pictures there. floodwater is spilling over to other roads. announcer: now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast. chris: taking a look at radar, you can see a lot going across our area, but if you live in northern greenville county and northern spartanburg county, and it is areas eaea of 95 that i am concerned about with flooding for the rest of the evening. south of greenville, we have light to moderate rain.
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and into greenberg to find the heaviest rain, but even that is bit. live super doppler 4 hd, scanning our entire area, and the rate has been the problem. this is moving up towards yancy. other than that, spotty showers. look at all of the rain that we have had. asheville. these swap of heaviest rain across the upstate, and looking back at december, -- just 4/10 of an inch in asheville. if we had the snow, it would be 99.2 inches of snowfall. we would be areas right now. we are not going to see that,
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64 in greenville, another warm day outside. tomorrow will be cold for the mountains as very cold air starts to filter down. 57 will be the low temperature tonight in greenville. a few showers still lingering, but totorrow will be another warm one. some more sunshine showing up. look at this though. by 4:00 tomorrow, it will be cooling down while the upstate is still stuck in the 60's. you will steal it for new year's eve. it will be eighghright not to get it will move into the 50's quickly, and for new year's day, it will be sunny with a few clouds and cold outside. we will only rise a few degrees into the 50's. nationally, it looks like this. we are really the only once to have active weather going on right now. cold air will be moving in from the northwest, and it will be
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now, future plus showing we are going to stay dry over the area for the next couple of days, and that last into next week, as we continue to see high, dry pressure taking over our area, and that will bring in more sunshine, also some cooler temperatures, as well. so if you are heading to miami for the clemson-oklahoma game, while we are cooling off, they are going to stay warm, 76 with a wind out of the northeast. cloudy to partly cloudy skies on new year's day. we will see more sunshine by the weekend, but it's days cold, 50's bothays, and the cool weather lingers into next week. congratulations to our umbrella winner today from santa got -- from seneca. nigel: coming up, new lab
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carol: in tonight's 4 your health, many women are giving birth outside of hospitals, but it is not without risks. those giving birth in the hospital were more likely to be induced or to haha a c-section. maybe is born outside of the hospital were twice as likely to dock, although the true risk was still very low. about 16% of women who plan to have a home delivery ended up being transferred to a hospital. and new lab research sheds more light on the possible health risks of electronic cigarettes. scientists at the ba treated human cells with the vapor of two popular brands of cigarettes -- scientists at the v.a., and these cells were more likely to show dna damage and die than untreated ones.
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patients in the u.s. are exposed to more radiation than any other patients in the world. in fact, the typical american received a 20% higher dose of radiation during a nuclear stress test. a say this is because part u.s. labs are less likely to comply with recommended dosing guidelines, and while the benefits outweigh the risks, a better job at reducing exposure for patients. gabrielle: standing water on roadways, and in parks, and the rain is still coming down. we will show you how all of this what is affecting anderson county. nigel: and in commitment 2016, donald trump criticizes bill
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gabrielle: storm drains and creeks overflowing. we will show you how all of this rain is affecting things. nigel: plus, donald trump was in south carolina today for a campaign stop and took a jab at hillary clinton's campaign. chris: rain, rain, and more rain. you can see the rows are starting to dry out in greenville. cooler, too.
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this is wyff news 4 at 5:00 in high definition. nigel kuan looking out through our skycam, looking at those clouds, very ominous out there. gabrielle: chris justus has been tracking this for us. is there any relief inside? chris: we will be drive. storms moving through the area, and we had thunder and lightning. this stretches all of the way from raleigh to atlanta. we have had 78 reports of flooding in the upstate. you can see we still have some flash flood warnings, and this is greenville and abbeville, and this lasts through this evening, and then we will see the water cut down.
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doppler 4 hd, this is still
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