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tv   WYFF News 4 11pm  NBC  December 30, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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carol coleman in missouri, many areas were turned into rivers, and we have plenty more flood coverage coming up here. michael: but first, meteorologist chris justus. chris, when do we finally clear out? chris: we will be dry tomorrow. being transforord from wet to snowy, and we will stay dry but colder. this gave us the rainfall, and then it stalled out, giving us all of that rain. closer, and we still have some sprinkles and showers. this is even in georgia. as we go through the rest of the night, we will see some drizzle and some light rain. the heaviest stuff is over with. maybe not more rainfall for another eight or nine days. some scattered showers in marion all of the way down. but we do have some watches to tell you about.
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still up, just because of all of the water that is going into the creeks and streams, and we also have that flood warning from the high waters there in henderson county. for tomorrow, the temperature starting off at 56 degrees, and as the day goes on, we will see more sunshine,e,8 in asheville. we will have more of that forecast, cocong up. michael: ok, chris, thanks. carol: john lyon has a look at the flood and the fallout in greenwood. >> and these are our shelter cots. john: the greenwood red cross opened a shelter this afternoon. >> i am scared. john: the nine-year-old watched. she was watching it turned the backyard into a lake, watching it creep closer and closer to her mobile home. >> i am waiting for it to go
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john: some did not wage. they turned to the red cross at the united methodist church in greenwood. >> they were glad to have a place of refuge to get away from the flood, because this has happened before. >> all of this blows down to the low spot, and they have never experienced this. more floods in one year down here. john: he owns the mobile home park, and he spent the afternoon checking for damage. they started returning to their homes, fearing that the water was slowly going down. >> it is going down. >> maybe six inches. it is definitely going down. john: they will remain on standby in case the water in the
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michael: and things in cherokee county, they were also seeing water that was an apartment complex in blacksburg. it did have to be evacuapeople were forced out in part of blacksburg today. carol: two greer now, witnesses say an suv, as you see here, slid off the road and got stuck near a low lying bridge. it is not sure what caused it to slide off. michael: in anderson county, the river part of the problem, standing water on the road, and in pelzer, adger street is prone to slides. the saluda river rose over a boat ramp, going into some yards
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>> it is not that cold out, and we are trying to hurry up. michael: and in anderson county on cheddar road, and emergency spillway is getting a lot of use. water from highway 29 pouring onto this property. carol: rising floodwaters affected number of creeks and roads in greenville county throughout the day. as well as suber road in greer. this also affected the suburbs of mauldin, suddenly turned into a river and threat. police are saying when you see a barricade, just turn around. >> if you get caught by us after removing a barricade, you could be losing your license for six months. and then the floodwaters start
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michael cole at to any flooded area. obey the barricade and leave it alone. carol: people are cleaning up, and we have the latest on the flooreporter: waters are high across the county, including right behind me, and also tonight, something also high is the water in does yards, and the homes are saturated. >> even going to the mailbox, we have to swim. report on the bakers have lived on this drive for nearly a decade. and every time it rained, it gets bigger. >> they have a trampoline back there. that is the only thing they can do in the backyard. reporter: aimee baker says the
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her children's holiday break. >> we were hoping to play, and we did not get to. reporter: her house seems to get it the worst. >> what we have to go through, getting out of our cars. reporter: she even tried to build a dam to stop the rushing baker says it can take weeks for all of this to drive. >> i do not think it has ever been totally drive. reporter: she is hoping for some relief. >> we would come outf my grandmother's house and dance in the rain. i have never danced in the rain here. reporter: while the rain has let up, the cleanup, as you can see in the story, it is far from over.
