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tv   WYFF News 4 530pm  NBC  December 30, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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doppler 4 hd, this is still south east avenue five, north into the mountains. we have just got scattered drizzle. by tomorrow morning, we will see the clouds, maybe some fog, but drier weather will start to filter back into the area, and that will last until the weekend. over the next hours, clouds and a few showers, about 59 degrees, and then the cooler air comes in. i will time that out for you, later on. gabrielle: thank you, chris. we want to go to anderson county, where they are bracing for more rain. mandy joins us. mandy: we are now at a home in pelzer on adger street, and you can see the saluda river is now in the backyard. usually, this is covered in
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now covered in water. officials are keeping an eye on the flood-prone areas. water from highway 29 pouring onto this property, rushing down to watermelon creek, which runs beneath the road. the swift current and rising water a concern for the homeowner nearby, who says this is close to the worst he has seen when it comes to floodwaters. on breazeale road, cars slowing down as standing water cover the roadway. many secondary roads in ande look the same. two mill pond road in powdersville area. this was immersing be holiday lights display in williamston. >> i think it should go away for a while. i really enjoyed yesterday wit
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we were able to go out and do some things. we cannot today. >> no, we sure cannot.mandy: officials say if it gets any higher, they will open up the gym to give people a place to go, and a homeowner pointed this out to me moments ago. if you look down here, you will see a floating island of ants. they have banded together to survive the flooding, and neighbors say this of flooding is back, but it has been much worse before. live in pelzer. nigel: interesting video there. now, to continuing coverage, we are less than 24 hours away from the orange bowl, each ring clemson against oklahoma. gabrielle: the game will be in south florida, and that is where we find brad fralick and mark. they are there in front of the
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did you kick out the guys who were splashing on you? brad: absolutely beautiful weather. i know that is not what you want to hear, but it will be good for the orange bowl. yes, some bad news with re-players being sent home yesterday for a violation of team rules. -- with three players being sent home. >> he even mentioned that when kids mess up, there are consequences. he said he is not a bad guy but that he just made a missed that, and he did what he thought he showed, send him back to clemson, he will not be playing in the orange bowl. his presence will be missed. and d other serving a suspension
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has only been a part of the team for about half the season as far as games are concerned. reporter: yes, and greg did struggle a bit with extra points. a little bit better on the kickoff, so there are some issues there, although i do not think it is as big of a loss. >> and mccullough has not played as much this year. i am not sure that is a big drop off their that we should worry about. obviously, that is kind of the big news of the day. we have a special coming up at 7:00 that is loaded with clemson's road to this point, the playoff, and we will have more at 6:00. live from florida.
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a surprise for several nonprofits in spartanburg today. this spartanburg county foundation gave two organizations grants as part of their just because ambush philanthropy. there is a series highlighting the north side of spartanburg and how they are gro>> this is a great way to do it, to build excitement, to reward these nonprofits for what they e doing, and, again, to bring awareness. gabrielle: and the hope remains use ranch -- youth ranch also received $500 today to help pay for their horses. nigel: donald trump, bringing up the past fidelity's of former president will clinton. the republican presidential candidates spoke about his
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opponent, hillary clinton, during a rally in help head. donald trump says hillary accused him of having a penchant for sexism. mr. trump: nobody respects women more than donald trump. nobody, nobody. when she said that, i had no choice. i didn't start it. i had no chchce. i had to mention her husband's situation, ok? and that is now the biggest dory on television by a factor of 10. nigel: donald prop said tuesday it would be fair for the media or rivals to investigate his backgrougabrielle: more presidential front runners looking ahead. nigel: and i take the stage in greenville to get a firsthand look at the producti
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in commitment 2016 ... early state push! presidential candidates focus on io nigel: in commitment 2016, residential candidates focus on new hampshire, iowa, and south carolina as the nominationprocess draws near. gabrielle: aixa diaz has more.