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right now, 29 roads are closed in 12 counties. you can see them on the map here. it includes abbeville, charity, and greenville. roads will be inspected once the water recedes. michael: you may remember back in october, 19 people died in south carolina, 20 one people killed in both carolinas. they drowned or died in >> caused by the weather. authorities say all of the depths happened in or near vehicles. heavy rains and massive flooding began october 2. carroll: and don't forget you can download the wyff app, available in the apple and android stores. michael: one state in a state of emergency, and the governor has called in the national guard,
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right now, some sections have yet to crest. entire neighborhoods in missouri are underwater. people are stuck. the streets are submerged. carroll: and on the left, video from the 1993 historic midwest flood, one of the most difficult and damaging natural disasters ever to hit the country, and the national weather service says the mississippi river at st. louis is expected to crest tomorrow. michael: ok, by this time tomorrow, we will know if the clemson tigers are one step closer to the carol: as we told you yesterday, the road to the title is already over for three clemson tigers. michael: brad fralick and marc dopher are here. brad: the college semifinal
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obviously, it is bad for the guys being suspended, but other than that, what stands out the most for you? >> i think the media day stood out the most, because i've never covered a free-for-all session like that. you have got 80 players in the room, and it is just pandemonium, and we worked with that by getting someone to play reporter for us. radical >> yes, being able to hand him the microphone. he told me, i said, can you get up to this table and walk around, and he said to me, what are they going to do, arrest me? i really like that. ok, quickly. an unsung hero. >> that no one has talked about, i think it was one player who has his time to shine, the only player on the team who was part
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i am thinking the all american. brad: i think this game might come down to it. a walk on, a guy where nobody even knew who he was earlier in the summerhe has been doing fantastic. i think it is coming down to him. tomorrow, the orange bowl kicks off. we will have more in south florida. carol: live wire. this never gets old. it is a collection of the latest about the tigers and fun posts from our staff. michael: to get behind the scenes look at what our sports team has been doing in south florida as they cover the tigers, go to the wyff 4 app or and these fire ants. how they managed to stay alive
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chris: look at the temperatures, 12 degrees above where we should be at this time of year.
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carroll: we begin our coverage in spartanburg. you can see how high the water got. officials say if the water continues, the water might consume the bridge. they also want to warn drivers not to drive through standing water, because you never know how to deep that water goes. michael: the city closed swamp rabbit trail, the zoo, and cleveland park until further notice. some of those areas were left underwater today. breaks in the rain today did allow some people to venture out to the reedy river. water there rose to about seven feet during the day. >> this is a beautiful place to calm. michael: right now, officials with emergency management say they do not plan to take any
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carol: check out the floating ants, apparently using jaws, claws, and sticky stuff to form life rafts. they are also water repellent. the most important members of the colony are kept dry in the middle. they will make it to dry land and d build. michael: damage from the storms in texas may cost up to a billion dollars. that is a very early estimate from the insurance council of texas. it hit north texas especially hard. 11 people were killed. carol: with all of the bizarre weather we have seen in the u.s., there isn't even weirder situation happening at the north pole. today, temperatures rose between 30 and 35 degrees, a good 50 degrees warmer than usual. climate experts warned these temperatures could start causing
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announcer: now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. chris: believe it or not, the weather patterns up their affect us here. we will continue to see big changes moving into our area along with colder air for january and february. back to winter weather. here is the front that has been giving us all of that rain, finally pushing out to sea, but it will be slow to do so. we will still have some pesky clouds from time to time. live super doppler 4 hd, you can see we still have some showers, especially at the foot of the mountains. in greenville, we have clear conditions right now, although we did have some showers earlier today, some of which gave us a lot of rainfall.
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some of the streams are crossing their banks. this is also in the western part of the county seeing some high water thereveryone else just has a flood watch. conditions are favorable for some of game -- some of them to spill their banks. and the mountains, pretty much smooth sailing. a few sprinkles, and other than that, a dry night. look at these totals. 2.17 inches. at the greer airport, the most rain ever. 2.02 in anderson, and a lot of rainfall today. now, looking at where we are compared to normal, since december 1, we are 250% above normal. and just to as some math to it,
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if we had seen snow, we would have a lot of it across the upstate. can you believe that? here is how it looks at spartanburg. it is cooling d dn, but still a mild night compared to where we should be. 61 in anderson, the seven in elberton. take a look at the forecast tomorrow. partly to mostly cloudy skies, starting off in the 50's, warming into the 60's. temperatures starting off cool, warming quickly to another warm day. in anderson, a high temperature in the middle 60's, and in asheville, a warm day also, although temperatures will be cooler by the afternoon. look at what happens. that is the colder air moving in. it will be here for a while. you can see the national picture. we are the only place in the country seeing active weather. everyone else is pretty tame it. that is why changes are coming.
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in casper and chilly air moving our way. high pressure in the atmosphere combined with el nio will be sending a big change to us over the next couple of weeks. some of you have asked what is el nio, and it starts back in australia. it happens periodically, and it is common and normal for us to have it. el nio back in 1997. what it does is it kick starts the southern jet stream which normally brings the rain down to central america. it lips up to the north, and we get it in the united states. -- it lifts up to the north. it brings the systems right up to us. that is why winter is especially concerning, because with cold air in place, we could have a lot of snowfall. now, el nio has nothing to do
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we will have a lot of snowfall, but its getting these two to time out correctly. next weekend, not this coming weekend, but the next one, we do have a low pressure system moving up. but this is way into the north, so right now, no concern for frozen precipitation. we will watch and see if it changes. we will see some clouds over the next two days, but generally speaking, much better weather as we head into the new year. it will be cold, however. in fact, the coldest day since march, and we will see sunshine
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announcer: nowowwyff news 4 sports. anchor: a new dad will try to lead carolina into a win sunday against tampa bay, carolina panthers quarterback cam newton tweety tonight he and his longtime girlfriend had a son last week. and we have more with brad and marc from florida.
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had a chance to hear from the coaches, clemson and oklahoma playing to get to that national championship game, and they were towing the company line. talking very respectfully, and they played each other at year ago. >> they did, they did, and i think they understand that this is different. this is a much bigger stage. there is much more on the line, and that came through. brad: media day was so much fun, and we may be had a little too much fun, because we handed the offensive guard our microphone, and here is what happened. >> we are great friends. weekends, especially on saturday. clemson history. what has been the biggest obstacle you have had to face this season? >> the left guard. >> we heard dabo swinney was
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>> i am not going to say that my team should have beaten him, but my team should have beaten him. >> we have got my man, the number two quarterback. we are here today with my favorite espn analyst. i haha to ask you, what is your prediction? >> clemson. >> what is the score? >> i think i picked you guys. >> you heard it here first. did you get to tan a little bit? >> absolutely. it is embarrassing. >> you look good though. it is going great, and those shoes, and a shout out to lebron james for the shoes. we will talk to him later. he is busy. this guy is asking a lot of questions. your best coach impression.
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i can't believe it. i cannot believe it. >> if i was the coach calling the plays for the tigers -- >> that is a great prediction. brad: so much fun with him. i mean, he made media day for us. to talk to the teammates, and you get to see that these guys are not robots. they are people also. >> they are really good on television, and when he is done with football, someone will be knocking on his door, maybe wy ff, to get him totoo something. he may have to clean up that bebrad: the orange bowl, and the winner advances to arizona and the national championship game.
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anchor: no victory in chapel hill, zero-57. thee tigers are trying to break through. second half. 10 down, and then the throw down. tigers trailing by nine at that point, and north carolina not letting them get any close18, leading the tar heels tonight. 80-69. 58 straight wins against clemson. and 24th ranked south carolina man hosting division two francis marion tonight. freshman jamall gregory with a highlight reel dock. chris silva led usc with 13. the gamecocks are one of four unbeaten teams remaining in the country.
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cuthbertson scored 19 points. carol: we will take another look
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carol: so we are going to eventually dry out? chris: eventually. we will see clouds, but at least we are dry, 63 tomorrow. the cold air rushes in tomorrow, and the mountains will be significantly cooler, and then especially by friday, new year's day, and saturday, and then 49 for ththupstate. the coldest day we have had since march, so winter will be arriving. carol: thank you for watching wyff news 4. [captioning performed by the
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