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mr. trump: i am in it to win it. i want to run the table. aixa: donald trump spoke to supporters for more than an hour at a rally today in south carolina. >> south carolina would be a win for donald trump. new hampshire would be a big win for donald trump. if he wins both of those, even if he loses iowa, it sets him with great momentum. aixa: candidates are focusing on the early states, and marco rubio spent a second day campaigning in iowa. but if marco rubio pulled off a surprise in any of the early states, that would be huge. aixa: also looking for an upset, bernie sanders, who trails hillary clinton in iowa. meanwhile, george pataki announced he is dropping out of the >> he has the 9/11 background
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during that era, but he never caught on.aixa: and jeb bush is campaigning in south carolina. chris christie is in iowa.nigel: coming up, another strange twist in the story of the texas affluenza tgeen. what he and his mother planned before they were caught by a authoritiegabrielle: and famous boxer mike tyson is joining a growing list of people who have suffered from something that happened on a hover board. nigel: right there. you will see it soon.
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dada after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missss important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa
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5 people were killed overnight.... in a car crash in south florida. / nigel: a sad story here, five people killed in a car crash in south florida. it happened just before 1:00 a.m. on i-95 in miami gardens. police say a truck was driving south in the northbound lanes and slammed into another vehicle. >> the impact was so severe that five people lost their lives in
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that accident caused other accidents, because vehicles came out of the express lane and collided with other vehicles.there was a total of five vehicles, and two were transported to local hospitals. nigel: a stretch of i-95 was shut down for hours as troopers investigated. gabrielle: investigators now say the pilot who crashed into a building in alaska, sparking a fire, was not authorized lie that type of play. it crashed into another building yesterday in anchorage after clipping and office building. take a look at this. nigel: carrying stun guns in chicago. they have announced that ever chicago officer who response to service calls will be equipped with a taser, a move that comes after growing criticism of chicago police and their use of
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chicago police officer jason van dyke is charged with first-degree murder in the 2014 shooting of an african-american teenager. gabrielle: tonight, there is another strange twist in the story of the texas affluenza teenager who was just captured in mexico with his mother. he was using a false name in mexico. couch clan his escape and even held a farewell party. he became known as the aptly whence a teenager during his trial for a deadly drunk driving accident. his defense had argued that he was raised with so much wealth, he did not know the difference between right and wrong.nigel: a fatal car crash involving four on duty secret service agents in new hampshire. investigators say a 45-year-old man was driving last night when he crossed the centerline and collidcarrying four on duty secret service agents.
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centerline was killed in the crash. his passengers and the agents were all taken to the hospital, where they are expected to be ok. gabrielle: mike tyson on a hover board, a video that he posted. down he goes. he was riding his daughter's, what appears to be, pink hover board. he says he was not seriously hurt and posted on twitter -- it seems like a good idea, but i guess not. nigel: 18 people have been killed due to rising floodwaters in missouri. it could get worse. officials say they are monitoring 19 vulnerable levies on the mississippi river.
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chris: we have had 78 reports of flooding from raleigh all of the way back to atlanta on or around 95. the general rule of thought is anytime you get over four inches, and we have had 9.5 inches are one, so all of that rain is saturating the ground, but the good news is i can tell you the heaviest threat is pushing southeast of i-85. generally, things get better for spartanburg county. abbeville, back towards elberton, you are still under that flash flood warning unto later on this evening, when things will start to call him down. you can see in greenville, we have light showers, the same thing for spartanburg, but heavier as you get down towards abbeville or elberton rather. you can still see some of those heavier shin the mountains, some drizzle, and we will begin to dry things back out. look at the rainfall totals.
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picking up 4/10 of an inch, with a heavier rain being upstate. things are drying out. it is, for this time of day. west/southwest wind at 10 miles per hour. eventually, it were shipped to the northwest, and there will be colder air. 64 in clemson. it will be a mild night. temperatures again falling, 56 in anderson, a few showers possible in the mountains, where you wi fall into the middle 40's. oh little bit cooler up there. we will be rain free tomorrow, but the clouds will linger far as high temperatures tomorrow, expect warmer conditions the further south you head. cold air spilling into the mountains. it will take a while to get up and over the mountains, but by tomorrow night, everybody will be cold.
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outdoors, falling temperatures by 9:00, and as we are bringing in the new year, 57 degrees, a cool start of the new year, and we will warm up to 50 two on new year's day, below average for a change. nationally, it looks like this. we have got some wet weather in the southeast. elsewhere, for the cold weather, it has been lurking back to the west. we will see it move and as you head into the weekend. here is a look at the four-day plus. partly to mostly cloudy skies for friday, and the weekend looks nice both days. highs in the 40's for the upstate, earnings for the north carolina mountains, and this is the coldest day we have had since march. 39, the hive. sunday, a high of 51, a little bit warmer but still chilly.
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at 4:00, and it will be cool but looking nice and sunny skies. early next week, we stay dry with temperatures below average. the next chance of rain is next weekend, so we definitely dry out and cool down. gabrielle: chris, thank you. look at this video. a rare seal surprised its keepers at a russian aquatic park by painting a picture using brushes held in its mouth. this presents a rare opportunity to see it performing stunts, including painting. the art was later sold at a special auction, and here is a rare sight. they are not sure why the elephant seal crossed the road, but they think it may have done it to give birth. it walked across one lane of highway and tried to climb over
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nigel: a50 foot humpback whale splashing around. take a look. this is in rhode island. the harbormaster said he heard a colossal splash when he was making his rounds monday morning. it is 25 miles from the atlantic ocean going towards providence. he says the whale was about halfway up when he saw it splashing around. humpback whales are not supposed to be lingering around here at this time of yeathey go towards warmer climates at this time of year. every l: some diners complained that smartphones are ruining conversations at restaurants, but one restaurant in beijing actually requires them to get a table. there are no hosts, no waiters, no cashiers. customers use their phones to place their order. they use an apt to look at the
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menu, and people pick up the food themselves. and the new year's eve all, a test will ensure that the ball will fall and not fail when it descends the flagpole to ring in 2016. it has 2000 sparkling water for crystals and weighs over 10,000 pounds. about one million people are expected to pack times square tomorrow to celebrate the new year and th the all rock. -- watch the ball drop.
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gabrielle: disney's "newsies" opened last night at the peace theatre. it is a story about a group of new york paper boys set in the year 1899. nigel: it is a broadway remake
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1990's, loved as a kid. today, i was invited backstage. >> the problem. nigel: through storytelling, stage, song, and epic dance numbers, this hit broadway show tells the story of new york paper boys from 1899, who decide to form a union and go on strike to demand fair and decent wages from mr. pulitzer himself. alright, first i admit i was worried about even fitting into the clothing. sure, i worked out, but i am not in my early 20's anymore. good news. >> you look great. >> yes, you have got this. nigel: now, it was time to meet the real newsies and learn this. yes, this, one of the biggest dance numbers in the show.
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you do the seize the day paper dance that we do in the number. it is our big number. we're going to just dance on them. ready? 5, 6, with a seven, eight. you are going to crisscross. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. nigel: it took some practice, and finally, i was ready. showtime. >> 5, 6, 7, 8. 1, 2 -- to the right. switch, switch, switch. and eight. nigel: well, i think i am better off just reporting the headlines, but getting to experience the music, the clothing, the moves, who knows? who knows? gabrielle: you did great. nigel: that is playing at the peace center through january 3,
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thanks for joining us for the news at 5:00. gabrielle: the news at 6:00 with michael and carol starts right now. announcer: this is wyff news 4 at 6:00 in high definition. carol: danger remains. this justice is in tonight. michael: chris, runoff could cause more flooding. that is the big issue, right? chris: yes, that is still causing runoff, and it is going towards the streams and creeks, and those are going towards larger rivers. if you are traveling, just take it easy, folks. this water is pausing on the -- ponding on the roadways, and it is dangerous. from raleigh back towards
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reports of flooding, many of them flash flooding.
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